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➡ The article discusses a variety of topics, including a softball team kneeling during the national anthem, a woman paying for a group of young men’s food, and issues with voting machines. It also mentions a speech by President Trump, a mysterious message from a man wearing a Space Force hat, and a promotion for a pet supplement company. The author seems to be highlighting different aspects of American life and politics.
➡ The text talks about political events in the United States and Brazil, focusing on President Trump and Brazilian leader Bolsonaro. It mentions their popularity, their supporters, and some controversies. It also discusses a theory that the same political strategies are being used in both countries. The text ends with a hint that we are witnessing complex global military operations.
➡ This text seems to be a mix of various topics, including gratitude for leadership, speculation about international politics, and commentary on various public figures. It also discusses the importance of freedom, mentions a military situation, and ends with a humorous skit.
➡ This text talks about a fictional movie where magical sneakers give a man confidence in his basketball skills. It also discusses political issues, including claims about election corruption and a court case involving Donald Trump. The text mentions a product called “spike support” for health issues and ends with a speech by Trump criticizing Joe Biden’s past actions and policies, particularly those affecting the black community.
➡ This text talks about various issues including criticism of Joe, concerns about home entry for homeschoolers in Michigan, gendered language warnings, media control, financial battles within the Rothschild family, and high-profile share sell-offs. It also discusses concerns about the COVID vaccine’s impact on mortality rates, a Texas mother losing custody of her child due to medical hesitance, and Laura Trump’s speech about the fight for America’s future.
➡ This text talks about the importance of faith, love, and prayer in our lives. It emphasizes the need for guidance and protection from God, especially during difficult times. The speaker also mentions a music group called the Isaacs, who inspire him with their songs. Lastly, he encourages everyone to continue standing for truth and to show love to those around them.


You truly the righteous attain life, but whoever pursues evil finds death. The Lord detests those whose hearts are perverse, but he delights in those whose ways are blameless. Be sure of this. The wicked will not go unpunished. Those who are righteous will go free. Folks, what a weekend. We’ve had speeches at christian gatherings from President Trump and others. Winds South Carolina comms showing b two bombers. Oh, yeah.

More. It’s absolutely amazing. Prayer and faith seem to be moving through each thread of this journey we’re on. We’re going to see that today. We’ll see more. And notice how the bolsonaro, the Brazil issue, is bigger than what we expected. He happened to show up and man, it’s so many coincidences and intel. They just keep ramping up the excitement for us. So I like those. I know you guys do, too.

And so much more. Got some great treats in for today. Stay tuned until your wife and children. I’ll be sailing with you. It’s going to rain. Better get on board. It’s going to rain. So, folks, I just want to make sure you know that we have amazing time for us to all visit together at Seawith August 11 through the 18th this year. You can go to annwino. com and check it out.

You’ll hang out with us. You’re going to be hearing a lot of more of information where people want more of this q and a time with us where they ask questions and they want to know more than what we’re sharing here on these videos, which I do a lot of. I didn’t realize it. And somebody reminded me, we were sitting at a table in our travels and get asked a lot of questions.

And I say, look, here’s my opinion on it, especially when it comes to how we tie in what’s going on now with the biblical aspect of it all. I love the Bible. You guys know that I studied to try to go to seminary thinking I was going to be a pastor of a small church someday, which was always a dream of mine. And here we are today, having the opportunity to visit together.

Not only that, you get a chance to hang out with those that are like minded. That’s right. Those that can you imagine just being on a boat and everyone around all, they’re all sharing their stories. This is when I woke up. When did you wake up? How did you guys, where are you from? And next thing you know, you’ve got great friends. You’re in Alaska enjoying the great frontier with our family.

You get to meet all of us. You get to listen to great music from a world renowned group. Now, the Isaacs. They sing just about everything. And I’ve got a treat for you guys today. They’re going to be singing a song at the end of this video from Chicago. And I understand from them that somebody with Chicago actually is a fan of this channel that is just absolutely amazing and was excited to hear about that.

Again, I just hope that you join us. We’re going to have a great time. I’m going to show you, as you see in the screen here, how I put my videos together. I’m probably going to record a 1 hour video on the boat. Have the audience interact with me while we’re doing it, too. That’ll be fun. And again, we’re going to have a blast together. I hope that you, if you’re considering, you’re just wondering, should I do this? Please jump on board.

We’re looking forward to having you. Let’s go here to President Trump. One of the things that we’re going to be doing on the boat is this prayer. Do you pray, if you don’t mind me asking, because I know this is a very faith filled audience here, and I know there are people across the globe pray for you and your safety. They’re worried about your safety. No, they are.

Do you feel the power of that? I do. But can I be honest? I worry about their safety, too. These people, everybody in this room is in great danger right now. We have a nuclear weapon that if you hit New York, South Carolina is going to be gone, too. I worry about their safety. I think it’s the reason I’m doing this. I’m worrying about this country. This country is in such trouble.

We have incompetent people running our country right now. The only thing they’re good at is being vicious. They’re vicious, horrible people, and that’s what they’re good at. They’re good at doing the election stuff and demeaning people. We want to get together. I think we can get together. Will you work with Democrats? Did you notice what he did? He pivoted. I don’t know if that’s what somebody helped him learn how to do or trained him in this whole area of, when you’re talking to the media, especially in front of an entire audience, he’s able to take something that is directed towards him.

Are you worried about yourself? And President Trump says he’s worried more about us, our country, the people here, and the millions that would be affected by probably information that’s been given to them as we’ve seen play out in movies and Hollywood where they pre program in our minds destruction across the country, starting with weapons of mass destruction that would destroy the entire east coast. Now, does he tell you exactly how they were going to do it? No.

Does it seem like he might be privy to that type of information? You betcha. And so why is he doing this? He’s doing this for all of us. And it goes back to remember when Trey Smith shared how this seems to be like the king, Cyrus. Cyrus comes in, destroys everything that’s going on with the mouth, with the rhetoric, and he just comes in like a whirlwind and starts messing up everything that the deep state was doing in that time.

And then when he finally takes over, he restores the nation. Now, do I worship this man? No. I have to say it every time. For all those that are new to this channel, we don’t worship this man at all. But we do find in times throughout scripture that men who are used as leaders, women also, to show up at such a time as this is biblical. And that’s why we have our logo the way it is, where it’s shaped with almost like a Moses standing there with a stick, holding it up and parting the Red Sea.

We go through and we watch the enemy demolished behind us. All right. And so some big things that came up here. Fletch 17, was sharing this clip. Watch what she says. This news anchor from MSNBC dropping massive truth bombs. I think it’s Jen Psaki thinks this is a negative. Got to love the Trump derangement syndrome. Thanks, Jen, for summarizing what we are looking forward to with Trump. No more deep state power.

Back to the people. Check this out. See, the thing is, Nikki Haley is running for president as many, many people have before her in her party and the Democratic Party. Trump is running for something else entirely. The office he is seeing, is eyeing, is looking to, does not resemble the office of the president of the United States. Trump is actually running to end the presidency as we know it.

I’m not letting you in on some big secret here. Trump is telling us that this is what he plans to do over and over again. His intentions are clear as days. Anyone watching, listening to him over the course of his campaign, all the speeches he’s giving. I mean, let’s just take the last couple of days, because just over the last three days, Trump gave three of the most bizarre, unhinged, bigoted, very hard to follow speeches I have ever heard him give.

He trivialized black voters with a disgusting and racist rant on Friday night claiming that the black community likes him more because he was indicted and has a mugshot. I mean, he referred to himself as a political dissident on Saturday, which is an insult to real political dissidents around the world, of which there are many. He also cast November’s election as, quote, judgment day. That’s just a sampling, a sampling of the concerning nonsense we’ve heard over the past few days, Trump Derangement syndrome.

Thank you, Fletch, for pointing that out. Fletch 17 keeping us updated. Appreciate all the work that you’re doing. Really appreciate it. Thank you, 17 thank you. That’s the handle on x for all of you guys wondering what’s going, you know, I just want to break here and show another one here from President Trump. A vote for Trump is your ticket back to freedom. It’s your passport out of tyranny, and it’s your only escape from Joe Biden and his gangs.

Fast track to hell. And in many ways, we’re living in hell right now because the fact is Joe Biden is a threat to democracy. He really is a threat to democracy. Joe Biden, threat to democracy. Just a reminder, just a reminder for all of us to know what’s happening across our country. And I try to get folks to understand we’re getting a view. If you zoom in on a corner of a street and a block with the mainstream media, and then they explode that out through the entire world, we believe that that is all of the United States.

Well, I’m here to tell you, I wasn’t going to show this till later, but I want to show it now. It just touched me. Turns out that America and Louisiana, they don’t appreciate it when Cal Berkeley softball team comes to town and kneels for the national anthem. I’m showing you this clip because it shows you what Americans are doing when somebody says they don’t appreciate being in this country.

And of course, it has to be Cal Berkeley softball team out of all the places that does this. But they kneel for the national anthem, and you’re going to hear what the audience does. Now, I tell you this because last night I just happened to go to a wawa. I walked in and there was four young men who, it seemed pretty obvious they couldn’t afford the last $7.

The attendant was watching them and said, look, you guys, seven more bucks. And they went over to by the door and it looks like they were about to leave. And a young lady in front of me just walked up and she says, look, I’ll go ahead and pay for them because you could tell that she was going to have to call the manager behind the counter. And I watched her pay the $7 and she did it in front of my two sons, two of my sons that are with us.

And it just blew me away. And I was excited and I said, guys, that’s the country that I keep telling you about. That’s the country that we love. That’s America. And the lady I said, wasn’t that amazing when we paid for our food and stuff? And she said, yes, I was going to have to call my manager, but I didn’t have to because it appeared like they were going to run off again.

Just play this clip for you once again, what’s around must worse and red. So what you saw there, in case you’re listening in, because a lot of folks tell me they listen while they’re driving. They can’t actually see the screen. But the cows, Berkeley, not the entire team. It looks like about maybe six or seven of them are on their knees. It even looks like a leader maybe wearing on the very end like a coach or something because they’re not wearing the entire uniform.

So what actually rest of the team does, they run behind those that are kneeling and hide them so the audience can’t see them, like it’s going to work. And it didn’t work. So that’s why we get so upset when it comes to ballot harvesting, when it comes to the stealing of our elections, it means so much. Columbia, South Carolina, they were experiencing, again, some weird things as we went into the South Carolina deal.

And I just wanted to hear a few minutes of this, even though it’s already passed, to be able to put their ballot through. They said that they put them in this bin, per se, but didn’t have much more information. Now, Michelle. Hey, yo, don’t bury the lead. The machines are not supposed to be hooked up to the Internet. What did they tell you? Repeat what they told you.

What did they say? They said the poll workers said that the Internet is not working and therefore they had to take the ballots and put them in a separate bin. Voters were so confused what was going on. They said that because the Internet’s not working, the scanners weren’t going to work and. Yup. Weren’t going to work. I was going to say, is anyone putting this together right now? All of a sudden this happened in Rich Lake machine guy.

Michelle, you’re going to be on real America’s voice all day down there in Columbia. How do people get to you social media. I know you’re putting up stuff nonstop. Where do they go? Pretty cool. A reminder to us that the Internet is not supposed to be connected to these machines. And that’s why I’m pretty excited. Folks would say, see, they’re going to steal another election. No, I say we have it all.

We have it all. How do we know? Well, you know what? I’m going to skip ahead to something I was going to play later since it kind of matches what we’re talking about. We had somebody on social media and he’s wearing a space force US Space force hat. And just pay attention to what this guy says. Bonjour, monsieur. I’m now speaking English. I’m addressing you from Napoleon’s tomb.

I’m addressing former president Alan Berset of Switzerland, President Macron, former president and foreign minister Cassis, and Mr. Schwab and Tedros, Napoleon Bonaparte, that’s his tomb, said, never interrupt your enemy when he makes a mistake. Well, let me tell you, gentlemen, what is coming next is a virus and you will not have a vaccine. It’s called the Space Force, and you will soon find out what it means. I don’t wish you a happy new year for what you have done to humanity.

And I say Prasupra o. Revoir, goodbye, talking to the world global supposed leaders. Your days are coming. Wait till you find out us space Force. And so I was going to show this later, but just continue with this. Did you guys notice that at the place where President Trump gave his speech, he was on top of what appears to look like a b two bomber stage in the shape of a b two bomber? Dan Scovino Jr.

Showed Governor Henry McMaster introduces real Donald Trump in Rock Hill, South Carolina. It’s epic. Why is it epic? V darkness falls says over the target. The stage is set. Mother of all bombs, income. You remember we showed actually had an intro once. I have to go dig it up with the b two bomber. After all the slings and arrows President Trump has taken for us, I think he’s now over the target and has some mother of all bombs to drop of his own into the deep state.

Not only him. Another thing that was interesting is if you look over at Putin’s garden. Grasshopper official channel caught this and many others. Look what he has in his garden. A View days after the Tucker Putin interview on February 9, dutch financial news comes out on the 16th with a broadcast at 115 and nine. They flash Putin’s garden. Well, well, Putin got a giant cue in his garden.

Oh, boy. Let’s see? Does it get better? Oh, it does. Look at this. So yesterday, Trump is standing on a stage that’s probably the other day. It’s February 25. So the 24th, he was standing on a stage that looks like a b two bomber. And today, he’s posing with a specialized law enforcement division, sled. The sled, in South Carolina. I don’t know about you, but it seems like Dan and crew are trying to tell us something.

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He happens to be a little bit further left than some of the people on the stage. But I always say, when I’m in trouble on the left, I call up Lindsey Graham, and he straightens it out so fast. And I’ll tell you, Lindsey Graham, getting a mixed audience, a lot of booze. But President Trump’s brilliant at putting him out front, and he says some strange things. It’s almost like, in a sense, that Lindsey Graham was given a deal because we know he was friends with old no name, and we know that they love to stir up war in Ukraine and more.

And he always says some really bad things that we don’t like. President Trump continues to support him, almost like he’s part of this entire I love him. He’s a good man. Come up here, Lindsay. Come up here, Lindsay. Come here. Okay, are you ready, America? The nightmare you’re facing is just about over. Help is on the way. This is the most qualified man to be president of the United States.

And let it be said that South Carolina created the biggest political comeback in american history. So he said he loves this man. Listen to him. Wow. Then he comes out and he supports President Trump, even though he’s a warmonger and more. Anybody tell me what’s going on? Can you put it in the description box or the comments below? Just kind of share your thoughts and see what everybody starts talking about.

Because it is really strange to me. It’s not strange would be the Trump demarrangement syndrome that continues at MSNBC. Joy Reed, always like to have a few clips from her just to see how she’s feeling lately about the makeup of this electorate. I mean, this is a, what, 92% white, overwhelmingly evangelical christian primary electorate in South Carolina. And I think writ large around the country, that is the way they think.

I mean, even among the independent voters, who are about, what, 21% of this electorate, it’s like almost a 50 50 question as to whether President Biden is the legitimate president of the United States. That is what the Republican Party is now. It’s 50 50. If even Biden’s the president of the United States, it’s because of race. It’s the only explanation that he was 107 over 17. Oh, yeah, we got some more.

I’m going to share in comms later, but there are two records from last night. Real Donald Trump set the record for the most votes. And this isn’t last night, of course, this was on the 24th. But he set the record for the most votes received in a South Carolina presidential primary, more than doubling the previous. And Nikki Haley holds the record for the largest margin loss in a home state for an unsuspended candidate.

How about that? Just more records broken. We keep winning, winning, winning. And it just seems curious to me, like 107 to 17, you take out the 00:17 17. Why do we keep getting these 17s thrown at us? Does anybody can explain that whole thing to me? Very, very interesting. And it kind of leads towards like, Balsanoro, the leader, who happened to show up and was near you guys.

Remember, they were raided. It seems like they’re running the same operation in Brazil as the US. But here he is recently shows up and look at the crowds. This is in Brazil, folks. Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro, the leader. Crowds as far as the eye can see, he turns around, he goes the other direction. Crowds, as far as the eyes can see. Amazing. And you could see, if you look at his shirt, if you look at his shirt, he’s wearing a bulletproof vest under that shirt.

You can see it. He’s always under protection. And so I thought it was pretty cool that Joe Rambeau dropped an amazing thread. They, the Q Balsanaro question mark, are running the exact same operation in Brazil as in the United States. This thread’s going to blow your mind if you haven’t seen what’s going on. Bolsonaro had been raided. He’s been raided. He had his own QAnon Shaman actor, and he was even laying low in Florida.

Check out this part. Number two and number one. Very shortly, it seems like it’ll be number two and number one. Very shortly, it seems like. That’s what I’m reading. Let’s see. A lot of it’s fake news, so we can’t go by everything, but that’s what I’m hearing. Federal deputy from Brazil, Eduardo Bolsonaro. Eduardo, wherever you are, Bolsonaro. February 24, 2024. President Trump calls him out in the audience.

So this is the thread I’m going to show you. We’ll scroll down. There’s the Q balsonaro. Why was he at CPAC yesterday? Joe Rombo asks. They had an exact, almost exact replica of our own j six fake insurrection for the same exact reason with their very own actor. You see him on the screen. The people watch their elections get stolen with the capital l right before their eyes.

And then you listen to Q Balsa. Naro explains a carbon copy of what’s happening here in the states. Right here. I hope that Brazil doesn’t become Venezuela. He says Brazil houses thousands of Venezuelans. Still to this day, there are 700 arriving daily in the borders. It’s sad. People who have been tricked by socialism. I hope that Brazil is not on the same path. Venezuela is the richest country in the world for petroleum.

We are slaves to our situation. And there we go, the former leader in self imposed exile. That was at the Orlando airport, I believe. What year was that? Let’s see. Go back. I think they had the year flash up. I thought March 29, 2023. Yeah. And so then you have the. Remember, this should blow your mind that the reason is unclear, but check out the x 37 B space force plane that was up for 900 and 817 days surrounding our elections was also up for their elections.

Remember, we just said the US space force. We showed a clip earlier. World Economic Forum leaders and more. You guys are going down. This is very interesting, folks. Brazil’s former president Yair Bolsonaro has been released from a hospital in Florida. Now pressure is growing for the Biden administration to expel him from the US after the brazen attack on Brazil’s capital and on democracy by his supporters over the weekend.

CBS News correspondent Christina Rafini has been following this for us very closely. She joins us now from Washington. Christina, it’s good to see you. So Bolsonaro’s return, will he actually return to Brazil on his own? And do we know why it is that he came to the US to begin with? It’s all a little unclear. Look, I used to have a friend who was in charge of stamping passports and giving visas in Brazil.

And he said everybody in Brazil wants to come to Orlando to go to Disney World, right? So we don’t think that’s what Bolsonaro is doing in Orlando. He left two days before the inauguration of Lula de Silva and he’s been out of the country. One of the theories is so that he could have plausible deniability because he has denied being behind this violent mob that hit the Capitol.

He has denied he’s know this is not him. He didn’t do it. And now he’s tweeted pictures of himself in a hospital saying he’s being treated for an old stab wound. He since said he’s been released, but we don’t know. A lot of reporters have been kind of asking the State Department over and over again, what kind of visa is he on? Why is he here? How long is he going to be here? Due to privacy reasons, the State Department never comments publicly on individual cases.

Okay, so we know all about it. I don’t have to play the whole clip. You see the insurrectionists, same rhetoric, same thing from the mainstream media. All paid. All paid to lie. But what’s encouraging again is what Joe Rambo showed us. The X 37 B Space Force plane was up 17 days surrounding our elections. Also up for theirs. Well, what’s going on with that? Well, Brazil’s stone election was in October of 2022, just before our midterms.

Here. X 37 B landed just after our midterms. It also started a new mission, FYI, just before our primaries. We won’t let them steal it again. There’s a new scientist. com article on this. The secret, secretive X 37 B space plane has beaten its previous flight duration record by staying in orbit for 908 days before landing. Wow. Operated by the US Space Force, officially classified and therefore scant details about its purpose or missions are released.

So the brazilian police have raided the holiday home of our former president, higher Bolsonaro, as part of the expanding investigation into a legal spying racket that allegedly existed during his far right government. Sound familiar? Yeah. Raiding other folks. Police raid of Paul Shanaro, just like Trump. What’s crazy? They’re getting the same results. The makings of a complete revolution. This clip is taken from a live feed of a rally going on in the streets of Brazil.

As he was typing. Again, a different angle for you to see of the just hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people there in support. So is this all one big coincidence? Trump announces Balsonaro at CPAC. Bolsonaro is in Florida. Insurrection, raids, and political persecution. X 37 B and a false flag. Fake actor QAnon Shaman just happens to show up paid just in time to be used on their media groups to make it look like he’s part of this whole thing.

So ridiculous. And then. Or is it more likely that we are watching a parallel operation? Or is it more likely that we’re watching some of the most complex military operations this country has ever conducted? We are at war globally. There will not be a earth governance. Check this out script again. I know, but I just want to personally thank you. We’ve been through some stuff. We’ve gone through some of the most complex military operations this country has ever conducted.

And your steady hand and your leadership during those was a great source of strength for me. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your character. Thank you for your selfless service. Thank you for commitment. Thank you for being a mentor to me, Mr. Vice President. And with that, the floor is yours. How about, huh? Remember that most intense operations he’s ever seen? So it goes to this particular clip.

What’s the significance? What if China, Russia and others are coordinating with the president of the United States to eliminate the new world order? Remember that? And then remember how many times Trump spelled stolen incorrectly. Stollen two L’s. There are no coincidences. Everything has meaning. Remember, let the unsealing begin. Let the d class, the l in the target brackets. If you’re new to this, that extra l, you look for that extra l and you find that it has.

Let the d class begin. Let the world witness the truth. We, the people, justice under the law. Nice thread, Joe. That was absolutely brilliant how you put that together. Guys. Check them out on x and also on telegram. Here’s another guy that showed up for this entire CPAC deal. And when I started my political career, in Congress as a Javier millet congressman, I said that I wasn’t there to herd sheep, but rather to awaken lions.

No solo, no shewala presidential Argentina and we continue to awaken more and more lions every day. And the message of freedom didn’t just make me present to Argentina. We are awakening the world. Don’t surrender in your fight. Don’t live. Freedom, damn it freedom. Damn it freedom. Damn it. Muchakarasia thank you very much. How about that? Showing up at CPAC, these leaders kind of, huh? Who’s getting excited? We’re at amwinow.

com. Truth, hope, faith and freedom. Watch on rumble follow on X or Twitter. Follow us on the clout hub folks, it’s growing fast. I just did an interview with Tod Callender. He interviewed me on his show vax choice last week, Friday. You could check that out. It’s already up 500,000 plus views there. Thank you so much for the support on that side. He is absolutely amazing support of this channel and more.

You can also find us@thepatriolight. com we worked hard, my son, specifically Brandon, worked hard to put this together so that we have a drudge report for truth errs. That’s what I call it. Home politics, world news, markets, faith, social news and resources. If you’re wondering where to find it, if you can’t remember thepatriolite. com, just go below our videos. You’ll find the links to all of these things that I’m sharing with you.

That’s right. And so another thing that we have is our gear shop, amwino. com. That’s where you can find our sweatshirts and Hoodies, accessories, hats, tees and tanks. You know what? Sign up also for our newsletter and our updates on anything that comes out through the shop amwinnow. com and they’ll let you know what sales are coming and more. It’s amazing. And I’ve got a couple of pictures of really close friends, Deanna one of those.

And she happened to give a speech. I don’t have time to play it today for Deanna, but she was sharing what happened to her in the election in Illinois, how her actually ballot was stolen. It’s absolutely brilliant. When I get time I’ll be able to share that. But she said, had a night given the speech on my stolen vote, I would have never found these folks. Here are the pictures of my new friends.

Please put them up for the next podcast if you can. And here they are, huge fans. Please let me know what you think of my speech. It was absolutely brilliant. Tiana. You’re more than welcome to share it with General Flynn or whomever. You can even put it on your podcast, let you know that there are AK fans in Elk Grove Township, Cook County, Illinois. Thank you guys for your support.

Here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. I just returned from several areas along the front line, in the south and in the east, and soldiers there told me they have to ration their ammunition. They don’t have enough weapons to advance. They can only defend themselves. In some cases, they’re losing territory. What happens to your country if this american aid doesn’t arrive? We will lose a lot of people.

We will lose territories. So Zelensky, always there for everyone to let him know, we need more money, we need more help. And while he’s being interviewed, you can see his eyes. He is about as high as a kite. He’s losing his mind. Did he get invited to CPAC? No. Is he one of those leaders they’re trusting? No. But you can see him just constantly looking around, darting all over the place.

Is he in duress? Is he high? I don’t know. But really, even more interesting is this former head officer of a regional ukrainian military recruitment office. Busted with $1 million us dollars in shoeboxes. Raid reveals boxes of cash. Wow. Where are they getting all this cash from? How does Zelensky get to live in Florida in this multimillion dollar mansion? I don’t know. It’s all kind of strange. Another thing that was strange and kind of heartbreaking, if true.

Young air Force soldier burned himself alive in front of the israeli embassy in DC, shouting that he would not be complicit in genocide. This is first for the United States. This was not a new recruit. He had been in the service for three years. So some folks think this was a hoax, that it was just put out there to get us all to talk about it and try to drum up support.

Anyway, he says, I want you to stop and think about the weight of this moment. When the very forces trained to protect you can’t bear the weight of the genocide being delivered at the hands of such a nation, when the noble goal of protecting those you love is irreparably corrupted by the special interests that wield a sword called defense and bombs called peace. Look at this moment because it is an important moment, is the moment a war touches your soul, is the moment your own will cannot bear the load.

And it is your sons and daughters that must wake every day. Still, to wear a uniform that has betrayed you and betrayed them. Think carefully about the cost of war, about the true cost, the cost for their souls that must endure the endless campaigns of slaughter in the name of greed, corruption and blackmail. Question the change that bind you to this lifestyle, the worth of a government that allows it and encourages such things with duplicity, ignorance and callousness.

Our thoughts are with the young airmen. Going back to Bolsonaro, I just wanted to show you that he met with President Trump in the back. There they are, hugging. The energy was electric. Malay, overflowing with unbridled enthusiasm, declared boldly, let’s make Argentina great again. And that was at PAC in DC, almost like they’re great friends and they’re great. Happy to meet again. Somebody he won’t meet with will be Jacob Rothschild.

He’s dead. Prince Philip died 49 21. 17 months later. Right, you got the queen died 9822. She died exactly 1776 days after the first Q drop from October 28, 2017. And then 17 months later. Jacob Rothschild died February 26, 2024. Drop a period. If you think the world is a better place now. Can you believe that? Guys? Look at all the 17s. You understand? 17 months later. 17 months later.

17 months later. Almost like it was already planned out long ago. And the stage is being set for all of it. And so, speaking of stages, you look at the world and you wonder what’s going on. Well, they’re happening to show all types of weird stuff, like this one from Biden. It’s better than SNL. Presidente Biden. They’re making fun of him. The world is making a. Oh, oh, he’s getting lost.

This is italian tv. Here we are mocking Joe Biden more ruthlessly than any american comedians are. Yes, there’s what the world thinks of Biden. They’re laughing. Yes. I said to the president of Israel, see, Mikhail Gorbachev. Nobachev is president of the Israeli. No, sorry, Michael Jordan. No. When he went to the moon and it was shot from Dallas. Paratoria. Dallas, long shot from Dallas, 40 million. Anyway, this goes on for a few minutes, and they’re just basically making fun of him.

And he opens up this case. He says, I’m about to hit the button. The button just launch. And everybody’s just making fun of him. You would think that the comedy doesn’t stop there. Well, actually, Saturday Night Live, we make fun of them all the time because they don’t have great humor anymore. Since we’re on the humor bug for now, I just wanted to make sure, you know, it’s about time they made something funny.

Squawk showed us this. Have a good laugh. 30 year old Gordon Dwyer just couldn’t catch a break. Not at work, Dwyer, not in love. And especially not on the court. Gordon for three. Nice shot. Idiot. Why am I such a loser? But that’s all about to change. Gordon, thought you could use these. Donald J. Trump. Oh, Trump letter surrender sneakers. Awesome. I’m open. And Gordon Dwyer’s about to find out that winning.

Come on, man. How’d you miss that? Is a state of mind. I didn’t miss. It went in. All right. From Newsmax Studios and the writer of like Mike comes another magical sneaker movie for white people. So you’re saying these Trump shoes made you good at basketball? No, they gave me the power to say, I’m good at basketball and then double down on that until people actually start to believe it.

No, he gets whatever he wants. Mr. Mitchell, everybody’s saying I should have your office because my cubicle is a disaster right now. Can I have a minute to gather my things? Bye bye. He gets whoever he wants. So let me fast forward to that part. Whatever he says he is. Excuse me. Excuse me. It’s 170 now. He’s a brand new man, and people are noticing nice shoes. But, you know, in many ways, the real magic has been inside of you all along.

Wrong. It comes from the shoes. And you’re coming off as very stupid and frankly, quite rude walking in here like this. My work here is done in terms of basketball movie pastiche. And with regard to shoes, I think we’ve done a wonderful white men can trump. Oh, you got new shoes, too? Yeah. Air Biden’s. Patch me in the rock. Here we go. So how about that? Just good to have some humor, right? All the stuff that we’re going through.

Saturday Night Live finally did something pretty funny. Well, here’s the real President Trump. Frankly, I believe I gave a speech up there. We had, like, 100,000 people show up. I said, what the hell is going on over here? I always hear republicans can’t win California. You can’t win. I will tell you, if God came down and God was the vote checker, I believe we would win California. I think it’s so crazy.

They send out 36 million ballots, get sent out to people unknown. They’re sent out all over the place. How many people from California know people that got six, seven, eight ballots? Okay. Our elections are so corrupt. I think we do very well. I think I would do very well in California, actually. And I think I would do well in a lot of places because it’s common sense. Remember, not conservative.

It’s common sense. I’m conservative, but the words are common sense. Our country is run by people that are destroying it. We’re not going to let it happen again. We’re not going to let it happen again. Part of the destroying would be the folks on the local level, right? Donald Trump says, based on the fact that district Attorney Fanny Willis and her lover were together long prior to the filing date of their fake lawsuit against me and many other innocent people, despite their sworn testimony to the contrary, this case must be determined as over and of no further force or effect.

Among other things, in close coordination in conjunction with the DOJ and White House, numerous eight hour meetings between the Biden people and them in DC. This case was all about stealing close to $1 million for lover Wade and election interference, whereby a vicious and heinous attack is made on crooked Joe Biden’s political opponent. This has never happened in the USA. It’s the full, it’s the stuff of the third world countries and banana Republic.

And there is Branco putting out this humorous art piece. Fanny’s grabbing Nathan from behind. Y’all a bunch of lying racist, she says as he has a fanny pack filled with money. A fanny pack? How did they think of that? Why did we think of that? That’s hilarious. Well, another thing that’s going on, when it comes to corruption and more, it’s going to blow your mind. Judge Louis Kaplan ruled Donald Trump was guilty of raping E.

Jane Carell. Remember? Same judge dismissed Prince Andrew’s case where he was accused of raping underage girl Virginia Jeffrey on Jeffrey epstein island. Check out this. Watch this here, Tom. Watch this here. Tom, I’m so sorry to interrupt. Okay, go to other cases he’s worked on. Go to, go lower. Go lower. Go lower. Go lower. Go lower. Go up a little bit. Right there, right there, right there, right there, right there.

Hang on, hang on. Right there. You will not even believe what I just found. Look at the case you worked on. Look for all the way in the bottom of miscellaneous second line, 2021 2022. Kaplan was presiding judge on mattering relating towards Virginia Guerrefrey and Prince Andrew. Click on that on sex. Watch what happens. What happens to the case? Click on the. Just click on. That’s the one.

Click right there. Zoom in and just go to the top. Yeah. Jennifer Andrew reached case was dismissed by the party stipulation in March 2022 without going to trial Prince Andrew. So let me get this straight. This case read the top federal court, Virginia. You know who Virginia we just talked about traffic girl from Epstein island. From Epstein island, second son of for sexual assault under court, several sexual encounters with Andrew in the early 2000 at the age of 17 after being sex trafficked by american financier and convicted by sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Dismissed without going to trial. Yet Trump’s 83. 3 million. Wow. What a freaking fine. Great. Fine. That is insane. How about that? What a fine. So child rape, you let them go, but go after President Trump. These are the things that make you pretty sick. Sick to your stomach. Well, tell you what, this one’s going to help you out. The wellness company. I actually, as you listen to this ad, just filled it out, did the whole thing, and I was just amazed at this kit when it arrived.

Well, folks, you’ve heard me talk about the wellness company and their medical emergency kit. Well, they’ve got something else pretty amazing called spike support. If you’re not thinking that something is going on at this point, with so many previously healthy people experiencing myocarditis, blood clots, turbo cancers, menstrual irregularities, miscarriages, and the new died suddenly phenomenon, you’re not paying attention. The culprit is spike protein. Spike protein is a lingering threat from both the vaccine and the manmade virus linked to all kinds of long term health issues.

Even Pfizer is now admitting there are problems. So if you go in the description box below, click on TWC health lt use code lt for 10% off at checkout. There’s one question that these doctors keep asking every single day. How do I detox from the spike protein left behind from the vaccine? And Covid, thanks to the wellness company, there’s actually something that can be done. Spike support again, TWC health lt use code lt for 10% off today.

So here we are. President Trump tells it like it is. Blast Joe Biden’s racist past in front of a black crowd. Check this out. Columbia, South Carolina, the radical Democrat Party has waged war on black families for many, many decades. Think of it. It’s really a hundred years. It’s a century. They’ve controlled these cities for a hundred years. Hard to believe. I said, can’t be. It is. They’ve controlled.

And look at what, you take a look at Baltimore, you take a look at New York, you take a look at Chicago, you take a look at all of these places. Take a look at what’s going on in the west coast. Take a look at what’s happening. And they’ve controlled these cities for 100 years and nothing happens. They’re slum areas they’re dangerous. Nothing has happened, and we’re going to change it.

We’re going to change it. Thank you. I like that guy. Thank you. Thank you very much. What a voice. I love that guy. Who the hell is that? Is he a friend of yours? Yes. We’re going to send him to the Met. So come join us in the Republican Party and never, ever look back. We’re doing right. We’re going to do it wrong. On top of everything else, Joe Biden really has proven to be a very nasty and vicious racist.

He’s been a racist whether you like it or don’t like it. I happen not to like it. Most of the people in this room happen to not like it. And if somebody does like it, they’re not supposed to be here. Biden spent years palling around with notorious. And this is a black conservative fundraiser, by the way, in case you’re wondering. Listening in, segregationists, you know that he boasted that his home state was a slave state.

He was very proud of that. He thought it was great. If you go back and look at his body language and the way he said it, he was very proud of it. He said that he didn’t want his children to grow up in a, quote, racial jungle. I don’t want my children in a racial jungle. Joe Biden drafted the 1994 crime bill, which caused unfair sentencing disparities that devastated the black community, black families.

Corey Booker called Biden the architect of mass incarceration. Remember this? It was a time when Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden were talking about predators and super predators. You heard that? This is a hell of a lot more of a speech than you thought you were going to get, isn’t it? They thought would be boring. Then we give a little quick boring speech, but it’s called let’s tell it like it is.

Right. And then years later, tell it like it is. So basically, Joe is the perfect person for the setup for all of the people in America, especially minorities, to understand, putting them in the front of everyone so that daily they can see who this guy really was. Predator. Super predator. Crime bill, you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me. Segregationists and more. He’s a racist. Able to use that to wake up the masses.

Michigan state board. By the way, members warn state homeschool registration list is a precursor to unwarranted home entry. That’s right. If you’re homeschooling and you’re in Michigan, get ready because they want to enter your home now. Find out what you’re up to. And they can go in without a warrant. Let’s see, what else can they do? Oh, they can mop up your language. Language. Police are out there.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned staff not to use gendered language like mother, father, husband, wife. In a memo to staff, he cautioned against using gendered language. The list of do not use phrases include manpower, you guys, ladies and gentlemen, mother, father, son, stepdaughter, and husband wife. He also warned staff against pressuring coworkers to share their pronouns, which can include z and zur. Yeah, no manpower, you guys, ladies and gentlemen, mother, father, son.

Start using the police up of our language. I thought, pretty brilliant. The grasshopper always has these decodes, and this one right here really blew my mind. So not only does Trump thank the broadcasters, and the 1154 timestamp brings us to the intel group thanking the patriots, adding, perfect example of why we are here. Let’s dig deeper, shall we? Mirror of the military. Time 23 54 is 45. Three, two, mirroring.

You go backwards with it. As darkness falls, so does our enemies. Just like our thumbnail. Who is the enemy? Let’s have a closer look at this Trump truth timestamp in correlation to the RSBN 1154 mirror talks about his fake news. Controlling the narrative. Truth and transparency is the only way forward. I’m not going to go through every detail and show you on the screen. I’m just going to read what grasshopper is showing us.

The Mirror RSBN timestamp 40 511. This has never been attempted use of general public to counter the narrative propaganda pushed by the controlled media. The analysis start to now indicates situational awareness, decoupling of MSDNC, control of information channels one through 99 of general public expanding at massive pace. The attacks indicates can be defined as loss of generalized information control, need to expand ammunition, muster network to defend and coordinate attacks to counter.

That’s right. They’re doing all they can to counterattack. It’s not working. Military, civilian alliance, bottom line, hunting season. Mainstream media is going down. We know it. They’re losing. They’re having to get rid of people throughout the United States where they try to control everyone. Vice news is shutting down. It is a great time to be alive. It’s a great time to get out there and start sharing more news as it moves forward.

Well, remember, Rothschild Rothschild clans are battling over bank clients. Yeah. Swiss and french branches are leveraging the family name in a bid to control the global wealth management market. Yeah. Rothschild’s family’s swiss and french branches are battling for dominance in the wealth management industry. It’s causing tension and sparkling speculation of a merger that would significantly impact the earth financial landscape. Swiss private bank and Rothschild Group and the smaller french lender are the only remaining banks with links to the family, whose name has been a synonym for wealth and power for more than two centuries.

Rothschild family merged from the jewish ghetto in Frankfurt in 19th century to become one of the world’s richest and most powerful financial dynasties that bankrolled wars and empires. They helped shape Europe’s economic and political history. All of this financial talk and more we discussed with Dr. Kirk Elliott. If you guys missed it yesterday, we talked about the deep state trouble and the danger. The big names are selling billions.

Yeah, they’re selling also the reminder not to live in fear. This is a great interview with Dr. Kirk Elliott. You can reach out to him at any time, and we know gold, and he will help you along and have these conversations with you or somebody on his team. I’ve never seen this. I’ve never, ever seen this. So Jeff Bezos was rumored to have sold $10. 5 billion of his own shares, billion with a b.

And so I looked it up, because when you’re that big and you have a publicly traded company that’s that big, you have to register your sales with the SEC. Sure enough, on the end of January. No, I’m sorry, beginning of February, he actually made an announcement and actually had to register two sales. One, $8. 5 billion of his own personal Amazon shares, and then a secondary one of 2 billion.

That’s 10. 5 billion. All right, so he’s not the only guy. So all these guys are selling off and something strange is going on. We discussed that other things that are happening in the strange world would be Star Trek actor Kenneth Mitchell dying at 49. Just sudden deaths. Well, Tucker Carlson continues to keep us updated on this with others, and he’s getting hundreds of millions of views now on things.

So check this out. So what data sets are you looking at and what do they tell you? Well, so I have some data that we were able to get from the Medicare database, and it shows very conclusively that if you give the pneumococcal vaccine, for example, in March of 2021, it’s a flat line. In fact, it slopes downward. If you give the COVID vaccine to the same group of people, effectively, it slopes upwards.

What is it that’s sloping upwards? The deaths, the death rate, how you kill, know, did, did it impact your mortality? And so with the COVID vaccine, your mortality increases every day since you got the shot for a while. And so we’ve seen that in the US data, in the US Medicare data, that’s gold standard data. That’s hard to dispute. And you can’t say it was. Oh, it’s just the timing.

Because we can compare vaccine A with vaccine B, and vaccine a goes like this, and vaccine B, the safer vaccine, is a flat line. In fact, it slopes downwards. The other one slopes upwards. And so it’s obvious to anybody looking at that data that the vaccine is increasing mortality, increasing mortality. It’s the constant reminder for all of us, and we’re praying here with the team at Anne. We know for more ways to help folks that are dealing with situations like this, and especially in prayer, you can reach out to us for support.

And we’ve got interviews coming up we’ll be airing soon with folks that are out there that are all about health, helping the body and more. One of those I can’t wait to release. We had an amazing interview. I’ll show you that sometime next week. So all of this happening, medical world is going crazy. And a Texas woman has her two year old child taken away for being hesitant about the medication the doctors were recommending.

So this is what we’re up against. A north Texas mother is fighting to get her toddler back after CPS took him without a court order and without police officers seeing an immediate need for his removal. The two year old is set to be released from a hospital into a foster home tomorrow. Fox horse Lori Brown live in Dallas with a story. Laurie, so you don’t want to take the medication the doctors recommend.

They put a flag up and next thing you know, they come and take your child. I’ve never been away from my son for more than a few hours prior to this incident and has now been 60 days. Jocelyn Sanders, 60 days. All of this happening and more. We need our country back. And so here’s Laura Trump, a few clips to share with you and some comms that came from this.

I think it was pretty cool, darkest before the dawn. I’ll show you that in a moment. I said it right here on this stage last year. This fight is not one between Republicans and Democrats or left versus right, but a fight between good and evil. It’s a fight between those who want the United States to prosper and continue to be the leader of the free world and those who want our country to crumble for the benefit of China, Russia, Iran and every nation working to destroy us.

The left told us what they wanted to do fundamentally transform America. And I hate to point out the obvious, folks, but the transformation of the country we all know and love is happening right before our very eyes. And so all of this, she actually said it’s the darkest before the dawn. The darkest before the dawn. Did I have that clip? I thought I had it saved. I couldn’t find it earlier, and so we’ll have to just trust that it was said.

But anyway, wait for Laura Trump, who all is watching me? I’m liking this trend. Where we go when we go all. When that was posted, we saw it’s getting near dawn from entheos. That’s right. 01:29 p. m. Was when this is played. Well, that’s the closing act. Dismantled operations. No such agency. Are we in the closing act, folks? Even more so. If you go to the 117 post member that grasshopper put out, you have the decode 107.

May God also grant all of us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our minds in our midst. Excuse me. Note when we just sent the go orders and when the tweet went live. Coincidence? The go orders? Yeah. Remember sacrificing our children? This is all about our children. We know in that picture on the right, alafontes, they do terrible things to children.

Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated. The beam of light says, this is rest in peace, JFK. We will forever remember your sacrifice. May you look down from above and continue to guide us as we ring the bell of freedom and destroy those who wish to sacrifice our children. Alphantus, the pizza man himself. Our way of life and our world, we, the people. Prayer said every single day in the Oval Office.

Where we go one, we go all. Remember I said that this whole thing would be wrapped around prayer. We started with prayer, and then President Trump happened to say this. I’m here today because I know that to achieve victory in this fight, just like in the battles of the past, we still need the hand of our Lord and the grace of Almighty God. We have to have that.

We still need the mighty hand of our Lord and the grace of Almighty God. That came from President Trump. Now. Really interesting. I told you at the end I’d save this, but this music group is joining us on the cruise, the Isaacs. They’re putting out a modern worship CD soon. They sing all types of genres and more, and they happen to put a new spin on the song from Chicago.

You’re the inspiration, and I want you guys to hear this. I happen to hear it a few times now. Live and just excited because they are going to be providing some things that we probably have never experienced before. If you’ve never heard them, been around them. Absolutely touched by the Lord. And when I listen to this song, you’re the inspiration. I think about our Lord and savior, the inspiration he provides.

I think about you guys as you pray for us and you are on the front lines and you’re out there in your communities and you’re sharing so much. You’re an inspiration. And we love somebody, right? When you love those that are around you, nothing greater than love. You can have all of the sermons, you can have all of the provide all the money and support. You can go to church all the time.

You can say that you’re all this and that and the other, but it’s all about love. And so here you’re going to experience just a piece of what we’re going to see when we’re on the cruise together. Take it, Isaacs. You know our love was meant to be. The kind of love to last forever. And I want you here with me from the night until the end of time.

You should know everywhere I go you’re always on my mind you’re in my heart, in my soul baby, you’re the meaning in my life you’re the inspiration you bring feeling to my life you’re the inspiration I want to have you near me I want to have you hear me say no one needs you more than I need you do and I know, and I know, yes, I know that it’s plain to see we’re so in love when we’re together now I know, now I know that I need you here with me from the night until the end of time you should know, yes, you need to know everywhere I go you’re always on my mind you’re in my heart, in my soul you’re the meaning in my life you’re the inspiration you bring feeling to my life you’re the inspiration I want to have you near me I want to have you hear me say no one needs you more than I no one needs you more than you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re the meaning in my life you’re the inspiration you bring feeling to my life. You’re the inspiration when you let somebody. When you let somebody always on my. No, I need you more than I. When you love somebody to extend it when you love somebody who. Yeah. But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. Neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad.

Let’s pray. Heavenly father, thank you for inspiring our lives. Thank you for the work that you continue to do in and through us, through our families, through what seemed like such a dark time that we’ve been going through. It seems more and more each day that you’re in control, that you have placed folks in our lives, around us, leaders and more to get us through these very strange times that we’re living in.

We ask for continued guidance, direction in our lives. Thank you for the constant reminder that we love those that are around us, love those that are hard to love. Thank you for your word that you continue to use to inspire us, to guide us and direct us, to teach us, inform us we know. Again, we’re reminded, do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Renew our minds through this love letter you gave us. So we thank you for those that are on the front lines. Again, we ask for their protection, protection of our own families, protection of those who are standing for truth, as difficult as it must be. Would you guide us? Give us the right words to say. Fill us with your holy spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray, amen and amen.

Folks, I hope you enjoyed that. Very, very inspiring. I thank you once again for tuning in and again, theisaacs. com go check them out. They sing amazing music. I’m looking forward to us joining together with them. They have been means so much to our family now and we just look forward to seeing all of you guys soon. Please hit that subscribe button, follow button and share. And for now, this is lt saying simplify with them.

We know signing out. .

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