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➡ The monologue discusses accusations of the 2020 election rigging, anticipation of revealing truths through a court case, and concerns over attempts to reintroduce COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates as a political move before the 2024 elections. Talks also involve the speaker’s personal experiences regarding mask mandates, future plans including a planned cruise, and speculations over the impending Georgia trial for President Trump, with reference to a belief in a nefarious plan intended to destroy America.
➡ The speaker discusses their support for President Trump, not for his celebrity status but because of his demonstrated love for America and his willingness to take on challenges. Simultaneously, they emphasize on officials’ critical roles and their work often unseen by the public, mentioning their own autobiography where such leaders are discussed. The speaker also refers to an interview with General Flynn who asserts independence from external control while discussing his commitment to the country. The speaker then mentions future content about other personalities and events and elaborates on their website and new outreach ideas involving connecting with their audience through Discord, managed by their son.
➡ The text covers a variety of subjects such as the dedication to family and faith, promotion of a Labor Day sale, the belief that Julian Assange should not be incarcerated, Assange’s exposure of war crimes, the persistent support for Assange, and the alleged link between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks. It also suggests that the DNC primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracies and political events, including speculation about Seth, a member of the Democratic National Committee, suspected of leaking emails, discrepancies regarding weather conditions during Biden’s inauguration, and the live stream trial of Donald Trump’s Georgia election interference case. Also mentioned is the dissatisfaction about Governor Ron Desantimonious’ approval of a significant electricity rate hike in Florida, and the accusation of mainstream media outlets spreading misleading information. Another key point raised is the controversy around a student’s “Don’t Tread on Me” flag deemed inappropriate by his school.
➡ The text discusses a 12-year-old’s thoughts on self-expression, debates on gender in schools, concern over US LGBT identification percentages, accusations of the US pushing its values on other nations, skepticism about celebrities raising funds for Maui, and suspicions about property destruction patterns and lack of warning systems activation during a disaster.
➡ This text discusses various coincidences related to alleged wrongful acts in Hawaii ranging from fire incidents, forced evictions, possible land acquisitions by BlackRock and the US Government to the implementation of a renewable energy agenda. Additionally, it discusses weather control theories, historic governmental interventions, and a focus on the Remnant Revolution Tour’s efforts in baptizing people. Lastly, it mentions an interview with Oliver Anthony on the Joe Rogan Show which discussed conflicting beliefs.
➡ In a life-altering experience, an individual used their fame and influence to express how reading the Bible changed their perspective on life. Through struggle and despair, they relinquished their ego and shifted their focus to a higher purpose, choosing to use their talents for service and finding solace and guidance in religious scripture.
➡ The text outlines a spiritual journey, emphasizing the importance of the Bible’s teachings and its power to guide, heal, and offer wisdom. It highlights the transformation that many are experiencing during challenging times, and stresses the value of surrendering oneself to God, praying for the troubled, and celebrating those standing up for their rights.



For the first time in three years, brave American patriots will be able in court to show how the presidential election of 2020 was rigged and stolen. For those rhinos, radical left, Democrats, communists, Marxists fascists, and others who say, don’t look back, look forward. They are that do not want to reveal the answers because they got away with murder or are fools and cowards. Because we know that if we don’t find out the reason, it could happen again. And we’re not going to let it happen again.

Folks, we had a great reaction to the last several videos. Many have been watching. We released one early the other day. I apologize for that. Many probably didn’t see the notification. It was released like seven in the morning, Eastern Time. Anyway, you’ve all worked hard to ensure that the information that needs to get out to the public is happening because you’re sharing it. Our views are up and thank the Lord, they are increasing. So I just want to thank you all for your support.

We will see today how the 2020 stolen election will be made public on YouTube, remembering the importance of reporting their evil plans. We’re going to see a young man who stands tall against tyranny, watch Oprah’s support Dissipating as she tries to raise money and it doesn’t work the way they wanted. We’re going to hear from Oliver Anthony, talk about his bring his testimony up to Joe Rogan out of all people. And we’re in for a treat today. We’re going to have a couple of good, little goodies today. Okay, so what I’m showing you is Trump Tower and then you’ve got the Remnant Revolution tour.

I want to start with this. In Trump Tower there in Vegas, everyone got together and they started singing the national anthem. So I just want you to hear this. And then we’re going to the end of this video, have another portion happening. Check this out. And I want to between all SA thank you, Robert and Jamie, for just sending this video. We’ve got a second part to show you here a little bit later. And you’re looking at Jamie there and you’ve got an Amwino shirt in the background. Pretty cool.

So we’re looking forward to I just make a little quick announcement that we’re looking forward to doing this next year. August, as we put a Christian group has helped us that’s been doing it for many, many years, a cruise. We’re going to actually be having an and we know cruise next year. In August, I’ll be giving out more information. Those that are fellow members will get the first update on all of that and then we’ll let you guys know when that is available, when you can sign up for it. And I’m looking forward to just gathering with folks and having a good time. And I’ll be announcing who’s going to be there and more as we solidify that whole thing. And we celebrate together as we enjoy our freedom.

So here’s a little clip from President Trump. Left wing lunatics are trying very hard to bring back COVID lockdowns and mandates with all of their sudden fear mongering about the new variants that are coming. Gee whiz. You know what else is coming? An election. They want to restart the COVID hysteria so they can justify more lockdowns, more censorship, more illegal dropboxes, more mail in ballots, and trillions of dollars in payoffs to their political allies heading into the 2024 election. Does that sound familiar? These are bad people. These are sick people we’re dealing with. But to every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our freedom, hear these words we will not comply. So don’t even think about it. We will not shut down our schools. We will not accept your lockdowns. We will not abide by your mask mandates, and we will not tolerate your vaccine mandates. They rigged the 2020 election, and now they’re trying to do the same thing all over again by rigging the most important election in the history of our country, the 2024 election, even if it means trying to bring back COVID. But they will fail because we will not let it happen. When I’m back in the White House, I will use every available authority to cut federal funding to any school, college, airline, or public transportation system that imposes a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate. Thank you very much.

Oh yeah, well, thank you very much there, President Trump. And that’s the type of leadership that we need for sure. Definitely love to hear that message. And I think it’s resonating with folks, because I was looking at some updates today. I have to come up with some more research, but it looks like it’s backfiring. And people are already telling these organizations in different states, if you think you’re going to get by with this, you better stop. And I’m getting other messages from people saying that they’re actually mandating masks in different places, colorado and some others. So anyway, we’ll have to keep on top of that but keep fighting. And kind of reminds me of something. Let’s see.

Actually just thought of this the other day. I went to the military base and I walked in and thought, man, isn’t it interesting that somebody walked up to me, a couple of folks, and they said, hey, excuse me, you have to take your hat off while working out in the gym. And I said, well, I’m a United States citizen. You can’t impose that rule. And they said, well, we’ve got a mandate here and it states that you can’t wear it because of health reasons. I said, oh, well, I’m not taking my hat off and I’m going to leave so you guys don’t have any trouble. And as I walked out because I am not going to comply to that stupidity, asked them, the young folks there, because they don’t know, they just have to do their job. They just worship at the altar of whatever god that’s telling them to do that because they don’t know how to fight back. I said, hey, I just have a question for you. The head is attached to the neck, and you guys imposed mask restrictions right during this thing called COVID. And they said, yeah. I said, well, that’s interesting because you were telling people to wear something on your face, on your head that restricted oxygen while you’re working out, yet you’re telling me for health reasons, I can’t wear something on my head, a hat. Do you guys realize what’s going on here? It’s really stupid. And I turned around and walked out. Not sure if they thought this old man doesn’t know what he’s doing or whatever, or they got a good chuckle out of it. But anyway, just want to let you know, sometimes I have to deal with stuff like that, just like you guys. All right, that’s the least of our problems. We got a whole lot of issues to go through. One of them is George Papadalis, GH 17.

Caught this posted at that Trump’s Georgia trial will be televised. Oh, yeah, it’ll be on YouTube is what we’re hearing and what we’re catching. And if you look at that post at that time, 2005 would be the military time. Has President of the United States made a statement since being elected that didn’t end up being proven factually true? Everything stated by the POTUS will be made public. Follow the leader. You know he has it all. That’s why we had the thumbnail. I put that together. It’s just thinking it through. And in prayer, digital footprint, everything was gathered, folks, follow the leader. Focus here.

And here’s just a statement from President Trump on an interview recently about the 16 year plan to destroy marriage. Good thing. But look, I’ve turned things up and I’ve turned them around, and this was not supposed to be the plan. The plan was that Hillary Clinton would win, that she’d go in and know, do things that most people would not like to see. You know, she didn’t run a great mean. The Deplorables. Who would have thought that was going to be so bad? The Deplorables deal didn’t work, but Biden was much uh huh. She had a plan. She was part of a plan by nefarious people, very evil folks who wanted to destroy America, create a one world system, get rid of our borders, cause war and chaos throughout the entire Earth. As a matter of fact, I had a talk with someone, man, talking to a lot of folks recently about different things, but was my chiropractor and was asking questions, and somebody knew that I’ve been going to said, yeah, President Trump’s a great leader and he’s been doing great things for our nation. And he said, Are you serious? He’s in trouble. He’s going to be arrested and he’s going to be put away blah, blah, blah. And I said, look, obviously you haven’t been keeping up, but that television over there. When you turn on the news, it’s lying to you. It’s like yeah, I’ve heard that. Let me give you a little history lesson. And I went through in detail everything I could while I was being adjusted and going through the machine that adjusts your muscles and whatever, but I’ve gotChronic back problems and a lot of issues there. But anyway, wanted to just let you know that we’re always out there, we always have to fight, and we always have to throw our support out and show us who we stand for and why. This guy came out of nowhere, and we needed a strong leader to take these people out, because, man, without him, what would happen? He knew what he was doing. He had a great team behind him, and I think they still have a great team.

And here’s one of those General Flyn talking about why you support President Trump. So why do I stand with this guy? And it’s not so much that I stand with Trump as an entity. Like, a lot of know people are enamored. They want to get photos. They want to get a signed hat. I stand with Trump because right now, unless it’s a guy like you or somebody else out there right now, he’s the warrior that has put himself and his entire family, his entire enterprise on the docket to help this country. I know one thing about Trump. Trump Loves America. He absolutely he dearly, dearly loves America. And when you see somebody in their sort of worst moments, and there was times, particularly during the 2016 campaign, that I saw him like that or that I had conversations, intimate conversations with him about this country, because we met 2015, right? I’m not like some long lost buddy from New York that played baseball with him, right? And he loves his family. And I saw him do things to four people for just the regular guy or regular guy. I saw him do things when nobody else was looking. In the military, you’re judged. You’re judged by what you do when nobody else is looking. Your standard is your standard when nobody else is looking. You’re a lieutenant. You’re a private. You’re told, pick up the cigarette butts, right? And maybe you’re walking down the street, and nobody’s telling you to do it, but you do it because you just know it’s the right thing on a military base or on your yard, right? Somebody throws trash in your yard, whatever. This is a guy that loves this country. He loves the direction of this country. He wants to be just like it is, just like the Constitution allows, where we have another element. We have a very dangerous element in this country, very dangerous. And when they say me to me, they point at me and they go, he’s a threat to democracy. This isn’t a democracy. This is a constitutional republic.

But they never say he’s a threat to the constitutional republic. You don’t hear the parrots out there going, what? You feud? Interesting. Great to hear from a three star general. What it takes to get there is absolutely amazing. And it reminded me while he was talking about those that do things behind the scenes that you don’t see it remind me just real quick, might as well just talk about this book that I wrote, my autobiography, beyond the Microphone, in case you guys haven’t gone there. I talk about that in one of my chapters called My Three Kings and it discusses the three generals that changed my life in the Marine Corps and that they did things that a lot of folks don’t see. Their leadership skills were absolutely impeccable and they all had one thing in common. And if you pick up the book and read that chapter, you’ll find it amazing. We’re going to be updating that book in the future. I’ll be telling you about that. But tell you what, you guys don’t want to miss it. And great stuff there.

I wanted to share something else from that. I wasn’t going to do this, but you know what, I’m going ahead and play this. While he was in that interview, General Flyn mentioned something about knowing where the bodies are buried. I have to go back to the big question, right? Which was what you guys have been asking. Why? Because you’re looking at a guy who knows where the bodies are buried. Metaphorically, okay? So I know exactly what rugs to look under. I know exactly what things to shut down because in this country there are billions and billions and billions and billions times whatever you want to throw in there that are spent, things that no longer matter to the security of this country. And we should be totally refocusing on sort of this world that we are going into because the longest serving empire in the history of the world, I think is still the Islamic empire, like 1200 years. How did they survive for so long? And you can go back and look at all that and go, okay, wow, they lasted a long time. Why? So can the United States of America. Can this empire. How much longer can we go? Another 250 years, let’s hope. You almost have to ask the question, why? Why do they still fear me? Why do they fear me? Well, you said because, you know, the bodies are buried. I already laid that out. They fear me because they have zero control over me. And my control mechanism is based on what’s best for our country. They have zero control over me.

And I saw him at some of the events. I wasn’t at the one in Vegas, but I did go to an event and I saw and met him and we also had an interview, but he has a lot of protection, that’s for sure. And he needs it based on this enemy that we’re fighting. So I wanted to show you some more. I think I’ll go ahead and show you a little bit later about his thoughts towards Obama and the fact that he never met him and why Obama felt like he had to be on this list of two people to watch out for when he was talking to President Trump. General Flyn was one of those. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? We got a lot more to share. I’m going to be going through quite a bit, and we’re going to talk about this young man, brave warrior for truth in his school. We’re going to show some clips from Julian Assange. We need to remember him and the warrior he is as a journalist. We’re going to talk about Oliver Anthony and show him later on as he talked with Joe Rogan. I want to show you that whole clip where he shares his testimony. I want to talk about that. I listened to almost the entire interview. Very touching when it got to a certain point, but I’ll explain that a little bit later. What I do want to share with you today real quick is our website, guys. And we know I know I bring this up all the time, but again, we’re working on it. We’re going to make some more changes here in the future. And it’s absolutely amazing site. And we know when you go there, you’ll see that we have a fellowship program. I brought this up in the last video, but I wanted to kind of touch on it a little bit more. Not a little more, but just kind of give you a quick heads up and update. I’m always looking for ways for my sons to help out, and we’re always trying to think of new ways to reach out to people and try to connect. Okay. And so in doing that, one of the ways that I thought of this, and I think of this all the time and I get reinforced, what are other folks doing out there that have families? And I listened to almost every Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty book as I was traveling and listened to their sons and their testimonies and had great talks with my family about them and love to meet them, but nobody reaches out to me. I don’t think anybody knows them out there. I’d love to talk to them on their unfiltered show. But anyway, this is my son, one of my sons, and he’s been working hard on this thing called discord that I don’t understand too well. He’s trying to help me understand that you can connect with people through discord. And he wants to get us together more where I’m able to answer questions and talk with folks that want to raise their hand in discord that belong to this fellowship program that we developed to give people an opportunity to get closer in talking to me and more. So I’m going to play a clip where he explains this. And this is something we sent to the fellow members. Not the entire video, but just a clip from it. Fellowship get. This is Octeam. And then this is the Fellowship members chat. As you can see, we got Michael saying howdy, and another person there. And then there’s the Fellowship call down here where every month or every week we’ll get together and hear all the fellows, me and Lt, and we’ll just do Fellowship program. Awesome. So part of that program is something that a lot of folks have been interested in, is they’re able to ask questions and we can go through those. Correct. So you have questions to go through right now, right? Yes. Starting with theFirst one. What are your thoughts on the election for 2024 and what do you think the turnout will be? Wow, that’s a loaded question right there. So I’d like to ask you as a young man, what do you think? I put him on the spot and he gave a good answer. And I love all my sons. Got four sons and a daughter and always just think about them all the time. You guys think about you just think about your family all the time. What can we do? How can we help guide and direct them, especially in the word of God.

And we’ve actually been trying to spend some more time just opening up our paper Bibles at the table, having our five minute DeVos, which always end up to be an hour, hour and a half, but I always say five minutes, so they don’t think it’s going to last very long, right? But it always goes longer. And we end up enjoying ourselves and just talking to each other about things in the word of God. I mean, we were just talking about it’s not good for man to be alone, in Genesis, chapter two, I believe. And we talked about Adam, and he looked at the animals and he was given a lesson. First God said it’s not good for man to be alone. Then he made Adam feel bad because there was nothing compatible for him. Put him to sleep. And then Eve came out and he gave the greatest love poem ever. Greatest love song ever. Bone of my bone, flesh and my flesh.

Anyway, so I wanted to kind of just throw this out here too, folks. I know we’re going to get back to news just real quick because I love my family. Everybody does. They love their family. Bowlingbros.com. Bowling bros, not bowlingbros.com. But if you go to YouTube, you’re going to find my son RT and his brother you might remember it from. So look at this bowling style right here. Right? Game one. Let’s go. That’s one son right there. Spare and mess them up. But I tell you, these guys do this two handed bowl and it’s really cool. Just I just want to plug them real quick and make sure that we have that for you guys to enjoy. And also, if you guys go to our website, Amino.com, you’ll find our gear. We’ve got so much there hats and more we’ve got this weekend. Our Labor Day sale starting now, 20% off sitewide. Use code Labor Day 20 plus get a free tote with any purchase of $100 or more, use code free tote. Sale ends 90 four 2023, September 4. And you get my books. They’re still marked down and have shipping for free. Really cool. So here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear.

Scotty Film’s always grabbing some good clips, talking about Assange. Here we go. Ambassador. Ambassador Bolton, thank you very much for joining me. First of all, why is America so intent on bringing Julian Assange to unbelievably. Draconian. Justice of 175 years? I e the rest of his life in prison? Well, I think that’s a small amount of the sentence he actually deserves. He’s committed clear criminal activity. He’s no more a journalist than the chair I’m sitting on. The information that he divulged did, in fact, put many people in jeopardy. It undercut the ability of the United States to have confidential diplomatic communications, not just with other foreign governments, but in many countries, with dissidents people who even speaking to American diplomats, could find themselves in. So, you know, he’s been complaining about his treatment over the past period of time. He’s the one who sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy. Now he faces extradition to the United States. I presume he will get due process in the United Kingdom to determine whether extradition should go forward. And when he gets to the United States, he’ll get due process here. And I hope he gets at least 176 years in jail for what he did.

Stella well, of course, Ambassador Bolton is kind of the ideological nemesis of Julian. As somebody who has helped plan coup d’ETA, not here, but other places, it takes a lot of work. As somebody who has helped plan coup d’ETA during his time for the Bush administration, and later the Trump administration sought to undermine the international legal system, ensure that the US. Is not under the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction. And if it was, Mr. Bolton might in fact, be prosecuted under the ICC. He was one of the chief cheerleaders of the Iraq war, which Julian then exposed through these leaks. So he has a conflict of interest here.

Ambassador Bolton. Well, that’s ridiculous. I have an opinion. So does Assange’s wife. I guess we both get to speak them. But we are far from achieving justice in this case because Julian has been incarcerated for so long, and he should not have spent a single day in prison. If there had been justice, the officials who plotted, who conspired to murder Julian would be in the courtroom right now. If there were justice, the crimes that Julian exposed. War crimes. The killing of innocent civilians would not be impugned. Our fight goes on, and we will fight this until Julian is free.

Right there clip. Assangethon has been playing out this hashtag Assangethon and calling the world. This is from Raiden. The official X thread for Assangethon. Hashtag assangethon. 2023 2nd Annual Enthusiasm We post personalized messages here for Julian below, which can be written, audio, or make a video of yourself talking about his political persecution and how important his freedom is to you. Retweet to everyone. Michelle Schomberg. Thank you, Julian. May your deserved freedom come soon and pour blessings on you and your family. We are blessed to have you on this planet with us. You will go down in history as a hero. And many of these clips that were posted, you can see Nuremberg. Hashtag nuremberg, too. You can see Estonia. Pete buttigieg. Rachel Maudel. Revolutionary war trending in the United States and trending together yesterday. Imagine that. Thank you, Julian, for yourself. Listening, unconditional love of the people. May God bless you. And so many more messages for Julian Assange and his family, his wife. Lots of support. Honks and cars stopped by to thank us for our action. That was assange defense. Connecticut special shout out to Christopher, Joshua and Rolf. Connecticut stands with Julian Assange. Good job there, Scotty. Added another clip there. So I wanted to take you to something else that’s in your description box below. And this is Pepe Lives Matter had a post about Julian Assange and the Wikileak revelations that changed the world. In case you guys didn’t know, you’re new to all of this. Julian Assange is not only being persecuted for exposing war crimes by the military industrial complex, but for insinuating that Seth Rich was the source of the internal DNC democrat National Committee emails given to WikiLeaks. They say he was murdered by a simple robbery. But Assange strongly insisted that Seth Rich was actually the source and that he was subsequently murdered for his rejection of the corrupt establishment. If this were true and he was allowed to speak it, who then ordered the hit job against this man? Don’t believe me? Then listen to Assange suggested in his own words right here, donald Trump has had a disastrous few weeks. If you look at the polls, he needs a miracle. In the American political lexicon, there’s such a thing as the October Surprise. The stuff that you’re sitting on is an October Surprise in there. Do you even know what you’re sitting on? WikiLeaks never sits on material. Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. As a 27 year old works for the DNC, who was shot in the back, murdered just two weeks ago for unknown reasons, as he was walking down the street in Washington. That was just a robbery, I believe, wasn’t it? No, there’s no finding what are you suggesting? I’m suggesting that our sources take risks, and they become concerned to see things occurring like that. But was he one of your sources then? I mean, we don’t comment on who our sources, we don’t comment on who our soldiers are.

And he tried to say it was a robbery, yet nothing was stolen. Guys from Seth Ridge. So many believe and believe for a long time that Seth Ridge was taken out. Assange responded to Adam Schiff’s claim that DNC leak was by Russians by pointing out the United States has interfered in at least 81 elections since 1950. And the WikiLeaks email proved the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders for Clinton. From our perspective, we have published accurately and fairly that Hillary Clinton said her positions were in her secret speeches and any relation to the DNC in its attempt to rig the primary to exclude Sanders yeah. Wasn’t from the Russian state. Right. CNN came out to belittle investigations into Seth Rich’s death by calling it a conspiracy theory and claiming we should have focused on the now debunked, trump Russia collusion hoax, which we now know for a fact was paid for by none other than Hillary Clinton. Through the Steele dossier, they brought out a SoyBoy to tell us this was a conspiracy. Yet it was Assange himself who kept insinuating that Seth was the source of the leaks. So they tried to cover it up.

Newt Gingrich, as the mainstream media was focused on Clinton’s bought and paid for Russia collusion hoax. We have this very strange story of this young man who worked for the Democrat National Committee, quote, who apparently was assassinated at four in the morning, having given WikiLeaks something like 53 emails. Nobody’s investigating that. It turns out it wasn’t the Russians. It was this young guy who I suspect was disgusted by the corruption of the Democratic National Committee. Investigators went on to say he was killed by a debauched robbery. And CNN went on to claim that there was absolutely no evidence that he was the source. I’m sorry, but how is Assange basically winking at people, telling them that Seth was the source, but he can’t tell you the evidence? And this article goes on and on about all of those and his work to bring out the truth.

Okay. Other folks were putting out all kinds of truth. Like, you remember the footage from the Biden inauguration in DC, January 2021? Remember it was a snowy kind of a day, overcast inauguration. It’s the most bizarre scene you ever saw in your life. There’s like 100 people at the Biden inauguration, and it’s Dystopian. So as you were looking at this, we showed it long back then that it was really awkward that you had overcast skies and kind of a snowy kind of day. But yet on TV it was this bright, sunny day. It seemed like they filmed it on two different days from another location. And they kept the media far away from. It all. Almost as if they didn’t want folks to know that this thing was not what people thought it was. And we covered that in detail. And you can go back to my videos from that time right after the inauguration. And I proved to you beyond a shadow of a doubt, pretty much, that everything they showed us wasn’t real.

Not only that, we’ve had again, remember Donald Trump’s Georgia trials on Rico? Charges to live stream on YouTube. There it is. Judge rules. The judge overseeing Donald Trump’s election interference case in Georgia announced that the trial will be live stream on YouTube. And you remember, as evidenced right here, President Trump’s signing, as evidenced by his signature below, he waived formal arraignment and he entered a plea of not guilty. And I played in the intro this video clip, but we’ll play it again. For the first time in three years, brave American patriots will be able in court to show how the presidential election of 2020 was rigged and stolen for those rhinos, radical, left, Democrats, Communists, Marxists, fascists, and others who say, don’t look back, look forward. They either do not want to reveal the answers because they got away with murder or are fools and cowards. Because we know that if we don’t find out the reason, it could happen again. And we’re not going to let it happen again. All of the fraud, irregularities, and cheating, we cannot ever let a thing like that take place in the United States of America. Thank you very much. Can’t let it happen in the United States of America. Although it’s been happening for decades. And they’re slowly put together this system so that we can wake up everyone who’s asleep, there’s still many others that need to be told the truth about all of this.

President Trump said now it’s learned that Governor Ron DeSantis moniously unnecessarily approved a 20% hike in Florida electricity rates, the largest in history by far, after taking a $9.5 million campaign contribution from Money Machine Florida Power and Light and subsidiaries. Next up to check out is the insurance industry, where DeSantis gave up the store. His campaign and poll numbers have crashed to a point where it doesn’t much matter anymore. But what a shame on Florida. What a shame. Also a shame would be this character freezing up again in front of the public, talks about what running for reelection in 2026. So, yeah, once again, freezes. Something’s wrong with this guy. It’s losing it. They walk over, try to touch him, try to talk to him, try to talk him out of it, to get him to talk again, and it’s not working. What’s going on? It’s almost like we’re watching a robot. Really sad.

And so moving forward, you guys know that the mainstream media, we always try to cover and show how they operate. The AP goes out. Trump dismissive as New York Attorney General accuses him of inflating his net worth by $2 billion. Huffington Post jumps in. Bloomberg Market Watch, New York Times, NBC News, ABC News, they’re all on the same frequency, lying to the people. And there are so many that still read that stuff and believe it. Imagine if you could Google Biden and receive this level of coordinated talking points about the actual crimes committed by the Biden crime family. The Democrat Party would be dead in a day. These fake news outlets serve to protect Democrats, the uniparty, and the corrupt criminals that control them. And that’s it. And that’s why we needed all types of exposure. And that’s why it was great to have Assange. That’s why it was great to have the Intel Board asking us questions, forcing us to go and work together to expose them for all of their crimes against humanity, number one being crimes against children. Now, that plays out in the school systems in many ways. They don’t like the children to learn how to stand up for their rights. Some guy took exception. Thank you. Do they know what the Gatson flag. The Gatson flag. Flag. So the reason that they do not want the flag reason we do not want the flag. Let me bring this up. Imagine claiming that the iconic Don’t Tread on Me flag is racist and must not be allowed in schools. The left wants to silence us, erase us, erase our history and cancel us. There’s nothing more American than refusing to comply with tyrannical governments and systems. That’s why guys, I mentioned earlier, walking up and telling me to take my hat off while working out, which actually keeps the sweat from going in my eyes and actually is healthy to keep the hair from going all over the place. Oh, no, you can’t do that. Our rules say you can’t. Anyway, there’s nothing more American than refusing to comply with tyrannical governments and systems that’s embedded in the very core of this nation. Once the people awaken and realize the hidden slavery we’ve been under this entire time, there will be a generation rising up all their attempts to make us subservient and docile will only harden our will to resist.

Now, here’s the flag. Don’t tread on me. In case you’re wondering, somebody put don’t tread on Jaden. They put his head on there. Pretty cool, but just wanted to show you what he went through as the parent was trying to explain. And look at his smile. It’s just amazing. Okay, so what’s going to happen if he doesn’t take it off? He is able to go. I was actually just telling him I was upset that he’s missing so much school. I’m like so I asked if can he just take his stuff out of his bag and go back to class? Like, I just want him to go back to class. The bag can’t go back if it’s got the patch on it because you can’t have that in and around other kids. So that’s what I was trying and then he said you were close. I was like, oh yeah, it has nothing to do with slavery. That’s like the Revolutionary War patch that was enslaved when they were fighting the British. That’s the revolution. Maybe you’re thinking of like the Confederate. Confederate, okay. I am here to enforce the policy that was provided by the district, and definitely you have every right to not agree with it. He’s allowed to wear that if he likes going to say they go back and forth, back and forth, and he’s just sitting there, just looking at both of them, just sitting nice and wearing some just very courteous.

The director claimed the flag is associated with hate groups. And then I saw him go out and take a picture on social media standing behind a woke teacher’s car, he and his mom to be on that were on Hannity. I guess law firms have come forward to help fight the discrimination. Colorado government disagrees with the school, but thus far hasn’t contacted them. I think this is old and outdated because I think they said they finally had a vote. Yeah. That’s August 29. I think they voted and they allowed him to then wear that patch. But yet he goes out in social media and shows the car that he’s standing in front of and he’s letting people know, like, I’m not allowed to wear this patch, but look at all of the junk. Have America green again, make America green again. I mean, you can imagine, like, they’re allowed to have all kinds of patches and support all kinds of rights, yet he’s not.So here he is, just a quick little interview clip and thought you guys might enjoy this. If it didn’t go viral, they’d probably suspend me. What is your advice to the other teenagers or soon to be teenagers that are afraid to speak up? I tell them to ponder this question. Would you rather have friends but live under a tyrannical system or stand up for yourself and your right but maybe lose a few friends?

I mean, I sat at once alone today, which is weird. Like, my friends didn’t like me. So yeah, you will lose friends maybe. But however, you’re standing up for your right and vouching for them, because if no one stands up for your God given right, then they just fade away.

When I walk in the hallways, I kind of feel sad because there’s kids that can wear pride pins and like, the school doesn’t say a word. A Gadson flag is so called a hate symbol. The reason that they do not want the flag due to its origin with the revolution, slavery and slavery. I don’t have the First Amendment. They don’t give me it. That angers me.

This is a twelve year old who’s standing up against bullies, who is willing to fight for liberty and freedom. So I hope everybody is as inspired as I am that we have twelve year olds that understand the implications of the fight if it didn’t go very good. And so I just want to do a shout out to this young man, Jaden, absolutely brilliant, and I would love to be able to talk to him someday about all of this and get it out to the public on our side. It would be really cool.

And so all of this going on in the schools and a student in I think it’s UK gets kicked out of class for saying there’s only two genders. If I am, then why would you kick me out of class? It’s not very inclusive. Can I finish my sentence, please? Not very inclusive. No, I’m sorry. What you were saying was not very inclusive. And this is an inclusive school.

Yeah. How is what I was saying? Because I was saying that what’s wrong with the website is that there are more than one gender in this country. Your opinion? That is my opinion. And that is an opinion which is acceptable in the school, I’m afraid. Yours, which you’re saying that there’s no such thing as anyone other than male or female. Scientifically there are just two genders. I’m saying there’s just two genders. He’s having a fit, he’s telling them to be quiet. He’s like, that’s your personal opinion? That’s my opinion. Well, how come you have an opinion? I can’t have an opinion. They just go back and forth and this guy’s just losing it.

Another thing that’s happened recently would be the school boards, these meetings where they read from these books that they’re handing out to kids and watch the reaction. Do you need a help, too? Yes. So this person, I believe is a parent, is claiming they’re upset because they want these sick porno books to be read to kids and they want to put up a fight. Do you have any questions? Do you need something? A lot of questions, because my child never heard any of this stuff that you were reading her and your group. See, so this parent who was reading the book to everyone on the board to let them know, you don’t need this sick stuff into this school.

This parent, I believe is a parent, claimed that their child never heard this kind of stuff before. So instead of joining them and saying, wow, I never knew this was going on, I’m going to fight for my right of my child to be able to have this until we were in here. Have a lot to read. You are okay with reading system. You’re okay with diversity, equity and inclusion. You’re okay with Pride Month. You’re okay with Pride Month, the rainbow flag and more. And he’s letting this person know what’s going on. And you can see they’ve been through a lot of trauma and you can tell by all the markings and it’s sad. They need our prayers and more. So a lot of things that are going on there.

7.2% of US. Adults identify as LGBT. In 2022, the percentage of US. Adults here, gen Z, was 19%. Millennials, 11%. Generation X 3% and Baby boomers 2%. Why do so many young adults identify as LGBT? What is going on? Why are they pushing this? And why would this guy points out Africa must wake up. He puts this together. Arrogance of the Americans, the bullyness of the Americans. Let me even throw it on the West Side. Now. We’re talking about when he says Americans, remember, he’s talking about the tyranical government setup that was put in front of us, were forcing all of their junk on all of us day in and day out. And so when he says America, he’s talking about the freaks like Biden, the Clintons, Obamas, and right now comes to Tanzania, comes to Ghana, comes to Zambia with 16 million. And guess what? 16 million only for Zambia. The 16 million. Ask me what is it for? What is it for? For human rights across the river. China and Russia coming to South Africa. Ask me for what? For what?

Okay, so again, he’s just saying, hey, they come over here and they’re trying to tell us, hey, we’ll give you money. We want, you know, stick with our agenda, know, doing sick, evil things, LGBT and more. And yet you’ve got other countries that come in, like South Africa and Russia, china, excuse me. And Russia coming across the river, and they’re saying, hey, we want to provide training and security for you guys. They’re not pushing the transgender homosexual agenda like what he says America does and they’re trying to do to them. It’s interesting as that the stuff airs throughout social media, many people sharing it and more.

And again, folks, found this from nine years ago. When it comes to sharing truth about weather modification and more. And when they do these things that we’ve seen happen in Maui, which I want to show you real quick, it makes you wonder even more what they were doing behind the scenes and how they were playing this out for all of us. They’re trying to raise money. I mean, we’ve gone through this over and over again, folks. All of the weird things in Maui and how this played out and why it doesn’t seem like it’s what they say it is. But when Oprah goes out and Dwayne Johnson the Rock and they’re trying to get people to fund Maui, look what happens to them as they’re looking for money. Look, this proves to us more and more that we’re waiting.

I have an update. The People’s Fund of Maui. Oprah’s video has been up for the majority of the day, raking in a good 400,000 views and a simply astonishing ratio, but has only managed so far to raise $3.44,000, with a good chunk of that being this anonymous donor up here. But look at this. This is from Dwayne Johnson’s video with the little donor icon and he has raised $1.66,000. So a total of about $5,000 with over a million views between the two of them. Look at this anonymous donor right here at $500. Anonymous. Them donating to their own fund to make it look legit, to maybe even dabble into your competitiveness, to wanting to be the highest donor.

Keep sharing the video and keep the comments. Did not disappoint. Listen, I have seen videos from people who are liberal with pronouns. I have seen videos from people from the right. I have seen videos from all people from all walks of life telling other people not to donate to this. We’re going to make Oprah eat that 10 million. Let me tell you something else. There are more people out here who are awake than I think we even realized this had happened even maybe just two years ago, okay? Everybody would have fallen all over it. They would have raised ten, $20 million by the end of the day and they barely broke 5000. Yeah, this is it. This is how we cancel them. That’s how we cancel them. That’s working. We’re getting them even more.

And there’s all kinds of coincidences right, in Maui. There are great points that have been brought up by many for us to just remember. And I wanted to play this clip once again about the coincidence and the great points made here. So it’s just a coincidence that the police chief was the same man in charge of the Las Vegas shooting. And it’s just a huge coincidence that property owned by millionaires and billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Oprah, and the founder of PayPal remained untouched while the land of the natives burned only a few feet away, literally. And it’s just a huge coincidence that the island had the largest system of outdoor sirens in the world, yet they decided not to sound to them or alert anybody in any way. And it’s just a huge coincidence that they closed all of the schools, sent all of the children home andturned off the water as soon as the fires started so that people couldn’t put them out. And it’s just a coincidence that under orders, policemen blockaded the exits, didn’t allow anyone to evacuate and force them to jump in the water to save their own lives. And it’s just a coincidence that the island is set to be the very first to operate on 100% renewable energy, and to do so, they must significantly decrease their CO2 emissions. And it’s just a huge coincidence that one month prior to the fires, the mayor issued a press release highlighting his commitment to the United Nations 2030 Agenda of sustainable development. And it’s just a coincidence that Hawaii is the only state to have submitted a voluntary local review, which is a framework and goal set to achieve sustainable development.

And it’s just a huge coincidence that BlackRock and the United States government are two out of the three largest landowners on the island who have been trying to buy up the land from the natives for the past few decades, who refuse to sell. And both of them are part of the renewable energy agenda. And it’s just a huge coincidence that the survivors’ homes that are still standing are now being evicted. And it’s just a coincidence that the fact checkers saying that all of this is a coincidence are owned by BlackRock. At this point, if you believe that all of these are coincidences. Yep.

So there we go. Updates coming from folks working hard to make sure that this information gets out. Also, this clip shared from nine years ago on CBS. What can they use to change the weather and cause issues? Lasers. Really? To change the weather? That’s right. Well, as Mark Twain once famously said, everyone complains about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it. Well, instead of doing a rain dance, we physicists are firing trillion watt lasers into the sky to actually precipitate rain clouds and actually bring down lightning bolts.

Well, this fascinates me in part because too, I remember reading the stories that China had used this during the Olympics, that the USSR had used this after Chernobyl to create rain clouds. Did those really work then? We have some of these capabilities now, inconclusive even in the CIA used this to bring down monsoons during the Vietnam War to wash out the Vietcong governments have been alleged to have experimented with weather control, but nothing conclusive this time. We’re bringing in the laws of physics. Rather than simply waving our hands and uttering mumbo jumbo. We’re actually using trillion watt lasers now. And in the laboratory, sure enough, they precipitate rain out of water vapor. Sure enough, you can actually bring down electricity down the beam, firing trillion watt lasers. You rip apart the electrons, creating what are called ions, and these ions act like seeds, like dust particles, bringing down rain and even lightning. How about that?

Nine years ago, climate control out there for all of us to see, controlling weather, controlling the wind over Maui, controlling fires or out of control fires. And these folks, these evil ones, I hope they face what’s coming to them. I mean, it’s becoming blatantly obvious, folks, more and more every day, what their plan was and how they were trying to put this out for all to see. I mean, really obvious.

So I wanted to turn from all of these areas that we’ve been noticing of debauchery and evil and more and all the good things that we’re seeing from great patriots like Jaden. The fact that they’re going to air the 2020 stolen election information for all to see, the fact that Assange is still away and we need to pray for him and his family. The fact that we’ve got supporters like General Flyn showing why President Trump is who he says he is. While all this is playing out, we still have people’s lives changing dramatically on the Remnant Revolution Tour. Robert and Jamie guys know, they’re banners for freedom, and they’ve been out and they were recently in the Vegas area baptizing folks, they’ve been reaching out. Folks have been reaching out and saying, hey, I’d like to get baptized by you also. And they sent me an update. And they also wanted folks to know that they have 15 baptisms lined up in Williams, Arizona this Saturday, that we are heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Monday to do baptisms in the river, Saturday the 9th. We have no more room for Williams, Arizona, but maybe you can share about the event upcoming in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

So, folks, if you go in the description box below, you’ll see the Remnant Revolution Tour link, and you can reach out to them. And I thought it was interesting. These guards came out and know, tried to stop them from doing their baptisms. And it was great to see these folks as he brought this up. And I’m going to talk a little bit more as they share. Here we go. No baptisms. Radisson policy that’s at Treasure Island, you can swim, you can drink beer, you can do all that. But if you say the name of Jesus whenever you’re swimming and you put somebody under the water, that is against the law or against yeah, let me see. I’m sorry. That is against the law or against their policies. So cool. And so they found another place. Somebody opened up an Amwino fan, actually opened up their house to have baptisms, and they walked through.

And I wanted to talk about a little bit here as we go through the baptisms in the water. I think this is absolutely amazing as we play this here. You guys ready? It’s hard to scroll down when you play at the same time. Also, testimony right here. We’re proud of you both. Thank you. Yes, we had an amazing conversation. Kind of nervous, but the other day you were asking the right question. So, yeah, here it’s one baptism after another after another. The tears, the flowing, just amazing. As we look back, I was thinking about all this, about when Robert Jamie first came out, and we were talking about them. They were trying to use their own personal money. I think it was like $800 they spent to put billboards up for Am. We know they were just trying to do their part in what they felt the Lord was leading them to do. And their testimony is so amazing. And I said, you know, somebody folks kept reaching out to me and finally got a hold of them. And we did an interview. And after that, I mean, just skyrocketed. God’s been using them to do just mighty things across this entire Earth for so many people, and to see them travel with their sons meet people from all walks of life and see the tears flowing and see all the people affected by this has been absolutely amazing for me, my family, and so much more.

So thank you for your support of them. Thank you for reaching out to them and these last few baptisms. He makes a way where there ain’t no way rises up from an empty grave ain’t no sinner that you can say let me tell you about my Jesus I know for me let me tell you about my Jesus praise the Lord.

Isn’t that wonderful? First time I saw this, I was in tears, man. Dread. Just wonderful, folks. I mean, we’re going through a lot on this earth, and it’s just wonderful to know that we can call the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and watch so many change lives. Who knew that years ago when my son, he saw him RT. Robin, I said, dad, you should record yourself talking, because all the stuff you’re sharing, I don’t understand. But it’s exciting what you’re talking about. And, man, since that day of opening that laptop and recording so many lives, thank you, Lord Jesus, for just using us, just voices crying in the wilderness to reach so many people with your message of hope and comfort and rest.

Which leads me to this portion of the video today. I know we’ve gotten kind of long, but, you know, it’s important today. We’re getting into the weekend. You have all weekend to pause and play. And I saw this interview pop up oliver Anthony on The Joe Rogan Show. Out of all the places to be, there he was with Rogan. And I said, wow. I didn’t know that he was called to Joe Rogan show to talk. And Joe Rogan’s been doing a lot of exposure lately about a lot of things. So I said, well, let me go check out this entire video. And so I listened to it as I was driving around and trying to pay attention. And I was just amazed for one thing, that he was there. But two, that Joe Rogan in the first half just shares all of his beliefs, what he thinks. And it was basically kind of the opposite of what we as believers in the Lord of God would state or say, but we understand the thought process behind the world. And so there was a lot of that type of information there’s.A lot of interesting things happened during the interview. At one point, Joe Rogan became quiet, a turning point in the conversation. Oliver Anthony, not his real name, kept cutting him off, possibly due to his grandfather’s singing career. There’s more to this story which you can find in the description box. What stood out was that Joe Rogan asked Oliver multiple times about what he read in the Bible. Oliver then played a clip that explained the transformation he experienced in his life. He had a breakdown moment and decided to let go of his ego and serve his purpose. He felt overwhelmed with a warm feeling that stayed with him ever since.

Although Oliver had never played a paid gig before, he felt a sense of peace being on stage. He felt empowered from all that had happened to him recently. He emphasized that he wasn’t trying to preach but wanted to share how the Bible brought him peace and changed his perspective on life. He had been turned off by religion due to the theatrics and politics, but picking up the Bible changed him.

Oliver shared about a time when he thought he was seriously ill and went to the ER. He described experiencing shooting pains and feeling hopeless. At that moment, he decided he couldn’t continue living that way and promised to quit destructive behaviors. He wanted to focus on serving God and letting go of his ego. Oliver recognized that humans idolize things and pursued purposes that were bigger than themselves. He saw the value in making God his idol and serving a higher purpose.

Since the transformation, Oliver started reading scripture regularly, not to be a better person, but for the guidance it provides. Although he’s still in the early stages of his journey, he has been trying to restructure his thought patterns and retrain his brain to align with his new beliefs.

[Blank line]There’s things it says, and I’ll be very brief with this, I promise. But one thing, ironically, it’s Proverbs 420 which I thought you would like. So if there’s anything better perfect. Read it. Preach, my son. Pay attention to what I say. Turn your ear to my words. Do not let them out of your sight. Keep them within your heart, for they are life to those who find them and health to one’s whole body.

Above all else. Guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Keep your mouth free from perversity. Keep corrupt talk far from your lips. Let your eyes look straight ahead. Fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. Do not turn to the right or the left. Keep your foot from evil.

But the whole book of Proverbs is like that. Like, it’s not preachy. It’s not what you think. It’s good guidance. It’s like good guidance that you would want a father to give to his son. Wow. I was listening to this today, listening to him and watching his actions and realizing, you know, guys, when we stand before folks that the Lord told us that he would provide the words to say at the right moments and I love his humility in this answer. I love that he says he’s an infant in all of this.

And he reaches over and he basically asks permission, can I read this book? And he gets permission. He didn’t try to lord it over them or beat it over Joe Rogan’s mind. He in a sense, it’s almost like God directed Joe to continually ask Him, what in the Bible helped you? Or did you read the Bible? What? And you picked it up and you read it? Did you catch that? It was like, you’ve got millions of people that are going to be listening to this. And he picks up the word of God.

In Hebrews 412, it says, for the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, no matter how much information they shared. In the first half of that podcast, everything got quiet and silent as he shared his testimony and he was able to read the word of God. Millions of people are going to hear that. He went from singing a song, thinking it was the end of his life and saying, “Lord, I just take my past and give it to you, and I bow down to you now and I give my entire life to you. I’m spent, I’m done. My ego needs to go away, and I want to make you number one in my life.”

Have you gotten to that point today, folks? Have you given your life totally to Jesus Christ through God, who sent his Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for your sins? Who’s alive and well now rose again after three days. Many lives through this terrible thing that we’re going through you would think was the worst. Many people were crying out for revival for years. And I feel like we are in a revival. We are watching folks change, come together, transform in many, many ways. And I think most of it is grounded, if not all of it, in the peace that transforms all understanding, the word of God.

And so, as we continue to pray and lift up all of those who are affected, hurting, going through so much, we are in thanks for moments like this from Oliver Anthony, for moments like a young man standing up for his God-given rights. Did you hear him? He said God-given rights. We’re excited because we know so many things are going on behind the scenes in a political sphere, that it’s exposing the enemy for all it’s worth. And yet the most important thing of all is our relationship with our Savior.

What an amazing time to be alive, isn’t it? For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for how you have just guided and directed so many lives you’ve taken, many voices crying out in the wilderness. Behold the Lamb of God. Take away the sins of the world. You are so good. We thank you for Chris, who goes by Oliver Anthony for the lives that he has been able to reach through his testimony, through his music and more.

I think of the Isaacs also and their music that has affected my life for more than three decades. Lift them up to you and all the traveling and ministry they’ve been doing for years. We thank you for those that are on the front lines fighting against this enemy. You have used so many, you have guided and directed so many. And we just know that the enemy is working overtime to destroy as much as possible, knowing his end is near the end of this part of the chapter.

We ask that those that are struggling with their relationship with you, that you would just call on them to open your word and read it, be comforted by it. We know that we can come boldly before your throne making requests. We know that you promise that you will take the burdens that we have, remove them and give us rest. And O Lord, we just ask that you continue to protect those who love our country, the United States, and more those around this earth who are waking up. So we know it’s more about you than anything else. We worship you, we love you. We thank you for your love for us. It’s in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Folks. Thank you. I know this video went a little longer than normal, but just felt like we needed to today. You guys have been so supportive of us. Again, many new updates coming. I know there’s some surprises at you, but just always in prayer, watching God continue to direct, guide and direct us in so many ways. If anybody knows Oliver Anthony, you could send us an email. I’d love to interview him and talk to him. I think we’d have a great conversation. Great talk. Love to meet him and talk to him and have him share his testimony on the show. It’d be absolutely amazing.

And again, we cover your prayers. Please hit that subscribe button and share this video, if you would. For now. This is lt. St simplify with them. We know signing out about.



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