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➡ Global Freedom TV discusses the current political climate in the United States, comparing it to significant historical events like the American Revolution and Civil War. It suggests that the Biden administration is trying to turn the country into a police state. The article also talks about potential false flag operations, where harmful events are staged to start conflicts or criminalize certain groups. Lastly, it mentions concerns about the situation at the southern border and the possibility of it being used as a trap for patriots.
➡ The article discusses the ongoing border crisis in the United States, particularly in Texas. It highlights the surge in migrant crossings and the challenges faced by border patrol officers. The article also mentions the political debate surrounding the issue, with Republicans blaming President Biden’s policies for the crisis and the Biden administration blaming Republicans for a lack of border funding. Lastly, it talks about the legal battles between Texas and the federal government over the state’s law allowing the arrest of migrants, which the Biden administration is challenging as unconstitutional.
➡ Texas Governor Greg Abbot is prepared to continue building barriers to prevent illegal entry into Texas, even if the federal government tries to take control of the state’s National Guard. He has signed a new law that allows any law enforcement officer in Texas to arrest anyone crossing the border illegally. Despite multiple attempts to communicate with President Biden about the border situation, Abbot claims his suggestions have been ignored. Critics argue that the federal government is ignoring the issue to maintain power and transform America, while others believe that Texas should continue to defend its state and prevent illegal entry.
➡ The article discusses the political tension between Republicans and Democrats, focusing on issues like border security and immigration. It suggests that Republicans believe Democrats are allowing too many illegal immigrants into the country, which they see as a threat to national security. The article also mentions an impeachment process against the Secretary of Homeland Security for allegedly not following immigration laws. Lastly, it criticizes a proposed immigration deal that would allow a large number of immigrants into the country before any border control measures are enforced.
➡ Texas is moving military vehicles to the Mexican border as tensions rise, with Russia offering to supply weapons to Texas if needed. Meanwhile, President Biden is being accused of distracting from these domestic issues by potentially starting a war with Iran. There are concerns about illegal immigrants in the U.S., with some arguing they should be deported and denied access to public services. The situation is causing fear of violence and political instability.


You’re good, Scott. You’re good to go. Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to global great awakenings on globalfreedomtv. com. This is the 30th day of January, and we are entering into the new year with a revolution, civil war, renaissance, whatever you want to call it. There is tremendous vibrations of political awakening, and I would say a transformation of the United States that we have not seen since 1860, 1861, or even before that, since 1776, I think is a better description because, of course, in 1776 and just prior, you had the tyranny of the british empire being imposed on the american colonialists, and they overthrew that after several citizens had been shot to death.

And it’s funny that the same thing happened on January 6 with several citizens being killed, beaten to death and some shot in the face with stun grenades and such and others being thrown in jail. So we’re seeing now the Biden administration accelerate its aggression, its attempt to overthrow the republic into a police state masquerading as democracy. And I think Texas is on the forefront of a national movement that is certainly catching the eyes of the world.

So we’re going to be jumping into that with the great Dr. James Fetzer. Jim, it’s good to have you with us. I know there’s a lot to talk about. I’m going to head it right to you and jump right in. Go ahead. James Fetzer. Well, you got it. God. In fact, Greg Reese is looking at the possibility of false flags. Ukraine, Gaza, right here in Texas. Just check it out.

We do not warn of false flags to try to predict horrible events. We warn of false flags to try and prevent them. They are the norm for starting massive conflicts. They are based on lies. And so we only hope that the truth will make them futile. Last week, I reported on rumors that Victoria Newland was planning a false flag attack on a ukrainian nuclear power plant. There is now talk in Kiev that the real president of Ukraine, Victoria Newland, has become so desperate for NATO troops to enter Ukraine and continue this U.

S. Proxy war against Russia that she is willing to murder innocent locals with a radioactive cloud and blame it on russian forces. After that report, documentary filmmaker Chris Emery, who has spent years researching Patcon, the US intelligence operation, to use false flags as a way of criminalizing american patriots, reached out to me with some information that shows how this is standard operating procedure for the black hats in our government.

We had done our first movie premiere in March of that year in Salt Lake City with an attorney that we actually interviewed on the film by the name of Jesse Trinidad. He was approached by a command team leader that was in charge of ten, including himself, basically commandos to blow up the Browns ferry nuclear power plant in Athens, Alabama, under the Operation Patcon. And then Jesse went into detail about what Patcon was, which would later morph into the Waco attack and then the Oklahoma City bombing, and then our current present day ramification of that was J Six.

That nuclear power plant is still standing today because this command leader says, no, that violated their rules of engagement that they were taught in their special operations ever since he was a rookie commando. And he says, we are not killing 27 innocent us civilians, no matter how much money you’re paying us. Each of his partners, there were ten commandos altogether, were given duffel bags full of cash. Each were given $5 million.

They left it in the parking lot in the wee hours, he said, between 230 and 03:00 in the morning. They literally left these duffel bags in the parking lot, in the far end of the parking lot, away from the nuclear power plant, and drove away. And they basically told their commanding officer at the Pentagon to f off. We are dealing with people that are of the occult, are in a dark corner of the universe that we can’t even imagine, and Newland is in that pack with Barrett Garland and several others.

Without a doubt. She needs to be brought up on treason and indicted, put on trial, and thrown in prison, and the key tossed away. We also spoke on the subject of what looks to be the beginning of a false flag being set up on the southern border with World Economic Forum puppet Greg Abbott now calling for a civil war. What in the world? Why did it take him almost two and a half years to gear up? I think it’s disingenuous what he’s doing, this poor ranchers and the private citizens within 50, 60 miles of the border have gotten their land, their homes robbed, their ranches decimated, trash, human waste windows broken into, property damage.

He could have put the thumb screw on that a long time ago. Why he chose to do so now is beyond me. They’re much more keen. They have the operative radar on high alert now, and they’ll be able to hopefully weed out a lot of these operatives that, whether they know it or not, are being paid by the feds to be the flying ointment and get a lot more people in trouble.

It’s just going to be a reincarnation of j six all over again. Expert on false flags and the southern border crisis, Michael Yon is also warning people not to fall for the trap. And we already know that the so called. I call it Ogus, the occupational government of the United States. We already know that it’s out of control. We already know that the only rules that it plays by is anything it can get away with.

It will do. Right? We already know that. We saw January 6. We see Americans have to show their id and get searched and whatnot to get on airplanes. Meanwhile, they got illegals, I mean, straight up invaders coming across the border by the thousands every day that can board aircraft without any id. There are no rules. We are clearly being hunted. And the american citizens, patriots are clearly being hunted.

They’re looking for any excuse to go to war, and they will do it. I mean, obviously, there’s going to be a very serious war. It’s clearly coming. Don’t walk into their traps. Do not do it again. Why would you go to Eagle Pass, which is so baited, when Abbot clearly could close the border if he wanted to? This is clearly a wrestling match. This is clearly a show.

That’s the thunderdome. Don’t go reporting for infowars. This is Greg Reese. Well, Scott, I think that’s the issue. Is this for real, or could this be some kind of trap? Debate a lot of militias. We got 25 other states whose governors are standing with ammo. That’s 26. More than half of the 50 states, and at least ten of them are sending equipment and troops down there to aid in a bed.

I’m going to be showing video of tanks being sent down to the border. But could it possibly be an elaborate false flag? Gather all these patriots together and then take them out or declare martial law or something like. I’m very concerned, Scott, because it looks on its face as though he’s a great patriot. And I’m going to review his statements and actions to date, which I find very convincing.

But we cannot overlook the prospect raised here by Greg Reese and others that there may be something very fishy going on. Your thoughts? Well, the only thing that matters is that american citizens exercising their freedom of liberty and travel, every american across the union of states and every republic, can travel to Texas and travel to the border with their firearms and simply be a citizen soldier, a citizen patriot.

That does not mean that you engage in firefights or you shoot your guns in the air or that you attack police or that you do anything of a black lives matter, anarchist disposition, but you are free under the constitution of the United States to go there. Now, what they do is another question. What they set up January 6 type of event down there or not? That’s another issue.

That’s immaterial. We can’t be afraid of what they do. We have to be leaders. Regardless of whatever Abbott or these others have done, we need to take the reins of this runaway horse carriage and guide it towards resolution. And that resolution is the border is immediately sealed, stopped with military bayonets, tanks, soldiers, helicopters, whatever’s needed. Citizen soldiers, veterans, Boy scouts, police, deputized citizens. But that border is sealed immediately.

It’s closed. No one, not another single person gets through that border. That’s what the 25 states need to do and what Biden and these Democrats may plan to do. Yeah, they could think that they could set off some shooting. I don’t see them doing a terrorist bombing or a nuclear bomb bombing or a dirty bombing or anything of that magnitude. Because the bottom line is, Jim, no one is going to back down at this point.

No american citizen, no patriot, no Republican, no Trump supporter, no conservative, no christian. No one will back down. We have crossed the Rubicon. We have seen the enemy, and it is us. In Washington, DC, the Constitution has been shredded and defecated on by these Democrat Biden types. And the american people, patriots, I think, are in a position to saying, we’re done. We’re not having a conversation with you anymore.

We’re taking the parks. We’re taking every piece of land that is Texas’s and anything else that illegal alien invasion is occurring, and we’re stopping it. And we will fight and kill and die to the death if we have to to defend against this invasion. Because it’s like that report said, you are allowing millions upon millions to come into this country as a set up for something in the long term, in any way that this works out.

It all adds up to a diminishment of our country. It adds up to a reckless, violent betrayal. And everybody from majorcas to Biden ought to be shot and executed for treason after due process of law, because that’s what this is, and that’s what Abbot needs to next do, is Joe Biden is a traitor and is guilty of treason and facilitating an invasion in this country and get as many states as he can to sign on to that letter.

And it’s a constitutional crisis. But you know what? So is the revolution, Jim. Yep, Scott, you got it right. Let’s see how the COVID story is being covered. Here’s Lester Holt on NBC. Now to a key campaign issue, the border crisis. Republican members of Congress there today highlighting the surge in migrant crossings as our Morgan Chesky got a first hand look at the challenges facing those on the front lines.

Dawn patrol on the Rio Grande. The Texas tactical Marine Unit giving NBC News an exclusive look on a stretch of river where debris litters banks laden with barbed wire. Where record migrant crossings have overwhelmed. There was no way to keep up. No. How quickly did this go from a mission of intercepting criminals to then saving lives? Oh, it was overnight. The migrant surge is forcing staff sergeants Lee Ashcraft and Ruben Vallejo to rescue more than arrest.

How many extra life jackets are on board right now? Four to six. And if you come across a group of ten or more, how do you help everyone? It’s tough, tough decision. You got it. You got it. Their DPS unit saving this migrant family in November. Troopers hoisting children and their drowning mother to safety. Last month, 300,000 migrant crossings shattered previous records. But on New Year’s Day this week, a dip.

Border Patrol reporting 2500 illegal crossings down from a daily average high of 8000. Though officials expect it to rise again. President Biden blaming Republicans for a lack of border funding. Give me the money I need to protect the border. But today in Eagle Pass, House Speaker Mike Johnson firing back Republicans blaming Biden border policies for the surge. With the vast majority of migrants processed by Border Patrol and then released into the United States under President Biden, America has laid out a welcome mat to illegal immigrants, smugglers and cartels.

He is responsible for the grave threat to our national security behind him. As he spoke, a migrant family crossing back on the river. Today’s and troopers tell me that every member of that unit has now at some point rescued someone from this very river. Lester yeah. Morgan the border crisis is now sparking more legal battles. Lester that’s right. This ongoing legal showdown between Texas and the federal government continues.

The Biden administration suing the state of Texas, challenging its law allowing state authorities to arrest migrants, calling it unconstitutional. But today, Speaker Johnson saying Texas Governor Greg Abbot has done more to enforce the law than President Biden ever has. Thanks for watching. Stay updated about breaking and that’s exactly right. The Supreme Court’s temporary order, the attorney general of Texas has observed allowed Biden to continue his illegal effort aid the foreign invasion of America.

The national board is responding from the order to remove razor wire by installing more razor wire. The Texas National Guard responds. Governor Abbot is that Texas will not back down. He’s released a very fine statement, Scott, about why Texas has the right to protect itself. The executive branch has a constitutional duty to enforce federal law protecting states, including immigration laws on the books right now. Biden has instructed his agency to ignore federal statutes that mandate the detention of illegal immigrants.

The failure of the Biden admin to fulfill the duties imposed by article four, section four, has triggered article one, section ten, clause three, which reserves to this state the right of self defense. For these reasons, I’ve declared an invasion under Article one, section ten, clause three, to invoke Texas constitutional authority to defend and protect itself. That authority is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary.

Here are the points he’s made. Despite having been put on notice in a series of letters, one of which I delivered to him by hand, President Biden has ignored Texas demand he perform his constitutional duties. President Biden has violated his oath to faithfully execute immigration laws enacted by Congress. Instead of prosecuting immigrants for the federal crime of illegal entry, Biden has sent his lawyers to court to sue Texas for taking action to secure the border.

Biden has instructed his agency to ignore federal statutes that mandate the detention of illegals. The effect is to illegally allow their en masse parole into the United States. By wasting taxpayer dollars to tear open tax and border security infrastructure, Biden has enticed illegals away from the 28 legal entry points along the state southern border bridges where nobody drowns, and into the dangerous waters of the Rio Grande. I’m very impressed with his statement.

It appears to me to be completely correct. No must no more illegal entry. Supported by Trump, the Biden regime has responded by ordering Texas to hand back control of the border to the feds by Friday, which has not taken place. The Biden admin responded, gave Texas till the 24th 26th to return the borders, the contested locations. It’s not going to happen. It did not happen. Here we have a border update 25 republican governors have issued a joint statement in Savannah, Texas.

We stand in solidarity with our fellow governor, Greg Abbot, and the state of Texas in utilizing every tool and strategy, including razor wire fences, to secure the border. We do it in part because the Biden admin is refusing to enforce immigration laws already on the books and is illegally allowing mass parole across America. Migrants who entered our country illegally. Here we have half of America joins Texas in asserting our constitutional right of self defense under article one, section ten, stemming from Joe Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration laws.

His actions have caused an unprecedented invasion we must defend against. The author adds. We’ll find out soon whether Abbot has all had a new cattle, which he suspects. But look at the Constitution, article one, section ten, clause three. No state shall, without the consent of Congress, lay any duty of tonnage, keep troopships a war in time of peace, enter into any agreement or combat with another state or with a foreign power, or engage in war unless actually invaded or in such imminent danger as will not admit a delay.

And article four, section four, the guarantee clause. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion. The Biden regime is already fighting proxy wars with Russia, Gaza, Iran and Yemen. Let’s see them invade Texas next to throw open a border and further facilitate an illegal alien invasion. Here’s Tucker interviewing Governor Abbott, on Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Biden administration is legally allowed to open the border by force to cut down razor wire along the Rio Grande sector of the US Mexico border.

In Texas, the usual suspects voted for this, Sonia Soto, Mayor Elena Kagan, Kentaji Brown Jackson. But they were joined by so called conservative justices John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett. So in response to this ruling, which shocked many, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, drafted a letter not simply to the administration, but to the world. And here’s part of what it says. Under President Biden’s lawless border policies, more than 6 million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border in just three years.

That is more than the population of 33 different states in this country. This illegal refusal to protect the states has inflicted unprecedented harm on the people all across the United States. Abbot goes on to say, the state of Texas has the authority under the Constitution to, quote, protect itself. That authority is the supreme law of the land, and it supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary. And then following very quickly, 25 other states with republican governors signed a letter pledging their support to Texas and its constitutional right to defend itself and this country.

Those states include Ohio, Florida, Utah, Nevada and many others. And then the Biden administration responded. The administration threatened these states, and particularly Texas, with a, quote, 24 hours deadline to allow border patrol to reopen the border and to take down the barbed wire, clearly a collision course. What happens next? We’re thankful to be joined now by Governor Greg Abbot of Texas, who joins us by phone from India.

Governor Abbot, thank you so much for joining us. If the administration declares that it plans to federalize the national Guard of the state of Texas, your national guard, what will be your response? Well, first, I’ll be shocked. That would be a boneheaded move on his part, a total disaster for one, as you might imagine. We are prepared, in the event that that unlikely event does occur, to make sure that we will be able to continue exactly what we’ve been doing over the past month, and that is building these barriers, whether it be the Constantine wire or other anti climb border barriers, whatever we’ve been building, the Biden administration is now trying to attack us because of it.

And we will continue to do exactly what we’re doing to expand our denial of illegal entry into the state of Texas. With state employees, I assume not with National Guard. But can you envision a scenario in which you would put armed state employees on the border instead of the National Guard of Texas? We do have other armed state employees on the border as we speak right this minute, and that’s the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as other law enforcement officers, as well as national Guard from other states.

And you can be assured there will be more national Guard from other states and more law enforcement officers within the state of Texas and other states. And, Tucker, I just signed a law, a new law in the state of Texas that will go into effect on March the fifth, that authorizes any law enforcement officer in the state of Texas to be able to arrest anybody coming across the border illegally.

Have you spoken to the president or anyone from the Biden White House about what appears to be an imminent collision? I have not. To be clear, I have spoken to the president about the border. I met him on a tarmac in El Paso and talked to him directly about what was going on. I handed him a letter that had in it immediate solutions he could take that would immediately secure the border without the need of any new law to be passed.

Despite the fact that I handed him altogether eight different letters, he has refused to ever respond. My point in telling you that we have laid down the precursor of what’s called article four, section four of the United States Constitution, to show that we have been invaded, and we have demanded support from the president to safeguard our state, and they have refused to do so eight times. And that authorized me to declare an invasion under article one, section ten of the Constitution to make sure that Texas is going to be able to use every tool in our arsenal to defend our state.

Scott, I got to say, I think all that suggests Abbot is carrying out his responsibilities in acting in an appropriate fashion, but that the president of the United States is not. Your thoughts? Well, Abbot is late to the party, and there’s no excuse for that. And he should have done this three years ago. And I said every state in the union should send their military down to the border.

I’ve also said every veteran and citizen can be deputized to increase our number of citizen soldiers, citizen police, and border watchers. But that being said, we’re shifting into present day right now and present day right now. That letter is, and those actions are very good as long as they’re authentic. And he means it. And it’s not all for show. And I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

This is all for real. It’s ironic, because now you see Abbot going through the same thing that the founding fathers went through when they were petitioning the British to give them relief from certain abuses and inconveniences and other harassing and persecuting policies, taxation without representation and such. The founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence exhaustively lay out that they had petitioned the king of England for relief on numerous occasions, and it was always rebuffed and ignored until at last they declared, we need to take this into our own hands, and declared independence.

And I think that’s what Texas needs to do because it’s a very similar situation. Biden or whoever’s handling him, and I think it’s a combination of Obama, Victoria Newland, Stanley McChrystal, military traders, as well as State Department CIA traders. They’ve all flippantly ignored the american patriots because their agenda has been to flood the country with third world garbage people and transform America into a third world garbage society.

That makes it easier for them to constantly hold power. They want to reign over the world of the retards. And for that reason, they have to annihilate the smart people, the patriots and the constitutionalists. And in flooding mass immigration is how they do it. They’re doing the same thing to Europe, flooding Europe with every third world half wit that is going to cause massive revolution there. So I think Abbott and all of these Texas governors and other governor from other states just simply need to hold their ground and expand their ground.

And I would not have a problem seeing a lot of these invaders repulsed by any means necessary. They cannot be allowed to come into this country. It is a war. And when you fight it like a war, that means people get killed and you put minefields out. You do whatever needs to be done, but you have to stop this. And if it means you have to start shooting people and killing people, then so be it.

Because our country cannot survive an invasion. And there’s no nice way to say it. If you’re going to treat this like a war, fight it like a war. Jim Scott, I think you’re right. There have been a lot of further developments. What happens if Biden tries to take over the National Guard? I thought that Abbot was pretty good about that. We know Biden is failing his duties as president by not controlling the record level of illegal crossings.

He’s declared Texas is under an invasion. That’s exactly right, in my opinion. Can Biden take it over? Well, it’s been done in the past. At 57, Eisenhower placed an Arkansas National Guard under federal authority to protect nine black students who enrolled at Central High in Little Rock. The move arrived after the state governor, Orville Fabas, had called the troops the National Guard of Arkansas to prevent their entry into the all white school despite a Supreme Court ruling declaring segregation in public schools unconstitutional.

Currently, the Texas National Guard is operating under title 32, so they fall under the command of the Texas governor. Abbot is using the guard to defy Supreme Court ruling. When Pabas did it, Eisenhower federalized the guard to ensure compliance with the law, said a commentator O’Rourke. However, questions have been raised as whether Biden can federalize the Texas National Guard in these circumstances. Title ten can only supersede title 32 in a national emergency.

In this case, Biden would have to activate the National Guard of Texas to guard the border. Otherwise, it’s an unlawful order, observed retired air Force general Robert Spalding. And I think he’s got it right. Others have suggested such a move could have broader implication for Biden if the National Guard were federalized for the sole purpose of pulling them off the border and out of the chain of command.

After Abbot is invoked as constitutional authority to defend taxes, the founders would have envisioned this as a crime and a misdemeanor and an impeachable offense, observed Jonathan Hoolahan, a constitutional law national security expert. Meanwhile, the attorney general suggested Democrats calling for Biden to federalize the guard don’t understand the law. He has to declare a national emergency. And that goes to the whole question why? Obviously we have one, and now he’s admitting it.

I think that becomes a political issue for him, a real problem, because now he’s admitting there exists a national emergency. Texas is trying to do something to deal with it, and he is trying to thwart Texas in its efforts. Meanwhile, Don Bongino, for example, Biden is totally effed, and he did it to himself because he’s a moron. Now he can either use force or the threat to force Texas law to assist in the invasion in front of television for the world to watch, or he can fold and slither away on the issue, knowing he’s getting destroyed at the polls for supporting this invasion at our southern border.

Either way, he loses because he’s a moron. I stand with Texas. Most of us, I think, hold that view and stand with Texas, too. National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd with me now, 60 Republicans head to the border. They want to stop the migrant flow. Are they going to get it? Brandon absolutely not. This is an administration issue, and we’re seeing exactly what this administration wants. We have open borders.

And all we have to do to understand why is look at the White House. Look at the activists that are the political appointees that are in the White House. They want open borders, and they’re getting exactly what they want. And so a delegation of Republicans is not going to change a Democrat’s mind. It never has. But what it does do is it shines a spotlight on the issue.

It forces the mainstream media to look at this issue, and all we want is that honest conversation. And if we get that honest conversation, the vast majority of Americans are going to agree we need secure borders. And if they agree with that, then they’re going to show up at the ballot box and they’re going to vote that way. And that’s what we want to see. Elections have consequences, and with the proper people in, we can get the proper border security policies.

I think he’s made good points, but the problem is the risk and the damage that takes place in the meanwhile is enormous. Wayne Root, for example, observes, this is the most dangerous moment in american history. We are all Texans now. Now that Trump has wrapped up the GOP nomination for the third time, Democrats are dead, and they know it. If the next election is about a fair, honest popular vote, Democrats lose by a landslide in November.

Desperate Democrats see it in the latest polls. They can feel it as young people, blacks, Latinos, all move toward Trump. Black community leaders in Chicago are even announcing because of the open border, they’re going to vote republican in November. There’s no one left. Democrats are facing a massive defeat. That’s why it’s the most dangerous moment in american history. We have an enemy, an evil enemy, inside the White House.

With Biden and his boss, Obama, they can see the reign of terrors ending. They’re desperate to hold on to power, but see it slipping away. They have two choices. Try to win the election by rigging and cheating at unimaginable levels. Even worse in 2020, or burn the country down on the way out the door. So Trump iners a disaster, a country on fire, divided like never before, on the verge of collapse, on the verge of civil war, and in the throes of a messy foreign invasion overwhelming our economy, our schools, and our health care systems.

He warned about this and how Democrats would intentionally destroy America. So heed my warning. They have twelve months to accelerate this intentional destruction. You ain’t seen nothing yet. 10 million illegals have already come. Those are just the ones who got caught. Another 10 million gotaways at 20 million in three years. That’s a foreign army inside our country. Now Biden and his boss, Obama, have twelve months of make it rain like never before.

They will accelerate the plan. This is their window. 20 million illegals in three years will look small compared to what Democrats will do in the next twelve months. They’ll wave in 20 million illegals or 30 million you’re about to see is unimaginable. That’s how they plan to steal the election. Or if they lose to Trump, this will be their parting gift. They want to fill America with so many illegal alien criminals, the mos terrorism, 13 gang banners, welfare addicts, military age males from China, that even Trump can’t turn it around.

He inherits a failing country on the verge of collapse and civil war. That’s why Texas is so important at this moment in time. Texas holds the future of America in its hands. Biden and boss Obama will do anything to stop Texas. Can Texas stand up to the president, the federal government, and the Supreme Court? Can they show red republican states how to block the foreign invasion? Can they keep America safe until the cavalry Trump rides in, our future rides on Texas.

Will they stand strong or will they fault? We’re all Texans now. Meanwhile, the House has unveiled its impeachment articles against the secretary of homeland Security. Two articles. The first charges majorcas with willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law. The second a breach of public trust. Throughout his tenure as secretary of homeland security, he has repeatedly violated laws enacted by Congress regarding immigration and border security, in large part because of his unlawful conduct.

Millions of aliens have illegally entered the United States on an annual basis, with many unlawfully remaining in the United States. His refusal to obey the law is not only an offense against the separation of powers, but threatens our national security. It has a dire impact on communities across the country. The second article accuses him of willfully violating his public trust by knowingly making false statements, knowingly obstructing lawful oversight of the Department of Homeland Security, principally to obfuscate the results of his willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law.

Meanwhile, the timeline of destruction of proposed immigration deal by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and James Langford is a clear betrayal of american sovereignty and the rule of the law. This deal would allow up to 35 illegals to flood the country every week before any form of border control were enforced. It’s nothing short of a disaster. What it does is to legalize illegal immigration to the dune of 35,000 per week.

That’s the idea. The permitting 5000 a day over a seven day period amounting to 150,000 a month before Homeland security is obliged to act is ludicrous. It’s a complete surrender of our border security and a green light for illegal immigration. This deal undermines a public health authority used effectively by Trump under Article 42, title 42, which was crucial in stemming illegal immigration. Instead of upholding and strengthening this policy, Schumer and Lankford would dilute it.

House Speaker Johnson’s opposition, along with several Senate Republicans, is commendable and necessary. It’s shocking, deeply disappointing. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is reported lobbying Republicans to support this atrocious deal. Republicans like Marcia Blackburn, JD Plant, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley are rightly opposing a deal that essentially aims to make illegal immigration legal. As Americans, we cannot stand by and watch as our elected leaders dismantle our nation’s sovereignty and security.

This deal is a clear indication some in Washington are more interested in political gamesmanship, in catering to special interests than in protecting american citizens and upholding our law. Thus, Trump denounces border bill isn’t designed to stop immigration the so called border security bill being sought by Biden is not designed to stop illegal immigration. It’s designed to continue the invasion while sending billions to Ukraine and other countries. Trump said in Las Vegas Saturday he promised the crowd that within moments of his inauguration he will begin the largest domestic deportation operation of his lifetime.

As the current situation is not sustainable, Ukraine is an interesting case, he said. People always want to know my feelings. Number one, we’re in for 200 billion plus and the european nations for 20, and it’s more important for them. Expresses doubt NATO would help the US. Suppose we were attacked, I tell you, country by country, who would be there, but I don’t believe they would be? He means I can tell you who would claim to be there, but I don’t believe they would be.

As for the proposed border compromise legislation, which could tie border legislation with funding for Ukraine, the monstrosity we’re dealing with is 2 million illegals across the border. That number is changing to maybe eight times that amount. We cannot let this happen to our country. As the leader of our party, there is zero chance I will support this horrible open border betrayal of America. It’s not going to happen, said it’s okay members of the senator blaming him for an agreement not being reached as they were getting ready to pass a very bad bill.

He noted. Speaker Johnson has also said the bill is dead on arrival. Scott, that it’s dead on arrival appears to be desirable, 100% desirable. Your thoughts? Well, the federal government is dead on arrival. James Langford is a treasonous little serpent that voted against President Trump and voted to allow Biden to be ran through and made president. That’s James Langford, a little redheaded putts who, when I informed about shell game, said, don’t put him through.

I remember his voice echoing to his staff, I know James Langford, and he’s a coward and he’s a traitor. And we have a lot of them like that on Capitol Hill. But I think, Jim, we are now in the eclipse moment. We’re passing through the twilight. The federal government doesn’t matter. The Congress doesn’t matter. Nothing matters in Washington, DC. This is all about Texas. This is all about the Texas border.

This is the access point where the invasion is occurring. This is Normandy. If we were fortress Germany and the invaders were the Americans and the British on June 6, 1944, Normandy was the gate for that invasion of Europe, and Texas is the gate for the invasion of the United States. That means it all comes down to putting up defenses of every description. Razor wire, minefields, tear gas, drones, helicopters, german shepherd dogs, rubber bullets, whatever, napalm.

I don’t care if people get killed, so be it. I’m about my country and my citizens and my constitution, and it’s about a war you don’t wage and fight a war like you’re playing patty cake. You wage a war so the enemy either turns around and runs or they’re destroyed. But you do not let them defeat you. You don’t let them destroy your country and invade you. This is where we’re at.

So Texas has to put all the chips in. And every state has a duty to support Texas officially and not pay attention to anything that comes out of Washington, DC. Jim? Yeah. There are a couple fascinating additional developments. Scott. Texas is sending Abram battle tanks to the mexican border as states begin to send their troops. This looks like a battle Biden can’t win. Forget razor wire. Texas deploys tanks.

The Texas Army National Guard is moving m one a one Abram battle tanks, m two a two Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to the border with Mexico. Here. In response to Mary O’Nafal reporting, the US army has reportedly moved some of its armored unit to Texas to participate in exercise that’ll take place this week we’ll take a look here at this video. Getting in first out somewhere where the song lasts all year round.

Probably got a big old diamond. What is it? The last two songs in like story of life. That’s what country is. Not only, but Russia has offered to supply weapons to Texas if needed to fight a Biden border heist. Russia, this is from Ted Turner may supply heavy weapon to Texas to defend itself in its border from any attempt by Biden to forcibly reopen the Texas border to illegal aliens.

Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, vasily Nabenze, said publicly. It is important to understand that by supplying weapons to Texas, Russia does not become a party to the conflict. This was a priceless thing for Russia to say, given it the exact language used by the US and NATO when they supply weapons to to Ukraine to fight Russia. Recall too, the entire Ukraine thing started because Ukraine began to use its federal troops against two states, Luhansk and Donez.

Though the parallels between Ukraine NATO against Russia, now Texas, Russia against us are perfect. In one statement by Russia, the entire Texas Biden border heist changed dramatically. For the record, I support Texas and the Babylon League has just penetrated to the core with satire. Biden cleverly distract from civil war by starting world War. As tension between the federal government and 25 red states overseeing the border continued to stoke fears of another civil war, President Biden cleverly distracted a concerned american public by announcing the start of a new world war.

It’s time to bomb Iran, said the president to a bowl of melted ice cream on his nightstand. Those whimper snappers have been living on borrowed time ever since they chased me and the boys around the pool with switchblades. And if that doesn’t do the trick, we’ll bomb Russia and China’s wealth. Not a joke. Many critics overheard the conversation, questioned the wisdom of such a move, but some in the republican party applauded a resident firm stance.

Did somebody say bomb Iran? Said Senator Lindsey Grant. Baby, I usually wait until a third date for that kind of talk. Is it hot in here? Former national security advisor John Bolton also applauded the move. There’s nothing I love more than waking up in the morning to the news that we’re bombing someone, he said over a breakfast of raw fish being tossed directly into his mouth. He then clapped and grunted loudly.

Experts predict a Biden world war with a nuclear Iran might take the public’s mind off civil war for at least a couple of weeks. After that, the administration may be forced to activate halor swift your thoughts, Scott? Well, Babylon B is humorous in its parodies. And know the other thing to watch on this, Jim, and I see them doing this, is trying to conflate Iran and Hamas and Hezbollah into this border invasion, saying that Iran and the know countries are going to send people in here to do terrorist acts.

And honestly, I don’t see that happening. I don’t see Iran or Hezbollah or Hamas. You may have middle eastern people coming in here, but honestly, I don’t see that. I could see Israel and Mossad and Shin betting off false flags and setting in operatives we’ve followed for a long time, these israeli trucks that are traveling people up here. But I see the conflation of Hamas terrorists are coming on the border, this and that.

And I just think that’s inaccurate. That’s like saying russian terrorists are coming across the border. I don’t believe, in my opinion, I don’t believe that’s going to happen because I know Iran, I’ve been there and I know Russia, and I just don’t see them doing that. I do think this is a massive, you know what this is like? There was a scene in scent of a woman where they blew up this big balloon and filled it with white paint and the principal of the school popped it and it exploded white paint everywhere.

This is a similar mess. They have got garbage and people and everything all over this country. And the question now becomes, how do you purge this country of their presence? How do you get rid of them? How do you send them back where they came? They’re not legal. They’re illegal, and they have no business here and they have no permission to be here. The process of legal immigration to the United States is set by the people of the United States, not by the president, not by the State Department, not by the governor of Texas, but by the people.

And they have totally went around and betrayed and not done the legal immigration in the way the people set forth. That means everybody is illegal that’s here. It needs to be removed. But that’s a daunting task. And Trump, when he says, we’ll deport them, I’d like to think that. But it’s still a massive, daunting task because you’ve got to do it piecemeal. You’ve got to guarantee they can’t live anywhere in your town, they can’t work anywhere in your town.

They can’t go to school in your schools, they can’t go to your hospitals. They have no access or rights to any infrastructure or institutions or participation in civil society in America. I’m sorry. That’s the way it has to be. If we’re going to fight this like a war and win it, if you’re going to defend against this, that’s, that’s the bottom line. They can’t be allowed to come into this country.

Now, the thing that we’re going to see, Jim, is probably a lot of violence because a lot of people are going to refuse to go and it’s going to descend into gang sort of operations, cartel operations. And I think the Democrats are planning all of that because they think that they could hold on to power if they trigger enough crises. And the biggest one, forget Ukraine. Who cares about throwing millions of dollars and stuff to Ukraine and even who cares about Gaza? But what does matter is the invasion into the continental United States by millions of people that will.

The Democrats are committing treason. They’re intentionally bringing them in to overthrow the republic, overthrow the voters. They’re overthrowing children’s schools. They’re sending them in all over the country at different places. That’s why I’ve got a problem with some of Abbot’s previous activities, sending them up to Martha’s vineyard and stuff. He should have enacted this emergency three years ago and stopped all of it. But we’ll see how it goes.

I definitely am on the side of fight this like a war. Fight it ruthlessly and fight it to the death. Because if you don’t, then the death of this country is only a matter of weeks, months or years. Jim? Oh, I completely agree, Scott. The american people have to be aroused. And I agree with you. We have crossed the Rubicon. It is disturbing on so many different levels.

But I’m glad that we have Dr. James Fetzer enlightening us and bringing us some of the most important information that we could see. And I would say if anyone is going down to the border, there’s a lot of rallies, a lot of truck rallies, a lot of engagements. I would encourage people, if they can go down, to go down. But have your phone and be careful and do not fall into any suspicious activities.

And follow your gut, follow your intuition. If things smell funny, if things look set up, if things look contrived, get out of there and don’t be a part of anything. I do see the deep state doing more of these incendiary operations. They could do something. But it’s also important for people to go down and show solidarity and get involved. People can actually get involved. And Abbott should take extraordinary measures.

He’s declared it as an emergency. He needs to declare it as a war. We are at war. And we are using the military to defend ourselves. And we’re telling Mexico we are at war. You’re either on our side or you’re on the side of the invaders. What is it? Mexico. We have to get serious about this if we want to survive. So, Jim, thank you so much for having us on global Freedom tv.

Great awakenings. We will see you next week. We’re going to move back 1 hour to 07:00 p. m. Pacific time. So join us then. God bless you. Good night. .

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