2024-05-14 Scott Bennett Dr. James Fetzer: Presidential Wars in America Ukraine Russia Israel.

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➡ The text discusses concerns about potential political shifts in America, with claims that Zionist donors are backing Trump to transform the country into a Zionist police state. It suggests that this is due to dissatisfaction with Biden’s stance on Israel. The text also criticizes Trump’s recent comments supporting Israel and condemning anti-Semitism, arguing that this is a misguided approach that fails to address the real issues at hand.
➡ The text discusses concerns about political leaders’ actions and statements regarding conflicts in Israel and Ukraine. It criticizes leaders for aligning with certain sides, potentially leading to larger conflicts involving multiple countries. The text also discusses changes in Russia’s defense ministry and their slow-paced strategy in Ukraine, suggesting it’s a calculated move to avoid escalating the conflict. Lastly, it questions the motives behind Israel’s actions in Gaza, suggesting they may be part of a larger plan to rid Israel of its Arab population.
➡ The article discusses the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, focusing on Israel’s actions and the international response. It criticizes the U.S. for allegedly holding Israel to a lower standard than other countries, despite evidence of war crimes. The article also highlights the suppression of news coverage in Israel and the global student protests against Israel’s actions. Lastly, it questions the actions of major powers in the region and their potential influence on the situation.
➡ The speaker suggests that there’s a potential for political chaos and authoritarian lockdown in America, possibly disrupting the 2024 elections. He also discusses the controversy surrounding the halting of bomb deliveries by Biden, which Trump criticizes as siding with Hamas. The speaker also mentions Trump’s popularity in swing states and criticizes political leaders for their support of Israel. Lastly, he warns of a return to tribalism due to political correctness and open borders, predicting a potential civil unrest in Europe and America.
➡ The speaker discusses a past event involving admired individuals and reflects on the strained relationship between the U.S. and Russia over the past 20 years. They criticize the U.S. for betraying Russia’s hopes of friendship and accuse the U.S. of initiating the Ukraine war, causing harm to civilians. The speaker predicts Russia will end the Ukraine conflict and warns of potential political upheaval in the U.S. and Europe. They conclude by expressing pessimism about the West’s ability to redeem itself.


I shall give thee a tongue thine enemies cannot gainsay nor resist. And there’s no better tongue than the doctor James Fetzer, who wields it like a claymore sword with the dexterity of a french musketeer. Jim, it’s great to have you on. Great awakenings. Let’s jump right in. There’s so many stories and so much good analytics. I look forward. Terrific, Scott. We got a very disturbing report from Mike Adams. There’s been a decision by a zionist donors to install Trump as president to fund the GOP to transform America into a zionist police state. Here’s what he has to say.

The primary movers on this deal are zionist donors. They had with Biden’s refusal to ship more weapons to Israel, as well as resistance against Israel portrayed by Democrats. That’s why suddenly, that’s why suddenly a huge shift is taking place to back GOP candidate with Zinus money. Which is exactly why you’re seeing nearly the entire GOP throw away the First Amendment and call for the craziest, insane things imaginable, such as Senator Lindsey Graham now saying Israel should nuke Gaza, or GOP House members calling for rounding up pro Palestine protesters, deporting them to Gaza, where they can be bombed by the idea Trump is set to be president, but the cause will be the end of America’s speech.

Freedom, the First Amendment. Freedom to think for yourself, especially on campus. America is about to descend into a fascist zionist controlled police state. Now, that is supported by Trump’s recent call into Hannity. I remind everyone, and you look at the anti Semitism, the hatred of Israel by so many people, you go back ten years. I mean, Israel was protected by Congress, and now Congress is just doing numbers that are unbelievable with, I think, a very, very small group of people within Congress, and it’s got to stop. But we have to go back to the roots. We have to protect, we have to stop the anti Semitism that’s just pervading our country right now.

And Biden has to do something. You have to get the job done. It’s a horrible job to do, but they have to respond when they do. When there’s an attack, a sneak attack, like an October 7 that’s so violent and such hatred. You have to clean it out. You have to clean out the cancer, and you have to let them do their job. And frankly, it has to be done fast because this is not sustainable for anybody. The job has to be done. It has to be done fast. The United States has to get courage and the United States has to speak up.

Nobody knows where the US stands right now. I think Biden is not on the side of Israel and he’s making a tremendous mistake. You have to clean up the terror that we witnessed on October 7. But the bottom line is they have to be able to finish the job. You have to let them finish the job. You have to support them, but they have to do it quickly. And you can’t let scenes like this, the head of Colombia should be ashamed of herself. The job that she’s done. She should no longer be there. She should be absolutely ashamed because she let this take place.

Sean, when you look at one explanation might be that advanced by a Kim, God who thinks Trump is dead has brought a cancer and has been replaced by a double. But so far as I can tell, it’s the real guy still with us. Listen, how Jimmy Dore confirms what he was saying to Hannity. Listen, so now Trump has come down on the Trump used to be an american first guy. He’s not, he’s an american first. Occasionally he’s Israel first. And so people who are peacefully protesting in the United States, and that’s what they’re doing. They’re peacefully protesting.

Donald Trump is siding with a foreign country over them. And he says, do you think that the radical left lunatics that are causing all of the k, so you think people who are, who are carpet bombing Gaza right now, the occupiers, the Zionists, they’re not lunatics. They’re not the genocide errs. This is amazing, right? So do you think, hey, there are radical left lunatics in the country right now. They don’t have any power. You know who have all the power? The radical establishment lunatics like Joe Biden, the Democrats and the Republicans who all agree on the worst of things, just like he agreed.

He just got in bed with Mike Johnson, Joe Biden to pass funding. Joe, he supported that. The more funding for member Donald Trump used to go around saying, I’m going to end the Ukraine war in 24 hours. Yeah, he’s not now he’s like, no, we’re going to fund it. I’m funding it. Speaker two I still don’t see why they went to him at all with that, who’s not president that they have on trial. Hey, we need you to get on board. We need you. But they did, I guess, I guess to try to get some of the right wing base to go along with it.

So he, here’s what he tweeted out on his truth, social, by the way, he just got $2 billion more from truth social. I don’t know where, I don’t know anybody who goes on there. I had to go on there to get this, though. Do you think that the radical left lunatics that are causing all the chaos at our colleges and universities are doing so in order to take the focus away from our southern border? No. No, I don’t think that’s why they’re doing, wow, talk about bending yourself into pretzel where millions of people, many from prisons and mental institutions, are pouring into our country.

Just asking. Well, I’ll let you know. No, that’s not why they’re doing it. Speaker one. That they’re not doing that to take. So like, he’s trying to say they’re running cover for Joe Biden, though. That’s not what they’re doing. They’re actually telling Joe Biden they’re not going to vote for him. And they’re, they’re, they’re actually protesting Joe Biden’s policies of supporting a genocide in Gaza, which would be your same pot. So Donald Trump and Joe Biden now agree on all the most horrible things. Why is Ukraine getting more fucking? I already knew he was all, all the way in Zion.

And so Ukraine. And here’s a Trumper who we’ve had on the show. This guy used to be Maga Jake shields. I don’t know, maybe he still is. But he says Trump wants to make protesting Israel illegal. They serve the same master. And he showed this. Stop the protests. Now this what Donald Trump tweeted out on his social truth, social or whatever. Speaker one, I’m really sorry. Now here’s got Mike Adams talking about it. Let’s see what Mike has to say about it. He talks about quite a few. And Adolf Hitler. Now, Trump, for his part, is also all in on this.

He’s doubled down on his support for israeli genocide. He says that he supports Israel’s right to win in its war on terror. Well, by any means, does Donald Trump support Israel’s right to win by using nuclear weapons, by slaughtering women and children? I support Israel’s right to win. Is this winning, killing 35,000 women and children? Does Donald Trump consider that a win? How many more women and children must die for Israel to pull out the win? I would ask that of Donald Trump. Is it a 50,000 person win? Is it 100,000? Is it a million? Hey, Trump, if Israel nukes Gaza and kills a million Palestinians, is that a win? You support Israel’s right to win by using nuclear weapons and carrying out genocide.

I mean, what a shameless and truly idiotic statement to say, I support Israel’s right to win in its war on terror. Israel is the terror, Mister Trump. Israel is committing terror against its neighbors and against the palestinian people. I think he’s got it right, Scott. So where does that leave us with Trump? This is all profoundly disturbing. Your thoughts. Well, we can never allow the cult of personality to obscure the truth. And our duty as human beings is to elevate the truth, articulate the truth, communicate the truth for other people, make sense of it, help people understand the logic.

And Mike Adams is exactly right. It’s an idiotic statement for Trump to do this. It’s demeaning to the United States, is demeaning to the american people, to treat them like idiots. When you use vocabulary like, you know, people hate Israel, people have, you know, anti semitism. No one hates Israel. There is no anti semitism. There is hatred of genocide, there’s a hatred of evil, there’s a hatred of murder and things like that. And this is what the zionist talmudist edomite Israeli Netanyahu political government is doing. And there’s many Jews in Israel that are protesting this. So we have to differentiate or else we’re complete retards.

And the rest of the world is coming to that conclusion. So, you know, Trump is sticking his foot in his mouth for political expediency purposes. He thinks this zionist supporter Sean Hannity is something to be admired. It’s not. Trump would have been a lot wiser if he had said something to the effect of, Sean, I want to stop murdering both Palestinians and Israelis. I want to stop killing children. I want to stop kidnapping and killing Israelis. He should have said the same thing that he said regarding Ukraine and Russia. I want to see them stop killing each other.

Instead, he has aligned himself as a puppet of Israel, and it’s going to alienate him and perhaps blow back in his face. Because if Israel goes full on violent and nuclear and suddenly this erupts into a war between Turkey and Iran and Israel and Jordan and Egypt and Syria and Russia and China and Indonesia and Africa and Yemen, all bets are off. Trump is sunk. Biden sunk. The United States is sunk. So, you know, these sort of idiotic statements are just a pathetic demeaning of the american intelligence, and you can’t walk it back. And Trump doesn’t have the humility to walk these things back.

So I’m very alarmed because we’re seeing all of the politicians buy into this, sell their souls for the 30 shekels of silver and the american public in their hearts know there’s something very wrong. And when he attacks students, despite their political, you know, aberrations that may be part of the left, but when you attack students and call them Hamas terror sympathizers, again, you’re committing a mortal sin and an insult to the american people. But we’ll see how it pans out. Jim Scott, I do agree with that. You are insulting the american people and you’re misallocating concerns about the nature of morality here at Putin fires his defense minister, replaces him with a fellow with no military experience, but he is an economist, suggesting he wants to take personal charge of the war.

The move appeared to be an astonishing snub to the man Putin put in charge of the war, close ally, Russia’s longest serving minister. Until now, Putin had stood by him despite a string of military setbacks during the first year in a public feud with Wagner mercenary chief Evgeny Prigoshein, who launched a bloody insurrection last year calling for Sherguz removal. The reshuffle is the most significant Putin’s undertaken since his special military operation began in Ukraine in February of 2022. There are other changes made here. He is firing his longtime friend as Russia’s defense minister. While the northern assault by Russia has begun, where Ukraine’s forces seem to be collapsing, here he is with him in the past.

Meanwhile, thousands have left Ukraine’s northeast, where towns and villages are targeted with artillery and mortar. Meanwhile, Margaret Roberts, himself an economist, thinks Putin needs a shake of himself. He quotes Ramzan Khadrov, leader of the Russia’s czech province, saying on russian tv, I believe we need to attack more actively. We need to hit hard fathers time. We need to take the nearest territory. We definitely need to take Odessa and Kharkov. Then sit this Zelensky down and force him to sign all the papers Russia needs for the security of our state, citizens and the russian speakers who live on the territory of Ukraine, of course, primarily in the Donbass.

While Paul Greg Roberts acknowledges hes not an expert on the russian military, his impression is that the Wagner and chechen and soldiers are Russia’s best and that the slow pace at which Putin has conducted the war has resulted in his being widened and made more dangerous and difficult. He’s now in danger. Paul Greg Roberts thinks of NATO occupying Odessa before russian troops can get there. If the west could keep Odessa and Kharkov out of russian hands, where will be a defeat for Putin? It’s inexplicable. He takes the risk. His dilemma is a man who sees himself as an instrument of, he says, a boer war leader.

Scott, you have a lot of insight into russian military strategy. Please recount why Russia is proceeding at this slow pace. Well, essentially, Jim, it’s been a slow boiling of the frog Putin, and the russian calculations have been they didn’t want Europe and NATO and America to use this and transform this into an emergency and then that emergency into a draft in a larger NATO, european american war against Russia. Not that Russia couldn’t defend itself, not that Russia’s superior weapon, technology, could lay waste to everything that the United States and NATO throws at it, but because Russia didn’t want that.

Russia is a christian orthodox, conservative country. He doesn’t want to burn down the world like Lindsey Graham does or these other sodomite sympathizers or heretics or lunatics that are grasping onto power. So Russia has been very, very slow, and it’s been a campaign of disintegration. And although it’s taken two years, plus there is a tremendous victory and virtue that they’ve achieved because of this. They won the hearts and minds of Africa, of Asia, the Middle east. They’ve won the hearts and minds of the world and displayed that they’re not a rampaging maniac like the United States was when we bombed Yugoslavia, when we bombed Iraq, when we bombed Syria, when we bombed Libya, when we bombed Afghanistan, when we destroyed the infrastructure of these countries.

Russia hasn’t done that. And there’s enormous political capital that they’ve won. Now, Ukraine, they’ve allowed Zelensky to live. And I remember commanders telling me, Scott, we don’t want to kill the Ukrainians. They are our cousins. We don’t want to kill you, Zelensky. Leave him there. He makes us look good, because Zelensky looks like a maniac and a criminal and a thug, as all of Ukraine does. They’ve been stealing all the money given to them, and that makes them look bad, and it makes the United States look bad. So everything Russia has done has been calculated in a chess game of they’re happy to kind of drag this out, to lose pawns, because we’re the ones losing the rooks and the queens and all the higher places.

So Russia has essentially won this. And now that the dry months are upon us, Putin has a fifth term, and Zelensky’s term is about out. At the next week, you’re going to see Russia, I think, quicken its steps and remove this. Plus, Russia hasn’t attacked infrastructure and attacks civilians. It is the Ukrainians that have been attacking Belgorod killing women and children in apartment complexes, killing old people. I know, I was there. I saw the bombs, I saw the bodies. I saw everything that the United States was aiding and abetting. So this has been kind of a slow counterterrorism to Russia.

But what it’s effectively done is destroyed. NATO destroyed all of their legitimacy. And I think it’s going to result in massive destruction of the political regimes of the west, too, because the people are rising up against this, as you see in protests all over Europe and the United States. The next thing that’s going to happen, if they think they’re going to initiate some sort of a larger NATO draft war and draft Americans or Brits to go fight the Russians, you’ll see Risi Shunak and Biden and potentially trump swinging from a noose, because I don’t think any american, Brit or German or Canadian is going to do that.

Jim. Well, he’s drawing enormous crowds, Scott, that I’m very disturbed by these developments. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu over the weekend told an israeli news outlet when he was asked how long the war could take, he said he thought it could take ten years. Is that realistic or is that how long he wants to stay in power? Well, the power question I can’t answer. I’m sure he’d be happy to be appointed for life, but I don’t think it’s a matter of can it last that long? I think it’s more along the lines of signaling to everyone that he’s not going to stop until he’s comfortable that he’s achieved his goals and aims.

And I still don’t think anyone has been straightforward about those aims. This has nothing to do with what happened on the 7 October. The 7 October was horrific, although again, lots of people like me question just how it occurred and how it came about because of the extraordinarily good surveillance and security that is normally around Gaza. One wonders why they put this music festival in such close proximity to a place that was clearly not reinforced with israeli defense forces. They had a minimum of ready deployable forces in the region. Why would you do that? So I think there are lots of questions that to be answered on that score.

I simply think that what happened on the 7 October was used to justify something that the Israelis have wanted to do for years, which is to complete what they started in 48 and what continued to some extent in 56 and later on in the sixties, which is to completely rid itself or rid Israel of its Arabs. That’s what this is about. I don’t understand why nobody will simply step forward and admit that. I guess if you do, then you have to admit that what is happening is mass murder and expulsion. And people who are friends of Israel don’t want to say that.

Well, I was always a friend of Israel, too, but I’m willing to say it because that’s the only way I can characterize it. Well, colonel, you’re evidentiary. You have an international reputation for intellectual honesty. You’re not a politician. You’re a military, retired senior military person who appears on these programs to analyze things. Most people do not have that level of integrity. But, I mean, is it realistic that the Israelis can achieve their goal, the elimination of Hamas, the elimination of Hezbollah, and from the river to the sea? Well, that depends less on us and more on the people that live in the region.

Again, and I’ve said this before, you have this axis of resistance, as it’s called, that includes very well armed and disciplined militias in Iraq, Hezbollah, obviously, as well as the hoodies. But these are absolutely without question not enough. These are not going to be enough to destroy the threat that Israel now presents to Islam and the people of Islam that live in the Middle east, or for that matter, anybody that stands in their way. So I think the question has to be submitted to General Sisi in Egypt, to King Abdullah in Jordan, to the Saudis, to the Emirates, to the Turks and Mister Erdogan, as well as to Iran.

Those are the major powers. Those are the principal actors. What are they going to do? Right now in Egypt, there are people that actually believe the international court of justice has real influence and power. You and I both know they have no power. And so there are many Egyptians that are saying, well, at last we see movement. No, there’s no movement. And the Egyptians are the ones with a force. It may not be the best force in the region, but it’s numerous enough, large enough that it could do an enormous damage if it chose to do so.

And thus far, the Egyptians have sat on their haunches. The same thing is true in Jordan and the arabian states. Question is, what will the Turks do? They’re historically the leaders of Sunni Islam. They still see themselves in those terms. What are they doing? I don’t know. Is the access. Does the axis of prime minister? Well, I think that Colonel McGregor is a truth teller. And here you have a tremendous contradiction because the american secretary of state is basically suggesting only our enemies commit war crimes. Where a half Baker report highlights a double standard us officials use for Israel.

On Meet Up Press Sunday, Secretary of State Blinken struck back at claims that us official let Israel dodge american laws regarding weapon transfers. We don’t have double standard, Blinken said. We treat Israel, one of our closest allies and partners, just as we would treat any other country, including assessing something like international humanitarian law and its compliance with that law. Luckily for observers, Blinken has left a substantial public record against which one can test his claim. His own department statements and action undercut this alleged impartiality. All available evidence indicates us officials hold Israel to a lower standard than just about any other country.

Take the State Department’s long awaited report on Israel’s compliance with international law in Gaza, which came out late last week. The administration found Israel likely used us weapons to commit war crimes, but said there wasn’t enough evidence to draw a conclusion about specific incidents. The upshot is that from the Biden admin perspective, there’s no legal reason to cut off us armed transfer Israel at this time, even though they’re being used to commit genocide, as found by International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, even the United nations. This is really outrageous by Blinkens telling any more forceful conclusion would have been impossible given the incredibly complex military environment in Gaza.

It’s very, very difficult in the heat of war to make a definitive assessment about any individual instead, any said Sunday. But that very, very difficult operating environment doesn’t stop state from drawing strong conclusion about Hamas. In a three page defense of Israel’s campaign, a feature not present similar reports on other nations, us officials found with great clarity that amassed use him and shields intentionally targeted civilians consistently violated the laws of war, all of which are true of Israel to a massive extent. Observers are left to conclude the US has somehow attained more definitive inside data about Hamas than Israel, one of America’s closest military partners, which may explain in part why an independent panel of legal expert and former officials said the report was at best incomplete, at worst intentionally misleading inoffensive action behaviors that likely violate international humanitarian law, as those other bodies have found.

Once again, the Biden admin has stared the facts in the face and then pulled the curtain shot, said the panel, which included two former senior officials at the State Department. Meanwhile, Scott, give us your thoughts before we turn to more about Gaza. Well, the Israelis used palestinian children to walk into palestinian buildings and stuff. They put the kids in front, they tell the kids to knock on the door and the Palestinians come out and they shoot them. That’s using children as human shields. Jim, I wanted to play a quick video because this is something that really tugs at the heart and these are the Gaza palestinian children expressing their thanks to the american students for standing with them and protesting.

And it really shows you the loveliness of the palestinian children, not, you know, the madness and the viciousness of the Israelis. Let me play this real quick. It’s a real short one, but it’s pretty powerful. Here we go. I’ll read it. I’ll read the subtitles, too. Students of Gaza extend their appreciation to american students for their solidarity during the war. They express profound thanks to over 120 unions. But, man, let me do that again. I lost this. There we go. These are all the students in the class holding up signs thanking the universities. UCLA, Columbia. Wow.

Chocolate. Nice chakras. Thank you. Very nice, God. Very nice. So that’s. It’s enough to break your heart, Jim. You know it is. It is, it is, Scott. That’s all very touching. And here we have a report about how they’re suppressing news coverage because the facts contradict all the propaganda. Banned. Al Jazeera gets shut down in Israel just as israeli forces move into Rafa. Is Italy’s Prime Minister Georgia Maloney, out to turn state owned television into state controlled television? And halfway through India’s six week long election process, we examine the narratives both in the mainstream media and on the social side.

This past week offered a brief moment of hope for the approximately 1.5 million Palestinians trapped in Rafa, supposedly the last safe space for civilians in Gaza. Hamas had accepted the terms of a ceasefire agreement. It looked like lives would be saved. But on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the proposal fell short of Israel’s key demands. And now an assault on Rafa is underway. Coinciding with all of this has been the closure of Al Jazeeras news operation in Israel. Our news coverage, tv broadcasts and website are all blocked there. That measure may shield Israelis, at least temporarily, from the horrors that are being inflicted on Rafa.

But it will not stop this network from covering the story. What it does signal to the world though, and the Netanyahu governments allies abroad, is that Israels so called democracy is not what it’s cracked up to be. That’s for certain. Meanwhile, student Intifada suite US campus has come from the electronic intifada. This is that to which the palestinian students are responding. Across the US, around the world, student faculty are engaging in a wave of protest demonstration camp hunts to demand their institution divested from companies profiting from Israel’s apartheid and genocides. They have met with violent repression from police smears from their administration, corporate media, pro genocide lawmakers and zionist groups.

The author was joined by four students and a professor who’d been part while organizing their campuses to demand divestment. They experienced firsthand not just arrests and violations of their civil rights, but the broad and growing support of their communities and by palestinian civil society. Here is a palestinian girl responding. Tell me again the protests don’t matter. In every palestinian home, tears mixed with unwavering resolve as we witness you in the tv news, palestinian students record these messages as students of the world protesting against Israel’s occupation and manslaughter. Yosef, a student protester at UCLA, described the attacks at the palestinian solidarity encampment.

He received twelve staples to the back of his head after being hit by a wooden plank. A UCLA student attacked by violent zionist group. The school administrator, the mayor sent in the cops. Why the f, would they do that to their students? They empowered do not care about safety because zionist mobs attacked the encampment. Well, police stood by. The LAPD labeled them a focal point for attack. It was simply unbelievable for them to first allow us to be attacked and then use it as a justification for the sweep. A member of Columbia University’s apartheid divest described the New York Police Department attack on student that happened days before.

Just watch the first two minutes. You’re a taser going off. Students screaming throughout, thrown to the ground. Assault. Police throw students down the stairs. They push the press away. Just five minutes of what happened last night. Meanwhile, a graduate student at Indiana and writer with fairness told us snipers were escorted onto the campus by university administrators. Pigs signaled out the green BJ for arrest. Not only are they arresting people under a statute that is likely illegal, they’re doing so selectively. These Jack booted, effing fascists will stop nothing to protect. I use complicity in the Gaza genocide, and that’s especially troubling to me, Scott, because I earned my PhD at Indiana University.

Your thoughts? Well, you know, the thing we’re doing, Jim, is setting up another Kent state shooting. We’re setting up another may dawn situation. We’re setting up another summer of 2020 when the Black Lives Matter and lunatics raged and burned. We’re setting some major confrontation. And I think they’re doing it intentionally to begin the initial stages of a massive social political, and I hope I’m wrong, but a massive social political chaos state that they can use to justify an authoritarian lockdown. They may even throw another bird flu or some other pandemic threat, but they will try and lock down the american political election so that there is no election in 2024.

As I’ve said before, I do believe they’re going to assassinate Kamala Harris, move in Gavin Newsom or Megan Whitmer, and then replace Biden and do some sort of national emergency where they lock everything down. This is the beginning stages because the Democrats know they’ve lost power, they’ve lost the hearts and minds, the uniparty has to. Lindsey Graham is done and dead. Mike Johnson’s done and dead. All of these people that have been behind the abandonment of republican conservative principles have betrayed the country. The only hope for maintaining political rule is through ending the american republic of democracy.

I think we’re on that trajectory. And if you see things becoming progressively worse, and ultimately, if you see in November this suspension of liberties and freedoms, they may even assassinate Trump. They’re probably going to throw him in jail and then kill him in jail. That’s what the gag order is for. You are witnessing the end of the republican free and fair elections, which will only trigger a revolution, civil war and renaissance because the american people are ready for it. Jim? Well, Secret Service has asserted that they must protect the president even if he were incarcerated. So I think he’d have to have his own way.

Meanwhile, Trump slammed Biden for halting the bomb deliveries and presiding with a boss. He has criticized Biden’s decision to halt the delivery of bombs, accusing him of taking side of the Hamas terrorists, whom most of us regard as freedom fighters. Claim delaying weaponship was a victory for Hamas. Actually, it’s a form of opposition, even by Biden, to mass murder. Former President Trump is accusing Biden of siding with Hamas by pausing the delivery of bombs. Biden defended the decision, expressing reservation about use of certain weapons that have led to civilian casualties in Gaza. It hasn’t completely halted those shipments, but certain types of bombs have been put on hold.

It’s faced criticism, it says here, from the far left palestinian wing, but they really mean is faced support. He’s received praise from the far left pro palestinian wing protest taking place across the nation. Meanwhile, Trump has indicated that work for Israel’s autonomy, really, he is supporting the genocide. Meanwhile, he leads in five of six swing states in a two man race. Trump leads 51 to 38 among likely voters nationwide by a whopping 13 points over Biden. 51 to 38 in Nevada, 649 to 43 in Arizona, 950 to 49 in Georgia, three in Pennsylvania, 48 45. One in Wisconsin, 47 to 46.

Biden clings to a one point margin in Michigan. When you throw in RK junior, Trump leads shorts to nine in Arizona, 14 in Nevada. Stayed about the same at eight in Georgia, three quarters of likely voters in the 6th battleground state say the economy is no better than only fair or poor. Large majorities trust Donald Trump to do a better job on the country’s financial well being, which historically has been the bottom line. Here’s Jimmy doors latest. Hey, we’ll see you may 11 in Denver, Colorado. Go to Jimmy dore.com for a link for tickets. People were wondering why the new speaker of the house, Mike Johnson, who said he didn’t want to fund the Ukraine wars and he was a real solid guy on free speech and why he flipped so easily.

By the way. It’s because he took all money from a pack. He took it for his pack. That’s right. Speaker Mike Johnson received a $95,000 payment from a lobbying group shortly after passage of the $14.5 billion military aid package last year. So, boy, he, he does look like he takes, takes it hard in the pack. Am I right? That’s a guy just took it right in the back. Look at that haircut. That’s a guy with a swollen, gaping pack. I can’t sit down right now. My pack is, my pack is, I gotta tell you, Scott, those kinds of obscene humor indicate complete contempt for their targets.

The speaker has lost any respect whatsoever he might have ever deserved. He has. And he’s again spouted this Christian Zionist Schofield Bible propaganda from the pit of hell. Mike Johnson has said, well, you know, God blesses those that bless Israel and we will support Israel. You know, and it just at this point resonates with this blindness and this insanity that is afflicted. And it’s like a leprosy or some sort of mental syphilis that has infected all of these Republicans and Zionists on Capitol Hill. This nonsense of God blessing any country that blesses a genocide that Israel is doing and these people have no shame shows us that we are a country with political leaders that are nothing but the embodiment of shame.

And it’s sickening. Jim? Yep. Very good, Scott. Very good indeed. Meanwhile, Kissinger now admits it was a great mistake. This is an old story since he died in 2023, but it was republished on May 13, 2024. Alert. Henry. Kisser now admits it was a great mistake to impart so many people of totally different cultures and religions into the west. It was their plan. Now they feel scared in their own fort. Here he is looking on the verge of death. Henry, for you, being born in Germany and having survived the holocaust, how does it feel if now on Berlin streets, Arabs are celebrating the attack on Israel publicly and are distributing Swedes to other people.

It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different cultural and religious and concept because it creates a pressure group inside each country that said, yes, Henry, for you, but he was involved in it. Meanwhile, Biden admits he buried Trump and legal problems. Jen Bisaki, who’s a host on MSNBC, pointed out a unique challenge for the 2024 election. Trump is a presumptive nominee, but the trial is getting so much coverage that Biden can’t break through that the legal cases are blocking out the sun, the host noted, because there’s not a lot of room for reports on other issues.

Unconventional for a time when candidates are debating Social Security, the border, lawlessness, student debt, student protests, and host of other issues. Representative Jim Clyburn argued earlier he did not believe the Biden campaign was managing to break the mega wall to communicate with voters the achievements of the Biden administration. White House press secretary from 2021 to 2022 pointed out, it’s not about a checklist of accomplishments or having a full understanding of Biden to show why he is a better choice than Trump, which he is not. And there’s an example. Back on June 8, 2022, it was published that Biden had signed HR 7691 to give Social Security to Ukrainians who come to the United States.

This is just ridiculous, even obscene, to have actions like this taken. We’re going to have Social Security for all the illegals. And next, you know, Scott, it’s just ridiculous beyond belief. Well, Jim, we’re getting, we’re getting closer and closer to tribalism. We’re getting closer and closer to people recognizing that their only means of survival is going to be coming from the strength of their arm, the wielding of weapons, the intelligence in their mind, and their prejudice and discrimination against anything that’s not of their blood or of their same philosophical spiritual values. And when you hit that level, then you’re going to see the scandinavian, germanic, celtic, white, anglo Saxon, american, you know, european, stand up saying, enough.

We’re carving out a portion of our town like El Cid carved out Spain, and nothing is coming in. And we will kill anything that tries. And there is no more society or civilization. We’re returning to tribalism. And it sounds dystopian, but it’s the only thing that can purge our society of this parasitic political correctness and guilt trip which Angela Merkel and Ursula von Legen and all these other traitors used to flood Europe with. These immigrants from Africa and the Middle east who are raping and pillaging. You’re going to see, I think, a bloodbath and a violence and a renaissance revolution, civil war, whatever you want to call it, spreading all over Europe and America, not in Russia.

They’re immune to that because they haven’t allowed this. And you’re going to see the fall of the west because we’ve pulled the trigger and shot ourselves in the head by opening our borders. And every politician that’s been a part of that should be executed after due process of law. And I think that time is coming. Jim. Scott, you may very well have it exactly right. Meanwhile, we have a very special treat here, an event from men I greatly admire, something I think our audience will find highly unexpected. From Moscow, perhaps 20 years ago. Check it out.

I found my field on Blueberry Hill when I found you the moon stood still on Blueberry hill and linger until my dreams came true there we in the middle place sweet melody by all those ones we made whenever to be loud of me still for you were my friend I’ll bring my rose with me I’ll be with you babysel blue each of the moon will blow higher the moon will go in the willow place be melody but all of your clouds remain where never to be you follow me for you my friend Scott, I found that very special.

I was just astonished when I first saw it Saturday and wanted to share your thoughts. Well, if it, you know, it’s real, 20 years old, you see Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Gerardo, Kevin Costner, other actors all up there. But the reality is, Jim, 20 years ago, Russia was hoping to be a close friend and ally and supporter of America, and we betrayed that. We betrayed Russia in the nineties. We attempted to break it up and steal its resources. President Putin came in in 1998 through Yeltsin and saved the country and turned Russia around. And for all its hope that it really wanted a genuine rebirth of relations with the west, we’ve done nothing but betray it and violate it.

And this Ukraine war which the United States initiated, the Democrats specifically, Biden, Obama, Hillary Clinton, with the overthrow of the Yanukovych government in 2014, we betrayed everything Russia. Now we’re attacking russian apartment complexes in Belgorod where we’re sending money and weapons and himars and missiles. I know, I’ve been there. I’ve seen the weapons at the west ends. We’re killing children and women and old people, destroying civilian parks and buildings. It is an abomination what the west has come, and no amount of paper mache happy songs is ever going to cover up the war guilt, the crimes against humanity that the United States has committed the last ten years.

And we should be a nation disgusted and ashamed of ourselves for allowing people to go into political positions and do this. And I think karmically it’s going to come back to haunt us and the United States if it doesn’t have a Maya culpa Maya couple moment of admission of our wrong, that we’re going to end up on the ash heap of history in a smoldering ruin resembling Sodom and Gomorrah. And perhaps the sooner it comes, the better we are. Jim. Regrettably, I can’t top that. Scott. I think this is a perfect way to end our conversation of today.

I am a huge fan of this guy. I think he’s not just the man of the year or the man of the decade. The man of the century in my mind, my friend. Well, let’s remember, he’s got his fifth term. He’s now in political office. He’s reshuffled his government. They are going to be ending this Ukraine conflict in the next three to six months, possibly even earlier. They are going to take Odessa. They are going to take Kharkov. I’ve said before, they’re probably going to do similar operation where General Patton. Remember, Eisenhower put Patton up in the northern part of Britain to pretend that the invasion was coming into Calais.

I think the Russians are going to do the same thing in Kharkov. And an unexpected move, go into Odessa, because that’s the real prime real estate, because it controls the navy geography to protect the Black Sea fleet. So Russia is wrapping all of this up. Macron is going to be dead like Mussolini, I think, and hope. And I think the same goes for Biden, for Schultz, for Risi Shoenak. By their own people’s hand. The Europeans and Americans don’t have anything to fear about Russia. What we have to fear are our own lunatics like Lindsey Graham and Biden and the rest of these maniac child molester sodomites and vampires, triggering a war, thinking it’s going to preserve their political power like Netanyahu is currently doing.

So we’re about to get into the summer of some pretty interesting conflict, but at the end of the day, I think Russia is going to be victorious and we’ll see what happens. Jim, it’s been great having you on. Any closing thoughts? Go ahead. Oh, I think you’ve nailed it exactly right, Scott. I feel just as you do, Russia will and should prevail. And the west has just massively discredited itself. Let us hope we can recover and salvage, redeem ourselves in the eyes of the world. But I’m not optimistic. Yeah, neither am I. Pray without ceasing. We’ll see what happens.

Thank you for joining us on global great awakenings. We will see you next time. God bless you. Good night.

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