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➡ Global Freedom TV with Dr. James Fetzer and Dr. Scott Bennett talks about the escalating tensions between Russia and the West, particularly France and the UK, over the conflict in Ukraine. Russia has criticized France’s suggestion of NATO involvement and warned of retaliation if UK-provided missiles are used against them. In response to perceived threats, Russia has ordered military drills, including the practice of tactical nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, France has sent troops to Ukraine, and the West seems committed to a military confrontation with Russia.
➡ The text discusses the speaker’s views on Russia’s policies, which they believe uphold traditional values and family integrity, contrasting it with their negative perception of American society and politics. They also discuss the perceived influence of homosexuality in government and society, which they view as problematic. The speaker then moves on to discuss Russia’s openness to good relations with countries that respect it, and the Western media’s negative portrayal of Russia’s elections. Lastly, the speaker criticizes Israel’s influence on American politics and universities, and the protests against Israel’s actions in Gaza that have been taking place in American universities.
➡ The speaker criticizes Congress and President Biden for not addressing anti-Semitism in the U.S. He urges swift action against violent attacks, like the one on October 7, and calls for clarity on the U.S.’s stance. The speaker also criticizes the head of Colombia and expresses doubt about future elections, suggesting that neither Trump nor Biden will survive politically. He disputes claims of widespread hatred towards Israel and criticizes Trump for his ignorance and reliance on misinformation.
➡ The US House has passed a bill aimed at combating anti-Semitism, particularly in universities. The bill, if signed into law, would classify claims that Jews killed Jesus as anti-Semitic and punishable. The legislation also requires the Department of Education to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism. The bill, which passed with 320 votes to 91, has sparked controversy, with critics arguing it infringes on free speech and could lead to the criminalization of certain opinions or beliefs.
➡ The article discusses a bill that aims to address anti-Semitism on college campuses, with supporters arguing it covers modern manifestations of anti-Semitism. However, critics worry it may stifle legitimate criticism of Israel. The bill has passed one legislative body and is likely to pass in the Senate. The article also discusses various political figures’ views on the bill and the issue of anti-Semitism, as well as other related bills in progress.
➡ The speaker criticizes Trump’s support for Israel, suggesting it’s not a strategic move but a misguided one that could cost him support from American voters. They also discuss the potential for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue arrest warrants for Israeli leaders over actions in Gaza, which some argue would be an anti-Semitic hate crime. The speaker criticizes the U.S. for its opposition to the ICC’s jurisdiction, noting its hypocrisy in supporting the ICC against Russia. They also mention a threatening letter from Republican congressmen to the ICC, warning against indicting Israeli leaders for war crimes.
➡ The text discusses concerns about political figures encouraging violence against protesters, the potential erosion of democracy, and the importance of free expression and growth in academia. It also criticizes politicians for accepting foreign money, potentially violating the Constitution. The text further discusses the upcoming election, with Biden receiving endorsement from the Kennedy family, and a poll suggesting RFK Jr. could win against both Biden and Trump. The text ends with speculation about Trump’s potential political downfall.
➡ The speaker expresses concern about the current state of American politics, suggesting that both Trump and Biden are not acting in the best interests of the country. They also criticize the Kennedy family and express skepticism about the future of the country, suggesting a revolution might be
necessary. They also discuss international politics, particularly the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s role in it. The speaker concludes by encouraging students to consider studying in Iran and expressing hope for a global awakening.


I shall give thee a tongue thine enemies cannot gainsay nor resist and speak the truth with love. We’re going to be speaking the truth with love, with conviction, with the roaring of a lion. As God says, the righteous are as bold as a lion, and we have a righteous leader. James Fetzer Doctor Fetzer, it is always on an honor to have you on with us again on great awakenings. So I know there’s a lot to discuss. Anti Semitism run amok is a very good title. All of the college campuses, hooliganism that seems to be happening on the part of the police and the government and then so many other issues that are revolving around this.

So, doctor Fetcher, I’ll hand it to you to get us your opening salvo. Go ahead. Thanks, Scott. Yes, there’s a great deal going on. We begin with Moscow slamming Macron’s suggestion that NATO ought to become involved. The french leadership belligerent rhetoric and provocative statements around the Ukraine conflict were leading to further escalation, the russian foreign minister told Frances envoy in Moscow on Monday, Ambassador Pierre Levy was summoned to the ministry along with a british envoy, Nigel Casey, amidst rising tensions over the Ukraine conflict. The ambassadors were seen visiting the building housing the ministry in central Moscow separately and did not offer any comments to the press, according to the french foreign ministry press on the meeting, the russian side gave an assessment of Frances destructive and provocative approach.

It was emphasized attempts of french authorities to create some strategic uncertainty for Russia with their irresponsible statements about a possible dispatch of western military contingents to Ukraine are doomed to failure, said the ministry, adding, the tasks and goals of Moscow’s military operation will be realized. President Macron has Vermont been advocating what he calls strategic ambiguity? The idea? Keep open the option of deploying NATO troops to Ukraine to prevent a russian victory. In a recent interview with the Economist, Macron claimed the supposed deterrent produced by the hypothetical deployment of french troops is necessary to prevent a russian victory and fend off further attacks on other nations, despite Moscow denying it has any intention to do so.

French foreign ministry Levrov suggested the rhetoric center Macron’s wish to use russophobic messages to boost the french position within the EU. The russian foreign ministry also released a statement following a meeting with Kasia that Moscow would retaliate against british targets in Ukraine or elsewhere if Kiev uses UK provided missiles to strike russian territory this fall, remarked by british foreign Secretary David Cameron, de Reuters that Ukraine has the right to use long range missiles set by the UK to strike deep inside Russia. On Monday, the russian defense ministry announced an exercise to test the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons.

President Putin ordered the drills after the provocative statements and threats by western officials. Meanwhile, France has gone forward and sent combat troops to Ukraine. France has sent its first troops officially to Ukraine. They’ve been deployed in support of the ukrainian 54th independent mechanized Brigade and Slav Yanks. The french soldiers are drawn from France’s third infantry regiment, one of the main elements of the French Foreign Legion. In 2022, France had a number of ukrainian and Russians in the legion. They’re allowed to leave in case Ukrainia returned to Ukraine to join the ukrainian armed forces. It’s unclear whether the Russians returned home.

The region today is run by french officers, but the rank and file are all foreigners. Under the current anomat. Being anonymous, a volunteer who joins a legion can decide whether to keep his given name or adopt a new one. Legionnaires serve for three year terms, after which they can ask for french citizenship. If a legionnaire is wounded, he’s entitled to french citizenship without any waiting period. There are no women in the foreign legion. The initial group of french troops number is around 100. This is just the first tranche of around 1500 French Foreign legion soldiers scheduled to arrive in Ukraine.

These troops are being posted directly in a hot combat area and are intended to help Ukraine to resist russian advances in Donbass, the first hundred are artillery and surveillance specialists. Well, look what’s happened. Putin orders military to practice tactical nukes, right? A Kremlin official warn of a world catastrophe if NATO troops are sent to Ukraine. Note tactical nukes are quite distinct from strategic nukes. Unlike nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles that can destroy entire cities, tactical nukes are used on the battlefield or, less powerful, can have a yield as small as a single kiloton. In contrast, the nuke dropped on Hiroshima in world War two with 15 kilotons.

Unfortunately, however, we doubt the west will heed Russia’s warning. Europe and the US seem to be committed to some sort of military confrontation with Russia and its allies over Ukraine. Putin orders military to practice tactical nuke strike, warning of a world catastrophe. Russian President Putin has ordered troop based near Ukraine to practice nuclear weapons scenarios in a bid to deter adversaries following perceived threats of escalation from western leaders. Military drills in the undisclosed near future will include practice for the preparation and deployment of non strategic nuclear weapons, Russia’s defense ministry has said. Also, the exercises will be carried out in responsive, provocative statements and threat by certain russian officials against the russian federation.

It’s obvious we are talking about statements from Mister Macron in statement from british representatives, Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, said when asked by reporters what had prompted the drills, this is a completely new round of escalating tensions. It is unprecedented and requires special measures. A russian diplomat said Moscow would have to increase its entire missile arsenal as a deterrent following what was framed as the worst breakdown in relations since the 1962 cuban missile crisis were now at the stage of open confrontation, which I hope will not result in a direct armed conflict, russian ambassador at large Gregory Mashkov to the state IRA news agency.

Mashkov added, it will now be necessary to take further steps to strengthen the country defense capability, including building up the missile arsenal in order to discourage a potential enemy from testing Russia’s strength. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Russia is set to spent 7.1% of its gdp on the military, or more than a third of total government spending for 2024. Ramping up drills Putin reportedly told Defense Minister Sergei Shogu to prepare missile firing exercises in the near future in order to increase the readiness of non strategic nuclear forces to fulfill combat missions. Troops from the southern military district, which borders Ukraine and includes the occupied ukrainian territories, will take part in the drills.

Close Putin ally former president Dmitry Medvedev said on Telegram that the number of scoundrels among the western political elite calling for sending their troops to a non existent country is expanding. Now it includes representative the US Congress, french and british leadership, and individual madmen from the baltic states and Poland. Sending your troops to the territory of Ukraine will entail the direct entry of their countries into the war to which we will have to respond. And Alaska not in the territory of Ukraine. In this case, none of them will able to hide either on Capitol Hill or in the Elsa palace or ten Downing street.

World catastrophe will come apart as part of a new drive of deterrent. Russia is also understood to have commissioned a notable russian political scientist to explore possible avenues for pushing back what is perceived as an encroaching west, including nuclear deterrence. Sergei Karganov, longtime advisor to Putin and his predecessor Boris Yeltsin, has reportedly been commissioned to carry out eight studies into topics including the theory and practice of nuclear deterrence within the context of Russia’s current political climate and how Russia might go about developing such a deterrent with Russia, China, India and Pakistan. No doubt Iran would be included as well.

The 71 year old, who currently has a council for foreign and defense policy, is notable for his past USSR doctrine suggesting Russia should aim to leverage russian minorities living nearby to spread and maintain its influence in former dominions. Scott, your thoughts? Well, it’s very important to remember Vladimir Putin has just today been inaugurated, and I’m going to play a little bit of this video. So he has been inaugurated in his fifth term as president of the Russian Federation. The fifth term of the president of Russia. There’s never been someone as long as that Putin represents a renaissance of the tsar sort of mentality.

But it’s even better than that, because it’s a more firm family, orthodox christian identity and ideology and foundation that Russia represents. And the people I know, I was there. Nobody else who’s not been there doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. So when I hear all these minority morons talking about Putin being a killer, being this, as people hate him, it’s all bullshit. It’s all propaganda. When I’ve been in Russia, the people love him all over the whole country does. The only ones that have little schisms of dislike are people I would classify as liberal democrats.

And I think they’re all deadly pieces of shit anyway. So I don’t care if they have a russian flag on their hat, but those are the only people that are seemingly disgruntled. Why? Because they don’t have queer bars next to your kindergartens in Russia. Why? They don’t have open borders to flood it with everybody. They don’t allow transgender perverts to dance around on the street corners. No, I don’t want that. And the russian people don’t want that. And certainly the russian government and military don’t want that. So Putin being elected again, I put out a statement, I rest easier, that Putin has been elected because there was no one with more foreign policy experience, more wisdom, more knowledge, more instinct, who has gone toe to toe, head to head with the child molesting Bill Clinton, the lobotomized twit, George Bush, the homosexual, transvestite loving Barack Obama, and now Trump, who seems just to be a puppet with a stick up his ass, that the Jews seem to be controlling the Jews on Fox News, the Jews and the Zionists, everywhere you find in America that are running a pack and running the american politicians, Trump seems to be bending over backwards to please them.

So I think, as I witness these spiritual winds beginning to form in the hurricane, I see it a matter of time before America is completely dismembered like a house in a hurricane with these sort of political leaders. Not so with Russia. I think Russia is rising in a. I mean, in a very miraculous way, but it’s because they adhere to the natural law they adhere to religious principles. They here adhere to the integrity of the family and of marriage. They don’t bastardize or make abominations and call it liberty or human rights. And there’s a lot of material that is out there of why the homosexualization of a culture and the allowance of homosexuals into key government positions is so dangerous.

And I’ll just say one reason, and I’ll just mention it in passing. Jimmy, you and I talked about this earlier, and we can have later discussions more, but Alex Jones was targeted by the CIA and the FBI. Now, it was a homosexual guy thinking he was out on a date. Who’s leaking all of this to the young man he’s trying to, you know, have a romantic fling with. How many of these homosexuals have we heard equally compromised? The guy who James O’Keefe cornered about the Pfizer COVID-19, vaccines and engineering things from the COVID That black homosexual guy who had a meltdown in the restaurant.

That’s an example of why homosexuals are so easy and susceptible to manipulation, because their whole identity in life revolves around sex. That’s all they think about, because it’s a consuming lust. So you see how easily they’re manipulated into revealing things. That’s why they were never given top secret clearances in the forties, fifties, sixties, and seventies. Never even in the eighties either, because they could be turned. And this guy showing about how they went after Alex Jones for Sandy Hook and other things, the CIA wanted to silence him. And I think it has direct revelations to you, too, Jim.

And then also besides the Alex Jones thing, or COVID-19 there’s the Alex Jones thing that just came out with the CIA and FBI were going after him, and it was a homosexual guy who was telling all these stories, but not to go on about the blue winged monkey fools that I’ve just described. But let me play this video of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration and what he says. And I watched the whole thing, and I’ll tell you, it was a spectacle, Jim. I’ve never seen pageantry and majesty and love of people smiling, happy people. By the way, I saw the director who did the film, Marti, when I was back there.

She was right on the front lines. So here’s a little bit about what Putin says. We have been and will continue to be open to strengthening good relations with all countries that see Russia as a reliable and honest partner. We are not giving up dialogue with western states. The choice is up to them. Do they intend to continue trying to restrain Russia’s development to continue the policy of aggression, incessant pressure on our country for years, or to look for a way to cooperation and peace. I repeat, a conversation including on issues of security and strategic stability is possible, but not from a position of strength without any arrogance in one’s own exclusivity, but only on equal terms respecting each other’s interests.

Together with our partners in eurasian integration and other sovereign and development centers, we will continue to work on the formation of a multipolar world order, an equal and indivisible security system. Now, the unfortunate decisions by these western politicians not to participate in the russian presidential inauguration was kind of foreshadowed by media reports that we saw across the western media. We saw the sun and the independent calling Russia’s elections sham and fraudulent. This is something, I mean, that doesn’t come as that much of a surprise, especially because even when Russia’s presidential elections were going on between March 15 and March 17, and irregardless of the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin had won an overwhelming amount of the vote and an overwhelming amount of the russian population came out to participate in these elections.

As long as western leaders continue to take this sort of anti russian foreign policy, hostile policy towards Russia and the russian government, it’s unlikely relations between the west and Russia are going to improve very much. The ceremony attracted. So there we go. Jim, I just wanted to play that ceremony. Go ahead. Yeah, that’s wonderful. I’ve been impressed with Putin for a very, very long time, Scott. I admire him. In my opinion, he’s the only true statement astride the world stage. We’re going to have much more about Trump today. And as we continue, Israel wants a US National Guard that blows against anti Israel protesters at american universities.

This is outrageous beyond belief. Israel’s not stopping at wreaking havoc and Gaza as they wait for billions and dollars to be funneled to the proxy war the Biden admin has been staging. Theyre also meddling directly in american politics, calling protesting students terrorists, wanting the US National Guard to attack, arrest, and suppress free speech in universities across the country. I say, who the hell does he think he is? Unsurprisingly, President Biden agreed with Israel and accused of blatant anti semitism. The president has been vocal about his all out supported loyalty, even announced his regime would give Israel 3.8 billion in military assistance annually.

Wednesday, Biden also signed into law massive funding package that will provide an additional 17 billion to the country. Since last Thursday, several campuses have been protesting, including MIT, University of Texas, Austin, University of Michigan, University of New Mexico, University of California, Berkeley, Yale and Harvard. Campus encampments sprained across the nation brought together students from a variety of backgrounds, including Palestinians, Arabs, Jews and Muslims. Here you see the police. This, I believe, was before the onslaught at Columbia, Max Blumenthal tweets, the state of Israel is meddling directly in us politics, promoting a call for the US National Guard to attack and repress student protesters at Columbia, demonizing those american students as terrorists.

Well, here we have a map where the pro palestinian student protests have been arrested. Look at the vast number of sites, college campuses with reported encampments or sit ins related to the war in Gaza. More than 2700 have been arrested at pro palestinian protests on at least 54 college campuses. It matters because university administrators have cracked down on student demonstrators in unprecedented ways as protests grow in size and intensity. The majority of arrests have occurred at encampments and sit inside. More than 120 universities have had encampments or sit ins. Virginia state police arrested 25 pro palestinian protesters at the University of Virginia, where I taught twice on Saturday after moving on an encampment police described as an unlawful assembly.

New York police last Friday arrested 13 protesters at NYU, 43 at the new school. Police said 210 were arrested at UCLA, from which my parents both graduated last Wednesday, police also arrested protesters at Dartmouth, University of Wisconsin Madison, where my daughter and son in law graduated, and the University of Buffalo. Close to 300 were arrested at Columbia. In the city University of New York, where I did my third year graduate work at Columbia, students set up an encampment on Columbia’s campus on April 17 in response to the university president’s testimony before Congress. She appeared more aligned with legislator decrying the student protests than her counterparts at Harvard and Penn.

On April 18, she called on the NYPD to disband the encampment. Solidarity encampments and sit ins that popped up at colleges from coast to coast. Students are demanding their university divest from businesses that have financial ties to Israel and those supporting the war in Gaza. The Columbia University apartheid divest student organization has also called on the school ten policing on campus and severed ties with israeli academic institutions. The University of Southern California divest from death coalition over full amnesty for students, staff and faculty who have been disciplined for pro palestinian activism. I was shocked when Trump called into Hannity, listened to every word.

When you look at the anti semitism, the hatred of Israel by so many people, you go back ten years. I mean, Israel was pretty protected by Congress and now Congress is just doing numbers that are unbelievable with, I think, a very very small group of people within Congress, and it’s got to stop. But we have to go back to the roots. We have to protect, we have to stop the anti semitism that’s just pervading our country right now. And Biden has to do something. You have to get the job done. It’s a horrible job to do, but they have to respond when they do.

When there’s an attack, a sneak attack, like an October 7 that’s so violent and such hatred. You have to clean it out. You have to clean out the cancer, and you have to let them do their job. And frankly, it has to be done fast because this is not sustainable for anybody. The job has to be done. It has to be done fast. The United States has to get courage and the United States has to speak up. Nobody knows where the US stands right now. I think Biden is not on the side of Israel and he’s making a tremendous mistake.

You have to clean up the terror that we witnessed on October 7. But the bottom line is they have to be able to finish the job. You have to let them finish the job. You have to support them, but they have to do it quickly. And you can’t let scenes like this. The head of Colombia should be ashamed of herself. The job that she’s done, she should no longer be there. She should be absolutely ashamed because she let this take place. Sean, when you look, Scott, I gotta say, someone’s on the wrong side of history here.

And he has now declared that if he becomes president, he’s going to be very severe on protesters on campus and anti semitism. This is a disgrace, frankly, is discrediting himself as a candidate for the presidency of the United States. Yeah, I don’t think he will be president, Jim. I honestly, as I see these storm clouds and currents moving in the spiritual ether of the world in the United States, I just don’t sense spiritually that Donald Trump is going to be president of the United States. I don’t even think he’ll survive. I don’t think Biden will survive.

I don’t think they will have an election in 2024. That’s just my gut feeling based on a lot of, you know, sort of spiritual, clairvoyant, intuitive process. And that’s always served me, by the way, in PSYOP and information operations more than any other officer in the United States psychological operations Corps, I’ll tell you that. So my intuition is always what I follow. And I don’t sense intuitively that Trump is going to survive. And I don’t think he’s going to be the president presidency for a variety of reasons. I think the deep state, the Democrats, the demoniacs are so full of hatred, they’re going to throw him in jail and probably kill him in there, maybe, or do something else.

But he might be, I may be wrong, but honestly, my first gut feeling is something all sorts of chaos is going to come about. But on another level, on the notes of what he was saying, let’s just tell the truth and hopefully correct Trump on some of this stuff. There is no hatred of Israel in the United States, in college campuses in general, or in the protests who are up there protesting. There is no hatred of Israel. Just because someone wears a palestinian kaffir doesn’t mean that they hate Israeli, they hate Israel, they hate Jews. That doesn’t mean that.

It means they’re standing up and protesting the elimination, the genocide, the murder of women and children in Gaza, the palestinian people, which has its roots in a religious blood hatred that Netanyahu has admitted to in his various statements about calling them the children of Amalek, as if going back to an Old Testament instruction to Joshua and the Hebrews to kill the demonically tainted blooded Nephilim and the rest of these demons that were existing in this middle earth or Middle east part of time. That’s a real thing. Giants were a real thing. Evil demons and nephilim, it was a real thing.

It’s got direct ties to the UFO phenomenon. But putting that aside, there’s no hatred of Israel. And he says there’s a small group of people in Congress objecting to this. I don’t think so. I think that it’s a growing number, because everyone is going to go. All of the students in my schools and universities are going to be showing up at my congressional office and holding me to an account. So I think you’re going to see a shift away. There’s no anti semitism preventing in the country. Now, when he says October 7, they have to get the job done, clean out the cancer, he’s resting upon the entire premise that October 7 was a legitimate, real, orchestrated attack by Hamas.

And it was not. According to my sources and my research and my information, it was part of a Psyop, Netanyahu, the Jewish in Bet. Mossad knew about it, they were planning it. Hamas has always been funded by Netanyahu, but this triggering event was the avalanche that allowed them to go in and pursue their whole policy of taking over that area. So if Trump is up there believing this is real, he’s a dumbass. And he needs to get his brain out of his head, out of his ass and really look at this. Because he made the same mistakes regarding Bashar al Assad and the chemical when Jared Kushner and his daughter, who have no business in government, reported that babies were killed with chemical weapons and they weren’t.

And then he also made the mistake of assassinating the George Washington of Iran and pissing off millions and millions of Muslims all over the place. When he killed General Soleimani, he relied upon Pompeo and all these other liars, including Netanyahu. So Trump is relying upon lies by liars for making these comments. And a person who does that is not capable of being a president of the United States, because you have nothing up here. You’re a parrot. You’re just regurgitating or responding to the sticks that they’re throwing. You know, I had a lot of hope for the guy.

I really, I voted for him twice. I went out and tried to help him in November 2020, and I saw Flynn and Powell and all these scumbags totally stab him in the back, and then he stabbed the American people in the back by not protecting them against a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine and on and on and on and on. So, no, Trump is, is demonstrating a level of ignorance that is borderline Asperger’s disease, whatever the hell that is. When you’re all fucked up in the head and you got mental problems. Uh, Trump is exhibiting that so sort of thing.

And I’m not a liberal Democrat and, uh, beating him up. I’m just saying for the conservative republican christian party of this country, this guy has got some serious misorientations. And to go on Hannity, Hannity is a puppet and, and a propagandist. No one likes him. Why Trump appears on that show. Yeah, I understand. To win political points with those dumbasses that are so stuck on Fox News, and there’s a lot of them. Yeah, I can understand that. But you have to really understand the true nature of a situation because otherwise you’re going to get America embroiled.

Well, in a, in a, in a war and in a civil war. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they use this as that. So when he says the United States has to speak up and Biden’s not on the side of Israel, what he’s saying is I’d be on the side of Israel. Well, that’s the wrong conclusion, too. America should be on no one’s side and no country’s side except the side of the constitution of the United States and the people of the United States. There’s desire, and that’s the thing, Jim, and I’ll end it there. The american people have said they don’t want their money and their weapons going to Ukraine.

They don’t want to have blood on their hands for the genocide of Gaza. They don’t want Israel blown off the map, but they do not want american troops or money or weapons being put into this. There’s a. It’s their problem over there, and we’re becoming part of the problem by making ourselves aiding and abetting of a genocide. And the next shoe to fall will be international criminal court, international court of justice, and other things coming down upon the heads of the united states and everybody who has sold weapons to Israel. There are. There are lawsuits coming in the dock for all of it.

But I’m very disgusted and disappointed by, by Trump’s ignorance on this, and I hope he would correct himself, but something tells me he won’t. Jim, put it back to you. Well, what I found most disturbing was when you said, finish the job, he meant finish slaughtering the Palestinians. His only complaint was they weren’t doing it fast enough. Scott, that is about as disconcerting to one who believed in this man as anything he could have said. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives is going massively after anyone who is remotely critical of Israel. Jews didn’t kill Jesus. US House declares lawmakers that broaden the definition of anti semitism.

In the latest legislation the House has passed, a bill its authors claimed is aimed at combating anti semitism in american universities. If signed into law, it would mean suggesting Jesus Christ was killed by Jews should be classed as anti semitism and be a punishable offense. The Anti Semitism Awareness act contains a list of contemporary examples shared online by social media users, including Marjorie Taylor Greene. Among the cases of hatred toward Jews mentioned in the dog human is using the symbols and images associated with classic anti semitism, such as claims of Jews killing Jesus. Are blood liable to characterize Israel or Israelis? Approved by 320 votes.

320 votes, Scott to 91. With 21 Republicans and 70 Democrats opposing the only sane members of the House, the bill would require the Department of Education to adopt the broad definition of anti semitism used by the International Holocaust Remembrance alliance, which describes a phenomenon as a certain perception of Jews which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Jews. Taylor Greene was among the lawmakers. Voting against anti Semitism is wrong, but she could not support legislation that could convict Christians of anti semitism from believing the gospel. It says Jesus was handed over to Herod to be crucified by the Jews.

Other anti semitic act mentioned include accusing jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel than to the interests of their own nations. Duh. Making allegations about a world jewish conspiracy, or of Jews controlling the media economy, government, duh. As well as drawing contemporary israeli policy to that of the Nazis. Yes, Israelis are far more brutal in statistics than the Nazis ever thought of being. Paul Craig Roberts observes, Israel has relocated to Washington DC. The Congress have become an extension of the israeli government. We don’t need a president. We have the israeli lobby. The House just passed a bill that green prison for any christian, or anyone for that matter, who quotes the Bible and says Jesus was handed over by Jews.

Dippontius Pilate to be scourged and crucified by the Romans. The bill, which passed 320 to 91, criminalizes, criminalizes all criticism of Israel and Jews as anti semitism. If the Senate passes this bill, I suppose it’ll end up in book burning of many works of literature, including those of Shakespeare. Clearly, the majority of the house is so much enthralled to Israel that it has no hesitancy about normalizing genocide. In setting the scene for the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the bill is such an obvious violation of constantly protected free speech. It tells us Congress will not come to the aid of free speech as it is closed down everywhere.

Will the Supreme Court even be too fearful of its own destruction to rule against a bill’s violation of free speech and the Equal Protection clause of the 14th amendment? Glenn Greenwald has a report about it. Protest has become a criminal act. Freedom in America is dead. The US is a police state, and the police, prostitutes, christian Zionists and house are very proud of it. Meanwhile, Jason Kessler observed, Trump lays out a new vision of jewish supremacy. Those seeking Jews destruction, we will seek their destruction. For crimes like anti semitism. We have to bring back the death penalty.

They have to pay the ultimate price. This is at a campaign rally, the ultimate price for having an opinion. This evil anti semitic attack is an assault on all of us. It’s an assault on humanity. It will require all of us working together to extract the hateful poison of anti semitism from our world. This was an anti semitic attack at its worst. The scourge of antisemitism cannot be ignored, cannot be tolerated, and it cannot be allowed to continue. We can’t allow it to continue. It must be confronted and condemned everywhere. No one, no one’s, no one’s clapping in the back of him.

We must stand with our jewish brothers, listen to what he says now. Anti semitism and vanquish the forces of hate. That’s what it is. Through the centuries, the Jews have endured terrible persecution. And you know that. We’ve all read it, we’ve studied it. They’ve gone through a lot. And those seeking their destruction, we will seek their destruction. Now, when you have crimes like this, whether it’s this one or another one on another group, we have to bring back the death penalty. They have to pay the ultimate price. They have to pay the ultimate price. They can’t do this.

They can’t do this to our country. We must draw a line in the sand and say very strongly, never again this evil end. God is just disgraceful and, you know, never again. That’s, of course, said in relation to the Holocaust, which was a fraud perpetrated on the world to justify the founding of Israel, which by its own determination, is a jewish apartheid state, not a democracy. I can’t believe Trump would make statements like this, because in my opinion, they completely disqualify him to serve as president of the United States. You know, Jim, as a scholar and someone who’s worked in government and understands the law and the Constitution and government code of regulations and their authorities and the role of the president and the role of the House and the role of the Senate and all of that, on one part, I’m listening to him and I’m thinking, with whose army and with what authority are you going to do this? Are you going to give the death penalty to people, to agencies, to armies, countries? With, with, with who are you doing this? Who, what authority and, and who in the United States military are going to get behind something? Because the last I heard, the Congress of the United States, specifically the House of Representatives, is supposed to pass war legislation, make declarations of war, so not the president.

Now, if you’re talking about doing it asymmetrically and creatively and through sanctions or financial things and stuff, yeah, there’s a case to be made that a president has that leeway, but there’s also a case to say, no, you don’t, because it’s economic war. But then when he gets into this personal propaganda about the Jews suffering and the death of the Jews, and he’s bringing in all of this from what, ancient Egypt? From what, the Gestapo, ss in World War Two? From what, the Spanish, the spanish empire? Have you listened and looked at the other arguments and people that are far more intelligent, educated, and articulate than Trump and anybody else that I’ve heard, like Dustin Nemos, have you heard his presentation, and I’ll play it on Thursday.

But Dustin Nemos, who is a brilliant scholar on biblical history and the synthesis of all of this stuff, has said very clearly, Trump appears to be the son of perdition. And maybe saying this out of context, but essentially the son of perdition, or behind this diabolical, apocalyptic agenda of being the man that makes all the promises and initiates taking America down this suicidal path. And the more he talks, the more I’m struck with the very real possibility of all of that. And besides that, Dustin goes into a very good historical layout about. And you may know a lot of this already, too, Jim, about how the Jews in Europe were poisoning wells in christian villages and triggered the black plague.

It wasn’t really the black plague or a natural virus. It was Jews poisoning wells. There’s a lot of other folklore about Jews catching children and drinking blood. These aren’t hateful fantasies. These are historical, factual, recorded incidents of Jews. Rabbi. You could call them edomites, you could call them all sorts of things who are engaging in demonic bloodlust crimes against other societies, and the societies ejected them. That’s not anti semitism, that’s anti evil. So, you know, Trump, by this ideology, he’s attempting to inspire into Americans this ridiculous adoration and enslavement to Israel. And I just don’t think it’s going to be allowed or tolerated or handled, Jim, especially if things start getting real out of hand militarily across the globe.

But I’ll hand it back to you. Yeah, of course. You meant the Senate. The president conducts foreign policy with the advice and getting Senate of the Senate. I do not believe the whole Congress would be involved, but I could be wrong in declarations of war, but assuredly the Senate. Well, it has to come from the House of Representatives, I believe. Well, I won’t go into the process of it, but we’d have to look. Meanwhile, the House advances the bill that codify a contentious but popular anti semitism definition, only popular with Jews and Holocaust believers. And it’s Mike Johnson.

Yeah. A bill that would enshrine a popular but contentious definition of anti semitism passed the House by a wide margin Wednesday. The Anti Semitism Awareness act mandates government civil rights officers adopt the international Holocaust remembrance definition of antisemitism, which had been endorsed by hundreds of local government corporations. But it’s also drawn criticism because most of its examples of anti semitism involve criticism of the state of Israel, including calling us a racist endeavor, which it is by its own determination. The bill is moving forward with at a time criticism of Israel and when it crosses over into anti Semitism have been in the spotlight.

Protesters at pro palestinian encampments on campuses nationwide have harshly criticized Israel, some using language decried as antisemitic. The bills passage would mean the definition would apply when officials adjudicate title VI complaints alleging campus anti semitism. Supporters say it covers the range of ways anti Semitism manifests in the present day. The definition opponent set chills legitimate criticism of Israel. These critiques did not hinder the bill. An identical version is under consideration of the Senate, and while it’s in its early stages, it too is likely to pass, and I hope to hell not. Opponents of the IHra definition in Congress included New York Representative Jerry Nadler.

This House is longest serving Jewish Democrat who is on the House Judiciary Committee and is a principled man. Speech that is critical of Israel alone does not constitute unlawful discrimination, the AB quoted him as saying. By encompassing purely political speech about Israel in a title vi ambit, the bill sweeps too broadly. Kenneth Marcus, chair of the Brandeis center for Human Rights and a department of education civil rights official under Trump, said the bill, should it become law, would be a useful tool on campuses given the recent turmoil. From a federal perspective, this legislation won’t change current practice so much as it will reinforce it, noting both Biden and Trump admins have worked to combat anti semitism from a university perspective, however, there are few that are consistently applying the IHRA definition.

This legislation should have stopped to that, Speaker Mike Johnson said passing the legislation was a priority, but the Republican no votes were a sign of how difficult it is him to control the party’s far right, and how the increasing tendency of the far right to reconsider, if not embrace, long scorned anti semitic tropes. What, like Israel commits genocide, represent Marjorie Taylor Greene, who clashes with moderate Republicans, said she’d vote against it because she worried it would criminalize what she said was the christian belief that Jews were responsible for killing Jesus, a belief repudiated by many large christian denominations.

Wacky, Wacky others on the far right voting against include Matt Gates, who also who recently voted against Ada Israel. Other bills with bipartisan backing that would combat anti semitism are wending their way through both chambers, including one that was set up a coordinator to monitor and combat domestic anti semitism, a counterpart to the existing State Department to combat anti semitism overseas, a position currently held by the prominent Holocaust historian Deborah Lipsat. And I’ve said on many occasions, Scott, if you have done the research, you’re either a Holocaust denier or a big fat liar. Meanwhile, Jimmy Doar is paying attention.

So now Trump has come down on the. Trump used to be an american first guy. He’s not. He’s an american first. Occasionally he’s Israel first. And so people who are peacefully protesting in the United States, and that’s what they’re doing. They’re peacefully protesting. Donald Trump is siding with a foreign country over them. And he says, do you think that the radical left lunatics that are causing all of the k. So you think people who are, who are carpet bombing Gaza right now, the occupiers, the Zionists, they’re not lunatics. They’re not the genociders. This is amazing, right? So do you think, hey, there are radical left lunatics in the country right now.

They don’t have any power. You know who have all the power? The radical establishment lunatics like Joe Biden, the Democrats and the Republicans, who all agree on the worst of things, just like he agreed. He just got in bed with Mike Johnson. Joe Biden to pass funding. Joe. He supported that. The more funding for member Donald Trump used to go around saying, I’m going to end the Ukraine war in 24 hours. Yeah, he’s not. Now he’s like, no, we’re going to fund it. I’m funding it. Speaker one, I still don’t understand why they went to him at all with that, who’s not president that they have on trial.

Hey, we need you to get on board. We need you. But they did, I guess, I guess to try to get some of the right wing base to go along with it. So here’s what he tweeted out on his truth social. By the way, he just got $2 billion more from truth social. I don’t know where. I don’t know anybody who goes on there. I had to go on there to get this, though. Do you think that the radical left lunatics that are causing all the chaos at our colleges and universities are doing so in order to take the focus away from our southern border? No.

No, I don’t think that’s why they’re doing. Wow, talk about bending yourself into pretzel, where millions of people, many from prisons and mental institutions, are pouring into our country. Just asking what? Well, I’ll let you know. No, that’s not why they’re doing it. That’s they’re not doing that to take. So, like, he’s trying to say they’re running cover for Joe Biden. No, that’s not what they’re doing. They’re actually telling Joe Biden they’re not going to vote for him. And they’re, they’re, they’re actually protesting Joe Biden’s policies of supporting a genocide in Gaza, which would be your same pot.

So Donald Trump and Joe Biden now agree on all the most horrible things. Why is Ukraine getting more fucking? I already knew he was all, all the way in Zion. So Ukraine, and here’s a Trumper who we’ve had on the show. This guy used to be Maga, Jake Shields. I don’t know, maybe he still is. But he says Trump wants to make protesting Israel illegal. They serve the same master. And he showed this, stop the protests now. This what Donald Trump tweeted out on his truth, social or whatever, stop the protests now. And he says they serve the same master.

Now. There’s nothing in there that says Donald Trump wants to make it illegal, except he does because he wants to cop. Because I’ll show you, he wants the cops to come in. I’m going to show you the video a second. And he wants the cops come in and crack their heads and arrest them. By the way, those, so those students who are protesting over Gaza have nothing to gain. It’s not going to help them in their business, in their career. They’re getting suspended now. They’re getting arrested. They’re getting arrest records. That makes it much harder to get a job.

That much they’re getting. This is, they’re, they have nothing to gain by doing this. So I want to show you this. So while I say, while it’s fun to watch Donald Trump piss off the donor class and stick his thumb in their eye from time to time, and it is, he is a swamp creature who is only occasionally America first. He didn’t give a blue collar tax cut, gave a tax cut for two billionaires. He didn’t invest that money back here. He didn’t give everybody a job like he said. He didn’t give everybody health care. Remember, he said, when he’s running, I’m gonna give every, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna make them a deal.

I’m gonna go to the high hospitals and you have the best health care you’ve ever seen. You’re not going to believe this. You’re not going to believe how beautiful. Oh, my God. He is a swamp, I said, he is a swamp creature who is only occasionally America first. You can’t argue with that. It’s most, I mean, I guess you can, but you’d be wrong. His most recent capitulation to the war machine by joining with Mike Johnson and Joe Biden via Ukraine was disgusting. A lot of people can’t handle that he did that. I can’t handle. It drives me crazy.

In fact, Trump is coming, Scott. I mean, it’s just disgusting. What’s going on with Trump? He’s a pied piper speaker. Two, I just flabbergasted, to be honest with you, Jim. You know, Donald Trump is like one of those blow up rafts that you put in your pool, but it’s got a massive gash in it and you can’t keep it afloat, right? You’re blowing it, and it’s not a slow leak, it’s not going anywhere, but it goes completely out. He is transforming himself into nothing but a soft, flaccid piece of plastic on the top of the pool.

And people are going to go, no, I’m done. I’m not blowing any more into this guy. I’m not giving any more donations. I’m not voting for support. He’s a liar and a fraud. I’m going to stay home. That’s the real danger of all of this. And it’s the inevitable reality of all of this. He is making himself look like a buffoon and a host and hostile to the United States Constitution by saying these reckless things such as, stop the protest. And they’re not, you know, end it now and get the billy clubs and the national guard out.

You can’t say that this is going to turn a lot of people to Kennedy. It’ll, it won’t turn him to Biden. No one with a brain is going to vote for him except the fanatical Democrats and the sodomites and the rest of the demoniacs. But Trump is losing this by the moment, by the minute, he’s losing this. I’ve seen this since he sat next, stood next to Mike Johnson, and I knew instantly, you are one dumb son of a bitch, because you’re not achieving any fifth dimensional chess move. You’re not, oh, I’m going to get my enemies out.

I’m going to draw them out. You’re not some Lord Toranaga in the chess game, as Mike Harris and I have talked about. No, you’re doing something very stupid, because the majority of the american people don’t have the iq or the multi dexterity brain to kind of keep all this in context. They kind of look, make an emotional judgment and move on. And I’m afraid to say I think they’re making a judgment about Trump that’s irreversible and they’re going to move on and not give him a second chance. And he’s defining himself with this unconstitutional blind support for Israel without any.

Now I can understand being on the center right. Okay, center right. You want to be on the side of Israel so you win all the christian, zionist voter republican morons of the world, fine, I can understand that. But you have to also win Joe Biden’s voters that are no longer going to vote for him because of this subject. So a smart man would say, I want all those Joe Biden muslim voters that are no longer voting for him. How can I get them? Well, you can say we want the palestinian people to live. Yeah. And he’s kind of talked about that before on the stage with Netanyahu years ago or whatever when he was president, but he’s not doing it now.

And this is the only time to do it when the people are still alive, barely, is to say, we need this stopped now. Yeah, protests and jew hatred, it’s bad. But hatred of Muslims, it’s equally as bad. So don’t give me there’s well, to hate Jews is worse than to hate Muslims bullshit. So he’s not got the dexterity to say we need to keep muslim people alive. I mean, he kind of had a little flavor of that when he said to the CNN reporter who said, do you want Ukraine to win? And he said, I want people to stop killing themselves.

That’s the same presentation he should be making with regards to Israel. And he’s not. That tells me, because he’s not showing that he’s going off the cliff. And maybe it’s delusional. Maybe the COVID-19 vaccine that he pridefully says I got, maybe he really did get it, Jim. And now he’s turning into a mental, you know, toddler with a. With a mental decay. I wouldn’t put it past. I wouldn’t put it past. Anybody who got that shot is turning into a retard. And these are the words of a retard, I’m sad to say. Jim, I’ll hand it back to you.

I got more for you, Scott. Frustrating. Jimmy Dore was right on it. Yeah. Who says an ICC arrest would be an anti semitic hate crime? US says it opposes an arrest warrant for nether Israelis despite backing the ICC against Russia. Israeli PM net news at Tuesday if the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for him and other israeli leaders over the genocidal campaign in Gaza, it would be an anti semitic hate crime. Reports for service over the weekend, the ICC might issue arrest warrants. If this does happen, he’ll be an indelible stain on humanity. Not the genocide.

It’s them resting those who are committing. That would be the stain. Unbelievable, Scott. It would be an unprecedented anti semitic hate crime that would add fuel to the anti semitic incitement already raging in the world. That added, other world leaders should come out against the ICC investigation. Israel. Expect the leaders of the free world come out strongly against this scandalous step, a step that will harm the self defense not only of the state of Israel, but of all democracies, when Israel itself is not even a democracy. The White House has come out against the ICC investigation and working against the effort.

We’ve been really clear about the ICC that we don’t support it. We don’t believe they have the jurisdiction, said press secretary Karine Jean Pierre. Russia has called the US out hypocrisy since a Biden admin backed the ICC when it issued an arrest warrant for President Putin last year. Washington police supported, if not stimulated, the issuance of ICC warrants against the russian leadership, said foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakarova. The american political system does not recognize the legitimacy of this structure in relation to itself and its satellites. The US has opposed previous efforts by the ICC into investigating Israel in us action in Afghanistan.

The US position is that the ICC doesn’t have jurisdiction, since the US and Israel are not parties to the court, but neither is Russia nor Ukraine. In 22, 2002, then president George W. Bush signed a bill into law that would authorize the use of force to free any us service members or government officials brought to the ICC, which is based in the Hague. Controversial law known as the American Service Member Protection act authorized the US to use all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the reason of any us or allied personnel being detained or imprisoned by on behalf of the request of the ICC.

Nicknamed the Hague Invasion act, the ICC investigates individuals. While the International Court of Justice, which has overseen South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, settles disputes between states, the US has rejected the ICG’s ruling that it’s plausible Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. Why? Well, they must have their head buried in the sand or elsewhere. The sun doesn’t shine. Is it judge Napolitano? With Phil Giraldi threatening like thugs the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. But first, this. You let me go back just a bit. Judging freedom today is Monday, May 6, 2024. In a moment, Phil.

Gerald Ion is peace even possible in the Middle east? With Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm of Israel’s government and what’s with american officials threatening, like, thugs? The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. But first, this. You all know that I am a paid spokesperson for Lear Capital, but I’m also a customer announced gold learn snap.com thugs wrote a letter to a prosecutor basically saying, target our friend and we will target you. If you move forward with what we think you’re going to do. We will make, we will sanction you and your employees and your associates. You have been warned.

Sort of like the mob threatening somebody. Except the mob has the good sense not to put it in writing. What do you think? Well, it’s, you know, in the midst of all the horrific things that have been happening, this is one of the probably most sublimely crazy, stupid things that I’ve seen in many months. I mean, this is a letter from twelve republican congressmen. And you recognize the names of some of them. They’re collective idiots from the Republican Party. There’s Blackburn, there’s Rubio, there’s McConnell, there’s Cruz and two Scots. And anyway, these people basically have written a threatening letter to the international court criminal court based on the stories that have been surfacing, that the court has been looking into war crimes committed by Israel and might well indict Benjamin Netanyahu, the defense minister, and one other unnamed senior official for war crimes.

And so these guys are basically taking this as an affront to Americans, to american dignity, as sovereignty as a country. I copied down some of the lines from the letter. The last line of the letter is, you have been warned. They go through the letter threatening this guy, threatening his families, threatening severe sanctions on anyone associated with the court that might have, might have been involved with this or not even not involved in this. So you have been warned. They say the threat to israeli sovereignty is a threat to the sovereignty of the United States. Well, now, that is a real, real head scratcher how they could even conceivably make these arguments.

One of these guys, Ted Cruz, Princeton undergrad, Harvard Law School clerk for the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and now he makes a statement like that. Yeah. And, you know, and some of the others are well known idiots like McConnell and Rubio and Cruz and Blackburn. Another thing they line from, the thing that I love, is target Israel and we will target you. They are committing the United States, and so far as they think they can, to go to war with an international court that’s highly respected on the basis of protecting Israel.

And this is all done without any kind of, you know, referral to the, to the american people or declaring war in the constitutional fashion or anything like this. This is just threats being thrown around. But these threats are quite scary. I thought it was really one of the lowest blows that I have seen, that they would purport to speak for the government of the United States. I would defy any of them, no matter where he went to law school or for whom he clerked. Ted Cruz, to explain to me how the indictment of Bibi Netanyahu is a threat to the sovereignty.

The sovereignty, meaning the independent existence of the United States of America. This is really over the top. You forgot one of the thugs in there, Tom Cotton. Senator Cotton. Oh, the senator cotton actually encouraged students to fight those on campus, fist fight them who were demonstrating against the policies of Netanyahu and for peace. It is. I may have mentioned, Scott, Donald Trump has now declared that if he becomes president, he’s going to deal very severely with protesters on campus. Jim, I must be getting long in the tooth or born in the wrong century, because to hear something like that is a disgusting, laughable display of childlike tantrums by clowns pretending to be statesmen and, you know, legislators of the United States of America.

It is so pathetically, disgustingly deceitful and ignorant of law. And that’s where Napolitano is right on. And I know Phil Goralli personally. I was in Iran with him. Very smart guys. Former CIA, army intel guy. This kind of a display and this kind of a letter makes us look like laughing stocks, and it makes us look like there’s, we’re not a democracy, we’re not a republic. We’re not an expression where all ideas can float around and the best ones rise to the top. We’re not about preserving the spirit of the academy, which no one knows better than you.

Jim. The spirit of the academy and academia is for young people to go and find wisdom and knowledge and express themselves and listen to the expressions of others and grow as human beings. And in that growth, develop awareness and talents and skills and social interaction that can be directly complemented into the United States of America on every level, economically, politically, socially. And instead, we really are becoming the Pink Floyd video of the wall where kids are just dropped into the grinder and the ground up into these automaton, sexless, androgynous, lobotomized, fearful shadows of what a human being is.

So on that level, I like, and I’m attracted to the protesters rising up in this number one, even though they have deviant or aberrant political opinions on, like, climate change or gay things. And all that, I don’t agree with any of that. But on this particular subject, on this vantage point, I find myself in full agreement, because it’s about preserving not just the Gaza people of Palestine, but if we allow this, it sets a precedent and it starts a movement where this sort of activity is never going to be questioned, it’s never going to be challenged, and it can happen to everyone, anywhere.

And that’s the real danger of a letter like this and an attitude like this displayed by people like cotton and Blackburn. Number one, I think they’re all in violation of the article 13th amendment of the Constitution that says you do not and cannot receive money or emoluments or consideration or titles from any foreign country or else you lose your citizenship. And that’s precisely what these prostitutes have done, is accepting $500,000 on the case of Mike Johnson from Israel. After he did his little flip and turnaround, he passed, allowed the vote to go through with 61 billion.

He got, he got $500,000 from AiPac. These other people have got the same thing. Again, it shows me this country is not on a trajectory of upward, out of the sky, out of the storm. Let’s go towards the fair weather of tolerance and moderation and neutrality in the world. Let’s be an equal balance. No, Jim, we’re not going on those as much as I’d like. We’re not going on that. We are descending and going to hit the ground. And I hope everyone is prepared. Jim Scott, I think you got it right. I do have another story for you, provided we have time for it.

Namely, the Biden scores an endorsement from the Kennedy family. This is just an astonishing act of stupidity. Biden will accept endorsement from at least 15 members of the Kennedy political family during a campaign stop in Philadelphia as he aims to undermine former President Trump and marginalize the candidacy of RFK junior. Kerry Kennedy, a daughter of former attorney general RFK and niece of former president JFK, sister of RFK junior, will deliver the endorsement. The decision to highlight the Kennedy family endorsement more than six months from election day is an indication of how seriously the Biden team is taking the threat of longshot.

With potentially using his last named lingering Democrat magic to siphon off support for the president. Democrats and Republicans worry his candidacy could spoil their presumptive nominees. Camp Biden was using the event, capping a three day campaign swing in the battleground state to sustain pressure on Trump. I can only imagine how Donald Trump’s outrageous lies of behavior would have horrified my father, Robert F. Kennedy, who Bradley served as attorney general of the United States in honor of his pledge to uphold the law and protect the country, Kerry Kennedy will say and did daddy stood for equal justice, human rights and freedom from one and fear just as, and this is completely absurd, President Biden does today.

Meanwhile, 26,000 voters say RFK junior can win it all. When 2024 candidate RFK junior called new President Biden the spoiler of the election, the independent was referring to a campaign poll suggesting only he could be former President Trump in the fall. Most headlines focus on the spoiler comment and his challenge to Biden to see where the race stands in October and for the real spoiler to drop out. Presumably Biden overall at a head to head Biden v. Trump a boulevard 26,000 show Trump 294 to 244, the only spoiler in the race at President Biden. He’s the one who cannot win against either candidate and whose president give Trump the victory instead of Kennedy.

However, most of the story didn’t present the data from the John Zogby strategies firm. In their survey, they quiz a massive 26,408 likely voters in all states to figure out where the race stood in the Electoral College vote result rate state were presented and the Kennedy campaign packaged them in graphics. Here you have Kennedy versus Biden, a wipeout 367 to 171. In that package, Kennedy showed he was beating Biden and Trump by significant margins. He would beat the president with a Reagan side blowout. The map showed Kennedy with 367 to Biden won 71. President Biden can’t win.

In fact, if Trump drops out, Kennedy wins in 196 electoral vote. Landslide against Trump. Kennedy squeaks it out 270 to 268. It also showed him beating Trump winning a bare minimum, but enough. And if Biden were to drop out, Kennedy wins again. The only scenario in which Trump competes and loses. Here again, you got Biden against Trump, Trump winning 294 to 244. Kennedy so far hasn’t qualified to be on most election day ballots. He plans to be under all 50. He’s qualified in four past the signature threshold and at least a half a dozen others. Campaign made the case that the Zogby strategy survey, with its extraordinary sample size, is the most accurate look at the race this year.

No doubt they are correct. The margin of error is just six tenths of a percent. This is the first poll 2024 to measure the winner of each state that tally the electoral votes that actually determine who takes the White House. Why does it matter? Look at 2016 inaccurate national bow would have told you Hillary was ahead by two points, but I wouldn’t have told you. She was behind 77 electoral votes and therefore was lose. Only a 50 state poll can tell you that. Scott, I’m going to tell you, a month from now, maybe even a week, the whole situation politically in the US going to be transformed.

Trump’s going to drop massively. Biden, I think, won’t even be in the race, and RFK junior will have surged. He nailed it on the vaccine. He was on the right side. Trump wasn’t even on the right side. He’ll take credit for Operation Warp Speed. He’s discredited himself across the board. His greatest strength was that he was going to secure the border and be a non interventionist. He was going to get out of Warsaw. What? He’s down now, however, by going with Mike Johnson and funding Israel and Ukraine, he’s made the genocide, Trump’s genocide, he’s made Ukraine, Trump’s war and made the border.

Trump fiasco. I say to hell with him. Speaker one. Well, it’s certainly seeming to be angled and moved in the direction by whom, we don’t know, of course, but for whatever reason, the cosmic powers are moving us in a direction where Donald Trump seems to be eclipsing himself with his own bad statements and ignorance. And that may be by design, it may be just by accident, but whatever the motivation is immaterial, the effects are the only thing that matters. And the effects of his words, Trump’s words, we will know, let me put it this way. We will know that Trump is cognizant and aware, I think, and playing a part in his own political destruction for the achievement of another political purpose.

We will know. That’s the case. If Trump begins to say things like, well, we may need a draft, we may end up having to go to war. If anti semitism is bad, we may have to shut down all the universities. We may need to act like a dictator for a time. You know, he could begin saying increasingly hostile, dangerous, and really, quite frankly, terrifying premonitions of what the american government is going to be doing in his irrational, childlike tantrum sort of ways, and very ignorant of the Constitution. So if Trump begins to go in this direction of amplifying and saying, we need to go to war, we may need to do this, or we may need to, then you’ll know he’s abandoning everything that people originally thought about him and originally voted for him for.

He’s abandoning that. And Biden, of course, is just coming apart and wetting his diaper so no one would be wanting him. So what do you have? You have the Kennedy or someone else. And I’m not a big fan of Kennedy. I don’t like some of his things that he’s talked about. Israel. He is a pro Israeli, semi loving, not even a semi loving. This whole Israel is our aircraft carrier. We need Israel. There’s our best ally. They’re there for us. All that bullshit. So Kennedy’s wrong on the israeli thing, too. He was right on the COVID thing to an extent, but if he’s all about other vaccines, he’s wrong about that.

So I don’t know how this is all going to advance and play out. I just know that Biden is Obama’s puppet and Trump seems to be increasingly revealed as Israel’s puppet. And Kennedy, who cares what his demented, syphilis ridden old sister says or anybody else in the Kennedy family. They’re a bunch of spoiled, criminal thugs that made their money in the depression days, bootlegging and whorehopping and doing all sorts of things. Forties, fifties, sixties, seventies and up. We know all sorts of scandals with them. So, you know, I don’t know where this country is going to go, other than maybe a complete revolution is the only way to save this country.

A complete and utter revolution, civil war, whatever you want to call it, where the United States republic is disintegrated and a new confederation of republics emerge. I quite frankly, wouldn’t want to live in these sin infested despot areas of New York or Chicago or elsewhere. There should be a rise of new republics, and the republics reflect the religious values and the sentiments of the people. So if you ever want to have the Republic of Texas, Republic of Idaho, Republic of North Dakota, Republicans, Republic of Florida, who live by their own codes and values, I think that’s more in natural harmony with the anthropological, sociological organization of human beings.

That’s where we’ve gotten totally off track for 70 years, is we’ve went against the laws of nature about how people live and organize themselves, their values, their traditions, which are always rooted in religious tradition and myth, you know, family, marriage, you know, the value of the woman, the mother, the value of the man. We’ve gone away from all of those, as my old professor would say, Klaus Ren, the banking capital of nations, the banking capital of our society, we’ve gone the opposite direction and tried to force lobotomizing ideas like political correctness or homosexuality, sexuality, transgenderism, all this other stuff.

So it’s setting up an environment that I think America is only going to crumble between now and November and in the ultimate crumbling, I think they’re going to pull massive false flags building up this summer to say so much has happened since June, so much bad things have happened since Jim Fetzer made those prophetic expectations on, on May 7, 2024, that we just have to suspend the election. I think they’re gearing towards that. I wouldn’t be surprised. And people need to be very, very alert and independent minded. And do not be afraid of casting Trump aside over your shoulder if he turns out to be this toxic, brain dead, COVID-19 retarded individual.

As sad as that is to say, we have to be independent. We are Americans. We are patriots. We are constitutionalists. And we do not obey like serfs on Joe Biden’s plantation or Trump’s or Kennedy’s or anyone else’s. So we need to be really prepared to eject everyone and perhaps welcome a whole new political reality. Jim, we’re almost out of time, but I’ll hand it to you to give us your final closing thoughts. Go ahead, Scott. We’re there. We’re there, we’re there. Just think of this. We know for a certainty Trump’s stock is going to fall. When the american people catch on to where he stands in relation to Israel and student protests, which are as american as apple pie, their enthusiasm for the Pied piper is going to diminish dramatically.

I hope the Democrats don’t receive any benefit. I do believe RFK junior is far the most likely to receive the majority, and therefore, I expect not just a leveling. I think Trump will fall. He’ll still be ahead of Biden, but I think RFK will be ahead of Trump by a considerable margin. And I don’t see any way that’s going to change before November. If, as you astutely observe, we are allowed to have an election, which we desperately need to get this criminal family out of Washington, DC once and for all, all. Well, let me just end it finally, too, on the Macron and the russian and the Ukraine situation.

Putin is now entered. He’s the president for his fifth term. You will now see Russia go full bore and the absolute cleansing of all of Ukraine. It’s ramping up the military operations already. There’s massive abandonments of the troops and stuff. Russia is going to clean and destroy all of this. That was the other big thing about Ukraine. This was a jewish zionist escape route. They were going to try and take all of the zionist Talmudists and move them into Ukraine. If Israel started a fall, Russia is not going to allow that. Putin’s not going to allow that.

Ukraine Odessa, all Kiev. That’s a russian city and a russian country. So they are going to be moving in and I think totally annihilating. You could see Macron and the US and Germany and Britain, you know, leading a little parade with wooden swords and flagons of wine and cheese from Macron going, we are here. We are going to maintain the peace. And Putin is just going to say, blow the fuckers up and they’ll kill every American, every Frenchman, every Brit, every German, every NATO person and every weapon, not only in Ukraine. But Medvedev said, we’ll blow you up in Downing street, we’ll blow you up in Berlin, we’ll blow you up in Washington, DC.

He didn’t use that dramatic language, but he said, you won’t be able to hide anywhere because we will take action outside of Ukraine. And Russians don’t bluff. And when Medvedev says that, who is looking for a reason to stab a knife in the back? Not in the back of NATO, right in the throat of NATO because of what they did to Libya when he was president. I think we’re witnessing the complete collapse of the United States and NATO and the EU and Russia, multipolar world, Iran, China. And don’t forget, Jim, Iran has invited in a brilliant diplomatic move, all of the students to move to Iran and study.

I don’t know how many of them will take them up. I would encourage them to do it. I think it’s a beautiful country, but that, that tells you something, too. So it’s, it’s an interesting collapse. Jim, always an honor to have you on. Thank you so much for joining us on global great awakenings. Pray without ceasing. God bless you. Good night.

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