2024-04-16 Dr. Scott Bennett with Dr. James Fetzer: Iran strikes back?

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➡ Scott Bennett in this discussion talks about the tension between Iran and Israel. The speaker, Dr. James Fetzer, suggests three possible outcomes: Israel could let the situation calm down, Israel could respond aggressively, or Israel could provoke a larger conflict by staging attacks and blaming Iran. He believes that the U.S. and other Western countries won’t support a war against Iran, and that any escalation could lead to Israel’s downfall.
➡ Iran launched a restrained attack on Israel using drones and missiles, most of which were stopped by Israel’s defenses. Despite having the ability to cause more damage, Iran chose not to, indicating they don’t want a war but will respond if provoked. The attack was a warning to Israel about Iran’s capabilities and a response to Israel’s actions against Palestinians. If Israel continues to escalate the situation, it could lead to its own downfall as it cannot win a war against a world united against it.
➡ Israel successfully stopped a large missile and drone attack from Iran, catching almost all of the incoming threats. Iran said they were done with their military actions against Israel, but warned of a bigger response if Israel acted again. Meanwhile, the U.S. and its Gulf allies are trying to avoid getting involved in a larger conflict in the Middle East. Israel is preparing to respond strongly to Iran’s attack, but it’s unclear what that response will look like.
➡ Iran launched a large-scale attack on Israel, marking the first direct military assault from Iran on Israel. This attack has increased tensions in the Middle East and has been condemned by many countries. The US managed to shoot down some of the drones launched by Iran. The former Israeli Prime Minister, Nadafi Banik, criticized the US for downplaying the severity of the attack and warned that Iran will likely try again with more advanced weapons.
➡ Israel is planning to move to Ukraine due to increasing tensions with Iran. The cost of Israel’s defense against Iran’s attacks is over a billion dollars, which is significantly more than what Iran spent on the attack. Ukraine is envious of the support Israel received from the US and other countries during the attack, as they are facing their own issues with Russia. There are concerns that if Israel attacks Iran, it could lead to a war that would ultimately result in the destruction of Israel.
➡ The text suggests that there might be false reports of terrorism at the U.S. southern border, possibly blamed on Iran, to justify political changes. It also mentions that alternative media sources are providing different perspectives, and criticizes certain government figures. The speaker ends by expressing concern about Israel’s actions and influence, and suggests that the world needs to take action against Israel to prevent potential harm.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to global great awakenings on globalfreedomtv. com dot. We are honored that you’re going to be joining us tonight. Blessed be the Lord, my strength, who teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight. We are going to be joined by the great warrior scholar and researcher, Doctor James Fetzer. Jim, it’s good to have you with us. Always an honor. And I know you’re going to be delving into some very interesting points with the iranian israeli situation.

Others, let me play this video first. That kind of gives a general introduction, and then we’ll go right to your slides. Here we go. Former us officer ScOTt thanks very much for joining us on RT International. Pick up on some of the things we heard from our Middle east bureau chief, Maria Fenosana. She said, Iran says this is the end of it. It feels that the issue is resolved.

But we know that Benjamin Netanyahu, who has vowed to respond to any strikes on Israel, if Israel responds, Iran says it will hit its harder. You see this as being the start of a pretty large escalation, potentially. Well, it could be potentially. I see three ways that Israel is going to respond. Number one, the settlement allowing this to settle, allowing this attack that Iran had every right under Article 51 of the United nations to engage in because it was attacked by Israel, its military and diplomatic officers were murdered by Israel, never mind the 33,000 plus Palestinians that have been murdered and slaughtered in a genocide.

But Israel will either allow this to settle, it will make a lot of noise, but it realizes that the United States of America is not going to come in and enter into a war with Israel because the american people would overthrow, impeach and quite possibly engage in a revolution if they thought America was embarking on a third world war that had no value or interest to the american people or the american continent.

So Israel will either allow this to settle and quietly take shape in a variety of future paths, such as diplomatic conversations and settling of the Palestine issue, because it’ll realize America is departing. Or two, Israel will react with its hostility and its arrogance and recklessly try and escalate by some kind of a grandiose counter assault against Iran and perhaps Syria and perhaps Hezbollah and perhaps Jordan or Iraq or others.

So if it escalates, then we move on to a potential doomsday scenario where Iran would, of course, respond with even more force, probably 100 times more effective, and obliterate and annihilate a lot more israeli targets and cause a massive domino in the society. The people are already screaming and running like beetles beneath a raised rock, running from the sunshine, hiding in tunnels and crying and wailing with fear.

I don’t think the Palestinians wailed in such fear, but the Israelis certainly seem to do so if they engage in an escalatory doomsday scenario. Watch also for the Israelis, possibly setting off terrorist attacks in the United States and blaming Iran, trying to goad America into this larger war against Iran agenda. And if Netanyahu is so suicidal as to do that, you will see false flag attacks in America, suicide bombings, or some sort of a variety of attacks that Israel will, of course, be responsible for, but it’ll try and blame it on Iran.

So those are the three areas I see this escalating. Either a settlement where it quietly goes away to an escalation, where Israel escalates with a response, and then Iran will respond to that with even more destructive force, or Israel engages in the doomsday war scenario, where it sets off explosions and attacks in America, tries to blame it in Iran, possibly in Europe, with the delusion that America and Europe are going to be tricked, goaded into a war against Iran and all the other muslim countries, I might add, including Russia and China, who are uniting with Iran in self preservation.

So those are the three areas that I see. But I personally hope that this de escalates and there’s no further action done by Netanyahu. Otherwise you could see the annihilation of Israel beginning. That could very quickly escalate in all muslim nations in the neighborhood, beginning to engage in various waves of attacks, and from that, Israel would be unable to defend itself. Well, Scott, I think you’re a braver man than I, because if I was in a city that was under attack, I’d certainly be screaming and running like the Israelis at the moment.

But I just want to talk, pick on the point. You talked about America potentially getting involved or not. Joe Biden has reaffirmed his steadfast and ironclad commitment to Israel’s security. He said that again this week. We know that the US air force units, as well as the UK’s Royal air force have scrambled their fast movers. They got involved to try and deflect those iranian missiles coming in overnight.

Do not expect that, given those assurances that we keep hearing from the Biden administration to Israel. Well, despite everything going on, despite the fact that so many people are suggesting, like yourself, that doomsday could just be upon us, the US is ready to step in. The US is ready to intervene in this issue if it escalates. Well, I honestly don’t think so, because it is only a small handful of zionist, fanatical Republicans and delusional Democrats that are on the side of an israeli escalation, not because they’re courageous, but because they’re totally corrupt and get money from the military industrial complex.

Yes, you’ll hear the silly wankers like Lindsey Graham, who’s never fought a war in his life, or Mitch McConnell that can hardly even spell the word war, nevermind know where he is, or Biden, who is in the same boat of dementia. These people are completely out of touch with reality. But the american people are not on board a war against Iran. The american people are not aboard escalation.

The american people in the american military do not want to be entering into a battlefield against the muslim world because Israel is engaging in genocide against the Palestinians in its larger Odette Israel expansion project, the greater Israel Project. So I don’t think anyone in the west has a desire or an appetite to escalate. Now. The Biden administration, I think, has already made the calculation it will lose miserably in the election if it is so foolish and reckless as to engage in a war against Iran.

And once that starts, it will only end in the defeat of the United States. The United States has no hope of any victory against Yemen, against Iran, against any other party there because the entire muslim world is united against the genocide of the palestinian people. It’s become very simple. While the United States is still on this delusional lie that only the Zionists in the American State Department and the American Biden administration believe.

And that is, you know, Israel is a victim, and it’s simply defending against terrorism. It is not a victim, and it is not defending against terrorists. It is engaging in a genocide, pure and simple. The International Court of Justice has concluded that, and I think the vast majority of the world’s populations have concluded that. So I don’t see them really escalating or really joining into a fight. That’s why Biden has said to Netanyahu, do not respond, because he knows America could do nothing.

It can do nothing against the Yemenis. It can do nothing against Iran unless the Strait of Hormuz is shut down and the world’s economy is shut down and every single ship going through the Suez canal is stopped. These are the very real tactics that Iran and indeed other nations can deploy against any escalation. So I think they may launch a lot of planes in the air and make a lot of chest bumping and fire off the navy horns of the ships, but those ships will stay far away from Yemen, far away from Iran.

And those planes won’t dare fly over any country to go against Iran, because you already see the other muslim nations, like Kuwait and Oman and Qatar and elsewhere, saying they will not allow their airspace or their land to be used in attacks against Iran. So that shows you the entire muslim world of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, they are all slowly guided towards the policy of, we do not want a war to escalate, and we are stopping the United States from even thinking about it by telling them, in no uncertain terms, do not fly your planes over our countries to go against Iran.

We do not give you permission, and that means we do not want a war. And the american people, and I think the vast majority of the world’s people have said exactly the same thing. So I don’t think they will escalate it. But of course, Netanyahu, you’re dealing with someone who is desperate to hold on to power. But ironically, this may be the event, and his next action could be the one thing that throws him out of power, because the Israelis will sacrifice Netanyahu in the hopes of stopping any war from escalating.

So I think even Netanyahu has lost this. I just want to ask you about how you assess Iran’s retaliation against Israel. Overnight, some 200 drones and ballistic missiles, most of which were shot down or deflected by the israeli air defenses. Do you think that this was a restrained attack by Iran, given that it has huge military capabilities? Yes, I do. I do think this was restrained. Iran could have launched ten times or even 100 times the sized attack that it did.

It could be continuing its drone strikes and missile strikes right now. Instead of an hour long attack, this could be a ten hour long attack where the majority of buildings in Israel are shattered. The majority of all civilized infrastructure in Israel could have been shattered, but Iran chose not to. Iran is very measured. It’s very compartmentalized. I’ve been to Iran twice. I know the people. I’m very familiar with their decision making process.

Iran is not looking for a war, but it will exact justice in the degree and to the measure that it determines, satisfies the blood payment that Israel has to make. So when Iran says it’s over, they’ve terminated the operation. Essentially, Iran has said, we’re done. We’re not going to escalate this unless Israel escalates. And then we’ll have to respond all over again with an even more destructive hammer strike.

And I think Israel realizes this, but it’s been very restrained. I think it’s a public relations demonstration. It is certainly not been been the annihilating military strategic operation that it could have been. This is Iran telling Israel this is just a taste of what our capability is. And if you do not stop with your reckless suicide as well as your suicidal destruction of the Palestinians, we have the capability of launching raids that are ten times more destructive.

And that alone will result in the entire state of Israel rising up against Netanyahu because the Israelis realize they are not in a position to go to war against Iran or any other nation. It’s easy for them to pick on the Palestinians. It’s easy for them to kill women and children. It’s easy for them to bury alive little two year old girls who are covered in mud and blood and have gashes on their forehead.

But you see the israeli military and the israeli politicians going against nations like Iran or the Yemenis or Hezbollah or real fighting people, then they suddenly turn a different color, and then they start to show what they’re really all about, which is not military confrontation, but murder, murder in very secretive, distasteful ways. That’s the brand of Israel, but not necessarily at all the other nations. So I think the other nations have given Israel a taste.

Israel will recognize it cannot win this and it will begin to de escalate. If it doesn’t, then you will see Israel on a path to its own destruction in the very near future because Israel and the United States, neither of them can win in this episode. They cannot win in any kind of a war against an entire world that is mobilized against it. That’s why Chuck Schumer, the Democrat, has said Netanyahu must go.

Schumer, in the jewish zionist lobby recognize that Netanyahu has put Israel on extraordinarily thin ice and you can already hear the cracking and it’s about to fall through. Okay, Scott, we’re going to have to leave it there. Thank you very much for your thoughts and analysis on the situation. That’s former us officer Scott Bennett. Well, Jim, I’ll leave it up to you to see if that was right or wrong.

I stand by my comments that I don’t think Israel is psychotic enough to do a ping pong game with Iran. But then we are, we are talking about the retard zionist inbreds living in Israel that hijacked it in 1948. But I’ll put it to you and let your wisdom prevail. Go ahead. Well, let’s review the bidding here and what’s actually occurred. Iran struck important israeli military targets they were very careful to avoid.

Civilian Iran conducted a successful large scale missile and drone attack. The Revolutionary Guard Corps reported that it managed to destroy important military targets. The strike were response to what Tehran called numerous crimes by West Jerusalem, including an attack on the iranian consulate in the syrian capital of Damascus, which of course was sovereign iranian territory, killing seven officers, including two generals. The Islamic Republic attack involved more than 100 drones.

Israeli and western media reported IDF was tracking them coming in. It took them hours to fly from Iran to Israel, and in accordance with international law, Iran had notified various parties that attack was underway, including the United States. Iranian media published short clips showing the moments the missiles hit their targets. One was from a settlement in the Negev desert in the southern part of the country. Actually, it was an airstrip.

The video show would appear to be several missiles. RT could not independently verify the clips. Now the IDF has confirmed only minor damage, claiming injury and a ten year old child will find that is false. Israel does not want Iran to know the seriousness of the damage, even though iranian intelligence and surveillance has already rendered an assessment. The guards warned the US any support that provides Israel harming Iran’s interest would be met with a decisive response that Washington is responsible for the evil actions of Israel, warning neighbors against assisting the US or Israel in attacking the Islamic Republican.

Israeli media reported the government’s panning of massive retaliation. Channel twelve cited a senior official saying an unprecedented response to the attack is in the works. The culture and sports minister said West Jerusalem received broad international legitimacy to strike Iran with unprecedented force. Now here is an accurate assessment of what happened from a military point of view. 44 Mossad operatives were killed at the Navantomir base. Intel sources confirmed the Ran fired 185 drones.

All 185 were either shot down or otherwise crashed en route. Ran fired 36 cruise missiles. All 36 were shot down. Iran fired 110 ballistic missiles. 103 were shot down. Seven got through and hit Israel. Those seven which got through were all hypersonic. The missile that got through were the ones pictured here in the article fatal one. Not one of them was shot down. Accuracy points out these missiles have maneuverability to cross missile shields, a capability that worked last night.

As a result, two israeli air bases sustained significant damage plus at the Nevada air base in the Negev desert, which is a hanger to Israel’s f 35 celled aircraft and Mossad spy planes. At least 44 Mossad personnel were killed. This was a highly proportional response, Scott, to the attack on the embassy. Very measured, very intelligently done, where the drones basically proved to be a diversion from the actual attack.

Very well done, Biden tells Yahoo. It’s a win and the US won’t back retaliation. In a phone call Saturday, Biden told BB us will not support a retaliatory attack on Iran, which fired more than 300 missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles Saturday night. US and other countries helped Israel shoot down the projectiles, with about a 99% success rate, seven out of 300 making it through, according to the IDF.

You got to win, take the win, Biden told Netanyahu. Amit Pierce a regional war should Jerusalem respond? Netanyahu reportedly said he understood that the US would not participate in an offensive military operation, which is not to say that Israel would not retaliate. In a White House statement, Biden condemned the iranian attack, which marked the first direct assault on Israel from iranian territory. At my direction, to support the defense of Israel, the US military moved aircraft and ballistic missile destroyers to the region over the past week.

Thanks to those deployments. In the extraordinary skill of our service members, we helped Israel take down nearly all the incoming drones and missiles. I’ve just spoken with Netanyahu to reaffirm America’s ironclad commitment to its security. I told him Israel demonstrated remarkable capacity to defend against and defeat even unprecedented attacks, say a clear message to foes they cannot effectively threaten the security of Israel. Tomorrow I will convene fellow G seven leaders to coordinate a united diplomatic response to Rand’s brazen attack.

My team will engage with their counterparts. We will stay in close touch, and while we have not seen attacks on our force or facilities today, we will remain vigilant and not hesitate to take necessary action to protect our people. We used an attack with ballistic and cruise missiles, Iran reported. The operation was designed to attack the air base from which the israeli planes that attacked the consulate in Damascus were launched.

There were direct hits. We only targeted military bases, said Mohammed Bakri, chief of staff of the iranian army. We sent a message to the US if it cooperates with Israel in the next steps, its own basis will not be safe. Rand’s mission to the UN said the attack was in response to targeting the consulate, even though Israel has not taken responsibility, reports suggest the building was the local headquarters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Should the israeli regime commit another mistake, Iran’s response will be considerably more severe. It’s a conflict between Iran and the rogue israeli regime from which the US must stay away. Meanwhile, net Yao, seemingly following Biden Lee’s claimed success in defeating the attack, Israel has successfully repelled a huge iranian drone missile attack. Minister Netanyahu has said comments came after the israeli military claimed to have intercepted 99% of incoming aerial objects.

Iran launched an extensive mirage on the jewish state with the IDF that included more than 300 missiles at various types and kamikaze drones Sunday, the first public comments after the attack. After a brief message we intercepted, we blocked. Together we will win. Those remarks were echoed by Defense Minister Galant insisted Israel, the US and its partners thwarted this attack in a way that is unparalleled. He said the attack helped the world see the true face of Iran, which he described as a terrorist state.

IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari assessed 99% of the threats launched were intercepted. Hailing the development is a very significant strategic achievement based on the technological superiority of the IDF and the support of a strong coalition. Meanwhile, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps said Tehran had made to hit and destroy abort military targets without providing further details. Let me add Scott Iran has declared the punishment of Israel has been completed.

Iran has no intention of continuing its military operation against Israel, including massive drone and missile strikes over the weekend, reported the chief of the armed horses, Major General Mohammed Bagherry. On Saturday, Tehran launched the strike with 300 missiles and kamikaze drones. Speaking in the wake of the attack, McGarry explained the reason for the attack was the zionist regime crossed a red line in a way that cannot be tolerated.

Israels action, the general continued, could not have gone unanswered. The supreme leader also said this punishment should be carried out and thank God the operation was carried out with the efforts of the Revolutionary Guard and other armed forces. We see the operation is a complete resolve. It has ended in our opinion. We have no intention of continuing warning that if Israel takes any further action, the next operation will be much more extensive.

He added that Iran’s military targeted a large information center providing intel to Israel and the Vatam air base, which instead hosted US f 35 fighters involved in the raid in Damascus. While both of the bases were destroyed, Tehran did not attack population centers where 99% of the iranian drones and missiles had been shot down, acknowledging, according to Israel, only minor damage to one base. As you have observed Scott, the Gulf states have warned the US not to launch strikes on Iran from their territory or airspace even prior to the attack.

US Gulf allies are working overtime to shut down avenues that could link them to a us reprisal against Tehran or his proxies from bases inside their kingdom. According to senior us official who spoke with Middle East Eye on condition of anonymity as conditions flare, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman and Kuwait every questioned about the intricate details of facing arguments agreements that permit tens of thousands of us troops to be stationed across the oil Ridge peninsula.

They’re also moving to prevent us war planes from flying over their airspace in the event the US were to conduct a retaliatory strike. The US has spent decades investing in military bases in the Gulf. Given their close proximity to Iran, those air bases would be the most convenient launching pads for the US against the islamic republic. The Gulf monarchy’s reluctance is complicating Biden admin preparation as it war games how to respond to a potential iranian attack on Israel, this having been published prior to the event.

Current warmer us officials say they believe an attack is imminent. They were right. As has been previously reported elsewhere, it’s a mess, a senior us official told Middle East I the official, along with two former senior us officials who spoke with him, he outlined three scenarios. Why does it plan? For Rand’s expected retaliation, Iran could strike directly from its territory. A second option would be a coordinated attack by Iran proxies on Israel using Shia paramilitaries in Iraq, Yemen’s Houthis, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, the latter being the most powerful proxy dual in Iran’s arsenal.

A third option could combine the two. The Houthis struggled to breach Israel’s us supplied Iron dome defense system immediately after October 7, but the Biden admin is concerned a multifaceted attack could overwhelm those defenses. Iran could also strike israeli embassies, including those in the Middle east or israeli troops in the occupied West bank and Gaza. Biden said he informed Netanyahu the US commitment to Israel security was iron clad.

But the administration is divided over the level of support to give Israel the president’s highest ranking. National security officials have staked out different positions. Some, like Meher Bithar, director of intel at the National Security Council, urging restraint while Brett McGurk, fighting top Middle east envoy advocating for a tougher response. The Biden administration becoming embroiled in a wider Middle east war ahead of the election ahead of the election is also weighing on those discussions.

The Gulf states could cold feet about the crisis comes after years of complain the US has not done enough to protect them from attack by iranian proxies, especially the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Riyadh and Abu Dhabi view the Biden admins response to Houthi drone missile attacks as tampered and have moved to patch up ties with Abraham. Gulf leaders are now walking a tightrope between their us ally Iran and their populations, who are seething with anger at Israel over its offense on Gaza, which has killed more than 33,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

The White House did not respond to Middle east eyes request for comments at time of publication. The US has at least 40,000 troops in the Middle east who could become targets, the majority located in the oil rich Gulf states. Based in a string of strategic air and naval bases, Saudi Arabia’s Sultan air base is home to the US 378th Air Expeditionary Wing with f 16 and f 35 fighters.

The US operates MQ nine Reaper drones and jet fighters out of UAE Zal Drafa air Base Kuwait’s Ali al Salman is home to the 386 air Expeditionary wing. Qatar’s Al Uda air base hosts the regional headquarters for the US Central Command. It’s also hosted some israeli military officials, Mee has previously reported, but it’s not clear if they remain in the country. The kingdom of Bahrain is home to around 9000 us troops who belong to the headquarters of us naval forces Central Command in the US Fifth Fleet.

Oman also allows us military over flights and port calls. Now here’s why, Scott, I think your second option, namely escalation, is what is going to happen. Israel tells the United States it has no choice but to respawn, Axios reported. Dismiss Minister Galant told Secretary of defense Austin Israel has no choice but to respond to Isran’s missile and drone attack. Gallup and Austin spoke Sunday after Biden told Netanyahu the US would not support an israeli attack on Iran.

The US is seeking to portray the iranian attack as a victory for Israel since most of the drone and missile were intercepted with the help of the US, the UK and Jordan, although some got through and damaged an israeli air base, actually two, and killed 44 minimum Mousad. But the US is also reaffirming it will continue to defend Israel, according to the Pentagon. Asin do Galant the US does not seek escalation, but added the US will continue to defend Israel, israeli tv reported.

The israeli war cabinet convened and agreed to respond to the israeli attack clearly and forcefully, but there are no details on what the response would look like, the report said. The attack would be designed to send the message Israel will not allow an attack of that magnitude against it to pass without a reaction. Israel has a long history of carrying out covert attack inside Iran, including assassinations, sabotage attacks on energy infrastructure and small drone attacks.

If Israel wants to launch a more significant attack on iranian territory, such as carrying out airstrikes, it would likely need support from the US. Israel also has a history of going Iranians in Syria could potentially opt to do that again. The bombing of the iranian consulate, which was sovereign territory of the Islamic Republic, marked a huge escalation since it targeted a diplomatic facility and killed senior Quds force commanders and six other members of the revolutionary God.

Iran is usually very restrained in its responses to israeli attacks, if it responds at all. But the consulate bombing clearly crossed a red line. The iranian attack on Israel, according to Israel, didn’t kill anyone, but injured a seven year old Bedouin girl, which is clearly false. Meanwhile, the israeli war cabinet warns a powerful response on iranian soil is coming. Israel’s channel Twelve has told residents not to go to bed yet because an unprecedented attack on Iran is coming.

According to an official, the war cabinet has approved a powerful response on iranian soil. Iran launched between 152 hundred drones and missiles, actually 300. In its first direct military attack against Israel. The israeli military says Iran fired more than 100 bomb carrying drones. Hours later, Iran announced it had also launched far more destructive ballistic missiles. Iran had been threatening to attack Israel after an airstrike earlier widely blamed on Israel destroyed its consulate in Syria, killing in this case.

Twelve reported, including two iranian generals. Booms and air raid sirens sounded in Jerusalem early Sunday after ranlocked dozens of drones and ballistic missiles in an unprecedented revenge mission, pushing the Middle east ever closer to a regional wide war. The attack marked the first time Iran has launched a direct military assault on Israel, despite decades of enmity dating back to the 1979 islamic revolution. Condemnation was swift, with France saying that Iran has crossed a new threshold with regard to its destabilizing activities and is risking a potential military escalation.

Britain called the attacks reckless. Us forces downed some of the Iran launched drones, according to us defense officials. They said the effort to intercept the attack was ongoing. Meanwhile, former israeli prime minister Nadafi Banik, who is a very, very nasty guy. SAM President Biden Sunday for trying to pressure rand into not responding to a rand’s unprecedented attack this weekend. Bennett’s remarks came after ran fired hundreds of projectiles, ballistic crews and drones at Israel.

Bennett said the claim that Iran launched the attack as a show for its own people was false. When you shoot 350 flying object, time to hit Israel. At the same moment when you use three fundamentally different weapon types, cruise missile, ballistic missiles and uav’s, you’re looking to penetrate Israel’s defenses and kill Israelis. He directly pushed back Biden admin for telling Israel it got a win and they should take the win.

The win, according to Biden Admin, was in fact 99% were shot down by Israel and its allies. No it’s not a victory, Bennett wrote. When a bully tries 350 times and only succeeds seven, you’ve not won. You don’t win wars just by intercepting your enemy’s hits, nor do you deter him. Your enemy will just try harder with more and better weapons and methods next time. He said the only way to deter further aggression was by exacting a deeply painful price.

Bennett said the attack was a big mistake by Iran, which he referred to as a terror octopus. Whose head is Tehran, mind you, whose head is Tehran and tentacles are in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Gaza. Israel’s strategic mistake the past 30 years was to play along this strategy. We always fought the octopus arms but hardly exacted a price from its iranian head. This should change now. Hezbollah.

Hamas shoots a rocket at Israel. Tehran pays the price. Bennett said Israel Zemini was the Iran’s oppressive government, not the citizens of the country, and that the country would eventually collapse in a manner similar to that of the Soviet Union. All be clear. If these crazy, fanatical islamic terrorists get away with murder by hiding among civilians, this method will be adopted by terrorists worldwide. We’re not asking anyone to fight for us.

We’ll do the job. But we do expect our allies to have our back, especially when it’s tough. And now it’s tough. Be on the right side and help us defeat these horrible and savage regimes, Scott, that’s how it’s playing out. I have several thoughts about what Iran accomplished. First of all, they have terrorized the israeli population. The Israelis are terrified. They thought they were safe and secure. Now they know they’re not.

They’re fleeing in droves. Gibraltar is overwhelmed. Panic has set in. Number two, they were able to cause the Israelis to expand very expensive missiles and rockets against very cheap, inexpensive drones which were used basically as a diversion because the real target was those airfields which they hit with a hypersonic missiles completely successfully. And third, they know now how Israel is capable of responding to an attack, the location of their anti missile batteries and the like, where others are describing this as a brilliantly executed attack, with which I tend to agree.

Your thoughts? Well, Jim, let’s go back to how this entire episode unfurled. You had the Israelis planning, I believe, an October 7 attack upon themselves, where there’s ample evidence to indicate they were planning this episode and it was recorded as an attack upon them, but it was in fact a pre planned trigger event so they could justify their genocide of Gaza, their clearing of Gaza, of the palestinian people with the intention of claiming all of that real estate and the natural gas resources in the Mediterranean.

They’ve been planning that for a long time, and hence October 7. And then we see the true genocidal savagery of the Israelis, who, might add, are unparalleled in the history of mankind. As I’ve said before, nobody remembers anything to do with the world war two claims of a Holocaust against the jewish people. Nobody remembers that. Nobody cares about that, because the vile, inhuman butchery of the Israelis today eclipses everything in the past.

No one remembers it. And seeing women and children starving, seeing little girls, as I said in that interview, shivering with blood, pouring down their faces, missing their arms and their legs, being forever scarred by vicious, demonic, cruel israeli murder. Never mind the innocent civilians that are walking up and down the beaches or elsewhere that are bombed and blown up by drones for some sort of demonic thrill that these Israelis get on shooting innocent, unarmed people.

So all of this was started by the Israelis and their genocide against the Palestinians. And then, of course, the Yemenis stood up and jumped in because nobody else seemed to have the manhood. Not Turkey, not Jordan, not Egypt, no one. So Yemen stepped in with its fighters, shutting down the Suez Canal. The Red Sea was at. Was it the Gulf of the Red Sea? My geography is blurred right now and saying, we will not let any ships pass unless you allow aid into the starving people of Gaza.

It’s not an unrealistic request, but yet the Israelis flat out refused it. So as a result of that, the Yemenis have been engaging in a form of guerrilla warfare to stop israeli ships. And indeed, much of the world has risen up in an economic boycott of Israel and boycott of ships. And then Israel, besides its Gaza murder, blew up the iranian consulate in Syria, killing multiple military and diplomatic figures.

And it was for that attack that Iran reciprocated. Iran then sent its 300 drones and missiles and hypersonic missiles to an airbase to attack an air base, but didn’t kill one person, except allegedly, a seven year old Bedouin girl. But who knows what that’s about. But they didn’t kill anybody else. They didn’t kill Netanyahu, which I think the world would have celebrated had they. They didn’t kill any politician, they didn’t murder anyone.

They didn’t lay bombs underneath people’s cars, which the Ukrainians and the Jews in Israel seemed to like to do. No, they went into a military operation and then they declared it a victory and closed. And over. And now Israel is pondering some kind of a backlash. And as I’ve talked with others, reluctantly, I have to agree with this, Joe. Biden decision. It’s not his decision. He’s a demented old fool.

But whoever’s behind him, whoever is making these decisions, of course, are totally illegitimate because he’s not the president. But nevertheless, they have said it’s a win stop. We’re not going to back you. Why? Because the United States would throw out Biden and impeach him immediately, or worse. The United States is not going to go down the road of war in Iran or war in the Middle east. We’ve had that since 2001.

And quite frankly, Dick Cheney and George Bush and a whole host of others, Condi Rice, all of them, should be in the dock and should be hung by the neck until dead and executed for their crimes, emanating out of the false flag event of 911. But Iran called it a one time operation. But with the warning, if you continue to attack Iran, we will reciprocate with increasingly devastating blows.

So this is a turning point because it will show either the relative intelligence strategically of Israel by not opening up a new front, or it will show the absolute radical, hysterical madness of Israel by opening up a front against Iran and some kind of retaliation that the United States will not be directly a part of. But here’s what they’ve done, Jim. They have waged, by blowing up the iranian embassy, they have waged a declaration of war against Iran and declared an asymmetric declaration of war upon Russia and upon China and Iran’s allies, allies that are known and unknown.

And that’s really all that matters. When Biden and these fools talk about the g seven, we’re going to have a g seven diplomatic response. The g seven is going to step in. Everyone looks at the g seven and laughs at them as a bunch of blow up dolls, as a bunch of eunuchs without any manhood or just delusional people, Ursula von Layden and the rest of these fools.

So the G seven is nothing. The only thing that matters is military might. And the nations with the strongest military might is Russia, China, Iran. India is out of this, but they’re pretty tough. And then you have the United States and Israel, which are essentially one and the same. And the United States and Israel are depleted of everything. The United States has already got a two front war with Ukraine and now this mediterranean israeli stupidity.

And are they going to be engaged in a chinese situation? I would guess that they would if they waged a serious attack upon Iran. Because then you’d see Russia close ranks, double down, lock shoulders, and give Iran everything it needs to defend itself. It’s interesting too, that Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, this little fake jew, described Iran as menace and a warmonger and blamed Iran for all of this.

What that tells me is our suspicions that we had talked about before. Israel is preparing to escape to Ukraine. Israel is planning on trying to move to Ukraine as the israeli implosion quickens. And I’ve said Russia needs to stop that and not let a single Israeli, a single jewish passport, buy or enter the country, buy land or enter the country or buy any property they need to be purged and kicked out and forbidden from coming into Ukraine.

Because as I’ve said on RT, wherever the Israelis go, the Mossad go, they bring terrorism. The same with the CIA. Russia should have learned that lesson by now, but we’ll see. But I think that’s an important observation, is Zelensky and Israel’s secret plan to go to Ukraine and it could all be precipitated by this, this attempt to annihilate Iran, which would only annihilate Israel. Jim, I’ll hand it back to you.

Oh Scott, I think you’re right about all of the above. I do have another story to squeeze in, to wit, that this has been an expensive proposition. Israel’s missile defense against Iran estimated it cost over a billion bucks. The activation of israeli air defenses in response to the overnight iranian drone missile attack likely cost over a billion dollars, according to Brigadier General Reemanoch, former fiscal advisor to the israeli defense forces chief of staff.

The attack, which came in response to Israel’s bombing of Iran’s consulate in Damascus, led to Israel activating several types of air defense, including the arrow, David’s sling and the Iron Dome. If we’re talking about ballistic missiles that need to be brought down with an arrow system, cruise missiles that need to be brought down with other missiles, and uav’s which we actually bring down mainly with airplanes, then add up the cost 3.

5 million for a narrow missile, a million for a David sling, such and such for airplanes, an order of magnitude of 45 billion shekels, one to 1. 3 billion, he reported. The US, UK and Jordan also helped Israel intercept drones. They claimed 99% of the over 300 fired by Iran were intercepted, but some got through and damaged the Nevad amir base in southern Israel, though only one person reported.

Thats a false claim. For the iranian side, launching the attack cost significantly less according to Middle East Eye some estimates, with the number less than 10% of what it costs Israel to defend itself from the attack or say 100 million versus a billion Sunday the iranian foreign minister said the iranian attack was limited and would only target military sites. We sent a message this morning to the White House stating it was limited up with minimal force only to secure a right on legitimate events and punish the israeli regime, he added.

The military base Iran targeted hosted f 35s, which Israel used to target Irans consulate in Damascus on April 1. The israeli bombing of a diplomatic facility was a huge escalation by targeting Iranians in the region and of course their sovereign territory, it killed six Syrians and seven members of Iran’s guard corps including senior accords force commander and another general. Meanwhile, get this, ukrainian officials are jealous of us defense of Israel during the Iran attack ukrainian officials have expressed envy over the US response to an iranian drone and missile attack that came in retaliation for the israeli bombing of Iran’s consulate in Syria.

The US, UK, France, Jordan all intervened to help intercept iranian drones and missiles. The whole world saw Israel was not alone in this defense. The threat in the sky was also being eliminated by its allies. Zelensky said the attack on Israel came as Russia had stepped up its missile and drone attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which Moscow said was a response to ukrainian attacks on oil refineries inside Russia.

Ukraine has suffered serious blows in the strikes as it’s running low on air defense and Russia’s intelligence continues to improve. When Ukraine says its allies should not turn a blind eye to russian missiles and drones, it means action is needed, bold action, Zelenskyy said. It’s not rhetoric that protects the sky. It’s not opinions that curb the production of missiles and drones for terror. The US and NATO have not directly intervened on Ukraine’s behalf due to the obvious risk of direct war with Russia, which could quickly turn nuclear.

In the early days, Zelensky was asking NATO to impose a no fly zone, which would have required shooting down russian planes and bombing surface air missile systems inside Russia. But the idea received scant support in Washington. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Khaliba acknowledged the US and NATO wouldn’t directly intervene but called for more military aid. Even if you cannot act the way you act in Israel, give us what we need and we will do the rest of the job.

The 60 billion Biden wants to fuel the proxy war in Ukraine still hasn’t passed Congress. House Speaker Mike Johnson said he would work on getting more military aid to Israel this week, where the White House has said it would only support legislation that also included spending for Ukraine and Taiwan. Scott just as a final observation, I think it’s most likely that Israel will attempt to take out Iran’s nuclear enrichment for facilities or Tehran, and do so using an f 35 and a nuclear bomb.

Well, it’s certainly a possibility. And it wouldn’t surprise me because the COVID-19 vaccine has turned the American mind into mush. You see that reflected by these half wit retards laughing stock idiots on Congress, Capitol Hill, running about trying to escape the challenges that, you know, some of these young women have brought up when they are accosting them about. Do you realize that there’s 30,000 gazan people dying and being genocided? And some Republicans and others, I won’t remember their names because they’re so insignificant, said, let’s just kill them all.

Why don’t we just kill them all? Or, we haven’t killed enough. Well, what about the poor Israelis? There’s no connection to the difference between military operations and a genocide against civilians. We are aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. We’re aiding and abetting crimes that are unparalleled in the history of the world and certainly not reflective of the american people or the United States or our constitution. And let’s never forget, the United States Congress passed a resolution forbidding President Trump from waging war against Iraq on.

And that same resolution, I don’t think, has ever been nullified or lifted. So that means the president is forbidden from waging any sort of military operation against Iran. And besides the fact the Congress of the United States declares war, and we have gotten ourselves into this destroyed state because we have allowed presidents and their military attack dogs to go off the leash and declare war in all sorts of colorful terms.

Police operation, authorization for military force, all of this bullshit that has totally desecrated our name, our efficiency, and it’s destroyed our reputation in the world. If we are so reckless to think that we can engage in a war against Iran and survive, you know, I can’t see much hope in a society that believes that way. I certainly think the government needs to be completely overthrown by the people as prescribed in the Declaration of Independence, because they’re off the chain and they are endangering the United States of America.

And Israel is, of course, the chief of the lunatics. So we’ll see in the coming week, and I’m sure we’ll have an update next week, but we’ll see what Israel does. My prediction is if they’re anyway intelligent, they won’t do anything. But if they do, if they refuse, if they go after Iran, it will only inevitably lead to the destruction of Israel. You may cause damage to Iran.

You may blow up a city, you may do all sorts of damage to Iran as a country, but the vengeance that will be visited upon Israel from every muslim country and muslim group, Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Kurd, Christian in that area, will be overwhelming, and Israel will cease to exist as a state. And as you described, it will be like the end of the Soviet Union. It will be a dismantling.

And they will go back to being Bedouin sort of tribes living in tents in the desert while the palestinian muslim populations take control of that area. So we’ll see what happens. But there will be no forgiveness of Israel for what it’s done to the palestinian people, and there will be no forgiveness given to them if they initiate a war against Iran. And there’ll be no forgiveness to the United States.

I do predict the Israelis setting off false flag attacks, and I said this on Alex Jones, they will be setting off false flag attacks against the United States along the border and blaming Iran. So pay attention to what the enemy says. Even as difficult as it is to listen to some of the mainstream media and Fox News and these other sycophantic bobbleheads, there will be reports and hints and suggestions of terrorism along the southern border, and then you will see something pop, and they will blame it on Iran and try and do a larger operation.

I do predict, too, the Israelis could even use this to, as I’ve said before, assassinate Kamala Harris and justify it, blame it on Iran to set in motion all sorts of political changes in the United States. So watch and see, because the Israelis, as they’ve done before, will visit terrorism upon the United States. Blame it on Muslims with the expectation that we’re as gullible as we are, as gullible now as we were in 2001.

And that’s not the case. Americans have woken up. The alternative media is there. The Internet’s there like never before. You’ve got Tucker, you’ve got redacted, you’ve got McGregor, you’ve got ritter. You’ve got a whole host of people that are providing a more equal vantage point to understand all of this and compared, when you compare the words and the wisdom from people like that, McGregor and Ritter and others, compare it to idiots like Kirby and Biden and the little black lesbian press secretary and these fools on Capitol Hill, it’s like comparing a stuttering, stammering mongoloid to a scientist.

Those of us who know are far superior to anything that the american government or the american intelligence community or the american military or any of these other jewish zionist infected organizations in the US government could ever produce. So we’ll watch and see. Jim, it’s always good to see your presentations. I’ll give it to you for the last 30 seconds or so. Give us your closing thoughts, and we’ll see you next week.

Well, Israel is even threatening other countries that aren’t sufficiently supportive of Israel. So my bottom line, Scott, is the world has to destroy Israel before Israel destroys the world. A very good, very somber and wise observation. Jim, always a pleasure. We will see you next week. God bless you. Thank you for your presentation, and thank you for joining us on globalfreedomtv. com dot. We will see you tomorrow.

God bless you. Good night. .

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