2024-01-09 Scott Bennett Dr. James Fetzer: Lloyd Austin dead?

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➡ The host, Scott Bennet, discusses multiple controversial topics with Dr. James Fetzer. The discussion revolves around the speculated death of the secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin, rumored Epstein documentation implicating high-profile individuals in abuse of minors, and ongoing wars globally, emphasizing the potential for these scenarios to provoke outrage and possibly trigger changes in the US.
➡ The text discusses speculation regarding Lloyd Austin’s (U.S. Defense Minister) health, his potential misleading of Congress, and theories surrounding the possibility of his death during unofficial visit to Ukraine amidst missile strikes; alongside, the overall situation in Ukraine is addressed with focus on NATO presence and military action.
➡ The text discusses alleged American and British involvement in Ukraine, Israel’s demand for U.S. involvement in war against Iran, and the speculated plans of the Israeli government to manipulate and involve the U.S. in wars. Disinformation, treason, and a complex web of international relations are highlighted.
➡ The US-led naval coalition is failing to deter Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, which have disrupted a significant portion of international shipping. Italy and Spain have withdrawn from the coalition, opting for NATO or EU-led patrols. Despite the attacks, the US military has yet taken little direct action, possibly because the disruptions might actually benefit the US, which has seen a significant increase in its oil exports since the beginning of the Houthi attacks. Meanwhile, conflicts in the Middle East, particularly involving gas reserves, continue to escalate with little response from the Biden administration, resulting in growing frustration from other nations.
➡ The text discusses the diminishing influence and reputation of the United States globally due to controversial foreign policies and actions. Internal issues such as socioeconomic upheaval, political division, and cultural shifts are also cited as problematic. The text ultimately suggests that radical reform, potentially a complete societal overhaul or revolution, may be needed for the country to navigate these crises.
➡ The speaker anticipates a potential revolutionary-type upheaval against perceived federal despotism and unfair prosecutions, considering the current Biden administration’s actions as treason. He also criticizes foreign intrusion and the influence of figures like George Soros and bb net on Congressional decisions. The speaker urges listeners to stay educated, peaceful, uphold constitutional rights, and remain virtuous in their dealings.


Glorify your father in heaven, for I shall give thee a tongue thine enemies cannot gain, say nor resist. This is great awakenings on globalfreedomtv. com. I’m Scott Bennet, your host tonight. We’re joined by the great Dr. James Fetzer once more, in which we are going to be jumping into the sea of controversy to discover where some, some of these ancient treasures of wisdom lie. There are so much distractions, so much disinformation.

We’ve got the war in Gaza with the israeli genocide against the Palestinians. We’ve got the war in Ukraine that is winding down and the possible death of Lloyd Austin, the secretary of defense. The story is on the street that Jim Fetzer is going to present is that this man is dead. We’ve also got the Epstein documents that are coming out, and I predict these Epstein documents are going to be quite sensational when they start showing videos and photographs of people like Bill Clinton and Dershowitz and all these other high profile individuals actually engaged in the raping and the abuse of these underage minor girls of 14 1516.

The mere fact that these people associated with this Mossad operative who was honey potting and entrapping and videotaping people, the fact that they were roped into this, the fact that they knew in their heart of hearts that they were being videotaped, but they couldn’t stop themselves from the lust. They couldn’t turn away from the honey. They couldn’t say no to a drugged up little 1314, 1516 year old girl in which they had free sexual license to exploit and violate.

They couldn’t say no, and they were videotaped and they were controlled. All of that is going to come out, and I think it is going to cause a tide of revulsion, hatred, outrage, disgust, and vengeance from the american people upon these people like Bill Clinton and many others. And the mere words that are said in these documents, Bill Clinton likes them young. Those are words that infuriate, I think, all Americans, because that is a line that Americans have often suspected.

But now they’re seeing in black and white in the written word, that that line was not only crossed, it was stamped upon and spat upon by these elite, millionaire, billionaire political types, actors, actresses. So I think this is going to quite possibly be the pebble that comes down the snow cliff and turns into an avalanche that crumbles the Tower of Babel, once known as the United States. But we’ll see.

Dr. Fetzer, I’m going to hand it to you and let you jump right in with your presentation. I know we have a lot of good stuff. Go ahead, Dr. Jenkins. Well, thanks very much, Scott. We’re in an interesting situation intellectually because a website that’s not known to be completely reliable is reporting that Lloyd Austin was killed in Kiev on January 3 when russian cruise missiles tilted a command bunker.

Rostin and Lieutenant General Valerie Zalusni, commander in chief of the ukrainian army, met secretly to discuss mounting an asymmetrical offensive to bring Vladimir Putin to his knees. But it appears the Russians were tracking his activities. They knew he was there, meeting with his lieutenant general, and they launched a massive assault on the 3 January. And according to this report, he was killed. Russian intelligence had marginal luck tracking Austin trips in and out of Ukraine since early 2023.

It spent so much time at Kiev, Yada have applied for ukrainian citizenship, adding the secretive and self admittedly reclusive Austin had traveled to Ukraine for a Poland eight times in 2023. In early November, a hunter killer team entered Kiev undetected after learning that Austin had arrived to personally deliver fantastic news to Zelensky. The US and UK had voted to give him even more free money and arms. They had eyes on Austin, and Zelensky came close to killing them.

But the team aborted the mission at the last moment due to unforeseen complications. Vladimir Putin, Zalakov said, have bestowed upon Austin the title of war criminal. Putin was delighted at Austin’s demise. And Scott, as you know, United States through Ukraine launched an attack on Vladimir Putin at his domicile at his home. 20 cruise missiles reportedly destroyed surface buildings and collapsed a labyrinth of interconnecting chambers. A battle damage assessment revealed the strike had raised his structures and cratered what lay beneath.

Only rubble remained. Nothing on this earth could survive what we said. Yes, he is dead. He must be dead. I suggest this is very like what happened in Iraq. On April 7 of 2003, just three weeks into the invasion, when a b one bomber strike took out a restaurant on the outskirts of Baghdad and killed Saddam, his two sons, and 50 or 60 members of his general staff, where even Dick Cheney was quoted in the New York Times as saying his lifeless body had been dragged out of the rubble.

American sources, however, are seeking to cover it up. They are claiming that Austin is in Walter Reed after having undergone an elective medical procedure that developed complications. Here’s one of these stories. He went into the hospital on the 22 December. The defense secretary’s deputy, Kathleen Hicks, took over, thinking Austin was on vacation when he was in intensive care. Unknown even to the president. Scott, this is ridiculous to suggest a secretary of defense when the United States is engaged in wars on multiple fronts, could be anywhere in his location.

Not be known is preposterous. But here’s what we’re being told, and these stories, I would observe, are incoherent. They’re not even mutually consistent. Secretary Austin’s hospitalization remained secret, officials disclosed Sunday. Deputy listing a long list up to Biden, who were in the dark for days. Impossible. The Pentagon released new details Sunday about Austin’s continued hospitalization. St had an initial medical procedure as far back as 22 December, from which he came home a day later.

Then on Monday, the 1 January, Austin, who is 70, had to be admitted to intensive care at Walter Reed after experiencing severe pain. Well, that would have been big news at the time. Everyone would have known. I believe the 1 January is when he had left the United States for Ukraine by way of Poland. Here we have another story. Washington stunned by Biden team secret hospitalization. New details are emerging, including Biden not knowing Austin was hospitalized for complication following a recent elective medical procedure.

National security Advisor Jake Sullivan and other senior White House aide reportedly did not learn of Austin’s hospitalization until Thursday, and Biden was informed for several days. Ridiculous. Austin issued a statement expressing gratitude for the medical care he received, acknowledging the need for better communication. But we haven’t seen Hyde nor hair of him. Here’s another report. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin hiding his hospitalization from Biden others rocks Washington remaining in collective shock as more information coming out about his having been admitted to the intensive care unit for Dave, but failing to disclose it to the president.

It’s not as though the secretary of defense isn’t accompanied by aides and associates and in constant communication with his military and the rank in file. He must, of necessity. Senator Tom Cotton is pretty upset about this. Observing Austin is a key link in the nuclear chain of command. The secretary of defense is a key link in the chain of command between the president and uniform military, including the nuclear chain of command.

When the weightiest of decision must be made, there must be consequences for this shocking breakdown. Let me just add, Scott, they’re biting the bullet on this, claiming he’d have this medical procedure because the actual truth is so much more embarrassing and humiliating. Here’s an interesting, let me say something. First of all, okay, first of all, when I was in the Bush administration, I was in the presidential administration, and I remember Don Rumsfeld had a security detail with him at all times.

I was at the Pentagon. I was given presentations. But this particular thing really was emphasized. When was I? I was up around the middle Washington. Between Dupont Circle. Yeah, the Dupont circle area. It’s a nice, fashionable area. It’s like Beverly Hills. And here I’m with a budy of mine who’s an attorney with the administration, and we’re walking, going to a bar or something, and here I see Donald Rumsfeld.

Donald Rumsfeld strolling through Georgetown with his wife. And I said, hey, Secretary Rumsfeld. And he kind of looks over at me, and I was part of it. Next thing I know, four seal guys, seal soldiers or special forces or so come out with their khakis on and their hats, and they’re looking at me. So he always had a security detail, always with him. And those soldiers are accountable to their commander.

They’re like secret service, but they’re not secret service, they’re military detailed. So the secretary of defense, at all times in his leisure, strolling with his wife, if he’s going to or fro anywhere, even at his house, when he beds down and go to sleep, he has military guards with him 24/7 so a guard guarding Lloyd Austin would have a commander, a colonel. It would be a colonel saying, and usually they’re all enlisted, so they’ll be sergeants or master sergeants.

They will have a chain of command. So at no point, it is absolutely impossible. Was Lloyd Austin ever alone. He always had a security detail. So I’m just saying that as a matter of protocol, of how the SeC death is always covered. So this story about him just kind of know, wiggling his nose like bewitched and then winding up in Walter Reed is absolute fantasy and doesn’t follow the process protocols of DC.

And I just wanted to put that in there because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it firsthand, Scott. I agree 100%. And it’s the absurdity of this story that reinforces the conclusion that he actually died in Kiev as a result of this attack. Now, this is a rather interesting report suggesting he may have been wounded, but the fact of the matter is, I’m convinced he is dead. Hello, my dear friends, you’re on the military summary channel.

And today we will discuss the situation in Ukraine on the 9 January of 2024. Today we have a lot of very interesting updates, details, interesting geolocations. So let’s start. And first, we’re going to talk about the United States of America, to be more precise, about the very interesting piece of news we got from the Washington. And the news is about the Lloyd Austin, the minister of defense of United States of America, Lloyd Austin will be fired for misleading and withholding information from Congress and the White House about his health.

He hid that he was fighting cancer. Speaker of the US House of Representative Johnson so you might say what is the connection of the situation with Lloyd Austin? Of course, we wish him to recover as soon as possible, if it possible, of course, and long living for him and so on. But you may ask what is the connection of the health with Lloyd Austin and the situation in Ukraine? And I’ll tell you, and I’ll explain to you everything.

First of all, you need to understand, and you know, as I know, we know, everybody knows that there are no NATO and officers on the territory of Ukraine. It’s official position of NATO countries. It’s official position of United States of America. And if someone visits Ukraine and something like this, of course it’s like official trip. There is official documents for this and so on. But everybody knows that there are a lot of western officers and NATO officers in the interior of Ukraine.

At least the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported lots of times before that as a result of this or that strike of Kinjal or Iskander or any other type of weapon, they managed to destroy another base, some basements or some barrack with NATO officers that hundreds and thousands of NATO officers were killed as a result of another strike or something like this. We had this report a lot of time in the past from the Ministry of Defense.

But how does it work? NATO says that there is no NATO officers. The Russians are saying that almost every month they manage to get this or that one. And important thing is not about the situation. We don’t know who is lying, who’s telling the truth. The most important is if somehow another NATO officer enter Ukraine and he was hit by the russian missile, what happens next? And you might find very interesting that if this officer is located in Ukraine or anyone else unofficially, and if somehow these or that russian missile or anyone’s missile managed to get him, there is a special group that start creating a legend.

Start creating a legend. And for example, if these or that NITA officers died, then we may find another car accident or let’s say we may find another heart attack or we might find another, let’s say, accident somewhere on the holidays as a result of this accident, this or that officer died or something like this. So anyway, the legend should be you need to explain why this or that general of NATO army died in this or that circumstances.

And so this is the situation. And now we are moving back to Lloyd Oyston because according to information we have, he disappeared from tvs on the 2 January. The 2 January, I’ll remind you, is the day when the Russians ended their massive missile strikes over the entire Ukraine, including Kinjal, Iskander and many other different types of missiles like of Hasirius and so on. And furthermore, I’ll remind you that the Russians, according to their report during those days, managed to get another base.

And at least as I remember, one deputy of general staff of Ukraine died as a result of another strike. And few, let’s say, bases with officers, NATO officers, also were destroyed. So very likely, I’m not saying that this is like complete truth, that we got this information somewhere from reliable sources or the Washing Post wrote about this. No, we don’t have this, but everything, it’s like a theory that very likely that Lloyd Osteen, during the, let’s say, new Year holidays, visited Ukraine, and it was an official visit.

Maybe they wanted to discuss something with Zelensky without some official documents and as a result of russian missile strike, as a revenge for Bilgar bombings, when Ukrainians were bombing Bilgart with cluster rounds, Austin may be wounded and he was transferred, of course, to United States of America. Maybe he’s a very poor condition because of his health, and this is the reason why he was already dismissed by the Congress.

And very likely that he’s going to have a lot of problems and very likely we’re not going to see Lloyd Austin anymore. Once again, I hope that all these talks I just provided is just wishful thinkings, or it’s just a theory. And from the other side, we wish Lloyd Austin to recover as soon as possible. Let me say, scott, what I think is going on now, he’s not just wounded, he’s dead, as you say.

I mean, the story is preposterous about him secretly secreting himself into the hospital. What happened in the case of Saddam, they were going to announce it on the mission accomplished event on the USS Lincoln off the coast of San Diego, when someone, and we believe it was Rumsfeld, realized that three presidents had signed executive orders against the assassination of foreign leaders. So if w announced it, then he’d be admitting he’d violated the law.

So they suppressed it. And it’s the reason the whole thing was fiasco. What they did was to find one of Saddam’s dub holes, claim they found him in a spider hole, put him on trial and hanged him. Now, I think they had an arrangement with him that they were going to have a platform there. He wasn’t actually going to be hung. But of course, they couldn’t run the risk of having him turn up somewhere.

Joe Viles, who was an australian photojournalist, observed that while Saddam had excellent teeth and an overbite, meaning his upper teeth extend ahead of his lower, the double had bad teeth and an underbite. It was not the same guy. I verified it. I got the ace of spades from the cards they had for all the iraqi leaders, and he had it exactly right. So they played a game with us, and I didn’t see where the international press ever picked up on it.

I believe now they’re combing through the military prisons, whatever, to try to find a Lloyd Austin lookalike. They might try to bomb him off. Hillary’s used six or eight body doubles. The president Biden isn’t the real Joe. He’s some pony’s got a different shape and size ahead. I think they’re temporarizing, Scott, to try to find a body double. But the fact that we’re not even seeing the know under these extreme circumstances tell me he is dead.

Well, he’s either dead in Ukraine, as you laid out, or he’s dead or dying in Walter Reed from cancer. That the Covid-19 shot has accelerated. But I don’t buy for a second that he’s sipping tea, recovering, and going to skip down to Congress and answer an impeachment hearing. We will never see Austin again. And he can’t just be in Walter Reed. He’s got to be dead in Kiev, Scott, because the stories they’re telling are so preposterous.

And the very idea, checking for an elective medical procedure and not notified the commander in chief or his deputy who was in Puerto Rico and had no idea. This is such. Well, see, utter nonsense again. He doesn’t inform anyone. His security detail that’s with him 24/7 reports to their senior officers. Where are you with chief? We’re in Georgetown, returning to the house every hour on the hour, the soldiers report status check.

And the status check would have. Or secdefs going into Walter Reed, there would have been a chain of custody of his exact whereabouts. That’s the job. That’s the job whether you want it or not. You have security details that are accountable to the Pentagon, not the chief of staff that watch him and report to their higher ups. So the whole thing is nonsense, Jim. You’re exactly right. And the fact that the US secretary of defense, no less, was in Kiev, where we’re not supposed to have any american forces, I mean, this is just so embarrassing, shameless.

And it shows the US is directly engaged in war with Russia, which we’ve been denying from the. I think. Let me just share. When I was over there in Donbass, it was told to me that, yes, Americans and Brits were on the ground and many officers, in fact, had been helicoptered out of mariupol and Avzostal because the Russians let them be helicoptered out. They did a trade for guys.

But of course, there are american and british and german officers on the ground, and the ukrainian prisoners were telling me they had been taken back to Britain and America before the 2022 invasion. So the Americans and the British were training up the Ukrainians to go to war against Russia. So, yes, we do have people in Ukraine. This whole thing, Jim, again, we are seeing politicians committing treason against the american public by lying to us, and they’re going to continue this lie.

That’s what’s so offensive. I don’t think any American has a doubt. We are in the absolute most deceitful time between people and government officials that we’ve ever been since the inception of this country. Scott. I agree 100%. Here’s another development of considerable hello. Namely, Israel is demanding the US wage war against Iran. It’s time for the US and its ally to bring down the iranian regime. This is so extraordinary, Scott, because Iran is one of the perhaps the greatest peace loving nation on earth.

Having not launched a war of aggression against any other state since 1775, it’s not enough for the US to simply send cash and weapons to Israel so it can wage war in Gaza, slaughtering Palestinians. Former israeli PM Natafi Bennet believed the US also has a responsibility to wage war on Iran in order to impose regime change on behalf of Israel. In an op ed for the Wall Street Journal, he attempted to make the case America has a duty to fight Israel’s war in order to bring down the iranian regime, which is at the center of most of the Middle east problems and much of global terror, he wrote.

Yet, inexplicably, almost nobody is touching it. It’s in fact, Israel is at the center of most of the Middle east problems and much in global terror. Israel, not Iran. For the past 45 years, the regime has been the source of endless war, terror and suffering throughout the world. I’ve come to realize that enough is enough. The evil empire of Iran must be brought down. If you substitute Israel, you’ve got it right.

Meanwhile, there are many examples in his op ed about things America can do better to please Israel. These things include empowering domestic opposition. He wants America to ensure Internet continuity during riots against a regime and to strengthen Iran’s enemies while increasing sanctions and economic pressure. Israel can’t and shouldn’t do this alone, he insists. Rather, the US needs to be leading the effort. This doesn’t require a full scale war, just as the demise of the Soviet Union didn’t result from total war.

Rather, the Soviet Union collapsed from internal rot coupled with external pressure applied by the US. But in fact, the Soviet Union situation was absolutely, categorically different than that of Iran. As you and I both know, Israel also previously convinced the US to assassinate general Qwasim Soleimani by supplying intel to us officials, painting Soleimani as an immediate threat. Just as with the Iraq debacle, Israel then proceeded to fail, backing up the effort.

Our special relationship with Israel is a completely one sided endeavor that’s isolating us from the entire world, wrote Chris Menahan for Information Liberation. He’s got it right. Meanwhile, Mike Whitney asked, is Uncle Sam being duped into fighting Israel’s war? This week’s drone strike on a senior Amos leader Sal Alruri in southern Beirut provides compelling evidence that Israel wants to expand the conflict behind its borders. In the last few weeks, Israel has assassinated deputy political leader in amass, Alaria’s senior advisor in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Sayyid Razi Musafi, and nearly a dozen senior iranian military officers at an airport in Damascus.

At the same time, Israel’s launched multiple and provoked airstrikes on Lebanon and Syria. All of these incitements suggest Israel is exploring ways to expand the hostilities beyond Gaza to plunge the entire region into war. Here’s Dr. Michael Schenck tweeting, come on. New York Times subheaders suggest a regional war could draw in the US like it’s being led versus leading. The DoD is very much green this moment. Don’t position it as responsive.

It’s very proactive. Here’s the article he’s talking about attack heightened fears of a wider war for the Middle east and US that could draw in the United States. Israeli provocations across the Middle east are an attempt to draw the US deeper into a region wide conflict. If Israel opens a two front or three front war with its enemies, as it is currently trying to do, and the United States will be forced to intervene on Israel’s behalf, increasing the probability Israel will emerge as the regional hegemon.

Except that I believe Israel’s going to go down. Here’s Amelia tweeting the fact that Israel feels so free to annihilate the palestinian people, while the world watches should terrify all of us. Got it right. Israel is doing its very best to trigger a regional war by bombing Lebanon and Iran left and right, presumably to get the US more involved in the fighting as some sort of Hail Mary.

But neither Lebanon nor Iran nor the US are taking the bait. Rights ar Bertrand Bertrand is right. Israel is trying to drag the US into a war of its own making. He’s also right saying that Iran and Hespal have shown great restraint and have resisted the temptation to retaliate. But how long will that last? After all, they can’t allow Israel to pummel them forever without responding in kind.

And they can’t simply roll over and pay dead either. Scott, your thoughts? Well, how this is going to unfold is the Israelis are. We all know the Israeli Gaza strike war, whatever you want to call it, was a false flag. It was orchestrated, it was planned. Israelis are in Hamas. This was not just a superior military strategy by Hamas. The Israelis knew this. They planned this. They’ve been planning to wipe out the Palestinians in Gaza.

This is how they do it. They create a false flag. There’s a small invasion, they let their operatives cut through the fence and they wait 7 hours, and then they send their apaches and their tanks to destroy every car in every house and say it was done by Hamas. They’re believing their own lies. The world doesn’t. So it started under a false flag. And their goal was, of course, to push out the people from Gaza so they could claim the natural gas in the Mediterranean, as well as build that bengurian canal from the Red Sea up to the Mediterranean and take all that land.

The israeli political media figures and academics are all saying, know, we need to kick out every palestinian and move them to Congo. All that is going to fail and it’s only going to result in the Middle east as a whole and arab nations as a whole descending upon Israel and then the US under the Biden administration this year, Jim, remember, they’re going to try and trigger a war so they can try and justify a draft, try and probably assassinate Biden and say it was done by the Iranians so they can move Gavin Newsom into Biden’s position.

He’s not going to live. Biden is not going to be the candidate. He is a dead man. They are going to kill him. They’re going to assassinate him and blame it on an iranian or a russian or a Trump supporter, but they’re going to remove him. And I think when you see Gavin Newsom or someone else replace Kamala Harris? Because remember, Kamala Harris is not a natural born citizen, so she could be challenged and not be the president.

So when you see that movement, which will probably happen in the next six months, you’re going to see war trigger a Gulf of Tonkin military mobilization, probably in April, May, June. So that’s when they plan on a shooting war against Ron is April, May June. And they’ll have to pretend like Hezbollah. Iranian invaders are coming across the southern border, blowing up gas leaks in buildings, doing domestic terrorism.

They’re going to do all sorts of false flag attacks between now and May June, so they can do a kickoff in April, May June and then try and open up a bigger war and then of course, suspend the elections and do all sorts of other things. That’s what they’re gaming on. But again, I think it’s going to fail, but this year is going to be probably the bloodiest and most violent year America’s ever had.

Jim. I suspect you’re right about that, Scott, and it’s very disturbing. Meanwhile, Biden’s sea coalition sinks as allied jump ship amid the Houthi onslaught. The Biden admin much counted effort to corral a coalition to safeguard the siege from missile and drone attacks by the houthi militia in Yemen as hit rough waters. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had grandly introduced the Operation Prosperity Guardian during a trip to the Middle east, proudly highlighting the alliance of several nations, including the UK, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, the Sicilians and Spain.

However, France, Italy and Spain have now withdrawn, opting to conduct patrols under the umbrella of NaTo or the European Union, ditching the US led coalition, leaving Biden red faced over the Red Sea. Who can muck up a coalition? Why Joe Biden, of course. Biden admin’s naval coalition warrant failed to deter more houthi attacks in the Red Sea. To make matters worse, there have been a whopping nine more attacks since the coalition’s inception.

Despite Austin’s stern warning for the militia ceased their irresponsible and dangerous behavior. These attacks have disrupted a significant portion of international shipping passing through the Red Sea, forcing shipping companies to seek alternative, longer and pricier routes. To add to the wound, us military has yet to take any direct action against the Houthis responsible for the attacks. While a Pentagon has been tight lipped about the specifics of the coalition’s operations, they’ve tried to reassure the public by likening it to a highway patrol.

For globally shipping and mariners in the region, there are signed zones, bans from the Suez to the Gulf of Aidan, covering a distance akin to traveling from Boston to Washington DC. If that weren’t enough, the assaults aren’t isolated. They’ve occurred alongside attacks by Iran, back groups on us forces in Iraq and Syria. But the Biden admin has displayed a level of reluctance in responding aggressively with just a few retaliatory strikes and refraining entirely from engaging the Houthis.

And I believe, Scott, that’s at the request of Saudi Arabia, which has negotiated a treaty that gives US Saudis control of south of Yemen, which has all the oil. Granting the Houthis the north but were attacked on the Houthis might prompt them to take out the oil refineries in Saudi Arabia and create a calamity and unbelievably massive oil crisis for the west. Meanwhile, why hasn’t US secured the Red Sea shipping routes? Could it be because us oil experts have increased by 1.

37 million barrels a day since Ahuthis began these attacks? Ryan Chiboli of Health Impact News reports. What’s going on here? He speculated in an earlier article, the Red Sea shipping disruption might actually benefit the United States, which could be a reason why the US has not taken much action. It appears I was correct, as it was reported today, that us petroleum efforts have climbed by 1. 37 million barrels a day since Ahuthi’s attacks in the Red Sea began.

The report shows surprisingly large weekly increases in gas and distillate supplies, contributing to losses for energy futures on Thursday, benefiting the United States. Indeed, there’s been a weekly jump in us petroleum exports, which climbed by 1. 37 million barrels a day to 5. 292 million a day for the week ending December 29. For the first time since Houthi’s yemeni rebels started to attack international shipping. We’re seeing a spike in us exports.

Will this news finally wake up european countries to the fact that the US activities are damaging their economies while the US prospers? The US Russia war literally turned off the pipeline to Europe’s cheapest natural gas sources from Russia, including blowing up one of the pipelines, which greatly benefited the US, as they are now the world’s largest exposure of natural gas at four to five times what the Europeans would have paid for russian gas.

There’s also ample evidence that the israeli Hamas war is first and foremost a war about natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean off the coast of Gaza. Is the israeli palestinian war really a religious war or war to control petroleum and gas in the Middle East? Scott, as you know, the Rand corporation had a document written before the Ukraine war, showing how the US planned the european energy crisis and economic collapse to save the american economy.

Your thoughts, my friend? Well, that’s right. I know the Rand Corporation and their products. And I was there in 2008 when they were planning the Arab Spring, when the Rand Corporation had an event and I was there and a whole bunch of other people were there. And they betrayed the Syrians by talking democracy and openness, and they sprung the trap. And the whole color revolution and Arab Spring was part of that.

So now the Iran corporation and DoD, they’ve been studying this for decades, since 1979, and they are going to, I think, try and keep their control of the Middle east. But see, the thing is, Jim, all of the Middle east regimes, all of these political leaders are putting their finger in the wind, and the wind has changed, and it is not blowing in the favorable direction of America.

It’s blowing to keep America out. And the people of every country in the Middle east wants America out. Iraq wants America out. They’re doing everything other than waging war against America. In fact, in many ways they are. But Iraq is trying to kick the american base out of their country. And of course, Syria and the same thing. CENTCOM in Qatar. This is the thing. If they pick a fight with Iran, you’re not going to be fighting just Iran.

It’s Iran. And China and Russia, they will come to each other’s aid because now they realize if one of them falls, all of them will fall. So they will not allow anyone to fall. Russia will protect China. In Taiwan, it’ll protect the in the straits, as will China and North Korea. This is really the climactic axis of sovereign BRICs countries against this hegemon, which does the opposite. Besides creating peace and stability in the Middle east, it creates conflict.

And you know, the saddest thing is we still have liars in government and the people in this country are still so brainwashed that they don’t even question Jim. Oh, Scott, I couldn’t agree more. Meanwhile, we have reflections on the israeli Hamas war. We have our jewish secretary of state traveling to Israel and other countries. Here are reflections about what he might be about what’s going on there. I listened to him today and he was suggesting that us and Israel have agreed that the path to security in the future is through diplomacy, but they continue to slaughter Palestinians.

That goes on unabated. Secretary Blinken’s in the region and he’s done this sort of pre tour now getting to Israel. What do you think he’s aiming to achieve when he sits down in particular with Netanyahu. Yeah. Well, I think our understanding is he’s had the Netanyahu meeting, and as you’d see individually, yov Galantz, who, the defence minister, and then Benny Gantz, who may well be the next prime minister when Netanyahu departs, which might not be too long.

And it’s interesting that he’s seen the war cabinet, and then he’s seeing people separately, which indicates how split the war cabinet is. And what I think he’s trying to do is to impress on the war cabinet itself that America’s requirements in this war have got to be taken seriously. That is that the war in Gaza has got to be taken down a peg or two so that not so many civilian lives are lost.

And the Israelis have said that they’re changing the tempo, but there’s not a lot of indication of that so far. They look as if they may be changing in the north, but in the south, 35% of the territory now contains 90% of the population. Nice to see you. And the Israelis, if they’re going to control the Hamas tunnels, have got to put boots on the ground inside that 35%.

So this is going to get a lot harder before it gets easier. And I think he’ll be making the point to them that we, the Americans, who are your main backers, the people you really need in this, both diplomatically and militarily, we require a different tactics. And Netanyahu has always said, yes, we’ll change tactics, but he hasn’t done it yet. And clearly, Blinken has land in Israel, having gone to the rest of the region first.

High on the agenda for that first part of the trip was trying to ensure that things don’t escalate. The fear for which is probably at its peak right now during this conflict. It’s achieving something of a peak. Yeah, I mean, because there are two or three areas. One is the Red Sea, which is a separate issue in itself. But the other one that’s most immediate, apart from the west bank, is southern Lebanon.

And the possibility of a much bigger war between Israel and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon is really quite high. And what we’re talking about is a sort of border zone. It’s about 18 miles into Lebanon, the Latani river, which runs almost right across the territory to the Galan Heights. And that area is supposed to be demilitarized, so Hezbollah are not supposed to be there. And what the Israelis are saying, what Galans, the defense minister, said last week, he said if the UN, there’s a unifill force there 10,000 people.

He said, if the UN can’t keep Hezbollar out of the area south of Latani river, we will. And that is, in a sense, is a threat to invade. And so in a funny sort of way, two weeks ago, the Americans were trying to persuade the Iranians to lean on Hezbollah not to take the crisis up to another level. Now the Americans seem to be leaning on Israel not to take the crisis up to another level by leaving it alone.

Has the rhetoric or the support that the US is giving in the region changed or escalated with any of this recent developments, or is it still quite focused on the Red Sea and very focused on what they’re doing in the Red Sea? It is. I mean, behind the scenes, the Americans are leaning on everyone as best they can, and they’re certainly leaning on Iran to say, we know that you don’t want to escalate, so you need to control all the militias that you’ve got dotted around the Levant, and they’ve got lots of them.

The IRGC, the Iranian Revolutionary guard corps are very malign, and they’re everywhere in that area. So the Americans are leaning hard behind the scenes on Iran, but they’re leaning more publicly on Israel, trying to say, well, we support Israel, but we urge them to be more cautious and to be much more caring about the civilians that are trapped in the Gaza Strip itself. But the fact is that american leverage in the region is not a shadow, or it’s only a shadow of what it was a few years ago.

And this has been an object lesson, really, in the decline, not the absolute loss, but the decline in american influence across the whole region. I think that’s right, Scott. The decline of american influence across the whole region and indeed worldwide. Your thoughts? Well, I want to make it very simple. If, Jim, if you saw, and if anyone watching, saw outside their window, in their backyard or front yard, some guy that they knew, a neighbor that they thought know kind of normal, but now was in the front yard, and he was having facial ticks, and he was talking to himself and he was kind of slapping himself, and he was throwing rocks at the dog, and he was acting like a lunatic, acting like a maniac.

The people in the house would not go out and confront him. They would just make sure he couldn’t come into their house, putting aside calling the police and all that stuff. But if you saw someone out in your front yard behaving that way like a scary lunatic, you would most importantly lock your doors and keep an eye on him. That’s what the Middle east is doing to the United States, because the United States has become a raving lunatic that cuts off the penises of their little boys and the breasts of their little girls with wokism lgbt homosexuality.

It rapes little girls. The Epstein island files are showing. It blows up the Nordstream two pipeline to cripple its allies and friends to make them slaves. Dependent on the west for energy. It creates a money laundering, human trafficking, organ harvesting center in Ukraine with biochemical labs that may overwhelmingly prove the Covid-19 flu, cold, whatever they call it, came out of their experiments that are linked to the globalists and all sorts of things I could go on and on that destroyed Afghanistan, destroyed Iraq, destroyed Syria, so Iran and Lebanon and Russia and Syria and Africa and all of the Brics countries, and in fact, the Europeans, they’re all watching America, and we’re behaving like a lunatic because we’re sort of the siamese twin of the lunatic netanyahu.

So I predict the rest of the countries in the area are going to disassociate with the Americans. They may even pull their ambassadors, pull their consulates slowly. They’re going to slowly divorce themselves from the dollar. That may collapse not in the next month or two or three, but I think it will collapse in the next six months. But the whole world is distancing itself from America because they know they can never trust this person again.

This person again. Facial ticks, doing all sorts of crazy things until there is a complete brain change. These countries and political regimes, I don’t think, are going to want to have anything to do with America because of the terrible behaviors and actions that we’ve done that are now all coming back to roost. This genocide against the Palestinians, seeing little girls, little boys of one year old with their eyes burned out to see Indians coming in to be part of the jewish israeli zionist army, these indian Hindus shooting into tents where Palestinians are with demonic celebration.

This is a paradigm shift. This is the pivot point where America and Israel and those who go and support them are completely losing all their humanity. Jim? Oh, Scott, I agree completely. And it appears the Indians want to use what Israel is doing to the Palestinians as a template for what they want to do to Kashmir, that they want to slaughter Kashmir just the way the Israelis are slaughtering the Palestinians.

It’s all Rivik, Scott. India, Pakistan are going to be at ODS over this. And we have the great muslim nations of the world where there are over 2 billion Muslims, and the arab countries are all completely enraged by what’s been happening here. I do not see this ending happily for Israel, nor for Bibi Netna, who you notice there. He looked ten years older than in the past. He looked defeated.

He looked worn out. He looked exhausted. And I anticipate his future may even be at the end of a rope. No, I think you’re right. I think there’s increasing evidence that this is going to blow back. We haven’t even seen the muslim nations sending their people on religious jihad, sending their people on know, like the crusades into Israel to fight against the persecution of these people. Yemenis, there’s Yemenis going, you’ve got Somalis.

You’re going to have every muslim from every country descending into Israel to fight a guerrilla war. That’s when things get really ugly and not to mention what’s going to happen in other parts. So I think we’re just going to have to watch and see. But I think the Lloyd Austin thing and all of this stuff that’s happening, we’ll know in the next week or two how they try and spin it.

But I agree with your assessment. I think this is catastrophic for Biden because it exposes the whole thing as a fraud and a charade. They’re eventually going to have to admit that Austin actually died in know. But Biden, as you mentioned before, has been threatening that if we don’t send more money to Ukraine or american boys, we have to fight the Russians. Complete nonsense. SCoTT but that’s what he’s been dishing out in terms of his foreign policy.

And it’s all a sham and a fraud and a pack of the whole world, I think, is really appalled by what’s happened to the United States. It’s turned into a clown show. America is a joke. We’re not even respected internationally. Instead, we are despised and reviled along with our gallant ally in the Middle East, Israel. I do not see any clear path to restore America’s standing in the community of nations after what we have done here.

Scott no, I don’t think it’s possible, Jim. The only thing that could make it possible is if there’s a complete revolution in this country. And I don’t say it in any form of political motivation. I say it from a political scientist, political theorist point of view. This country, unfortunately, we have become so saturated and toxic that there really needs to be a forest fire to burn it all down, in a sense, and I don’t mean burning down cities or Washington or physical architecture, but I mean, there has to be a revolution or a civil war or an uprising or a cleansing to burn down all of this toxicity, this garbage, this weaponization of government that has corrupted our constitution and our country.

Look at what let me add one further story. Biden admin achieves Obama’s goal to fundamentally transform America. Acting on Barack Obama’s orders, Joe Biden has achieved the following sponsored the invasion of our southern border resulting in millions of migrants flooding the country. Expanded the power the federal government by vast increase in spending weaponizing law enforcement in courts destroying individual rights cause economic turmoil leading to bankruptcy by attacking the use of fossil fuels resulting in inflation undermine the military by Covid mandates and promoting mochism across the board encourage lawlessness by ignoring violent crime and the importation of dangerous drugs.

Help simulate a cris of hopelessness by failing on every front resulting in the highest rate of suicide ever projected weakness worldwide helping our enemies gain ground in their continuous effort to destroy a sponsored a fool’s errand in Ukraine dithered in the wake of October 7. Divided the nation at every turn, excuse his son even as he castigated others as immoral. Destroyed trust at Omen abroad and lied over and over to the american people.

What did we miss? Scott, the last line. This is the new normal. Bullshit. This is not the new normal. The people have been pushed like a rubber band stretching and they’re about to snap back. They’re not going to accept this as a new normal. They’re going to push it off, burn it down, and they will grow the new normal according to traditions and customs and their religious instincts, their entire genetic familiar value system.

That’s what we’ve lost. We’ve overthrown the values and the moral traditions, the character of this country that 100 years has developed. Biden and the abomination has tried to destroy it. I don’t think it’s going to last. I think you’re going to have a civil war, revolutionary war in some way, shape or form. I don’t mean armies under Washington, I don’t mean any of that. But I do see counties rising up, overthrowing every form of federal authority and federal despotism.

And again, this is because the people are seeing despotism and tyranny and invasion. By invading this country with foreigners, Biden is committing treason. So I think people are going to come to these conclusions and they’re going to take action to overthrow and cleanse this country. And that’s where it could get very bloody, very fiery. But I just don’t see any other way coming, Jim, other than revolution, because the Biden administration and their democrats are hell bent on throwing every traditional, conservative, heterosexual Republican Christian into jail like they did j six.

That’s what the Democrats want. And they’re bringing in mud people from third world countries to try and demographically overthrow this country. They’ve got George Soros prosecutors to not prosecute any third world invader that comes into this country that perhaps steals someone’s house, kills everybody inside. No, they won’t prosecute that person, but they will prosecute someone who tries to defend themselves. That is the tick. Jim, when that happens, when you have prosecutors prosecute people for defending themselves against invasion, you know, the prosecutors are now traitors.

And again, civil war kicks in in one shape or form. Jim oh, Scott, I couldn’t agree more. And it’s just a shame the extent to which America, the Congress in particular, is under zionist control. If you envision bb net, yeah, who is our commander in chief? Using America as a resource to fight wars for Israel and at the same time, George Soros as our domestic president, opening the borders, promoting lawlessness, destroying our judicial system.

Then you have a pretty good understanding of what’s going on in the USA today, sad to say. It is indeed. But we will continue to fight on. Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say rejoice. This is the day the Lord hath made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it. That is what we’re called to do, to rejoice and know that our eternal destiny is in heaven, not this world, but we are to occupy till he comes.

And what does the Lord require of thee but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God, doing justly is affirming your constitution, affirming your property lines, affirming your boundaries, the divisions of your county, your state, your nation, and opposing evil. And all evil is that which is seeking to destroy our constitution and our country. So this is the time for people to rise up, become trained, become educated, become smart, and always be men of peace.

Always be above board so no accusations can ever be thrown at you. And never fall into the trap of these false flag terrorist setups that the FBI are notorious at. We must be about our father’s business. We must be above reproach. So we will see where it goes. Jim, it’s always great to have you on. Thank you for joining us in globalfreedomtv. com. We will see you again next week.

God bless you. Good night. Our channel. .

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