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➡ The And We Know channel discusses various topics, including their belief that the 2020 election was manipulated, their slow internet connection, and their plans to host a cruise where they’ll answer deeper questions. They also mention their views on President Trump’s role in the country and share a commercial mocking Nikki Haley. The speaker then shares a humorous video about Joe Biden and discusses a Colorado secretary of state’s comments on Trump’s potential re-election.
➡ The text discusses concerns about democracy and voting rights, the promotion of a medical emergency kit by a wellness company, and a claim by a congressional candidate in Ohio about the FBI’s involvement in the January 6th insurrection. The candidate alleges that he was part of an FBI program to infiltrate and radicalize organizations, and that such agents were present during the Capitol riot. The text also mentions a video analysis of the riot, suggesting it was staged, and a call for support for the video’s creator.
➡ This text talks about a man named Derek who was secretly working for the FBI since 2017, gathering information from within organizations and helping to plan their actions. He stopped working in 2020 but was asked to join again in December. He has evidence and is now being forced to share information about his work and the events of January 6. The text also discusses political issues, including a call for President Biden’s removal, criticism of Trump supporters, and a $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.
➡ The text discusses various issues in America such as open borders, inflation, and debt problems. It criticizes the current administration and suggests a need for change. The author also mentions a website they’ve created and merchandise they sell. Lastly, they analyze the symbolism in a Super Bowl halftime show, suggesting it has satanic elements.
➡ This text suggests that celebrities like Alicia Keys and others are often portrayed in a way that references biblical figures, specifically the “whore of Babylon”. It also implies that these celebrities are part of a larger, hidden system that uses symbols and signs. The text also discusses various Super Bowl events and commercials, suggesting they have hidden meanings or agendas. Lastly, it introduces a theory that some celebrities who were thought to be dead are actually alive and in hiding, and that this will be revealed in 2024.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including a controversial play in a football game, concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine, economic instability, and perceived corruption in politics. It also mentions a video about the impact of societal issues on children and criticizes the entertainment industry for promoting harmful messages.
➡ The speaker is expressing concern about changes in society, particularly in relation to gender-affirming care for young children and perceived disrespect towards religious beliefs. They are hopeful for change in the upcoming election and encourage prayer for guidance and protection. They also mention dissatisfaction with current political situations, including unpaid debts and the handling of the 2020 election. They urge people to stay aware and involved.


You american people are awake to it. They’re starting to see what’s real. They saw what happened to the algorithms the second the musk thing was announced. They saw the engagement that they’re getting on social, and they realize that they’ve been in a rigged game. You got 40 billion that is unpaid for, and you want to sit here and lecture this body about what we’re going to do or not do about sitting alongside Ukraine? I believe they’re trying to create a situation in America where cities are burning and people are talking about anything except the election of 2020, which was stolen under my predecessor, the great maggot king.

Well, folks, my Internet is super slow and moving to and fro each day, so hoping to get time when I do have an ability to upload, I’ll get it out to you. Okay? The quality is not going to be the same either. But hang in there, all right? We will look into the satanic Super bowl comms, how the rituals work there, and more later on. On this video, President Trump continues to tell us how it all plays out with Obama.

The mocking of Jesus continues in the world. The mainstream media is working overtime to stop our growth and more. It is just getting better every day. Let’s get into it. Until you’re wiping children. I’ll be sailing this year. It’s going to rain. Better get on board. Get on board. And that’s the Isaacs. We’re going to have them August 11 through the 18th, 2024. Folks, you can go to our website, amwinow.

com, and sign up for the cruise. I just want to give you some info. I just wanted to let you know, when I run into folks and we have conversations, they ask me a lot of questions that I don’t share on videos. I always say, hey, these are things that I just won’t put out there on the video world. It’s just too much, too deep, too much that I won’t be able to get into.

And I’m going to be doing that on the ship. I’m going to be answering those questions that are a lot deeper. I mean, it happens a lot. I thought, you know what? Let folks know. You’re going to enjoy that. Also going to share a lot more things about my life and family that I did not put in the book and more. And we’re going to have a good time together.

So I’m hoping that you guys come out together, hang out with fellow patriots and believers, especially in everything that’s been going on lately. Go and sign up, would you? And join us. We are looking forward to having you first. Wanted to start out with President Trump in his speech. And we’re going to show a really cool commercial. Saved America from yet another horrific Biden betrayal disaster. I don’t think he knows what the hell he’s doing anyway.

I always say by the people that surround him or by, sometimes I’ll interchange. I’ll say by Barack Hussein Obama. Barack. But every time I say that, the fake news. Oh, that’s a lot of fake news back there. The fake news. Every time I say it, anytime I want to have a little fun, governor, we have fun sometimes, even though the country is going to hell, we have to have a little bit of fun.

But every time I interchange Barack Hussein Obama, remember Rush Lumba? He’d go, Barack Hussein Obama. I wonder what he was getting at. But every time I do interchanging, we do a little interchanging. They say he doesn’t know who the president is. He thinks it’s Barack Obama. I say, no, no. But I think Barack Obama has a lot to do with running the country right now, and we can’t let that happen.

It has a lot to do with it. The other day, got caught. I do the invitation where Biden can’t find his way off the stage. Right? He can’t find the stairs. Well, right there, I got one. I have two, I got three. And I could jump off the back or off the front if we had to. Right? So I do the invitation. It’s just fun. I say, this guy can’t put two sentences together.

He can’t even find his way off the stage. And then I go, watch, I’ll imitate him and I go like this. Do you ever notice he always goes, he starts off, good because he’s pointing at the stairs. And then after that, he’s like, and then he turns around. And in Nevada, where we did so well, we had a wall in the back. We don’t have a wall here.

We have great people as opposed to a wall. I like people better than. But we had a wall. And I walked back to the wall. Where are, and then I came back and we had a great, and we did a very good speech. They said he was unable to find his way off the stage. You know why? Because they’re among the most dishonest people you’ll ever see. That’s right.

The most dishonest people you ever see. It’s good to see him having a good time. I think Barack Obama has a lot to do with running the country right now. He’s letting you know the truth right there in front of everyone so they understand how it all plays out. It’s good to have that humor added to everything. I mean, we needed all the stuff that we’ve been going through.

And I wanted to show you this commercial. Watch the campaign ad wars. Nikki Haley team calls Trump a chicken. Okay, so I’m going to play that first. And here we go. So they say Donald Trump is a chicken. He won’t debate Nikki Haley. This is Nikki Haley’s commercial. Too old and unfit question mark? Or just unhinged and afraid? We don’t know. This is Nikki Haley’s commercial. But one thing we do know, SFA fund, Inc.

Is responsible for the Donald Trump is chicken is what they say. Now here’s Trump’s. So let me back up just a little bit so I can read it for those listening. And Nikki Haley says she wants to debate Donald Trump. What’s the point? She lost Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, to none of the above. Now she’s sinking in the polls, Trump crushing Haley in her home state. We all know how this ends.

Stick a fork in Nikki Haley. She’s done. And that basically turned into fried chicken. Trump make America great. Oh, let’s see. Do we have any more humor or should I just hold it for later? Should I hold it for later? How about one with Biden? This is fantastic. The weekend at Biden’s. Just, let’s keep it going just a little bit longer and then we’ll get into more info.

Okay, so let me get this straight. Less than a month to election day, and this is our candidate. Yep. So for those listening, get them elected, and then we can do whatever we want. Stop it. Stop it. This fall, get ready for a presidential candidate unlike any other. I think we’re good. I not good. Yvonne Baden Hunter hai chianzamina weekend at fight. How long do we have to keep this up? November 3.

Oh, so good. How long do we keep this weekend at Bernie’s? I mean, Biden’s up and they’re dancing them around the donkey and Bernie production. Way to go. I mean, just folks using their talents to get information out. And it’s just great to see the gifted out there, especially bringing humor to all of us as we just go crazy over every piece of information that comes out day after day, especially when the mainstream media is pushing out their stuff like, well, let’s see.

Jenna Grinswald, she’s the Democrat Colorado secretary of state. Be suppressive for President Trump to remain on a ballot. Remember, she’s just freaking out. She has a meltdown because the Supreme Court is going to let the people decide who should become the next president. Pay attention to her amount of crazy emanating from the eyes. Why is she so afraid on MSDNC? Truly, I think it’s a surprising, almost borderline shocking question that the justices are indicating that they’re looking at political outcomes in interpreting the Constitution.

It also shows a misunderstanding about how elections work. There are oftentimes in national elections, candidates who are on some states’ballots and not on other states, including in this presidential primary. He has a lot to be accountable for. Donald Trump acts like a mob boss. He acts like he’s above the law, above the constitution, and has the gall to lie to the Supreme Court about his role in the insurrection.

Make no mistake, we are only here having this conversation. We were only at the United States Supreme Court because Donald Trump lost. He did not accept that result and incited a violent mob, sent congresspeople running for their lives, had supporters, rioters storm the Capitol, some with the intention of hanging his own vice president to steal the 2020 election. And it was just part of his plot. I think Donald Trump has quite a bit to be accountable to, and section three of the 14th amendment is in the constitution for this exact scenario.

It underlines that insurrectionists are dangerous when they’re in office, that if they gain office again, they are able to destroy democracy from within. So I do hope that the Supreme Court justices understand the bigger picture. I do hope that they’re thinking about what a second Trump term would look like, the effect of what that would have on our democracy. But ultimately, this is not a Supreme Court that has been friendly to voting rights or democracy.

And it will be very likely up to the american people this November to stop insurrectionists and protect our democracy. Colorado, that is just sickening. Almost looks like a know we’ve been talking about that and showing some robotic figures that look pretty much human. And you’re just wondering what is going on with these people. If she is human, is she possessed? I don’t know, but they have lost their mind.

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Running to be your next congressman in Ohio’s second congressional district, I’m about to share with you some information that I feel the american people deserves to know. It’s not a video that I wanted to make at first. In fact, it’s something that I still don’t really want to have to share with you. However, I must say, the american people deserve to know the truth, and therefore, I am sharing this video with you.

So, guys, this is a video that Scotty grabbed and put onto his film. Pretty interesting because he’s basically stating that he’s been a part of the j six. He was asked to be a part of the j six insurrection. Okay, MJ Truth Ultra said, must read. Don’t just watch the Ohio candidate Derek Myers, blows the lid off of a secret FBI program involved with January 6 to infiltrate and radicalize protesters.

Says I could tell you 100%, definitely. Without a doubt, there were indeed undercover human assets and plain clothed FBI agents inside the crowd on January 6. Let’s go ahead and go back to this and just play a little bit. I wanted to tell the truth about our federal government. It was strongly advised that I not come public about that because it could hurt my campaign, it could hurt my polling numbers, and may cost me the election.

More importantly, my base would possibly be upset with me, with the fact that I’m about to share the information with you that I’m about to share. Many people have asked, is January 6 a setup? Were there undercover FBI agents or human assets inside the crowd of protesters at the Capitol on January 6, 2021? And did those FBI agents or undercover human assets work to radicalize other protesters in order to storm the Capitol.

I can tell you 100%, definitively, without a doubt that there were indeed undercover human assets and plain clothes FBI agents inside the crowd on January 6, 2021. I know this because I was the member of a program and recruited by the FBI to take part in such events. I was recruited in 2017 to be part of the FBI’s program known as confidential human assets for what we call field operatives.

Essentially, as a field operative, it is our job to infiltrate organizations that are radicalized, gather information and intelligence, find out their next moves, take that information to the FBI, then go back to these organizations, help plan out what these organizations are going to do. Record that information, attend these events, attend these protests, and help radicalize them. Help get their aggression pent up, make them more angry, make them more upset.

So that way, the aggression would turn violent as a result of our antagonistic ways of angering these people. Now, you might wonder why, believe me. I mean, after all, this is a guy who’s running for office. This is a person who has made national headlines before. When 2020 came around, I was deactivated. I was no longer a member of the program. However, in December of 2020, I was approached by a member of the FBI asking me if I was interested in being reactivated for an assignment in Washington, DC that would be taking place in January.

I now have since learned that that assignment that was being solicited to me was the stop the steel rally, or what some has known as the January 6 insurrection. So when the people ask today, were there undercover FBI agents or confidential human assets working on behalf of the FBI? Inside the rally on stop to steal on January 6, 2021, I’m Derek Myers, and I’m here to tell you that 100%, truthfully, definitively, yes.

That the FBI does indeed use confidential human informants and plain closed FBI agents to infiltrate protesters, and that, in fact, they were present on January 6. We already know this because we interviewed Woo’s news. And I tell you all the time about the work that he did on his video. Everything wrong with the capital rights in 889 angles. Act two. He’s actually working on act three. Now. I’m very proud of all of you that watched and went over and sent donations to his GoFundMe page, he writes, and he’s just amazed by the love of the people.

Then. We know when you guys donate, I’ve noticed a lot of you said sent from LT, an OC fan sending us help your way. We’re praying for you and whatever, and you guys are loving on someone who is actually going through a big battle right now spiritually. He sent me a note. He says at one point he feels like it’s positive, and the next thing, he feels like there’s evil coming after him.

Working on act three, so I ask all of you to pray for him, if you can, each day so he can have some clarity. And may he understand the love of Christ through all of us. It’s beautiful. So remember, as he was able to put this together, it took him two and a half years of research and work and grabbing video clips and basically destroying everything that the fed to try to create this fake insurrection and make it look like maga.

People are basically. They’re grabbing them and putting them in jail. We talked about this. We showed one wife whose husband was grabbed for seven and a half years, I believe, put away for simply walking in the Capitol. They used it as a means to destroy people’s lives. And here’s just a small clip from that. So after Karn does his little thriller dance, Bull turns to the right, and he nods.

And he bends down, and he just makes his way over to Korn. And he just stands there. And then he puts his arm around him. The story goes is that Korn is shot with the rubber bullet in the cheek, and it pisses bull off. So let’s see if it really happened. This is the impetus that Bull needs to get all riled up, because he’s our stunt guy. Now, let’s take a look at this blood.

Now, the color of this blood looks completely different than this. And the spatter here doesn’t really resemble a cheek wound. Got a bottle of peroxide in the back. And they’re going to get as much fake blood in this area as possible, and then they’re gonna trample through it. And now you see what we mean by dressing the set. So now Korn just nonchalantly spits the blood capsule into his bottle.

Now Melina enters. She just pours water onto the wound. Notice that Korn doesn’t even look to see who’s doing it. He just expects it. She’s the source of all this matter. Dressing the set. Don’t put water. You got caught. She dumps some more water on the blood, and now he squats so Samsung and Pudge can treat him. So if you’re wondering what that is, it’s wound sealer. And when they do these types of drills, they would treat this like a real wound and take a good look at it.

And this is what he’s going to look like later. Now he’s going to try to take it out. No, leave it in there. Just leave it in there. Listen to what Melina says. He needs a medic. I am the medic. She forgot she was the medic. Notice the radio. And unlike bigs, not for optics. Makes you wonder why they would have wound sealer and peroxide on them. Jesus.

Now, this footage was taken by data, and unfortunately, this is all we have to piece together. And all of the footage that people have, there’s cuts in it, with the exception of Jaden. Just checking in. Does this look real? Does that look real? Getting all the pictures. And this fake cop will call him Trapper. Notice his name plate is missing as he exaggerates a dramatic, muffled monologue. So all of this played out.

He covers it in extreme detail, showing that, of course, Smyers guy is right. They had to work on it for quite a while to make sure that the scene was set up perfectly. So, of course, he said, I could tell you 100%, definitely. Without a doubt, there was indeed undercover human assets and plain clothed FBI agents. Inside the crowd on January 6, Derek shared that he was recruited in 2017 to join the secret program known as confidential human assets.

The role of a confidential human asset. Infiltrate organizations, gather intel, find out next moves. Take the info to the FBI, go back to these organizations and help plan what these organizations would do and record information, help radicalize them. He’s deactivated in 2020, but asked to join again in 2020. December, Derek shared that he has a folder of evidence, some simple thoughts from MJ. Truth. He said that he was a confidential human asset since 2017.

This is during Donald Trump’s term. What other assignments did he work on during the 17 to 20? He must answer this question. This means he took part in sending other innocent people to jail between 2017 and 20. Tell us what you did, Derek Myers, with these new developments that came to light this week. You were going to find out anyway. I’m forced to share this information now. It sounds like he’s trying to get ahead of a story of something that’s going to come out, possibly about him, because he says, I am forced to share this now.

That, to me, means he would not have shared this otherwise. He’s forced to share it now. So let’s go back just to the end here. Ready? It’s truthful, and I want you to know that it is not to be misconstrued in other ways. That you will hear later this year means that are out of my control. The american people deserve to know the truth about their federal government, about the events that unfolded on January 6, and they deserve to know the truth about those who are involved.

I hope this brings some peace to some people. I hope to shed some light on the federal government, and I hope they are forced out with honesty to tell the truth now about the events that unfolded on January 6, about the events that are surrounded their secret program, and about the use of human assets, field operatives and undercover agents to radicalize organizations in order to make them more radicalized and aggressive.

So he’s forced to show it now. Every time we got information folks coming out, it just means more and more we’ve been telling the truth for years. Elon Musk sends puppy comms on Super Bowl Sunday. The fun begins directly after. We’ll make the Super bowl look like a puppy show interesting because there’s the puppies. They’re in the air. We’ll make all this stuff. Leading report former White House doctor Rep.

Ronnie Jackson said. We’re at the point now where they should be thinking about invoking the 25th amendment in response to special counsel hers report. Take Biden out. He’s going to be removed, Jackson said. We’ve been saying this for a long time. I’ve been saying this since before he actually became elected president, that this man is not cognitively fit to be our president. I said it would continue to get worse.

It has. All he does is validate what they said in the report, what we’ve all known for years now, he continued. President Trump said, from this point forward, are you listening, US Senate no money in the form of foreign aid should be given to any country unless it is done as a loan, not as to give away. So, folks, I don’t know if you know, but during the Super bowl, they passed a $95 billion, yeah, our tax dollar money to go to Ukraine, Israel and somewhere else.

I’ll show you that in a little bit later. It can be loaned on extraordinarily good terms, like no interest in an unlimited life, but a loan nonetheless. Nonetheless, the deal should be contingent, that the US is helping you as a nation. But if the country we are helping ever turns against us or strikes it rich sometime in the future, the loan will be paid off and the money returned to the United States.

We should never give money anymore without the hope of a payback or without strings attached. The United States of America should be stupid no longer. Also took across and met with Joe Biden’s rape victim Tara Reed, and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden while in Moscow. How about that? Looks like, some more big interviews are coming out. Pretty amazing stuff. Day after day, we keep waking up to more information.

All of the folks waking up day after day. And of course, even if you watch mainstream media, you’re realizing the hatred towards Trump is all they care about. Like Bob Costas says, mag is a cult, regardless of the legal merits. And as Bill said, it’s murky of any of these situations. The behavior itself, as Chris Christie said, leave aside what may be decided in the vagaries of constitutional interpretations or a given circumstance.

The behavior itself. Until pre Trump, we’d universally agree this behavior is abhorrent. We’ve wound up in this place, and unfortunately, the MAGA cult, which is a coalition of the brainless, and when it comes to fellow Republicans, the spineless. That coalition is not going away. They want, for the time being, Trump. If Biden stepped aside tomorrow, there wouldn’t be a bunch of democratic voters going, oh, please, please stop your friend Gavin Newsom.

Gavin Newsom, who’s a know, charismatic, and dynamic guy, but he’s being disingenuous when he makes an articulate case for Biden and then says, I just don’t understand why this hasn’t landed. Yes, you do, Gavin. Because Biden can’t utter one sentence of the five perfect paragraphs you just put together. Not only can he not make the case for himself, he cannot prosecute in the court of public opinion the case against Trump and what needs to happen here isn’t a narrow victory, which is the best Biden can hope for.

Trump and what he represents must be repudiated, not conservatism or republicanism. Magum must be repudiated. And Biden ain’t the man for that job. No one’s going to do that. Gavin Newsom is not going to do that either. How about that old costas? I think of him. I think of the Olympics, and yet he’s coming out, being used, puppeted out there to use his personality and war, to basically make fun of you and me, to go after us, to mock us, ridicule us, and then have the crowd clap and go crazy and get excited about his choice of words.

So attack the people who support President Trump, too. Another thing that was interesting that happened about Trump, Elon Musk even said, this is insane. JD Vance. Just a side note, JD Vance. I used to work with him in the Marine Corps when he was a young corporal. I just sent the below memo to every one of my republican colleagues in Congress. Buried in the bill’s text is an impeachment time bomb for the next Trump presidency if he tries to stop funding the war in Ukraine.

Yeah. So if he wants to go in there and say, we are not going to fund Ukraine anymore, well, guess what? They’re going to use this as an impeachment. It’s in there, they say. Background President Trump. It’s called the Ukraine supplemental. Includes a hidden impeachment clause against President Trump. Background President Trump was wrongfully impeached by the partisan Pelosi led House of Representatives on December 18, 2019. At the core of the impeachment was a pause on funds appropriated to Ukraine.

$391,000,000 in security assistance, 250,000,000 through the DoD. So as you go through this whole thing, they’re basically saying supplemental represents an attempt by the foreign policy deep state to stop President Trump from pursuing his desired policy. And if he does so anyways to provide grounds to impeach him, all republicans need to oppose this passage. Way to go, JD Vance. Proud of you for catching this because, oh, yeah, they want to pass their stuff just in.

US Senate passes $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. That’s right, Taiwan without border security provisions while most Americans are still asleep. That’s how they do it behind our backs. Play these games with us, and we’re just in shock day after day as our money is not going towards Maui or money’s not going towards those in Ohio, money’s not going to. Those that are in need.

On the streets of America are veterans, those who served. No, none of that. Just amazed that they can get by with this day after day. We’ve got open borders, record inflation, debt problems, two tier justice system, and of course, they’re playing along with this. Big Mike, 2024. Michelle Obama, many know as Big Mike, and they’re just lost to sauce. And Tucker brought this up. I think that the current administration is very obviously incompetent and the president is senile.

That’s not an attack. Everyone knows it. It has now been confirmed, I would say, this week in the report that you’re all familiar with, and that’s very sad, but it had sort of nothing to do with the interview. I wanted to interview Putin because he’s the leader of a country that the US government is sort of at war with, though not in a declared way. Yeah, that’s what you’re up against.

Incompetency. It’s being exposed at the highest levels. Many folks on the Democrat side are waking up. I think they’re realizing that this nation is lost. They’re not being taken care of. They’re giving money to illegal aliens that are coming into the country. They’re sending money off to other countries to help them. And I think they’re finally starting to realize, wait a minute, who’s really running this country? We need President Trump back.

Why? Because he held everybody accountable. Don’t worship the man. We just know accountability is coming in those different ways. How about no foreign aid until every homeless american has shelter? Says Kim Runner. Every u. S. Veteran’s taken care of, no american kid is hungry and every mentally ill citizen is looked after. How about that? Maybe Supreme Court might have some stuff coming in soon, too. I’ll show you that in a minute.

We’re at amwinode. com. Truth, hope, faith and freedom, folks. You can find our videos to rumble, to Twitter, our social media, Facebook handle, Instagram and more. It’s all there. It’s in the description box below, too. And we have a new site that we created for you called thepatriolite. com. Thepatriolite. com. It’s got home politics, world news, markets, faith, social news and resources. It’s like our very own drudge report on a truther level.

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And we just had a great time. When I revealed who I was, it was amazing. Great support. Love that folks are listening and they’re excited about what’s going on here. And it’s just all a testament from our heavenly father, that’s for sure. He’s doing a great work. And so I just encourage you to go out and grab the gear. Plenty of things like a backpack, hoodies, Heather Bay blue crew neck, sweatshirts, hats, you name it, folks, we’ve got it there.

Go check it out, please. Here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. A lot of things, but entertaining was not one of them. And if you’re finding this channel in this video because you saw some of the signs and symbols during the Illuminati’s halftime show ritual, which they put on every single year, I recommend you subscribe now and come along for the ride. My voice might sound familiar to you now.

Many people out there probably saw the performance and didn’t think anything of it because they’ve been trained to think that they literally need to see a blood sacrifice committed on the stage, something like Sam Smith did, where he’s literally dressing up as the devil for them to actually start thinking maybe it is a satanic ritual. But then again, even when those things occur, everybody out there just dismisses it.

Now, this is nothing more than a massive freemason occult ritual. So let’s start there, because all of this stuff can be tied into freemasonry, all of these occult practices. So as they go out and try to find information about the Super Bowls halftime show, we watched it because I’m always looking for the symbolism and what they’re trying to convey in this. I call it witchcraft spell performance that they do.

So I did see the checkerboard behind in black and white, the duality, the stuff that comes from inside those buildings. And I see the things that are posted on this video channel and more. And there was a quote here, that which we must say to the crowd is, we worship a God, but it is not the God that one adores without superstition. To you, sovereign grand inspectors general, we say this, that you may repeal it to the brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees.

The masonic religion should be, by all of us, initiates of the high degrees maintained in the purity of the luciferian doctrine. If Lucifer were not God, would adonai Jesus culminate, spread false and harmful statements about him? Yes, and they say Lucifer is God. And I’m going to show you some more ties to Satanism and Lucifer type of worship. You can see that when he comes on a circle there, Usher, he walks up there.

Well, it’s the same circle they use, of course, in witchcraft. And Usher has been tied to Marina Abramovich as a friend who, you know, she does spirit cooking and all types of evil. And then you’ve got, of course, wearing, you can see that bird or the phoenix worn on a shirt. We already know that the phoenix rising is symbolism, saying basically they want the new world order. The same phoenix that’s at the one World center in New York.

And you can see that they have this acrobat doing this basically movement with the back where it’s tilted completely over. Well, it’s the same as Jeffrey Dahmer’s basically cult, the Podesta family, who loved that. Jeffrey Dahmer basically did this to bodies, beheaded the bodies, and then they put a statue and they put it in their house, the podestas did well, they actually have it during the Super bowl.

It’s played right there and hopefully it’s kind of spinning now. It’s not working good because I guess the Internet’s acting up. I apologize. That’s the trouble I’ve been having here. But basically when you go through this entire thing, the halftime show, again, it’s in your face where they’re showing you over and over again their love for Satan. Well, how do you say that? Well, during the game, if any of you watch the game, they kept showing videos of ice spice.

I don’t know who icepice is. I only know now because gathered the information from others, they kept showing Taylor Swift with best friend Ice Spice during the Super bowl. They were constantly projecting satanism. That’s right. So if you look at the screen, you’ll notice that ice spice is wearing an ornament that I’ve got on the screen for you around the neck. It’s an upside down cross. Also big is the support of Balenciaga, we know, which is a satanic cult.

We’ve covered that in detail. And they deal a lot with the, in my opinion, trafficking from some of the research we’ve been doing. So I’m going to show you on your screen what she did when she was finally able to look up and realize, hey, I’m being watched. Maybe she had an earpiece in and they said, now do your thing. So she shows us a sign. Watch this.

There it is. See the satanic cult signs. See that looks up on the screen, says, I’m going to flash these. Basically all the witchcraft, the upside down cross, the hatred of our savior Christ. That’s what they do when they worship satan. That’s how they’re elevated to the levels that they’re elevated to. Let’s see, where else are they? Oh, let’s show the at Jack with satanist Jay Z and Beyonce wearing bitcoin satoshi shirt at the Super bowl.

They’re all satanists, all hanging out together. We know Jack definitely put that out there when he owned Twitter. He was putting out his satanic verses and more. So they had to show them, too. And also during this halftime show, Usher, in your face. This is a bodysuit mask. Jack Strauss says, well, Sandra trees had an opinion, usher, they feel a white hat working for the good guys, showing us that everything we see isn’t as it seems.

You can see the human like rubber body cover splitting open on his back. See that? You guys see the split splitting on the back here? Yeah, he ripped his shirt off and then turned around and boom, the body cover started splitting down the back. And you can see his real back underneath. Notice right after this happened, he ran off the stage. Trust the plan, folks. Well, as we go through, and I didn’t have to show you the Internet version.

But then, of course, they had to have more of this said. You know, they’re going to have to show red in there somewhere. Humbled by the appearance of the whore of Babylon. Now, I’m not just calling Alicia Keys that for no reason. Of course, I’m calling her that because they love to portray the whore of Babylon in her scarlet red all the time. And that’s what she was portraying here.

A giant curtain of red, right? Goes up. It’s a very occultish. You could feel that when you watch it and see it. And she’s in all reds with jewels. Right? We read about this, obviously, in the Bible. The whore of Babylon, who is decked out in Scarlet, who has pearls or precious stones. You can see the stones on the outfit. And they always do this. They just rotate people in to play this role right in front of our faces.

But they’re referencing end time scripture about mystery, Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. And many of us believe that we’re in it here in the United States of America. And other times we’ve seen it. We see Nicki Minaj at the Grammys dressed up as the horror of Babylon, along with the pope. Right? So Alicia Keys is obviously one of them. I’ve covered and broken Alicia Keys down many times.

You see her throwing up devil horns. You see her doing the all seeing eyes symbolism. Every single one of them who is famous is connected to this. Because you can see for a fact that they all use the same signs and symbols. They’re not just doing this because they are having. Alicia Keys doesn’t have a booger in her eye. So again, just exposing evil, because that’s what we’re supposed to do according to scripture.

Okay, so they’re being exposed. They come out on these stages. They show you the hell, right, the fire that was showing there. And then you get to this person that ran on stage with a guitar. And I like the take on this one side of the stage. And then we see some demon, I don’t know who it is, come out in the black and white masonic clothing as well.

Because the black and white duality, they always do. Of course, the hair is strategically done to make this person look like Lucifer. And they even go as far as to change the camera angle so we could see our little ads above. So below with our esoteric colors. And of course, the way her hair is done wasn’t because she was in the back and was like, you know, everybody’s going to be seeing the Super bowl today and nobody has a clue who I am.

So I probably should put my best performance out. Maybe I’ll put my hair like Pippi Longstocking. No, they put it like that. Strategically, she’s obviously paying homage to Lucifer. Look at this guitar colors as well. The red and black guitar with the black and white masonic colors. I mean, it’s just so obvious, right? So I put in the description box below for this entire video. Remember, Usher was at the Balenciaga show during Paris fashion week, October 2023 wearing all black.

And then you’ve got the symbolism with the triple six right here. See that? You got six here, six here, six here with the third finger, three sixes. So continuing on with the Super bowl, just wanted to show you some more. Hillary had to jump in. Congratulations to Taylor’s boyfriend and the entire Kansas City Chiefs community. Yeah, I’m just got to jump in there and support all of that.

And then you head over to Pfizer’s commercials, some different commercials that played. And I’m going to show you a couple of those. One of them was here tonight. I’m gonna have myself a real good time. I feel alive and the world driving inside out floating around in ecstasy. So don’t stop me now because I’m having a good time, having a good time. So without playing the whole thing, it’s 175 years of Pfizer.

It’s on your screen. If those are listening in, it’s basically showing you Pfizer commercial using the music from queen. I’m going to have a good time. And they have the Penicillin, Pfizer. And then they show you the all CNI fire. And then you continue to fast forward through and they show you one thing after another to make it look like it’s just a good time. Good time to have Pfizer.

Here’s to science. Here’s to the next fight, because there’s going to be another one. Let’s outdo cancer. Yeah. So they created the problem, then they go out and buy the company that runs the cancer stuff. So now their Pfizer is going to outdo yesterday. So they’re going to outdo cancer, the thing that they caused. Let’s see, what other kind of commercial did they play? Oh, yeah, this one here, this blasphemous trash was aired during the Super bowl.

It’s the perfect example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For one. The message at the end is correct. Jesus didn’t hate, he washed feet. But the interference that Jesus didn’t push back on sin and simply accepted everybody, no matter what they did, is wrong. So there’s a clear cut, racist psychological programming in this commercial. For, if you notice, out of the 12ft washers, nine are white. White kid washing a white man’s feet.

Hispanic cop washing black criminals feet. White girl washing asian girls feet. White man washing native Americans feet. White woman washing white girls feet. Outside of an abortion clinic. White girl washing white woman’s feet. White man washing asian girls feet. White woman washing hispanic girls feet. You guys get it? White priest washing gay black man’s feet. Black woman washing indian girls feet. So all of this peppy deluxe then brings this out for us to see.

Jude 117 through 19 in the Bible says, but beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ. How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the spirit. Why? Why did they have to put this commercial out showing the washing of feet? Are they working on a one world religion to just kind of use the scriptures and say, oh, we’re going to mix this all together and confuse those who belong to Christ so that they think, oh, look, there’s washing feet.

That’s in the Bible. It’s not done in the correct way, the way that it was done biblically, they’re mocking Christ. So in all of this, mocking all of the panic that’s playing out all around the earth, I thought you guys might want to see this little clip that came out. Maybe 900 plus celebs are in witness protection. George Michael, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Paul Walker. They’re coming back.

They are walking among us. They are all alive. The threat of the cabal is done. Let me talk to you. What if I told you everything you were told was a lie? People you thought were long gone are hiding in plain sight. 2024 is going to go down in history as the year of the great reveal. Not just a revelation of false prophets and pastors, as we’re starting to see, but a revelation of various celebrities who were presumed to be unalived, but instead went into hiding for fear they would be unalive.

Look, I get it. Your cognitive dissonance is going to make it extremely hard for some of you all to accept this. Therefore, you’re going to dismiss it as nothing more than fear mongering, cloud chasing, or fake news. It’s all good. I’ve been called word since I first started spreading truth in early 2021, and yet I’m still batting a thousand. So go figure. But knowing this will shake some of y’all to the core, I wanted to put this out now to at least somewhat prepare the doubters and skeptics for what’s to come.

Now, I’m not going to name any of the celebrities who will be unmasked in 2024 for obvious reasons, but either way, stick around. It’s going to be a doozy. So, could this year be the year where all of these celebs who supposedly died but are in witness protection were the ones that were able to reveal what was going on? With all the child trafficking and more, are we finally waking up to stuff like the Super bowl being rigged, children being trafficked, all of the things that they put in front of our face day in and day out, where we realize things aren’t what they say it is.

Check this out. The Super bowl was rigged. And at this point, you gotta be Ray Charles to not see it pay attention, because all homie had to do was fall on the ball. But nope, he knew the script. And the Chiefs fall on it and score a touchdown on the next play. But this game is far from over because this is where Vegas works its magic. The 49 ers then match with a touchdown to make it a three point game.

Watch actor Kelsey explode on the sideline like, bro, chill. You might even scare Taylor. The Chiefs then block the extra point because the NFL knows if they get it to overtime, it means just more money and more clout. Because this is all scripted, and the NFL manufactures idols and stars for the sheep to worship. And just like that, the wide receiver was left wide open for the game winner.

And the Chiefs go back to back. You don’t think it’s possible for them to do it again next year, though, right? Follow along and take advantage. I might join them if it’s their way. A lot of weird things with the Super bowl. What were the other things that I saw that were weird about the Super Bowl? I think I saw another one play out and I thought I had it for you.

Here it is explaining how this guy runs past him without tackling him. See that? Watch it in slow motion. He runs right at him, and then he just lets him go. He doesn’t reach his arm out, doesn’t dive after him or anything. This guy right here, all he had to do was dive, grab a hold of his feet, do what these pros are supposed to do. Look what he does.

He runs at him. All he has to do is wrap his arms around him and he just lets him go. See that. So trying to show folks some things that are pretty mysterious and you could say, well, you don’t know anything. You can write in the comments below that I’m crazy, whatever. I’m just showing you what people are sharing on social media. And there’s a lot of wake up coming.

There’s a lot of panic about these things. Even the entertainment industry is having a hard time dance. Cavino posts at 23 38. Well, if you go to 23 38, patriots fight. Thanks to grasshopper for putting this out once again. Then you see the 38 31 in those numbers. Well, that’s panic in DC. Buckle up. What’s significant about this Dan Scovino post is for us to read. People actually believe those responsible for the attempted coup attempt of a duly elected sitting us president will go unpunished into our constitutional republic.

No equal justice under the law, no accountability. Escape unscathed. Well, buckle up. Buckle up because it’s going to get real shaky. Folks are going to be held accountable. As a matter of fact, if you went to GBN people’s forum, the prime minister got called out there. Hi, Russia sunak. I’ve got so much to say, but such little time. My name is John Watt and I’m one of the COVID vaccine injured in this country.

I want you to look into my eyes, Russia. Soon I can. I want you to look at the pain, the trauma and the regret I have in my eyes. We have been left with no help at all. Not only am I in here, that’s vaccine injured. There’s another man over there whose life’s been ruined by that Covid-19 vaccine. I know people who have lost legs, amputations. I know people with heart conditions like myself, Rishi sunak.

Why have I had to set up a support group in Scotland to look after the people that have been affected by that Covid-19 vaccine? Why are the people who are in charge, who told us all to do the right thing, have left us all to rot and left me and the thousands and the tens of thousands in this country to rot? Brussels Sunak, look me in the eye.

When are you going to start to do the right thing? The vaccine damage payment scheme is not fit for purpose in Scotland right now. According to the yellow card system, there are over 30,000 people that have had an adverse reaction to that vaccine. Okay. Deaths, John, thank you very much indeed. So he gets attacked basically knowing that calling him out because this guy said the vaccines are fine, the answer is just terrible.

Yeah, okay. And sir, you raised some very valid points, I’m sure. What I’ve got to say is though, we haven’t got you on microphone and as you know, we’ve got to get through this. I’m sure we can raise your points with the prime minister at a later date, but in the meantime, prime minister, if you, I’m very happy to. So there is a vaccine compensation scheme that’s in place as you alluded to in the NHS.

Obviously everyone individually will work through their cases. It’s difficult for me to comment on anyone’s individual case. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that. I’m very happy to go and look at the cases and I’m sure you’ll get them to the team here. I’m very saddened and shocked to hear that you’ve been silenced by anybody that is sure he is. All lies dance. Cavino posted a 21 34 drop buckle up buttercups, it’s about to get bumpy.

There’s a lot of craziness going on. US economy is in a death spiral. Washington is facing a global market rebellion because of unsustainable debt. Jamie Dimon of Morgan China has told Jamie Dimon, Janet Yellen, Jerome Powell a date that China gold reevaluation happens. Be sooner than you think. Part of the reason why the deep state is getting rid of Joe Biden. Kamala Harris will be the face of the regime collapse.

The Democratic Party’s going down. All this money talk we brought up in our interview Sunday with Dr. Kirk Elliott. Morgue bank problems unveiled Federal Reserve requirements. Silver and gold equals biblical. I mean, there’s a lot going on. You guys can go to forward slash gold, reach out to Dr. Kirk Elliott. We had a lot of talks about this and more and we’ve got solutions, but you’ve got to reach out to him to let him know.

Absolute freefall. Evergrande. Remember lt last year when we were talking about Evergrande way at the beginning of the year, like when you and I first started doing shows together, which was, I don’t know, 1516 months ago, I can’t even remember. But it’s been a long time, right? Brand was in the news right before that. Largest real estate holding company in the largest country in the world, China. Well, they couldn’t pay off even their interest payments.

It’s like this is going to have a domino effect, ripple effect throughout the world. Well, they hit it for a while, so it’s amazing. He’s just wealth of knowledge, folks. A lot of stuff going on. I mean, behind the scenes when we talk about buckling up even more. So, you know that movie we had, Robbie Starbuck, where he’s basically created a video, the war on children? Well, he put it out on x and I put it in the description box below so you can actually go watch it.

Here’s the beginning part of that so you can watch and see what it’s all about. Starbucks Studios shine his grace on the from sea to shining sea some say ignorance is bliss. If you prefer that ignorant bliss, then now’s the time to turn the tv off because you’ll have no excuse left by the end of this to not take your rightful place as a warrior protecting and preparing the next generation.

So this movie put together in a way to show us what’s happening to our children, what they’re doing to go after them. We’re at war. We’re at battle for the future generations, it might seem impossible. What might be impossible with man is not impossible with God, folks. We can’t forget that takes a lot of prayer. We hope for good things. SCOTUS poised to end constitutional revolution that’s marred us government for 40 years US Supreme Court has decided to hear a couple of cases in current term which could have a significant impact on the power and authority of the executive branch.

A constitutional expert believes that this could bring about a change in how administrations govern. Tirani says had to share this SCOTUS article again because there’s missing context here. There’s just another Hail Mary attempt because the deep state is losing all their, they’re losing all over the place. Any attempt to rewrite the constitution, either one of them, the original or the rewritten 1873 constitution, is illegal and in and of itself unconstitutional.

The SCOTUS has zero authority to write or rewrite law. Its only function is to uphold the law as written. SCOTUS continues attempts. Continued attempts at interpreting law as written is also unconstitutional. It’s my belief that should this occur publicly, it would be when the military publicly steps in. Because we are under cog, as those of you know, that have been here a while, and the military is bound by law to uphold the constitution as written.

Craziness playing out all around. The deep state is going crazy. President Trump stating that Obama’s running things behind the scenes. Guys coming out saying that j six is not what they said. It is panic playing out on MSNBC because President Trump, how dare he actually be placed on a ballot and run for an election, one that he never lost in the first place. $95 billion of our money given away to other countries.

Our hardworking money. Why do we even pay taxes? The super bowl throwing out all their symbolism and their worship of Satan. Trying to get as many eyes as possible to look at them. Constantly switching the cameras to these satanic practices. Playing commercials so that everyone is worshipping those that take us down. Having everybody pay attention to halftime shows so they can watch their satanic rituals play out on screen.

It’s in front of us day in and day out. Australian hospital offering gender affirming care to toddlers as young as three. Taking children and ripping their body parts out and manipulating them. It’s demonic. It’s evil. And then mocking Christ on television for all to see. The people are standing up, speaking out. The election’s going to be here before you know it. I feel like November, things are going to change quite a bit.

It’s my hope. I believe all this is wake up for those that are asleep, even those that don’t care. We’re hoping to see them wake up soon. We know all things work together for good. To those who love the Lord, to those who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 828. Let’s keep Stay in prayer, okay? For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad.

Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you so much once again for how you continue to guide and direct us and be able to put information out that show us exactly how you’re working behind the scenes to expose this evil that’s all around us, that we’ve been asleep at the will allowing this all to happen. We ask that you continue to revive our nation and those in other nations to wake up and join together and realize the freedoms that you’ve given us on this earth, how they’ve been taken, the hatred towards you and your son Christ, and that we may just continue to lift up in prayer and watch miracles happen and people’s lives change and the Holy Spirit fill those who are filled with rage.

We definitely need your help in that. Need your help to put the right people in power so that we may rejoice. We are hoping for wonderful, great things and that you receive all the praise and honor and glory that you deserve for it. Ask for continued protection for our own families. For Wu’s news is working hard behind the scenes, we lift him up to you, that he would sense the prayers and sense an almighty God loving him through Christ.

Thank you for you continue to just bring us all together to expose the enemy. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. Folks, thank you for your support. Hope this gets out. I’m going to upload this as quick as possible on a slow Internet service. And please continue to pray for us as I hope to have more opportunities this week to get videos out. Okay, for now, this lt saying, simplify with him.

We know signing out. American people are awake to it. They’re starting to see what’s real. They saw what happened to the algorithms the second the musk thing was announced. They saw the engagement that they’re getting on social, and they realized that they’ve been in a rigged game. We got 40 billion that is unpaid for. And you want to sit here and lecture this body about what we’re going to do or not do about sitting alongside Ukraine? I believe they’re trying to create a situation in America where cities are burning and people are talking about anything except the election of 2020, which was stolen under my predecessor, the great Maggot King.


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