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➡ Elon Musk has filed a lawsuit against Media Matters, accusing them of fabricating a story that implicated Twitter in promoting Neo-Nazi propaganda, by creating false accounts and capturing misleading screenshots of ads appearing near extremist content. This followed independent investigations unable to replicate Media Matters’ findings, leading to allegations of fraud and leading to other legal actions against them, including President Trump’s similarly aiming at combatting alleged media misinformation.


So he did it. Elon Musk has detonated what he called a thermonuclear lawsuit against one of the most woke leftist organizations on the planet. And that’s none other than George Soros’s own Media Matters, an organization that exists for no other reason than to smear conservatives and patriots like Elon Musk. And it looks like Musk is about to blow them into oblivion. So what’s happened here is absolutely fascinating.

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So the ads for companies such as Apple, IBM, Xfinity, and the like were supposedly displayed alongside accounts that were spewing neo Nazi propaganda. And they put up together screenshots of IBM and Apple ads right next to posts that touted Hitler. And this, of course, caused a number of these advertisers to pull their ad dollars from X. Well, as it turns out, according to Musk, what really happened was that Media Matters actually created fake accounts, and these fake accounts followed pro neo Nazi accounts.

And then these fake accounts kept refreshing their pages until ads popped up. They took screenshots of the ads, and then and here’s the key, they claimed it was all organic. They claimed that they did an investigation into how the platform was functioning, irrespective of any intentional manipulation. In other words, Media Matters made it all up. It’s a fraud. Like the Russian collusion hoax. It’s all a scam. Here’s independent journalist Michael Schellenberger reporting on his own investigation into Media Matters claims.

I mean, it sounds shocking. It sounds like if you’re on X, formerly known as Twitter, that you are being served up neo Nazi content and that it’s all being tied together with these big brands. Well, as you pointed out, they created fake accounts to follow neo Nazis, and then they say that they got those ads served. Well, we did the same thing as any journalist should have done as soon as they heard about this.

We created fake accounts. We followed the exact same pro Nazi accounts that Media Matters named and we couldn’t get any ads. We refreshed constantly. We went into the actual content itself. We then went and followed three times more pro Nazi accounts. Same thing. We couldn’t get any ads served up. Toast. So, first of all, we were not able to replicate Media Matters. We asked Media Matters to respond to explain how they gamed the system to be shown the ads after having already followed pro Nazi content.

We didn’t hear back from them. I think that tells you that what’s going on here, there’s more than meets the eye, I would say. So it looks like Media Matters got caught. They got caught red handed perpetrating a blatant fraud. It’s an attempt at financially hurting a major social media company through lies. They’re using fraudulent methods to prop up an accusation they push before ever investigating the social media platform.

It’s like the health studies that were put out by Philip Morris and Marlborough Cigarettes, right? No one’s taken those studies seriously because the conclusion was already predetermined before the study. So it looks like we got Media Matters blatantly committing fraud here. And so Elon has just dropped what he’s calling a thermonuclear lawsuit on them with the express purpose of blowing Media Matters to Smithereens. Musk wants them eradicated as a viable organization.

He’s hiring the best lawyers, and he just filed a lawsuit against Media Matters in the Texas courts. And guess what? Musk is now being joined by the single greatest Attorney General in the nation, ken Paxton. The Texas trump. The Texas Attorney General’s office just announced that they too were indeed investigating Media Matters for fraudulent activity in relation to their bogus report on Twitter. So now Media Matters has to contend with the single most powerful attorney general in the nation outside of DC.

Along with the single most powerful financier, elon Musk. Now, you may have heard that it’s not just Musk launching his lawsuits against media companies. We’re getting word now that President Trump’s True Social is fighting back ensuing 20 media outlets over allegedly false reports stating that the company had suffered tens of million dollars of losses. The suit was filed in Florida state court, and it points to a slew of news articles that claim that company, the True Social, had lost nearly $100 million, which True Social is saying is completely false.

So they’re suing the Guardian News, Hollywood Reporter, Miami Herald, Reuters, Rolling Stone, the Hill, Deadline Hollywood, and over a dozen other media outlets. All of which says to me that Trump, like Elon, sees now as the time to launch a full throttle attack on the media. We’ve got to recognize that every single poll out there shows that trust in the legacy media is at an all time low right now.

And with that implosion of trust, now is the perfect time to seal their fate with a slew of lawsuits that basically sues them into oblivion. That’s what Trump is hoping to do here with these 20 outlets. And of course, that’s what Elon Musk is hoping to do with the ultra woke. Media matters and the combination of these two economic and political giants may just be the perfect storm to crush these despicable left wing outlets once and for all.

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  • Oh yes, I have seen all those accusations about what’s going on X and I couldn’t believe how dare they were lying. I kept calm, I believe I made some comments… But I’m always on the attack.
    Elon Musk’s reaction 😅😂🤣. Never doubted ! But of course we’re all behind him ! Not that he needs it, of course. Just to show that WE THE PEOPLE ARE MANY !
    PS Sharing is what I do best! Been banned on some social media many times. I fell and got up ! One day, I thought I had enough and quit.

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