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➡ David Nino Rodriguez and the hosts of Ninoscorner TV discuss various topics, including the possibility of a financial crash and NATO exercises. They also delve into the world of sports, debating whether games are rigged or scripted, with some hosts believing that certain plays or games are intentionally thrown. They reference former NFL player Arian Foster’s controversial comments about the NFL being scripted, and discuss other suspicious events in sports history. They conclude that while there may be some dishonesty in sports, most athletes and coaches are genuinely trying their best.
➡ On November 18, 1985 and November 18, 2018, two football players from the Washington Redskins, Joe Thisman and Alex Smith, both broke their right legs in similar circumstances during a game. The speaker also discusses his own career, noting strange coincidences and patterns that seem to suggest a mathematical order to the universe. He also talks about the potential for a financial crisis and the possibility of a military draft being reinstated. The speaker believes that these events are not random, but rather part of a larger pattern or “glitch in the matrix.”
➡ The text discusses various economic and historical events, including the drop of the Japanese yen to a 20-year low, which is linked to a conflict with Russia. It also mentions the Cuban missile crisis and the potential for a global conflict. The conversation then shifts to current economic issues, such as major U.S. banks facing significant losses and a decline in retail sales. The speakers also discuss their personal experiences and opinions on various topics, including pet ownership and global politics.
➡ A person shares a story about a hotel owner in Nevada who was asked by the government to house immigrants, mostly young men. The owner received a mysterious package with keys to open crates, which allegedly contained weapons. The person also mentions a large NATO exercise, Steadfast Defender 2024, involving 90,000 forces from 31 allies, simulating a conflict scenario. However, the credibility of the first story is questioned, and the person suggests discussing the NATO exercise further on a different platform.


All right, folks, welcome to Ninoscorner tv. I’m joined with Alpha, Alpha Warrior and Ron. Ron boy partain, my favorite trio. I guess the Three Musketeers are now. So lots to talk about. Financial crash looming. It’s like we’re in the middle of it already. Already in the middle of it. And we’re going to touch on that just a little bit, folks. And also talk about NATO exercises being carried out.

What are they going to be used for? We’re going to barely touch on that. And then we’re going to finish up on Ninoscorner tv because we were just talking before we went. I started recording, I was like, man, this cannot go on flufftube. It’s too much. So let’s tread lightly on that, but give my YouTube audience what they want and then go back to the back channel and dive deep.

Balls deep. All right, alpha man, good to see you back. It’s been a while. Absolutely, man. I love being here. Coming off the heartache of my niners, taking a scripted loss, dude, I’m starting to believe that now. I don’t know, I didn’t believe it before, but my buddy sent me a picture or video, not a picture. And it’s from the overtime. Okay. I thought that was me. It was in overtime.

And it’s when Brock Purdy just overthrows his man in the end zone. I think it might have been Debo. He was thrown. I don’t remember who was Riu. But anyways, he just overthrows him. It’s a game winner that’s going to win the game. But he just overthrows them. The reason he just overthrows them is the right tackle, the one that was going up against Jones. Nothing to take away.

Jones, the guy’s going to be a hall of Famer defensive lineman, but you know, you’re going against a hall of famer. All you have to do is just stand in front of him. Even if it’s the worst block you ever did in your career, you just stand in front of him, make yourself a speed bump. And that extra second and a half, Brock Purdy throws a touchdown pass, and when you watch the video, he just goes and he just turns, basically.

Are we saying that fighters throw fights? They used to be accused of that. We’re saying football players throwing like they’re throwing plays. That’s the best way to say it. Well, I would think they’re throwing plays, but who’s the Arian Foster? He did an interview, I think, like two years ago he went on a big podcast and he throws the NFL under the rug. He says, hey, we don’t practice.

He goes, we do the WWE. He goes, we practice a script. So he lays it out, talks about the refs. I mean, he just lays it. And I have no doubt in believing that, in a sense, that the refs throw games and they lean a certain way and maybe some players do here and there, but I don’t see it all being WWE scripted. He’s saying that they’re not throwing it.

He says it’s scripted. All the practices are scripted. I have a buddy, I have my friends, one of the head coaches. Well, here’s. You don’t need everybody, hold on. Real quick. Aaron Foster, for those that don’t know him, he’s not just some player. He’s a hall of famer. The guy led the league. He was a running back. I mean, the guy is an amazing NFL player. Now, here’s the kicker.

A few months later, he goes back on the podcast, and he’s like, hey, I was joking about everything. It was all fake. I was just trying to get. It was clickbait. It’s like someone said, hey, I’ll tell you, I’ve been a pro athlete all my life, unofficial, since I was 20, right? Pro in boxing. And I’ll tell you, I I’ve had one guy approach me to take a dive, and I told him to get lost.

I was like, get out of here. He came in my dressroom, offered me 20 grand to do it. I was like, cash? He’s like, please, we got to make this guy hit the ranks. We want him to move up. And I was like, get out of here. Bye. And I said, no. You could say no. And I went out there and knocked the guy dead, like ugly. But the thing is this, I have friends also that play baseball, basketball, pro football, and I won’t name their names.

And I have one friend who’s now an offensive line coach for a team, a big team, NFL team. And we talk about this stuff all the time, and he finds it very degrading because he’s like, dude, we work our asses off. Every player out there is busting their ass, and he goes, is there shitbags in every sport? And he goes, yeah, dude. Because we’re not out there scripting this.

It’s just the way it is. They’re playing hard, but there’s some people that are just shitbags, just like, in everything. In everything. You got your bad apples and everything. That’s how I see it. I have people in the game. I know people that are playing. So to me, I understand it on a different level. It’s like when I used to knock out a guy with a shot that didn’t look that hard, but it was just the right shot at the precise time.

And people be like, oh, that guy took a dive. I’m like, dude, fuck you. Let me crack you one time like that. It’s like that. I was curious about this. We all know about the NBA ref. Was it Donahue or Donahue or whatever his name was? He came out and talked about how a lot of the NBA games are rigged. But I was curious about some of this stuff.

And I got to do a battle with a budy of mine who’s from Kansas City, and I kept telling him that the game was rigged, know, a couple years ago. And he just, um. So I went on YouTube and I looked to see if I could find something, and I found something was very interesting. And it was like all of these players who were talking about the NFL games being rigged and the three Super Bowls that they focused on specifically was Super bowl three with the Colts, who were overwhelming favorites against the jets, and Joe Namath.

That was the Joe namath guaranteed win, right? And the guy who was, and that was at the time when the AFL was basically college football compared to the NFL. The AFL was like college ranks and the NFL was like professionals and they were cleaning their clocks. Well, the owner of the Colts, he postulates the owner of the Colts who bet against the Colts in that game. Through the game, the quarterback was like saying the quarterback had many times that he could have thrown touchdowns and he didn’t.

He missed players, he missed wide open receivers, multiple had, because the NFL, basically with the packers and Super Bowls one and two destroyed the AFL. And then when the AFL won Super bowl three, that actually made it relevant because had the NFL cleaned the clock of the jets in that game, we would not have the NFL of today. And it was very interesting. So then there was two more, but the other one was the game against not the 49 ers.

But remember when Gruden got traded from the Raiders to the coach? He got traded from the Raiders to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And then like two years later, the Buccaneers played the Raiders in the Super bowl. Remember that? I do remember that. It was like 2000, I think 98 or 2000 or something like that. And the Buccaneers just destroyed the Raiders. Well, Callahan basically had an offense that they were going to run on Tuesday, and then on Friday he changed his mind.

And then I don’t know how well you remember this, but the All Pro center for the Raiders went missing the night before the, and there was a whole bunch of things that are really suspicious. And then there was another, uh, but anyway, suffice it to say that it was very interesting to watch that, knowing how we know that professional sports is bread and circuses, know, to keep everybody distracted and that Vegas and the money lines and a lot of that stuff, know.

I don’t know. I’m not saying it’s not possible. I’m not saying some people throw plays, some people throw fights, and then there’s some big people involved. But I’m saying that you think these guys go out in the field and they’re scripting everything as an entertainment aspect. That’s not happening. I know that for a fact. Friends that are coaches in the NFL that are like, dude, we bust our, we’re out there working every day.

I mean, it’s not like that. Now. Do, are there shipbags that throw plays and throw fights? Yes. Check this out. So this was sent to me a few weeks ago, and I was like, no way. I’m calling Bull, right? I’m researching this for myself. So I went look for the videos, confirmed all these things. Have you guys heard about the Alex Smith and Joe Thisman connection? No. So check this out.

This is just, I’m telling you, everybody that’s watching on flufftube right now, get ready. You’re about to go right. Joe Thisman, Alex Smith, both playing for the Washington Redskins, right? On November 18, 1985, Joe Diisman breaks his leg. Specifically, it gets broken by Lawrence Taylor. Yeah, Lawrence Taylor, Monday Night Football. I watched that game. So it’s November 18, 1985. So this is what happens. Diisman gets tackled. His right tackle takes an injury early in the game so that the right tackle, who’s also, I think, all pro player, gets out of the game.

The next play is when he gets hit by Lawrence Taylor, breaks his right tibula and fibula at the 39 yard line. November 18, 1985. That’s forward the clock. November 18, 2018. Alex Smith is right tackle, who’s a Pro Bowler, comes out of the game. The next play, JJ Watt, who Hall of famer right tackles Alex Smith, breaks his right leg, tibula and fibula at the same 39 yard line.

Could it be coincidence? It could be. Both games ended with the exact same score, 23 to 21. Both injuries happen at the exact yard marker. The only difference between the two games is one of them, the Washington Redskins won. One of them, the Washington Redskins lost. And here’s the unique part. November 18 of 85 to November 18 of 2018 is 33 years apart. Interesting. Yeah. I’m more in the belief that I don’t think that was planned more so than it’s like a glitch in the matrix type of thing.

It’s just the same kind of circumstances and results happened at 33 years apart because our universe is mathematical, and it had to happen that way. Does that make sense? Here’s something that freaks me out, bro. My career, I was 36 and three and six, right? Nine. That’s when I was at my peak. I couldn’t be beat. I was knocking out everybody. Then I got knifed in the throat.

Some things happened to me that just threw me into, like, a spiral of just emotional. I was distraught. I was a head case. I was really a head case my whole career. But really, towards the end there, I was really ahead case. Okay, so at the end there, I lost against two opponents that I should have destroyed. Destroyed both having the exact same record. Exact. It wasn’t like they both were 20 and they were both.

And I can’t remember the record. I think it was 27 and 17 and three draws. To have three draws each is like, that’s unheard of. Back to back, 27 wins, 17 losses, each having that same record. I couldn’t mix and match this, dude. There’s no way you could find these two guys having the exact same records back to back with that kind of record. To me, this is like another weird synchronicity that’s happened in my life that I’m like, okay, I was supposed to exit the sport.

It was a confirmation to me that this was mathematically supposed to happen. What the numbers add up to, I can’t figure out till this very day. But the fact that they both had that same friggin record and they both beat me back to back after I was 36. And I don’t know, dude, more so than me being beat, being knocked out. The mathematics of it, the number, the record, is what’s, like, a splinter in my mind.

Like, the matrix. I’m like, this is crazy. Like, they could not have the exact same mix and match of that kind of record. Identical, back to back. It’s just stuff like that, and that’s the glitch in the matrix. You got to pay attention to that stuff. And that’s probably why we find ourselves where we find ourselves right now. Because when we got put into this matrix, there’s this something that got plugged in with our software.

The day that I got sworn in full time with my agency six. It was June the 6th, 2006. And then look at the way the career ends. You got to pay attention to those. But for those that just heard Nino’s story, want to know more about it? Go get my man’s book. Right. Maybe Nino will sign yours. He still doesn’t sign mine, but that’s. Go. When the lights go out, go support this man.

Well, you should have given it to me when I went out there. I would have had him sign it for you. We all got to get together again. In fact, Alpha, you need to come down with Ron because we’re going to do more border videos. 100%. Leave an honest review. And in the review, make sure you make a note to Nino the next time, add more pictures. All right.

In certain chapters, that’s for marines. Well, I would not say the whole NFL is rigged, but I would say, yeah, there’s players that throw plays. I just want to say one thing in reference to a certain day in 2001, in September. You don’t need a whole government to do things. You only need key people in key positions to make things happen. I’ll just leave it at that. Yeah, it’s in everything.

It’s in everything. So I wanted to talk about financial stuff, this podcast. Let’s jump into that real quick. I’m going to share the screen for a second right here. It says boom. Will commercial real estate trigger next crisis, which commences next week. Hold on. Step fast. Defender 24 will be the largest NATO exercise in decades. So will commercial real estate trigger next crisis? The latest inflation figures in the United States look relatively positive, with a slight decline in annualized inflation rates.

However, only three items of the CPI components declined in. You know, my family owns some commercial real estate, and retail sales plummeted in January, which tells me, guys, we’re on our way. I mean, everything is exactly just like. We’re talking about synchronicities. Everything’s happening just like the depression. We go into this massive depression, and then what pulls us out of we’re. It’s mirroring the same thing. And I think people need to really get ready and understand that that’s where we’re headed in this.

Do you agree with that, Ron and Alpha? Absolutely. I agree with that. If you look at just the history of our know, every time we’re approaching some type of financial crisis, or we’re already in some type of financial crisis, how did we save ourselves out? Military conflict. It’s always been the solution. Why is this time going to be any different? And especially approaching an important day in November this year.

They need to protect this economy. But then I also operate under the mindset that both sides of those colored hats want this economy to collapse. To institute the new one, we have to get rid of the old system. Yeah. So I think the one thing that’s inevitable is this current system is going to collapse. But what scares me is that as all this is happening, and, Ron, I know you’re huge on crypto and all that, as all this is happening, man, I am thinking they’re going to implement the draft again.

I’m thinking I’m in the belief that they’re going to go ahead and get Generation Z. Like, they better pull themselves away from their phones because I think that we will see a draft. I think it’s very possible. Ron, we can’t hear you. You’re muted. Okay, how about now? Yeah, you’re good. So, yeah, when you went full screen, for some od reason, I had a couple of videos that were playing out loud and I didn’t mute myself anyway, at least it wasn’t would have been.

That would have been highly embarrassing. Right? It was Alpha’s OnlyFans paid. It was Ron watching the, see what was, you know, talking about the draft. You know, remember back in the, back in Vietnam when the draft was. They had the draft and a lot of people went, but the quality of man in the 1960s was a totally different quality of the men now. But we don’t have men.

We’ve got soy boys, and I don’t see the soy boys of today going and lining up for the draft. I just don’t. Somebody mentioned this. What do you mean, lining up with the draft? There is no lining up with the draft. They just call your number, don’t they? Just because they call your number doesn’t mean you go. We’re also operating under the mindset that the draft would operate the way it did the first time, which is going after these young guys.

And something that somebody brought up to me in one of these digital spaces on x was, what if they change the draft and there’s no age restriction on there and they go and start targeting prior veterans? That’s if we lose 24, man. Look, I expect all that to come to fruition. Like Mr. T has said, this is the final battle. This is it. So, yeah, I’m very optimistic.

I think we beat the dick off then, because I see us winning. But if they have it their way, you’re right, there will be no age restriction. Everyone goes. Because here’s the thing, they don’t want to get rid of these new generations because these new generations have signed off. They agree with the wokeness that’s out there. So why would you want to eliminate that group? Assuming that the black hats are getting their way? You would want to get rid of the ones like us, our age group, the ones that are still the resistance.

And before we abandon the conversation on the economy, a few days ago it was, I believe, on the 11th or the twelveth, when the Japanese yen dropped to 132 against the dollar. That’s a 20 year low. Now, when was the last time that you saw the japanese yen drop like this? And it’s going to have to do with the conflict that we had against Russia. And because of that drop, that stabilization that took place around it kind of prevented nuclear war and all that taking place.

So are we seeing that? The cuban missile crisis? Well, what are you talking about? The operation Northwood. But no, I’m talking about corn. You said conflict. Was it the conflict? No, I’m talking about the prevention, that we would have went into world War three. You had the tensions between China and was, I don’t remember exactly how they were cooperating when it came to the finances. I’d have to go back.

This was information that was given to me, so I don’t want to say it backwards, but yeah, China and Russia that were working together wasn’t like they are with BRICS now, but there was some type of organization where they’re helping each other’s economies. We’re on the brink of going into have. The cuban missile crisis might have played into this, but because of that yen dropping the way it did and the way it destabilized the power from China having in that region, it kind of prevented World War II from taking place.

Is that making sense? What was the year? Can you tell me the year? Let me look it up. Because if you tell me the year, then I’ll tell you what was going on. Give me 1 second. If you’re talking about 1967, then it would have been the Vietnam war. And that was when the. No, this was before then. Okay, so 63 was the or, 62 was the cuban missile crisis.

But you also had the Chinese and the Russians working together with Korea as well. Look at this, though. According to Moody’s major, us banks are selling or sitting, sorry, are sitting on 650,000,000,000 in unrealized losses. I mean, when is the last time we were in that situation? 650,000,000,000 in unrealized losses. This is a powder cake that is going to blow. And I agree with Alpha from the standpoint that both the good guys and the bad guys need this to happen.

It has to happen. And that’s one of the reasons why we haven’t seen anybody move. I see so many people on my channel when I do things and I talk about current events and whatever, and we’re talking about that, whatever they’ll call it, the white hats and things of that nature. People just like, oh, well, we’ve been struggling this forever. It’s like, it’s never going to happen. It’s never going to happen.

And I’m like, first of all, it’s like, well, when did you wake up? How long have you been awake? You’ve been awake for what, two years? You’ve been awake for three years. You’ve been awake for what, five years? Should I been awake for 20 years? And I know people that have been awake for a whole lot longer than that. So it’s like, spare me with it’s not going to happen.

And you’re struggling with all this stuff. I mean, this stuff has been going on for a long time and yeah, it’s building up to a crescendo now. But like you said, alpha, when I think you’re 100% correct, we have to see chaos. We have to see chaos happen before. My understanding is that we are coming in for a crash landing. It’s just about how many people will survive.

I agree with that. I agree with that. But the people who are out there, who are complaining that it’s taking forever, you have no idea how long this has been going on. Retail sales tumbled 0. 8% in January, much more than expected. Advanced retail sales declined 0. 8% for January, down from 0. 4 gain into December. And worse than an estimate for a 0. 3% drop. Sales of garden stores were especially weak, sliding 4.

1%. Miscellaneous store sales fell 3% and motor vehicle parts and retailers saw a 1. 7% decrease. Also, initial claims from unemployment insurance totaled 212,000 for the week ended February 10, a decline of 8000 from the previous week’s upward lead revised total and below the estimate for 220,000. But how much of these sales dropping is also a result of all the theft and looting that’s taking place, because we’re talking like millions of dollars of retail theft that’s taking place where a lot of these stores lost a lot of stuff that has to have had some effect on their sales as well.

I would agree that. I agree with that as well. We’re in February and this year has already started off explosive. Just look at all the shootings that has happened in 24 hours, man. And right when the spygate stuff comes out, all the stuff that’s coming out, it’s like, man, they always got to intercept it or steal the news cycle and spin off their narratives of distractions and smoke and mirrors.

This is just going to keep picking up, right, Ron, there’s no stopping this. Well, it’s the d five avalanche, right? It’s just going to keep on going and keep on building and keep on building and there’s no stopping it. You cannot stop an avalanche. You just can’t. And it is going to continue. I hate to say this, but it’s going to get really ugly. I literally, I bought, man, I think.

I think I spent one 4000 hundred dollars yesterday buying cat food because I’m not going to be stuck without $1,400 on cat food, on cat food to make sure that I’ve got enough food for at Least another six months. You know, that you could put them outside and they’ll survive. They can eat mice and bugs and shit rats. Because I’m breeding the Bengals now, so I can’t put them outside.

Am I going to get a Bengal? Yeah, I told you, you cool? Could have spent $1,400 and get Alpha beef jerky would have survived me for six months, bro. No, man, I love those cats, man. I do love those cats. The crazy cat, man. Cats are evil, bro. Crazy cat, man. You know what? I used to be right there with you, Alpha. But now I’m a cat owner.

Only because I couldn’t let that little sucker die on the side of the road. He was on the side. He was in the middle of the street. Cars are going over him and he was just a little kitten. I mean, would you pass him up? Dude, come on. I mean, he was sitting there in a little ball shivering. I saw him shivering. I threw a uturn and blocked traffic myself and got out and scooped him up like a shortstop.

Dude, now he lives here. He’s a kid. He’s awesome. Freaking awesome cat. Would I have passed him up? I would have went. People to trash on cats are people who have never had a cat. I’ll agree with that. Because now I did not care about cats at all until this one. Ron knows why I hate cats will kill me. So that’s why I’m allergic to. But I haven’t been to this one.

I used to like, dude, runny nose for everybody that’s in the chat. That’s like, oh, my God. Alpha said he’ll run over the cat that’s what I got for you right there. That’s what I got for you. I didn’t even hear what you just did. What’d you do? I heard something in the background. Oh, the sound effect doesn’t come through for you? No. Oh, man. There was a baby crying.

Here, let me try it one more time, see if you get it. No, man. Bummer. You guys can’t. Failure freaking zoom. Zoom doesn’t want to pick up the sound effects. Can you hear this? No. Okay, hold on. I think I heard something, but let’s talk about briefly and with a broad stroke, NATO. Okay? Because that’s what I really wanted to talk about. And we’re going to take that over to Ninoscorner tv, but let’s just go with a broad stroke over right now for the audience so they get some kind of understanding on what’s happening.

Ron, I mean, you’re the one that I can play this. I can play the two clips, because those are public knowledge. And then that way, it’s like a teaser for the people, and then from that point, then we can go over and talk about it. How’s that? Yeah, that works. Okay, so let me share my screen here while you’re doing that. It was operation Northwoods. So I think you’re actually right about the cuban missile crisis run.

Yeah, well, Northwoods. What they wanted to do with Northwoods was Lemnitzer presented JFK with Northwoods, and he said, get the hell out of here. I ain’t doing that. And that was right about the time that he fired Lemnitzer as joint chiefs of chaff. And that was right after Bay of pigs. And then he fired dulles. I think it was at 61 or 62. All right, so here we go.

Can you. Crates inside of the crates. All right, why is this. We got to really put in perspective here. Like, this chick could be lying and just trying to do clickbait. Let’s really got to put that out there, because I don’t know if I really believe this chick. She’s got. I’m going to push back against her. So if you’ve heard anything like that. I’m just saying, if you guys remember what happened in the BLM riots and there were pallets of weapons just showing up.

Got to tell you guys this story. I have a friend who has a friend. The friend’s husband owns a hotel. The hotel is in Nevada. They get a call from the government that says, hey, we want to take up 75% of your occupancy. Here’s the contract. Here’s how much we want to pay you. And they said, okay. So next thing they know, they get a whole busload of immigrants.

But not just immigrants. Men under the age of 35 years old. Right? So weird enough as it is, but then he gets an envelope in the mail, and the envelope in the mail has two keys in it. I know this sounds like a crazy movie, doesn’t it? Has two keys in it. And they say, when the crates arrive, open the crates with the two keys, pass everything out that’s in the crates.

They’re thinking, okay, supplies, whatever. Come to find out when they get the two keys and they open the two crates. Inside of the crates are a lot of firearms, hand grenades, things of that nature. I’m just passing this along. It’s only a third hand story. Okay. So there was that, and then there was this. I hate this because I don’t know if it’s going to start in the middle or not create its ability to reinforce.

I’m going to wait for a second because I will see it when it starts because I don’t know how to make this thing start from scratch. You’re a boomer. I don’t know. I know nothing about Instagram. But you just refresh the page or what? No, just let it replace the kickoff of exercise. Steadfast Defender 2024, which comment? I’ll reload it and see if that does it. Hit the mute button, Ron, you’re failing.

You’re fired. Fast. Defender 2024, which commences next week and runs through May. Stepfast Defender 24 will be the largest NATO exercise in decades, with participation from approximately 90,000 forces from all 31 allies, plus our good partner, Sweden. The alliance will demonstrate its ability to reinforce the euroatlantic area via transatlantic movement of forces from North America. This reinforcement will occur during a simulated emerging conflict scenario against a near peer adversary.

Steadfast Defender 24 will be a clear demonstration of our unity, our strength, and our determination to protect each other. Protect, of course, our values and the rules based international order. Okay, so there’s that. So two things. The chick from with the hotel. I mean, we’ve heard lots of stories like that. That’s the first story I’ve ever heard where they’re talking about immigrants are being handed weapons. Yeah, but I mean, that kind of conversation, I really want to pull back.

I understand. And we don’t even know if that video is just clickbait. She could just be 100%. She said, a friend of a friend. It’s like, oh, I heard from a friend of a friend. You were 1000% correct. I’m not saying I don’t buy it, to be honest with you. Not her. I call 1000% bs on that one. Me too. I have a friend that owns a hotel out there who’s pissed off about the predicament that they got put in with the government for these things.

So that part is true. Like that they are putting these people in hotels and overtaking. Yeah, but the whole hotel, they’re not going to have the hotel owner hand out fucking, here’s the grenade. I know how to handle them. Here you go. Oh, you get an ar. Here you go. Here’s an ar. Let me see what I got for you. Hold on 1 second. Oh, I got a rocket launcher.

Here you go. Bullshit. Well, here’s the other thing. You’re not going to send keys to these crates through the mail when mail is trackable. Because now you can find out where those keys came from, who put it in there. There’s evidence. And the other thing, if anybody knows crates, especially crates that transport things that go, pew, pew, they’re fairly large, you’re not going to have one lock on them at all.

If you’re going to have locks on, you’re going to have several locks that are on them. But most of the time they’re going to be nailed shut or something like that, depending what the crate is. That story just doesn’t make sense. Listen again, I just was playing it just because I saw it. Okay? I don’t look at Instagram. That was sent to me. But the NATO general, that is legit because that’s a general, right? He’s, that was the head of NATO and he’s talking about a.

And I’m just going to leave it at not. He said it’s starting next week. That’s like this coming week and it’s running through May. That’s three months. No way. I was in the military. Alpha was in the military. You do not have a three month exercise. There’s another word for that. It’s called deployment. Let’s talk about that on Nino’s. Stop it right there because I want to go deep into this.

Let’s talk about this on Ninoscorner tv because I don’t, not because I know where we’re going to go with this. All right, folks, I’ll see you at Ninoscorner TV. Thanks, Ron. Thanks, Alpha. I’ll send you guys another link. Let’s dive into this because this is serious, okay?.

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