Whats Really Happening In China? (Ep. 2137)

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➡ The host Dan Bongino discusses his feelings of returning to the show after a short break, his enjoyable experiences over the Thanksgiving holiday and at the Iron Bowl in Alabama, his admiration for Southern manners and culture, and briefly mentions topics for future discussion including a new virus in China and the product sponsored — a deal on air purifiers by Envirocleans.
➡ Trump received an overwhelmingly positive response while attending sports games in the South, interpreted as a savvy political move indicating broad support. Meanwhile, a mysterious pneumonia is reported spreading across China, sparking fear of another COVID-like epidemic. Despite media narratives, it’s urged to stay cautious, with reminders that this could be due to lowered immunity from previous lockdowns rather than a new, deadly disease.
➡ The speaker expresses skepticism towards the media, discusses Joe Biden’s seemingly deteriorating cognitive abilities, highlights rising global populist movements, mentions a rising crime rate and police retirement rate in New York, and emphasizes the importance of preparedness for possible emergencies.
➡ The text discusses the speaker’s experience as a police officer and the challenges faced by law enforcement. It also talks about political situations, censorship issues, and calls for ‘red wave’ political movements, criticizing what the speaker perceives as governmental inefficacy, political biases, and lack of upholding citizens’ civil rights. Finally, the speaker comments on global issues, highlighting increasing censorship and perceived threats to freedom of speech in Ireland.
➡ The Bill of Rights is a set of negative rights that declares what the government cannot do to citizens, protecting their God-given individual rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, self-defense, and religion. Political disagreement relates to some claiming that rights are granted by the government, not by God. Discussions include the criticism of Ireland’s leader for advocating hate speech laws and not recognizing terrorism, controversial hostage exchanges in the Middle East, and alleged secret surveillance programs in the U.S. that access citizens’ phone records without their knowledge or consent.
➡ The text discusses skepticism regarding mainstream media narrative and emphasizes on encroaching environmental regulations as a Trojan horse for civil liberty violations. It also criticizes politicians such as John Kerry for pushing policies based on contested climate change science, underlying the damage of Obamacare to the healthcare industry, and pointing out the counterproductive decisions made by politicians initiating and attempting to solve arising issues from their initiatives.
➡ The text criticizes the regulation of insurance company profits and pharmaceutical benefits, emphasizing the role of the market in setting prices. The author also mentions personal elements of a show they host, discusses a self-defense episode, encourages the audience to download the Rumble app and watch their live show, ending with a farewell until the next episode.


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts. With your host, Dan Bongino. Oh, man, did I miss you guys. It feels so weird coming back on the air. I was just telling the homies here, I’m like, it’s been four or five days. We joe and I didn’t take a day off for, gosh, six, seven years, so now years, so now it’s weird.

I almost feel bad leaving you, but I really hope you enjoyed the self defense episode on Friday. Me and Gee were here recording that thing on what was it, Wednesday, gee at, like, 05:00 p. m. . Eastern, and we’re looking at each other like, damn, this is really good stuff. And Gee hates everything, and he was like, this is really good, so I hope you got to check that out, and I hope it was helpful.

He’s a really great guy. Super nice guy, big entrepreneur, too, as you saw at the end. And I respect that man guy hustles, man. He’s doing everything. Jiu jitsu products. He’s all around. Folks, I got a lot to talk about today, including what’s going on in China with a new virus bacteria going around. All I’m telling you is braveheart style. Hold. Just hold. I’m not falling for anything anymore.

This episode is sponsored by Envirocleans. Speaking of viruses, right now, you’ll save 35% during the Black Friday sale. Plus you’ll get better air in your house and free shipping. Visit ekpure. com. Use code Bongino 35 for 35% off that’s Ekpure. com. Code Bongino 35 for cleaner air in your house. Huge weekend update, too. Spent some time in Alabama this weekend. And gosh, I love you Southerners. You all in the chat.

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Better sleep starts now. All right, Joseph, get this party started. Daddy. It is showtime, Dano. Yeah, it is. Yes, it is. So I love you all in the south. Can I just be straight with you, man? Let me just put this out there first. I’m a New York kid. I’m not opposer. I live in Florida. I’ve been here eight years, spent twelve years in Maryland. I’ve been out of New York and south of New York almost as long as I lived in New York.

But the hard reality is I’m a New Yorker and I’m proud of that. Like, New York has its benefits too. Not everybody in New York’s a crazy liberal as evidenced by my family who are pretty diehard conservatives and they still live there. Everyone outside. My dad my dad moved. But I really love the south. I don’t put like a salt life sticker on my car because I was on a boat once.

I don’t run around with cowboy boots on and pretend it’s natural. I mean, I’ll wear them, but I get it. I totally respect you guys and the chill, but I spent some time that sound went to the Iron Bowl this weekend and I don’t want to waste a lot of time. If this boring you, just tell me. Dan, move on in the chat. But I had such a wonderful experience at the Iron Bowl.

I had first Thanksgiving, I had a Louisiana Thanksgiving. I was down here in Florida, but I was hanging by my friend’s house, the orthodontist guy I’m always talking about, and his wife’s mom made some Louisiana Thanksgiving turkey with some seasoning and like this stuffing that was probably it was not the low fat variety, folks, but let me tell you something. Her name is Ramona. It was like I didn’t have to eat for like five days.

I was like a camel. Like, I ate on Thursday, the Louisiana Thanksgiving and that was it. I didn’t have to consume food until Monday morning. It was that good. So louisiana we love you. As you can tell, my voice is back almost 100% after singing too loud at Morgan Wallen. So I went to the Iron Bowl. And if for those of you don’t know, the Iron Bowl is the annual game.

They go between Tuscaloosa and Auburn every year. Between the Alabama football team and the Auburn football team, it’s always Thanksgiving week that Saturday and it’s a tradition. And because Alabama doesn’t have a big professional sports team ecosystem that is their Super Bowl every year. And I went down there and we did a tailgating tent for the first time near the you know, folks, I get all choked up and sappy, man.

Here’s some pictures. Thank you. Gee, I forget. This is me and Paula and my daughters. We had the damn bongino show. That’s right. When we walked in there, you can see it’s like 10:00 in the morning. The game’s on till 330. There are still people in the background, which is crazy. We had such an unbelievable time. And this is me and Paula at the game. And it was an amazing game outside of sports show.

So Auburn lost in the final seconds, but it was still just an incredible game. I know this seems like it’s a personal story, but it’s more about the country. I put this tweet up. I woke up at 05:00 in the morning the next day and Paula was still sleeping. And I just banged out this tweet and I put it on Facebook and I said, God bless Southerners. I’m not going to read the whole thing.

But the gist of it is, after spending a lot of time in the south, lived in Georgia for a little know, Florida, Maryland, and then spent a lot of time now in Alabama, you guys and ladies are just different, man. Like I said, God matters down in the south, faith is everything to them. God comes first. Manners and structure matter in the south. Things we’ve forgotten about in this chaotic world.

Why do you say, yes, sir? No, ma’am. Why do you say all that stuff? You know why? Because manners and structure matter. They impart discipline on the world. I wrote, it’s not some vestige of a bygone era. It’s a bridge to the future. Puts order and discipline in this chaotic world. We need to be more like these Southern gentlemen and these Southern ladies down there, not less. And I note that they’re proud.

They’re not arrogant. Told the story about this friend of a friend. I offered to buy him a pair of boots and he almost like repulsed by the idea because he was too proud to take it. And I was so mad at myself for not reading that better. I was really my heart was pure. But they’re proud. The men and the ladies down there are proud. And I just mentioned at the end the college football, man, we lost the game.

And all these Alabama fans, I got to tell you, if it was some other place, there would have been fights. I didn’t see anything. No fights, no evil, just a pure, innocent love. And I’m walking out and it takes a long time to get out because we were down in front, so it takes a while to walk up. And the place was packed. Nobody left. There are 80,000 people and this family, this guy and this woman, and they had two kids.

They looked up and he said, you go tell Mr. Dan how much we like his show. It was an and, you know, I walked down to him and I said to the young man, I said, congratulations, man. Big win. You know I said magic happens here in Jordan hare. That’s the name of the stadium. It does. But sometimes it happens for the other team. Just such gentlemen. So I want to thank you all, my adopted Southern family, and I want you to know I love you all.

I’m happy to be an observer from the outside, but you all are really amazing people and an Auburn family that’s kind of taken us all in. I love their football, know. God bless you. All right, speaking of the south, trump was down in the south this weekend at the Clemson game too. This happened too. Listen, I wasn’t there, so let me just throw this out in advance. I can’t personally attest to the response on this one.

However, I was at the UFC and can tell you that the crowd went absolutely crazy. Some people said there was a smattering of some booze. I saw some members of the band who appeared to be booing them. I don’t know if it was Clemson or South Carolina, whatever it was, but from what I’m hearing from friends of mine who were like, that was a pretty overwhelming response. So the south seems to have embraced Donald Trump and kind of a smart political move too, because when you think about know, you’ve got Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nikki Haley’s from South Carolina.

Nikki Haley’s having a moment right now. Is she going to beat Trump? Probably not. The polls don’t seem to indicate that. But smart political move, some people are ripping him. Trump suggesting like, oh, he doesn’t want to shake hands with the people. He just wants to go to big events, folks, listen, man, I’m sorry, but that’s kind of like a silly criticism, really. If I thought I could go out on the field and running for office and have 80% of a crowd cheering for me, I would do it too.

They’re called voters. So I think it’s just kind of petty, stupid stuff. You know, I don’t get into that. When any of the candidates is a smart political move. Just admit it. Do you sound like a hater otherwise? The guy didn’t want to shake hands. Come on. The guy he’s a former president. He has a different level of notoriety. He doesn’t have to go and knock on doors for name ID anymore.

So I think that stuff’s kind of petty. All right, getting to the story de jour, because this happened on Friday and the Bongino Rule has kicked in big time on this story, which, by the way, I’ve had to clarify the Bongino Rule probably a thousand times. So for everyone, can we do this for the last time? Because it’s funny. Some guy sends me a Facebook message, dan, with this terror attack, you violated the Bongino Rule not to talk about it.

That’s not the rule. For the thousandth time, that is not the rule. The rule is don’t draw any final conclusions about a story until about 72 hours. How do you not talk about it? A freaking explosion happened at a bridge, a virus is breaking out or a bacteria in China, of course you’re going to talk about it. The rule is be careful about accepting any media narrative, which I got to tell you on the radio on what was it, Wednesday or something? Whenever that attack happened, we talked about it, and we reported about the reports on Fox that it had been a terror attack.

It’s what was on the news. We didn’t draw any conclusions. We were open to it. We were very careful with Kyle. Don’t draw any conclusions. Having said that, Daily Mail mysterious pneumonia ripping through Chinese schools sparks fear among scientists of a COVID repeat. Holy crikeys, ladies and gents, here we go again. I don’t even know, honestly, where to start here on how many angles there are to this story, but I’m going to say number one, and I’m going to hold on.

Let me get down on the oh, by the way, thank you to the lady for the War Eagle pin. CJ. Pearson came down and his adopted Alabama family alabama family bought me a War Eagle pin. So you’re pretty cool. Thank you. That’s pretty loyal. But I’m begging you, please, on this China pneumonia, please. I’m on one knee. Please. Whatever the media tells you, ignore the conclusion. I’m not telling you to ignore the story.

If the media is telling you it’s nothing to worry about, it probably means you should worry a little bit. If the media is telling you worry so much, you’re going to have to take some vaccine and put a mask on, then it probably means don’t put the vaccine and the mask on because they’re probably lying to you to get you to put a vaccine and a mask on.

If the media tells you whatever they tell you, you got to believe the opposite, that this thing is so serious and it’s going to be so deadly that it’s going to rip through society, and we got to do mass mail in ballots again. Please do not do it. Do I miss my F 35 video, by the way? Oh, you got to remind me of that. No, I didn’t change my mind, folks.

I’m sorry, but I got to play this. This happened at the Auburn game. This F 35 flyover, you got to see. You ever see one of these badass things? Watched it. You know how loud that sucker was right over the stadium? That place was going freaking nuts. That place was that’s Jordan Hare, by the way. Okay, back to the story. Sorry. He hates it when I bounce all over.

Whatever they tell you, do not trust them. There is an agenda. I put this note down because if Trump was in office, I’d have to tell you the same thing they would be right now. A better way to phrase this on this Chinese pneumonia thing, right? If Trump was in office, what do you in the chat think the narrative would be right now. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together.

Dude, that’s exactly what the narrative I don’t even know how you knew how to do that. I did not plan that. That is exactly dogs and cats, every human sacrifice. That is exactly what the narrative would be. Everybody panic. Mail in ballots everywhere. Trump sucks another virus. The fact that you’re not hearing this is why I’m telling you I don’t know how to think about this story yet.

It’s why I’m taking my time. Biden’s in office, so they want everyone to stay calm again. Just like the Ebola thing under Obama, where they were like, everybody stay calm. But Trump with COVID Everybody panicked. I’m not really sure what to think the media would be like. Here we go again. Trump’s screwing it up again. I will say this, though. Put all that aside, scrap all that Huntire intro for a second and think about this realistically.

I am not an epidemiologist, but I’m not stupid. I’m well aware of the science of viral and bacterial transmission. It’s not really that complicated. Is it respiratory? Is it another vector like a mosquito? Is it bluntborne? Is it an STD? There’s only so many ways. Is it aerosolized? You can transmit a virus or bacteria. China was locked down for a really long time, folks. People’s respiratory systems and their immune systems are probably not used to dealing with viruses because they were locked down.

Don’t listen to me. Listen to a doctor. I like Dr. Sapphire from Fox. She’s always been very nice to me. She explained this to Rachel that this may just be a function of a normal pneumonia virus getting its foothold in a bunch of people that have basically virgin immune systems now. So before anyone panics, listen to this. First, feeling a little bit like deja vu. You have ProMed the disease surveillance system.

Who’s sounding the alarm again? Mentioning that there is a rise in pediatric pneumonia hospitalizations in northern China, especially since October, compared to the last several years. Now, again, Rachel, this is kind of emulating what we saw in the United States, the UK and other places last year in countries who removed some of those harsh lockdown restrictions earlier than China, we had this large immunity gap where people, especially children’s immune systems were dampened from those COVID lockdowns and other restrictive measures.

So we saw a rise in hospitalizations and just outpatient cases of the usual suspects RSV, influenza, adenovirus and mycoplasma pneumonia. Now, China is saying it is those usual suspects, those common pathogen that are causing their rise in illness in northern China. The problem is, Rachel, as you said it, we don’t trust China. So there’s two sides to this story to distill it down to facts, applying the Bongino rule.

We’re not drawing any conclusions yet. I want to be clear. I’m not telling you don’t worry about it, and I’m definitely telling you don’t panic and don’t fall for any panic campaigns either. Yeah, you mask God, get the kids out of school. No, we’re not doing that. That’s out. That’s out. But the other side of the story is there is something going on in China. I’m not stupid.

The only question is, what the hell is it? So, Joe, we’re going to do the same thing we did with COVID What’s the R? Zero. Is it infectious? How infectious? What’s the fatality rate? And is it a bacteria? Virus we already know about? Pretty simple stuff, right? It’s not hard. I’m not talking to you because I’m not condescending. And you all in the Chat. I can see you all are smart to this already.

I’m talking to the dopes out there, the lefties who are listening. Everybody calm them down. If it’s pneumonia like we have over here, or as I called it when I was a five year old, ammonia, it happens. We don’t need a worldwide panic. But do not trust the media, because if it does turn out to be something serious, which it could I’m not saying it is, but it could, I guarantee you the media will do everything it can right now to cover it up.

If it helps Biden, or exploded to get mail in ballots to help Biden get elected. Again, do not trust anything the media tells you before. We’ve seen this before. Before an election. You think Biden’s going to handle it? By the way, do you see this guy this week? Folks, this is getting worse. I’m asking a serious question here. Here he is walking in to give a presser. Is this guy drunk? Look at this.

The answer better be yes. Play that again, folks, in the Chat, is he drunk, yes or no? I’m actually preferring he’s drunk because if he’s drunk, it would explain he’s like, oh, man, look, I can’t find a podium. At least it would explain it. Maybe he had too many gin and tonics, I don’t know. But it looks like he can’t even make it to the 12345. It’s six steps, bro.

He can’t even make it. This guy better have been partying with Hunter or something, because it seems like every day he’s losing it even more, right? At least you’d be like, at least he was partying. See, it’s like 50 50, folks, if you want to know my answer, I don’t think he was partying with Hunter. I think he’s really losing his cognitive capabilities all around. Now, some good news on a Monday, outside of my opening riff, you guys like my opening thing, or sometimes on Monday, I do a little personal stuff, and I don’t know if you guys are vibing, the crowd was pretty good this morning for a Monday after Thanksgiving, and nobody seemed to leave.

But the show is for you, so tell me hey, we don’t want to hear about your personal. I ain’t going to take it personal. The show’s for you, Daddy. Oh, it’s not for me. But we do got some good news, folks. There’s something happening around the world here. Thank you. All right, cool. Some of you seem to dig it. Something’s happening around the world. The election of Milay and Argentina.

We see Finland’s political environment changing. Germany’s political environment changing. Even in France, there’s a little bit of a political rebellion going amongst populists around the world. Do you see what happened in the Netherlands? Gert Wilders, he may not be able to form a government because of course, the minority party’s like, you’re racist. But Wilders basically ran on one issue. If you haven’t heard what he’s been talking about, he’s basically been talking about in the Netherlands, hey, man, this whole immigration thing, like, are we going to control this or are we just going to lose our entire country? And of course, the left’s predictable response is, what? You got to be a racist? But I’m going to play a little bit of video.

It’s short. It’s not long. Right after this, I’m going to take a quick break and I want you to ask yourself, does this guy sound crazy or does the guy interviewing him sound crazy? Because he don’t sound crazy to me. My patriot supply. Hey. It’s clear. The unthinkables here. Our most trusted institutions now deceive us every way they can. We know that something’s definitely wrong. Time’s short. To become more self reliant, secure the future for you and your family.

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Order ships for free same day. Get that emergence food. It’s better to have it and not need it than need it. One day and you don’t have it, what are you going to do? Knocking your neighbor’s door? They’re going to be like, don’t answer. We’re not home. Take $200 off today@mypatriotsupply. com. That’s mypatriotsupply. com. Thanks. Mypatriotsupply. Back to the show. Now you’ve seen this global rebellion going on against public safety issues, open borders, hyperinflation, the same thing the left does to deconstruct society every time.

And we’re seeing elections even in places like the Netherlands. Change. This guy’s party got the most votes. Listen to him and tell me who sounds crazy. Take a listen. Moroccans are overrepresented enormously in the Dutch crime statistics. More than 60% of the Moroccan youth under the age of 23 has been arrested by the Dutch police. And they are in general, when it comes to violent street crimes, 20 times more often been arrested on many crimes.

But if a given society has a problem with members of one particular group, is it wise for a politician to ostracize the whole group? Well, no, it’s wise to tell the truth. I did not invent that people from Morocco are overrepresented in the statistics. Is that high rates of crime because these people are Moroccan, or is that also because they are unemployed? I’m not a psychologist or sociologist.

I don’t care what folks what did the guy say? That sounds crazy. He’s not a psychologist. He’s not a sociologist. He’s giving you simple statistics about what’s happening with the immigration issue in the Netherlands. I don’t speak for this guy. I don’t know him, I’ve never met him, and you know me. I just don’t like politicians. I don’t care where they are in the Netherlands or anywhere else.

I certainly don’t kiss their asses. They’re tools for me. That’s it. They’re tools to get a job done. That’s it. They view you as tools to get elected. There’s nothing wrong with that. This is a transactional relationship you and I have with politicians. Everybody in the chat agree. We’re not kissing their asses. We don’t love them. They don’t love us. We use them to get conservative stuff, and they use us to get votes.

That’s it. I’m simply suggesting what the guy said. I don’t know the guy. I don’t know his motives. Is the guy a racist? I don’t know. I don’t care. All I care about is that interview. The guy sounded perfectly reasonable. I’m just giving you the crime statistics. I’m not a sociologist. I’m telling you, we’re from the Netherlands. We’ve got citizens to take care of. If I told you a bunch of illegal immigrants crossing the border were responsible for a certain number of crimes, and you’re like, what? Are you blaming Mexico? No, I’m not blaming Mexico.

I’m simply giving you the statistics. You will love them or leave them. That’s the stats goes back to the question I’ve been asking forever. You all know what it is. Chatsters is it bad enough yet? Well, clearly it isn’t the Netherlands. And you’ve got these media people again trying to apply the guy’s racist. I don’t know the guy. I’m not judging the guy one way or the other.

But you understand the media does not control the narrative anymore. They don’t. You do. You are seeing this revolution of populism. Whether you love it or hate it happen around the world because it’s crystal clear the far left is absolutely abandoning any sense of decency, morality, or reason. I’ll give you a quick example on the Is it bad enough yet? There you go and we got to take the mandatory poll is it bad enough yet for a global wave of conservatism? The answer is no.

My answer I think you all definitely agree with me, but there’s no question whatsoever it’s getting there. Look at this shit out of New York here. New York Post. New York retailers lost $4. 4 billion due to organized shoplifting groups in 2022. Do you have any idea how much money $4. 4 billion is? He brought up a great point. Disney bought Star Wars for that money. The entire budget of the Secret Service when I left was a billion dollars to support the White House, the President, 100 plus field offices, probably 10,000 employees, protection, operations, equipment, $4.

4 billion. This isn’t just in New York. This ain’t nationwide. I bring up these New York stories only because this is happening everywhere. Look at this one. New York Post again. NYPD cops leaving the force at an alarming rate. Over 2500 turned in badges so far in 2023, folks, 90 plus percent of the nation’s police department don’t have 2500 officers at all. These are just the people that left.

Can you imagine the brain drain? We got a lot of cops in the chat. I was a police officer and an agent, so I seen the uniform side and the plain clothes side, right? You have any idea how long it takes you as a uniform cop to really be good at it? What’s your guess if you’re a cop in a chat? Me? Probably five to seven years before you know how to deal with people you know how to interview.

You develop the spidey sense. These guys are all leaving. Oh, they’re going to be replaced. No, they’re not. They just canceled two police academy classes because they don’t have any money. Why? Because they’re paying for illegal immigrants. Folks, is it getting bad enough yet? Yes. Is it bad enough yet that there’s going to be a mass freaking earthquake? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But we’re most certainly on a roll there.

That ball is now rolling downhill. I don’t have it, but Politico had an article out today that Biden’s poll numbers, shockingly, are getting even worse. We thought they’d cratered approval rating, everything. It means we’ve got I don’t want to hear you talk about a red wave, folks. In the chat, we don’t ban a lot of people unless you break the law and stuff or do something incredibly stupid.

And that guy in the beginning I had a tear up. Dan, why won’t you say the election stuff? We don’t talk about the are you crazy, dude? Are you on crack? Are you smoking meth? I use my words carefully, I say it all the time because you can’t ever prove a counterfactual. But don’t mention a red wave. There’s no red wave. We’re not doing red waves here. Red wave is for people who want to lose.

It’s going to be a red. Wave. Everybody stay home. No, but it is getting bad. I want you to look at this too. Washington Post. They even had to note this once. This is happening in the Washington Post. You know there’s trouble. Taylor Lorenz, who’s the biggest goofball in all of the me. She’s the crier. Oh, my gosh. They’re making fun of they’re that’s not Taylor Lorenz. That’s someone mocking.

Taylor lorenz. That’s not her. Did you really think that was her? That’s a Taylor Lorenz parody. This is hilarious. Gee things. Is it? I don’t even know. No, that’s not her. That’s someone you’ve messed that one up. Here’s what happened. There’s this viral video going around TikTok, right? Did you guys catch this story? You’re like, hell no. I’m not on TikTok. I have to be for show reasons and stuff.

I segregate it out, but I’ll leave that for another day. I’ve seen it, and it’s about this $16 McDonald meal. Don’t downplay this stuff. Like this one. Nuclear people can’t believe how bad inflation is. That’s not the point of the story, though. Taylor Lorenz, who, by the way, can’t even do math in this Washington Post piece. They basically admit that the White House is busy trying to censor this thing again.

The White House official said the administration’s working with TikTok to tell positive stories of Biden’s economic stewardship while working with social media platforms to counter misinformation. Do you believe this crap, folks? Censorship and will unless you get these people out of power. Biden, the leftist, the Taylor Lorenzes, all of these lefties who have got their fangs in the government right now, the communism and the socialism and the censorship is never, ever going to stop.

Oh, but they’re being sued in the Missouri versus Biden case. They don’t care, bro. They don’t care. They are doubling down on censorship. It’s not just here, however. This is getting worse around the world, in Europe and elsewhere. I mean really bad. Some crazy stuff happened this past week in Ireland. It’s like Conor McGregor to UFC fighters involved. There was an attack in Ireland. The T shook over there is pushing for more censorship.

You’ve got this O’Reilly lady, this senator over there openly calling for, like, violating people’s civil rights. It’s going to be a short segment, but I want to show you again. This metastasizing socialist bug is not just here, man, it’s everywhere. It’s even worse in Europe. Quick break right on the other side. I’m going to show you this video. Don’t go anywhere. For ten years, Patriot Mobile has been America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider.

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We appreciate it. And, ladies, censorship around the world is metastasizing. Here is Ireland’s. T shook. Their leader over there. Lee over here, he is in a video explaining how they need new legislation to take down hate filled content on the Internet. Which, ladies and gentlemen, is code word for what? Communist censorship. Dan. Ding ding ding ding ding. You’re right. Take a listen yourself. I think it’s now very obvious to anyone who might have doubted it that our incitement hatred legislation is just not up to date.

It’s not up to date for the social media age. And we need that legislation through, and we need it through within a matter of weeks. Because it’s not just the platforms who have a responsibility here, and they do. There’s also the individuals who post messages and images online that stir up hatred and violence. And we need to be able to use laws to go after them individually as well.

Okay, this guy’s a commie. This stuff is spreading around the world, folks. Now, I’ll show you a tweet coming up in a minute. The same guy who doesn’t seem to recognize terrorism, which is interesting because he recognizes hate online right away. But when it comes to terrorism, he’s confused. I’ll get to that in a second, folks. The tweet is horrendous. It’s like the worst tweet I think I’ve seen from a world leader in a long time.

But this guy’s obviously a communist. Straight up commie. Okay? Hate speech laws. What exactly does that mean? Well, the answer is nobody knows what it means. And that’s the point. It means whatever the commies say it means. Here’s the green party. Senator, this woman O’Reilly here she is she just basically comes out and says it that, yes, we need to violate civil rights in the name of the common good, which is really the excuse every single communist fascist has given since the beginning of time.

Listen to yourself. When you think about it, all law, all legislation is about the restriction of freedom. That’s exactly what we’re doing here, is we are restricting freedom, but we’re doing it for the common good. You will see throughout our Constitution, yes, you have rights, but they are restricted for the common good. Everything needs to be balanced. And if your views on other people’s identities go to make their lives unsafe, insecure and cause them such deep discomfort that they cannot live in peace, then I believe that it is our job as legislators to restrict those freedoms for the common good.

No, crazy communist lady. No, it isn’t. That’s not your job. You see, here in the United States, we have a Constitution that does restrict a body. You guys know what it restricts? It restricts the government. That’s what the Bill of Rights is. It is a bill of negative rights for the government. I. E. What the government can’t do to you. It does not restrict the citizen laws that restrict the citizen.

Restrict the citizen from taking away God given rights of others. And you do not have a God given right to not be offended. Communist senator O’Reilly and Tshuk of Ireland, crazy person that wants hate speech laws. There is no such thing as a God given right not to be offended. There is a God given right to assemble, to defend yourself, to speak, to petition your government and to practice your religion.

That’s a God given right. Oh, I don’t believe that I’m a lefty. That’s why you’re an ahole, sorry. There is a God given right. No, government gives us those rights. Maybe you should read up a little bit and educate yourself so you don’t sound like an idiot all the time. Government gives you none of those rights. Those rights are granted by God. All the government is there to betuize is to protect those collective rights for those people, those individual rights at that collective government level.

They are individual, God given rights. Do you understand? This woman has it all backwards. It is not the government’s job to determine what you can say and can’t say these people are nuts. Here’s. Ireland’s. Exalted leader. Here, same guy who can’t seem to recognize terrorism, but he says he knows what hate speech is. So Emily Hand was a hostage taken by demon savages emily’s Nine, taken by the Hamas demon savages in the October 7 brutal, murderous terror assault.

And what does Leo Varatkar say? It’s a day of enormous joy and relief for Emily Hand and her family, an innocent child who was lost and has now been found and returned. We breathe a massive sigh of relief. Our prayers have been answered. What the was? What is this, Disney World? Oh, look, our kid was lost on the Space Mountain ride or whatever. So just to be clear, the same guy running Ireland right now who wants hate speech laws to put you in jail for suggesting that a biological man is in fact a man is confused by the way he got community noted into the Phantom Zone.

In one of the greatest community notes ever, emily Hand was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October the 7th. The use of the term loss is inappropriate fails to highlight that she was released as part of a hostage deal. Folks, these people are sick. And to the t shirk of Ireland, you should be freaking embarrassed and you honestly should probably resign in shame for just being a straight up tool.

You want to see video, by the way, in case you think it’s a conspiracy theory? And to that dipshit in the chat, it was like, here’s a false flag. Fuck off my show, asshole. Yeah, is this a false flag? Hollywood movie set here’s Emily Hand, nine, kidnapped by demon real. Looks like a warrior there. What is she, an Amazon soldier they kidnapped? Where’s her weapon? Oh, look, it’s like a kid.

Because she is a kid. I want you to watch that for a second. We had to give them back murderers stabbers bombers. We had to give them back demons. They gave us back kids and women. Oh, us and yeah, us. Human beings. But Israel’s not our country. No, it isn’t. America is my country, but the human race and human beings and civilization matter to me. Leo, maybe get your head out of your ass.

What a moron hate speech. A kid was lost, like she wandered off or something, looking for, like, Tic TAC she left behind. What a dipshit. You know what? Let me play hold this Sky News video for a second. I want to get to the Conor McGregor thing. I know I mentioned before, but shockingly, this story involves Conor McGregor, too. You know, Conor, UFC fighter, multiple division champion. Well, of course this story.

That’s why I ran these stories in this order. Ireland doesn’t just have a problem right now with free speech and civil liberties because it’s being run by tyrants right now. They also have a problem with unfettered immigration that is basically destroying the fabric of Ireland right now, which is erupted into violent crime. So Conor McGregor, who’s his handle on Twitter is the notorious MMA. Conor McGregor had enough, and he’s like, Listen, man, you gonna do something about this or what? You gonna stop this? Immigration into the country till we can get a hand on what’s happening.

So, as Keith Woods reports here, conor McGregor is apparently being investigated by the Irish police. Folks, I gotta tell you, I’m, like, genuinely afraid to travel overseas these days. I have to for some stuff. But I’m not even kidding. My wife can attest to it. These places are becoming so, like, you could wind up in jail for anything in Europe. You’re almost, like, as safe in North Korea.

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen Conor McGregor be an investigator for having an unauthorized opinion. By the way. Just back to the hostage exchange that happened this weekend with the media narrative never believe these idiots. Was an exchange of women and children on. But no, it wasn’t. No, it wasn’t. That’s not what happened. The people the Israelis gave back were demon savages who stabbed people, bombed people.

The people the Israelis got back were women and little kids like the one you just saw. Listen to Sky News here blowing it again. The lady’s on with this Israeli official like it was an exchange of women and children. He’s having absolutely none of it. Good for him. Take a listen. You have now released 39 Palestinian women and children. Can I argue, please, about can I argue? Sorry, I can’t let that stand.

Because it’s like they release children and we release children. I’m sorry, don’t accept that. Here we have a two year old, a four year old, a five year old, and a nine year old. How can you compare that with a minor who is 16 or 17 years old, who is involved in a stabbing attack or throwing a petrol bomb or the other acts of violence? You can say women and minors, but to compare that to the Israeli two year old, I think, is a bridge too far.

Well, no, I understand what you’re saying, Mr. Regev, and there is a 14 year old who has been released as well. What was his charge? Did you look? I don’t know exactly. Did he stab someone, knife them, or did he just carry explosives for someone else? Once again, you’re talking about innocent right now. Young toddlers against teenagers, manipulated by different terrorist organizations, but nevertheless involved in violence. Ladies and gentlemen, screw the media.

Do not listen to these idiots. I have a side here. I’m on the human race side. That’s the side I’m on civilized human being side. This is a fact. The guy’s putting out there, you can object to whatever you want. You’re perfectly entitled to an opinion about how this war going on in the Middle East should progress, but you’re not entitled to a separate subset of things that don’t exist.

Like, oh, I have my own fact. You don’t have your own facts. What the guy’s saying is right. They got back a nine year old for basically a 14 year old who apparently had tried to stab or bomb someone. It’s not the same freaking thing, folks. Things are getting worse, too. I told you. The censorship. They’re going to double down. The media is all in on it. They’re going to double down on the spying.

This is going to get a lot worse and shockingly. They are still spying on you. Just like Biden’s trying to work with TikTok to censor. And the administration is still spying on you again. Come on, Dan, that’s a conspiracy theory. Put the story up. Put it up. Millions of Americans are having their phone records accessed by a secret surveillance program. I thought that stopped. No, it didn’t, and it won’t.

You’re still being spied on. Thank you, Joe. They said they didn’t do that. And of course, you know, Joe, we can always trust them. Because you believe it the temerity on these people to lie to us again. The program uses a technique known as chain analysis. Sounds like our two hop rule we used to talk about. This goes after those who’ve been in direct contact with a criminal suspect and anyone else who’s had communications with them.

This program also allows law enforcement agencies to receive any data access and the records of any calls that use At T’s infrastructure. Folks, they’re still spying on you, man. Don’t they need a warrant for this stuff? Well, you would think it’s that whole, like, kind of due process, Fourth Amendment thing as well. You would think that would happen, but no, it’s not. These people lie to us and BS us all the time.

Nothing they tell you is true. You can’t trust these people. Nothing they say is true. That’s why I’m telling you with the pneumonia story, with the story about the bridge and the car that exploded, do not settle on a narrative until you’re absolutely sure. First it was a terror attack, then it wasn’t a terror attack. The answer is I don’t know what it was. All I know is something happened.

But whatever the media tells me, take a big grain of salt and swallow that sucker. By the way, going forward, I’ve warned you about this. They’re going to use water access and eco tyranny environmental nonsense as a way to further censor and spy on you. I promise you, folks. Market, I want to see red flags in the Chat right now. Flag? This is like the biggest flag of all.

Going forward. Joe, please. Flag it. Thank you. This is a flag it you are going to see moving forward. They’re going to use environmental tyranny as a way to wither away your civil liberties. And what they’re going to do is they’re going to use national emergencies to do it. You’re going to see it whether it’s water access. There’s going to be a national emergency for water access. A lot of flags.

Lot of flags. Keep it up. There’s going to be a lot of that. You’re going to see a national emergency for clean air. When you see it, you’ll know you heard it here first. They’re going to use Eco Tyranny to do it, and they’re going to do it under the guise of pseudoscience. The air is so dirty, everybody’s dying and all this stuff. When I say pseudoscience, I want you to watch this clip.

This is one of the best clips you’re going to see in a long time. Let me just tell you a quick story on this. I’m watching this on my phone in a hotel room in Auburn, right? And my wife is listening from the bathroom. She’s got the door open. She’s like doing her hair and stuff. So she’s like, what is that? That’s hilarious. This is Congressman Tom Massey, one of the good guys, questioning, you know, what do they call him? What did Rush call him? Potato face, whatever.

Here’s John Kerry Lurch, or whatever they call this. John Kerry knows nothing about the environment at all. He just pretends to. Here’s Massey just dismantling this guy like, wait, don’t you have a degree in Political science? Like, who the hell are you to tell us what to do? Check this out. Isn’t it true you have a science degree from Yale? What’s that? Bachelor of arts degree. Is it a political science degree? Yes.

Political science. So how do you get my Bachelor of Arts in a science? Well, it’s liberal arts education and degree. It’s a bachelor. Okay, so it’s not really science. So I think it’s somewhat appropriate that somebody with a pseudoscience degree is here pushing pseudoscience in front of our committee today. Let’s get back to the science of it. But it’s not science. You’re not quoting science. Well, you’re the science expert.

You got the political science degree. Look, let me ask you this. What’s the consensus on parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere? About 406. 406 today. Okay, 406. Are you aware 350 being the level that scientists have said is danger? Okay. Are you aware 350 is dangerous? Wow. Are you aware that since mammals have walked the planet, the average has been over 1000 parts per million? Yeah, but we weren’t walking the planet.

Let me just share with you that we now know that definitively, at no point during the least, the past 800,000 years has atmospheric CO2 been as high as it is today. The reason you chose 800,000 years ago is because for 200 million years before that, it was greater than it is today. And I’m going to for the record. Yeah, but there weren’t human beings. I mean, there was a different world, folks.

We didn’t have 7 billion people. So how did it get to 2000 parts per million if we humans weren’t here? Because there were all kinds of geologic events happening on Earth which spewed did geology stop when we got on the planet? Holy Moses. Have you ever seen an argument dismantled so efficiently? Folks, I don’t know if you caught it. Did you catch it in the Chat? Did you guys catch it at the end? How john Kerry, whether he knows it or not, completely debunks the anthropogenic human cause theory of climate change.

You. Catch you. Joe. Did you? So here’s what let me just walk you through what happened. John Kerry bassey points out to him that the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have been multiples higher than they are now in the past. And John Kerry goes, well, there were no humans back then. And Massey goes, exactly. How the hell could humans cause climate change and elevated CO2 if they were higher when we weren’t? Here, you dipshit.

Did you guys miss that? That’s the whole point. John Kerry here’s, folks. Here’s the trap here. Trap door. Let me walk in. He just walks right in the trap. Massey like he just here. He’s, like, leaving breadcrumb and this idiot follows him and he’s chewing up the bread. He just debunked his own theory. Yeah, levels were higher when there were no humans. Well, then how the f did human support make the climate are you an idiot? You guys in the Chat, get joe, there’s some demands for a motley here I know we don’t do, but I’m seeing a lot of motley’s creep up.

At least give it a one monthly for this one. I mean, request granted. We usually don’t beat up the here we go. This is a backup mutley, but that’s okay. Someone sent me another mutley. Folks, he just debunked his own theory. I want you to play that clip for your friends. Anytime they bring up that we’re all going to die because of human climate change and a note to them when there were no humans, there was actually more CO2.

Yes. Look at that. Two catches back and forth. I usually got butterfingers. All right, I just want to bring up one thing, but I want to end the show on this one story. Because if ever stupid liberalism was summed up by an op ed I read this weekend, it’s this op ed in Wall Street Journal. But just a quick note. Today is I think we have 10% off today, too.

Cyber Monday to don’t get dead shirts, folks. Unfortunately, some of the sizes are sold out. These things fly off the shelves. We have the cutesy times over shirts. We have the Christmas ornaments for the bongino store, which is my wife and I have had a back and forth about that. We got hats and stuff, and they’re like, distressed hats and cool hats. Again, all our proceeds go to charity.

It’s store Bongino. com if you want to pick up some stuff for the holidays. I ain’t the best salesman for this stuff. It’s good stuff. We dig it. But it’s for you guys if you want to pick it up. But the don’t get dead ones are just flying. We can’t believe how many we sold. I think we sold like something like $30,000 worth of don’t get dead shirts in one day.

So strip out the cost. You guys raise, like, a lot of money for charity. That’s like one day. So a lot of them are still in stock, too, though. Check it out if you want. But I want to end with this. You know I hate liberalism, right? Liberals suck. The liberals suck shirt is coming soon, by the way, so that’s right around the corner. Liberals suck. Why do liberals suck? Because everything they do sucks.

And then when the liberals do what they do, that sucks. When we warn them it’s going to suck, they then try another sucky thing to cover up the sucky thing that started the liberal sucking in the first place. I’m reading this story this weekend in the Wall Street Journal about, you know, Pocahontas having an Obamacare epiphany. Here’s the long and short of this Obamacare, which is the worst disaster to happen to healthcare in American history.

They had this thing called a medical loss ratio. I don’t want to get into the deets of what it is. It’s not really hard to understand. The gist of it is Obamacare said, you insurance companies, you can’t make more than this amount of money. Which if you’re a liberal or a communist, you’re like, yeah, get them insurance companies. If you’re a sane person and a capitalist, you’re like, wait, isn’t that going to cause some distortions? Like they’re going to cap their profits here, but then Joe just like, move them over here.

Like that’s kind of what they would do, right? And like, shocker. Folks, that’s exactly what happened. So now costs are getting distorted everywhere as profits get shifted around to stay under the profit cap. And now the same liberals that instituted the profit cap through Obamacare are bitching about costs going up everywhere else. They note Obamacare’s market distortions are spurring a bipartisan movement to regulate these pharmacy benefit managers.

That’s where a lot of the profits were going. It’s a familiar story. Big government intervention creates incentives. It raises costs that help big business. And then politicians demand more government to fix the distortions they cause. Long and short of it is they regulated the insurance company profits who moved them into these pharmaceutical benefit manager middlemen, and now they want to regulate them, too. Folks, it doesn’t work. There is a way to regulate prices.

It’s called a market. You can’t charge money for stuff that people will not buy. It’s why they don’t know Bentley factories in Port of Prince Haiti because it’s a poor country and nobody’s going to buy to damn Bentley. It’s too expensive. The market regulates it. Holy Moses, I read this story. People are morons regulating. We got to regulate your problem. Oh, yeah, that’s going to work, folks, thanks again for tuning in.

I hope you didn’t mind my opening part of the show today. On Monday, I make Mondays kind of a little bit the opening segment of the show. Little bit of you and I, a little bit of the personal side of me. I hope you didn’t mind too much. And please, if you haven’t watched the Henry Gracie Self defense special, it’s a Friday’s episode. It aired on Friday. It is worth your time, especially the part if you have young kids, daughters or sons, if someone tries to take them and drag them into the car.

Henner shows you exactly what to do to stay alive. We’ll be doing a few more of these episodes, so he’s really great and there’s so much more to talk about. We’ve had a blast, but I hope you like it. Check it out and spread the word on the show. Download the Rumble app, please, if you would. And every day join us at 11:00 a. m. Eastern time. Rumble.

com Bongino, the show is live and then stay for the radio show. We love having you here. I will see you all back here tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show. .



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