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➡ The host, Dan Bongino shares updates about his weekend which included an IV, sponsoring by Enviro Cleanse and Contingency Medical, celebrating Joe Biden’s birthday with a peculiar rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, commenting on a successful episode of a show he participated in, attending a book signing in Texas with a massive turn out, receiving notable gifts from fans, and enjoying a concert by Morgan Wallen.
➡ The anecdote revolves around an individual describing their exciting experience at a Morgan Wallen concert in Houston. The text then shifts to the author discussing the current state of politics in the United States and other parts of the world, such as Argentina. They touch upon the increasing public displeasure with socialism, hinting at a future conservative resurgence and commend Argentina’s new leader, Javier Malay, for his strong stance against collectivism. They also refer to the January 6 tapes, criticizing the alleged double standards in how left and right wing protests are viewed.
➡ The speaker shares a comparison between how Trump supporters versus leftists are treated by law enforcement and the Department of Justice following Capitol-related incidents. They claim the threat of communist-influenced justice is being hidden from the public. The speaker talks about Matthew Perna, a Trump supporter who committed suicide after receiving a proposed prison sentence of nine years for his involvement in the Capital incident. This is contrasted with the alleged leniency towards leftists committing similar acts. They criticize the media for hiding video evidence of these incidents and call for exposure.
➡ The speaker expresses dissatisfaction with a Wall Street Journal article reporting a decrease in child cancer rates, upset that it also highlighted racial disparities in health care access. The speaker blames the left for pushing for government health care that disproportionately affects minorities adversely, sees the left as exploiting the victim narrative while restricting freedoms, and criticizes some news reporting for inaccuracy and promoting false narratives.
➡ The text discusses the falling approval ratings of President Biden, highlighting points made by celebrities, and anticipates a backlash for Twitter after Elon Musk taking over, due to Media Matters accusing Twitter of placing advertisements next to offensive content.
➡ We learn about a dispute over allegations that Twitter frequently serves shady ads, and the writer argues against this, stating that due to the large number of ads served overall, the occurrence is statistically insignificant. The writer also discusses biases in media coverage, pointing out that denunciation of Twitter for controversial content but not TikTok, is hypocritical. The text also includes a critique of current endorsements in U.S. politics and ends with a harsh critique of President Biden’s public behavior.
➡ The speaker emphasizes the downside of COVID-19 school closures, attributing the drastic setback in student progress to liberal entities and teacher unions. They criticize these groups for their power-driven decisions, claiming they’ve caused permanent damage to many students’ futures. The speaker also encourages listeners to interact with them via the Rumble app where they are available for discussions most mornings.


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. Oh my God, folks, I promise I don’t do drugs or heroin. You see this in my arm? This is not like me, like mainlining narcotics or anything. I had to do an IV this weekend to recover. What a weekend. This isn’t even the mother of all weekend updates.

This is like the great grandfather of all weekend updates ever. This is like the original missing link of Weekend updates. All goes back to this weekend update. Holy Moses. Was this a weekend? I got some stories for you all. This episode is sponsored by Enviro Cleanse. Right now you can save 35% during the Black Friday sale, plus get free shipping. Visit ekpure. com. Use code BongINO 35 for 35% off.

That’s Ekpure. com code BongINO 35. Breathe Clean air. Big update. It’s a big birthday today. Joe. You may have heard about it. Me and Joe got a special greeting. The big guy, he’s about 142, but that’s okay. So don’t go any. Joe’s like a professional singer, so I got paid for this at one point. This is big. No, he’s good. Hey, in today’s unpredictable world, being prepared for unexpected health challenges is more crucial than ever.

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Consult with your healthcare provider. Great company. Check them out. Get prepared today. All right, Joseph, let’s go. Happy Monday, everyone. It’s showtime. Well, it’s an extra Happy Monday because some of you may have heard our illustrious commander in chief, the greatest leader we’ve ever seen. Just kidding. I’m talking about Joe Biden. Smoking Joe Biden. Sniffing Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s birthday today. He’s about 246. He’s actually 81. So, Joe, how old are you? I’ll be 67 next week.

So this guy was born way before you, Daddy o. So I had a little thought. How about we sing a little Happy birthday, everyone want to join us in the chat for Smoking Joe Biden while he’s sniffing some kids? Let’s do it, Joe. Happy birthday, big guy. Happy birthday, big guy. Happy birthday, big guy Biden. He’s cringing right now. Happy birthday from me, Joe. And the Chinese Communist Party and the Ukrainians and the Kazakhs and Barisma and everyone else who paid you off, you.

I hit those high notes better than very good. Joe is a pro. I’m not, but there you go. He’s so funny. Gee, like, hates anything is cringey. Forget I’m singing Happy Birthday to sniff and Joe Biden today. Thank you. Thank you. Did you. Wow, folks. Oh, my gosh. A compliment from Gee Joe. Elizabeth, I’m coming for you. It’s cringe, bro. Donald Cringe. He says it all the time.

Everything’s cringe. I know. I’m sorry. I always drift out. So big weekend update for you. This is like the Godfather of all weekend updates. First, we did the Crowder show. I’m so happy a lot of you liked it. 90% of you loved it. 10% of you thought it was totally bananas, that show. And, gee, you can vouch for however bananas it appeared. The show on Thursday. I’m sorry, Friday.

We had the day off Thursday. I keep saying Friday forever. Nuts. You think it was, Gee, was it not ten times worse in the studio? In the studio, it was even more bananas than it looked like on the air. So the Crowder show was a mega hit. 1. 2 million views. Just crazy some of you didn’t catch the new time. I should have probably said it more. Sorry about that.

Next time we do it, I’ll advertise well, the new time just for that show. Not now. But I should have advertised that in advance. But thank you so much. So we did a book signing in Texas and the Bonjido army is like a legit army now. Like we have like a thousand members in Dallas alone. I’m starting to think to myself, man, if we were to marshal this army together around the country.

What do you say, guys? We probably got a good million plus. We may be like the world’s 7th biggest standing army. The funny thing is I ain’t even kidding. So we go to Dallas. Gee, was there, all the nice people showed up and folks, I kid you not, I expected 600 people. 600. Figured we had 550 plus books. The bookstore don’t want to carry something I can sell.

So we figured we’d be okay. I did not expect 1000 people when I got there. We had to go to do this in fast motion here. This is Paula. She goes, I’m going to go take a picture of this line because it wraps around the mall and doubles back. As we’re watching this, I want to show you, not when you see at the end. This is not the same group of people at the end.

Like it doubles back. This went on. I stayed. I was supposed to be there for 2 hours. But because you all are the freaking best audience ever in the history of what this is just in the bookstore. Then it goes outside the mall. This thing went back around, down around, doubled back on itself. I stayed for, I think it was like three and a half hours. I was signing hats, I was signing napkins, shirts.

I mean you brought something to sign because we ran out of books. Some guy told me we bought up every single book in Dallas. He went to the Sam’s club or whatever and there were no books there either. So by the way, if you want to see the rest of that line, go to my Instagram and in the Instagram watch the rest of that line. You can see what it went all around the mall.

The poor mall owner, they were like blocking off entrances from stores. It was crazy. And a lot of people, on a serious note, gee, that ad is up. It’s driving me crazy. By the way, everyone there, I want you to know how much it means to me. You show up, I typically can’t take stuff back so I ask people to mail it. But in this case we had the ability to transport stuff back.

So I met a Marine and I didn’t want to take this because I felt bad. But he insisted he’s apparently carried this coin, Marine coin, with him for 17 years. And he said he wanted me to have it. And brother Semperfy, man, it’s my greatest regret not being one of you all in the Marines. You know, I have a soft spot for Marines. So do the people in this show for some obvious reasons.

I want to thank you. We have a special Friday shout out to a young girl, Serenity, who loves Joe’s Friday thing that’s coming up next week. Also, John, this guy John, who’s a really nice guy, gave me this like Sammy Sosa official baseball from his march to 500. Someone gave me a man card to turn in. Whenever I talk about wine, I got to turn my man card in.

Thank you. And then some grommets, a Nolan Ryan thing, a Dan Bongino baseball card. Like all this stuff on it. I have so much stuff, man, I put it back here. I try to keep all of it, but I’m running out of space. When we get to new office, I’ll have like a bookshelf. But you all are great, so I appreciate it. And finally, it’s crazy. Weekend update.

I went to the Morgan Wallen concert Saturday night. What a freaking banger that wAs, man. Paul and I, we never get there early. Morgan usually comes on like 9915. He came on like 920 or so. So we never get there early because we just don’t. It gets to be like a little chaotic, if you know what I mean. So we were in Houston and we were like, screw it, we’re going to go there early and we’re going to just party a little bit.

And let me tell you something, Morgan was freaking amazing. The show was totally bananas. Met some should. You should have heard the damn bonjour hometown. I’m like screaming the whole night. That’s why my voice sounds like shit, right? And I’m there. Everybody wanted to meet Paula. Oh, why? She looked pretty hot. Maybe no one cared. Everybody’s like, hey you, Dan. Is this Paula? And they started talking to Paula, but this guy hooks me up.

I got a quick story. I promise I’m going to get to the show. But the Monday up, I don’t do this often. If you hate it, just say shut up and get to the content. But this is super important. So Minutemade park has the worst bathroom situation I’ve ever seen in Houston. I never seen anything like it. You go out there to hit the bathroom, you better chalk off a half an hour of your life for the women, 2 hours.

It was like the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to give this guy’s name up, so let’s call him Tony, okay? You know what I mean? I’m on this line. I’m out there, like, five minutes. Some guy. Hey, you damn Bargino. I said it depends. Are you a Democrat? If you are, it was a Morgan Wallenkon. Should have known. No. Guy’s like, nah, man. So good to meet you.

He’s like, let’s just say I work with Morgan, kind of. I was like, oh, cool. He’s like, you don’t need to wait on his bathroom. Come with me, man. Let’s just call him Tony. I love you, brother. Like, bathroom, like all mine. Paula’s got her own thing. Then we meet this couple in the front row. I’m singing, I’m dancing my hometown to meet my mama. Now I’m gonna see you every time I see that welcome.

I’m singing and the lady. We’re chilling with the husband. They can’t believe they’re sitting next to us. We’re like friends. By the end of the night, lady’s like, I gotta hit the bathroom. Paul’s like, me too. I got a hook and went back and found the other guy. I don’t want to say too much. I’m gonna get this guy in trouble. But you know who you are. Love you, brother.

What’s that? Oh, that happened. He’s like, you know, some big things happened this week. He made my all right weekend updates over. Longest one I ever did. But I told you it was a banger, man. Let me tell you something. I had some fun. I had to get an IV the next day after that one, I was like, oh, I can’t go home like this. So something huge happened yesterday, ladies and gentlemen.

What do I tell you all the time? When is it going to get bad enough that people are going to vote to change now, is it bad enough in the United States? When I say change, I mean real change, like Rudy Giuliani, New York change, Reagan Revolution change. When is it going to get bad enough? And a lot of people are disappointed when I tell them. And I got to take my mandatory poll in the chat.

Is it bad enough yet? I’m not saying Biden’s going to win. I’m saying, is it bad enough yet that Donald Trump wins 45 states? The answer is no, it’s not. It’s bad enough that Trump could win. He’s ahead in the polls. But is it bad enough for a landslide where the Democrat Party’s done for ten years. The answer I’m telling you is it isn’t. It’s not bad enough.

Think about this. How bad did it have to get in Argentina for this to happen? Argentina? Gee, you know South America well like I do. Correct. Argentina can be a very left leaning country. Right. For a long time the Pironists over there, they’ve had actual commies in charge of Argentina that have blown up this economy forever. Right? Now you think it’s bad here? What’s the inflation rate been in the United States? 9634.

That’s pretty bad, right? You know what the inflation rate in Argentina was? 140%. And finally, as you can see from this AFP article, Javier Malay won the election and vows the end of Argentina’s decline. Ladies and gentlemen, it only got bad enough after 140% inflation. You know who Javier Malay is in the chat? You know this guy? Listen, let me just caution you for a minute because a lot of people are falling in love with this guy.

He seems like a good libertarian guy. I get it. But please, we don’t worship politicians here no matter what. We worship what God and we look out for results. Javier Malays seems great. But even though he’s in Argentina conservatism around the world matters because it’s infectious. We’re seeing it in Finland, we’re seeing it in Sweden. We’re seeing a renaissance in Germany. We just see it in Spain. They’ve had enough of the socialist commies there too.

You are seeing a worldwide change where it’s bad enough. If you’ve never heard of Javier Malay, I want you to listen to this. 30 seconds. Joe, you translated this? This is Joe’s voiceover. This guy’s good. This guy’s real good. But we better look out for results. Check this out. You can’t give shit left hearts an inch, can you? Define shit leftists. All collectivists. All kinds of collectivists. But why do you call them shit? Because they are shit.

No. If you think differently from them they will kill you. This is the point. You can’t give shit leftists an inch. If you give them an inch they will use it to destroy you. You can’t negotiate with leftards. You don’t negotiate with trash because they will end you. Ever heard of this guy? I’ve been following this guy for a while. Remember we look out for results. We’re going to keep this guy honest even though he’s in Argentina.

But man, this guy’s good. By the way, that’s one of a thousand videos of him doing this. You see the one where he wants to cut government? He puts all the government agencies on the board, education. He throws them away. This one’s out. We’ll see what he does. We’ve been told a lot of this stuff before, but we’re starting out really good. And I’m so glad. When this guy won, I saw my name peering all over social media.

I’m like, why am I on Twitter this weekend? Trending a bit here. What’s going on? And it was because a lot of people put in there. Finally, as Bonjito said, it’s bad enough in Argentina. Apparently it is. Is it going to be bad enough here? I don’t know. But things like this don’t help the left, folks. There’s big news this weekend. The January 6 tapes finally came out.

Speaker Johnson. And again, we go back to what we don’t worship politicians. We look for results. That’s it. Johnson. We’ve had some upside, some downside. Wasn’t happy about the CR. I realize he’s limited what he can do, but wasn’t a great deal. Let’s just be honest there. The CR was shit. However, he said he was going to release the tapes, and he did. And people have been pouring through them.

I can’t go through all of them, obviously, it’s tons of hours, but I picked a few, and one in particular. I’m going to start out here. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a tragic video. I’m going to tell you why in a minute. But now we know why they wanted these tapes hidden so badly. Because, folks, they only wanted you to see one side of this. And let’s be clear, let’s not put blindfolds in front of our faces.

There was a lot of stuff that went down that day that shouldn’t. And we should acknowledge that. The left can never acknowledge who instigated it or not. Ladies and gentlemen, honestly, I’m not sure. All I know is stuff happened and whoever did it shouldn’t have done it. However, there was clearly another side to this and what we were told about this mass rampaging of the Capitol and attempted takeover of government.

Folks, if you’re just looking at evidence, if that happened, I’d show you the evidence and tell you that’s not what the evidence inside the Capitol says. I’m not telling you stuff on the outside. Some of that shit was bad news. But the evidence from the inside of the Capitol, it’s kind of hard to justify what they told you was the greatest insurrection since 911. The reason they didn’t want you to see this and only wanted you to see what happened on the outside.

And the bad stuff is because they don’t want you to contrast it with what the left does, like burning down office buildings, antifa riots and everything else. This is probably the most tragic story of the day. I want to show you this video here, and you may say, why are you showing this one of all the videos? It’ll make sense in a second. Is this a Vo or A.

Okay, check this out. Here’s a video from inside the Capitol. You’re going to see a guy in a red shirt there walking by. You see him. Some of you see where I’m going with this, Dan, that’s what you’re pulling this video for, folks? Does that look like an takeover of government to you? That guy you’re looking at right there, that guy stopped on is dead. That’s Matthew Perna.

He was only in the Capitol a few minutes. Didn’t steal anything, didn’t burn anything, didn’t beat anyone up, didn’t bear spray or shoot anyone. Matthew Perna is dead. Matthew Perna was locked up by our FBI. And during the course of the plea agreement, our Department of Justice decided for that, that they were going to seek a terrorism enhancement for Matthew Perna. Nine years in prison. He could have gotten Matt, took a rope and hung himself in his garage.

You play that again. Gee, would you mind? Nine years in prison for that. Nine years terrorism. This is why the left, ladies and gentlemen, did not want you to see this. The left didn’t want you to see this because now they know, you know that we do not have two systems of justice. We have one. It is a communist system of justice with a hierarchy. If you are a Trump supporter and you do that, you walk in the Capitol, some through an open door, you don’t get charged with trespass, you get a terrorism enhancement and potentially nine years in jail where he eventually hung himself.

If you’re a leftist, you march inside the Capitol and Occupy Kevin McCarthy’s office during the CR and you don’t leave, what happens to you? Jack shit. And Jack left town. You understand why they wanted to hide these tapes from you? It’s not for the reasons you Think they wanted to hide these tapes from you because they don’t want you to be able to compare and contrast them to what the left gets away with.

Because what hierarchies and tyrannies don’t want more than anything is exposure. They don’t want to be exposed. And that’s why they hid these tapes for so long. I got another one coming up. I’m not downplaying anything here, but there’s clearly another story to tell here that they’ve been trying to hide from you. These tapes get even worse. Let me take a quick break, folks. By the way, I have Jerry Perna, Matthew’s aunt.

She’s in police State. The movie, if you saw her, she’s coming up on my radio show later today to talk about just this absolute tragedy. It’s an abomination of a story, folks. Was a long weekend for me. Needed a little bit of sleep. Sleep as you get older. So critical, especially that deep, comforting sleep. Go to helixsleep. com Slash Dan, take the sleep quiz. I took it. I was matched to the midnight lux.

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No, they’re not. This is what they wanted to hide to you, which is the weirdest thing, because look again, you see some Capitol Police officers you see backing up, the door is open. See a bunch of people walking in. Again, I’m not telling you there’s not another story that went on outside. We’ve seen it a thousand times. I’ve commented on that. I’m not afraid of talking about that story.

I’ve said it a thousand times, folks. Probably more videos like that drive them crazy because they knew if they kept it hidden, that they could keep telling America that when people were inside the Capitol, it was a mass rampage of them, trying to burn the place to the ground to keep the narrative going that it was a government takeover. Look at this. I’m not telling you. It’s the only story.

I want to be clear. I’m just telling you I’m not afraid of the whole story. It’s the left who’s afraid of showing you this, not me. There were hours of video like that. They do not want you to see it, which tells you we’re in a hierarchy. I want to just throw this tweet up there. This may seem totally random, but again, we are in a hierarchy. There’s not two systems of justice.

There’s one. Some guy gave us this. Hold on. This weekend, he gave us this handy dandy middle finger guy, just in case. So, yeah, this is what they’re doing to you here. This is what the left is doing to you. They don’t care. The left does not care. Put up that KTVU tweet, Chip. Aggie, look. They show a bunch of pro terrorists who support terrorism, clogged up the Bay Bridge out in California.

They delayed the delivery of organs for transplant surgeries, possibly getting people killed. What happened to them? Nothing yet. Keef, can you go back to that second video again, please? From the Capitol, the video block organ. Trent, these guys, 25 years. Terrorism, folks, is hIerarchy. There’s not two systems of justice. Stop saying that. There’s one. We’re in charge and you are not. That’s it. They don’t even care. This is why they want it hidden.

They didn’t want you to see any of this. Listen, I only bring this up because the country can’t go on like this. Folks, you have to understand. Even animals understand fundamental unfairness. I don’t talk about education a lot because it’s stupid and you sound like a moron, but I was reading one of these studies when I was doing the graduate school thingy. Whatever. Who cares? But the story was interesting.

It was about monkeys and food. You can feed a monkey until their stomach explodes. They literally can’t eat and do not want to eat anymore. And yet, if you go bring another monkey a second set of food, and you don’t bring the monkey who’s already satiated, doesn’t want any more food, that monkey goes nuts. It’s not that he wants the food. It’s that even animals sense fundamental unfairness.

They didn’t want you to see that because they know once you saw the whole picture, not just the bad stuff that you were going to be like, wait, lefties have done a thousand times worse. How come they’re not getting terror enhancements in DOJ trials? Because it’s hierarchy, man. I want you to know, folks, they will burn this freaking place to the ground. The left, they will censor you.

They will destroy your career, your finances, destroy the economy. They will put you in jail. These people will watch you get hurt. That’s why they’re losing their minds over what happened in Argentina. There’s this video going around it. It’s hilarious. Of all these Argentinian socialists crying, like, whining and moaning because Javier Malay won. These people are so upset because the hierarchy system, where they’re in charge and you’re not, requires them to be, what? In charge.

And once they lose power, the whole hierarchy breaks down. I just want to show you how crazy these people are. Again, this may seem like a story out of left field, given everything going on, but it’s not. I read this this weekend, and it just highlights to you how in this hierarchical system, we have got to get these people out of power. They are nuts. What does that have to do with kids and cancer? Oh, it does.

Listen, if the show is too crazy, let me know in the chat. You know I love you guys, so I rely on you, I assume. Now we got 70,000 people watching, but I was going through the whole cancer drama thing. I go to MD Anderson in Houston for radiation, and I got to tell you, when you start feeling bad for yourself and you’re like, oh, I got cancer.

And you start, like, whining and moaning and stuff, I’d see these kids rolled in, 910 years old, no hair, no eyebrows. They’d come in and kind of like a hospice, like, stretcher with an ambulance, and they’d be getting a radiation therapy just to stay alive, like, a couple more weeks. Folks, I got to tell you, it’s one of the most devastating experiences of my life. Listen, man, I’m 48.

I lived a good life, and I don’t want to die. I think about it a lot. I’ve cried about it a lot. My wife, I hope I don’t have to turn him, but some guy gave me a man card this week. I hope I don’t have to turn it in, but I don’t want to die. I really don’t. I think about it all the. I’m obsessed with it.

But when I saw these kids, man, it made me think, if I got to go, I got to go. I’ve lived 48 years. These kids haven’t seen anything. They haven’t seen love, dating, marriage, their kids, nothing. So you would think that in this Wall Street Journal piece where there’s finally some good news on kids in cancer, it notes that death rates are falling. Leukemia, brain cancer. I read this article because the cancer thing is sensitive to me.

And I was like, wow, this is so great. This is something we should all celebrate. 47% drop in death rates for leukemia. And I’m sitting there reading this, Joe. I’m like, wow, this is fantastic. Like, God bless. Because I kept thinking about those kids, and I start reading down the article. I’m like, even liberals would like it. No, you want to see why these people hate everything? They are a freaking death cult of maniacs.

Turns out progressives are upset about this. Why? Racial disparities. They note that the death rate for white children was 16% lower for blacks and Hispanics. Oh, but here comes the explanation. This is the sick, effed up ahole left. One explanation may be Medicaid patients lack access to premier oncologists and have to wait longer for appointments with specialists to get diagnosed. Isn’t that crazy? Lefties, we need government run health care.

You give people government run health care. Unfortunately, blacks and Hispanics take up government run health care at a decent rate and they use it thinking they’re going to be helped. And they die more because of government, screwing their lives up and screwing their neighborhoods up. And then the left comes back and is upset that blacks and Hispanics die more from cancer because of the government. The left says they’re going to save you.

Ladies and gentlemen, again, these people hate you. They give you the double barreled middle finger. That’s not for number one. They hate your guts. They hate life. They hate everything. How the hell you understand why this article pissed me off so much? The left tells you government’s a solution to your problems. You use government for health care, you get killed because of government. And then they complain that people who don’t use government are living and not getting killed by government.

I got a clip coming up next. I’ll show you what I mean, how these people are freaking crazy. This lady coming up next, who couldn’t even do basic math. Remember this lady, the Marigay who tried to do the math with Brian Williams about Michael Bloomberg? They spent 500 trillion to vote. They couldn’t even do basic math. I want you to watch how nuts these people are, folks. This is a death cult of lunatics.

They are absolutely nuts. Oh, yes, that was her, too. She’s like, I saw an American flag and she’s a nut. This woman’s a nut. I got that. And also, Biden getting beat up by Hollywood. Listen, we don’t worship Hollywood people. We don’t worship anyone here. We worship God. However, watching Biden getting beat up by Hollywood people is kind of hilarious and it’s going to hurt a lot more.

Coming up, big show. Sorry, big weekend update, by the way, gee, I got to take a poll because Gee hates the weekend update. You like my weekend update or you hate it? Yes, you like it? No, you hate it. While I check this out because I got to know and we’ll do a little poll thing. All right? Just forget. All right. Omaha steaks, folks, falls in the air, crisp mornings, falling leaves and sweater weather.

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Patreonmobile. com Bongino that’s patriotmobile. com Bongino or call nine seven two Patriot. All right, back to the show showing you how crazy these people are. They will censor you. They will put you in jail. They will hide tapes, they will charge you with terrorism. And while they’re doing all of this, they will miraculously claim that they’re the victims in their exploitation narrative story. Remember, to the left, the world is full of people with power and people without power.

That’s it. They see the world through no other lens other than the exploitation narrative. They are the perpetual victims as they’re putting you in jail. Marragay goes on TV and talks about how they’re losing rights and we’re the fascists. Take a look back to this point. Know the GDP. I mean, I can’t think of an election anywhere in America where somebody goes to the polls because they said, you know what? I’m going to vote for this guy because the GDP looks so good.

Americans understand that. Republicans understand that or they wouldn’t be throwing red meat to their base, right? Why don’t Democrats understand that? They’re starting to. And I think, I have to say, too, that I think in our business, by that I mean journalism, politics, I think that too often cynicism gets mistaken for sophistication. And there is just this sense of, to your point, Joe, nobody’s going to go to the polls for democracy.

Nobody really cares if women don’t have the right to decide what happens to their own bodies. Well, it turns out that Americans aren’t as cynical as the restaurants, at least a majority of them. And that is why they’re voting, because they do see Donald Trump, I believe, for who he is. They do see fascism. They are concerned about it. They want to have a better future for their children.

My goddaughter is six years old and has fewer rights than I had 30 years ago. I want you to keep in mind, this imbecile couldn’t even do basic math on television with Brian Williams. She’s that dumb. She says that. The most remarkably stupid thing I think I’ve ever heard on cable television. That’s taking a lot. That’s saying my goddaughter has fewer rights than I. Name one right your goddaughter doesn’t have.

And by the way, there is no right to kill another woman in the womb. The woman in the womb loses the right to live. That’s not a right. She has. Not a single example of a right she’s lost. This is the dipsy do Flipperoo narrative. A lot of people think he’s fancy name the exploitation narrative, the broken life. It’s all cool and stuff. I go with simple. This is the Flipperoo.

Whatever you’re doing, acting like fascists, taking away people’s rights, censoring them online, putting them in jail, charging them with terrorism, letting your people rampage, just blame the other side for it. That’s exactly what this is. That woman cannot think of a single example. I can tell you our rights are being taken away. By allowing people to kill another human being in the womb, you’re taking away their right to live.

That’s their right. You’re telling women what to do with their. I’m not telling any woman what to do with their body. That’s not their body. That’s a different body. The lying never stops. Still, Folks, the guy’s 81 years old in the White House, and he’s their useful idiot right now. And the party’s sweating. Is it bad enough yet? The answer is, I don’t know. It was bad enough in Argentina.

I’m guessing it’s not yet. It’s not bad enough yet. Can we win the next election with Trump or any of the other Republican candidates? Yes. Is it a slam dunk? Hell to the f. No, it isn’t. But things are starting to change now. I don’t like celebrities. They don’t like me. I don’t care about any of these cats. It doesn’t matter. But this stuff is important because the reason Joe Biden’s approval rating is tanking is not because of Republicans.

Folks, only 9% of Republicans have a solid approval rating of Biden. 9%. Yeah, but believe me, that’s really low. There’s always a few knucklehead Republicans who are like a Democrat president. 9% is nonexistent. 21% of Democrats now don’t approve of Biden. And that’s not because they’re watching the Dan Bongino Show. It’s because they’re watching people like Kevin Hart and the Rock and NBC don’t gaff this stuff off.

Doesn’t mean these guys are our heroes. I don’t care about any of these guys, but this stuff matters. I want you to watch this. This is Kevin Hart on a podcast. Pretty famous comedian, pretty funny guy, talking about Biden. This is what destroys your political brand quicker than anything on the left. Conservatives don’t really care about Hollywood types. Liberals do. Watch this. Watching Biden, there’s a clip of Biden, what Biden says, and I’ve probably watched this clip, I’m not into politics at all.

But Biden goes, I got something important I want to say, and the whole world needs to hear it. I need everybody to listen right now. And he takes a beat, he goes, I forget it. President of the United States. That’s on purpose with Jay Shetty, folks. That stuff. This is not an entertainment show. I think it’s funny. We had some fun in the beginning, but this is really, this is an edutainment show.

Boogie down production style, right? This edutainment is educational enteRtainment, man. That was their album from back in the day. This is educational. That’s always been my goal, but this matters. This is not meant to be funny. We’re laughing, but this is the stuff on the left where if you repeat a marketing pitch over and over, what do they say? You need to see a product seven times before you’ll buy it, roughly.

You need to hear Joe Biden’s sociopathic wire with an oatmeal for brains seven to ten times from people you respect. Before it matters. This stuff adds up. Here’s another example. This is a Joe Rogan podcast. This is the Rock. People like the Rock. Pretty big dude, 50 years old, whatever. I don’t really care. But he’s on the Rogan show, and Rogan’s having none of this. He tries to make a pitch like, oh, I got friends on both sides playing it both ways.

Rogan checks him right away. And the Rock has to even acknowledge, like, all right, you caught me there. Watch this. Check this out. When I was a kid, you can have a Republican friend. It was no big deal. It’s no big deal. Like, oh, Bobby likes George Bush. Who cares? Who gives a know? You were a supporter of Bill Clinton. He liked George Bush. Nobody cared. Nobody like, fuck you.

You wasn’t like, you’re a be. I’m a Nazi. I just want lower taxes. What the fuck are you talking about how did I become a Nazi? It’s the craziest thing. I have friends who support Trump. I have friends who support Biden. I have friends. Do you really have friends who support, no, no. Here’s what I do. I have friends. Thank you. That’s a good check because that’s important.

This is important context. They support the Democratic Party. I have friends who are loyal to the party. Yes. You see how Rogan had in check him there. He’s trying to, I got friends. You people support Joe Biden. And you see, it’s almost like funny, like even the Rock knows, like, well, I’m not going to get away. Nobody supports Joe Biden. Nobody. The only people support Joe Biden are the Biden family.

And even they don’t support Joe Biden once that court case starts. Here’s a video from NBC of all Place. This is how much trouble this guy’s in. Is it bad enough yet? Don’t know, but it’s sure as hell getting there. Listen to them panic about how bad this guy’s approval rating is. And ladies and gentlemen, I’m telling you right now, 81 going on 82 next year. It ain’t going to get any better for this cat moving forward.

Check this out. Start with the bottom line here. President Biden, what is his job approval rating? We measure it now at 40% with 57% disapproving the significance. That is the lowest President Biden has ever measured in our poll in terms of job approval. And just look at the sea change from the start of this year. Remember early this year, Democrats coming off a strong 2022 midterm. He was almost even.

Now he’s 17 points underwater on this quest. Significant dip there, Steve. It is. And you can actually, if you take a look here by party, I think it’s significant for two reasons. One, independence, obviously, more than two to one, disapproves. You don’t want to be there as an incumbent president. But I think equally significant, no surprise, 7% of Republicans approve of Joe Biden’s job performance, but three times as many Democrats, 21%.

That’s more than one in five, say they disapprove. You need much more unified support in your own party if you’re going to have a successful reelection campaign, folks. That’s a point I was making before, and it’s even worse. I said nine. It’s actually 7% are Republicans. Believe it or not. That happens. The number is usually typically higher. People who approve a Democrat president, he’s got 21% of Democrats saying he sucks you can’t possibly win that way.

I told you, though, these people are all in because Biden is still a useful idiot for them, but they’re getting ready to throw him overboard. Listen, I want to lift and shift here, because this is a hugely important story about the kind of entire narrative flowing through today’s show about how these people in charge, folks, are sick. They will watch kids die of cancer. They will put you in freaking jail.

They will censor you. I put out a tweet this week in a one nuclear. I said, listen, the more I learn about the left, the more anxious I become about where we’re going. This hierarchical system, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got to dismantle this thing and take power back because these people are freaking crazy. Do you see what happened with Elon this week? So, folks, there’s an outfit out there, media matters, that, thankfully, Elon Musk and others are dragging into court today, and I am hoping this is the mother of all lawsuits.

Let me just tell you something. I don’t really talk about that much once in a while. I’ve been living with this now for probably three, four years. There are entities on the left, like media matters and this douche canoe. Eric Hananoki, he’s one of many D bags who work over at Media Matters. You have to understand, folks, these people legit, have no meaning to their existence at all.

This guy sits in his basement beating his junk off to porn all day with some lubriderm next to him. This guy, zero life redeeming characteristics at all. Okay? This is all they do, is sit there all day and watch us. I don’t know how they do that. I said to my wife this weekend, I don’t know how sick or how much of a zero you have to be to spend your entire life about someone else.

I don’t think about Eric Hananoki ever. Maybe once a month, I’ll have to deal with these idiots. This is all they do is think about us. So they decided what they were going to do is they were going to target Elon Musk and Twitter. Why? Because they’re not in charge of Twitter. They’re in charge of TikTok, which is run by communists, that caters to the left. They’re in charge of Facebook, run by communists, which caters to the left.

Snapchat. They’re not in charge of Twitter since Elon bought it. So what do they do? They got to put it out of business. Why? Because they feel like they can. Here’s Hananoki. This media matters. Dipshit X has been. Twitter has been placing ads for brands like Apple, Bravo, IBM, next to posts touting Hitler and his Nazi party. The new CEO at Twitter previously claimed brands are protected from the risk of being next to toxic posts.

You’re like, wow, really? All these companies are advertising on Nazi accounts? You’re like, that’s so freaking weird. He puts up these examples and then he puts up an update in between porn sessions. Update. IBM says it’s suspended all advertising on X Twitter while we investigate this entirely unacceptable situation. Like, oh, my gosh, Twitter. How do you. Apple pausing advertising. What did they do? Twitter’s running ads next to Hitler.

This is so crazy. So, of course, haven’t lived with this for five years. Four or five years. I know exactly between porn sessions, what Eric Hananoki is doing, and finally, it’s being exposed now that Elon and others, notably rumble, too, decided to fight back. This guy Joe Benarok put out. There he goes. This is from Twitter. So here’s what they did. Media matters. You hear the story of these scumbags.

They created three accounts and followed 30 accounts similar to the ones in the article. They then constantly refreshed the timeline of the post. 13 times the number of ads served to them, as opposed to the median 50 impressions served against the content in the article. Out of 5. 5 billion served the whole day points to the fact of how efficiently the Twitter model avoids content for advertisers. Data wins over allegations.

These assholes do the same thing to rumble. You get what he’s saying, folks? They go to Twitter and hit refresh, refresh, all day, all day, hoping to get an ad. Finally, one manages to escape the algorithm and, oh, look, Twitter’s full of Nazis now. What’s amazing about this? Just like the J six videos, how they never want you to see both sides of anything, only their side. What’s really incredible is TikTok, which is run by the Chinese Communist Party, by the way, TikTok.

What went viral on TikTok this weekend and this past week was a woman talking about how great Osama bin Laden’s letter about America was. And yet, was there any outrage about TikTok? Nope. They found an ad on some rando account. Nobody on Planet Earth followed on Twitter, refreshed it in between porno sessions all day. They got one to come up, and all of a sudden, X Twitter’s got to go.

But no worries that TikTok is telling everyone how great. Yes, you’re right. I’m freaking pissed about this because for four or five years I’ve been dealing with these losers. They are total life losers. So libs of TikTok put out this ad from Disney’s currently on TikTok. Disney canceled their ex ads after a dishonest campaign for media matters. There’s the Disney ad right there. Even though she notes a viral trend praising Osama bin Laden and justifying the 911 attacks.

No complaints about TikTok. Why? Because this has nothing to do Disney and others, you stupid corporate freaking leftist stooges. This has nothing to do with ads next to content they don’t like. They don’t like Twitter because they don’t control it. That’s it. If Nazi propaganda appeared all day on TikTok, not a single soul on the left will call for the banning of TikTok. These people are full of shit.

Here’s media matters, by the way. Less power, less. She’s talking about the viral Osama bin Laden video. A TikTok trend that allegedly went. No, it didn’t allegedly go viral. Received more coverage on cable news and many of Trump’s recent extreme claims. Notice how they cover for Osama bin Laden’s letter to America on TikTok. Notice how they cover for this whole thing in their article here. But yet again, one ad out of 5.

5 billion X has got to be shut down. They do the same thing to rumble. They blame it on Yashir Ali, a journalist these people are full of. And who’s running these companies? Let me just remind you, some of you don’t know who runs Media matters. By the way, the company targeting X and Rumble. Oh, a guy by the name of Carison. Wait, wait, this guy. Remember this article, Joe? Media Matters President Angelo Corason wrote a blog post about Japs, the jewelry and trannies.

Wow. Oh, my goD. That’s so crazy. And he’s out. Mean. Look at his little tranny paradise. Is this guy talking about trannies and gangs of trannies? This is the media matters guy. He’s very woke, folks. It gets better. He talks about South park and who’s that? Cartman and his jewelry being basically a Jew. Oh, my gosh. Can’t have that in a cartoon. It’s the guy running media matters telling you you’re a big bigot and fascist.

Here, listen to the left. Also the bin Laden letter because they don’t want TikTok to go away because it’s run by commies. The bin Laden letter viral scandal. Here’s Wired magazine with the greatest Republicans pounce ever. The bin Laden Letter is being weaponized by the far right. It’s on a lefty platform and went viral. We did it. Republicans pounce. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Bouncing all over. Every freaking time, folks.

Every time with these losers. Let me just reiterate again. It’s going to get really bad. I hope you understand that. And it’s time, folks. The only way is going to be to rip, root and branch these people out of power. It is hierarchy. This has nothing to do with democracy. We got an election coming up. Now, as I said last week, and I remain consistent with my principles, I’m not knocking anyone.

DeSantis got a big endorsement out of Iowa, Kim Reynolds. Was there a bump out of that? No. Why? Because what did I say last week? Guys, endorsements don’t matter. Nobody cares about endorsements. They’re good for one thing, they make news. And if you’re a candidate without a lot of name ID, they’re good for you. When you’re a candidate like Trump, who pretty much everyone knows endorsements really ain’t going to do much.

I’d rather have them than not, but they don’t move the needle. But I covered DeSantis’s endorsement, so I’ll cover this one, too. Greg Abbot, the governor of, you know, has got a so so reputation with conservatives. He endorsed Donald Trump. He also got an endorsement from Florida Senator Rick Scott. Again, I support Trump. I think you know that. But I want to be consistent because consistency matters. Principles should matter.

I’ve run before, and I’m telling you, endorsements don’t really move the needle. They do if you don’t have a lot of name ID. But I’m going to cover them if it’s a big name, because for any candidate, because it’s the right thing to do. And you all need to know what’s going on. Having said that, we are running against the oatmeal god in the White House, who every day is getting worse and worse and worse, goes to this apex summit.

And ladies and gentlemen, it was an absolute disaster. The guy now not only can’t find his way off stage, when he gets on the stage with the footprints on the ground, he still doesn’t watch this. He still don’t know what to do. Look at this. Here he is. He’s picking his. Oh, Larry’s guy’s got one. He’s got a winner in there. Oh, look. Drops it on the floor.

Then he’s showing everyone. Look, I just picked my nose. Oh, that’s a green. 01:00 a. m. . I. Sick. Now he’s looking around. Someone going to clean that up. What is that now? He forgot. He just did it. He’s like, what’s that green thing? Oh, I just picked my nose. Someone had to show him the videotape. Look at this lunatic up on stage. They totally lost mining for gold.

Up his right nostril. Up his right. Now wipes it on a guy. That’s the other hand. There we go. Then he’s like, I got to go. I got to give a speech, folks, the guy is clueless. He has got to get off the ticket. I’m hoping he stays here. We got another one of these right from APEC. Is there another one of these? Yeah, here’s another one. This is only going to get worse, folks.

He’s 81. He’s going to be 82 next year. Check this one out. Look, here we go. Here’s the skip. Here’s the skip. Here’s a skip. You know that? You know the Biden skip. He does the skip and hop to make you believe. Like, he’s this viral young guy with like a 10,000 testosterone level. Listen, I don’t want to see this guy fall and crack his head open. Please, someone tell this guy, stop with the skip.

He does that when he’s nervous. That’s his little nervous tick. The Biden skip. Of course, it got even worse than that. You know, Biden and his habit of groping women and sniffing kids and then being really gross with people’s kids. Folks, this one takes the cake. Oh. How old are you, sweetheart? Are you 17? She’s six. Your ears look really great. This guy’s like Hansel and Gretel. Like, come on in, kitties.

I’ve got something for you. Watch this. This is sick. Thank you. And I love your ears. I love them. They’re really cool. What’s your name? Catherine. Catherine. What a beautiful name. That’s my mommy’s name. Well, nice to see. How old are you? 17. Six. I like that in the chat. By the way, we got a new name for it. You guys are great. The chastisers out there, the dipsy do.

Skip a roo. That’s what we’ll call him. He does it when he gets nervous. He’s always looking to, like, fondle and sniff. Kids, it’s really gross. Parents hate that. My advice, if I were Joe Biden’s team, I know he’s not going to listen, so it doesn’t matter anyway, is stop with the kids. It’s cringy. It’s gross. Nobody wants you sniffing their kids telling them how cool their ears look.

It’s gross, dude. Just stop. It’s nasty. Shower guy. It’s gross. Finally, I want to leave you with this story. Why do I want to leave you with this story? Can anyone in the chat guess? Because my biggest fear ever, Joe, from the start, correct. Has been wasting people’s time. I don’t like wasting people’s time. That’s why I always hesitate with the weekend updates. And I try not to stay too sarcastic or funny too long, even though I don’t think I’m funny.

I’m glad you guys think so, but I don’t think I’m. Because this is an educational show. You’re not wasting your time here. We had warned you when this happened that the shutting down of schools during COVID and I acknowledge that both Republicans and Democrats partook in this. No one gets a pass, including people in the Trump administration, too. I understand that. However, towards the end, there’s absolutely zero doubt that liberals and teachers unions were pushing this more than anyone.

Doesn’t excuse the Republicans taking part in it, but it was the Democrats during the end. Even the New York Times folks now has to come out November 18 just the other day. The evidence is now in and it’s startling. School closures that took 50 million children out of classrooms during the pandemic may prove to be the most damaging disruption. Listen to this. In the history of American education, it sets student progress in math and reading back a day, a week, a month, a year, no, two decades.

And widened the achievement gap that separates poor and wealthy children. I put this last because, remember the cancer article earlier? Oh, look, we’re making all this progress against kids cancer. Yeah, but blacks and Hispanics aren’t because the government’s intervening. So we’d rather everyone die. The teachers unions and the Democrats at the end, who, when we realized this was destroying society, kept this going. I want you to know you effed these kids lives up and some of them will never recover.

I want you to know I’m looking right at you. You did this. And I want you to go to the grave knowing people’s lives. Prosperity, future financial situation, job prospects, many of them were wiped out because of you and your greed and your power hungry bullshit. You did this. If you were listening to this show where we advised against this from the beginning, by the way, and what a terrible, horrible idea this was, you’re at least three years ahead of the curve.

What a disaster. Even the garbage can losers at the New York Times have to acknowledge it. Folks, thanks so much for tuning in. If you ever want to chat with know, three out of five, four out of five days of the week, I’m in the chat super early. You just got to download the Rumble app. Everything’s free, folks. Nothing costs you anything. Download the Rumble app. It’s Rumble.

com slash Bongino. Just click that green follow button. And by the way, what the there. And also if you want to sign up for my locals account, that’s on there too. That’s subscription only, but I do some extra content like workout stuff on there. That’s up to you. That’s on the Rumble app too. But Rumble. com Bongino set up an account. I’m usually in the chat 945 10:00 a.

m. Eastern time. Show starts at eleven. I like the back and forth with people. Had a lot of fun in the chat this morning, so jump in there early. We love to chat with you. Rumble. com Bongino or download the Rumble app. It’s fRee. Sign up for a free account and we can chat away. I enjoy talking to you all. Thanks so much for showing up. I really appreciate.

It’s going to be a great Thanksgiving week. We’ll be back live tomorrow and Wednesday. I’ll see you back here tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show. .



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