Was The New Age Movement A PsyOp Created By The CIA?

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Was The New Age Movement A PsyOp Created By The CIA? 

I have heard people say that the New Age movement was created by the CIA, but I didn’t have any direct info about it…

So, I decided to do a bit of research to see what I could find. 

First, I will say I was heavily in the “New Age” movement for the last 15+ years. 

In fact, people finding that term derogatory is new to me lol. 

I read the book Think & Grow Rich when I was 17 years old. 

I saw the movie The Secret when it came out and loved it. 

I continued to pursue more training to develop and grow as a person. 

I believe there is a lot of great information in books, audios, events etc. 

But there is also information left out and also false information put in to lead people astray. 

So as with everything else, discernment is your friend. 

But these connections I stumbled upon are too disturbing to ignore. 

In fact, “not looking at the negative” is a very popular belief in the “New Age” movement.

Well, that just keeps chaos going and growing, as we have seen with child sex trafficking or corruption in our elections or anything else.

We haven’t been focused on it and it has only gotten worse over the last several decades! 

We must know the TRUTH and the FULL TRUTH, and then address it, confront it and take action to correct it.

THAT is how we eliminate the evils of the world. 

So, speaking of the evils of the world…

MK ULTRA, which is a type of trauma based mind control, started back in the 1950s. 

MK-ULTRA and several other projects involved using drugs and other forms of experimentation on people for a variety of reasons. 

Knowing about the drug movement in the 1960s and a world of “free love”, it is easy to see now that it was a CIA controlled movement to change the course of society. 

Especially when you look into the CIA’s involvement in drug trafficking since then.

Now here is part of an article talking about MK-ULTRA and the drug scene in San Francisco. 

“MK-ULTRA ran a number of its operations near Haight-Ashbury, the San Francisco district where LSD would become commonly used. Declassified CIA records show that there were at least three CIA “safe houses” in the Bay Area where “experiments” – the giving of LSD to unsuspecting citizens – went on. This subproject of MK-ULTRA was code-named “Operation Midnight Climax.” Chief among Operation Midnight Climax’s safe houses was the one at 225 Chestnut on Telegraph Hill, which operated from 1955 to 1965.” 

You can read more much about it here: https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2016/11/fabricated-social-change-drug-counter-culture-new-age-movement-a-course-on-miracles-and-many-more-were-manufactured-mk-ultra-manufacturing-the-deadhead-a-product-of-social-engineering/ 

And the rabbit hole continues…

Then I found this connection between the guy who ‘discovered’ magic mushrooms, R. Gordon Wasson and HIS involvement in MK-ULTRA! 

See more at: https://logosmedia.com/SecretHistoryMagicMushroomsProject 

Among many other revealing things, it says:

  • Wasson headed the CIA’s MKULTRA Subproject 58 program.

  • Wasson served as a chairman to the Council on Foreign Relations (the CFR).

  • Wasson worked as a VP to JP Morgan Bank at 23 Wall St, a.k.a. “The Corner”.

  • Wasson was PR (propaganda) VP for JP Morgan, and helped to sell the current financial system created by his boss, JP Morgan, at Jekyll Island (see Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins).

  • Wasson had close ties to Allen Dulles, head of the CIA.

  • Wasson was an account manager to the Pope and Vatican for JP Morgan.

Well that’s interesting. But wait, there’s more! 

Have you ever heard of the book A Course In Miracles? 

I sure have! 

I read it several years ago. 

Well, DID YOU KNOW the guy who helped bring that book about, Bill Thetford, was also involved with the CIA in the 1950s?

I just connected these dots recently…

“Another interesting fact about Bill Thetford is that when he was in college he worked as an administrative assistant on the Manhattan Project. If you don’t remember, that was the project that created the atom bomb. He had some kind of secretarial position there. I found that a little odd. However, it got even odder for me because in 1951 to 1954 he worked for the CIA in something called Project Bluebird which was about mind control. This project later turned into what was called MKUltra which became a big scandal when it was exposed a number of years ago. Perhaps you remember. 

This was the program that gave people mind altering drugs, including LSD, without the people being aware of it and then the CIA observed their behaviors. Some of these drugs were administered to prison inmates. The CIA was trying to figure out if you could control the minds of people. Could the CIA get people to be more truthful when interrogated? Could the CIA get people to do things against their will or personality? Could the CIA develop true “sleeper” agents who might be unknowing assassins as was depicted in the famous film The Manchurian Candidate. None of these projects seem very nice and they remind us of the current torture scandals going on in our country. Apparently Bill wasn’t involved in any of these mind control activities directly. He was involved in creating something called the Personality Assessment Program.

Bill Thetford worked for the CIA for three years. He finally did leave the CIA and went to work for Cornell University, synchronistically, my alma mater. Oddly enough, the department he went to work for was funded by the CIA. In this respect, he hadn’t truly left the CIA. I find this CIA involvement strangely distressing, especially since he worked in their mind control programs. A lot of people call A Course In Miracles a type of mind control. So it goes.”  Read more here.

Even his autobiography talks about it! 

Take a look at how he describes it…

On ACIM.org, Dr. William Thetford says in his autobiography,

“While there, however, I met John Gittinger, an innovative, clinical psychologist who had joined the CIA in 1950, over a year before I arrived. John had been developing a model about personality development, which he called the Personality Assessment System or PAS. He began teaching the PAS informally to some of us on staff. As a result, I became very intrigued with it. Its capacity to assess and predict behavior was so accurate that I began working with him and others to further develop and refine it.”

Sounds so innocent on that website, doesn’t it?

But here’s the other side of the story from Fritz Springmeier

Also, after listening to this Telegram chat with Ally and others about MK ULTRA

I started reading through a Fritz Springmeier book online, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. In Chapter 1: Science No. 1.  The Selection and Preparation of The Victim 

In that book, it says…

“When the Illuminati looked around for men skilled in personality assessment to assist the Monarch Programming, John W. Gittinger was one of their men who they selected. Gittinger was not the only researcher into personality that the CIA hired, but he was their top man in terms of the programming of children.” (emphasis added by me) 

It goes on to say…

“John Gittinger designed the PAS (Personality Assessment System). This is an extraordinary method to evaluate human behavior and predict their future behavior. As far as we know, most of the PAS is still classified SECRET. The PAS is based on the ability to differentiate different types of people.”

And also…

“The PAS tests would reveal to Gittinger what a person’s weaknesses were. The PAS shows what a person wants. And these are called the soft spots of a person’s personality. Also the PAS shows mental weaknesses, on where a person will be instable and can be broken down.  Certain types of stresses will have a cumulative effect of hurting a person.”

You can read more about Gittinger’s PAS in Fritz Springmeier’s book here. 

So here is the bottom line…

The guy who helped bring about A Course In Miracles is ALSO the person working with one of the CIA’s top child programmers and helping to develop his methods?! 

I have seen enough! Lol 

So, while I don’t think every single person in the New Age movement is evil or part of the CIA, these connections are too alarming. 

People need to be aware of the TRUTH, so they can make their own conclusions. 

I would never now read A Course In Miracles knowing what I know about the people that brought it out.

But again, there is a lot of great information from a lot of different places. You just have to consider the source. 

Here are some additional websites for some more info on these MK Ultra, Mind Control etc.
As with everything else, use your own discernment. 


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