WARNING TO MAGA! Impeachment For Biden Smart? Be Careful What You Ask For..

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WARNING TO MAGA! Impeachment For Biden Smart? Be Careful What You Ask For..


➡ The speaker discusses various topics such as frustrations with gym-goers filming themselves, suggesting viewers purchase gold as a potential financial security, promoting his upcoming interviews on YouTube and his other platforms, endorsing a company called Noble Gold Investments, and addressing viewers who have expressed frustration and the intent to disengage if certain expectations aren’t met by the fall.
➡ The speaker warns of potential adverse impacts of impeaching President Biden, fearing it might be an advantageous move for Democrats. They suggest the best course of action towards Biden may be sustaining pressure without impeachment, further stating their apprehension about who would replace Biden as president. They also discuss the anxiety within the Democratic party regarding Biden’s age and vitality, updates about potential legal issues for Donald Trump, and uncertainty about Ron DeSantis’s political prospects.
➡ A high-stakes power struggle within the GOP is resulting in months of political in-fighting as both parties crumble. Accusations and rifts surround government spending, shutdown threats, and handling of internal attack records. The Capitol riots case points towards inconsistencies and potential biased protections, leading to universal mistrust as turmoil spreads globally. In addition, a potential second European war looms as crucial territories are disputed, and unchecked illegal immigration and land sales in Texas further stoke the flames. There’s a rising chorus saying evil cannot be trusted, as leaders struggle to maintain control and appeal for support in an increasingly desperate and chaotic political climate.
➡ A Texas developer, accused of fostering illegal migration and cartel activity, is allegedly selling land without requiring proper paperwork or income proof. This has reportedly attracted several migrants and cartels, raising security concerns and critiques.
➡ A middle school teacher in Texas has been fired for assigning a graphic adaptation of Anne Frank’s diary, which contained explicit content. Such actions have sparked concerns about education appropriateness.
➡ The workplace environment in Hollywood is reportedly tense due to estimations and speculations surrounding financial payouts post the sale of Creative Artist Agency’s majority stake, with internal disparities causing unrest among employees.
➡ There’s contention regarding the recent suspension of comedian Russell Brand’s YouTube monetization following serious allegations, sparking debates about innocence until proven guilt.
➡ Radio show host Howard Stern’s declaration of his ‘wokeness’ has prompted discussions on the interpretation and manipulation of the term by different social groups.
➡ Amid dissatisfaction with equity monetization within the organization, several employees are considering legal action. There are also industry-wide concerns about a lack of creative originality in music and cinema, and the potential future role of AI. Meanwhile, an unfortunate incident at a football game resulted in the death of a Patriots fan allegedly due to a conflict with a Dolphins fan, sparking debates about the culture around sporting events.


All right, folks, good morning. Good morning. Good to see everybody here. I know a lot of you are pissed off at me. I will say I’m sorry, but oh, that Ryan Belly. That that Ryan Belly video was just too short. He just didn’t give us enough the topic. And what we were talking about was just too heavy for flufftube. I’m sorry. Maybe I shouldn’t even put that on.

I thought I’d put a little these are out there and what, I’m not allowed to promote my TV channel? I’m not allowed to do that. I’m not allowed to do that. Okay, sorry. But I have to do it also, folks, I saw someone in the comments here say if something doesn’t happen by fall, I’m done. I’m just done. Really? And then what? And then what? You’re done. You’re done? You’re just going to turn your back and just say, I’m done.

It’s still going to happen anyway. There’s going to be a lot of drama. What do you mean? If something doesn’t happen in fall, you’re done. What does that mean, you’re done? Like, you just had enough? I’m over it. I’m breaking up with a whole movement. What does it mean? I don’t understand. I’m not a psychic. I can’t predict dates. But I can tell you that we are going to take a vertical jump in drama.

In drama. So what does that mean? You’re done? I don’t understand that. I’m doing my best. I’m just like all of you. I’m like all of you into the point that I’m frustrated, too. Okay? I get frustrated, too. Another thing that I don’t like, I went to the gym yesterday, and it’s like I’m walking into an Instagram audition. It’s like an Instagram audition. Now I walk in. It used to be one tool bag with his phone out, recording himself when he’s working out.

Now there’s like three, four or five, and it’s like, now I have to like it’s an obstacle course to dodge the cameras and move out of the way of the cameras. Everyone has their little phone on their tripod watching themselves work out. Why? Just go work out. You don’t need to record it. Nobody cares. You’re like everybody else on Instagram working out. I don’t get it. I don’t understand it.

I just want to be left when I go to the gym. That’s like my sanctuary, where I just want to get away from everything and get on the treadmill, do the weights. And then now I got people with their phones everywhere. Everywhere. You look ridiculous. Nobody’s that important. Nobody cares how many sets you do, how many reps you do. I promise you, nobody cares. Nobody. Unless you’re wearing a thong and showing your ass to the millions of people.

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Noblegoldinvestments. com. Go to Noblegoldinvestments. com. Folks, get started. I’m going to be interviewing Colin Plume as well. He’s always an interesting interview, I gotta say that. So Colin Plume will be coming on my show. Watch Jim Willie tomorrow. And then I’m going to have Colin Plume later this month. But folks spotify. Nino’s Corner telegram. Nino’s Corner. Is there like a mass exodus happening on Telegram? I don’t know what’s going on with Tele Spam, but it seems like a lot of people are getting off there.

Getter nino’s corner rumble nino’s corner. Truth. Social. David Rodriguez Boxer instagram. David Nino Rodriguez Boxer. Twitter Nino Boxer. Twitter’s Nino Boxer. I’m getting a lot of people on there now. Patriotware. com being right there. And Ninoscorner TV is fire, folks. Also, the drop. I’m trying to build up the drop. Help me get to 20,000 people. I think it’s hey, listen, if you like my political commentary, maybe you’ll like my commentary on the social decline of humanity.

We get to watch very fucked up people together. It’s fun. So I get to commentate on the social decline, the social decline. And you go with me down the rabbit hole into this disgusting abyss of slime of what’s called humanity now. Anyway, folks, how was the Ryan velli interview on Nino’s corner? TV Right? That’s scary. Pretty scary stuff. But I gotta tell you, it’s up there right now.

Ryan Velli, the military independent contractor, the military intelligence contractor is up there now on Nino’s Corner TV. I have three videos of Juan O Saban up there as well. I’ve got Ron Belly and Juanito on a roundtable. I’m putting that up tomorrow evening. I’m going to put that up tomorrow. It’s already done. It’s already recorded. And I got Joshua Abraham. Joshua Abraham, whose father wrote the book. Larry Abraham.

None dare call it conspiracy. Very powerful book. I don’t know if you guys know about this book. It’s a very powerful book. I have his son, Larry Abraham’s son, Joshua Abraham, who says who claims he infiltrated the Masons and went deep, balls deep. That’s probably at a much higher level, actually. No, but so he comes on my show and we talk about this. And it was about an hour and a half.

It’s really, really good. It’s very informative. And I’m trying to put together a roundtable right now with Joshua and Roseanne Barr. I sent her the file. Let’s see what she thinks about the interview. So I’d like to get her outlook on this because we talk a lot about the you know, I’m just saying a lot of people are talking about them these days. So I don’t know. I also got Jen Halper.

Jen Halper coming on tonight for the General’s tent at 05:00 p. m. . Jan Halper will be the general in the General tent. You can ask her any question your little heart desires, and I think it’s going to be good. She’s a DoD task force, so she claims, and she’ll be taking questions from the audience. You guys ask whatever you want. Keep it clean, keep it short. Have respect for the other guests that are the other guests in the general’s tent.

Because we got to keep it moving, folks. So always be aware of that. And so tonight, 05:00 p. m. , Mountain Standard Time, jen Halper is the general in the General’s tent. It’s not too late. Go subscribe now and get on there. A zoom link will be sent out to you about an hour before. If you have not already got it, you might have already got it. I have some people doing work for me where they send out the links.

And sometimes I get confused the way technology works, because I just box for a living and this shit really kind of confuses me. All right, folks. Oh, and by the way, ryan Belly will be the general in the general’s tent in October. Wow. So this is going to get good. I got to say, I’m pretty proud of the way Ninoscorner TV is turning out to be. All right, folks.

You might want to turn it down or turn it up. I’m about to red pill the nation. Yeah. Oh, that fucking birds. All right, folks. Coming at you from the apocalypse, folks. Oh, yeah, baby. Let’s go. Oh, yeah. Waiting for that blood vessel to pop. Oh, boy. He’s just so crazy. He is such a crazy guy. So I try to pay attention to what everyone’s saying here. So when you say, well, if nothing happens this fall, I’m done.

I’m just done. I’m done with this. I’m done with this. Sarah it’s kind of like saying throw in the towel. Just throw in the towel. I’m done fighting. I don’t see this ending for a very long time. If it does end, remember, I always say, folks, be comfortable being uncomfortable. We are in it. We are in this together. At least, you know you have a tribe. At least you don’t have like minded people with you.

This is going to get bumpy and both sides are not giving in anytime soon. Now, do I think we win and pull the reins back in America? Yes, I do. I do believe that. I see that coming. But the fight is going to intensify before then and even intensify more after that. Missile systems. Then add Ryan Belly was saying scary shit. Okay, I’ll look into that. First of all, I said on my title here, I said, warning, impeachment Biden.

Be careful. Impeach Biden. Be careful what you wish for. So, yeah, of course, in principle, we want Biden to be impeached, right? Be careful what you wish for. So you want to squeeze, but you don’t want to choke, folks. So this is what I’m worried about. Maybe it’s best not to impeach him. Okay, I understand. We have to justice in principle. In principle, justice needs to be served.

But folks, be careful what you wish for. This would be like giving the Democrats a softball to smack out of the park. So I’m stating here that maybe we need to squeeze Biden and make them hold on to him into 20 04:00 A. m. . I making sense here, folks. Give me a thumbs up if you get what I’m laying down here because we have to let them hold on to this rotting corpse into 24.

Now we have to make them figure out how to play this game themselves. We cannot lobby them. A softball to smack out of the park. And I don’t know, who do we get next? Newsome pelosi Kamala, the cackling hyena? Who do we get next? We’re just giving it to them. We’re saying, oh, forget playing musical chairs. Democrat musical chairs. We’re just going to do it for you. Let’s get rid of Biden.

And what do you guys want? Who’s your next star player? Get what I’m saying here? I’m concerned and I’m just asking the questions. So as Biden continues to be the rotting corpse for the Democrat party, the Democrats are scrambling to the drawing board right now. But maybe they don’t have to. Maybe if we impeach him, they say, oh, shit, they’re giving this to us. Really? You guys are just going to hand this to us? This is an easy touchdown.

Am I not making sense here? So in other words, yeah, justice in principle, justice needs to be served. But if we give them the ball on the 1 YD line. I’m just saying, now they have the opportunity to not look so desperate, not look so pathetic, and they just say, oh, okay, here Kamala, go for it. Run it in here. Newsom, here you go. Oh, Pelosi, come off the bench.

This is my concern. So this would be like the easy way out. It’d be like the easy way out. And guess what else would happen here? In effect, they would kill two birds with 1 st. Why? They get to put their replacement in. And then guess what? MAGA that’s not paying attention here would just be justified. They’d be like, well, that’s good. Well, at least he got impeached and justice was served.

And now let’s move on to 24. And whatever happens in 24, that’s okay. So we let this guy fuck up the country for three and let’s say three and a half years. Finally. Okay. Bye bye. Biden. And now we get someone else. Be smarter. Right now they have limited moves on the chessboard, but we’re giving them an out. If we impeach this guy, we’re basically saying, Go ahead, who do you want? Yeah.

Really? Yeah, let him in. That’s how I see this. But, yeah, you’re right. Impeachment. But I’m just saying it would work out for them. Anxiety ripples through the Democrat Party over biden. A growing number of polls are showing voters concerned about President Biden’s age and energy. Democratic lawmakers have hesitated to offer full throated endorsements full throated endorsements on his running mate. Prominent commentators have ruminated on whether he should drop out of the presidential race, so they’re already putting this out there.

I’m telling you, folks, I’m finding more and more articles like this. Justice Department Indicting Biden’s son of gun charges is now sending waves of anxiety through parts of the Democratic Party and some fret about whether the man who helped house Donald Trump who helped oust Donald Trump I can’t even read this. Who helped oust Donald Trump from the White House may not have the vitality at 80 to successfully prevent a return.

He’s in a period of his life where passing and death is imminent, said Sharon Sweeter, the leader of the Democratic Party in Lorraine County in Ohio, who said that often hears that voters worried about the president’s potential frailty. We’re all on the ticking clock, but when you’re at his age or at Trump’s age, that clock is ticking a little faster. And that’s a concern for voters. Many in the party continue to voice confidence in Biden, and they note that Trump himself is not much younger at 77.

But Biden’s allies are frustrated by the hand wringing from the anxious fraction of the party. And even as campaign officials remember what Juanito said, china has gamed this out to where he’s got 60 no, 90 to 180 days. I think that’s what they gamed out so they know he’s going bye bye. Now, are we just going to give him a softball. I don’t know. Notice Pelosi is getting very confident lady lately.

Same with Kamala. That’s going to be interesting. But I’d rather they play this out themselves. This is getting interesting. I am commentating the greatest show on earth. And that’s all I’m doing, folks. I’m commentating it. I think I put together some good interviews, but it is commentating. This is like when I used to commentate boxing, but now I’m commentating the deep state war. It’s fucking awesome. This is much more exhilarating.

Trump Wanted Personal Assistant to Tell Feds you don’t know anything about the Boxes so former President Donald Trump reportedly warned his learned longtime personal assistant not to cooperate with a federal investigation into the classified documents he took to Mar a Lago, according to a new report on Monday. So they’re getting really desperate, folks. Really, really desperate. The statement mirrors remarks Trump made with his own lawyers and prosecutors consider to be strong evidence of obstruction of justice since it’s illegal for anyone to instruct another person to lie to a federal investigators.

They’re trying to find any. Remember, folks, these charges are not going to end. They’re going to keep throwing more and more and more on him. Hopefully something sticks. Now, I’ve heard from a source, and this is just hearsay. I don’t know if it’s real, I don’t know if it’s true. But the source is pretty credible that there was a shouting match between Fanny Willis motherfucker and somebody else.

And they sounded really panicked. Really panicked. Like something’s got to stick or we’re in trouble. We’re in big trouble. Now. This is just what I’ve heard. Don’t know. I can’t validate it. I cannot validate it. Another thing, a little pause for a second here, folks, please. Share my videos. And I got to beat the algorithm. Share my videos and subscribe. And like the videos, it helps it get more of a reach because they’re doing all they can to throttle me back.

And we’re coming into a very important time. And I just want to say this, this important time that we’re coming into, I have to be extra careful because I am on their platform doing what I’m doing. So there’s going to be some things happening that I believe are coming pretty fast. And I got to be extra careful. I got to keep everything G rated on YouTube. But when you go to Ninoscorner TV, it’s a much different story there.

But I got to be really with the way this climate is going to be in the next few months, I got to be extra careful. So I’m just letting you all know that there’s going to be a lot of shit that I can’t cover here that I’m not going to be able to cover here because I got to keep the town square and I can’t set off any fucking flags, if you know what I mean.

So I think DeSantis is done. I don’t know what’s going to happen with DeSantis. What I’m looking at now is it looks like the landscape, the battlefront’s really changing, and DeSantis takes a swing. Now he’s getting desperate. So now he’s kind of trying to cannibalize his party. So DeSantis takes a swing at McCarthy in hopes of hurting Trump. So now he’s getting desperate. Folks, this is what desperate looks like.

DeSantis. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is gunning for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, attacking the embattled GOP leader from the right and aligning himself with insurgent conservatives in Congress who are threatening a government shutdown. So now this guy is just trying to appease anybody. He can get anybody to like him. Desperate American POW wow. September 30 and October 1 would be amazing to see you there, Nina. Where? El Paso.

Native American. POW wow. Only if we could do some peyote. Not just kidding. Embattled you appeal from the right and aligning himself with insurgent conservatives in Congress who are threatening a government shutdown. What started as a private strategy session last week between DeSantis and House hardliners has now erupted into a frontal attack on McCarthy. So now we’re seeing both sides both sides crumble. They’re crumbling, folks. DeSantis ridiculed McCarthy’s record on government spending and accused him of being complicit in running up a massive federal debt balance.

So he’s thinking by attacking McCarthy, getting behind, I don’t know, the MAGA people in House, that somehow he’s going to win favor with MAGA. He’s trying everything, folks. Nothing’s going to work. You know why? Because Nino holds you accountable. All right? On Tuesday, the governor’s campaign sent out an email admonishing McCarthy all over again while urging House Republicans to buck the speaker in the current government funding negotiations.

Then McCarthy swings back. So now McCarthy is getting tough with the right, folks. After months tiptoeing around the conservatives who have made his speakership a constant high wire act, house Speaker McCarthy appears to be fed up and ready to fight. The embattled speaker could spark a showdown in the coming days under plan his leadership team discussed yesterday, according to people familiar with the talks. With twelve days till a government shutdown and more than 15 conservatives lined up in position in opposition to be proposed GOP stopgap.

The plan is simple. Dare them to vote against it. The holdouts might very well do that, the thinking goes, but at the cost of isolating themselves from the rest of the party by sinking a bill their fellow Freedom Caucus allies helped write, one that takes steps to slash. Spending and fortify the border, both key GOP issues that would set McCarthy and Co. And company up to blame those holdouts for undercoating the party’s negotiating hand with Democrats, ultimately leading to the Senate jamming the House with a shutdown of earning stopgap without any Republican concessions.

I want votes on this, McCarthy told members in a private leadership meeting last night, according to a person present who spoke on the condition of anonymity. That word always gets me anonymity. Hi, David. Hi, David. You make me feel so bet, David. You’re crisis. You know that, right? You’re crisis. Others in the room agreed that the holdouts needed to be put on record. It’s more aggressive posture than speaker has previously adopted.

McCarthy’s default approach to his critics on the right has been appeasement, giving them pretty much everything they want and more. But lately he’s been going after the detractors. It’s a lot of inside fighting, folks. A lot of inside fighting. Both parties are in disarray. This is about to get really interesting. I’m telling you, folks, stick with me on this. It’s about to get really interesting. Republicans in Chaos house GOP Yanks vote to avoid a government shutdown after conservatives rebel opposition house will not vote on rule to advance short term resolution brokered between right wing Freedom Caucus and the Pragmatic conservative Mainstream Caucus.

Internal strife is playing out in the open as negotiations demand to know what right wing opposers actually want. Short term Deal has no chance of passing the Senate as end of the fiscal year looms. Eleven days away, folks. It’s always the same old song and dance. What do you think is going to happen? I’m all about ripping the bandaid off at this point. McCarthy showed up in Maui weekend before last wearing a Bohemian Club shirt.

Wow. So how many of you saw that? Ray Epps. Good old Ray Epps. Ray Epps is charged with rioting during January 6 riots after Tucker Carlson claimed he was FBI plant who incited the uprest. See, this throws a monkey wrench into the whole damn thing. The whole thing. And I’m going to have someone who was at the hearings talk about this today. Epps has finally been charged over his involvement in the Capitol riots in 2021.

The delay in the case led to conspiracy theories that he was an FBI plant. His charges come just two months after he filed a lawsuit against Fox News. Ray EPS has been charged with disorderly or disruptive conduct in connection with the January 6 riots. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. So what’s going to happen to this guy? Because to me, he did more than anybody else out there. Anybody else out there? Disorderly and disruptive conduct.

EPS, who is 61, was yesterday charged by the Department of justice over his involvement at the US capitol fracas. I don’t know what the hell that means. He has been charged with one misdemeanor count of disorderly and disruptive conduct on restrictive grounds. The former Marine previously said in his lawsuit against Fox News that he expected to be charged over the attack. His legal filing in July claimed that he became the subject of various conspiracy theories after comments by the network’s former host, Tucker Carlson.

So why is everybody else doing 2030 years? And this guy, as of now, like, nothing? Disruptive conduct disorderly. Disruptive conduct. There’s video on this guy telling everybody, pointing to go to the Capitol. Do you guys remember this? He’s being protected. He’s being protected, folks, because the gig is up. The gig is up. So they’re like, oh, let’s get him and just smack his wrist a little bit. Let’s just give the people what they want a little bit.

Take the heat off. I don’t think so. And Zelensky zelensky opens US visit with warning. Evil cannot be trusted. Think about that for a second. Think about what I just said right now. Evil cannot be trusted. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Tuesday delivered an impassioned speech to world leaders of the UN General Assembly, pushing for sustained support for his embattled nations fight against Russia as he embarked on a delicate mission to bolster his cause globally and in Washington.

More money. Fuck Hawaii. Give me the money. We need it. You can’t trust evil. An increasing concern among leaders of the global south and Republicans in Congress who say the war is consuming too many resources and drawing away from other priorities. Over three and a half days of meetings and speeches, the Ukrainian leader is charged with finding ways to solidify support as portions of the world seek to move on.

He’s desperate. He needs more money. Even as he embarked on his mission to confront skeptical voices, zelitzky received a warm welcome inside the Grand UN chamber. Of course he did. Of course he did. But impossible sign of challenges he faces. He delivered his address to a half full house. With many delegations declining to appear and listen to what he had to say. Mass destruction is gaining momentum, Zelensky said.

The aggressor is weaponizing many other things and those things are used not only against our country, but against all of yours as well, fellow leaders. So he’s threatening everybody else. Everything’s falling apart for these people. Folks, are you not paying attention here? Everything is falling apart. It’s not going smoothly. They are desperate, they are panicked. Do you not see this? Give me a thumbs up if you see this.

Tell me you’re listening to me. Fears of a second war in Europe as Azerbaghzan launches military attack. I don’t even know how you say that, but I’m going to try it. Zerbagazadan carried out strikes on the disputed Nagoma Kara Basak region on Tuesday. As it sounds right. It sounds good. I may not be saying it right, but it sounds good to me. So you’re going to have to deal with it.

So just get used to the way I read shit. As it announced the launch of an anti terror operation, a move that threatens to trigger another war in the region. The country’s Defense Ministry said it was using high precision weapons to incapacitate American backed forces and target American armenian. Armenian. Armenian. Military positions in a push to force out formations of Armenia’s armed forces. Footage purportedly filmed in stepargadakart, stepar, Stepana karat.

Stepan, Stepan. Fuck that one. The capital of karabakazak, which is called Karazabakadi in Azarakambakadi, captured the sounds of loud shelling and artillery fire. At this moment, the capital of Stepanada Kart at other cities and villages under intensive fire, an Armenian based separatist group warned on social media, calling it a large scale military offensive. How do you guys know what I’m reading? How do you all know how to pronounce this? I’m sweating.

Yeah. Do you guys know that? This is like a workout for me? All right, you guys see the illegal immigrant? David. Oh my God. David, you’re so funny. David, you’re crazy. Nina, we have no idea either. I know you don’t. I know who I’m talking to here. All right. Colony Ridge illegal immigrant town springs up in Texas as local developer sells border crossers property in Texas. Where’s Abbot in all of this? Oh, I forgot.

Abbot’s busy being a okay, so so border crossers property without asking them for documentation with four cartels now operating there. So the cartels are buying land here. This is great. Oh. Welcome to Texas. So the Colony Ridge settlement in Liberty County is now 60 sq mi. 60 sq mi. Same size as Washington DC. Migrant expert Todd Brennan says Harris is selling off land without conducting checks. Critic has attracted criminals with four cartels operating at the site.

Now we have cartels in Texas, which we always have, but now they’re operating freely, buying up land. So a Texas developer has been accused of creating a sprawling illegal migrant town by selling off land to border crossers without asking for any paperwork whatsoever. A Texas developer has been accused of creating a sprawling illegal migrant town by selling off land to border crossers without asking for any paperwork at all.

William Trey Harris sells plots of Colony Ridge by allowing buyers to purchase land without the need to prove income credit at all. It’s just whatever you got, buddy, give it to me. Maybe we should all get in on this. Critics say the scheme around 20 miles northeast of downtown Houston, has drawn in thousands of illegal migrants as well as cartel activity. So now this is going to be a hotbed for cartel activity.

Meanwhile, so this is going to be like we’re basically giving them bases, folks. Just think of like, bases inside our country. Meanwhile, migrant encounters in July were up 26. 9% compared to June, which experts have linked to the settlement’s expansion. Senior National Security fellow Todd Brinson claims Harris has been selling off plots direct to the borrowers for a few hundred dollars without conducting any background checks. Oh, really? Background checks? That’s funny.

And this is why I say, folks, it’s only going to get worse. But I’m going to tell you right now and timestamp this video because I’m about to say something important. The biggest mass deportation ever to take place in the history of mankind will happen. So I feel really bad for these people because they’re being used as cannon fodder just. For political they’re political expendables. They’re all going to come here and then they’re all going to have to go back.

And that is why there are rumors and I have no validation on this, but maybe my Nino knights can check this out. They’re finishing the wall. Is Mexico finishing the wall? Give me a thumbs up if it’s true because I’ve heard Mexico is finishing parts of the ah. See, hadino is Mexico building the wall. So when already beat me to it. See where are they building? Why are they finishing the wall? Because they know they’re coming back.

Yeah. I’m telling you folks, I know we win this. I wouldn’t be doing this. Look how it’s all playing out. Look how it’s all playing out. They’re getting panicked. Everything we said two years ago on Nino’s Corner TV, we’ve been in the sphere of it. It’s happening. YouTube suspends Russell Brand’s revenues from his channel. So this is what you’re dealing with with YouTube. That’s why in the next few months I’m going to have to be extra careful folks.

YouTube has suspended Russell Brand’s ability to earn money on the platform after allegations of rape and sexual assault in a massive hit to his finances. The video sharing and social media site said it has suspended Brand’s channel from the YouTube partner program after serious allegations against him. Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? Whatever happened to oh, that’s not America anymore. Oh no, that doesn’t count anymore.

You’re guilty until proven innocent now. So on just pure allegations. What? Someone says you’re now guilty. See how this works? See where we’re headed really fast. Actually we’re there. We’re already there. They have taken this guy’s stream of income and delivered it right up his ass. Okay? Because why? Because someone said something about him and we have to take the side of the women. Because you know why? Because the Me too movement that’s why.

I have a question for all you ladies out there and I talk about this on the drop. Do you have sons? Do you have grandsons? Do you not see what’s going on here? That now a woman. She could just be hurt. Or maybe she’s just bitter. Maybe she had sex with someone that she just doesn’t like anymore and she hates them. Can say anything. Can now say anything they want and put you in fucking jail.

I don’t like the way he treated me. He didn’t take me to dinner before he slept with me. I don’t like the rude things he said to me while we were having sex. I’m going after him. I’m going to put him in jail. Do you have sons? Do you have grandsons? Do you have nephews that you love? They’re targets now. We’re all targets. And especially the alpha strong white male.

They’re a threat. Texas Teacher fired after assigning an illustrated Anne Frank book a Texas middle school teacher has been fired after assigning an unapproved illustrated version of Anne Frank’s diary to her 8th grade reading class. She was fired for this per report. KDFM, a spokesperson for Hampshire Fennett ISD located south of Beaumont, released a statement confirming the teacher was sent home on Wednesday after reading a passage from Anne Frank’s Diary, the graphic adaptation in which Frank wrote about male and female genitalia but, hey, that’s wrong.

But, hey, it’s okay if they were the same sex. I don’t know. This is the Twilight Zone. How did this happen so fast? That’s the question I have. How did this happen so fast? One day, things were kind of kind of normal, and now it’s like it’s crazy. And Frank, a Jewish teenager, journaled her experiences as she and her family hid for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

Her diary, which was published in 1947, has been used in schools for decades to educate students on the Holocaust. While previous versions of Anne Frank’s diary was omitted, sections in which she wrote about sexuality, the 2018 graphic novel adapted that Ari Fullman and illustrated by David Polanski, remains faithful to the original text. Fullman’s parents are Holocaust survivors. Okay. Yes. Sleda Del, Sir Tribe, El Paso, Texas. Come on by.

But I am not an Indian. Actually, I am a little bit. I think my grandfather not dot but feather. Not dot but feather. That one, but the one with the feather. All right. I want to read legitimate news sources. Howard Stern proudly declares he’s a woke motherfucker. Wow. I really used to like nah, I didn’t really ever really like him that much, but I thought he had an entertaining radio show, but now it’s like the guy’s gone completely batshit crazy.

And Howard Stern says critics calling him Woke are actually paying him a compliment. Really, dude? Really? Remember I say this, folks. They stole the awakening process and packaged it up and called it woke, okay? That’s all they did. Evil steals steals organically growing movements, and they make it their own. So Stern discussed the topic on Monday edition of the shows. Stern played a clip from a fan’s YouTube video in which the fans stated that he’s a big fan of Stern, but he said the radio show host has gone too woke.

Are you guys fans of Howard Stern? By the way? I kind of take that as a compliment that I’m woke. I tell you how I feel about it. To me, the opposite of Woke, by the way, is being asleep. No, it’s not. No, it’s not. You’re the manufactured globalist joke. What you are, sir, is a joke. I’m always bewildered. I can’t believe, really, that these people are proud of this shit.

It’s like, to me, I always considered Stern a smart guy. I always thought he was intelligent. Or is he just compromised? I mean, what is going on with this guy? I don’t get it, because there’s no way this guy could be bragging about this there’s no way he could be bragging about this. It’s like saying, I am proud to be a product of the dark side. I’m not for stupidity.

I ran out Friday morning. I was over CVS. Thank you, CVS. I went over there at 09:00 A. m. And got myself the new this. He’s bragging about taking these. This guy is bragging basically about having a low IQ or just not being spiritually awake. So you know what, Stern? You can have it. You can have it, sir. He’s pushing this. Don’t put it in here. We know.

We see you coming. We see all of you coming. At least my audience does. So check this out. I talked to a couple of my friends in Hollywood and they’re saying that there’s a new fight in Hollywood. Basically, Hollywood is just hollywood is done. And it’s getting really, um it has become a big guessing game in Hollywood circles. Who is getting what and how much. Following the sale, TPG’s majority stake of Creative Artist Agency, a French luxurious goods mogul.

So basically, the Financial Times report over the weekend said that the talent agency’s top staff are in line to pocket more than 200 million. That could be a major payday for co chairs Brian Lord, Kevin Hovain and Richard Lovett, as well as big agents like Maya Dakal, who just so happens to represent Sama Hayak, who is married to none other than Pinault. I don’t know who that is.

But five current and former CAA staffers, many of whom anxiously await word of how much equity they can cash out, told confineer that they are pissed over internal chatter that unlike their higher ups, they’re getting stiffed and will only be able to monetize ten to 50% of their equity. With arrest being rolled into a new equity, it’s getting pretty ugly, one former CAA executive told Confider. People are extremely mad.

This is equity you’ve earned. While a financial decision on the payout is yet to be announced, those with equity are already considering their legal options. It’s so demoralizing and gross. Another equity holder who took a reduction in their salary in exchange for that equity, told gun fighter, we made them all this money and they are faking that they care on the picket lines, protesting the greed of the studio bosses and meantime, they’re taking people’s prime earning years and now we can’t monetize our equity.

When I was in La this last time, there was tons of picketing, tons of people in Hollywood. Picketing, writers, everything. So I know that this paradigm is crashing down and I don’t think it’s going to come back. What I do think they’re going to do here is I think they’re hoping to replace actors, everybody with be. That’s going to be everything, folks. AI, everything. And just like Queen said.

Do you remember the singer from Queen? What was his name? Who’s? The Queen singer? Can someone tell me down there? I forgot his name. Queen the singer of Queen, very famous guy. What’s his name? Freddie. Yep, Freddie. Freddie Mercury. That’s right. Freddie Mercury. Just like he said music would lose its soul because he saw what was going to be happening technologically. Just like Freddie Mercury said, music will lose its soul.

Now, movies but I think movies have already lost their soul. And I think music lost its soul a long time ago. Long time ago. I think the last best decade of the music was 90s only because I think that was the last creative wave, maybe a little bit into the early two thousand s. And there’s some good songs here and there, not going to lie, it still comes out every so often.

But the creative movement of music is I haven’t heard anything good in years, and now I have to search the internet to find it. There’s some good artists out there, but I’m talking mainstream. I’m talking mainstream. Do you guys agree with me, or am I just yeah, music is awful now. I agree. So as this paradigm is coming down, folks, and I think the Sound of Freedom did very well at this.

Sound of Freedom proved to everybody else that you don’t need Hollywood. They proved it. They smashed records in the box office. Sound of Freedom made that very powerful statement. And who better to do it than Jim Caviezel, right? That’s what I say. Sound of Freedom used social media to propel itself genius. And I think the know me being a fly on the background, watching the whole thing, I think it was divine.

I think it was divine. I think it was all god. The way it worked out is the way it had to work out. And yes, it kind of sat in the background for a while, for about five years. It should have been out sooner. Or maybe not. Maybe it came right at the right time. Let’s get to some what the fuck news? In what the fuck news? In what the fuck news? Patriot fan dies.

Did you guys see this? Patriot fan dies after getting punched in the face by dolphin supporter at Gillette stadium. The New Hampshire father of two, who died after an incident at Gillette stadium during the New England patriots game Sunday had been punched in the face and knocked unconscious by a Miami dolphins fan, according to witnesses. Golly del Moni, 53, was treated at the scene by EMTs and rushed to the hospital after he had been described as an apparent medical event, but was pronounced dead shortly before midnight.

Damn. A spectator has now claimed that he witnessed a physical altercation between mooney and a dolphins fan. The dolphins fan walks over and clearly punches him in the face, joy Kilmartin of Nashua, New Hampshire told kilmartin told the news outlet that mooney also had gotten into a physical confrontation with other fans toward the end of the fourth quarter. He said Mooney never regained consciousness after being punched and that the EMTs performed CPR on him before rushing him to the Sunday sturdy Memorial Hospital.

Geez in attleboro It’s an unfortunate situation. I feel bad for the family. He described the incident to Foxborough police. He provided a video of the incident to WCVB which published images from the clip showing Mooney getting his shirt pulled. The footage shows Mooney approaching the other fans on 300 Level Stadium. So is this guy instigating a fight? He basically grabbed another fan, Kilmartin told Wcmvb. They started tussling around for a few minutes.

At one point, another fan walked over, he punched him, and the man just went out. It was pretty hard to, huh? I want to know what happened. What caused this. I just don’t understand why people have to go to that extreme. Why can’t this just be fun? That’s all. It’s supposed to be a family fun event. What do you guys think? Lisa said her husband, a father of two and seasoned ticket holder for 30 years, went to the game with three friends who told her they were taunted by other fans.

It takes a lot to get him mad. He has the patience of a saint. I don’t know what happened, Lisa told the outlet, adding that her husband had no medical condition that she knew of. No charges have been filed, though killerman told Mass alive that witnessed cops take the man into custody. Massachusetts State Police, assigned to the Norfolk DA’s office had been assigned to the investigation. Autopsy results are still pending.

So I mean, this is what I’m talking about. It’s just a game. It’s a game. I’ve never understood anybody who paints their face. I mean, look for fun, all right, whatever. But I’ve been at football games. I’ve been at basketball games where people get pissed off and they want to fucking fight. I’ve never been involved in that. But I’ve watched other people. I’ve seen tempers flare, and it’s for what? It’s a game.

It’s grown men. You’re watching grown other grown men play with a ball in tights and you’re getting mad about that. Other grown men. And you’re wearing on your shirt. You’re wearing another man’s name. Think about this just for a second. That’s all I’m asking. You’re a grown man over 30, whatever. Wearing another grown man’s name on your shirt, paying money to go watch that grown man play with a ball.

That’s all I got to say. And the new heavyweight champion of podcasting and the black sheep of broadcasting, baby. Yeah. Please share and like this video. All right, folks, I’m out. Bye. .


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