Wanted: Volunteers: Patriotic Leaders to Moderate the Upcoming War

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Wanted: Volunteers: Patriotic Leaders to Moderate the Upcoming War

Dear Patriots,

MPN needs volunteers to become state and county moderators of all job types across America to help moderator the growing tension on the rise with government overreach. We need those willing to step up to help moderate over their states or an individual county. We will be continuing to build out our state and county teams of patriotic forces willing to team up within their groups and communities and help investigate the deep state county-by-county and record the evidence. We can only see one way to take our Great Republic back.

We have already finished setting up all of the state and county group pages on MPN and we are already beginning to fill positions across the nation. We need at least 6 moderators in one team per state and at least 4 moderators or more per county. So, we have a lot of work to do – very quickly!

Qualifications to become a MPN State or County Moderator (Not limited to) –

All states and counties are open for application.

  • Must be able to volunteer to provide leadership at least 3-10 hours per week.
  • You must be able to download and install our chosen encrypted messaging service to join your team to interact with other state and county leaders.
  • Must be an American Citizen with average or above average internet and computer technical skills.
  • Must be able to provide leadership within your state and county Groups on MPN.
  • Must be able to attend weekly webinars to discuss weekly goals and updates on the Special Forces Tasks status of the counties and report previous findings within your county.
  • Be able to help other moderators within your state and county to form teams under the direction of MPN leaders and be willing to work with the CSPOA to help wake up the Sheriffs and begin an investigation into the entire country – county by county.
  • Give guidance to other moderators who are just beginning and help teams get up to speed on their tasks assigned.
  • Participate with other team members to document county-by-county findings.
  • Customize the tasks assigned and help form a CSPOA Chapter within your county. Continue to educate others in seeking the truth about what America is facing and how we can take our country back.
  • Be willing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and be willing to instruct others to do so.
  • Become an arbitrator and help settle disputes, when necessary, as they arise within your community, teams, or groups based upon the evidence you have been forwarded to review.
  • Be willing to continuously strengthen your mind, earth suit, and spirit to become a better player in this game.

If you think you can help us lead the way in taking back our country – county by county and state by state, then please apply today. We are running out of time, and we need to unite now!

Only serious applicants can apply.

To apply visit the following link:

State Moderator Application

County Moderator Application

Thank you all for your dedicated support,

Stephanie Sledge

MPN State Moderator Team Leader



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