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➡ Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News talks about how the speaker is urging American gun owners and hunters, who are not registered to vote, to get involved in the political process. He shares alarming numbers of unregistered voters from each state, totaling almost 10 million nationwide. He emphasizes the importance of their participation in preserving the country’s freedom and the Second Amendment. He also promotes a coffee company and encourages self-care and vigilance.


Hey everybody, I got some humble pie to serve up for us, the gun owners, the hunters, those of us who want to keep America free, the Sentinels of this country, the keepers of the Republic, we’re letting them down. How, Jared? What are you talking about? Well, I’m about to give you the numbers from each state of hunters and gun owners who are not registered to vote. It’s disgusting. When you hear these numbers, it’s almost 10 million people across this country who somehow use guns, own guns, yet are not registered to vote. We are letting this country fall on our watch.

Get involved! Let’s make a change. When I go through these states, if you’re one of these numbers, it’s easy to fix. Let’s get each other, let’s help each other. If you can’t get to register to vote, call a friend, phone a friend. If you’re near me, when I can walk again, I will help you register to vote. This country, this republic, will not make it through another four years. The country is on the line. Let’s be part of the process that was set up. We can’t fix it all by voting. But when you hear these numbers, especially in some of the states that are going to say like, oh, my representative hates guns.

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Take care of your bodies. When you have a serious injury, kids, don’t wait until you need surgery because your life changes drastically. Here are the numbers. Share this, please. There are so many of us that will watch these videos that are probably on this list but will also complain rather than be part of the fix. Alright? Humble pie coming up for each one of these states. Here we go. We’ll start in Alaska. 16,815 hunters and gun owners are not registered to vote. Alabama, 215,126. Arkansas, 209,817. Arizona, a swing state, 133,094. California, 511,345. Hunters, gun owners are not registered to vote.

How many times could you have replaced people like Gavin Newsom or the like? How many people could you have stopped from gaining power if you just registered and voted for freedom? We need to stop voting for feelings and vote for freedom. The Second Amendment means something, guys. We will not last another four years under this totalitarian Democrat control. Colorado, 147,754. Connecticut, 66,483. The District of Columbia, I’m sure these are all Democrats who are still voting for people to take away their right to hunt and own guns. 5,794. Delaware, 26,871. Florida, the gun shine state, 659,718.

Now I’m going to say real quick that these numbers could very well be higher because not everybody who is a hunter or gun owner is going to admit to it when they’re sitting there answering questions at like a Walmart or Home Depot on whether they’re a registered voter who owns guns. So these numbers are more than likely higher, so it’s probably more than 10 million of us who are just too lazy to get involved yet will complain when the republic crumbles. Florida is the second highest in the nation. Georgia, another swing state, 350,897. Hawaii, 13,190.

Iowa, 136,747. Idaho, 101,421. Illinois, 305,507. Indiana, 251,031 people who are hunters or gun owners are not registered to vote. Kansas, 102,551. Kentucky, 214,999. Louisiana, the sportsman’s paradise, 170,739. Massachusetts, 113,324. Maryland, 125,898. Maine, 60,617. Another swing state, Michigan, 370,619. How many of these people who are not registered to vote who are gun owners and hunters complain about assault weapon bans being passed or magazine bans being passed? If we all got involved, guys and gals, it would be a lot harder for these communists to take over these states. Let’s get involved. Get these numbers drastically reduced. Let’s work together and share this information.

Minnesota, 260,559. Missouri, 281,102. Mississippi, 172,776. Montana, a swing state, 52,233. North Carolina, a swing state, 370,470. North Dakota, 48,219. Nebraska, 82,121. New Hampshire, 56,586. New Jersey, 166,563. New Mexico, 51,641. Probably could have beaten Michelle Luann Grisham if people got involved. Nevada, a swing state, 59,173. New York, 326,895. Hunters and gun owners not registered to vote. Ohio, 625,676. Oklahoma, 151,351. Oregon, 137,949. Pennsylvania, another swing state, 515,277. North Carolina, 677. Over half a million people who hunt or own guns regularly and use them regularly are not registered to vote. Rhode Island, 16,289. South Carolina, 229,423. South Dakota, 43,493.

Tennessee, 311,090. If you live in East Tennessee, I am sure I can find somebody to help you get to where you need to be to register to vote. 311,000 people in Tennessee are gun owners or hunters and are not registered to vote. Let’s keep Tennessee free, guys and gals. Texas, 663,985. Gun owners and hunters are not registered to vote. That is disgusting. Utah, 121,383. Virginia, a swing state, 277,390. Vermont, 28,622. The state of Washington, 153,706. Wisconsin, a swing state, 338,894. West Virginia, 95,676. And finally, Wyoming at 38,508 for a grand total of 9,988,407. And 7, United States citizens who are gun owners or hunters and are not registered to vote.

I hope those numbers sting us a little bit. I hope they wake us up. I hope they fire us up. I hope you’ll share this with 5 people that you know and have them share it with 5 people that they know. Let’s make an effort to get these numbers down drastically before we lose this country for good. Guys and gals, gun owners and hunters, whether we realize it or not, we are the reason America is free. Remember that. And let’s fix this before we have to fight to keep America free. I love each and every single one of you.

Check out blackoutcoffee.com slash G&G. Remember, Father is 16. We’ll save you 16%. Store-wide. Be safe. Stay vigilant. Carry a gun to keep you, your friends, your family, your community safe. We’re our own first responders. Nobody else will help us. Take care. Thank you. [tr:trw].

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