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➡ This text discusses criticisms of Donald Trump for avoiding debates, with critics labeling him a ‘coward.’ It also highlights the increase in data breaches and suggests the use of Virtual Shield One, a privacy suite offering a VPN, antivirus, and identity theft protection, among other features. Trump’s critics reportedly believe he’s evading crucial discussions about his policies and actions, but the text suggests he doesn’t need to participate in debates as he’s leading in the polls.


You. What’s up, folks? Welcome to Nino’s Corner. What happens when your magic wears off? The Deep State magic is definitely wearing off. And, folks, it’s almost like the more they do, the worse it is for them. And now they’re really, really reaching for straws. So much so that it almost reminds me of 2016 all over again. They’re calling Trump this name, that name. Nothing’s really sticking. They’re trying this method, that tactic.

Nothing’s really working. But when you’re drowning, folks, you’ll grab for anything. You’ll reach for anything. And that’s what I see happening here with Donald Trump, is now they’re calling him a coward. Now they’re hoping this will stick. But before I get into it, folks, I’m going to read the article to you. Data breaches are skyrocketing. Recently, over 2. 6 million users of the popular app Duolingo had their personal details exposed.

This information leads to targeted attacks that allow hackers to gain access to your bank accounts and more. Folks, you got to get virtual shield one. You got to do it. It’s time to take control. I chose to sign up for Virtual Shield One, which gives you all in one privacy suite that includes an industrial leading VPN, identity theft, protection, antivirus, and even the power to remove your personal information from search engines like Google.

I’ve already used it, and the best part for me was that no technical knowledge was needed. Signing up only took a few minutes, and Virtual Shield. Guided me through the entire process, folks, I used it to set up a second YouTube account. Virtual Shield One is built right here in the USA and is the only company I trust to protect me and my family. Right now, they’re offering a free 30 day trial, and for this week only, get 50% off paid subscriptions.

Check out virtual Shield one, folks. Get down. Get do it. It’s down there in the description, folks. So now here we go. Here we go with the new tactic. He’s a say. I saw this article today, and I was just, like, thrown back. I was like, you know what, man? Now anything goes. And you’re seeing it also with Tim Ballard, Russell Brand, character assassination. And folks, the more they do this, the less it sticks.

So here’s another one. Why is Donald Trump afraid to debate? He’s ducking exchanges with his competitors who challenge his record and platform. Folks, the reason he’s ducking the debate is because we’re past that now. We are past that. He understands what time it is. He’s beating these people by double digits. He’s the only one in the race. Donald Trump has a big lead in the polls for the GOP presidential nomination.

What about Biden? Biden’s not doing any mean, but yet they’re going to focus on Trump and call him a so. But he’s acting as if he’s already won. After skipping the first GOP debate, he is also planning to blow off the second one scheduled for next week at the Reagan Presidential Library in California. Instead, Mr. Trump will give a speech to union workers in Detroit. I think that’s more positive and more and I think it’s going to benefit him a lot more by going and speaking to union workers where it really counts.

Why is Mr. Trump afraid to confront other Republicans without the aid of a teleprompter? Look how they try to down him on this. Is he worried he’d look at his age at 77 next to younger candidates to state the office? Mr. Trump is running to be president and leader of the free world. Voters deserve to hear him defend his record and his platform. So they go into it here about issues that he’s just going to supposedly bomb at, one of them being abortion.

So here it is with abortion. Mr. Trump said this weekend that Ron DeSantis made a terrible mistake by signing Florida six week abortion ban. Yet Mr. Trump refuses to explain where in pregnancy he draw the line, saying vaguely that we’ll come up with a number. So what they’re doing, folks, is that these syndicates hire these writers to just slam him, just slam him. And I’m saying this, I’m going to say this.

Trump knows what time it is, folks. I don’t think we’re going to a 24. I really don’t. And I think he knows that as well. So why waste your time in these ridiculous debates against people who are traders like DeSantis and Pence? Why, he doesn’t even need to show up. He doesn’t even need to be there. And then it says here the Boogeyman pandemic policies worked. Mr. Trump has exchanged barbs with Mr.

DeSantis. So they’re saying basically he’s a coward to go against Mr. Ron DeSantis and recent Trump advertisement intoes that lockdown. Ron failed Florida, but Florida was one of the earliest states to reopen, and it became a mecca for many Americans fleeing the lockdown blue states. So what they’re trying to do is push Trump into a debate with Ron and calling him a coward, when actually he doesn’t even need to be there.

We all know this. We know the only answer to all of this right now is Trump. That is it. That’s it. And I’m going to say this, folks. I’m going to go on a limb and say I don’t believe in my opinion. I have to state that on YouTube. We’re going to a 24, and I’m sure many of you agree, and then they’re going to stick to this even January of 2021.

I was getting hit by the White House task force under Trump, Mr. DeSantis recalled recently, weeks before he left office. They were sending us missives to Florida saying impose a face diaper mandate and close bars and restaurants and businesses. Boogeyman was a classic example of the unexpected crisis that president have to face. And Mr. Trump’s record deserves a public vetting. Nothing’s going to work. Nothing’s going to work for these people, folks.

And there’s some more on here. Trade and tariffs, foreign policy. But here’s another one, and here’s with the one that we all know is bullshit, january 6, 2021 was Mike Pence right before and after the Capitol riot to insist on counting the electoral college votes for President Biden during the first GOP debate, the consensus on the stage was yes. Look what they’re showing you right here, folks. As long as they keep sticking to this narrative right here.

This one right here that I’m circling, that’s it for them, folks, because we all know better. We all know better. So expect a lot more of this. Expect a lot more of this. And here’s another one. Age incompetence, and the list goes on. Electability, they’re going to be downing him and making fun of him and calling him a coward. Folks, they’re reaching for straws. It’s plain and simple.

They’re just reaching for straws. So the new thing is coward. He’s a coward. I just think he knows what time it is and it’s time to move on. He doesn’t even need to be in this system anymore. He doesn’t need to debate. He’s beating these people by double digits. And, folks, I think he knows something. I think he knows this ain’t going all the way. This ain’t going to the finish line.

So that’s how I see it. Give me your opinions down below. Let me know what you feel. But now here’s the new one. Trump the coward. Trump the coward. Reaching for straws, folks. And when you’re drowning, you’ll reach for anything. All right, folks, give me your thoughts down below. .

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