Trump SHATTERS Fundraising RECORDS After Conviction! Biden Secretly Does WHAT?!

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➡ The speaker discusses a guilty verdict and its aftermath, including a record-breaking $34.8 million raised for a campaign. They also mention a contest with cash prizes and announce the winners. The speaker hints at future contests and discusses the potential for a switcheroo at the RNC convention. They also promote their own platform, Nino’s Corner TV, and suggest that prices may increase soon.
➡ The host of Nino’s Corner TV discusses various topics, including a controversial court case, an interview with Rudy Giuliani, and upcoming guests. He also mentions a situation involving Ukraine, Russia, and the US, suggesting a potential escalation of conflict. The host expresses concern about the fairness of the legal system and the potential for global conflict. He ends by discussing the conviction of Donald Trump on multiple charges, hinting at possible future legal issues for other former presidents.
➡ Former President Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records related to hush money payments. The jury was instructed to treat Trump as any other citizen and to base their decision on evidence, not on Trump’s decision not to testify. Trump claimed his innocence after the verdict, blaming the Biden administration for a rigged trial. The verdict has sparked various reactions, with some supporters in shock and others, like actor Robert De Niro, expressing satisfaction with the outcome.
➡ The text discusses the benefits of Canola Dyne, a pain relief product with no side effects. It also mentions political issues, including potential conflicts in the upcoming Biden-Trump debate and the possibility of a military draft in the UK. The text also covers global tensions, with France sending troops to Ukraine and China preparing to invade Taiwan. Lastly, it mentions a man who made 12,000 harassing calls to Congress and a new bird flu outbreak in the US.
➡ The text discusses a 60-year-old woman’s attempt to become the oldest Miss Universe contestant, which ended in disappointment but sparked conversations about ageism. It also talks about musician Lenny Kravitz’s decision to remain celibate for nine years as part of his spiritual journey, which the author respects. The author also shares his own journey of sobriety, and ends by promising more content in the future.


Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Well, how about them apple? How about them apples? Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. 34. Guilty. Char accounts. 34, baby. 34 today. Uh, getting some coffee. I. David Quattro counts David perotrain. Take what? There’s no saving him. They bet there’s no saving him. Better. He’s guilty. He’s going to jail. Okay. He’s going to the can. Yeah. I’m telling you, folks, we’ve called this. I’ve been waiting, honestly, two years, you know, ever since we brought Juanita one and he said the gut punch, we knew something like this was coming. But it’s over now.

Now we can move on. And the fun begins. Now the fun really begins. So much so that he raised $34.8 million to go towards his campaign. After that guilty verdict, $34.8 million. That is record breaking, record shattering. So after the Biden verdict, 34.8 million, nearly double the biggest day ever recorded. Doubling the biggest day ever recording ever recorded. So who’s really winning here? Who’s really the winner? I’m telling you, folks, and I’m already on the other side of this. I’m already. I’m already at the point that there’s going to be, this is going to go some kind of nuclear.

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Winners, I got the wieners. Hey, I got the wieners. I got the wiener. For the contest or lay the contest, remember, first prize, fifteen hundred dollars. Second price, $1,000. 3rd price, $500. He can give you a good night in Juarez, Mexico. $500 could go a long way in Sierra Juarez, Mexico. All right, folks, I’m going to announce the winners right now. Drum roll, please. Winners for the Nino’s contests. Man, it was close. I got to just say this. It was really, really. I’m not. I’m not even making that up. It was so close. Some of you went above, above and beyond.

And every single one of you really deserved to win. But it was close. It was so, so close. I mean, we had a hard time picking the first, second, and third place were so close. Even fourth and fifth should have been in there. But I. I only said three. First, second, and third. That’s it. It’s his one. Just Dinero. Okay, so I’m gonna announce some winners right now. I’m gonna start with third place. Drumroll, please. Huh? And I hope I’m saying their names correctly. But the winner of $500. The winner of $500 goes due third place, Haley Ann Bechler or Beckler Hbng 1987 at

we will be contacting you, I hope. Listen, I might butcher your names. I don’t know. I. I kind of read. All right, you know, I don’t read that good? Sometimes. Haley Ann Beckler or Bechler, you are the winner of the third prize, $500. 2nd place. Now, I, this, this was so close. The first and second place was so, so close. So, so close. We will be contacting you, by the way, to give you your pride, to give you your money so you can go to Mexico. Maybe my next, my next, my next contest will be, if this goes well, the next contest will be maybe a trip to Mexico and maybe a trip to Tulum or Cancun and some cash money prices.

So the next contest will be unbelievable. All right, second place. And I got to tell you, folks, you can win the contest again. Just because you win this time doesn’t mean you can’t win again. You just keep going. I mean, this was pretty damn amazing. So second place. Mana princess, Ecuador I hope I said that right. Mana princess. Mana princess, you won a $1,000. So 1st, 3rd place. Haley, second place, Mana. This is good. How you guys like this? Mana princess, you won. Orale. Or you could get a night with Sancho. What do you want? What do you prefer? I say the night with Sancho is a lot cheaper for me.

All right. Sancho has been guilty of many, many crimes, but I did them all. Unlike Trump, I did them all. I’m very proud of my criminal record. My criminal record is nice. So, so, so nice. All right, first place. First place, baby. Yeah. Here we go. First place. Now, like I said, it was really. It was so close, man. Between these three, actually, between first to fifth place was so close. So, so close. So, so close. So close. So, so close. Are you ready for first place? All right, here we go. First place is Teresa Johnson.

Wow. I don’t know how to say that. Uh, email. But Teresa Joss in wins fifteen hundred dollars and she kicks him ass. I mean, she went above and beyond and barely edged out everybody else. When I say barely edged out, I mean, it was so close. So close. So, Teresa John, Teresa Johnson, you are the first place winner. We will be contacting you. So my first and second and third place winners, wieners, you always Amanis, all of you, get the money, go to Mexico, have some fun. All right, folks, let’s get into the the news. By the way, Spotify.

Nino’s corner. Telegram. Nino’s corner. Get her. Nino’s corner. Rumble. Nino’s corner. X Nino boxer. Wish I had heard of at least one of the wieners. They’re that. What are you trying to say? What are you. That I made him up. I pulled him out of my ass. No. Geez. Telegram. Okay, I did all that. Exit Nino boxer, being right there. Get your gangsta shirt. I’m telling you right now, things are gonna work out beautifully when I tell you this. Trust me when I say this. It only made it worse for them. Much worse. Okay, Dale Strange, thank you very much.

So it only made it work. Thank you so much. You’re awesome, too. So it only made it worse for them. They just solidified. But I’m going to get into what the RNC may pour. I had Ivan Rakeland on talking about this, brought this to my attention. I was like, yeah, that sounds about right. So at the RNC convention, look for Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, and all them to try to pull a switcheroo. Like, we know it won’t, it won’t work. But because we know where this is going, right. If you’re at Nino’s corner tv, you know damn well what’s going on.

You’re dialed in. I suggest getting any notes. Corner tv before I bump up the price. You’ll be grandfathered in. And I think that might happen in the next few months. So get, get over there, get signed up. You’ll be grandfathered in. And I always say, go for the annual. That’s just the easiest way to do it. So could the RNC pull a Switzer rule we are looking closely at? This will be, uh, we’ll be, we’ll have a microscope on this coming into the RNC. You know, it’s just, look how close it is to the RNC. And the judge gave some instructions to the jury, which I talked about with Joey Gilbert on Nino’s corner tv.

We know what happened. We know the shenanigans. We know the games they’re playing. Right, folks, I got to be very vague on here. Nino’s corner tv. So I have criminal attorney Joey Gilbert on right now. He’s up there right now talking about what the judge did. Unheard of. Absolutely unheard of. Never before done. But we’re used to this, right, folks? All they’re doing is exposing themselves more and more. And all that’s happening is Mister T is growing in popularity. He’s really gonna get the black vote now. I am going to put up the general’s tent that we did yesterday because it was epic.

And Sheila home was on there. She kicked some butt. One Juanito was came on. He did a little cameo, talked a little bit about the verdict. I’m going to go ahead and put that general’s tent up for Nino’s corner tv today, so everyone can see it. It’s about an hour and 20 minutes long. It’s epic. You’ll see what you’re missing on the generals tent. This is. We do this every month. We meet and we war game together. So it’s epic and it’s awesome. Generals tent is worth it, folks. Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani stopped by the corner.

I’m gonna be putting that up. I did a segment for fluff tube, and the whole thing is going on Nino’s corner tv, Rudy Giuliani. So right when I get to like the questions, we all want to know about, right? There’s some questions I asked him that not many people would ever ask him. Believe me when I say this. He was even surprised, okay? He was even surprised that I asked him this stuff. This is going on Nino’s corner tv for sure. But the first part of it is gonna go on YouTube, and it’s pretty damn good.

He’s talking about how he took down the mafia, the whole thing. It’s interesting. What an incredible man. Incredible mayor. America’s mayor, folks. Rudy Giuliani stopped by the corner. I got Gene decode coming back on. I got Brad Olsen, Dustin Nemos, Cathy O’Brien. Mike King is coming back on, and he’ll be the general in the general’s tent June 27. I also have Jan Halper coming on with some important information that she’s going to give all of us. Give my audience on Nino’s corner tv, folks, it’s a place you want to be, believe me. All right, folks. You might want to turn it down or turn it up, baby.

Yeah, I. David, he’s guilty. You don’t know what you’re talking about. The Mexican. The Mexicans are not going home, okay? They’re not going home. They’re not going to go home. They’re here to stay. This is our place first, David, you need to understand. All right, folks. You might want to turn it down or turn it up. It’s up to you. All right, here we go. Coming at you. Love from the apocalypse. Ah, baby. Yeah. All right, folks. All right. Let’s get into this. So. Said it a thousand times, this will go nuclear. But, hey, what do we know, right? And what do we know? What will be done to him will be done to them.

That’s all I’m gonna say on that. Go to Ninos corner tv to know the rest. This is kind of like, what you’re watching is like the undoing of a magic show. It’s kind of exposing the tricks, right? If you want to know how the magic is done, you have to show the people how it’s done. The tone has been now set. The seal has been broken. And boomerang, baby. Coming. They have thrown all of the proper core procedures out the window. The judge told the jury that if only a few find him guilty, he must be found guilty.

I’ve never heard of this in my life. Never heard. What do you need a jury for? Well, fuck the jury. You don’t even need it. The judge should just decide, that’s it. Fuck the jury. You don’t need it. See what we’re dealing with here, folks? You gotta be. You gotta be showing this stuff. You gotta see it. You gotta see what kind of situation we’re really in. So this is unbelievable. You can’t change the rules because you so badly wanted to fit the narrative. Now there’s some words I don’t want to use. But he gave instruction to the jury, and the entire country has now witnessed the horror.

And we all know now none of us are safe. None of us are safe from this system. What we thought was fair, right? Well, not me. And if the conviction isn’t bad enough, it is being reported. So now that they’ve got the conviction they wanted, now they’re going to escalate on all fronts. Now they got to move really, really fast. So what did they do? It’s being reported. Biden secretly gave orders for Ukraine to strike inside Russia with us weapons. Poke the bear. Literally poking the bear. Now it’s time to escalate. World War three, folks. Breaking Biden announces plan to bomb Russia.

What? Oh, man. So Biden secretly gave permission to strike inside Russia with us weapons. The Biden administration has quietly given Ukraine permission to strike inside Russia solely near the area of using US provided weapons. Three se, three us officials and two other people familiar with the move said Thursday. A major reversal that will help Ukraine to better defend its second largest city. So it’s going to help Ukraine better defend itself. It’s already in shambles. It’s already in ruins. The president recently directed his team to ensure that Ukraine is able to use us weapons for counter fire purposes in so Ukraine can hit back at russian forces, hitting him or preparing to hit them, one of the us officials said, adding that the policy of not allowing long range strikes inside Russia has not changed.

Ukraine asked the US to make the policy change only after Russia’s offensive in began this month, the official added, all the people were granted anonymity. Anonymity? Anonymity to discuss internal decisions that haven’t been announced in the last few days. The US made the decision to allow Ukraine flexibility to defend itself from attacks on the border near the second US official said. Here we go. Get ready. Buckle up, folks. Is getting real fast, fast, fast, fast. They’re going to move fast, fast, fast, fast, fast. And what I think is going to happen is going to be like a shock and awe, kind of like just hit us on all sides.

Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. They’re going to be just now lighting fires everywhere to where we can’t even focus on one thing. It’s kind of like if you’re going out to like, I don’t know, play, I don’t know why I’m using this analogy, but if you’re gonna go out and like, play tennis and they bring the tennis ball machine and they just start going, don’t. One at a time, don’t. That’s the way it was now. So they go, and I gotta bring multiple machines out. Guess which ball you’re supposed to hit. I don’t know. Just pick one.

Yemen. Yemeni healthies claim striking us carrier. Claim striking us aircraft carrier. Dwight D. House of Eisenhower in the Red Sea. Please look into that. My black Sea family, my Nino Knights. So before the verdict, before the verdict, the Secret Service has reportedly meeting with local jail officials in New York to make pop probably possible preparations for Donald Trump behind bars. I still say I don’t see it happening. This is going to be, you know, Juan came on, we talked about this. On. Thank you. Tron Masters 7821. Thank you. We talked about this. It’s going to be appealed.

Let’s see how fast, if it’s fast, track to the Supreme Court. I mean, it should be. I don’t see him getting thrown behind bars in my opinion. But, you know, El Nino has been wrong before. But I’ve been right more than I’ve been wrong. What an interesting time to be alive. What a real interesting time to be alive. According to CB’s news in New York, correction source made the revelation. As a former president, Donald Trump is entitled to secret service protection for his entire life. Even if he ascended to jail behind bars, correction officers would in turn be responsible for protecting those agents assigned to Trump.

CB’s reported CB’s predicts that Trump could serve time at Rikers island jail complex. Now you know what I say about this. Oh, boy. Nope. Donald Trump guilty on 34 charges. Counts. David, third train, take quattro. Charges. Charges. You’re not, you don’t know. Debbie, you don’t know we’re right. You’re wrong. Okay? This was ours. First, a Manhattan jury found Donald Trump guilty of all 34 counts and falsifying business records in his hush money criminal trial, and unprecedented and historic verdict that makes him the first former president won’t be the last. He won’t be the last. Let me say that again.

The first, but not the last. Judge Juan Merchant said a sentencing hearing for July 11. Trump sentence is up to the judge, and it could include prison time or probation. Prosecutors accused Trump of taking part in an illegal conspiracy to undermine the integrity of the 2016. You know what? This is funny to read. It’s funny to read. And the unlawful plan to suppress negative information, which included concealing a hush money payment for an adult film star. Ooh. I’m telling you, folks, they broke the seal. Let me, let me make this very clear. The important thing that happened here, they changed the rules of the game.

That’s all they did. They changed the rules of the game so that when he goes back to them, they can’t do shit. They’re not gonna do shit. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Oh, boy. I’m telling you folks, you have no idea. McConnell, Mitch McConnell says he expects Trump’s conviction to be overturned. The CNN’s, by CNN’s, oh, I don’t know what the hell I’m reading that for, Senator. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reacted to former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict late Thursday night, saying in a social media post that he expects the conviction to be overturned on appeal.

Now that’s what, uh, Joey Gilbert also said in the podcast we did yesterday, uh, what Juanito believes the same thing. Go. I have Sheila home and Juanito on the general’s tent. I’m going to play that today. I also have Scott Bennett coming on and he’ll be, I’ll put him up tonight. No, tomorrow night. So here’s what to know about the jury instructions. The jury instructions in the Trump hush money trial, a lengthy jury instruction. Judge Juan Merchant asked jurors to treat the former president as another member of the community as they embark to determine Donald Trump’s fate in a hush money criminal trial.

It is not my responsibility to judge the evidence. Here, it is yours, Merchant said. Oh, really? Really. You are the judges and the facts, and you are responsible for deciding whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. Jurors were told to hold Trump’s decision to not testify against him, against him, and to use their judgment to determining the credibility of truthful or biased witnesses. And issue, defense counsel repeatedly impressed upon members of the jury. There’s no particular formula to determine a witness credibility, Merchant said. And you may consider whether the witnesses has any interest in the outcome of the case, another matter that might weigh on jurors minds.

Merchant also described how jurors should interpret legal concepts from trial, such as beyond a reasonable doubt, unlawful means, intent to defraud, and motive, among others. Crucially, while prosecutors must this is so, must prove that the business records were falsified in furtherance of additional crime, they need to prove that another crime was in fact committed. In sum, if the people satisfy their burden of proof, you must find the defendant guilty. You must find the dependent, the defendant guilty, he said. Merchant also advises the jury that they cannot rely solely on the testimony of Michael Cohen to convict the former president because Cohen is an accomplice to the alleged crime.

Instead, the jury can only use a Cohen’s testimony if it is corroborated by evidence. This is something I’ve never heard of before, man. This is absolutely crazy. Now you know what we’re dealing with. Shell shocked Donald Trump says I’m a very innocent man after being found guilty former President Donald Trump has claimed he’s innocent man after a jury found him guilty in his criminal hush money trial. On Thursday, a New York jury found Trump guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in a scheme to illegally influence the 2016 election. Hush money payments to a porn actor who said had the two had sex.

Trump spoke to the media outside the courthouse following the verdict. Looking angry and red in the face, the former president said, I’m a very innocent man. This was rigged, disgraceful trial. This was done by the Biden administration in order to hurt political opponent. I mean, folks, I don’t want to go any more into that, but we all see what’s going on here. And guess what, folks, anybody who was on the fence, they’re not anymore. They’re not anymore. When you see something like this, they’ve basically successfully, if this was gonna go to November, they just gave it to him.

They said, here you go. We’re assholes. We know that. So, and the whole country knows that now. So I don’t know. Did we just fuck ourselves pretty bad? Yes, you did. Yes, you did. Real bad, actually. Uh, to the point that it’s going to be a fucking, uh, this guy’s going to like a runaway train and that. Felix, thank you very much. So strung, stunned Trump fans burst into tears outside courthouse as he’s found guilty on all counts. There was a stunned silence in the park across the courtroom where a jury found Donald Trump guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records.

The news quickly swept through the large crowd of around 70, which have gathered since Thursday morning, and Trump supporters were overcome with emotion. One man was crying hysterically, others read with rage, and a few were sight were unusually silent following the verdict. He who laughs last laughs the longest, right? That’s what’s coming. And it’s all this takes place as all this transpires. Robert De Niro used to be one of my favorite actors. Seriously, I used to love Robert either. I was like, man, this guy, I used to love his gangster movies, and boy, is he the epitome of a liberal now.

Oh, my gosh, he showed up with his mat, his little face diaper. He was mad. He was calling everybody gangsters. This the gangster? Is this the gangster you’re talking about right here, by the way? You get this at pager, where it’s epic. So robert de nil. De nil a row. Robert De Niro celebrates Trump’s conviction. This is my country. The guy wants to destroy it, really. I think Biden’s doing a good job for that. Robert De Niro didn’t hold back when he was asked about Donald Trump’s guilty verdict in the stormy Daniels hush money case Thursday.

I think justice was served, he said on the carpet of his new movie, Ezra. This is just one part of the whole picture. So I want to be, I want to be very careful. Though. At first, it was, it was a, what’s this word? Though at first, he was reticent to expand on his thoughts and then continue to open up about the Trump conviction. I would think it would, uh, he said, when he asked if he would, if it, if it could affect the presidential election, I, this never should have gotten to this stage. He continued.

I don’t think, I don’t want to be talking, but I am so upset by it. I have to say something. This is my country. The guy wants to destroy it, period. He’s crazy. What kind of skeletons do you have in your closet, Robert? What kind of skeletons? What are you worried about? But I’ll be honest. Doesn’t matter. I promise you, it doesn’t matter. You’re fucking. It’s coming back. When asked if he ever fears for his safety, Diner admitted that he does. Well, you think about that. It makes me more angry, but I, but I have to be afraid to be in that.

I have to be afraid to be intimidated. And that’s why I said, you’re not going to intimidate us. People are fed up. They’re going to fight back. That’s not what we’re about in this country, De Niro said. De Niro was in a New York City promoting his new movie, Ezra, just hours after a jury in the city found the former president guilty of all 34 counts. Trump was accused of conspiring to cover up. Whoa, there’s the mid roll, folks. So here we go, baby. Here we go. This stuff is good, by the way. If you need a natural pain reliever, this is it.

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Elderly. It’s, it’s so heartbreaking and it’s so hard on the soul, man. I’m just tired every day. It really kicks my ass and, but it’s an honor. It’s an honor and a privilege to take care of my parents. FEC vendor records reveal records reveal judge merchants daughter raked in 9.7 million from Biden and Kamala during their 2020 campaigns for president, raising fresh conflict issues. Folks, this is not even close to being done. This is not even close to being done. They may be celebrating. They may be, you know, I heard some car, you know, in El Paso when the verdict was read, I heard cars honking.

I heard people like, I was like, okay, I trained a quattro count. You don’t know. Okay. You don’t know. He’s guilty. They don’t want the debate, do they? They’re looking for any way to get out of this debate. But CNN will buck tradition and put commercial breaks in the Biden Trump presidential debate. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are likely to interrupt one another during CNN’s telecast of the first presidential debate in the run up to 2024 election. But they will also be cut off by something else. CNN plans to run commercials during the event.

What? Yep. They’re going to run commercials during the event. According to two people familiar with the matter, who has, who has run free of ads for many years under the management of the nonpartisan commission of presidential debates, the candidates. So, you know, whenever Trump starts getting on a roll or starts the momentum, they’re going to just cut him off and go to commercial. I are you all. I mean, seriously? And this is going to be CNN’s biggest ratings ever. But, you know, anytime Mister T makes a point or anything like that, they’re just going to cut it and go to commercial.

So that’s what we’re in for here. That’s what we’re going against right here. Cigar, fernino, a yo. Thanks, Buck. Bob. Robert Kennedy junior has been eliminated from the race to be the libertarian nominee for president. RK junior put his name on the ballot and only received 2% of the vote, even after giving a speech at the convention. Well, sorry. I think. I think he showed his colors. I don’t even think he’s a. I don’t know. I. I mean, a lot of people think that a lot of stuff’s going to change after this conviction. I don’t. I’m telling you right now it’s not.

Uh. Meanwhile, in World War Three, news reports about France preparing to send troops to Ukraine have been confirmed. Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman says Putin calls for total war. Vladimir Putin ordered an entire nation to mobilize and work as if everyone is on the front line. Escalation. What have we been talking about on Enos corner for a long time? Just that that’s where this is headed. Japan issues J Alert. Following missile launch from North Korea, residents hold are told to take shelter immediately. This is escalating everywhere, isn’t it? China enraged as us, completely ignores Beijing threat. And US sends an official us congressional delegation to Taipei to recognize a new Taiwan president and Taiwan independence.

War is coming. Whoa. China will not be humiliated. Okay. By the US forever. You humiliate yourselves. You have little. A little thing going on there. China is preparing a massive military fleet to invade Taiwan, including a large number of troop carriers and other warships. The invasion is planned for June, before Taiwan receives an order of 66 f 16 fighter jets ordered from the United States. We’re just supplying everybody, are we? Except ourselves. Our borders completely open. We’re just supplying every. Everybody with everything they need. China is preparing a large military force to invade Taiwan, America’s new island.

Fighters are preparing for conflict a stone’s throw away from Taiwan. So in the Philippines, the US and philippine marines arrived in waves on this little island, nearly a hundred miles from the southern tip. Of Taiwan. A platoon clutching automatic rifles and machine guns, spraying from blackhawks, not black, cox blackhawks. I hope they didn’t spring from black cocks. Oh, boy. And took up positions around the airfield. In a world of hot air and dust, Chinook helicopters lowered dozens of more men. More anticipated on arriving in the coming days, weeks and months. So as they keep sending our military abroad, who’s going to protect here? What’s going to happen here, folks? Well, what I think is happening, and this is the reason I put on this next article here, is because UK conservatives, as they’re lagging in the polls, pitch national service at 18.

So a draft. So Britain’s conservative party will introduce mandatory national service for 18 year olds if it wins the national election on July 4, comprising military or community participation. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Sunday a young adult will be able to choose between spending one weekend a month volunteering over the course of a year or take up, take one of 30,000 spaces to spend a year in the armed forces. So what’s happening there will probably come here and what did I say? You know, this is what they’re gonna do. You understand this, right? You know, this is where all this is heading.

Generation Z should be worried telling you that right now. And if that’s not enough, boogeyman 2.0. Those of you that are new to my channel understand that the boogeyman is what happened in 2020. I call it the boogeyman. A third person in the US has bird flu. This time it’s different. Oh, it’s different this time. A third dairy worker in the US has tested positive for the bird flu infection that is causing outbreaks in cattle and at least nine states. Here we go. Here we go. Remember I said they’re going to light all kinds of fires.

The farm worker from Michigan was exposed to infected cows and is the first of the three recently confirmed cases to have respiratory symptoms, according to the Michigan and Department of Health and human services. The previous. The previous two people, another in Michigan and one in Texas, did not show any respiratory symptoms but experiences experienced discharge from the eyes. From the eyes. Oh, boy. Just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? Just keeps getting better and better and better. Man pleads guilty to making 12,000 harassing calls to Congress. 12,000. Doesn’t he have, like, an ex girlfriend to stock or something? And why are you stalking Congress? Queens? Man pleaded guilty Thursday to threatening to kill a congressional aid and to making more than 12,000 harassing phone calls to Memphis.

Twelve. How do you make 12,000. How do you have that much time in the day to make 12,000 phone calls? Harassing phone calls to members of Congress over an 18 month period. I don’t care how long it took. That’s 12,000 calls. 18 months. Do the math on that. Somebody. How many calls is he making a day? 12,000 over 18 months period. In 2022 and 2023, federal prosecutors in Washington, DC, announced aid. Salim Lilly, 35, pleaded guilty to one count of making interstate communications with a threat to kidnapped or injured, punishable by up to five years in prison and making repeated telephone calls, which carries up to a two year prison term.

Really? I can have some ex girlfriends thrown in prison, then skidding. He is scheduled to be sentenced August 28 in Washington before US District Judge Timothy Kelly. I mean, God, it’s hard to believe we’re in this. Look how people are responding to the craziness, the chaos. It’s just a circus. It’s a freak show. It’s a. It’s. The fuckery is so bad that I don’t even know. And it’s gonna get worse. It’s gonna get a lot worse. This craziness, this shit, fuckery. That’s a. It’s just gonna get worse all the way to November and beyond and. And as it goes.

You ever wonder, like, is what we knew, the reality we knew before? Is it ever gonna come back? Or is it just gonna be this crazy freak show circus for the rest of our lives? Is that what this is gonna be? Because I wonder about this all the time. I’m like, is this a new reality now? I mean, I don’t think. I think it’s. Once it’s out of the box, it stays out of the box. I don’t think it’s. I don’t think it’s something you could put back in the box. Just saying. The dreams of a 60 year old beauty contestant come to an abrupt end in Argentina.

How did they even begin? Buenos Aires, Argentina. A 60 year old woman saw her dreams of becoming the oldest missed universe contestant in history melt away in a haze of squirms and selfies. Saturday, and Argentina’s annual beauty pageant. Alejandra Marissa Rodriguez, my cousin, a hospital legal advisor whose entry into the competition had been cheered as a triumph over ageism in a youth obsessed world, fell short of the Miss Argentina crown. Well, gosh darn it. But she did take home the title of best face. What? What? Oh, boy. I’m. Look, I’m not knocking people in there. I.

60 is the new 21. No, it’s not. No, it’s not. Okay, stop. 60 is not the new 20. Okay, stop it. What is he trying to prove here? I don’t know. I don’t know. During the contest, she thanked everyone who celebrated her success in the Miss Buenos Aires competition last month. Her win there after Miss Universe eliminated its longstanding age limit. Well, I mean, technically, it should eliminate age, because now you can be whatever you want, right? You know what I’m getting at? Oh, boy. Generated a frenzy of global media attention that vaulted her from obscurity to local fame in an instant.

The soft spoken lawyer from the city of La Plata, south of Buenos Aires, was doling out moisturizer tips to women, striving to achieve her surreal, smooth face and promising the public there was truth to the adage that age is just a number. No, it’s not. Okay, let’s just. All right, look, I see a lot of women. I’m 50. I’m the best I’ve ever felt. 50, okay? You don’t look like you’re 20. You never will. And I know I’m gonna piss off a lot of people right now, but it goes for men too, okay? Let it go.

Okay? There’s an art of letting shit go. I’ve had to let go a lot of things in my life. 60 is not the new 21, no matter how bad you want it to be. It’s not. You’re not fooling anybody, okay? You’re not. I don’t care how much work you’ve gotten, you’re not fooling anybody. Maybe in. I don’t know, maybe in 10, 20, 30 years from now, they’ll come up with an anti aging pill or something that reverses the clock. And, man, I, you know, that’d be cool. But until then, he ain’t fooling anybody, all right? In what the fuck news? In what the fuck news.

As if that wasn’t for what the fuck news. I. Look, I know I pissed off some people. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. You can still be beautiful at 60. I. You know, so born again virgin. Is this really a thing? I mean, you could be anything you want these days, right? So if you want to be a born again virgin, you can just put it out of your mind. I’ve been celibate for nine years. Who said this? Lenny Kravitz. Celibate for nine years. I tell you what, he probably lives a drama free life. I will give him that.

I bet you that gave him a drama free life, but you can’t be rubbing one out. Lenny that’s cheating. If you rub one out, it doesn’t count. You got to be truly celibate. You can’t even make love to yourself. You can’t touch yourself. So Lenny Kravitz might be a well known sex symbol, but that’s kind of fading in light of his news, namely him being celebrate for a whopping nine years while on his spiritual journey. So he’s been on a spiritual journey, not having sex, and then, so once he gets to his destination, is he going to be like, are they going to be like, how was your journey? Well, I didn’t have sex.

And they’ll be like, why? Because I was on a spiritual journey. Did it get you to where you wanted to be? You could add sex and still been on your spiritual journey? The music icon says he’s ditched casual flings for nearly a decade until he finds the right woman. Well, I got to give him credit for that. I’ll give him credit for that. A move inspired by his, by his dad, NBC’s news producer Sigh Kravitz cheating on his mom, Roxy Roker, a well known actress famous for her starring role in the Jefferson’s. Reflecting on the infidelity, Lenny told the Guardian his dad predicted he’d end up living the same lifestyle if it turned out to be true.

After his marriage to Lisa Bone bone fell apart in 1991, Lenny acknowledged he began acting like a player. Lenny Kravitz said he wasn’t fond of that lifestyle and took him years to take responsibility and shed that label, making sure his own desires didn’t take over. So that’s kind of, kind of like in the same boat. Like, not so much on that. But, you know, you got to realize when you’re a slave to impulses, and if you’re just acting reactionary to shit, that’s a problem. That’s an addict. You could be an addict in alcohol. You can have many, many different kinds of vices.

Thanks, R. Heath. You know, you got to really think about this. It’s like you can be a slave to your impulses, and that’s still an addict. That, you know, some of you, you know, only, you know, what you’re a slave to. And all this discipline has incredibly led him to a nine year streak of celibacy, saying it’s a spiritual thing. I become very set in my ways, in the way I live. It goes without saying it. He hasn’t been in a serious relationships for nine years. So basically nada. So, Matt, you know what? I’m gonna say it.

I respect him. I respect the guy. Why not? I’ve been, uh. He’s been celibate longer than I’ve been sober. Wow. I bet you he doesn’t drink either. I mean, I would imagine he doesn’t drink. So he’s been celibate nine years. I’ve been. I’ve been sober four years and five months. Coming on four and a half years next month. Wow. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I don’t know. So, what, are you all giving up? I got married. Is that celibate? That’s funny. Plus, I had a baby at nearly 43. Keeps you young. I agree with that.

That’s cool. I like Lenny. Well, folks, it is what it is. I’m out. I’ll see you guys Monday. I’ll be posting more here. And I’ll post the Rudy Giuliani tomorrow. It’ll be up on YouTube. Fluff tube. Tomorrow. Saturday. Get to Nino’s corner to watch the good, good shit. All right, folks, I’m out. And the new heavyweight champion of podcasting and the black sheep of broadcasting. Baby, I’m out of here. Later.

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