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➡ Gerald Celente discusses various topics in his Trends Journal, including the political actions of Trump and Biden towards Israel, the potential for escalating war and its impact on oil prices, and the global economy. He also talks about Bitcoin’s rise, the possibility of stagflation, and the increasing wealth gap. Salinity criticizes the actions of credit card companies and the wealthy, and warns of rising unemployment and poverty. He ends by discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the dangers of processed foods, and the hypocrisy of social media censorship.
➡ The speaker is promoting the Trends Journal, a source of information on politics, economics, and culture. They argue that it offers unique insights and predictions that you can’t find elsewhere. For a small weekly fee, subscribers can gain a better understanding of the world and make informed decisions. The speaker also criticizes politicians and emphasizes the importance of individual freedom.


Hello, everybody, this is Gerald Celente, and it’s Tuesday, February 27, 2024, and your new trends journal’s out. And here’s the COVID Here it is. Trump, Biden, and Congress. Genocide’s okay. It’s the israeli way. Don’t believe me? How about them? Look at this. Genocide going on in front of everybody’s eyes. I’m heartbroken about this. I cry about it. I have nightmares about it. And just to say that it’s not bullshit what that cover says, and it’s bullshit spewing out of their mouths.

This is Trump in October. Last October. So I fought for Israel like no president ever before. Oh, you fought? You know, you got a big mouth, fat boy, but you can’t fight. You’re just full of shit like all the rest of them. You fought like no other president. Hey, how about fighting for Italy? What’s this bullshit that we got to keep fighting for Israel as they keep stealing land? Oh, I forgot, I got to keep reading this.

Oh, they’re settlements and God gave us this land. Hey, got sown. What if I don’t believe in your God? Can you handle that? Trump goes on like no president ever before, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which is a big deal. This guy’s nothing more than a fucking daddy’s boy. Man born on third base and thought he hit a home run. Yeah, Daddy left him all the dough. Hundreds of millions of dollars.

Didn’t make it on his own like I did. He goes on. And even recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Israel’s sovereignty over the golden Heights. Fuck you. They stole this land, something that they never even thought. We gave that to them. We. Not we, you. Oh, and by the way, by the way, fat mouth, and I’ll call that to your face, fat mouth, you got $100 million from Sheldon Adelson? Oh, yeah? What is he had a jewish passport.

The cat’s gone now. What else we got here? Joe Biden again. Look at your cover. Trump, Biden and Congress. Genocide’s okay. It’s the israeli way. Biden, when he went to see Benjamin murderer nuts in Yahoo in late October, right after Trump said this, he said, I don’t believe you have to be a jew to be a zionist. And I’m a zionist. Hey, fuck face, dumber than shit. Can’t walk in a straight line.

How about being an American? What the fuck are we fighting a religious war for? Oh, I know. Save your shit with the chosen people, all right? God created us all equal. Got it? This war is only going to escalate. Hey, do you see oil prices today? Yes. Back up to $83 a barrel for Brent crude. And now Russia and OPEC are saying they’re going to be cutting back on production.

And now they’re ramping up the war. Bombs away, over Lebanon, hidden eastern Lebanon, and ramping it up into with Iran. If Iran gets involved in this war, you’re going to see oil prices go to over $130 a barrel. It’s going to crash the global economy and crash equity markets. But won’t you be happy? Won’t you be happy that Trump fought for Israel like no president ever before? And the fuck face who says he’s a Catholic, an Irish Catholic, says he is a zionist.

So fuck everybody else. Let them kill whoever they want. And when you’re paying more for the pump, don’t forget thank Biden, Trump and Congress and going on to the markets, you see bitcoin, read your trends journal, all your trends journal subscribers, and thank you all. Thank you all. The ones that are subscribing, you go to trendsjournal. com, trendsjournal. com and you subscribe and you hit this hit button because when you see the comments on this YouTube from the people that subscribe, I’m honored that the kind things you say, what you’re getting from this magazine, it’s nearly 200 pages a week.

You read what you want. It’s a magazine. But we give you geopolitics, economics, high tech science, technocracy from Joe Duran. Nobody comes close to this guy. This is one of his books. Be human, get it on Amazon. We give AI whole section, high tech science and Ben Davis. So go back to bitcoin. All the subscribers know we’ve been bullish on bitcoin. And not only that, we call the bottom.

We said if it hits, the number was 15,000 when it was plummeting, it’s going to go down. If it doesn’t go below that number we gave you when it was going to go up with the next level, the next level and the next level. Now it’s at 57,000. 57,000 on gold prices. Gold prices aren’t off yet, but they’re going to keep going up. They’re still over $2,000 an ounce and they’re going to go up when they start lowering interest rates.

And again, you look at what’s going on. They had this guy on Fox today from the Morgan Chase bankster gang. Yeah, the company that’s convicted of five felonies. Five felonies. And he said, we’re going to likely enter into an economic climate of stagflation. Stagnant economy and rising inflation. Got it wrong. Read our top trends. Dragflation. Dragflation. The economy is going to go down and inflation is going up.

Oh, did you see the other big news story that Apple, they said they were going to make electric cars, and now they’re not going to make them. Go back to your top trends for this year and what we’ve been writing about now for almost a decade. Evfu. Yep, yep. Israel’s ramping up the war. Then we got the trends on the economic front. Getting hungry. Food costs keep. Oh, and that fucking arrogant guy that the CEO at Kellogg’s, do you hear him? Hey, you can’t afford to eat as we’re all getting richer and becoming multimillionaires and billionaires have cereal for dinner.

Yeah, I’m not making this shit up. These are shitheads. They could give a fuck about anybody else other than themselves. And we give you everything we can for you. And we, the people going on, credit card companies, keep ripping off cardholders with higher interest rates. Yeah, but that lousy mafia, they used to charge 10%. Now we could charge 29% because we pay off these guys. Yeah. Wells home sales, where they’re going, 23% of New Yorkers are now poor.

Don’t worry about it. You’re only going to get poorer. America’s wealthy hide $150,000,000,000 a year from taxes. That’s all right. Trends on the global economic front. Oh, yeah. When the economy falls, jobs go with it. This is very big. Goes back to dragflation, rising inflation, declining economy, and rising unemployment. This is our 73rd week of listing job cuts day after day after day after day. Now, when all these people get fired, how are they going to pay their rent? How are they going to pay their mortgages? So that means what are they going to do with interest rates? And what’s going on in Germany, what’s going on Argentina, what’s going on in Japan, what’s going on in China, what’s going on around the world? Because that’s the way you have to look at trends.

And if you look at american media, it’s only the shit that they keep selling. How did Taylor Swift get laid today? And again, spotlights the big is getting bigger. The Israel war. US tells ICJ Israel could keep stealing land from Palestinians. Israel announces new plans for settlements. Isn’t that a nice word? Settlements? Stealing fucking land. In violation of the Geneva Convention and article two four. Two of the United nations.

Oh, in Trump and Biden. Hey, look at the COVID of the magazine. And Congress. Genocide’s okay. It’s the israeli way. What else do we got? A whole load of stuff then on the. On what’s going on in. Oh. Featured guest article by Gregory Manorino. I was talking about dragflation. His article is the system is hyperinflation again. It’s going to cost more to buy less and the economy is going to go down.

It is not stagflation again. Trends in technocracy, trends in cryptos, trends in geopolitics, trends eye views. Drink up. About 70 million Americans exposed to toxic forever chemicals. Isn’t that nice? All the lousy crap that. Are you worried about climate change? How about the fucking poisons they’re putting in all our food? I know you like those ultra processed foods. Iran calls out us hypocrisy after leader removed from Facebook and Instagram.

Yes, one thing after another. Putin kept pushing for ceasefire in Donbass in 2019, but Zelensky rejected it. This is the clown boy again. That’s caught. You could google it up. Put Zelensky playing the piano with his penis. This is the president of Ukraine. His former top job was a sitcom comedian. And you could google it up with Zelensky playing piano with his penis. And there he is, taking his pants down and standing behind the piano.

He sold himself as a peace candidate, never having an intention to have peace. Lied to the people. Just like in America with the Nobel piece of crap prize winner Barack Obama, who sold himself as a peace candidate. As soon as he gets elected, it’s the afghan troop surge with another arrogant fucking prick that betrayed us. Betray us. Oh, yeah. He’s working for one of the big firms now.

Yeah. Going to Afghanistan. Oh, yeah, we’re going to win. You guys haven’t won a fucking war since World War II. And the only reason you won World War II is the Russians, who we’ve been taught to hate. They were the first ones to defeat Germany after 25 million of them or more were killed by Germans in Operation Barbarosa. So you got political shitheads running the world, and that’s why you need your t shirt.

Hey, politicians. Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do? I’m little Chucky Schumer. I’ll tell you what to do. Wear my glasses. I’m going to put my glasses on. So going on. We’re giving you everything we can. Support us. We’re supporting you. The more subscribers we have, the more we could do you go to trendsjournal. com? Trendsjournal. com subscribe it’s the grand total of $2.

86 a week. With inflation, that’s like pennies a day. And the wall shit journal, $5 a day give you hardly anything. The thing shrunk to nothing. The New York Times, the toilet paper record, $4 a day on the weekend, $6 both of them a day. And we’re giving you $2. 86 a week to get trend forecasting and trends analysis you can’t get anywhere else. Thanks for tuning in.

And tomorrow, don’t forget Celentian, a judge me and Judge Andrew Napolitano. There’s no man like him when it comes to the constitution, the Bill of rights and how we have to get them back and what we have to do. Thanks for tuning in. The trans journal. The best investment you could make because it’s the best investment into your mind and it can change how you look at the world.

His work is actually a gold mine. Anybody interested in politics, political trends, economic trends, social trends, cultural trends, you have to follow him. Gerald Salenti the Trends Journal is one of the greatest sources of information, and it really is. You’re predicting these things well ahead of time. I would encourage everyone to go grab the latest copy. Been a Trends Journal subscriber for 20 years. I just have to commend you what you guys have put together in your latest trends journal.

There’s nothing like this out there, sir. Everything that you predicted about the economy, you are absolutely right. So I have followed you all this time. So please take a look at the trends journal. You correctly forecast that the Fed would hike rates quite aggressively. Correctly said that initially gold and silver would drop as the Fed starts to raise rate to one and a half percent and above. When we spoke last bitcoin was around 49,000.

You said you expect to drop and if it drops below 30 35, then it could really drop. Trends journal, which I would encourage people to go and check out. It’s actually a 200 page document, pure data driven analysis. Gerald Celente, the top trends forecaster in the world. Gerald, you had an interesting call back in September of last year. You said gold had bottomed, which is exactly what happened.

And here we are and we’re subscribe to the Trends Journal. Read history before it happened@trendsjournal. com. .

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