This Is The Only Way To Stop The Police State (Ep. 2082)

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➡ The host, Dan Bongino, emphasizes the importance of standing up against the ‘losers’ in life, advises detachment from social media and mentions the sentencing of Enrique Terrio, a Proud Boy member. He also advocates for investigations and multi-year sentences for Antifa and BLM, which he calls terror groups, and decries the current state of the government and the justice system.
➡ The speaker believes America is increasingly becoming a police state, claiming the justice system is targeting certain individuals for political reasons. He suggests corrective measures such as granting pardons, implementing terrorism investigations, and firing individuals involved in what he perceives as misconduct. He further argues against indoctrination in schools and criticizes what he views as government intrusion into parenting especially regarding gender-related issues. He also emphasizes that apathy and complacency have allowed these conditions to proliferate.
➡ The speaker criticizes the pressure schools exert due to their left-leaning ideologies, stating that they confuse and divide children from their parents. The speaker then discusses censorship, drawing attention to how some organizations (such as the ADL) allegedly push for online censorship of conservatives. Finally, the speaker expresses concern about fear-mongering tactics, suggesting that chaos and fear are used to convince people to hand over their civil liberties to the government.
➡ A foreign couple got robbed in California, losing passport, electronics, and all their possessions. The speaker blames left-wing politicians for a rise in crime and suggests people should move away. Further, they criticize liberal COVID fear tactics, the flawed healthcare system, and calls out the inefficiency of White House Press Secretary Corrine Jean Pierre. Despite all this, they express optimism for the future due to some fighting back against the current issues.
➡ The text discusses the speaker’s skepticism about enforced mask mandates in relation to COVID-19 prevention, citing that they believe fear is being used to control citizens. They support Senator JD Vance’s bill to ban return of federal mask mandates and call for public support for this legislation. The speaker also criticizes President Joe Biden’s memory lapses during public engagements and his alleged inability to follow a simple protocol. The speaker further alleges that Biden dislikes being perceived as unintelligent, but he is often the least intelligent person in any given room.
➡ The text discusses President Biden’s leadership, highlighting criticisms of his presidency, such as frequent corrections by his staff and potential international incidents caused by his actions. It also talks about the economic situation of the U.S under his administration, pointing to decreasing GDP, job creation, and an increasing federal deficit. The text suggests that despite these issues, some still defend and advocate for Biden’s economic policies.
➡ The text discusses the necessity of scrutinizing the current economic situation, comparing it to past economic downturns such as the Great Depression and Great Recession. Additionally, it stresses the need for a thorough investigation into the involvement of former President Barack Obama in the alleged corruption associated with Joe Biden’s foreign business affairs, posing questions concerning Obama’s knowledge and potential benefit from said affairs. The author also indicates his commitment to continue reporting on these critical issues.


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. Sorry, busy blocking some losers on social media. Use the button liberally, prevent neuron damage and dendrite atrophy. It’s the greatest thing ever. Realize when you take a stand in any election, you’re always going to meet a couple of losers on the other side who don’t like that.

See, here’s the thing I noticed about chumps and cowards a long time ago. You know what scares chumps and cowards more than anything? It’s people that take a stand. You know why that is? Because it highlights their cowardice. See, the thing about bags, I’d say something worse, but there’s some words I just won’t use on the show, is they don’t like to have to acknowledge their know, chappelle did a clip on this a long time ago.

Dave Chappelle is a comedian, but a very smart guy. How nothing excites the coward more than seeing a hero fall because it justifies their cowardly existence. I’m telling you, the greatest thing you can do is separate yourself from the losers in your life because negative energy is a real thing. It’s not some kind of metaphysical nonsense you read in like a Robert Frost poem. You surround yourself with losers and dipshits and zeros, and that’s exactly what you’re going to become.

I got to tell you something. This isn’t a philosophy class. And as a guy who’s failed a lot more than he succeed, but the success has been a lot more beneficial to my life than the failure, if that makes sense. It’s because I got up after every failure and learned to make this success exponentially bigger than the failure was. I can tell you this for a fact, that this stuff is contagious.

And if you surround yourself with losers, that’s exactly what you’re going to become. And you really have to learn the art if you want a real life hack. The subtle art, as it was said by that comedian guy who’s not even a conservative, by the way. The subtle art of not giving a fuck is a real thing. You really have to learn to just say, okay, this is not real life social media.

Losers, disconnect these people and move on. It’s the greatest thing you’ll ever do. I got a big show today. A lot to talk about. Today’s show brought to you by Blackout Coffee. Stop giving your money to woke companies. Don’t care about you or the country. Go with a coffee option that aligns with your conservative values. It’s my friends at Black Out coffee. Go to Blackoutcoffee. com bongino coupon code Bongino for 20% off your first order.

Lot to talk about today, ladies and gentlemen, Enrique Terrio, one of the proud boys, gets an absolutely outrageous police state sentence yesterday, last night of 22 years in prison. Just disgraceful. I don’t even know how to describe the country we live in anymore. And the fact that multiple media outlets allege that Terry O may have assisted the FBI in the past should say to you again that the government’s no longer your friend.

If you’re under any illusion. We live in a constitutional republic where if you cozy up to the government, they’re going to help you later. You might as well throw that out right now. I don’t think any of you in the chat are under that illusion. But I’m telling you, folks, this stuff is really getting crazy right now. We’ve been highlighting it on the show. All right. Today’s show brought to you by American financing.

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Remember, with American financing, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Here’s the number 8899-4766. That’s 888-99-4766. Or visit americanfinancing. Net. Americanfinancing. Net. NMLS. 182334 nmlsconsumeraccess. org. All right, Joseph, let’s go. It’s Wonderful. Wednesday. You know it’s in Joe’s head. So we go to church together now, Joe and I, and we have a really great band. I knew you’d say this. Of course you knew that. And I said to Joe, I said, dude, you totally got to sing in this band because you’re awesome.

And I can put it on. Humble with Father Marty. And so Joe’s got music on the mind. He’s got music on the mind. He’s a good singer, though. Joe’s like the real deal. So you’re welcome. Folks. Listen. Helping the government is not going to help you because the government’s not your friend. As a former federal agent, I feel the need to tell you right now the government is not your friend.

Now the government should catch criminals and terrorists and bad guys. That is a very good public service we do. Because Why? Because we don’t want to get dead. Getting dead is a bad thing. And there are a lot of criminals and bad guys and a lot of dedicated federal agents and cops out there trying to keep the bad guys behind bars. However, we’re living in a different place right now.

We’re not living in a place we can trust the government anymore. Or the FBI. I am sad to have to tell you that. Now. I don’t know what Enrico Terrio did or didn’t do. He was a proud boy. Was sentenced yesterday because of the January 6 thing for 22 years, which is OD, because Enrique Terrio was not in DC on January 6. So that’s kind of strange. Don’t let those little facts get in the way.

But the Guardian, I want you to note, reported back in 2021, their headline, not mine. I don’t know the guy. No idea I was in the FBI. Proud Boys leader. Enrique Terrio was an FBI informant. Interesting with friends like these, right? I mean, there you go. So strange. So Terrio wasn’t even in DC, but got 22 years in jail, which I find fascinating because I’ve yet to see a 22 year sentence for the BLM members that burned American cities down, the Antifa members that went after the courthouse in Portland.

There was a homicide. I believe they set a building on fire. And I think the guy got, what is it? Ten to twelve years. Dude got killed in there, man. Got killed in there. That doesn’t seem to be a big deal. We had those two Molotov cocktail throwing lawyers in New York. I don’t know what the hell they got. Community probation or whatever the hell it was. Who know? Community service or probation, nobody knows.

But folks, the police state’s here. It’s here right now. The attack on Donald Trump is just a symptom of that. But the police state is here right now, right this second. I hope you all understand that. It’s here right now. Now the next GOP POTUS I titled. This is the only way. Listen to me, this is the only way to do it. The jury is in the judges rule.

There is no other way. If your candidate cannot commit to this, he’s not your candidate, okay? The next GOP POTUS had better unload on antifa and BLM. I want to see multi year sentences, although the judges will obviously determine that. I want to see Rico investigations. I want to see terrorism investigations. These are clearly terror groups. These are fraud based groups. You’ve already seen the stories of BLM buying large mansions with donor money.

We’ve already seen the videos over and over about Antifa. We know what they’re capable of. I want to see a couple things here’s. Number one, here’s the step to take back our republic. Folks in the chat, pay very close attention because I get this all the time. Okay? So what are we going to do? Here’s what we’re going to do. I don’t want to hear again from anybody out there.

Oh, you don’t propose solutions? We propose a lot of solutions. I just need you to write them down and take them to your congressman and your senator and ask them what they’re going to do about it. Number one, rico and terrorism investigations against Antifa and BLM. There’s no question. These are terror groups. The evidence is everywhere. We’ve seen it. We know it. Everybody knows it. They use terror and violence to enact a political agenda.

Antifa no is not an idea. It is a very real group of black clad wearing, ninja suit wearing losers and wusses who hang in their mama’s basement, who gang up and beat the hell out of people and burn and terrorize property. There’s no doubt about that. Step two pardons. All of these people should be pardoned because they did nothing wrong. No, some of them may have done something wrong.

I don’t know. I don’t know the specifics of each and every case. I certainly don’t support rioting or anything like that. I think that’s crystal clear. Having said that, the justice system is clearly wrong. These people there is absolutely no way, given our current justice system, you can consider it fair with a straight face that they got 1015, 1718, and 22 year sentences, which are unprecedented in the literal sense in this space, unprecedented, and claim justice was done.

Pardons are a corrective mechanism. That’s it. There’s your two steps right there. You do that, it’ll be a corrective mechanism. Getting us back to the Midpoint. Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a police state. This is not justice. This is revenge. These people want retribution for Donald Trump winning the 2016 campaign. That is all this is about. This has nothing to do with justice for Enrique Terrio or justice against Enrique Terrio or the Proud Boys.

I don’t know. Enrique terrio. Never met this guy, communicated with this guy. Matter of fact, I don’t know anybody in the Proud Boys. I don’t say that because I’m proud or not proud. I just say it because it’s true. I don’t know anybody in these organizations. I am telling you whether I know what I see with my own eyes. I know. I walked out of the White House to a group of eight antifa and BLM, MutS and dogs and slobs, telling my wife they wanted to rape her and they were going to make us watch while they slammed on a bunch of drums and whatever, made a bunch of noise and were threatening people.

They threatened two Asian ladies. We had to walk back to the hotel. I watched them push a couple of guys. I watched them harass people. This is a terror group. So unless you’re willing to put them all in jail, I don’t want to hear it. You’re not a serious candidate in jail. I don’t want to hear anything from the press. You guys are finished. I don’t want to hear a damn thing.

The police state is here. There’s a corrective mechanism right in front of you. Pardons and targeting with Rico statutes and terrorism statutes, antifa and BLM. You want to fix this stuff. It’s the only way. The only way. I hope you understand what I’m telling you. There’s not going to be any talk there’s not going to be legislative fix for this. You can’t fix a police state. You can’t fix a police state.

You can only fire everyone involved because personnel or policy, that’s the third step. Unload everyone, anyone who had anything to do with it or approved of it. Pardons terrorism investigations. Fire everyone. You touched it, you smelled it, you were near it, you did nothing about it. Fire everyone. You were part of it. You got to go. It’ll send a message and ignore the media response to the whole thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the only way because we’re living in a police state right now. I want you to watch this clip. This is an interview from last week. This is Xi van fleet fled. Communist China has been an incredible advocate for freedom and warning about the police state. Ladies and gentlemen, the police state is here. It’s here now. It’s not coming tomorrow. It’s not coming next week.

The police state is here now. It’s here right now, today. I want you to understand that. You need to listen to this woman. She is warning everyone about we are here right now. There’s a limited window to fix this. This is a warning everyone needs to hear. Check this out. Why is what is happening actually bad for them too? Yeah, I have a word for them. Forget about Donald Trump.

Party in power is abusing their power and going after any oppositions. Now it’s Donald Trump, now it’s MAGA, but eventually it’s everybody. Because communist regime would not tolerate any opposition, any descending voices. So they’re coming after all of us, including those who are cheering. And now for Trump’s indictment. And they think they are on the winning team. They’re not. We all will become victims if we let them succeed.

We’re just walking this know, I had an AP history teacher in high school. He was a nice guy. He was a Democrat. He loved being a Democrat, but he was a super nice guy. And he knew a lot about politics. And he generally kept his politics out of the classroom. Some you don’t see much anymore. He was a good guy. And he always said that the presence of the middle class in this country always prevents people from really sincere, deep political activism.

Because a lot of people just get happy. They’re just happy where they are. And as long as the fight doesn’t come to their door, they’re not going to do anything about it. Folks, I think that Apathy not with you. You’re the 42,000 watch it right now, early in the show, who are super active and understand the threat to freedom and liberty going on right now. But you’ve got to understand you are the minority.

You are special. And I mean that. You are special. You’re different. Most people go throughout life and some of them can’t even name who their governor or their congressman is. They just don’t know. They don’t think that deeply about stuff. They’ve got soccer games they want to go to, and the bigger ideological fights are not for them. They get lost in what happens in everyday life, and that’s it.

They get stuck in this bubble. I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to tell you the truth. That’s become a problem. Our prosperity has become really, almost for us, a crutch because so many people are afraid of getting involved with the false idea that they’re not going to come knocking at my door. Police state’s not here for me. And I think that’s been the big wake up call for people like Jivan Fleet.

When we talk about things like what’s happening to kids. Nobody ever thought that these communists, I think, were going to come into their kids’schools and start teaching them that their parents are idiots and that if they’re in any way confused about their gender that they should come to the teachers and the staff and ignore the parents. I got to tell you, I don’t think anyone sitting on the sidelines thought that was going to happen.

No, they haven’t. This has been a major wake up call for everyone. The war on our kids, folks, if you think the war on kids is not metastasizing, too, communist tools need three things communist tools, and I mean communists who are tools and communist tools three things. Actually, you know what? We’ll throw in a fourth prison, censorship, division, and fear. Those are the tools of communist tools. They need these things.

They need these things. Now, part three of that is division. You can’t have communism without the kids. They’ve got to separate the kids from the parents. I can’t tell you this enough. A lot of you think this sexualizing of kids in schools is about just a couple of pervs who want to talk to your kids about sex. A lot of it is. But that’s not the reason the Ideologues on the left want to sexualize your kids.

I hope you guys understand this. Tell me in the chat, because if I’m talking about this too much, then I know I’m talking about it just the right amount. I can’t say this enough communists, the people who are really running the money on the left, who are running and supporting a lot of the NGOs and supporting the Democrat candidates, lobbying Democrat candidates, are hardcore communists. They can call themselves progressives, call themselves socialists, democratic socialists, whatever they want.

They’re communists. They understand they have nothing without the kids. One of the few ways you can separate the kids from the people they trust in their life, their parents. One of the few and only ways you can do it is by teaching them that they’re sexually confused. They don’t understand it. It’s happening in California right now. This Alyssa Finley piece is damning, it takes a village. But in California, parents aren’t welcome.

The California attorney general is suing a school district that wants to be notified. If their kids think they want to change their gender, they’re suing the school district. The California Attorney General claims that gender non conforming students with emotional, physical, and psychological harm have to be protected from intolerant, basically and abusive parents. The state of California is deeming parents who don’t subscribe to the gender woke ideology on the left immortal danger to their children.

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest threat to your kids is the freaking government. It is not you. It is the government. These people are doing this on purpose. Keep that up. I want you to read that again. Read it again. This is the straight up Communist manifesto, one on one that parents are a danger to gender nonconforming kids, who, by the way, many of whom are only gender nonconforming because of the peer pressure and the social pressure from teachers because the left are the ones pressuring them.

The mortal danger to the kids is the schools, not the parents division. Folks, think about it. What are things they are incapable of? Understand. Try to place yourself back in your childhood. What were you incapable of understanding? You didn’t get it. It was confusing to you. Folks, I got to tell you. I remember my first girlfriend I don’t know what my first kiss was. I was young. Who knows? You remember.

But I remember that moment, and she was a little older than me. And I remember being caught off guard, like, holy Moses. It was a kiss. I don’t even think it was. I think it was like a cheek kiss, too. I’m not even kidding. And I remember thinking, like, oh, gosh, that was weird. I was a kid. It was nothing. I was a kid, and I was confused by the whole thing.

I remember, like, it was yesterday because I was leaning up against a car, and I remember being confused. I knew what it was, but I was confused by the whole thing. The whole idea of sex and physical contact in that way with kids is totally beyond their realm of understanding. Human beings are not puppies. Puppies by age two or three can figure out what to do, and they’ll do it.

That’s not human beings. And communists know this. So they use this sexual identity politics stuff to confuse kids and divide them from the parents. It’s the only way. Communist tools they work every single time. You cannot let this happen. Prisons, censorship division and fear. Every single time you see the same template over and over and over again. You want to see the censorship portion? I’ll show you the censorship portion here in Live Action.

Here is an organization that may have at one point done good work, but is now a total leftist censorship organization. All they do is threaten right now, conservatives. This is what they do. They threaten conservatives. They actively collude with social media companies. Listen, this organization is really turning into trouble because they are absolutely out there pushing people to be censored through social media platforms. I want you to watch this guy admit it.

This is the ADL that again, may do some good work here or there, but is now for some reason decided that they are going to spout leftist talking points, determine what hate speech is, and then push companies and organizations to censor others. Thank god Elon Musk is starting to fight back. He’s over at Twitter has been a victim of this, where they pressure these companies and these organizations to censor people here.

They don’t hide it. Watch the head of the ADL basically admit it right here that they collude with these social media companies to pressure them to make sure you don’t get to speak. Listen to this. The ADL our center for technology and society works actively with all the kind of companies of Silicon Valley, from Apple to Zoom, if you will, from Amazon to Microsoft to Meta, and indeed to Twitter.

We’ve dealt with them for years, helping them tackle the challenges of hate speech on their service. We point things out. We share information. But what we’ve said again and again and again and I’ve had the privilege of speaking directly to Elon a few times. The reason why we are so concerned is because we think Twitter is such a consequential service and again allowing people who created the toxicity on the platform that led to real world violence.

Keep in mind that the conspiracy theories that dominated on Twitter for so long exploded in places like Pittsburgh, Poway, El Paso, and of course, ultimately in Washington DC. On January the 6th. Okay, this guy’s to be immediately ignored. You got to fight back against this guy. He is a devout leftist. Notice when he talks about conspiracy theories. He leaves out the collusion hoax. He leaves out the impeachment hoax.

Notice he leaves out the mask conspiracy theories that masks work. The vaccine conspiracy theories and vaccines are going to stop the transmission of COVID Notice he leaves out the 51 former intel officials conspiracy theory. When he talks about conspiracy theories, what he’s talking about, what he really means, what they mean over there is pressuring them to get rid of conservatives. Folks, this is straight out of the communist playbook, straight out of the playbook.

Prison censorship division and fear every single time division, target the kids. Censorship, target the social media companies. Fear through mandates and COVID hysteria. Prisons you’re seeing now with Enrique Terrio and others getting multi decade sentences for things that BLM and antifa. Are they going to speak out about this stuff, too? Holy Moses, you gotta be kidding me. We’re living in a dangerous time, man. Everybody needs to clockwork orange.

Your eyes open right now, man, because it’s staring at you. Right now, not tomorrow. It’s here, today. Let me take a quick break. Coming back on the other side of this break and they’re not doing about anything about the street chaos either, because the other communist tool I told you about is fear. Fear in the streets and COVID. Fear works for them. Why does fear work for them? Because the only person that gives up their civil liberties voluntarily are people who are afraid that they could get hurt or lose everything.

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Never ever forget the walking dead theory. The only people that walk into prison voluntarily are the people who are afraid of the zombies on the outside. That’s why they need fear. The government is always going to come to your rescue. Air quotes when they think you’re afraid. That’s why they love masks. It’s why they love COVID hysteria. It was the whole essence behind their great reset theory. That’s why they do nothing about this stuff.

This is from I’m going to play these as many days as I can. You think it’s not bad enough yet, folks, it’s going to get worse. This is California, where now people just walk in and shop. The catch is they just don’t pay. People video them and they don’t care one single bit. Here’s one of them. Check this out. There you go. You like that? Just shopping. Take whatever you want.

Maybe open up your own store. Just, like, go in the back and take boxes, maybe stack your own shelves. I mean, what’s the difference, right? I got another one for you, too. They love this stuff. Why are they doing nothing about it? Because it works for them. I felt so bad for these people. Folks, you ever travel to a foreign country? If you’re in a foreign country and you lose your passport and all of your identification, you’re in a world of trouble.

Good luck trying to get to the US. Embassy, trying to prove who you are. These people from Malta. They stop in San Francisco. They park for a minute or somewhere in California forgive me. They park for just a minute. They’re out of their car. 510 minutes to go get a look at the water, whatever they were doing. They park for a few minutes, come back to the car, everything’s gone.

Passports, iPads. I want you to listen to this lady. They’re from Malta. This is what the United States looks like around the world. Take a look. So what happened? You went to the beach for five minutes? Yeah, maybe ten minutes. We parked. What we’re thinking, like ten minutes, nothing can happen. So lift our legs here. And then we went, like for ten minutes. We’re checking at the car, and nothing there to see.

And what they take? They take everything we had passports, camera, Canon, iPad, laptop, luggage. And you guys are here from visiting? From Malta? From Malta? Yeah. I got to tell you, man, that video ruined my day yesterday. No, I mean, it really did, because I felt so awful for these people. My day was nothing compared to how awful theirs was. Theirs were you imagine being in a foreign country no passport, no ID, no wallet, no money, no phone.

Zero. Folks, it’s so shameful. But we have to say now, oh, yeah, don’t leave anything in your car ever. That’s not always practical for people anywhere in California, because there’s a damn good chance someone’s going to come and break your window and steal it. Why are the lefties in these states doing nothing about this? The answer is because they like it. That’s why they coddle these people. Do you understand? They have supermajorities in a lot of these left wing states.

They could fix this tomorrow. They could put enhancements for shoplifting and property crimes. They could have dedicated what we would call Berg units, burglary units that go out and all day just fingerprint, then find these people. They have license plate cameras around. They could figure out who was in and around the area. They don’t do it. Why? Because the cops don’t want to. No, the cops would love to lock them up because the politicians will not prosecute them, and the disgusting district attorneys and AGS in California want it.

So what do I do? Move. I have no easy solution for you other than move. You need to get out of there. Do not folks, listen to me. In the Chat, if you don’t agree, you can cuss at me in the Chat. It’s fine. I’m watching. It’s what I’m always looking at. You know I love you guys. Thank you for being here. You can’t save these places. Not now.

Until the people experience the syrup of ipicact himself and a critical mass of people experience a robbery, a burglary or home invasion, we don’t want that. We don’t want that. These people are victims. A lot of them didn’t even vote for this stuff. I’m not saying that. I’m just telling you the hard political, tactical reality. You can’t save these people. They will never vote differently until they experience the hell they brought on themselves.

They will not. I saw it. You may be thinking to yourself, oh, it’s bad enough. It’ll change soon. No, it won’t. You did not grow up in New York in the 80s. It’s not bad enough yet. New York. Everybody left. Everybody that could get out of New York City moved to Long Island. It’s true. The city had 2000 homicide. You realize that’s ten times what some of these places get right now.

And you think it’s bad enough? Folks, people were showing up in the streets dead. Multiple people, every day. Graffiti was everywhere. Drugs were dealt on every corner. Times Square was a hellhole of porn and strip shows and drugs and Three Card Monty salesmen. You think it’s bad? New York in the 80s was Mad Max. Anyone in the chat, remember? Someone says, I remember it was a hellhole. I know what you’re thinking, oh, it’ll get bad enough, it’ll change soon.

You’re not even close. Folks, the good news is there are portions of the United States where this is just a distant memory. Reminds me of that 28 Days Later movie with a zombie outbreak in the United Kingdom. The guy looks above the air and had an air traffic still going. The rest of the world’s going on as normal. You understand? Down here in Florida, we don’t have that problem.

We got a great governor. I got a great sheriff. We got 10, 20, 30 solid sheriffs down here, maybe more. You don’t have to live like this. You don’t. None of that stuff is tolerated down here. I showed you the clip last week. We had two young ladies, thought they were going to walk in a dick’s sporting goods and just clean the place out and walk out. The cops blocked off the bridge.

They went nowhere. It’s not going to happen down here in Martin County. It’s just not. They will follow you until your wheels fall off. You don’t have to live like this, man. They want this. Fear don’t play into their trap. All right? I got a video coming up next, too. Finally, people are fighting back. Thankfully, we’ve got some good senators out. They’ve had enough of this Fear campaign, this COVID hysteria, this great reset stuff.

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Put your mask on. You’re going to die. Take your vaccine. You understand? None of this is by accident. Fear is the currency on the left. It’s the way they sell you. Things like give us your kids. Give us your money and give you your health care. Give us your health care. Nobody gives this stuff up voluntarily unless they’re frightened about what’s on the other side. Oh, I’m going to die if I don’t have health care? Pre existing conditions.

There were solutions working there way before Obamacare where they actually did damage to the healthcare markets. They need you scared. They need you scared all the time here’s. Corrine, Jean Pierre, yesterday at the White House again, anyone changing their anyone? Anyone? Jim, Mike, if you change your text, if you change me your vote, let me know. I think it’s all the same. Okay, folks, the worst, the absolute worst press secretary in the history of the United States.

Going back to the mask hysteria, conveniently right before the election, saying Joe Biden, yeah, he’s going to mask up, which, by the way, he didn’t do yesterday. But check this out. President Biden tested negative last night for COVID-19 and tested negative again today. He’s not experiencing any symptoms as far as the steps he is taking since the President was with the First Lady yesterday. He will be masking while indoors and around people in alignment with CDC guidance and as has been the practice in the past, the President will remove his mask when sufficiently distanced from others indoors and while outside as well.

No change from Mike and Jim either. Worst press secretary in the history of the United States. Ladies and gentlemen, again, this is the White House. They’re responsible for promoting science in the public interest, not for promoting debunked, stupid talking points. You understand? Kareem Jean Pierre is dumb as she is, and Joe Biden, who’s dumber than Kareem Jean Pierre by far, both know the mass thing is bullshit. The reason they’re promoting the mass thing is because, again, fear is their coin of the realm.

It’s the only way to get you to dissipate the civil liberties. However, washington Times you’ll see Senator JD. Vance good man. I, like JD. Vance out of Ohio, is authoring a bill to ban any return of federal mask mandates. Yes, I say everybody send him a tweet. Support this bill. Ask where your senator and congressman stands on this bill. There should be you want to wear a mask? Ladies and gentlemen, I believe in freedom.

Knock yourself out. Put the face diaper on. Expose your stupidity to the world. Nobody cares. I’m a believer in freedom. I’m going to laugh. I think you’re an idiot, but you’re free to do it. You go right ahead, put the Dopey mask on. Pretend it solves your COVID issues. However, there will be no mandates. This is still a free country. I thought so. We’re not doing that here’s.

Senator Vance, last night on this bill, talking about this you need to support this. Call your congressman today. This is super important. Check this out. Just a week ago, Donald Trump issued a video, very sensible video, saying no more mandates. We’re not going back to the COVID tyranny of a couple of years ago, democrats howled in protest and said nobody’s trying to bring back mask mandates. And yet this week, we see multiple instances confirming Trump’s thesis that you have multiple entities within our government, within the public health bureaucracy.

There are local public schools in the DC. Area now reimposing mask mandates. This is coming back unless we stop it from happening. That’s why I introduced this legislation, and I’m going to force the Democrats to vote on it. If they say the mask mandates are not coming back, then come to the Senate floor, vote with us and say, no more mask mandates. Let’s make it bipartisan. You should call your Democrat senator, too.

Here’s the thing. This is why this is a genius move, folks. There’s almost zero chance that a Democrat remember what I just told you. Democrats know mass don’t work. Listen, please. I know you get this, but to the people on the fence who may be new to the show, out of the 66,000 people watching right now, there’s always a couple of new people. You may be new here.

You may still believe that some Democrats just don’t know and they have good intentions and they really do think masks work. Nobody thinks that. I want you to understand, democrats use the mask as a fear mechanism. We get it. Got it? Good. We talked about it for the last three days. The genius of JD. Vance’s Bill, is now you get them on the record. Now you get them on the record.

I want every single Democrat running for Congress, which is going to be everyone in 2024. They’re up every two years. And every senator, obviously a third of the class, about, I think 33 are running this year. 33 running this year. I want every single one of them on the record as to where you stand about mandating face diapers, I want to know get them all on the record.

Because let me tell you something, people just like you mess with their kids, you mess with this mask thing again, there is going to be hell to pay. I got to tell you. Me and Jessica Tarloff, we bump heads like crazy. I mean, you can’t imagine, like, a bigger friction thing than me and Jessica Tarloff. We’re not like best buddies at all, okay? But Tarloff was on the five yesterday, and even Tarloff actually made a good political point.

He’s like, stop. He’s like, Get Joe’s. Like, get this on tape. He’s like, what’s happening? He’s hitting record right now for a clip because he’s like he’s confused. No, she did. Someone said to Jessica, something know the Democrats are running on this and they want this back for fear. And I think they do, but the Democrats aren’t. Jessica’s like, yeah, but that may be a mistake because people really hate these things, and this may backfire.

Now, I think both points are right. Democrats want the mask on, so everybody’s scared again. But I don’t think they really understand because they don’t get out and talk to regular Americans enough how badly this is going to blow back on them. It is one of the few times I’ll tell you, you know what, Democrats, you better listen to Tarloff, because let me tell you something, you bring back mask mandates, start masking up people’s kids, you’re going to be in a world of pain.

It happened. He’s like, oh, my gosh. He’s just going on like the Clips channel. Then bongino. Next thing, right, Geraldo? Then Bongino agrees with Geraldo. I don’t know, Geraldo. I’m not so sure. Me and Geraldo are totally on the ODS. By the way, happened again at the White House yesterday. What did I tell you? I got a large body of experience from my prior line of work in how logistics at a site go, folks.

The president gets his card. So whenever you see the President Biden, when he whips out these cards and it says what he’s going to do, I got to be fair to him because I believe in facts. I just want to be honest. Fair doesn’t matter. I mean, fair schmair. What the hell does that mean? I just want to be honest. Every president gets that Biden’s just dumb enough that he keeps showing it to people.

Typically, what a president will do is keep it in his suit jacket. And it’s so simple, he just remembers what to do. It says, like, you’ll speak for five minutes, you’ll exit stage left, you’ll work rope line. Usually they’ll glance at it before they go out and that’s it. So it’s not unusual that Biden gets his card. What I can’t repeat to you enough is what is unusual is that Biden cannot seem to remember what’s on the card.

Meanwhile, none of this is hard. You’ll go on stage, award the Medal of Honor, say a prayer, they’ll play Hail to the Chief or whatever, you exit. None of this is hard. Presidents get this down. From my experience, I did the transition from Bush to Obama. It takes a couple days and that’s it. They don’t even got to look at the card anymore. Biden never, because he’s a rotting bag of oatmeal with SpaghettiOs for brains, can never, ever remember what to do.

Ladies and gentlemen, it happened again yesterday. This American hero receiving the Medal of Honor. A guy can’t say enough positive things about his story is just incredible. Right is on stage. Biden awards the Medal of Honor and just leaves in the middle of the ceremony, before the prayer, before anything. There is no way I don’t care what the White House tells you. There is no way this was staged.

Biden just forgot what to do and just walked out again. Watch this. Leaves his hero up on stage. Check this out. It Joe said it right. You see the faces in the crowd. No one knows what to do. Everybody’s like, where’s he going? What just happened? You see the press? People wait. Isn’t he supposed to stay? The poor guy’s up on stage? Like, what do I do now? You understand? Like he’s the MC.

Joe Biden, he just walks off. The guy does not know what to do. This is like rotting oatmeal brains is totally losing their mind. Someone said it yesterday, too, I think. I was watching newsmax or whatever, and somebody said something. The effect of this guy’s, like he’s one more of these moments, like really bad ones, away from losing, like, four or five points in the polls because so many people now he’s down to such a pit in support.

Everybody knows what a mess this guy is now. They treat this guy like an infant in the White House because he’s an egomaniac, but he’s too stupid to know what to do. So Kareem Jean Pierre got confronted with this yesterday as this autobiographer, Franklin Forr, who I don’t trust as far as I can throw him, wrote this book about Biden that just got released. It’s working its way around the media circuit.

And the gist of the book is that Biden’s angry. Biden hates to be called stupid even though he is. Sounds like somebody’s talked about on the show, right? Guys, it’s not like I used to work with him and his team and see him around the White House all the time, right? But one thing Biden hates more than anything is when people recognize he’s an idiot. Biden’s a moron.

I’m telling you, he’s legitimately a stupid person. He hates it when people recognize it. He hates it because everybody’s pretty much smarter than Biden, because Biden’s always the dumbest guy in a room. He just is. But the thing with Biden is he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. See, my best advice to you, if you want to get smarter, is to be the dumbest guy in the room.

But understand you’re the dumbest guy in the room. Go hang around with PhDs and doctors. You’ll get really smart. You will. If they’re super smart guys, it is the best advice I can give to you. But you’ve got to recognize that in their space, you don’t know what they know. Biden thinks he knows more than anyone. He hates being called dumb even when he screws something up. And the fact that the White House treats him like an idiot drives him nuts.

Use peter Ducey calling Kareem John Pierre about this. Watch her get really defensive. This is great. Check this out. President Biden is the oldest president in U. S. History. Why does White House staff treat him like a baby? No one treats the president of the United States, the commander in chief, like a baby. So there’s this quote that says, that’s ridiculous. When staff what sounded like a call for regime change in Russia, the president quote, rather than owning his failure, he fumed to friends about how he was treated like a toddler.

Was John Kennedy ever babied like that? So, look, I’ll say this. There’s going to be always a range of books that are about every administration, as you know, that’s going to have a variety of claims that is not unusual. That happens all the time. And we’re not going to litigate those here. That’s something that we’re not going to speak to. There is one thing that I do want to because I think I was asked this question last week by one of your colleagues about this particular excerpt that they were referring to.

And so I’ll say this, we did see the excerpt, the context of the excerpt, and it seemed to be making the opposite overall point about how the value of his experience and wisdom resulted in rallying the free world against authoritarianism, which is important. We have seen this, you all have seen this, and passage of the most historic agenda in recent history in his handling of foreign policy, like rallying the world around Ukraine.

This is the greatest thing ever. Is that you, dude? Come on, man. I got butterfingers. Throw it out. Yes, finally. Thank you. So just to be clear, where we got Chad Chatsters, we got our Mutleys. Come on, get on it, Chadsters. Here we go. You got to see the Mutley. Here we go. There we go. Diehard. So just to be clear, a guy’s given exclusive access to the White House, Franklin Ford, nobody denies that he’s been in a room like the White House approved this.

Everybody understand that when he goes in the White House. The guy’s a devout leftist, by the way, from what I know of him. Franklin for writes a book that has it’s generally an ass kissing exercise, but Adam Mutley’s a rockin’there. You go chaster’s coming through in the clutch, right? He writes a book when there’s just a mild criticism in there amongst the ass kissing that basically biden screws up a lot, has to be corrected by his staff, where he almost causes an international incident calling for regime change in Russia.

And just to be clear, that’s evidence of his leadership and his ability to change the world geopolitical dynamic. These people are just folks. They’re embarrassing. They’re just humiliating. Train wrecks. Like I said, she’s just a really bad she’s a bad liar. She’s a bad liar. I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not. She’s just a really terrible liar. That was definitely two. We can who goes first? Regular.

See? Right over to Poll here. Yes, and I missed the poll. Back up, Mutley. And Gee catches them both. Wait till we get in the studio. We can launch those things. By the way, you all going to come down to the studio when we open up. Hopefully by the beginning of next year. I hope you do. It’d be great to see we had such a good time at that live concert.

We’ll give away some books and stuff like that. It’ll be great. We’ll have a good time. Maybe we’ll do it on a Friday. We’ll have a little thing afterwards. That’d be pretty cool. Folks, I can’t let you go today without discussing a block I was going to do yesterday. I know some of you don’t like the economics Bidenomics sections of the show that I do. But they’re important folks.

I try not to make them too wonky, you know? Economics is my passion, Joe. Remember we used to do it all the time. It was like the whole core of my show years ago. Well, I like it too. I know some of you aren’t crazy about it, but it’s super important you understand the bullshit artist in the White House. The fact that this guy’s attaching his name to the word economics, calling it Bidenomics, is hilarious.

So I just pulled a few headlines to show you a couple of things. I don’t want to depress you at the end of the show on a Wednesday, okay? And I don’t mean that in a Pollyannash way again. Lipstick and a pig. I understand that. I mean this sincerely when I say it, or I wouldn’t say it. I really do think we’re on the verge of a serious and sincere economic renaissance.

If we can control and get a hold of AI, material sciences, quantum mechanics we’ve got a bunch of things going on right now. New cancer drugs what is it? That AOH drug or whatever. This stuff is all popping. It’s all popping. Now if we can harness it and not get crazy even energy, technology you’re seeing new kinds of superconductors coal fusion breakthroughs. We are on the verge of really big things.

So I don’t want you to be super depressed, but I just want you to understand right now the economy is not good. Matter of fact, I would say to you the economy is really bad. Is it the worst it’s been in the last 20 years? No, it isn’t. Is it getting there it is. And a series of headlines based on facts should spur you to action that we need a change in 2024.

Here’s the first headline, just the news. Alarm grows as jobs and GDP data are revised downward. Ladies and gentlemen, the GDP gross domestic product how the country is growing, what we produce. Gross domestic product production is going down. They’re being revised downward under biden. Jobs are starting to decrease in the number of jobs we’re producing. And even worse, the jobs we’re producing are not very good. Okay? Oh, you may say that’s just the news.

John Solomon site. John’s a relatively conservative guy. All right, fair enough. Although John cites one of the best news sites out there. Here’s the Washington Post. You don’t believe me? Here’s the left leaning I mean communist, left leaning Washington Post u. S. Deficit explodes even as economy grows. How is that, Joe? How is that? Didn’t Kareem, Jean Pierre and Biden, didn’t they tell us they reduced the deficit? Well, we’ve told you, of course, for the last year and a half.

They’re lying. The deficit is actually exploding, and they’re making that up. Here’s the Washington Post. The federal deficit is projected to double this year. I thought they were bringing it. Well, they’re bullshitters. I don’t know what to tell you. And folks, here’s the worst part about the whole thing, that this trillion dollar plus deficit we’re running, that this is happening not during wartime. Meaning if there’s an emergency and we need to borrow money to finance the military machine, we don’t have it.

We are out. We’re done. We’re out of money. Red State credit card and car loan defaults hit a ten year high as Bidenomics continues its path of economic destruction. What, do you think these headlines are made up? You think Mike Miller at Red State just pulled this out of his ass? Let me just write a fake article about this. This stuff is all happening here’s. MRCTV. Craig. Bannister higher spending and lower tax revenue overwhelm economic growth to skyrocket the deficit.

The deficit surged in 2023 despite economic growth in the first ten months. We borrowed 1. 6 trillion. 1. 6 trillion in ten months. We’re not even done with the year yet. Don’t worry, folks. We’re rocking and rolling right now. Here’s Axios next. We’re still adding to the debt axios. Notice how I use left wing sites in this, too. Axios? The Washington Post, in case you think I’m making this up and Joe Biden is telling you the truth.

Deficits and debt are going down. That’s totally, completely made up. It’s a lie. Rising interest rates make America’s fiscal arithmetic worse. They note that the numbers wouldn’t be terrible if we were bringing in more tax revenue than we were spending. But it’s axios. But that’s not the case. Instead of a surplus, the CBO projection include a 3% primary deficit over the decade. In other words, it’s not just the math of servicing the debt that’s getting worse.

The government’s still adding to it. But don’t worry, folks. Here’s Biden’s economic czar, Jared Bernstein on cable news saying, don’t worry, Bidenomics is fantastic. Forget everything I just told you. It’s an inaccurate narrative that Bidenomics sucks. Check this out. I think it’s an inaccurate narrative to declare that somehow Bidenomics isn’t working or that it’s not favorably received by people when you drill down into what it actually is.

I just did drill down. I just did. GDP, deficits, debt, interest rates, monthly deficits, annual deficits, job growth, productivity. We just drilled down. We just drilled down. I was honest. It’s not the worst economy we’ve ever had. The Great Depression was far worse. 25% unemployment. The Great Recession. Probably a close second. But folks, let me tell you something. Four, six more years of this clown. We’re getting there.

We’re getting there damn fast. You’ll be there before you know it. Finally, one last story before I rock and roll with you folks. Listen, it’s only a matter of time before the scandal of the century comes out. And, ladies and gentlemen, the scandal of the century is what the hell did Barack Obama know in his White house when Joe Biden was up to what he was up to? There’s no question Barack Obama knew.

Zero. The only question at this point is when did Obama know it? What did he know? And was Obama somehow benefiting from Joe Biden’s corruption? Tombazil over in Washington Times. Obama’s Biden scandal. When did the 44th president know about the VP’s foreign business dealings? Ladies and gentlemen, this is the biggest scandal of the Biden crime family scandal. What role did Obama play? I want you to keep in mind and remember always that all of the decisions the vice president may have made in conjunction with payments to his son I.

E. Ukrainian businesses paid this for vice president to do this. None of those decisions could have happened without Obama. Remember that infamous I refuse to pay the IMF payment until they fired the prosecutor? Son of a bitch. Video that decision. In that video, he says, Ukrainians challenged me. Biden says, so I told him, they said, you’re not the president. And what does he say? Biden says, call him.

Obama had to know. Was Obama somehow profiting from this? This is one of the biggest scandals nobody’s talking about outside of a few people at the times and elsewhere. Good job, Tom bazil, stay on top of this story. This is going to be the next egg to crack in that omelet right there. I don’t know. He said, kind of strange, right? Obama’s really rich these days, ain’t he? Kind of weird, right? Martha’s Vineyard house, which, of course, is going to be taken away by climate change, all going to be underwater in a year or two.

It was amazing how he took that risk. So crazy. Could have bought it on the cheap. I mean, it’s going to be underwater soon, right? That’s the question. What did Obama know? When did he know it? All right. I’ll have more of this in the coming weeks. And I’ll stay on these economic stories because, folks, it’s getting worse. Hey, thanks again for tuning in today. I really appreciate it.

I know it wasn’t the greatest news day. I never spin your wheels or anything, so having 71,000 people here in my chat is really heartwarming that you guys come here and want to hang, and I love hanging with you for an hour every day. It really means the world to me. And if you’re listening delayed on audio on Apple spotify or watching on Rumble later, you matter, too.

Some people can’t make it live. I really, deeply appreciate I want you to understand, I am so ferociously loyal to you all for making my. Life so rewarding. Thank you so much for your time. I’ll see you back here at 11:00 a. m. Tomorrow. If you would please follow us on Rumble, Rumble. com Bongino. If you click that green follow button, it’s absolutely free. You’ll get a notification when we go live.

And please download the Rumble app. Start an account, join the chat. We’d love to have you here. Great seeing you. I’ll see you back here tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show. .



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