This Is How They Cheat In Elections (Ep. 2068)

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– Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts. Really sorry about the technical hiccup. You are my audience. You all matter to me. And you have my sincere apologies.
– The police state is here right now. Even if you discuss the voting process, the police state will put you in jail. Donald Trump is using the Justice Department to go after his perceived enemies. We are in a really dangerous time.
– This is super important. Listen to this. I think we are drifting towards the greatest constitutional crisis since the 1850s. The people who want to control America will break any law. There is only one way to stop them, and it’s to remove them from power.
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– Dan Bongino: I was always a little bit suspicious about the story about Michael Lore. He says the media thrives on creating fake race stories. Now a new report suggests Orr may not be telling the truth. The show goes live tomorrow at 11:00am.


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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts. With your host, Dan Bongino. All right, folks. Really sorry about the technical hiccup. Really. I totally, completely take absolute, full responsibility, zero, zero excuses to have that kind of a technical hiccup. But it happened, and it’s my show. It’s called the Dam Bongino Show. That’s my name. It is my responsibility. You are my audience. You all matter to me. You set aside time for your day at 11:00 a.m.. And we didn’t produce today. And you have my sincere apologies. I’m hoping you’re watching this show on delay. Maybe you’ll get to jump in in a few minutes when the stream actually gets back online. But you have my sincere apologies.

Let me get to the show. I got a lot to talk about with you today. I want to talk about how they cheat in elections. Why am I bringing this up now? Because they’re at the point now where, again, they’re actually bragging about it. And something happened yesterday that it describes how simple what they do is. I understand, I get it. That there’s a lot of people concerned about machines and all that. That’s perfectly reasonable concerns to have with the voting process. I understand it. But what if I told you the way they cheat is even simpler? If they can do it the easy way, they’re not going to go to the hard way. And it’s right in front of your face. I’ll show you what I mean.

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All right, we’re skipping the bell today. We’re not doing anything because I don’t have time for any of this stuff, folks. They cheat. They cheat in elections. It’s not complicated. What they do. To cheat in elections is quite simple. I want you to think of it this way. If you were going to fish in two ponds, both ponds are the same size. All else is equal, right? You want to fish in two ponds? Do you want to fish in the pond with a lot of fish in it, or you want to fish in the pond with just a few fish in it? It’s not a trick question. You want to fish in the pond with a whole bunch of fish in it because you stand a greater likelihood of catching a fish. Correct. Democrats think of voting the same way. They think of voting the exact same way. Their theory on voting is get them registered, get voter registrations in, send them out the ballots, collect them, and count them. That’s it. But the first step of that shuts the rest of the steps down. If the first step doesn’t happen, that is why Democrats focus on voter registration drives. They want to fish in a bigger pond with more fish in it. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m telling you, it is that simple. This is what they do. The collection part for them, they think is now going to be easy moving forward because COVID helped them move to more of a mail in balloting system. Okay? The collection part for them is going to be the easy part. It’s the first part that’s the complicated part. They’ve got to get people registered even if they’re not people. Even if people are dead, they’ve got to get welcome to the show if you’re here. Are we back? Are we live? All right, make sure sorry, folks.

Listen again. If you missed it, you’ll see the intro. I’m deeply, deeply apologetic that you spent your time here with us, and we let you down for 20 minutes on the tech side. I’m really super sorry. That is on me. It is my show. But getting back to it, the voter registration is the Democrats choke point. They’ve got to get registrations out there. They don’t care if you’re legitimate, not legitimate, it doesn’t matter. They’ve always excelled at fishing in a bigger pond. This is how the cheating starts. Then after they’re done with all the cheating, they stop people from talking about it. It’s a way to keep the hysteria up. That’s why they needed the COVID hysteria. This is critical. You understand this.

Why am I bringing this up? An explosive report in the newsletter. newsletter. Check it out. You need to read this. Today nonpartisan voter registration organization is actually a Democrat get out the vote machine report says Daily Caller Jason Cohen. A tremendous article. It’s called the voter registration project. Folks. This is how they do it. It’s how they get more fish in the pond. They don’t really care if after you register, you’re the one who voted under your registration as long as they can get a ballot out to you and that ballot’s returned. Do you understand what I’m saying? Whether you return it or not, they don’t give a shit. All they care about is that thing is checked for a Democrat. But you got to have a registered voter first. Here’s what they do. These groups, this is the scam. They present themselves as nonpartisan voter registration organizations, but they’re really working to help Democrats. According to Capital Research Center’s exclusive report, which the Daily Caller got their hands on the organization, the VRP voter registration project was commissioned by the now White House Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta, who you know is one. Of the biggest lefties on this rock we call Planet Earth and was funded by left wing donors and was specifically aimed at winning election victories for Democrats. The CRC report alleges that the VRP describes themselves as nonpartisan, yet a particularly targeted demographics likely to vote Democrat and hired left wing consultants, leading to 5.1 million new voter registrations since 2015, according to the website. 5.1 million new voter registrations.

Now, to be clear, there’s nothing illegal about registering new voters. Republicans should be doing it too. Obviously. I’m trying to explain to you, though, the Democrat game plan. Get them registered, send the ballots out, collect them and count them. Notice at no point in that game plan did I say, make sure the registered voter is the one who’s actually voting. You understand? That’s not part of this. That is not part of the scheme. The New York Times even talked about this, how when you get a bunch of people I cannot talk about this article enough. Back in 2012, when mail in balloting was largely a Republican endeavor.In Florida, military folks, senior citizens, and others, right when it was a Republican thing, the New York Times hated mail-in balloting. Look, here’s the piece again. Back in 2012, New York Times Adam Liptak talking about how votes by mail are less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised, more likely to be contested than those in a voting booth. Statistics show election officials reject almost 2% of ballots cast by mail, double the rate for in-person voting. So let’s do some simple math. You get 5.1 million ballots out there in new registrations. You get them out, you send them out, you collect them. Ladies and gentlemen, 2%. We’re talking about a big, big number of potential fraudulent ballots out there. That’s assuming at the low end. This is why voter registration is the key for this whole thing. You’re fishing in a bigger pond. There are more fish. There are more ballots you can send out. At no point do they give a damn who sends the ballot back, folks. They bragged about all this, how they cheat. They brag about all this. If this is a legal process, it’s no problem. Get them registered. Send them a ballot. Collect it from the registered voter, whether they show up in person or where ballot harvesting is legal, and count them. That’s not what the Democrats plan on doing. They don’t care if it’s the actual registered voter. They brag about how they cheat in campaigns. You remember this article? This Time article. “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” Ladies and gentlemen, if there is one must-read right now, it is this Time magazine article in my newsletter, Newsletter, where they describe and walk through exactly what they did to fleece the 2020 election. They talk about it. Let’s go through it piece by piece so you know I’m not making this up. They brag about all this stuff. They note there was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that curtailed the protests and coordinated resistance from CEOs. So business people were involved. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists, liberal money people, and business titans. The PAC was formalized in a terse joint statement of the US Chamber of Commerce and the labor unions AFL-CIO, published on Election Day. They saw it as kind of an implicit bargain, inspired by the massive protests in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace. And here’s the important line oppose Trump’s assault on democracy. What are they saying here? They’re saying very simply that these groups all winked and nodded at each other: labor unions, the US Chamber of Commerce, business titans, left-wing liberal donors, they all coordinated together to make sure Trump wouldn’t win. Is that the same liberal donors involved in things like the voter registration project? You see how you are fighting this massive tidal wave on the shore right now? Coming in, all of these big money people, connected elites, marshaling their efforts together to screw you over. You understand what’s going on here? They brag about it. They’re not even hiding it anymore. Here’s how they did it. Read this piece again. It’s in my newsletter today. newsletter. Please check it out. It’s free. It doesn’t cost you anything. Just read this article. It’s long, but it’s worth your time. Talking about this group of people, left-wingers, unions, business titans, who got together to screw over Trump. They note that their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter suppression lawsuits. You see how it’s always about the voting system? Recruited armies of poll workers. The voting system got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. There you go. They’re laying it out. Pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and use data-driven strategies to fight viral smears. Let me sum up part one of what they did. They got people registered, they sent them out, they collected a bunch of ballots, and they counted them, and they didn’t give a shit who those ballots came from, as long as that ballot was marked Democrat. And then, when you talked about it, even now, they pressured social media companies to call you an “election denier.” I’m not denying there was an election, as anyone else. There was an election, and it was shit. I’m not denying anything. You see how they do this? This is how the police-state works. Here’s part two of how they did it. Public awareness campaigns that helped Americans understand how the vote count would unfold. I.e., voter registration, track preventing Trump’s conspiracy theories and false claims of victory from getting more traction, I.e., pressuring social media companies. They’re bragging about it after Election Day. They monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result, the untold story of the election. Thousands of people of both parties who accomplished a triumph of American democracy at its foundation, said Norm Eisen, let me add a hack Democrat who absolutely hates Republicans. That’s how they did it. Just laid the whole thing out for you in ten minutes. It wasn’t hard, folks. This is why they needed the COVID hysteria. They have been pushing for mass mail-in balloting for years. It is critical to them. It is the mass mail-in balloting that enabled them to do all this stuff. I’m going to get back to the COVID hysteria here because it’s important. This is why you’re starting to hear all the COVID stuff heat up again. Get the face diapers back on. This article in the Express, you can see right here scientists demand Britain’s wear face masks as new COVID variant spreads. You see, they’re doing it again. They’re doing it again because they need the hysteria to make sure that people are scared enough that if they push for in-person voting in the United States, they have a backup plan and the backup plan is going to “no, no, we need this social distancing and all this stuff. People have to be able to work from home to vote from home.” Excuse me. I mean, they’re ignoring all this stuff. The Telegraph, heart attacks at record level after the pandemic. Gee, I wonder what that has to do with? Nobody asked any questions there. I got Dr. McCullough, world-renowned cardiologist, coming on my radio show later today to talk about exactly that. Folks, this is crazy. They are doing it right in front of our faces. This voter registration thing and their mass effort to fish in a bigger pond requires the mail-in balloting. Because think about it. If you show up on Election Day, you and then you show up again with another ballot, they’re going to know that ballot is not yours because you were already there. That’s why they want mail-in balloting. Get them registered, send them out, collect them, count them. Folks, if all this fails, by the way, they’re going to go full police state. We are there already. I’m very nervous about them using the guns and the badges to lock people up. They’ve got the power right now. I’m going to show you what I mean coming up in a second.To begin with, I’ve been warning you about this, folks – the police state is already here. The problem with where we currently stand with the voting process is that even discussing the voting process in relation to the police state will result in jail time, censorship, job loss, and bankruptcy. You might think it can’t be that simple, but let me tell you – the Democrats invest a lot of money into registering people and then push for mail-in voting. They collect all the ballots, regardless of whether the people who are actually voting have participated. It’s that straightforward. And if you dare to discuss it, they will launch investigations and have you locked up, just like they are doing to Donald Trump right now.

Did you see the filing yesterday? They got hold of Donald Trump’s deleted direct messages on Twitter and potentially his draft tweets as well. This is pure police state behavior, and we are in an incredibly dangerous time. Stay vigilant, folks, because things are getting worse out there.

I also wanted to mention something that Tom Elliott at Grabian pointed out. Remember when the Democrats were accusing Donald Trump, Peter Navarro, and Roger Stone of politically targeting their opponents? Well, guess what? Political targeting is happening right now, without a doubt. It was done to me, to many others, and even to embassy personnel in Ukraine. This hypocrisy needs to be exposed, but it doesn’t matter to them. Power is all that matters to collectivists, communists, socialists, and fascists. They will abuse that power without hesitation.

Now, let’s talk about the danger we’re facing. Newt Gingrich recently made a statement that resonates with what I’ve been saying. We are heading towards the greatest constitutional crisis since the 1850s, rivaling the rise of secession and the civil war. Barack Obama corrupted the Justice Department, Hillary Clinton repeatedly broke the law and got away with it, and now Joe Biden has learned from them. A corrupt machine is trying to destroy its most dangerous opponent, breaking the Constitution, destroying the rule of law, and leaving a bitter mark that will last for generations. The people who want to control America will break any law, lie about anything, and manipulate the system. Even the elite news media is a part of this.

Depressing, isn’t it? But it’s true. They will break any law, hurt anyone in their way, and our only option is to remove them from power. We can win, as we have in the past, despite their attempts at cheating. Many Republican states have already revamped their voting rules to make it harder for them. It may not be impossible, but we must separate these people from power if we want to avoid destruction on the other side.

To illustrate this further, I would like to play a clip from The Five where a heated argument broke out. It was a pivotal moment that deserves attention. Let’s listen to it.Tweet by Mark Levin that there may be some hope on the other side of this, too, and quickly.
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My pillow folks again. They will stop at nothing. Newt nailed it in that clip. There’s not a law that’s going to get in their way. The media will cover up for them. There is a way to stop them. We have pardoned power. We can isolate them from power while we still have elections. We lose this election. The elections may not matter going forward. It’s that important.
But this happened on the Five yesterday. I bring up this clip specifically because gutfell got into an argument with Harold Ford Jr. I know both of these men well. Harold has always been a gentleman to me. Greg is a friend. Having said that, Harold is probably the most moderate Democrat they have there. He’s not known for fiery liberal takes. He’s a Tennessee Democrat with a pretty moderate record, who, when you talk to him, seems like a pretty rational guy. But with due respect, I have to strongly disagree, because Harold really epitomized where the Democrats are right now with the police state. They justify what they’re doing, sane Democrats. I’m not talking about liberals. Liberals just want power, and they just want you hurt. That’s it. Period. Politically, personally, financially hurt. When even moderate Democrats are talking this way, we’ve got a problem. They justify the police state tactics. The Democrats have engaged in using this line that thank the Lord, and I’m not using his name in vain. Gutfeld called him out on this. Well, Trump had it coming anyway, right? Here’s what I mean. Check this out. This is totally over the top as a mean, even when states makes sense. Except it’s all bullshit. It’s all nonstop. We know this is designed to banish and isolate and to destroy a political outsider. Who predicted this? Chuck Schumer. Remember, he said, don’t mess with intel agencies. Don’t mess with the intel agencies. They’ll arrest your team and keep it off the field. Do you not think he’s done anything to deserve any of this? He is probably one of the most troubling consequential figures in history, but no, he doesn’t deserve any of this. And by the way, see what Harold said there? Do you not think he’s deserved any of this? Now, Harold’s, welcome to come on my show. He’s always been a gentleman to me. However, ladies and gentlemen, I’m seeing this more and more, and it’s not just moderate Democrats either. It’s moderate Republicans, too. Their stance appears to be I don’t like Donald Trump because of X tweets. He made a big fuss about the election. He gave a speech and the Stop the Steel rally. I don’t like that. So their attitude seems to be, unleash the guns and the badges on him because he deserves it. Folks, that is bullshit. That is not the way the country works. That flag means something. That flag means you don’t get to take your personal animus out on someone because you don’t like them using guns and badges. When you get power. That’s what that means. That’s what every tinpot dictatorship know. I heard that this morning, and I’m glad Greg stood up and said, that is total bullshit, using that word. And good for him. But I thought of something. You guys in the chat? You ever see that movie Unforgiven? It’s probably one of the greatest Westerns ever. I love that some people thought the movie was overrated. Not me. I watched a lot of westerns in my time. Unforgiven, with Clint Eastwood. One of the greatest movies you will ever mean. A fantastic take on morality, redemption, whatever. Long story short, there’s a line in the movie where this kid he’s talking to, Clint Eastwood, William Money, who is a noted killer. The guy had been a killer for decades and redeemed himself and was trying to live a family life and got caught up in some stuff. And there’s this young kid, this pistol ear, and he’s basically a fraud. He tells him he’s some big, like, bandit killer or whatever, and he’s probably never killed anyone in his life. So he winds up shooting a guy, and the kid’s freaking out. You could see he must have killed him. And William Money, who’s killed a lot of people in his times, looking at the kid, trying to justify what he did, realizing he took a man’s life. You guys know the scene I’m going for here. And he, you know, I guess he had it coming, trying to justify it. And what does William Money say to him? He says, we all got it coming, kid. We all got it coming. That’s the point. If Harold Ford’s take and a bunch of moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans, if their take is, well, Trump had it coming. We all got it coming, folks. Everyone in that chat, you know who you are, everyone in this room, every person sitting at this desk, the only one, it’s me. Believe me, we all got it coming. But in a Constitutional Republic, if you can’t produce probable cause that I violated some established law and swear to it in a court of law, then you can’t arrest me. Even if I do have it coming. This is how I know we’re in such a dangerous spot. When I hear people like Harold talking like that, folks, I get nervous. I’ve had many a conversation with him and others. Guy seems like a perfectly reasonable guy. That’s how I know the Constitutional Republic is teetering on the edge. I wanted to get to this, too. It’s a fascinating take by Mark Levin, which, if he’s correct, and I have no reason that Mark’s a much smarter legal mind than I’ll ever be. Mark’s an actual attorney, brilliant guy, and obviously a mentor to me, and just a guy I really look up to a lot. He’s done a lot for me and a lot for a lot of people. Mark put this tweet out last night. I said to you yesterday that one of the reasons the Georgia case against Trump, the latest witch hunt.Reformatted text:

“The reason why a conviction would be so effective is if he’s convicted, there’s no way to pardon his way out of it. The Governor of Georgia does not control the pardon power. An independent board does. And you have to serve a third of your sentence before you’re even eligible for a pardon. So if Trump got sentenced to, say, ten years in jail, just using round numbers, the guy’d have to do two, three years before he could even get a pardon in an actual prison cell. Now, that’s assuming a lot, that the Secret Service would even allow it. It’s a lot of ridiculous leaps and logic we have to make. But Levin, again, very smart guy, has a different take.

I’m going to read this to you because if you haven’t seen this, this is super important. You understand this. Levin says, President Trump can in fact pardon himself from the Georgia charges if he’s elected president. One, the Constitution’s silent about whether a president can be indicted. That’s accurate. The Department of Justice has taken the position under both parties that you can’t indict a sitting president because it would cripple the executive branch and make his ability to defend himself effectively impossible. He goes on, just two more points. He says, given this position and the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution, Mark believes that the idea that a president can’t be indicted at the federal level because it would cripple the executive branch also applies locally. That’s an interesting take. That means there would be litigation involved, but if there’s a guy I trust legally, it’s Mark. He says one more point. Furthermore, if Trump is indicted and even convicted, the idea that the President cannot pardon himself from these Georgia state charges is absurd. Again, not only because of the Constitutional Supremacy Clause, but the same considerations that apply to a federal conviction would obviously apply to a state conviction. Now, Mark sent this to me this morning. I hope he’s right. Obviously, it would be litigated, and a lot of people who are smart on both sides would probably argue in either direction. But that’s a fascinating question. If the idea behind the DOJ’s interpretation of law is that the president can’t be indicted because every little tinpot dictator posing as a DA or a city state’s attorney would indict the president of the opposite party to try and keep him occupied in Know. That seems like where the Supremacy Clause would kick in. So fascinating take by Mark Levin, and I obviously always respect what he has to say. What do you guys think? What do you think in the chat? Any lawyers in the chat? If you’re a lawyer in the chat, chime in. Seriously, I’d love to hear from you. You think he’s onto something, or do you think that no state charges, he screwed? I’d love to hear what you have to say, especially, again, the lawyers in the chat, you guys are super smart and ladies in there.

Alright, I need to do a quick again, sorry, we’re doing a little bit of a compressed show. I’m going to go a little bit later today. I’m going to roll this right into the radio show. So no sweat. We won’t lose that much time together. So Biden mental health updates, SpaghettiO’s brains rotting oatmeal carcass. Joe Biden’s at it again. I showed you before how now he can’t find his way onto the stage or off the stage, either one. Can you imagine, by the way, five more years of this guy, folks, right, Joe? I don’t wish you will on anyone, as you well know. But folks, the problem is the difference between, let’s say, 86 and 87 is not the same as 21 to 22. It’s like dog ears. At that point, he is going to be in. I mean, I could even argue that in your 40s. Listen, I feel a lot worse at 48 than I did 42. My joints. It’s not the same here’s.

SpaghettiO’s brains yesterday claiming again for what is this again? What is this? The 30th time that he’s cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion. He keeps doing it despite the fact it is categorically false. Take a listen.
And unlike the last president of my first two years in office, even with all we’ve done, I’m the first one to cut the federal debt by $1,700,000,000,000. $1,700,000,000,000 cut. Gee says we’re being super generous that he said this 30 times. I agree. It’s probably closer and in private, probably closer to 1000. Geese. Tired of it, Joe’s? Tired. I’m tired. I was going to put up how the national debt’s gone up every year. Clearly the math thing isn’t working for dumb ass liberals, so I’m not even going to bother. I’m just going to ask a simple question. Exactly. Tell me if you like this approach better. If Biden cut the deficit, why have we been in a debt ceiling fight for the last year and a half under his presidency? Joe. Gee. Any ideas? Because he’s right. So just to be clear, we want to raise the debt ceiling to issue more debt despite the fact that Joe Biden cut the deficit. I’ve tried the math. I’ve tried showing people the numbers. Nothing works. Why is Joe Biden constantly need a debt ceiling hike if the deficit’s going down? Has it occurred to anyone?

Okay, he’s added 5 trillion to the national debt, which is going to be a record, by the way. So I’m tired of the nonsense. I’ve tried arguing logically, clearly, it’s not working. Bidenomics, that’s right. He said it right. This is his Bidenomics. You’re going to get Bidenomics good and hard.

Here’s another one. He told the story again about Angelo. Angelo, the Amtrak conductor who allegedly told him he was a million mile member. Here’s the problem on Amtrak. Angelo died in 2014. Another problem is Angelo retired from Amtrak in 1993 when he claims the secret service was going to pull a gun on Angelo. So by the time he was the vice president, angelo had been retired for more than a decade.

Here he goes again telling the story about Angelo, and he doesn’t want to name him because he doesn’t want to get him in trouble despite the fact he’s been dead for nine years. Take a listen.
And this guy, I won’t mention his name because I get him in trouble. But one of the senior guys in Amtrak who I rode with all the time, comes up and goes, joey, baby, grabs my cheek, swear to God, I thought, you’re going to shoot him. And I said, no. I said, what’s the said, we just I read this thing about over a million miles on Air Force planes. He said, Hell, you know how many miles you travel on Amtrak? I said, no, Angie, I don’t know.

Folks, the guy died in 2014. He’s dead, God rest his soul. He’s probably a real guy. He’s not around. You’re not going to hurt his feelings. And he retired from Amtrak in 1993. Nobody pulled a gun on him. Stop making this story up.

Here’s one more. I don’t want to waste too much time on SpaghettiO’s brains, but here again, Biden lying again because he’s a sociopathic liar. And why is this stuff relevant? Oh, why are we wasting time? We’re not wasting time. Ladies and gentlemen, the most damaging political narratives on planet Earth are ones with change your pre existing notion of who a candidate is I’m in the business of damaging left wing political narratives. That’s what I do. Why? Because lefties suck. They hate this country, they hate this place, and I’m here to fight them at every opportunity.

Joe Biden wants you to believe he’s a Scranton kid. He’s an honest broker man. He’s a fighter. No, he isn’t. He is a kid sniffing, bribe taking, sociopathic plagiarizing liar. That’s exactly who he is. Here he is lying again. Say, hey, man, I saw this bridge collapse in Pennsylvania. Oh, you did? Here, take a listen.
It’s dangerous, and this reconstruction is long overdue. A lot of you were with me when I was in Pittsburgh, by the way. The Pittsburgh is a city of bridges. More bridges in Pittsburgh than any other city in America. I watched that bridge collapse. I got there and saw it collapse with over 200ft off the ground going over a valley. It collapsed. I mean, there’s no tragedy, including his own. This guy won’t lie about you doubt me, by the way. Go back and look up the story. The tragedy when he was in this car accident and he lost family members. Follow the story afterwards, I don’t even want to talk about it here, because it’s that disgusting about what Biden did.

If youKnow the story, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Feel free to chat about that in the chat. He watched the bridge collapse. Here’s the Associated Press, which is to the left of Lenin. The collapse came hours before President Biden arrived in the city to promote his trillion dollar infrastructure. Guy’s a freaking liar, man. He just lies about everything all the time, nonstop. He just can’t stop.

All right, let me switch gears a little bit. Listen, I don’t do stories like this a lot, especially culture stories. It’s not my thing. Other hosts do it. It’s cool. I don’t have any beef with it. It’s just really not my interest. But this is, because I love this movie, and I love this story. And I got to tell you, I was always a little bit suspicious, and I’m mad at myself personally. I waited. I followed professionally. The Bongino rule on this story about Michael Lore.

You ever see the movie The Blindside? Michael Lore is a football player. I believe he was a left tackle. He was taken in by this family. The twoies they put him through school, wound up going getting drafted by the Ravens. I think they drafted him. He played with the Panthers, good football player. It was a real feel good story. Made 300 million at the box office.

And I’ve always been a little suspicious, but I applied the Bongino rule because the story came out yesterday or the day before excuse me. That Michael Orr is now alleging that the family that took him in of course, there’s always got to be a racial element because the family took him in was white. Michael Orr was black. The media thrives on creating fake race stories. So they said in this version of events here, michael Lore is now claiming, like, he was deceived and he thought he was adopted. But he wasn’t adopted. It was really a conservatorship.

And I’m mad at myself because personally, I violated the Bongino rule. Listen, Zeme a culpa. I didn’t do it. You I waited. I didn’t dare put this on the air until I got the story out, but I said to my wife, I’m like, man, I can’t believe it. It looks like they may have screwed this guy over. Now the story seems to be coming out a little different. Jason Whitlock at the Blaze Media has an amazing piece in the newsletter today suggesting I’m not so sure Michael Orr’s telling the truth.

So Orr apparently is claiming he’s owed some money by this family, that Graciously took him in, and they said they adopted him when they didn’t. But Jason Whitlock says if you go and watch the movie, it doesn’t state a reply that Orr was ever adopted. So he went back and read his book. Whitlock he published a memoir, michael or called I Beat the ODS, where he stated directly that the Tuis secured a conservatorship when he was a senior. Nothing about adoption. Also that the Tuis insisted he maintain a relationship with his biological mother and eleven siblings. Seems interesting that that part was left out because now the media, of course, because there’s a racial thing, is jumping all over these the Tuis. Oh, you took advantage of this guy.

The twoies, last time I checked, were worth about $200 million. Why they would need Michael Orr’s NFL salary is beyond me. Oh, and now this emerges at Fox News allegations but worth airing. Michael Lord demanded 15 million and threatened to plant a negative story. Tui Family attorney claims folks, I only bring this up. I don’t get into a lot of culture stuff because I’m telling you, you’re being played by a lot of these people in the media who even a story about a football player in a movie can never tell you the truth. Just give it the Bongino rule, especially with trump and race based stories because they had to inject race into it because he’s black and the family’s white. And you will pretty much see every single time that you’ve been getting jerked around.

All right, I got to run. I got to do radio. You’re probably like, aren’t you on a radio at twelve? Yeah. But it actually goes live at twelve five. How are you going to do that? The answer is really fast. Hey, again for the gee is going to kill me because he’s like, don’t. I’m deeply sorry. I’m sorry the stream didn’t work out today. We will do better in the future. That’s on me. Thank you for hanging out. You’re the most loyal audience. We have 52,000 people who hung around. You are the hardcore p ones. Love you to death. Really deeply sorry. See you back here tomorrow at 11:00. A.m Bonjito. Thanks for staying patient and we really appreciate it. See you back here tomorrow. Huge. Just heard the Dan Bongino Show.


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