Their Money – Their World : Part 1

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Video Transcript

Your markets report the time remaining to make decisions to save your wealth is very short. The prices of silver and gold are manipulated lower, meaning they would buy more dollars than they do now. Except for price fixing, silver and gold hold their value relative to an unbacked fee.

Currency under attack inflation, rising interest rates, collapsing bond yields, etc. Buying gold and silver now is not about price but how much you can afford. Silver will soon explode in dollar price and recapture its strength relative to gold due to price fixing.

With the current silver-to-gold ratio at nearly 80, we can expect that value to return to a more normal ratio of 16oz of silver to an ounce of gold or, for a time, even down to one-to-one. The housing market is in a slow-moving collapse. It is impossible to avoid rapidly falling prices coming sooner rather than later.

Make your plans with this in mind: if you plan to sell, you must sell now. The exact words can be said for the automobile markets, both new and used. The global economy is failing.

Global manufacturing growth slows, and sentiment darkens amid record supply delays, unprecedented price hikes, and stalling trade supply delays. Manufacturing delays and input prices are rising at record rates. A perfect storm for economic collapse.

And the number of coincidences statistically eliminates coincidence. Mainstream is forming the opinion in most people’s minds that interest rates may stay as they are or even fall. But that is not in this plan.

Inflation continues to rise, and the Federal Reserve will use this as an excuse to further limit small businesses’ and individuals’ access to capital by raising rates again. And for those who believe the stock market can continue defying the laws of nature, legendary investor Jeremy Grantham warns of a superbubble that predicts stocks will crash and blames the Fed. In a new interview, it is known that the people who control our world will tell you what could happen next.

Paying attention to the masters of monetary fraud can often give you a glimpse of upcoming events. For example, Jamie Dimon recently talked about a worsening recession. He said I’m much more worried about some of these other serious things getting worse.

The war in Ukraine, spreading out nuclear blackmail, food not getting delivered, starvation in Africa, and final thoughts convert dollars that will be held hostage in the banking system to silver, silver, and gold. Keep enough cash on hand for a month of typical requirements. Request your free guide today and get prepared.



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