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➡ David Nino Rodriguez talks about how the situation between Taiwan and China is escalating, which could impact the U.S. economy, especially in the chip manufacturing sector. If China takes over Taiwan, the cost of memory and CPUs could skyrocket. Meanwhile, Chuck Norris, now in his 80s, is still active and strong due to a simple health change, which he shares in a special video. Lastly, the U.S. needs to increase its own chip production to reduce dependency on Taiwan, given its vulnerable position near China.


What’s up, folks? Welcome to Nino’s As you can see, I’m traveling for Memorial weekend. And there’s a situation that we all know about happening with Taiwan and China, but it looks like it’s getting more grave. It looks like it’s getting worse. Could we be looking at a silent surrender from China? And what kind of implications does that have for America if China successfully takes over Taiwan, the chip manufacturing? What does that do to America’s economy? Definitely zeroing in. Targeting China is a direct hit to America. I have no mistake about it, folks.

It’s going to affect our economy. As Ghost told me earlier, prices for memory, CPU, we will all just skyrocket. So this is a very big and direct threat to America. Ghost, first of all, thank you for coming on. I know it was the last second thing, but I had to get you on. Thank you for joining me. I’m more than happy, more than happy. Folks, first, let’s do the morning kick. Let’s do the morning kick. You forgot? Yeah, it’s all right., folks., if you ever wonder what happened to the legendary Chuck Norris, because I did.

And then, like a week later, I’m doing commercials for Chuck Norris. Pretty cool. I recently saw a video he made, and I was shocked. He’s in his 80s and still kicking butt and working out and staying active. What’s even more shocking is he’s stronger, can work out longer, and even has plenty of energy left over for his grandkids. He did this just by making one change. He says he still feels like he’s in his 50s. His wife even started doing this one thing, too, and she’s never felt better. She said she feels 10 years younger.

Her body looks leaner, and she has energy all day long. Chuck made a special video that explains everything. Make sure to watch it by going to forward slash Nino. Click in the link below in this video. It will change the way you think about your health. Once again, that’s forward slash Nino. And click on the link in the discussion box below to watch the video now. You won’t believe how simple it is. Just a reminder, folks. The legendary Chuck Norris is a whopping 81 years old and yet has more energy than me. He discovered he could create dramatic changes to his health simply by focusing on three things.

Sabotage our body as we age. Watch his method by clicking on the link below, folks. Get that done. And be like Chuck Norris. All right. How serious is that? I’m sure his life’s happy for other reasons, too, if he’s in shape and 81. Very true. Very, very true. So, I mean, how, how, how really. Dyer is this. I just got an alert on my phone saying that Taiwan wants to start negotiations with China, which to me is like a silent surrender. I know that China has surrounded Taiwan and the running exercises all around it. I mean, it looks it looks to me like maybe the Taiwanese are just mentally exhausted and that was that was the whole objective of this of these exercises in the birthplace.

Well, they gave the name of these exercises like a very American name like Phantom Fury or things like that. But I think it really is a Spartan dragon, to be honest with you. But it’s it’s a lot of ships, a lot of subs, a lot of a lot of manpower that they’ve surrounded them. And they’ve got they’ve got danger boxes surrounding Taiwan and have had for days now. And I think timing it with a Memorial Day weekend, you go look at all these things from a side perspective as well as a tactical and strategic perspective. They’re a long term thinking country.

They have had probably had spy espionage and surgeons in Taiwan for many, many, many, many, many years. And they’ve had Taiwanese probably traders who sold out for the buck. We had we had, you know, it’s well known here on documentaries, this one Chinese spy that worked for a contractor that with 35 years. He had dug a under his his crawlspace. He had dug a sub basement and had thousands, hundreds of thousands of documents, sensitive documents during the space program. And it took the FBI years to catch him. Why? I don’t know. But I guess it’s that difficult sometimes.

But there’s surely a thing yet to catch Chinese espionage. I think there’s more mapping it than anything if they’re even active on it, I doubt it. So why wouldn’t why wouldn’t they go in and just, I don’t know, take over the companies, take the CEOs by gunpoint, and just move the companies to China or, or maybe kidnap some of the people, you know what I mean? Use their special ops to come in and just take over the companies. Why the whole, why all of Taiwan? Politically, that wouldn’t be a very smart move. It would put more of the world on guard.

Right now, you’ve got to understand there is an alliance that can put a serious burden on China. China has virtually no experience in modern warfare. They just don’t. And they’ve never really done, they haven’t done one 100th or even more than that of what the US and our European allies have in various regions of the Middle East, as you obviously know. We’ve perfected and we have systems that go way beyond their capabilities, though they’ve stolen virtually everything they work on from our scenarios. You have Japan, you have South Korea. In South Korea, you have things like the White Horse Division.

Vietnam, they never, never lost a battle. These are people who understand their mentality of warfare. You have Philippines, you have more of our presence, Marine Corps, and a number of others in the South Pacific than we’ve ever had. Probably since World War II, maybe surpassing that, obviously surpassing that in firepower by many people, and in Australia, and possibly New Zealand, if they wanted to help. So you have some of the Southeast Asian countries who, though you may not know it, would turn on a dime against them because they don’t want them doing annexing them. As we see Russia now removing buoys in between the border of Lithuania and them in the river, that one river that is part of the border.

Whereas the Lithuanian Prime Minister said, screw that, and they’re putting the buoys back in the center of the river. And, you know, again, this is all provocation because if they can do it, they will do it. Look what kind of administration we have. I’m not talking about the brandon. I’m talking about the people under him who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, who are just SES, you know, small-minded, very capable, cunning, but greedy people, bottom line. I don’t want to go into a long dissertation on that. But what, Taiwan used to be a location where if you were an American citizen and you were going there on business, your passport was rarely even stamped.

Because we had so much, the thinking was, if we put a lot of our high-grade chip manufacturing based in Taiwan, the Chinese would be less apt to screw with it if we have a strong defense and a strong leadership. Well, Biden’s acting like, well, hold on. Biden’s acting like, you know, please be restrained. He’s not doing anything. I mean, he’s not even giving them a real warning. He’s just saying, you know, from what I understand, it says Biden administration urges China to show restraint in Taiwan as former Navy captain Warren CCP preparing for war. So we’re preparing for war.

Biden is doing nothing. He’s getting his orders from above. I remember that. The supernational layer that wants the globalist agenda, etc. And again, very extensive, massive, let’s say, edifice to counter. So you’ve sent the USS Reagan into the waters there, but that’s nothing. I mean, I mean, it’s almost just like we’re only doing that. It’s just to kind of just as a show, right? It’s a task force. And a task force like that could probably take out half or two thirds of those Chinese vessels if one toe to toe. But I would imagine that’s not the reason it’s going there.

I’m imagining it’s the social kind of intimidation, but it’s probably not. It’s probably gonna be told to stand down. If I’m right, I would imagine. I feel like I’m gonna be right on this. They’re not gonna do it. No, they won’t. They probably won’t. So, you know, you’ve had some good, even in these times of economic, just say, malaise days. This reminds me of the late seventies when I was a kid, when the economy was just meh. And this is where we are again, and it’s by design. You do see a lot of this, the high grade chip manufacturing for the consumer market coming back to the U.S.

They’ve got to amp up production. This takes a little time. We can’t depend on someone like Taiwan. Their proximity to China makes them a liability to begin with. And this should have been known years ago to begin with. It should have been treated that way. But it wasn’t because that wasn’t part of that. You had, again, another agenda interfering with what would have been common sense manufacturing in foreign policy. So here we are. It says America’s new island fighters are preparing for conflict, a stone, a stone’s throw from Taiwan. In the Philippines, the U.S. and Philippine Marines arrived in waves on a little island nearly 100 miles from the southern tip of Taiwan.

So we’re sending troops there now. Platoon, such an automatic rivals and machine guns spraying from Blackhawks and took up positions around the airfield in a world of hot air and dust. Chinook helicopters lowered dozens more men. So what the hell’s going on here, Ghost? I mean, are we sending troops over that way? I mean, it seems to me like these elites are desiring this conflict, right? They’re desiring it, but they’re desiring it in one way. And there are, let’s say, interests and forces that are desiring it in another. And yes, we put up, we sent many, many a year ago, we sent a shit ton of Marines to Guam, which isn’t that far off.

That’s your, that’s your, your, your, let’s say main staging base. And then you’ve got the smaller ones around it. It was over 10,000 islands in the Pacific. And, you know, if you study the island warfare from World War II, you can see how the combination of naval and army forces moved right up and pinched off supply lines. But when you’re talking about Taiwan, you’re not talking about a very, very distance between the mainland of China and Taiwan. So it’s a much easier prospect for them militarily. But again, it comes down to experience and tactics and, you know, what has been planned.

And then remember all of the aspects of Sun Tzu that are basically common sense thought patterns when you’re looking at warfare, appear weak when you’re strong. So, Chinese are, I think now trying to flex a little muscle but nobody’s impressed because their ship designs all their ship systems, their personnel, all stolen from us, doesn’t mean they’re improved upon. Doesn’t mean that their crews are, they’re ready, but what level of fighting are they ready for? So, I highly, there may be, let’s get on the wild side there may be a skirmish or two and the Chinese take a bloody nose probably.

We take some losses, that’s for sure. But with the deployment of some new weapons that the Chinese don’t know about, and I’m not going to speak of, that it would be a very one-sided, even though it would be more difficult than going after, you know, let’s say Shaddan’s army. It’d be much more difficult, but it can be done because of the improved weaponry and tactics. So, it’s really an aspect at this point of measuring what are we really going to lose. Well, A, we’re going to lose a good ally if China forcefully takes them over. B, we’re going to have an economic, we’re going to have a real slump in certain types of chip manufacturing.

Now, there, a lot of the defense chips, some of them, originate in Taiwan. There’s been provisions made to make sure that we have those for what we need and what we build, which is far superior to what China has. And it’s not that China can’t put an S weapon on you, what they do have is numbers. You can never forget that numbers can overwhelm tech and tactics in the right conditions very rapidly. It’s what the thinking of the North Koreans is over South Korea. South Korea has all the high tech and us right there with them, totally side by side, but they’ve got thousands of artillery batteries, 56 seconds downrange from Seoul, Korea.

If they wanted to really cross that border again or put a hurting on South Korea. What do you think thousands of, of, of high caliber, 56 second range artillery shells could do to Seoul, Korea, innocent people demoralize the country, the armed forces would then have to go into high gear. And so I don’t do you see, you see a kind of silent surrender happening probably by this weekend Memorial weekend. It says here that US lawmakers arrive in Taiwan days after new president takes office. I think it’s very important that we show our strong support for Taiwan.

I think it’s a, it depends what they’re saying because if you all bipartisan group of US lawmakers arrived in Taiwan on Sunday is after the Beijing claimed islands new president took office with a warning to China to stop its threats. Then being there would be a deterrent because they wouldn’t want to be, they wouldn’t want to be caught holding the bag. You know, our lawmakers now. So in other words, that’s like a CIA guy gets caught in China. No, they don’t take pleasure in torturing him people. I know that from a personal experience from a friend of mine.

But the fact that we have lawmakers there right now is a deterrent. That would be that would be a deterrent to live fire. Yes. So maybe they’re negotiating right now a surrender. They could be negotiating a type of, let’s say, yes, soft hand open. And this is, and unfortunately it should have never gotten this to this point, because the Taiwanese military is quite capable in and of itself. And this is all due to a weak leadership in Biden. Well, the weak administration and not necessarily weak, but they’re deliberate intentions to let this kind of thing happen.

So what’s stopping America from taking the chip manufacturing companies and bringing them here? Let’s say, you know, when Trump gets in or Mr. Nothing, nothing is stopping it. It’s just the will of the American businessman who aren’t who are having difficulty getting money at, at, at good interest rates or companies that could Elon Musk simply could he could easily take his own money and build a number of plants that could do high production on these and we could the chip market could be flooded. There’s a number of people who could do something what’s standing in their way.

I don’t know. But that definitely needs to be done. These types of strategic materials that are being that we outsourced to other countries. Meanwhile, now let’s let’s let’s put a pause there. Meanwhile, you have the Mexico being used as a proxy by the Chinese. A hundred and twenty thousand. Now it’s the numbers are rising again because they’re they’re sending not only fentanyl, but sue fentanyl, which is even fentanyl. Three hundred times more potent than is that the fentanyl that NARCAM doesn’t work on. Yeah, because you know what I’m saying? I’ve heard there’s more potent. Yeah, I’ve heard there’s fentanyl coming over now that that the NARCAM doesn’t even work or work on.

Yeah, it’s called fentanyl. And they may have made an even more potent concentrated derivative of it to where it barely a speck on your finger would be enough to push you down if you are not opioid telling. So what China is doing is for youth with fentanyl basically coming through the border. They’re controlling the whole surge on the southern border at the same time. They’re getting ready. They’re taking over Taiwan. That’s basically what’s happening right now. That’s scary. And that’s scary. You have Pemex, which is the state national oil company of Mexico. There is a Chinese consulting firm down there that is staffed by former and present high ranking Chinese officers, military officers that Pemex won’t make a move on a huge strategic reserve of a tank farm in the south of Mexico.

Won’t make a move on it without consulting them first. In other words, getting their orders from them first, because the cartels have been so supported by the Chinese. As far as I’m concerned, you know, when things… I don’t want to get into that on FluffTube. Let’s go over to Nino’s Hold on. Let’s go to Nino’s Corner. Are you cool with that? Going back to the back channel I’m talking about is I have a second segment here for Biden’s true mission and relations with cartels. So I really want to get into that in depth. I agree with this.

Let’s watch the situation closely and bear in mind all of these factors and more. Are you open to talking about this more on the back channel with the true relations with Mexico and China? And I really dive deep into this because it’s scary. And I know people need to hear it. Yeah, Ghost, I appreciate you. I think we did great for FluffTube. I still probably have to send this off to a little bit of editing because you know how FluffTube is. So hey, hey, hey. All right, folks, I’ll see you at Nino’s We’re going to go over there a lot.

We just… I think that Taiwanese silent surrender is probably going to happen. I’m going to guess this weekend. I don’t see why the American legislatures are there. It doesn’t make any sense to me, does it? You Ghost, I mean, it seems like they’re working a deal. Yeah, and it’s probably a Rhino-Democrat deal. Yeah. All right, Ghost, thank you. You got it, bro. [tr:trw].

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