The Economic System Is Breaking Down And And The People Will Know Who Is Responsible

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➡ The corrupt tactics of the deep state and the global financial system, including destructive climate change narratives and attempts to implement the Green New Deal and the Great Reset, are increasingly being exposed. Nations are returning to gold-backed currency systems to build confidence while the use of digital currencies that aren’t created arbitrarily, unlike fiat currency, is rising. The failures of the present system are becoming more apparent, worsening conditions in cities and compromising living standards, pushing for a system where currency control belongs to the people, not corporations. The text envisions a future collapse of the current economic system led by central banks, catalyzing a more decentralized and fair financial framework.

➡ The text discusses the imminent failure of the current economic system, attributing its downfall to rising inflation and interest rates. It suggests that these issues, which are causing struggles such as the collapse of the real estate market, will lead to a public outcry and a consequent shift towards a gold-backed economic system, eliminating the need for borrowing with interest and excessive taxation. This shift, backed by Trump and others, is predicted to provoke unprecedented economic growth and end central banking dominance.


Now, the deep state, the corrupt politicians, the private west of Central Bank, the World Economic Forum, every move they make is completely falling apart. They’re pushing the Green new deal. They lit fires around the world. They’re pretending that it’s all caused by climate change. And now we’re finding out that, no, these fires were started by arsonists. The electric lines, they were electrified. And they pretty much set this up because why? They want to bring us into the Green New deal.

They’re pushing climate emergency so they can get the funding, and they want to build those 15 minutes cities in these areas. So everything that they’re trying to do right now is completely falling apart. Plus they’re bringing down the entire economic system. It’s a controlled demolition because they want to bring us into the great reset. And the problem they’re going to have is that nations now, they’re going back to their national currencies, and they’re going to back their national currencies with gold.

And in the end, the countries that are going to be doing this, they’re going to need to build confidence. They’re going to have to show the people that the currency is strong and you have nothing to worry about. You can’t do that in a full fiat system. It won’t work. So I do believe in the end, we’re going to see many, many nations around this world go back to gold to build confidence, to show the people that, yes, our currency is worth something.

Now, does this mean they’ll be using gold to trade? No, I do believe it will go electronic. And I do believe that gold does play a part in all of this to build confidence, just like it does today. If you really think about it, we’re full fiat. But what do countries do? Well, the central banks in those countries, they hold gold just in case. Just in case. The fiat currency completely implodes on itself. So we’ll probably see the same exact thing.

But the only difference is that with the fiat currency, the central bank creates that currency. It’s a centralized system, and there’s no checks and balances. They can just continually print and print and print, and the government can continually borrow and borrow and borrow. The difference with an electronic currency like cryptocurrency, you just can’t create the currency out of thin air. You can use the currency to electronically trade, but you cannot just create currency out of thin air and continually create it whenever you need it. Just like today with Congress.

What do they do? Oh, we need another trillion dollars. Okay, we’ll just borrow it from the Fed and we’ll get that money. And it’s not that big of a deal. The American people will just pay for that.

So I do believe in the end, what’s going to happen. We can see what already happening with the BRIC nations. They’re already starting to use their own currency. We see that India they have now allowed their rupee to be used to purchase oil. We’re going to see Russia, China, Brazil, and many other countries. They’re all going to start to get involved in this. And I do believe the world now is moving away from the private west of central Bank Fiat system. And they’re moving into a completely different system. And you don’t want to shock this system by just saying, okay, everyone, we’re just going to move everything all at once.

So a little bit at a time, destroy the Fiat system. Let the central bankers do what they need to do, where they’re destroying their own system because they want to bring us into the great reset. And there will be a point in time where the central bankers will be very, very weak because they will no longer have control over the system when the system comes down. And countries will be able to make that move away from the Fiat currency. And I do believe that time is coming.

But what we see happening right now, we see their entire agenda with the Green New Deal, with the great reset, it’s completely falling apart right now. If you look at Maui, their entire wildfire story about climate change, that’s the thing that caused it. Just like out in Greece, just like out in Canada. Well, that story is falling apart because now we have the officials in Maui, they’re now suing the power company, saying that the lines were electrified and that is what caused the fires.

And what’s very interesting about all of this is that the Hawaiian Electric Company, they’re saying their power lines were shut off hours before the wildfires. So right now they’re going back and forth. But you can see when the wind was blowing and you saw the lines come down, you saw sparks. There was a video of this, which means the electrical lines, they were not shut down. So they’re going to have to really try to show that their lines were shut down and they weren’t electrified because there are videos out there showing the actual opposite of all of this.

But once again, we can see everything the Deep state’s going to do, everything the Central bank’s going to do, everything the World Economic Forum is going to do. It is going to backfire because the people are awake. All the people need to do is watch Germany. All they need to do is watch New York, watch the California, watch the blue states where they’re implementing these policies. And you can see very, very clearly what life is going to be like.

And remember, what they’re doing is they’re destroying everything that we have today to bring us into a world that is going to be a lot worse. I mean, if you look at La right now and you look at the city, people are living on tents. It looks like a third world nation. You can’t even recognize it. Yes, on TV, they make it look incredible. But in real life it is completely falling apart. And if you look at the major cities, a lot of the blue cities around the country, they are completely and utterly falling apart. And people are starting to realize that something, these policies aren’t working and this is something that we do not want to do.

But we can see the deep state players. What are they doing? They’re trying to bring us into the Green New deal. They’re trying to get rid of fossil fuels. They’re trying everything they possibly can. And they’re going to be raising taxes. They’re going to be pushing higher fuel costs, even though they continually tell us that, hey, this is just happening naturally. But we know that they’ve been shutting things down. We were energy independent in this country and fuel prices were very, very low. I do believe that’s why Trump and the Patriots did this from the very, very beginning.

He wanted to show people, look, look what we can do inside the central bank illusionary economy. Now we had it great, look what they’re going to do. Everything that we did, they’re going to undo. So basically we can’t just fix everything and then have another administration come in because it won’t work. What we need to do is we need to expose the entire central bank system. We need to expose the World Economic Forum. We need to expose all of it, have the people wake up, have the people understand, and we need to get rid of it in the end because we can see just from this example, it will not work.

If we have the central bank, if we continue on this path with the government continually borrowing funds from the central bank, this will never end. Trump can come back in. He can fix the economy. But if we still have the central bank, the next administration that’s going to come in, the same thing is going to happen. We need to go to the source of the problem. And that problem is the central bank system. We don’t need a corporation loaning the people of this country currency. The same goes with everyYou can’t purchase this item. You said something wrong. We’re going to shut your electric until you get back in line. That’s what this is all about. And I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they needed the people to see this. They needed the people to understand exactly what they’ve been trying to do.

And the entire economic system is completely imploding right now. The Fed is going to continually raise rates until that tipping point, which they’re telling us it’s in 2024, not really a surprise. And that’s when the system is really going to come down. And throughout this entire process, what are people seeing? They’re seeing the entire system fall apart now. They’re looking back in time and they’re saying, wait a minute, Trump was in office. He had inflation at the lowest that we’ve ever seen. We were energy independent and people had jobs. But back then they were trying to raise the rates. Why were they raising the rates then and they’re raising the rates now? Does it make any sense? No, it doesn’t.

And as the economy continually falls apart, the people are going to realize what is happening. I mean, if you look at the real estate market, the real estate market is a very good sign of what is happening because right now, Zillow, like we said yesterday, they are now pushing 1% loans. Unusual whales put this out on X. If home prices decrease by 5%, more than 200,000 households could be at risk of falling into negative equity, essentially going underwater on their home loans. And we could see, we’re heading back to that same point in time of where we were back in 2008, 2009, when the entire real estate industry just completely imploded on itself. And people were just leaving their homes, they were just leaving their furniture, just leaving everything there. And they said, okay, I’m out. I can’t live here anymore. I can’t afford the mortgage. I’m gone.

A lot of people had variable rate mortgages. And today those people that want to get out of their house, they can’t, they can’t even move into another house because if they purchased the house at 2-3-4 why would they move into a place that’s seven, eight, 9%? They wouldn’t do it. So the entire industry is completely crumbling and falling apart. And in the end, when the crisis hits, which is going to be next year, this is when people are really going to wake up because people are going to lose jobs, which is a terrible, terrible thing. People are going to be very, very angry, pissed off. And they’re all going to focus their anger on the Biden administration, on the treasury, and on the central bank system.

And Trump, he’s going to have the people, he’s going to have the people understanding who’s accountable for this, who caused all of this, and he’s going to use this to bring us into a system that is going to be something that we’ve never, ever seen before. Because once you take the system and you go back to a confidence booster like Gold, everything changes. Once you get rid of the central bank and you’re no longer borrowing the currency with interest attached all these taxes and the income taxes and everything else completely disappears.

The people that are struggling, that disappears. Congress falls in line because now you have checks and balances. They just can’t say, hey, by the way, I want all this money. Well it doesn’t exist. You just can’t borrow it. There’s no credit card anymore. So we’re going to have to look at what we want to spend on and we’re going to have to mark it down detail and say, this is exactly where this money is going because it’s not an open end credit card just like your household. You work with the funds that you have, you know how much your fuel is, you know how much your electric is, you know how much your rent or mortgage is, you know how much your expenses are, and you know that hey, can’t borrow any more money.

Like if I get into trouble, I can say, give me another $100,000, not a big deal, I don’t have to pay for it. We’re going to have someone else pay for it. It doesn’t work that way. And the same thing is going to happen with government. Everything is going to fall in line. And this is why Trump, the Patriots are saying, we can take this country and turn it around very, very quickly. We can have an economy like we’ve never ever seen before. We can do this very, very quickly.

And the people are going to see something that they’ve never seen before. And once this happens, the central banks, they’re going to be in trouble because this is something they never ever wanted the people to see. Because once you see it, once you experience it, you’re never ever going to want to go back to the central bank system and they know it. And once the people understand, they are done because the people then are going to tell the next generation and the generation after that.

Actually, if you go back to 1913, they changed the history books. They actually took out a lot of the information that had to do with the central bank system because when the central bank came into existence, they took that out so people wouldn’t understand what it was. Actually, if you listen to the founding fathers, they called them money changers. They knew exactly who these people were. Why do you think Andrew Jackson fought against the second central bank system? Because he knew who they were and he knew that he had to get rid of it.

This time around, they’ve grown so large, so big, that Trump, he had to take a different approach. He just couldn’t say, hey, by the way, I’m going to get rid of the private Western Central Bank. Most of the people don’t even know what that is. So we have to go through this process where people understand and they learn about it and learn about inflation and how your currency doesn’t go that far and it loses value over time. And they need to see how the Federal Reserve cannot fix this problem because it’s built into their system. It’s designed that way. And the people are starting to see this.

And this is why we saw videos of people out there saying, listen, I can’t make ends meet. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I work, I can’t get ahead. And that means the people of this country, the people of the world, they’re starting to realize this. And once the people realize this, they’ll be able to make that decision of which way we go. And I think everyone is starting to realize that. The people are going to say, you know something? We’re not going with the system that we’re in today because.

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