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➡ On October 3, 2023, Gregory Manorino alerts about the dangerous alliance between world central banks and political leaders, a major threat to freedoms and liberties. He underlines the imminent global debt market sell-off, worsening due to rising yields, according to institutions like JP Morgan. Manorino also condemns the deliberate collapsing of small businesses across the US, incriminating the Fed’s rate hikes and the ‘Uniparty’. The text mentions a growing risk in market investments and emphasizes the importance of commodities exposure.


It’s. Okay, everybody, here we go. It’s me, Gregory Manorino. It is Tuesday, October 3, 2023. This is my pre market report. Before we even get started, I want to say something, and I really hope you pay attention to what I’m about to tell you here. The alliance that exists today between world central banks and our so called leaders or representatives, this poses the greatest threat to all of our liberties and freedoms, more so than you can possibly imagine.

And this thing that has developed again, this alliance between central banks and our so called leaders, this has become a cancer to the people of the world, and we haven’t seen anything yet. I’m here to tell you that. All right, people, look. With that aside, let us talk. We are witnessing again, a phenomenon that all of you who follow this blog have been pretty much, I think, glued to.

At least I hope so for a while, that is this global debt market sell off, which is getting worse and worse. As a matter of fact, it’s not just me saying this anymore. You got major institutions, for example, GP. Morgan. Look, they have to tell you the truth a little bit once in a while. So when this whole thing turns around, and it’s turning around right now, they can say, hey, you know what? We told you so.

So you lost all your cash in the market, or whatever it might be. Well, it’s on you. It’s not on us, because we already warned you. So JP. Morgan, listen to this. Something will break, with yields grinding higher the way that they are. This is Morgan. This isn’t Greg Manorino. You and I, light years ahead of the curve. We know this already. But again, like I said, if you look back on history at the way that these institutions flesh out these little pieces of truths, once in a while, they have to do it.

They do it so they can cover themselves. They can say, we told you, we warned you. If you didn’t take action, well, then it’s on you. And that plays right into what we heard yesterday from Morgan about a financial accident. A financial accident may occur. Doesn’t seem like an accident to me. This is all deliberate. Everything we’re seeing here is because of the alliance between, again, central banks and our so called leaders in the United States.

Here. It’s the uniparty. Okay? They want you to believe again. And you may think, know, one party or the other cares about you and has your best interest in mind. If that’s true, maybe you need to see a psychiatrist, because this is just not true. You have been twisted into a reality that does not exist. We do not have any representation anymore anywhere around the world. This is it.

This is what we have been warned about by so many people throughout the years. Here, former presidents have warned us about the danger of allowing central banks to take over the system, some of which have been assassinated. And it’s quite an incredible thing to be living today in these times, witnessing what we are seeing, because it’s all here. And all this stuff that you and I have covered here for years, all of it is just happening right before our eyes.

It’s unbelievable. It really, really is. So again, understand what you’re seeing here. It’s an attack from within. It’s an enemy from within, which has the full support of 90% of the world leaders. That’s it. There’s no saving grace here, you understand? All this is going to do. Everything that we’ve spoken about is going to manifest itself moving forward in a much uglier way anyway. So let me just read this to you real quick.

We’ve been told by people, like, for example, recently, Janet Yellen. Janet Yellen stain it thing putrid vomitous mess. Not some pretty old lady here. This thing has an agenda. Thing has an agenda. She said she doesn’t see anything that would make her concerned about the economy. We’re doing fantastic. Here’s a piece of economic news that you might but maybe she wants to read. Maybe she can see this.

Obviously, she won’t tell you she can’t. She’s a tool. You understand that? Again, to twist your mind into believing something that is absolutely false. So since the Scamdemic and we knew this, we talked about this during the time, what that was was a mechanism to crush small businesses. And now they’re putting the final nails in the coffin. So this is a piece I wrote yesterday. It’s in your inbox.

If you subscribe to my free newsletter, and I hope you do, you can do all kinds of things like this in your inbox. It’s 100% free, and I do not share your information. So again attack from within small businesses bankruptcies Skyrocket by me lions and friends we are seeing exactly what we have outlined would happen multiple times right here in this blog. U s small business bankruptcies are skyrocketing.

But it gets worse. U s small business is dying. What’s going on here? The fulfillment of the corporate agenda. The destruction of an entire class of people, not just here in the United States. The middle class is becoming extinct. We are probably still in the early stages of this neo feudal system that I’ve been talking about for ten years with all of you. Extreme haves, extreme have nots.

The escalation of small business bankruptcies and closures really got started during the Scamdemic, the so called government shutdown of the economy. Since that time, this phenomenon has accelerated at an alarming pace. It hasn’t gotten any better. It’s gotten much worse and will continue to do so today. The Federal Reserve, in concert with the Uniparty, is 100% responsible for increasing pressure on US. Small businesses as it has effectively cut off credit via raising rates.

As we have covered repeatedly. The Federal Reserve raising rates, people this is a joke. And the joke is on us. Federal Reserve has been raising rates, swearing that at one point we were going to see inflation start to slow. Well, this has not been the case because by their own numbers, inflation continues to rise. This fairy tale of how raising rates was eventually going to slow down inflation here has been nothing but a farce on an incredible scale.

The real reason, people, why the Federal Reserve in concert with the Uniparty. Has been raising rates is to crush the economy, put increasing pressure on the consumer, and of course, to cut off credit to small businesses. And I end this little piece here with the US is under attack from within. And it’s the world that is under attack from within. Once you understand this, what you’re seeing, unfold is going to become much more clear to you.

And I hope that’s the case here. So let’s go back to this market again. We have in this market rising at a pace that is frankly shocking. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to JPMorgan. Something will break with yields grinding higher. Ten year yield today, in case you are wondering. Just hit a 15 year high. The MMRI is over 316. Risk is extreme. Okay, as I said recently, you need to take action if you’re in this market.

You need to consider the fact that risk is rising at, again, a staggering pace. And you need to think about what that means for you, for your long positions here in the market. I already told you what I’m doing. I have taken a protection against this market falling, protecting my long positions. I own a lot of JEPI. I want to buy it cheaper. That’s quite true. But again, we need to get ourselves in the right spots.

With regard to getting ourselves in the right spots, people, we couldn’t be better off. I think, in my opinion here, exposure to commodities is paramount. Now, understand something else. I’m going to cover a phenomenon that you see over and over again. It’s going to play out right now, and it maybe is already here. When a market, in this case, let’s say, is starting to melt down because of instability in the debt market, which is pretty much off the scale right now, what ends up happening is everything falls.

Everything drops. Commodities drop. The market throws the baby out with the bathwater. You heard me say this a million times. And then you get the flow of cash out of the debt market, leaving the debt market, moving back into commodities. I think that’s going to be the big thing moving forward. As well as cryptocurrencies artwork, classic cars, musical instruments, vintage musical stuff like that, cash just looks for places to go.

And you know this if you’ve been with me for any length of time, but I’ve been explaining this to you. This is how it works. Cash moves through the markets and through assets in predictable patterns. The system right now has hit, in my view, this maximum saturation moment, the start of which is again, and the clearest signal that we can have is this rising global inflationary environment. Again, for the maximum saturation moment to actually start, inflation must be widespread.

It can’t be just in one nation or another. We are seeing a global phenomenon again. How is this global again? Central banks run the world. They’ve created this inflationary environment. It takes years for a plan like this by the Federal Reserve and central banks around the world to make its way through the economy. Okay, let me explain this to you. As the economy has been slowing and slowing and slowing, all of these extra bills that have been created, all of this debt that has been created by central banks collectively around the world, it takes a certain amount of time for all these extra bills to make its way through the economy, to start to create inflation.

Why do you think I know this is going to anger some of you, but it’s true. Why do you think the last three presidents had been responsible for inflating the debt, more so than every single other president going back to George Washington combined? They’ve all been a part of this to empower the Federal Reserve, the central banks around the world, to save themselves. Okay? I’m telling you, this is how it has played out.

You may have a different opinion, but you’re wrong. Why do you think this phenomenon has occurred just by chance, just by some freak accident? No. They are playing the game. They can’t tell you this is the game. Have you heard anyone speak about this? Anyone running for president? No. Absolutely. They can’t allow you to know the truth, but they know the truth. Anyway, going back to what I was saying here.

So the lag effect of all these extra bills making its way through the economy takes a few years, especially with this kind of an environment where the economy continues to crater. You want more proof? Small businesses dying. The consumer is dying. The consumer is being strangled to death by not just inflationary pressures, but they’re becoming slaves to the system. You know, this dependency on the system, all the stuff that we have spoken about is happening now.

Why is this happening? For a rollout of a new system and they need a massive outcry. Please save us. These same entities who are destroying the current system, that includes the Uni party here in the United States, and leaders around the world who are in bed with the central banks, they are the government. Okay? This entire thing is being dismantled piece by piece to bring about an end problem reaction solution.

So again, these same entities who are destroying the system are going to offer you a solution. And that solution is going to be control to the highest possible order. We cannot stop what is coming, okay? What is coming is a one world system, a one world government, which we have right now. Central banks and this alliance with our world leaders, this is the one world government we’ve been warned about.

It’s here. Now. Welcome to the party. Okay, their next stage is going to be a cross border currency, a one world currency, completely digital, run by central banks with enormous control. And it’s going to be astonishing to see how many people are going to line up for the slaughter as they are right now. They’re all marching right towards the slaughter. It’s the truth, people, and I hope you are taking action.

I hope you are understanding what’s going on. Clear your mind, and you’re going to be able to see all of this. If not, you’re just done. You’re part of the legions of sheep that are being led to the slaughter, and I know that’s not you. If you follow this blog going back to this market as risk is rising at an alarming pace. MMRI, over 316 stock futures, at least as I am doing.

This stock trading doesn’t start for an hour and a half from the time it’s 08:00 a. m. Here. Eastern Daylight time. You got futures lower. You got cryptocurrencies lower. You got gold and silver lower. You got crude oil lower. It appears as a pan sell off, at least right now. And this can change, but without direct intervention by central banks to prevent or stop this bleeding that’s going on here in the debt market, and they’re looking for scapegoats.

Let me explain this to you, too. Turn on Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNBC. Oh, it’s the hedge fund’s fault. Oh, it’s so and so’s fault. Or it’s this again, and you’re going to hear this too, from our world leaders. Deflecting blame away from the central banks. You will not hear not one of our loving, caring representatives around the world point their fingers at central banks. It won’t happen. So just be ready for that, too.

The kicking the can down the road here, whatever they got to do. And let me tell you something else. You’re going to see more reasons to pull cash into the now. For example, oh, funding for the war. Without funding, the Ukraine is going to lose. We have to throw tens of billions of dollars more at it or whatever it is. Name a phenomenon. Things. They’re going to make things up out of thin air and sell it to you.

Why we have to pull more cash into the now, why we have to borrow more, why? We have to allow central banks to inflate to an even greater degree. And all this is is a scheme, a scheme to empower central banks. You might even hear things out of our leader’s mouth like we need a weaker dollar, weaker than it already is, or negative rates. We heard that from the last president.

Okay, you’re going to hear things that should raise alarm bells in your head. Hold on a second. Negative rates. Why a weaker dollar? Why? What does that do? What does a weaker dollar do? Well, it sucks the purchasing power out. Makes your life harder. Sure. It’ll push up the stock market. And you remember all that rah rah rah stuff? Oh, absolutely. You really do still believe that there’s a red and a blue team? I can’t possibly believe that’s true to anybody right now.

But I guess there are some that are going to hold on to that last bit of hope, and there ain’t none. I’m telling you right now. Just be prepared for a worst case scenario, as always, because this is unfolding in a worst case scenario for everyone, because that’s the way it’s being driven. This is a plan that has been put into effect over a century ago by central banks.

And now they have it all lined up. Everything. It has become our greatest fear. The enemy from within. All right, people, look, I’m out of here. Please, if you got anything out of this video, I want to hear from you. Give it a thumbs up. Please share this video. I appreciate that, and I appreciate all of you people. We need each other again more than we ever have, all right? We got each other’s backs always.

We always will. And that, to me, is our greatest strength. All right? Love you a lot. I will see you later. Four five p. M. Eastern Daylight Time for my live stream. Please, please have questions ready for me. And we got this. See you. Bye. .


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