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Is Grounding or Earthing The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?



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Grounding is a healing technique that involves performing activities to “ground” you or electrically reconnect you with the ground. 


This practice draws upon the science and physics of grounding to show how the earth’s electrical charges can have positive effects on your health.


The video above is a documentary of a man in Alaska who discovered the power of grounding (or earthing) and sharing his experiences in his town. 


Also, here’s a short film about the power of earthing… 


DOWN TO EARTH | The Earthing Movie 15 min Short Film


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This is a simple and effective way to improve your health that most people just aren’t thinking about. 


Even if it’s raining or snowing where you are, consider doing some earthing today and notice how you feel! 


You can see more information about earthing at: 



Thank You For Practicing This, Feeling It For Yourself And Sharing This Post To Help Others Discover This Natural Health Solution! 



This is another reason having your own garden is so important. 

It makes it easier for you to get in the dirt and get grounded! 

Plus, doing creative things with your hands has a very beneficial effect on your overall mental and physical well-being.


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  • I do believe what I have read here as out of the blue, and I don’t even know how or why, I have done it to myself and. have managed good results.

    As for walking shoeless, l so miss the sand on the beach. That always made me happy. I do want to walk all over the grass but have to make sure that it is safe as I found pieces of glass …

    Happy to find this so I can share it. Some people think that there must be something wrong with me.

  • Guys,

    Earthing is a good idea only if the earth you are grounded to is not electrified. There used to be a time in America when electric companies were not allowed to dump their excess electricity into the ground. That is no longer the case. These days, excess electricity is dumped into the ground on a routine basis. Same goes for water. Some bodies of water have been known to electrocute people.

    PS pssst: there is a business opportunity here, but don’t tell anyone

  • thank you for bringing this “earthing” for us to see and learn about. I was blown away Great information. I am sharing it with some of my family…hope they enjoy it as I did. Thanks again.

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