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➡ The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels talks about how Singer Sean Kingston, whose real name is Kisean Anderson, has been charged with multiple crimes in South Florida, including fraud and theft. He was arrested at his home and is accused of stealing money, jewelry, a car, and furniture. Despite violating his probation, Kingston’s lawyer argues he should be eligible for release as a Florida judge has already set his bond. The judge set the bond at $100,000 and Kingston is expected to be released soon after a hearing to ensure the bond funds are not from illegal activity.


First things first, Sean Kingston. Beautiful girl. Suicidal, suicidal. Sean Kingston Bell. Set at $100,000 and he got them county grays on, them county blues on. Check it out y’all. I have Sean Kingston booked and charged in South Florida. The singer makes his first court appearance today following the raid 10 days ago at his home in Southwest Ranges. CBS2’s My Miss Joan Murray is live outside of the jail in Fort Lauderdale and Joan Kingston is still in there. Yeah that’s exactly right Jim. Now just until a few days ago as we all know he is being held in California but now he is up there in the Broward jail in a cell and just a few hours ago he went before a judge to find out exactly how he could be released from that jail cell.

Singer and rapper Sean Kingston put his recent California arrest front and center in his new music video along with his mother taken into custody at their rented Southwest Ranges home. The two accused of stealing money jewelry a car and furniture. Hold on let’s not skip past exactly what what all of that stuff they’re accused of stealing money jewelry. They said that he accused of stealing over $86,000 in furniture wrote a $44,000 how you write a $44,000 bad check? I didn’t even know that people were still writing checks. Every single transaction that I do that’s not electronic I go and get a cashier’s check.

So you just go to the bank you basically withdraw or you transfer the money over from your brokerage or that’s what we do over at the bag chasers because we always want our money working for us but we transfer the money over from our brokerage account over to the regular checking account we go into the bank we get a cashier’s check but whatever the amount is and we pay for what we pay for y’all still writing bad checks it’s 2024 y’all still writing bad checks on a hundred and sixty thousand dollars on the Cadillac Escalade finesse jewelry finesse all of that stuff that you’re looking at you actually can forego you don’t even need this stuff but let’s continue.

Mr. Anderson, good afternoon sir. I have your attorneys, Mr. Rosenblatt and Ms. Brezhnek, on Zoom today. Kingston, whose real name is Kashawn Anderson, was extradited back to Broward County over the weekend at his volunteering. Anderson listened intently as a judge outlined the 10 criminal charges, including an organized scheme to defraud, grand theft, fraud, criminal use of personal identification, and violation of probation for trafficking stolen property.

Mr. Anderson’s probation is out of the state of California, and that is why I’m asking that your honor, but that is a no-bail goal because what I don’t know that the court has the authority. You should be able to get off on a hundred bucks because I think either you got to pay ten percent or maybe if you paid a hundred thousand. Listen man, if you out here frauding, finessing, selling drugs, anything that could get you arrested, keep you at least a quarter million dollars. Let me say that again for all of the people that’s out here finessing. This is one of the things that I’ve always always heard some of the biggest criminals say: keep you a quarter m unless you’re doing big big big stuff, then you keep you at least a couple million. Keep you a quarter of an m available so you can get out of jail and that you can get a good lawyer. That’s always been the sentiment. So he should be able to get out on a hundred thousand bail, especially if it’s only ten percent. But maybe since he violated his probation it’s four hundred thousand, he should be able to come up with that. You know what I’m saying?

Anderson’s lawyer said since a Florida judge already set bond on the violation of probation, he should be eligible for release. And if California wanted to hold him, I’m sure they wouldn’t have extradited him to Florida. Though it’s been years since Kingston had a hit, she couldn’t wait to say since it’s been years since Kingston had a hit. What was that? Who knew him when he came to watch what happened, including Laura, who said he had a concert at Florida State that was packed. When I was growing up, I followed his music and popular shows that I would always watch. He would make guest appearances on and sing, and I’ve just always been a fan of his music.

Fans aside, the judge set bond at one hundred thousand dollars, and like his mother, Anderson is expected to be released from jail soon. Now we did check with the court; he has to have a hearing to determine whether the bond funds are coming from any illegal activity. But that is supposed to all be straightened out shortly, and we do expect that he will be released on bond in the cut. Listen, ultimately live within your means. Stop over-stunting in order to try to impress people that don’t care nothing about you, and chill out and go and get your bag and stack up. But you know, a lot of these rappers and entertainers and athletes and people that’s in the spotlight or people that make a lot of money, they haven’t learned how to manage money effectively. Stack, stack, invest. Stack, invest, stack, invest. And you don’t start stunting or you don’t start spending money until your assets literally start to pay for your lifestyle.

So I don’t know why these people feel the need to stunt for people because that’s not even a thing anymore. It’s like nobody even cares. It’s a recession out here, and I will tell you, even if you say, “Yo man, it’s tough out here,” I don’t think that people are gonna criticize you for that. If somebody comes out, regardless of how much money you have at this point, if somebody comes out and says, “Hey man, it’s tough out here. We’re going through some things. Money ain’t as plentiful as it used to be,” or something like that, I don’t care how significantly rich you are or how great you are, nobody is going to trip off of that. As long as you work, as long as you grind, and as long as you’re not doing nothing illegal, I don’t see that as a big deal. So it ain’t nothing to go throwing up and down. But you continuing to project that you’re more successful than you are is stupid to me. That’s the dumbest thing that I’ve ever seen.

A Spirit Airlines passenger whose luggage was stolen took matters into her own hands and tracked it down to a house in Fort Lauderdale. Now, an airport employee is under arrest and charged with grand theft. Is this all part of a larger theft ring though? Local 10 investigator Jeff Weinstein is on the case.

“I need my computer because I go to university, so I need my computer no matter what.” Paola Garcia stood at carousel four inside Terminal Hollywood International, watching fellow passengers receive their luggage. “I’ve been waiting there for at least two hours,” Garcia tells us. She always carries on board her pink hard-shell suitcase; it fits in the overhead, but she says for some reason, this time Spirit employees forced her to check it. The suitcase never hit this conveyor belt. That’s because as she was waiting, according to an arrest affidavit and pictures, 29-year-old Junior Bazil apparently had her pink hard-shell suitcase in the back of an airport retail store.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So y’all still stealing luggage in this digital economy with AirTags and everything like that? Y’all putting it in plastic bags and selling people luggage? Y’all so disrespectful. And then y’all gonna say that the man is against y’all or y’all can’t find no job or you paid your dues to society. Man, don’t you know that there was a time where they literally cut thieves’ hands off? And now people feel so compelled to be able to steal and get away with it and not even be held accountable for it? That’s disrespectful. Stealing people’s luggage that got panties and stuff in it? That’s so evil, bro.

Pictures show him rummaging through it. Her MacBook, two watches, an iPad, jewelry, designer clothes, all taken. And back at the terminal and unaware, Spirit told Garcia not to worry. “We send your luggage to your house,” so I give my address to Spirit. But the next morning, her Apple Watch is sending a signal, but not from the airport.

“You’re at home and your watch is pinging at a house in Fort Lauderdale. You decide to go to this house?” “Yes, because I said how is it pinging? It might be the case there.” The Apple Watch’s signal coming from this house at 1017 Northwest 11th Court. “So you pull up to the house and you see luggage and suitcases all over the place outside?” “Everywhere, yes. One, two, three, four.” She dialed 911. “The first thing I remember the police told me is like, ‘What are you doing here? This is so dangerous for you to be here.'”

A Broward Sheriff’s detective put that house address into an internal database here at the airport and found that Junior Bazil worked here for a company that operates retail stores, and he was working that day. These pictures were obtained through an investigation. Bazil had already gotten rid of the items when he was arrested and charged with grand theft.

“How are you?” We went to that house to talk to Bazil. “You know he was stealing luggage from the airport?” “From people’s luggage? My daughter tells me that he never told me that.” He wasn’t home. We had a pleasant, cordial seven-minute-plus conversation with his mother, who never asked us to leave and answered all of our questions. “Because the police come in here, they don’t find—”

“Mama tired. Mama tired of him stealing. She gonna tell the news everything. Look at her face.” “Nothing in my house.” But when we told her at one point, Garcia’s Apple Watch was pinging from inside of her house. “This happened?” “That was coming from your house.” “I told you if you don’t want to go to jail with me—” She yanks the ID right off my neck and then claims that I hit her. “Yes, yes, put me in the camera. Put me in the camera.” Police looked at the video. They got me my ID back, and no charges were filed.

“Hey, y’all better be careful out here, bro.” “Oh, snaps. Oh no.” Listen, I was not expecting this. I’m reacting to every single thing that you see happening today. All of the videos that were reviewed today are videos that I’m seeing for the first time, just like the audience. I’m captivated.

Days later, Junior Bazil was in court for a status on that grand theft charge. “I think we have a right to ask—you’re stealing passengers’ luggage?” “Go away, sir.” “Nothing to say to the lady whose stuff you took?” “Go away.” In a statement to Local 10 News, Spirit Airlines said, “We issued a reimbursement check to the guest as a courtesy, even though we are not currently aware of any evidence that any Spirit employee was involved.” Reimbursed as a courtesy. An airport spokesperson said passenger bags checked in with an airliner under that carrier’s care and responsibility. A spokesperson for Parity Shops, where Bazil worked, had no comment.

“Is this part of a bigger ring?” “Yep, because there’s no way he could have got a hold of somebody else’s luggage without somebody on the inside or someone, somebody that was a part of the ring. And so he felt so comfortable, and he’d been doing it for so long, that all of the airport luggage, he don’t even discard it the same way. He just throw it outside of the door because they nasty. Absolutely. And if they really wanted to solve for the problem and if Spirit Airlines were smart, they would do a bigger investigation as to who the employee is that’s really stealing all.


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