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➡ The text discusses various political events and speculations, including Putin’s visit to Iran, RFK’s family turning against him, and Klaus Schwab stepping down from the World Economic Forum. It also mentions potential threats to US drinking water, nuclear weapons drills near Ukraine, and changes in Ukraine’s mobilization law. The author expresses concern about these developments and their potential implications.
➡ The Ukraine military is expanding, but there aren’t enough heavy vehicles for all the new troops. The sudden death of Iran’s President Raisi in a helicopter crash has led to the appointment of the first vice president, Mohammed Bakbar, as acting president. Meanwhile, Carrie Kennedy is leading a campaign against her brother Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s White House bid. Lastly, a controversial scene in Donald Trump’s movie “The Apprentice” has sparked debate at the Cannes Film Festival.
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I think I’d be careful this Memorial Day weekend. I’m gonna say that I’d be careful if you’re traveling, be very careful Memorial Day weekend. Be very careful. Really have your eyes and ears open from here on out. The Olympics, I’m sketchy on that. I can. I can buy. I could imagine that sets the tone for the season of the NFL. I think things are going to change pretty soon. I’m going to say real soon. Everything is speeding up, folks. Everything is absolutely speeding up, folks. Get your morning. We’re going to go into that get your morning kick.

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I got to do so I, otherwise, I’ll just be sitting on my ass all day doing podcasts. But I’m going to do that for you because I’m going to be uploading about twice a day on Nino’s corner tv very soon. This is going to heat up that much. Listen to what I’m saying here. It’s going to get crazy. The whole world, I feel, is just going to come to a pause and like it did in 2020, but that it’ll be bigger than that. It’s going to be bigger that and scarier than that from what I’m hearing.

Take it or leave it, folks. It’s, it’s up to you now. This is allegedly, this is something that we are in a new stage of the game. We are in a new skate stage of the game. I’m telling you that right now. What happened to the iranian president was very, very serious. Very serious. Folks. The contest is still going. Nino’s contests at Gmail, 1500 for first place, 1000 for second, and 500 for third place. Send it to Nino’s contests, plural, at Gmail and get started. Folks. I’m kind of nervous about this weekend. Maybe nothing will happen.

I think this is Memorial weekend. I’m a little bit nervous about it, a little sketchy on it. But, you know, things are escalating fast, really fast. And I think it’s anything, anything’s go and anything and everything can happen. Sheila home will be the general May, Mike King. June 27. Juanita will be the general July. We got a packed generals tent coming up as well. Thank you for the super chat. Anybody give it to me on the super chat. I appreciate you. All right, folks, let’s get started. You might want to turn it down and turn it up, baby.

Yeah. Here we go. Oh, coming at you for the apocalypse, folks. Yeah. Let’s go. Morning coffee morning, Nino. I may come on twice on YouTube every now and then, because from what I’m understanding, it’s gonna get turned up now, and it’s just gonna be bam, bam, bam, bam. I can. How many of you can’t even keep up with it right now? Every time you turn on your phone, you look at your social media. It’s like new stuff. It’s like overload. Like, the dam is broke. Like, before, we were just. They were trying to clog the dam.

Now, what’s coming out with Biden? Talking about he gave direct orders for deadly use of force. What? Yeah, that’s all coming out. Okay. On purpose. All right, so how do you introduce evidence? Let’s get into this. Let’s get into this. So the plot thickens. The drama thickens. Breaking newly unsealed doc reveals Biden. FBI authorized. Authorized the use of deadly force during Mar a Lago raid. Armed A. Armed agents to prepare to confront Mister T. Armed agent agents come back prepared to confront Mister T. Deadly force. This is out now. So now they’re going, oh, shit. Full speed ahead, folks.

Full speed ahead. We’re going full speed ahead. There’s going to be no more tread lightly here and there. I got to be careful on fluff tube. Obviously, I’m very vague on here. I’m g rated on here. But back there, not. That’s where you’re going to want to be. Joe Biden was ready to have his main political rival, mister T, and his family, for publicity stunt, folks. They were ready to take his ass out. Many things are happening in this war behind the scenes, folks. But wanted to. But wanted to assassinate your political rival? I don’t know about that.

But anything goes. Anything goes. Now, if you are paying attention, you know, some things just don’t add up. While other things could only make sense if there was an actual operation happening with the iranian president being killed. Along with other high up officials, we now have Putin flying into Iran for talks and to show his respect. So Putin’s there? I think he’s there already. We have RFK. This is pretty crazy. RFK begins to. To make his move and his own family publicly turns against him. Publicly. His sister. His sister is spearheading the attack campaign against RFK.

So I, you know, I interviewed Angela Stanton King, his campaign advisor. And look, I I’m not. I’m not for RFK, but I respect the man. He would be my next choice of if Mister T was in there. But it is what it is. You still. I still believe we should have debates with all three individuals. And I’ll be very. And I’m going to be honest. Do y’all really see the debate even happening? When is that supposed to be? June. June 27. Is it? What is it? The debate. Thank you, Beverly Adams. Please put it in here.

I’ll be very surprised if we make it there, by the way. Just saying. I’ll be surprised. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I got a feeling that things are really going to kick up now. His own spister, his own sister spearheads an attack campaign against him. It does seem like that family has a lot of bones in the closet, right, folks? A lot to go against your own brother. I mean, I don’t know. They do not want to see anyone in office that could expose any of it, including their own family member. So this is serious.

There’s just more proof of the guilt and paranoia surrounding all these individuals, and they will stop at nothing. They will stop at nothing to make sure that Mister T or even Rfk is not put in there. But the more this develops, we now have close. Klaus Schwab is stepping down. Is it me or, you know, he looks like the. The emperor in, like, Star wars. The. What is his name? Darth Sidious. Sidious the Sith. What is it, Darth sidious that wore the black robe? Anyway, I got info on that, and apparently he’s stepping down, but he’s not being taken down.

So if you all could just quit with the excitement on that one, he’ll still be making moves behind the scenes. From what I understand, his family is very highly involved. Thanks for the super chat. Um, but you got to wonder, why is he stepping down right now, right when things are about to climax? Makes you think. Makes you think. But I was told, no, that he’s still going to be involved in some way, shape or form. So that’s all I got. That’s all I got. And his family’s still very much involved. You got to remember, these people are in their eighties.

How could you? Do you ever wonder, like, how you could still be so evil in your eighties? And they live the longest? Have you noticed? They live the longest, you know, that Don King. And speaking of evil, Don kings, in his nineties, late nineties or mid nineties, I don’t know. I feel about dunking. I met Don King a few times. I like him. I like the guy. He was nice to me, you know, I knocked out one of his former number one contenders, Owen Beck. Owen Beck. That was a tough guy. He was tough. He was tough.

I caught. Caught him with a double short hook. Papa. I had the best hook in boxing, bar none. Bar none. It was lightning fast. Bam, out. Anyway, I keep getting sidetracked. I start reliving my, my glory days. Ah, my glory days. My glory days are gone now. I’m a youtuber. I’m a fucking youtuber. Oh, God. Developing. RNC headquarters in DC is on lockdown. Hazmat team on scene at republican headquarters now. Why? What are they getting ready to do? They’re setting the tone, aren’t they? A lot’s going on right now. This is developing. I’m going to keep my eye on this one.

Juan. Juanito called me, said, hey bro, this is serious. This is all getting really, really serious right now. The Israel’s consulate is breaking right now. Insulin. Consulate in Munich has been attacked. Israel’s consulate has been attacked. Fireworks are going off. A newly unsealed document reveals Biden’s FBI authorized the use of deadly force during Mar a Lago raid. That’s out now. Lots of things leaking out or flooding out, I should say. Newly unsealed doc reveals Biden FBI authorized the use of deadly force during Margo raid. Armed agents prepared to confront Mister T. Joe Biden was ready to have this main political rival, Mister T and his family for a publicity stunt.

Judge Eileen Cannon on Tuesday unsealed numerous motions related to Jack Smith’s classified documents case against Mister D. One filing revealed Biden’s FBI authorized the use of deadly force during their raid at Mar a Lago. Wow. By Attorney General Merritt Merrick Garland. Wow. Should, should mister Chief arrive at Mar a Lago, FBI Mme M and OSC’s will be prepared to engage what with the former president and USSS security team. Should usss provide resistance or interfere with the FBI timeline or x accesses, the FBI Mme M will engage. Will engage. Are told to engage. Wow. With the US s pocs per existing late lies on relationships.

The FBI had a medic on the scene. They even brought medics on the scene and identified a local trauma center for anyone injured during the FBI raid. Below is a screenshot of the use of deadly force. Instructions law enforcement officers of the Department of Justice may use deadly force only when necessary. That is when the officer has a reasonable belief and you know, they would have had one. Thank you. Patience. I. Wow. Thank you. That’s a big super chat. Thank you. Law enforcement officers of the Department of Justice may use deadly force only when necessary. That is when the officer has a reasonable belief that the subject of such force poses an imminent danger or of death or serious physical injury to the officer, any other person, the document read, recall that Joe paved the way for this Justice Department to arrest his political opponent after the retroactively revoked Mister T’s executive privilege.

This is getting wild and everything’s coming out. Biden revoking Mister T’s executive privilege opened the door for the former president to be subpoenaed the subpoena and then opened the door for the Justice Department to charge Mister T with federal crimes. Shortly after that, Trump was subpoenaed. The Fed showed up to Mar a Lago and retrieved some documents and told the former president to put an extra lock on his storage locker. Now, Juanito talks about this on Nino’s corner tv, and we talk about what they were, what they were really there for. The football. They wanted the football.

Don’t put it in here. They wanted the football. They needed that football for the Hail Mary, the big old biscuit. Some of you right now, what’s the football? What is he talking. He plays football. I didn’t know that. Did Trump play football? I thought he plays golf. Justin Klaus Schwab announces he will be stepping down as executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. Cloud, founder of the longtime executive chairman of World Economic Foreman emailed staff on Tuesday to announce his intent to step down. The email. The email indicated that Claus war, who has led the organization since 1971, will move to a non executive chairman.

I told he was still involved. To a non executive chairman role. The transition is awaiting approval from the swiss government and anticipated to be completed before the WF annual meeting in 2025 under Cloud Schwab’s leadership. Man. All right, this just in. Another big one. Another big one. The head of iranian intelligence service of Lauristan province in Iran was assassinated. Enough. This is happening fast, folks. Domino’s baby. It’s coming. Breaking. Fearing China. And so there’s that. Okay, so there’s a. That’s it. That alone is huge. That alone, I just went by it like that was big. So, wow.

Head of iranian intelligence service assassinated. All right. Fearing China or Iran may be planning to continue contaminate us drinking water during an outbreak of war, the EPA is inspecting water treatment plants now in facilities across the country to address vulnerabilities to cyber attacks that could recalibrate chemical quantities to lethal levels. So watch the water. I guess this is gonna get bananas. This is all coming to a head. Russia announces start of tactical nuclear weapons drills near Ukraine. That’s also breaking. Ukraine is mobilizing tens of thousands of new troops. They need a lot more armored vehicles, supposedly.

Now, who do you think is going to be their, their troops? Generation Z, baby. Oh, man. Hey, you voted for him. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That, that probably won’t come till next year, but I’m betting it will. Betting it will if he’s in there. After months of contentious debates in Kiev, a new mobilization law finally came into effect on Saturday. The law lowers the age of which men can be drafted from 27 to 25, and soon they’ll go to under, like, 2015. Oh, you’re ten years old. Can you carry a gun? Is it heavy? Come on, let’s go.

Oh, shit. I, I don’t know, man. I, this is why I’m covering a lot more, like religious stuff, God stuff, spiritual stuff. I even cover entertainment stuff because the entertainment mainly is to just get my mind off stuff. But I cover a lot of really, you know, spiritual stuff because why right now? You better be praying. You better be praying. Confident the reforms will add tens of thousands of people to its roles the Ukraine military is expanding by a lot, but they aren’t enough heavy vehicles for all these new troops. Rebecca Newell thank you. Help with subscription I don’t know what you mean.

Get a hold of secure server or call the 800 number on the website. The demecanization of russian mechanized units mechanized mechan mechanized units is likely to result in slower and more limited advances, hampering the overall progress of russian forces. Ukraine analysis group front just inside explained. Ukraine forces are risking the same devolution as they grow. The defense ministry in Kiev is forming ten new 2000 person by grades brigades by grades brigades, expanding some battalions into brigades, shifting and lightly equipped territorial brigade into the Marine corps and adding their artillery brigade to the National Guard. Altogether, the changes could boost the 100 brigade ukrainian ground forces by around 10%.

As the largest of the armed forces, the army benefits the most. Of course. The army is standing up five new infantry brigades. Dang, folks, please like and share the video if you can. We got to beat the algorithm. We got to get it going. We got to get it out there. If you appreciate me, I appreciate you. Three day cross country funeral for iranian Iran president begins amid fears of crackdown Putin plans to fly in, so Putin is flying in. Iranian President Abraham three day funeral has commenced in Tabrik, with Vladimir Putin reportedly set to attend on Thursday.

The sudden death of the bloodstained brute dealt a monumental blow to the regime and will pave the way for a major crackdown on dissenters, says an expert. Thousands of iranian mourners gathered on Tuesday morning to honor President Racia. That’s. I don’t. 63 after he was killed in a helicopter crash. Dressed in black, they walked somberly through the streets of Tabriz for the funeral procession of the president and the seven members of his entourage, who also died on Sunday evening. Heavily armed guards stood by the crowd of grievers as officials delivered speeches, played music, and prayed for their fallen leader.

Vladimir Putin will reportedly make a rare trip out to Russia Thursday, the day of racism burial. So thank you, doc. Ride Sancho for yes, everybody wants this. Ancho. I know this. For a matter of fact. Who is Mohammed Makbar? Well, Iran taps acting presidents after Raisi’s death, so. Mohammed Bacha Bachbar. Mohammed Bach Bakbar, Iran’s first vice president, was appointed acting. Prayer. He must be scared shitless. It’s like, fuck, not me. Oh, man. First vice president was appointed acting president Monday after the death of Abraham Raisi in a helicopter crash. Iran’s constitution specifies that if approved by the supreme leader, the first vice president will assume acting presidential powers if the president dies.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Allah Khamenei, tapped Makhmar on Monday to ensure the election of a new president within 50 days, state media reported. So state media also reported that Makhbar, 68, led an emergency meeting of the iranian government’s cabinet and was receiving calls from foreign officials as the death of Raci was announced. Jeez, man, this is. They’re scrambling, scrambling. Mohammed Bachaba Bakmar. All right, Israel’s Netanyahu. Netanyahu. What does he say? Charging me for crimes in Gaza is like charging George Bush for George Bush for 911. Did you really just say that? Did you really just say that? Wow.

He really thinks we’re all asleep, doesn’t he? He really thinks we’re all just dead asleep. Oh, you know what? Most people probably still are. Most people are still asleep. Not my audience. To say something like that, to say something so blatant like that. He looks at all of us like we’re idiots. Charging me for crimes in Gaza is like charging George Bush for 911. Wow. Like, we don’t know. Wow. Makes me sick. Viscerally sick. Or angry, whatever. Carrie Kennedy Kerry Kennedy leads heart wrenching campaign against her brother’s White House bid. Robert F. Kennedy, junior sister has become the face of the Kennedy family effort to block his candidacy and re elect President Biden.

She has more at stake besides her relationship with her brother. She’s. She’s going to save the country. When members of the Kennedy’s family joined President Biden in Philadelphia to endorse his reelection. Why don’t you whatever. And denounce the presidential candidacy of the best known Kennedy of his generation, Robert F. Kennedy, junior. One person step forward to make the family case. His younger sister Carrie. Ah, Carrie. Did you not get enough love when you were younger? Were you jealous of your brother? Oh, boy. Nearly every single grandchild of Joe and Rose Kennedy supports Joe Biden. Miss Kennedy said as her siblings and Mister Biden flanked her on stage.

That’s right. The Kennedy family endorses Joe Biden for president. What secrets do you not want out, young lady? What are they? Oh, boy. That was not the first time that Miss Kennedy, the 7th child of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, had made the had been the face of the family’s pushback against her brother, as Mister Kennedy has emerged as a skeptic to the you know what boogeyman and a purveyor of conspirator, conspiratorial theories of his father. So you know his family’s meeting with Biden? I know they were at the White House with him and having dinner. Did you guys see that video where Biden farted at church? Have you guys seen that? Mean, that’s where we’re at.

I mean, that’s what, that’s our lead. That’s our president. Well, quotes. He farted in front of everybody at a black church. And they all started laughing at him. He just looked around like, oh, what I just do. Did you guys see this? What a disgrace, man. That’s. That’s the leader of the free world cutting ass at a. He can’t hold. Maybe. Maybe he wears. Depends. I don’t know. I bet you he does. I bet you he wears diapers. I don’t know, I just. Can you believe that’s what’s representing America right now? Well, not to us, but.

So Donald Trump’s movie the Apprentice, the Apprentice, ignites controversy at the key at the king. Is it the canes or Conness film festival? Over a certain scene where he forced a woman to have sex with him? It proved to be the most disturbing scene in a movie chock full of unflattery sequences about Mister T. In Ali Abbas, the Apprentice, Trump played a Sebastian. Stan. I don’t know. Stan violently throws his then wife, his then wife of Ivana on to the ground and proceeds to have non consensual sex with her. They are trying so hard. They are.

They’re even making movies about this guy. And of course the liberals eat this up. Oh, my God. Did you see that scene in the movie, Betty, he just threw on the floor. Boy, I wish I was her. Heading in tonight’s premiere, insiders and said that the scene, which Friday previously reported on, was consensual but uncomfortable. It was, it was consent. It was his wife that he threw on the floor and proceeded to. But, uh, you know, they had to make it look like it wasn’t. And people don’t pick this up. People don’t see what’s going on here.

I don’t even. And at the end of the movie, I got a standing ovation because everyone just loves to hate him. Oh, that was great. Oh, that scene was terrible. Oh, my gosh. That was just great, though. Oh, we just love to hate this man. Yeah. I gotta tell you, I see a lot of bad things getting ready to happen this year going into November. No doubt about it. It’s gonna get scary. A lot of people are gonna be on the edge of their seats. No doubt about it. But you could, you can run, you can start wars.

You can start a fire over here, start a fire over there. Your time’s up. It’s over. The old guard is done. This is just the end of it. And we all have to endure. We all have to endure the dead cat bounce or the dead cat roll, whatever you want to call it. It’s happening right now. We all see it. It’s our last ditch effort. Get that last gulp of air as they die. That’s the truth. That’s really what this is. That’s why I’m confident. That’s why I come on here every day. It’s a last ditch effort for them.

It’s over. We all see it. It’s too late. Consciousness has already changed. No matter what you try to do, it’s, you can’t put it back in the shoebox. It’s already out. It’s done. It’s done. It’s so done. Tucker Carlson show aired by russian state tv folks. Uh oh. The CEO of the Tucker Carlson network has rejected claims in russian state media that the former Fox News anchor had made a deal for his shows to appear on russian television. The claims appear to have originated with the program Tucker, which is broadcast on Russia 24 but comprises old episodes of Carlson shows taken from X, formerly Twitter and YouTube, complete with a russian voiceover.

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Love it. I actually love it. I don’t know if I just did that, but I’ll do that again. Yeah, it’s good stuff. I’ve been feeling really good. I don’t know if you guys noticed my energy is a little higher, a little better. I’m sleeping good. Like right after this, I’ll go work out. I’ll go hit the gym. Hey, I do a lot of weights now. I don’t really hit the boxing gym anymore. I should go throw some deadly punches on the bag. But I don’t know. Oh, I should. I do a Jake Paul Tyson video. You guys think I was gonna give my prediction? I’ve been right.

Like, I think I’ve been a little off with decisions and stuff like that, but like, mainly right, like, I’ll say instead of, I’ll say a controversial decision instead of like a unanimous decision. But that’s really just where I’ve been wrong. But I’ve been right about everything, about every fight, man. I’ve been, I’ve been precise about how it goes down. And I’m going to tell you this. Should I do a Mike Tyson? Jake Paul. And let me tell you, still fighting out. Whoop that ass, Jake Paul. I’m so tired of this kid. You can’t blame him, but he’s making a mockery out of the sport, handpicking who he wants.

The commission should be fired for this. You can’t favor fighters just because they bring in money. You can’t favor Jake Paul and then put rules and guidelines for everybody else like Canelo or anybody. They, they should be able to just pick hand, pick who they want to. They kind of do. They got a cherry pick already. But the commission should be fired. All of them. Fired. Sanctioning bodies fired. Make a new bail belt for Jake Paul called the world Entertainment Belt. If he’s going to pick a man who’s 60 years old, a former great. And let me tell you, folks, if you don’t think Jake Paul has a chance, you’re wrong.

He has a big chance. He’s juicing like crazy. I know what it looks like when someone juices 230 something pounds puffed out of his mind, taking. I don’t know what he’s taking, but he’s probably taking something allegedly. I got to say that’s what it looks like to me. I know what I’m watching. But I would not be surprised if he ends Tyson, okay? And I’m going to say that right now. But you got to remember, Tyson is 60. I don’t give a shit how badass he looks on the mitts. You, all you got to do is to stop.

That is pivot, move, get out of the way. Push him into the ropes a little bit. He’s an older man now. He’s an older man now. So I don’t know, it’s. I’m going. My heart is going for Mike Tyson. Believe me, I would hate to see him go out like this at 60 years old. My heart is for Tyson. The fact that this kid gets to pick this kind of fight and make this kind of money and make a mockery of the sport is disgusting. And the commission’s should be fired. How dare you? Everybody else, huh? Everybody else is old at 35.

They can’t fight. They got to get brain scans, cts, the whole thing. But you’re just going to let this happen? Why? Because you’re taking money? Ashamed of yourself? Let’s get to border news. Ten bodies found in Mexico’s Acapulco, six in the street. Earthquakes are now hitting. Swarms have hit California. What’s going on? What’s going on along the mexican border? So another earthquake swarm has been rumbling all across the mexican California border. More than two dozen quakes greater than magnitude 2.52 dozen. Two dozen have occurred since just after midnight Saturday. It makes you wonder about Ryan Garcia’s prediction, huh? About the earthquake on June 6.

Now, I’m not gonna say it’s gonna happen. I don’t know. But he sees a earthquake happening June 6. I don’t know. With epicenters at about 175 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles and 100 miles northeast of San Diego. According to the US Geological Survey, they have occurred largely along farmland between the towns of Brawley and Imperial in Imperial county. The largest quake was a magnitude 3.9 that struck at 04:05 p.m. saturday, bringing light shaking to the Imperial Valley as well as south of the border and rattling Mexicali. So you guys think some earthquakes are going to hit? I don’t know.

I don’t know. Makes me wonder about Ryan prediction. Why? We’ll see very soon, June 6, if his prediction is correct. Diddy, diddy, diddy, diddy, diddy. Ding ding. Diddler, diddy diddler. That diddy. The diddler is facing another lawsuit filed by a former model who claims the disgraced mogul enticed her with promises of career advancement. But she claims his plan was far from Sif was far more sinister. Claims, drugging and sexual assault, according to TMZ. Oh, wow. That’s a big super chat right there. Thank you. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you for that super chat. So I, you know that I had one of her, one of his victims on my, on Nino’s corner, right? You guys know that.

I think I may put that one up on Rumble to Elvis’s Graceland home is up for auction after Lisa Marie Presley failed to pay back three $3.8 million loan as family files lawsuit. Elvis Presley’s historic home, Graceland, may be sold at a foreclosure auctioneer later this week if appeals by surviving family members go unheard. A temporary restraining order was granted on Monday by Memphis, Tennessee court to halt the sale press. His granddaughter, actress Riley Ko, I don’t know, is fighting the case by claiming that the company behind the foreclosure had no right to it in its first place.

What do you guys think? Do you think that guy there’s a pastor? I think. I don’t, I don’t know. Where is that, Tennessee or something? What’s his name? Bob Joyce. Bob Joyce. Do you guys think he’s Elvis? A lot of people think he’s Elvis. I don’t think so. Me, me personally? No, I don’t think so. He looks too good. He also like, oh, well, he’s been in med beds. He’s been in med beds. He’s, that’s why he looks so young. I’m like, ah, I don’t buy it, man. I don’t buy, sorry. I don’t buy it. Personally.

I don’t, I’m gonna, I’d like to meet the guy. Maybe I’ll go meet him. Maybe I’ll take a road trip and meet this guy. I don’t know. He’d be my dad’s age, so he’s 89. Elvis would be 90 today, right? I don’t. The guy doesn’t look 90 to me. He looks like he’s, like, seventies, right? And see, I don’t. He seems like him. He sings like him. He sounds good. I mean, there’s a lot of. You could believe that he is Elvis, right? It’s easy to be like, I fall into that mindset, but I. Man, I’d have to go there and see proof and, like, I don’t know, man.

I don’t know. Could he be Bob Joyce? Could he be Elvis? Could be. Do I think a lot of these people fake their deaths? Yeah, I do. Oh, boy, do I ever. But I don’t know. I don’t know about Bob Joyce, but he does sing. Well, he does seem like him, doesn’t he? I don’t know. I don’t know. All right. Cannabis poisonings among older. Older adults have tripled. Steady fines. You gotta. You can’t even trust what you smoke anymore. Thank you for the super chat. Wow. Thank you very much. One thing. You may think that young people are the main group enjoying the freedom of legalized weed, but in Canada, the greatest increase in users after legalization was among older adults.

And sometimes it’s sending them to the hospital. Maybe they’re just smoking too much. The rate of emergency, you know, I think about it all the time. I’m sober right now, and I’m like, man, I don’t even smoke weed. I micro dose sometimes with, you know, much. Sometimes just to feel. Get a little high, go to the gym, feel good. But that doesn’t. That’s. I miss. I do miss sometimes the. The massive dopamine effects used to get from being an addict. But I wasn’t, like, shooting heroin or anything, but I’d go out and party and I’d drink heavy, and I’d be.

Well, I was a binge drinker, you know? If someone had an eight ball on him, I’d fucking let me have eight ball. It’d be all gone in an hour. Oh, boy. I used to party. Yeah. Take some random chick home, you know, whatever. That was my life. That’s all I knew for so long. That’s all I knew. That’s it. That’s. I didn’t know anything else. I didn’t know marijuana made me feel like, ugh, I hate. I hated it. I don’t like when I smoke weed, when I did smoke weed. And if I’m with the right people, I might do it.

I don’t know. But for the most part, I don’t like the way it feels. I don’t like feeling like. Like I don’t want to do anything. I hate that feeling. I hate it. Yeah. I hope Mike Tyson whoops, Jake, but I’m telling you right now, this is very thought out. And even if Jake Paul wins, people can say, oh, it’s rigged. Jake Paul, it was rigged. I don’t know. I’m telling you right now, 60 years old is 60 years old. I don’t give a shit how awesome you look on the mitts. Your body cannot take the same punishment.

And what happens when Jake Paul is going to be a young lion? He’s me in there pushing Tyson and trying to hit him. And Jay Paul can crack a little bit. Look, Jay Paul is a c minus fighter, but that’s all it takes to beat Mike Tyson these days. Remember when Mike Tyson was fighting guys in his late thirties and getting put down and knocked out in his late thirties against guys that really had no business in there with him in his prime? Well, now, Mike Tyson is not even in his forties. He’s in his late fifties.

Come on, man. Okay? And if he gets hurt in this fight, everybody involved with the commission. Fired, fired, sent to jail. Really? Yeah. Tyson is gonna need some canola dime. All right. All right. So, Joe Rogan, most unhinged interview ever. Terrence Howard’s wild claims on podcasts, from remembering his own birth to how we’re about to kill gravity. So, I’ve been watching some of this Terrence Howard stuff. I got a lot of questions from. I think he’s a smart individual, but I call bullshit on a lot of it. But, hey, that’s just me, you know? So, Terrence Howard, you know, I met Terrence Howard at the boxing gym in Houston.

Terrence, if you’re out there, I remember meeting you at the Terrence. I mean, at the tara. At the Houston boxing gym, Bill gym, when you were playing Muhammad Ali. And I met you there, and we talked a little bit, and I showed you some stuff on the heavy bag, and you were a very nice guy, by the way. I really. I thought you were a very stand up. He’s a good person. I like him. But remembering your own birth. I’m not saying he didn’t, but, I mean, if you can remember that, what you can remember all your past lives, can you remember being a sperm in your dad’s nutsack? I remember swimming around in my dad’s balls.

I’ll top that story. You know what, Terrence? I remember being a sperm swimming in my dad’s ball sack. Okay. What? Hey, I’ll one up anybody. I’ll one of anybody. I remember being in my dad’s balls. Oh, boy. Sancho. I remember being baby Sancho. I remember impregnating my first woman at nine years old. At five years old, Sancho was impregnating women. All right, former Red Sox pitcher. Have you guys seen this guy? Arrested in Florida in an underage sexting, sheriff says Jackson. Dear former Florida. Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Austin Maddox was arrested in Florida as part of an underage sexting, authorities announced Monday.

Maddox was of one of 27 petter asses arrested as part of a multi agency operation last month, Jacksonville sheriff TK Waters said they. They are accused of soliciting sex over the Internet from people who they believe were children. Man, I. You know. You know, I feel about this. Throw away the key, man. Throw away the key. James Hill, a defense attorney for Maddox, said he. He intends to fight the allegations against him and will enter a plea of not guilty should formal charges be filed. That’s the end of your baseball career, buddy. Maddox, 33, began communicating with an undercover agent pretending to be an underage girl.

On April 28, an arrest report said he expressed his intent to have sex with the girl even after she told him she was 414. Who’s that guy that’s saying that song, great balls of fire? Jerry Lee Lewis. Didn’t Jerry Lee, like, this is crazy because it. Back. Back in that day, like, why was. Didn’t that guy marry not only his cousin, but wasn’t she, like, 13 or something like that? Jerry Lee Lewis, great ball, the fire. You guys know what I’m talking about? Yeah, man. It’s 30. That’s crazy. And what that doesn’t even. That gets. That was little, like, nobody said shit.

Oh, didn’t Elvis. Elvis. Wasn’t Priscilla. Whoa, wait a minute here. Why was it, like, looked at as normal then? That’s crazy. Wasn’t didn’t Elvis do the same thing? I mean, let’s think about this for a second. Priscilla was what, 14? Come on, guys, help me out here. You know, all your donations, Nina. All your donations. Women. Yeah. Men seem to. They don’t like me too much. They like the sancho, though. Priscilla was sick. Golly. But it’s okay if Elvis does it. Wow. That’s right. I mean, still, man. Yeah. She was 14. What? I don’t know. Maybe it was different back then.

I don’t know. I mean, if you think about it, let’s really think about this for a second. Men are naturally attracted to younger women because they’re more fertile. That’s just the way it is. But in the 18 hundreds, women were having kids at, like, twelve years old. Do you guys know this? That’s. That’s real. Like, in the 18 hundreds, women were like, twelve years old getting married to husbands that had multiple wives that were having children at, like 13. Right. Wow, man. It’s just crazy to think about. Geez. Wow. I don’t know, man. I don’t even know.

Yeah. The lifespan was 30 to 40 years old. You’re right. When I was at the Savannah cemetery, I went with my buddy who was an army ranger. His name is Joel. One of my best friends. He took me to the cemetery, and I remember he was like, look, it would say the age. It would say the age of the person deceased in the cemetery. And most of them was like, it would say loving mother and loving wife, 14 years old. Loving mother, loving wife, 15 years old, 13 years old. I’m not even lying to you. There was some.

And then I think the oldest tombstone I saw, there was, like, a guy that was, like, 50 something. It would say their age. So people didn’t. That must have been a. Like a really old man back in the day. Yeah, it was acceptable. So people didn’t live. You’re right. I mean, but so, I mean, that’s a big. Great. See, that’s like. That’s like the topic of abortion now. I mean, shit, if they would. People were getting away with it in their. In the 18 hundreds and 19 hundreds, so. Wow. I don’t know, man. All I know is that if that’s.

That was my daughter, that dude would be in who? He’d be in big. I’d probably be in jail. I’d probably be in jail if I had a daughter. Wow. I can’t even think about cheese. But you know what? Let’s not. You know? But women are just as bad folks. Women are just as bad. You guys know this? Look at all the teachers that are sleeping with fifth graders. Not all of them, but there was. I got. Look at. I’ll be honest. It happened to me in high school. I’m not gonna say the teacher. I kind of hit on her, but I mean, and then I.

And then check this out. I slept with some teeth. High school teachers. After high school, I saw out at a club when I was, like, 21, I was like, hey, you’re my science teacher. You were my math. Things happened. But, I mean. But, you know, men back then, it was all good jobs. Good job, good job. High five. You know, it was not. It was. It’s different. I don’t know. I don’t know. Yeah, I was a bad kid. Trying to get my act together now. Trying to get my act together now. I’m gonna be working on rewiring my brain, by the way.

So I’m doing some meditation. I’m reading up on how to rewire the brain because, you know, being sober is a daily battle. It’s not like, oh, I’m sober now. It’s all over, and I could just live my life. It’s not like that. It’s not like a light switch you just turn off. It’s always there. It’s not something that I can just be like. So a lot of you that are trying to get sober or sober with me, please understand this is an ongoing effort. You don’t just. You’re just sober now. You’re clean. And that’s the way it is.

La, la, la, la. Doesn’t work that way. It does it not work that way. It’s hard. You don’t think I want to go and have a. You think with all this stress in my life, with my parents, the news I’m reporting on, you don’t think that for 1 second I just want to go to the bar, just forget all this shit? Fuck. You guys have another thing coming. I. If you don’t think that I see my friends out having a good time partying, you don’t think even at my age, I’m like, shit, man, what am I doing? What am I really doing this for? I think about it all the time.

God could date. Could today be the day I go to the bar? You know, I’m always singing. That sancho had many babies. I bet. All right, folks, let’s get to what the fuck news. What the fuck news. Catholic monk comes out as trans. Deal with us. He says a catholic monk, a catholic month came out as a you know what this month, saying the church had to deal with it as trans Catholics. On May 17, Brother Christian Matson, a catholic monk in Kentucky, told religious news that, uh, this Sunday, Pentecost 2024, I’m coming. I’m planning to come out publicly as a you know what? You’ve got to deal with us because God has called us into the church.

Matson told y’all. It. It’s not your church to kick us out. This is God’s church. And God has called us and enlightened us and has gifted us for this reason. This is getting so crazy. You’ve got to deal with us. Madsen’s announcement comes amid an ongoing conversation about the you know what people rights. And throughout the US, companies and brands that have advocated for the you know who community have received a backlash, such as the beer brand Bud light, which faced by boycott after partnering with you know who. And then in April, the Vatican published infinite dignity, folks.

Infinite dignity, the 20 page declaration that discussed the Catholic Church’s view on you know who. The declaration, which was approved by Pope Francis, said God created men and women as biologically different beings and that no one should try to. I don’t want to go into this on here. Yeah, I don’t want to go into this on here. Right? I don’t know. I probably made a mistake even putting it on here. Thank you, Connie. All right, I’m jumping on with Juanito once more. Another, another Juanito video coming up. Man, it’s getting crazy. It’s getting crazy out there.

Ah, man, I’m tired today. All right, folks, and the new heavyweight champion of podcasting and the black sheep of broadcasting, baby, I’ll see you. Alright, folks, later. See you at Nino’s corner tv. Better get there now and sign up because I may be shooting up the prices because I’ll be uploading twice a month, but those that you are there now, you’ll be grandfathered in. You will be grandfathered in. It’ll just be for new subs in the next coming months. And that’s a maybe. It’s not definite. All right, folks, later. Bye.

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