Red October? Nuclear 2024? Uncertain Times Ahead…

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Red October? Nuclear 2024? Uncertain Times Ahead


➡ Nino’s Corner discusses Cliff High’s predictions about an event potentially larger than 9/11 based on internet tension-release chatter, the upcoming testing of the EBS system on October 4, associated political trends, and the potential for a financial crash. Speculations around the roles of a public figures in upcoming events are also examined.
➡ The speaker suggests an impending financial crash in fall and increasing distrust among people of pandemic measures. They speculate a major event could lead us into 2024 politics and hint at chaotic periods within cities, mass migrations, and tussles between globalists and those resisting them. Finally, they reminisce about a concert they attended.
➡ The speaker discusses his belief that a significant financial event will cause chaos, emphasizing the importance of digital assets and blockchain technology in the future. There is speculation on a potential economic crash and how this could affect employment and debt levels. The speaker also comments on potential changes in political leadership, with a reference to the Biden presidency and potential upcoming shifts.
➡ The speaker focuses on several arguments: the restraint shown by “patriots” in not engaging in civil unrest despite provocations, the important role Trump has played in promoting positivity and creating hope, and the speaker’s belief that Trump economically set up Biden to fail with a time bomb economy. The speaker also mentions the importance of deriving insights from various sources, including Trump, Jim Willie, and “Juan”, who they perceive as highly insightful despite his cryptic and slow communication.
➡ The speaker discusses their approach to content creation at Nino’s Corner TV, noting the importance of avoiding siloed viewpoints and encouraging a collective approach to gathering and understanding information. Despite heading into unknown territory and facing uncertainty, the speaker values the community built on their channel, while also noting the rapid growth and future plans for other digital outlets.


What’s up, folks? Welcome to Nino’s Corner. I am back with Ron Big. Ron, what’s going on, Ron? Ron Pertain folks, we’re going to be talking about a little bit about Cliff High’s video. Kind of lines up with what a lot of people are talking about or what they feel is coming because we all feel something’s coming. Let’s just be honest. So we’re going to talk a little bit about that.

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Invest in gold and silver with Noble Gold Investments, folks, is down there at the bottom. Noble gold investments. Noblegoldinvestments. com. Hit the link down below. Get started on that and start being able to sleep easy at night. All right, ron, I don’t know if anyone could sleep easy tonight after watching the Cliff eye video, right? Well, yeah, and you kind of beat me to the punch. We’re doing this very impromptu know I didn’t get to finish watching the entire video that you did with Cliff.

And then the next one that I was going to watch was the one that he did with anguine or whatever the guy’s name was. Algierde or Dick. Algier. Yeah, I’m going to have him on my show, too, at some point. The remote viewer, correct? Yeah, that was what he talked about. So that was next on my list to do what I gathered he was talking about was some sort of an event that is going he said it was going to be anywhere between three and 13 times greater than September 11.

Yeah. And the way he does that is that he invented a software that can read the Internet language or chatter that goes from tension to release, tension to release. And he reads the delta. And basically he was able to what he sees coming is an event with a luminosity greater than one, which if 911 was like a one, this will definitely be greater than like a three or four.

And this is what he sees to a 13. So I don’t know. I look at it this like, we all feel it, bro. Let’s just be honest. And they know, the Democrats know the gig is up. Things are happening a lot faster now. I’d be surprised if nothing happens this fall. I would be shocked if we don’t see something happen before Christmas. I know that something’s coming up on October 4 where they’re going to test the EBS or something along those lines.

I don’t know if that’s going to play into it. Or if that’s just going to be the one thing that I do know is I don’t put any trust in dates at all. None. No, but they’re giving us a date for that EBS, that national broadcast that’s like the rehearsal before the big dance. You don’t do that unless true planning something, man. True. I agree with that. But you look at the event that happened before the sickness came out in 2020.

There was that event Boogeyman and Johns Hopkins. Right. That was by Gates and whatever. So they do project things that they’re going to be doing in the future, and the reason they do that is it allows them to sleep at night. Right. Karma. Yeah. So they tell everybody what they’re going to do. And the theory is that if you don’t understand what they’re talking about and you don’t understand their language, then it’s your own fault, and it absolves them from any responsibility.

Basically. It’s like a universal loophole or something. Like Karmic loophole. Right, right. It absolves them of any blame because they’ve told you in advance what’s going to happen to realize it. Well, then but the way they do it also is like through movies, commercials, subliminal messaging. So really it’s not really fair. Agreed. I don’t think that exolves them from the punishment. I don’t well, it doesn’t matter what you and I think it matters what they think.

So it doesn’t really matter what you and I think that’s what they believe, and that’s how they operate. Whether or not October 4 is going to be an important day, I don’t know. Juanito has said that that’s usually about they’re about three, six months out from so but there’s going to be a counterpunch, which we’ve talked about, and once they fill that counterpunch that Juanito talks about, which I can see that happening, an arrest or something like that, then they go all in.

So it’s just going to really make it intensify because they’re going to be scared and panicked out of their minds, and they’re going to know that it’s real, and then they’re going to hit the pedal to the metal. Well, I mean, there was an event that happened today that was of enormous consequence in Texas when Paxton was was that was people, a lot of people they’re not paying attention to.

That mean, that was huge because I didn’t know this until recently because I’m not in Texas, but I’ve got friends in Texas. I know you’re in. He beat George P. Bush. I didn’t know that. I didn’t either. That was who he was running against. Wow. And he beat George P. Bush because I was watching a little bit of of the testimony or whatever, and Paxton is like a diehard Trump guy.

Right. I don’t know if he’s diehard Trump, but Paxton was he’s the Texas state attorney general, and he was the incumbent, and then he ran for reelection. And George P. Bush, he reconstituted or he re upped his law license, which had been dormant for a while, and when he did, then he ran and he lost. I guess he lost pretty big because Paxton won. But then the republican legislature impeached him in Texas, the republican legislature impeached the republican, and he defeated it.

And he defeated it today, right? So there’s a lot of big good moves that are being know. Have you noticed that? And I just said this on my video the other day. I was like, man, whatever happened? And then here she is. She’s re emerging, and she’s talking a lot of smack about Kamala, which makes me think she thinks she’s going to be president because she’s out making the rounds again.

I think she’s know, patted on the back and said, hey, we might need you to step into the game again. So I think I need to watch her. But where’s newsom? So now that I’ve said that he’s going to reemerge, too, I watched a very interesting video. Have you ever heard of dark journalist? Dark? I’ve heard of it, but I do not. Dark journalist, he goes by the name dark journalist, and he does shows, like three hour shows, and I don’t watch all of his stuff, but he has guests on.

And a good friend of mine sent me an interesting video to watch, and it was about an hour long, and it was talking about money and why Taiwan, and it was theoretical, but it was interesting what they were prognosticating, because essentially what they were saying is that he went there on behalf of the white hats. And I was like, that was interesting. It made a lot of sense, though, how they laid it out.

I’ll send you the link and you could put it in the description, so if anybody wants to see it, they can go and watch it. But it was very interesting, and it was all about like China. But it’s just his theory. Yeah, but it’s coming from a guy who’s studied a lot about money and gold and a lot of stuff, and I think it potentially plays a significant role in this.

And I only watched it last night. So things that I find that are very interesting, I’ll watch them two or three times because I want to make sure that I’m absorbing everything. And I’ve only seen it once, so I haven’t had a chance to really absorb it too much. That I do know that are going to happen, that I’ve been told are going to happen, is a coming arrest.

That I’ve been told financial crash, which you agree with, you know that’s coming. That can be owned by Mr. T. He cannot own that. And as well as that happening, some type of standoff, some type of nuclear standoff that might occur before the next cycle. So I know one is coming for sure, and that’s financial crash, right? We all know that’s coming. Now when I would imagine sooner than later.

Like I said, I’m not going to put a date, but I would imagine this fall, next fall. No, I think it’s typically they do stuff like that in October. If you look back historically, you think this October is going to be a big month. Man I think so, but I’m not going to plant a flag in that hill and defend it. I don’t do that with dates anymore at all.

But historically speaking, if you look back, financial crashes have oftentimes happened in October. Well, that was the October 29 crash that plunged the world into depression in 1929. I think everybody can feel it, Ron. Honestly, I think everyone can feel it’s coming. I mean, I’m trying to make sense out of it with all the guests that I have, but I do know one thing. I’m not going to say dates like you, but I not only feel it, but putting all the pieces together at Ninoscorner TV and all that.

I feel like this fall, something has to happen. Some kind of chess move is going to be made this fall. They unleashed. And I mean, I’m seeing, you know, I’m out, I’m out, be careful on this. I’m out in SoCal and I see be careful. Okay, so can I say that people are wearing things? Face diapers. I saw that at the airport and I saw it in La.

I was just in La. And when I was there, I was like, oh, here we go again. One in everybody. I’m not going to say one in every two people, but it was like one in every ten I saw with a face diaper. And I was like, okay. And at the airport. But I mean, no one’s really scared. It looks like to me, it just looks like people are just doing it for precautionary reasons.

But obviously we know that more is coming. Well, I think the people that are doing it now, they’re just programmed to do it and they’re not really thinking about anything. Oh, I’m just going to be safe. Whatever. I think that there’s a large swath of the population that’s like, man, no way, I ain’t wearing no face diaper again. And it going to happen. And I think that’s going to be the majority of people.

I mean, I’m seeing polls on Twitter and other places where the question is being asked. It’s like in the 80%, like, I’m never going to comply with something like that again. According to Cliff, whatever happens has to be at a bigger magnitude than 911 in order to carry us into 2024 November. So it’s got to be really big. So if they do anything and he said they’re probably nervous, they’re probably going to the toilet vomiting because they don’t know.

This is a very risky situation even for them to play this move, because it has to be that big and we have to fall for it. That’s the key. They have to control consciousness into 2024. We have to believe it. Well, you have to have a certain segment of the population believe it. But I think that people are waking up to the degree that they’re not, and there’s a lot of people are not going to believe it.

They’re going to immediately question it. Would you believe it? I didn’t believe it the first time. Exactly. That’s us. Right. That’s my point. But I think our ranks are growing exponentially now. I don’t think that I still question whether or not I know Juanito has talked about the 80% number a lot, and I still question whether we’re at the 80%. I think it could be 80%, but within that 80%, I think there’s degrees of belief within that 80%.

Right. I think there’s people that like me that have been red pilled for a long time, and they distrust everything. And then you’ve got people that are new red pilled, and they are still questioning whether or not to believe something. So there’s degrees. But I think that when I think about Mr. Teak and I still think he’s coming back, and I think there’s a point in time when he does come back.

And I think that the whole reason that we had call it the pause where he isn’t here, is so that he can’t be blamed for a lot of the things, because there’s enough time disparity between what happened in January of 2021 to now. There’s enough of a time difference that he can’t be held accountable for things that are going bad. Right. He can’t own it. Right, right. Well, he can’t be blamed for, from what I understand as well, is he’s not going to be inserted immediately.

There’s going to be a transitional period. That’s a lot of confusion and a lot of probably chaos, but that’s going to be like the real pause. So the biden is like the red pill, but then there is going to be a point where there’s going to be a time when it can’t look like it’s coming from him. Right. So we still have a financial crash to happen, so everyone knows that has to happen.

And then we have some kind of event standoff, and then this is just what I’m getting gathering from my guests, and you’ve seen them as well. And then some kind of transitional period where he’s not inserted in immediately. There’s a period of time where things have to get sorted out and proven to the public, and then he comes. Right. Well, I’m going to ask you in that in between time, what do you think it looks like? Do you think it’s chaos? Do you think it’s I think some cities, yeah, because that’ll be the time when they go for broke, they say 13 to 15 cities lost.

I would imagine they’re going to be democratic run cities that are just hellholes, that are just going to go to the gutter and they already are. So I would imagine when they say we’re going to lose 13 to 15 cities, that’s probably around that time frame. When they know that they’re going down, they’re probably going to go for broke and try to take down everything with them, go for the chaos.

And it’ll probably be the immigrants that are coming over that they activate. Now, I have heard that there is going to be a point in time when the people that have emigrated here are going to, there’s going to be a mass migration away. People are going to be like so I’m hearing rumors and Juan talked about this earlier today with me. I did a double header with Juan both going up on Ninoscorner TV that he said that Mexico is building the wall in certain areas because they’re expecting an influx of them coming.

Oh, OK, so what is to if this is true, if this is true and they are building the wall in certain places because they’re expecting an influx of us, of them coming back, what are they anticipating? Right? What do they know? What do they know? Right? But some of that could be people that are no longer amongst the living and then some of that could be people that are leaving and going elsewhere.

We hope. So it’s not necessarily going to be necessarily like a die off. It’s going to be people that are exiting the country. Now, whether so it could be either one or two or both. I think that’s a very realistic possibility. I remember when I was at one of the events, I was talking to Mel K one time and she was in New York and I guess there was something that had happened at the United Nations and she’s like, she was at like a restaurant or something and some of these guys overheard someone talking.

No, they came in, she came in and she’s like, oh, you guys are the ones that are trying to turn us into Venezuela or whatever. And this guy looked over to her and said, nah, honey, it’s going to be way worse than Venezuela. That’s right, way worse than Venezuela. I still have a more positive outlook on this because I see the war that we’re fighting. I mean, that’s what they agree.

I agree they think, but it’s not going to know. He was talking from the standpoint of a globalistic right. They’re very confident. Look, no doubt about it, they’re going to make these moves. Nothing’s going to stop them. No, it’s a war and they’re not going to give up now. I don’t think that they’re going to win, but I think we’re all going to be in the trenches. Yeah.

I remember when I was talking to Juan one time, it was at the event in Dallas. Remember when we were in Dallas? I don’t know how long ago that’s been. Was it about a year ago when we went to the concert, remember? Oh, did we go to the Nugent concert? Yeah, we went to the Nugent concert. I don’t remember exactly when that was. Has that been already been a year? I don’t know, something like that.

But yeah, but we were there and I think that was actually like February or March or something like that but rocked. Exactly. We got to go into front and center. We were in between the stage and the front row sitting right next to Shamaine Nugent and then Ted Nugent is right in front of me rocking out. I’m like, dude, this is awesome. Yeah, it was amazing. It was cool.

But I remember that weekend I sat at the table with Juan and he was talking about how we’re going to have to have military men potentially have to come back out and serve their country again. And it was kind of funny because he used the analogy of bringing back the USS New Jersey out of mothballs in the early 80s because that was kind of funny because that was my ship.

He didn’t know that, but that was the ship that I served on when I really yeah. Wow. I don’t know if you can see it right up here. Right here. That’s the hat right up here. That’s the USS New Jersey. So that was the ship that I was on. But he was talking that that there’s going to be people that are going to be called upon to come back and serve their country because they’re going to be needed.

Do you think it’s because the military is just so divided? Maybe. I think that’s what it could be or that the military is going to be so weakened or spread out. How many bases do we have? All over the world and not all of the military is in the United States. Our military is spread out very thin and we’re not guarding the borders. We’re not guarding our borders.

I don’t know man. There’s so many variables and unknowns with what’s coming. I don’t know. The only thing that I can say with absolute certainty is that we are going to have some sort of a financial event that is going to cause chaos. I know that to me it’s absolute ironclad. And you’re still a big believer in XRP hands down, right? Oh yeah, still got my know. I hold a lot of XRP but it’s not so much we live in a world where crypto is going to be in our future.

That is not an if. It’s like you’re old enough to remember what it was like without a cell phone, all right? You’re old enough to remember what it was like without email, digital assets and blockchain technology that is going to be part of our future. It is not negotiable that is going to happen for me. It’s kind of like it’s a gamble for me right now because I don’t really understand.

I don’t know where this is all going and I think it’s so uncertain right now. I have some XRP, which you know I do, and then I got gold and silver because I know that just retains its value. But man, it’s just such a gamble right now, dude. It’s almost like playing a game I’m not too familiar with and I’m just learning it. But that’s how I feel with crypto.

I got a message from Jim yesterday and he said the Shanghai gold price is now $102 higher than comex. That’s a major story in the making. It was $60 back in early July when my guy started reporting on the Delta. And I said, well, what does that mean? He says, It means the Comex goes dark, becomes irrelevant and gets shut down. We should soon expect in the United States, UK and Canada and Western Europe a totally absurd low gold price with zero meaning since there’s no supply.

And then you turn to the 15 bricks. Yeah. You’re talking about Jim Willie? Because I talked to him. He’s coming on Nino’s Corner TV, like in the next 40. Nice. Yeah. He’s going to bring you on with him. He didn’t like my Peter Schiff interview too much. You did an interview with Peter Schiff? Yeah, I made zero hedge. They showed the video on zero hedge. I was like, all right, that’s cool.

I’m a big fan of Peter Schiff. Yeah. Look, I’m trying to learn this myself, so I’m just trying to ask questions. I’m just trying to put some pieces of the puzzle together for myself and my audience. That’s really all. 1000% well, I’m not claiming to know much of anything financial. You do a good job at that because you ask questions and you come at it from a perspective of you don’t know and you want to learn.

And I think that resonates a lot with your audience, which I think is one reason. Do you know how many interviews I’ve done where I don’t know anything about the person? Oh, yeah, a lot. I’ll be like, you probably witnessed it, but I’ll be like, the less I know, the better. Because I approach it like I want to approach the interview with a clean slate and not have any negative perceptions or any kind of bias.

Nothing I want to go into. It just like a child. Let’s figure this out. I read a couple of books that were very small books recently, just within the last week, and I did the second one tonight, actually, before I was sitting at my desk when I texted you, and the title of the book was an American. Let’s just say he was an american israeli who migrated to Israel and then found out what israel was really like and then he couldn’t wait to get away.

And I read those books with kind of like what you just said. I read them because I didn’t know what it was like. But the first title of the book was An American J with Living in Racist Marxist Israel. And I was like, that title caught my attention. I was like, oh. And then the second one was my farewell. It was all about the story about him leaving and what prompted him to leave because he couldn’t take it anymore.

And I learned a few things that I was totally unaware of when I did it, and it was very interesting. But, I mean, in my humble opinion, that is the entity that we’re fighting that is pulling the strings behind the scenes and on the message board, they said, hey, that little country is saving for last. Yeah. I’m like, okay, well, what do they mean by that? And I feel like I have a pretty after reading those, I’m like, oh, I have a better understanding of why.

I think part of that is the financial crash. Yeah, part of it is the financial crash. I would imagine that has to happen this fall. Man, I can’t see this getting drawn out much further. I don’t either, and I don’t believe that there’s going to be a next cycle. I think 24 is going to be a brutal year. Bro I agree. I think the end of 23 is going to be brutal as well, because people are losing their jobs right and left.

People aren’t spending money, and the news will sit there and say, we’re going into a recession. We’re way past that. But again, I pay attention to a lot of economic channels on YouTube and some crypto, some people who are like, I’m monitoring the economy. Some people are talking about gold and silver. So, I mean, I watch a lot of stuff and I absorb quite a bit. My understanding is history for the most part, but I’m not stupid.

And I really made kind of a concerted effort in about probably 2018 to really start to pay attention, closer attention to the economy. And when I did, I started watching a lot more stuff. Now, even though I don’t totally understand it, because there’s still things that I’m like, I don’t understand that because I was never a financial planner. Some of that stuff just doesn’t make any sense to me.

But I have a better grasp on it now. And watching a lot of these channels and seeing the things that they’re talking about in terms of the credit, all the credit cards and the debt that’s out there and the companies that are closing down and the people that are behind on their mortgages and the people that are behind on their credit cards and the people that are behind on their cars and the student loan debt and all this stuff, it’s like it’s coming to a head.

It’s like all roads are converging and that’s what we’re coming into. And I tend to believe that it was always going to happen, but I think Mr. T did what he could to accelerate it. So that it would happen under a Biden presidency. Yeah, I agree with you on that. I think whatever’s going to happen needs to escalate now, and I think it’s going to and I think that there’s going fall going into 24 hold on, buckle up because I don’t see this whatever’s going to happen in fall, okay? Because we know that they go by this calendar has to happen this fall.

I don’t see how it can happen next fall. It’d be way too obvious. It has to be this fall. So whatever they’re doing, I think their hands are being pushed into this fall and I think that Biden is like the necessary rotting corpse they have to hold on. I just what do you think about that? We’ve talked about Democrat musical chairs that are getting ready to be played.

What do you see? I kind of see Kamala making more of a noise merging. I don’t know where Newsom is at, but he’ll probably show up. Well, Newsom California is out there passing, introducing the 20 Eigth Amendment, which essentially is like nullifying the Second Amendment or whatever. Well, yeah, good luck with that. But they’ve been talking a long time about, hey, they’re coming. That’s what they want, but they’re never going to get that.

Let’s just be realistic. That’s never going to happen. For many people, that is a line in the sand that they will not be able to cross as soon as they try to cross that. No people. But I also think that I think the powers that be called what they want is they want us they want the Patriots to stand up, right? That’s what they want. They want us to go crazy and create this chaos, civil unrest.

And it’s been really amazing to see that we’ve been able to not do that, not overreact. I mean, they probably would have thought by now there would have been a hell of a lot more civil unrest with Patriots. Everything they’ve done has been them. Everything that’s happened has been them. And the Patriots have been smart enough not to take part in anything. I think that Trump has had a significant influence on that because he’s out there talking about positive mean.

Remember when he came out March or April when he came out and he was talking about, hey, you know what? The future is going to be bright. And remember when he’s talking about flying cars and that we’re going to be at the forefront of the flying car technology and people were laughing at him. And then, of course, then Greer comes out with the Disclosure Project thing, and he talks about how all the hidden technologies that are coming out.

And he talked about one of the things that he said in there was that roads are going to become obsolete. And that marries up with some of the stuff that Trump has had and some of the Tesla technologies and a lot of that. There’s. I think that there’s a lot of merit to that. I also think that with what Trump is saying remember when DeSantis first announced and he said, hey, elect me because I’m going to be able to serve for eight consecutive years? And Trump’s like, I don’t care.

I don’t need eight years. All I need is six. Mean, he’s saying things that are giving people hope, and he is the overwhelming favorite. Yeah, I did think more people were going to fall for his shenanigans, and I was one of the first ones that came out and talked about him being two years ago. But, I mean, just to see that nobody bid it and really nobody’s taking the bait, that shows you how awake people are.

Well, there’s a few people that have who is the guy on the guy? He’s got, like, white hair, and he lived in California and what’s his name? Mitchell. Bill Mitchell, I think is his name anywhere. He had a huge Twitter presence or whatever, and he was all in the Trump train in 2016, again in 2020, and then he totally ditched totally ditched him and was on the DeSantis train.

His detriment. His detriment. And so was Mike Cernovich. I remember Mike Cernovich. Yeah, that’s right. Mike Cernovich ditched him, too. And then Mike Cernovich says, I was wrong, and he came out and he says, I was wrong. And then, of course, him and Bill Mitchell got into a big Cernovich did ditch DeSantis again. Yeah, he was wrong. He was just listening to me the first time. But my point is, there’s no way when you analyze it just from a political analysis, you’ve got to recognize that Trump is this had to happen.

It had to be this way. Why are you saying that? Because I had a video with Juan today about that, and it was all about why it was so important for him really to lose it had to be this way. Because what it did was it showed all of the economy that he had was not a very good economy. I mean, if you really understand it from a fundamental perspective, the economy wasn’t good.

But see, most people are, and I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, it was a good, somewhat good economy in the system. The system needs to come down. Well, no, what he did was he made it so that there was so much money out there that he printed the hell out of the dollar. And when he printed the hell out of the dollar, what it did was it cheapened everything, plus he lowered taxes, and he made us energy independent, and he did a lot of really good things on that.

So for that perspective, it was good, but he accelerated the money printing to such a degree. You remember what they called the roaring 20s, right? The Roaring 20s were so good because the banks, they flooded the country with money it was like free money everywhere. And what they did is they tightened it. They caused a crash, and then they tightened all the money and all the bank runs and everything.

And that what it did, was it sent us into depression for nearly almost a decade. We really didn’t come out of it until after World War II. So it was almost 15 years of depression. Well, that is kind of what Trump did. In a microcosm, he printed the hell out of the money because he increased the money supply by a factor of five fold. And so what it did was it gave it the illusion that we had a good economy.

There were good things that were happening, but under the surface, at the fundamental level, it was really sick. But he literally handed Biden a bomb, a ticking time bomb. Right. But I think we can all agree that this whole deck of cards needs to come. Biden, in a sense, is doing what he’s supposed to do, which is the whole damn thing. Well, I get a little bit of feedback from this, but I actually think that Biden, or whoever is masquerading him as him, is basically it’s a second term of Trump, just clandestinely, because there’s a lot of things that he left in place that yeah, that kind of boggles.

My mean, is it a I mean, this is for sure a confusing watched Nick Alvir. He did a show called The Greatest or he just released a new movie called The Greatest Show on Earth. Yeah, he told me about that. He texted me about was yeah, I watched it last night. I actually played it from I haven’t seen it yet. Is it pretty good? Well, it was interesting.

It was very similar to the Bonfire guy video, but it was a little bit different because it came from the perspective of Derek Johnson. And I’m not a big 1871 Constitution guy. I’m not big on that because I think people misunderstand that. But he made some very interesting points, and some of it I agree with. I probably agreed with about 90% of what was said in the movie, and there was a few things that I disagreed with, but I think in print, taken as a whole, I think he’s very close to on the mark, and it kind of goes, I’m going to watch it.

Okay. I’m going to watch it. But I think Derek nick juan goes to you. All of us people need to realize we’re all trying to add nobody knows everything. Nobody does. We’re all just trying to put pieces of the puzzle, our own piece in to make the bigger picture, right? That’s it. Nobody knows exactly with certainty what’s going on. Nobody does. We’re all trying to make sense of it together.

And I think everyone contributes their piece, and I think they all have, and I think we all have, and we’re all just trying to make sense of it. I mean, anybody who says they know exactly what’s going on and not even Juan claims that. And a lot of people need to stop that with him because not even Juan claims that. It’s a fluid fight and it’s move and counter move.

I get a lot of people who ask me about Juan and I say, I think Juan has the best of all the people that are out there. I think he has the best grasp, grasp about what’s happening. And he speaks in code and he speaks slow, and it takes him forever to get a thought out because he speaks slow, and it takes him a lot of words to say to get a thought out.

And I think a lot of people it’s because he’s going at a speed. He wants to go. Trust me, when I talk to him on the phone, it’s a much different conversation. I’m like, Juan, why can’t we just say this? He doesn’t want to do it that way, right? He just doesn’t want to do it that way. But I have the ability to decipher a lot of the things that he’s saying.

I don’t know why, but everything that he says, it’s just like, okay, that makes total sense to me. And when I listen to it’s, like, oh, man, that makes so much sense. And he influences me probably more than most. But I take his stuff. I take Jim Willie stuff. You got to put it all together, man. And I put it together. But so few people go into all these different silos and bring these silos together because information out there is so compartmentalized and so many channels out there, they don’t factor in all the different I do at Nino’s Corner TV.

I know you do. I know you do better than a lot of people, but there are a lot of channels out there that they just focus on one tiny little silo. There’s an analogy that I absolutely love. It was done by Mike King, and he says if I gave you 100 piece puzle and I told you that it was of a beach in Hawaii and you put 30 pieces together and you see a polar bear and a penguin and a glacier, you don’t have the entire piece puzzle put together.

So you can’t see what it is, but you have enough of it put together that you know that it ain’t a beach in Hawaii, right? I kind of feel like that is where we are. We don’t have all the pieces to put together, but we do see things in a different way because we see through the lies. We may only have 30% of it put together, but when we come together, we all add a little bit of piece and so we see a little bit different.

So I really like that about our community. Unfortunately, only time is going to tell speculate all we want, but really only time is going to tell with all this. I mean, we are headed into uncharted waters and uncertain times, for sure. And like I said before I started this video, we can all feel it. We all feel it. Well, and you know what? Honestly, from a human psychology perspective, the thing that people fear the most is the unknown.

That is what people fear the most. And that’s why I get email after email after email people saying what’s going to happen next month? What’s going to happen? You said this was going to happen. It never happened. It’s like, man, give me a chance here. We’re trying to figure this out together. Right? Well, you know what? The thing about it is that people look to you as a leader.

I have no problem with that. Yeah, and I have no problem with that either. Dude. Dude, I can’t believe this. Dude, my channel is at almost 10,000 subs that’s good. On Rumble. I started like, what, a year ago, right? So it’s I’m what’s your only fans up to? Don’t I don’t tell that information. You’re not supposed to say that. Oh, man. Ron, I love you, man. By the way, you still need to make your trip to El Paso.

I know. Well, I sent a message to your girl, and it’s like, hey, man, hold it on to the money till you get here, buddy. I know, brother. I know. Well, hey, actually, I have to go to Atlanta October 4. Yeah, way out of the way. But when I get back, I’d rather drive than all right, man. Well, I’m going to put this up on Flufftube tomorrow. Do you want to give a shout out to your channel? Yeah.

You find me at untold History Channel? That’s my rumble channel. I’m actually building a website that’s going to be untoldhistory us. I don’t know if that URL takes you to my channel right now, but I’m the Untold History Channel on Rumble. But I got another URL called Untold History TV, but that one is still not I haven’t pointed that someplace, but I’m just untold History. And I’ll send you a link so you can put it in the description.

And I’ll probably get in the actually, what I’ll do is when you post it, I’ll say something in there and then you could yeah, jump in there. Because I forget a lot, you know? I do, bro. Punches to the head, you know what I’m saying? Yeah. That’s why we got you a live O two machine, man. And I’m still using it. It’s awesome, dude. That thing is awesome, isn’t it? I use mine a lot.

Yeah, freaking awesome. All right, well, thank you, Ron. Dude, my pleasure, man. And this was totally, like unscripted. Yeah, unscripted. I texted him and he’s like, hey, let’s do a show. And I’m like, oh, let’s do it. All right, cool. Ron, thank you. Hey, man. Oh, thank you, brother. I appreciate it. Always love coming on your show, man. So you do an awesome job. You do too, bro.

Thank you, brother. Appreciate it. .


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