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➡ This is a summary of an excerpt from a Republic Broadcasting Network broadcast hosted by Jim Fetzer on September 5, 2003. Fetzer discusses allegations against high-profile political figures, including Mike Pence, Mitt Romney, and Rod Rosenstein, and their supposed sabotage against Donald Trump. He mentions a “Dirty Tricks Squad” in Baltimore accused of illegal spying and manipulation, recounts information about compromising affairs the Vice President was involved in, and discusses a supposed plot to remove Trump from presidency using the 25th Amendment spearheaded by Rosenstein and others. The allegations are reportedly supported by whistleblower and former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.
➡ The text presents allegations against well-known figures propagating misinformation on broadcast television, knowingly voicing government propaganda, and accuses some of them of deceptively supporting false personal and political narratives. It suggests an interconnectedness between government, media, and large tech corporations, with commentators voicing concerns over censorship and a call for transparency.
➡ The speaker expresses anger over Marshall William Francis Deegan’s portrayal as a fighter against neo-Nazis in northern Idaho, criticizing the unjust labeling of Randy Weaver – a former Green Beret in Vietnam – as a white supremacist. The speaker applauds Bo Greitz for his intervention and negotiation for Weaver’s release, saving the Weaver family, and resents the attempts to brand all of them as domestic terrorists.
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➡ The text discusses a theory by Robert Brahme, a forensic arborist, suggesting that the La Haina fires in Hawaii could be due to a directed energy weapon; the implications from various vaccine doses on the immune system and a conspiracy about mass control by powerful entities; emerging patterns in property ownership by billionaires in Maui, and possible biases in the legal cases against Donald Trump. The danger posed by vaccines and potential crises are emphasized.
➡ Trump utilized his defiant mugshot to rally his support base and raise funds for his presidential campaign. RFK Jr.’s request to prevent Google from censoring his alleged medical misinformation was dismissed by a federal judge, raising concerns about freedom of speech.
➡ Mixed views exist around mask mandates and vaccine effectiveness, while concerns continue over the rapid mutation of the virus. Despite potential harmful effects, some institutions continue to enforce mask mandates.
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➡ Publishers like Antelope Hill Publishing are focusing on providing a platform for politically dissident and provocative works, expanding readers’ perspectives.
➡ There’s rising discontent over Biden’s administration, blamed for creating major issues such as the border crisis. Yet, his press representative posits Biden as the best at his job, sparking further controversy.
➡ Beer consumption in the U.S. could face restrictions following Canada’s lead, leading to public backlash.
➡ The text speaks of Jim Fetzer’s discourse on his show ‘Authentic News’, discussing Biden’s government and its policies. Fetzer along with callers discuss various issues like oxygen-enhancing tea, the allegations of government institutions allegedly discriminating against whites and conservatives, the perceived damage done by Biden, Obama, and their associates to the country, and allegations of corruption tied to Obama’s tenure. Some callers also question the promotion of LGBTQ+ rights and its impact on societal norms. The conversation also points toward Biden possibly facing an impeachment inquiry.
➡ The callers on a talk show discuss various topics, from speculations about political scandals, to issues of immigration, particularly in relation to Mexico and the U.S. They air grievances against current politicians, and the perceived manipulation of election results, as well as expressing concern about the future, with some believing the U.S. is on the brink of a civil war.
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➡ In a radio discussion, callers expressed disillusionment with the political system, arguing it’s devoid of law, constitutional principle, lacks effective government, and the speakers suggest that peaceful reform seems impossible, and a violent revolution might be inevitable.
➡ The text presents an engaging dialogue from a radio talk show discussing various topics from the effectiveness of an organizational software, personal life experiences, thoughts about a concurrently contentious political environment, and lastly, an in-depth opinion from a structural engineer defending Donald Trump’s ability to manage the United States government based on his past business achievements.
➡ The text contains various radio show callers discussing their political views, majorly focusing on Trump’s accomplishments, the situation in Ukraine, the rise of foreign-born workers in the US workforce, and concerns over censorship.


This is RBN, the Republic Broadcasting Network. Got a good reason for taking the easy way out. Got a good reason for taking the easy way out. Now it was a dead trip up one way ticket. Yes, it down the pineapple. I don’t know. Well, we’re finding out a lot these days. This is Jim Fetzer, your host on Authentic News, right here on RBN, his fifth day of September 2003, live.

James Clapper unlikely source is coming clean about what’s been going on behind the scenes and how powerful forces have aligned to sabotage Donald Trump. Some of them included familiar names, rod Rosenstein of the FBI, for example, mike Pence, Mitt Romney, and other miscreants. You’ll see, they resented Trump because they didn’t think he was entitled to the presidency because he hadn’t earned his way. Clapper has a lot to say.

You can find this all over the social media, including on my Twitter site, Twitter at Jim Fletzer. Here we go. Specialty. And he had done this at the county and state levels. Why he the text is given on the video. Domestic terrorism within the country and access was limited to a certain group headed by Ron Roosevelt. This came known as the Dirty Tricks Squad in Baltimore. They were using a hammer, sunrise, things like that, to illegally spy when people corrupted, corrupt judges, compromised them.

otherGoing they concentrated on judges, but they wanted to concentrate on this and they would illegally compromise people. Wiretap break to the computers, change information, change emails, things of that nature. It was in this capacity of working with them that information about the judges, roberts and Pennsylvania, things like that have come out. I’ve tried several times in the past to get it out and was thoroughly squashed by Rod and the DOJ and the FBI to horrible extent.

I tried to get in 2015, tried to enroll them and go to the Department of Homeland Security. But on the video, I tried to warn President Trump about people that he was dealing with daily, and especially Rob Pence, things like that, as they were working together to remove them, trying to compromise people around them, get their name they possibly could. How were Rod and Rod Rosenstein and Mike Pence connected? That group? I mean, our line are connected in one way or another.

That particular group was Rod, AP, pence, Paul Ryan, that was the core of that group, robbers in there, but that was the core of it. And it was an attempt where Rod was the brilliant legal mind behind it to remove President Trump under the 25th Amendment. But that was a principal movie muscle by being passed over for promotion, which they both felt they were AP. Pence hated President Trump because he had taken his slot as rightful president.

He felt that he did. And Paul Ryan was actually considered running as well for vice presidential slot. And then Romney was also involved, but they thought President Trump was an outsider who had not paid his dues. They just didn’t like. Pence was once President Trump was elected Vice President pence I just walked away and everything became very quiet. I was there mole inside so I wouldn’t run interference, speak certain things, just keep tabs on the President, manage him.

So was this a friendly relationship between Mike Pence and Rosenstein? Or was there any kind of leverage being placed on the President or the Vice President at the time? There was leverage on Mike Pence because of surveillance from way back in 2013 range that they had fight some warrants to exploit. And Rod had that he wanted to be vice president, slot himself. If they could remove President Trump, vice President Pence becomes president.

And Rod felt that he would be the natural selection for it. Paul Ryan felt differently, as did Romney, but that was the overall goal, each one of them fighting for the vice presidential slot. Rob thought he was a clear winner because of his legal brilliance and his management of the Mueller investigation and special counsels and things. He would be the one to remove the President, Dan James, so thoroughly.

He could be removed, and he deserved it. Do you know what type of leverage would have existed under the Vice President? The Vice President has had homosexual relations in the past. Many of them were revolts. This is something he had done throughout his time in Congress when he became governor. He had felt that he was free to explore them more. There are two specifically that they had recorded.

One gentleman, roughly 20 years his junior. They had a fairly steady relationship. There was one about half his age. It was much more sporadic because it was more dangerous, harder time alone. And it was that second one that introduced younger, younger people. This is whomever, he’s 17, he’s 13. And Rob and Roberts, Chief Justice Roberts. A lot of the younger people involved, ones that were brought as favors, were supplied by Jeffrey Epstein’s channels.

Through his channels, his people get vice warrants because, of course, Chief Justice Robson had the court and helped him prepare him. But it was also epstein was an intelligence asset with various agencies around the world. They used his information, they exploited it for their own good. So when he was here or his people were here, it was easy enough to justify a FISA warrant on them. I would enact a warrant, surveil everything, document it, but they would not help anyone.

They would not save the child. They would not reveal it was more important than the leverage on everything. Of course, this is under their own corrupt ideas, but under Rod they want to do literature. All right, so I’m going to ask you if we could get into some more of the details with the dirty trick squad and how Rosenstein was a part of that group, and if Roberts had any type of interaction with the group as well, this group of people that were either dirty or they controlled.

I was one of those controlled others. Rod, Sean Henry, FBI. Sean Bridgens, Secret Service. Joseph Rosani, who was the DEA. Boris Shock was ATF who was the TFO with the DEA, but he was formerly Baltimore County Police. This was the basis of the very trick squad. Computer expert in the muscle, detective experts, and that’s what they were doing. And there was another group in Fort Washington. This was a satellite location in Baltimore just for really illegal stuff, for legal communications, hacking, phone tapping, you name it.

And those people, they concentrated their main focus all the time. Title three judges, federal judges, but they were after him. Political rivals, sitting politicians, anybody needed to go after anybody reported at. They went after family members of judges and compromised people as much as they possibly could. They had no problem hacking computers and planting information to compromise people. This is something they had done numerous times. Rod had done this for years and years.

So Bridges, where they would finagle a case that they had before the court, where, for instance, they would arrest the German, and he had money, he had property, and he had the resources to fight them. We didn’t like that. So Sean would go in plant shopping point on the computer and leave examination. Now you got this on there? I don’t know anything about it. What’s on there? I’m going to charge it.

And then he would he didn’t want that ruined his life. Didn’t want to go to prison as a pedophile. It happens and things like that. They would use this as leverage in hundreds and hundreds, hundreds of cases. And then he would plead persons in charge would plead to a lesser charge. That would not show up on the record, but he would have to forfeit property, money to take them their percentage off.

Sean Bridges was particularly good at specialty, and he had done this at the county and state level. His wife, and got in trouble a couple of times, which is why he came under the sleeve of Roberts. John did not like Obama, didn’t like Hillary. He had access to the White House, Air Force One, the CIA, NSA. He had those kind of clearances. He’s the number one expert on forensic.

He studied the computers and for was the government was he the government employee? Was the contractor service at the computers. I’m good at the computers. I’m not doing the led. But he’s just one of those people willing to do it. James Clapper was interrogated numerous times. This is just a small portion. There’s a note on this saying that he’s scared of them because they killed his girlfriend’s, daughter’s, boyfriend.

Be that as it may, what we’ve got here is a revelation from James Clapper, who was the head of the NSA, guy in a position to know that they were going after judges for example, planning porn on their computers that had happened hundreds of times. Really, truly despicable. So if you want more, check it out on my Twitter site at jim Fetzer. It won’t be hard to find.

Meanwhile, Tucker’s blowing the whistle on a lot of big deals too. Here he’s talking about CNN anchors. Get this, what’s your take on a Wolf Blitzer type? Because whenever I take a close look at his history, actually, I’m always like, why would he do this? Why would he say a bunch of stuff he doesn’t believe or he must know is untrue? Like what? He sat there as this sort of elder statesman of news and just sort of lied right through COVID and many other subjects.

Why would he do that? Why would he do it to his know? I worked with Wolf for years, never had a problem with it was always that no one wants to hear it. I’m sure most people won’t believe it, but I can tell you, having lived it for many years, it’s true. The intel agencies have a big effect on what is broadcast on television and what you see on Facebook and Google as mean they’re all up and down Facebook and Google, as I’m sure you, you know, there are a lot of anchors who, including people I know well and have worked with at different networks.

I’m thinking of one in particular, national security reporter, who is just a mouthpiece for the Pentagon and the CIA and is knowingly telling lies on their behalf. It’s very, very common, very common. And I can think of a number of people at CNN who I know for a fact are doing that exact mean. They’re reading government propaganda from the intel agencies, knowingly, and I’m sure they’ve got some internal rationale that allows them to get up in the morning and face themselves despite having done something that’s dishonest.

But I’m just telling you, bottom line, I know that is true. I’m not speculating at all. And in particular on the national security stuff, there are very well known national security reporters, and I’m thinking of one female national security reporter in particular who just reads lies from the national security state. And it’s wildly frustrating and it would just make me mad. I mean, even if I don’t agree with the lies, okay, but even if I did agree with the lies, I would be offended because they’re lies.

They’re lies. Like when CIA and the Pentagon were claiming that Bashar al Assad used poison gas against his own people. There was no evidence that was true. I mean, maybe it was true. There was no evidence it was true. None. Zero. And I called them out and they could not provide any evidence. And yet every national security and it was a big deal, and we killed a lot of people in response.

We sent in missiles and killed a lot of people. We took human life in response to that. Claim. And it was, as far as I can tell, a lie. And every national security reporter, every channel repeated it uncritically. The Biden administration blew up Nordstream and created the largest act of industrial sabotage in history, the largest manmade CO2 emission in history, in environmental crime. This is a huge deal that’s happened.

And every national security reporter looked right in the camera and said, well, we think Russia did it. Well, they knew Russia didn’t do it. That’s a lie. And they knew it was a lie. So I just think and again, I’m not speculating. I spent my life in this business, so I’ve seen it. People underestimate the degree to which the people sitting on the news, possibly even Wolf Blitzer, are repeating talking points from the intel agencies and doing it on purpose.

It’s scary, man, really scary. Well, it’s well known. I think that what Blitzer and Anderson Cooper, among others, are in that category. We have a situation here. Let me see where I can pull it up. Where Tucker is now calling out the Obamas that Brock is gay and that Michelle is a man, which of course, I’ve been reporting for some time. So I’m very glad to have it here with Tucker.

I’ll now play that segment, too, for you. Here we go. The world I lived in, in northwest DC. Like everyone, works either directly for the government or is a parasite on government, effectively including people I love and know really well. And the media is too, by the way. I mean, the media is reporting on government, but it’s also dependent on government. In 2008, it became really clear that Barack Obama had been having sex with men and smoking crack, and a guy came forward, Larry Sinclair, and said, I’ll sign an affidavit.

And he did. I’ll take a lie detector. And he did. I smoked crack with Barack Obama and had sex with him. Well, that was obviously true. Nobody reported it, not because they were squeamish about sex or drugs, but because the Obama campaign said, anyone who reports in this gets no access to the Obama campaign, and so they didn’t report on it. So that happens. That’s just one small example, but that happens all the time with lots of different issues.

Do you believe that transpired, or do you believe the guy is legitimate? Or both? Oh, the Larry Sinclair story. Oh, that definitely happened. Oh, for sure. I mean, I’ve talked to Larry Sinclair about it, and definitely it happened. Larry Sinclair has been in and out of prison during one period 40 years ago. He was in and out of prison. He’s got a criminal record by definition. He’s poor.

He’s got a disordered life. He’s missing a tooth. He’s not an Atlantic fellow. He’s not going to the Aspen Ideas festival. I think he has a record of deception. It is apparently he had a grand jury indictment from two weeks after I went public on Obama accusing me of death that never took place. Shortly before you made these public allegations about Obama, you were contacted, you say, by a man named Donald Young.

Donald Young was the choir director in Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago. This is the church Obama attended? Exactly. And what did Donald Young tell you? That he, too, had intimate relations with Barack Obama and hatha for years and that I needed when Michelle’s Mad when Michelle’s Mad when my mind oh, my. Oh, my. Not really a Freudian slip, is it? It is a Freudian flip. Again, Michelle Obama is the man.

Oh, yeah. I mean, you you can call it, like, racist or chauvinist and say she’s just but look, how can you explain this? Explain this right here. She’s dancing on Ellen DeGeneres show. There’s something jiggling in her, if you have it. Well, there’s a lot going on here, and I’ve been informed that the audio track isn’t that great and you’ve had trouble figuring it out, but Tucker is really laying out a lot of truth, just as we have James Clapper.

I mean, with Tucker, it’s unsurprising, though. I like that he seemed to be coming around to appreciate conspiracies of various kinds, because it’s always seemed to me he was a bit wet behind the ear in that area. But here he’s calling out CNN anchors as mouthpieces Barack Obama’s having had gay sex with Larry Sinclair while he was drinking a crackpipe. The links to these stories, by the way, of course, all be in my video version up on my BitChute channel.

Jim Petzer. We now have a Russian state TV host who suggests that Tucker has signed its own death warrant by calling out that west wants to provoke a war with Russia. Here he said, the main reason for Tucker’s potential troubles I’ll not forgive it for the fact that he strives to interview our President Putin and post the footage on a platform with no censorship. For years, he promoted the idea of granting Tucker’s longstanding wish to interview Pitt, but it’s got to do with calling out the US desire for war.

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com to get your five easy steps on how to avoid the IRS income tax. Escape the IRS let avoidincometax. com help you we guarantee our five easy steps or your money back go to avoidincometax. com it. Here come old flat Top he comes goofing up slowly got juju, I bow he wants holy roller he got hair down to his knee got to be a joker he just do what he please well, while the Russian anchor thinks that Tucker now has a target on his back, and he literally means assassination.

There. I think it’d be no doubt Tucker’s got it right. The west wants a hot war with Russia, which would have devastating consequences. We have a brand new report. Russia declared its Satan Two intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads have been placed on combat duty for the first time. Known officially as Semhat, russia categorizes the missile as a super weapon. It was initially revealed in 2018, planned for combat deployment by the end of 2022.

Here we are, well into 2023. The Satan Two has 15 independently targetable warheads. It’s really serious. And the fact of the matter is a single one of these missiles could take out the whole country of France. Meanwhile, we have further confirmation of the willingness of dirty tricks to be performed. We got a former battalion prime Minister claiming that France shot down a domestic flight in 1980 in a failed attempt to take out Gamar Gaddafi.

I mean, it shot down a plane, 81 persons died. This is how bad it’s become. Just no respect for human life whatsoever. Meanwhile, this is an article that was published a while back in 2022 by Philip Geraldi. He explains or addresses how Jewish is the war against Russia. Let’s be honest about promoting it. He has a whole lot to say. You can find this on my blog@jameshfetser. org.

Five years ago, I wrote a piece entitled america’s Views are Driving America’s Wars. Turned out to be the most popular piece I’ve ever written. I was rewarded by being immediately fired by the American Conservative magazine where I’d been a regular and highly popular contributor for 14 years. I opened the article with a brief encounter with a supporter I’d met shortly before at an anti war conference. The elderly gentleman asked why doesn’t anyone speak honestly about the 600 pound gorilla in the room? Nobody has mentioned Israel at the conference and we now know it’s American Jews with all their money and power supporting every weak war in the Middle East for Netanyahu.

Shouldn’t we start calling them out and not letting them get away with it? Of course, based upon my collaborative research in relation to 911, where I founded scholars for 911 Truth and brought together hundreds of experts from around the world, it turns out that 911 was orchestrated by the CIA, the neocons, and the department of Defense, who’d come from the project for a New American Century that were basically advocating a new Pearl Harbor.

And the most sought where the brain trust was BB. Netanyahu and ehood Umar, who dreamed up the idea in 1980. Larry Silverstein, of course, a close personal friend of Bibi Netanyah, who they talk every Sunday. The property was transferred by Jewish Zionists on the Port Authority into Silverstein property’s hands just six weeks before he fired. The security firm that had been taking care of the complex since it first opened in 1970, renegotiated his insurance policy to include an anti terrorist clause.

What Geraldi does too. The whole idea was to create a pretext for America to send troops to the Middle East so they could be used to take out the modern Arab state that served as a counterbalance to Israel’s domination of the entire region and eventually to confront the Jewish nation of Iran. Just a couple paragraphs. To put it bluntly many US government and media Jews hate Russia, even though they benefited substantially as a group by virtue of their preeminent role in the looting of the former Soviet Union under Boris Yeltsin and continue to be among the most prominent Russian oligarchs.

Many of the oligarch billionaires like Boris Bevazovsky self exiled when Vladimir Putin obtained power and began to crack down on their tax avoidance and other illegal activity. Many moved to Western Europe where some bought up football teams, others went south and obtained Israeli citizenship. Their current grievances somewhat reflect their tribe’s demand for perpetual victimhood and the deference plus forgiveness of all sins that conveys with a self promoted tales of persecution going back to the days of the Tsars.

Full of allegations about Pilgrims and Cossacks arriving in the Night stories that rival many of the Holocaust fabrications. In terms of their lack of credibility, many Jews, particularly younger, are finding it difficult to support a part. Helena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been listen a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door who is it for? I want the truth.

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This is why this is driven so ferociously with no restraint. And of course, it’s a virtually taboo subject to talk about the role of Israel on American politics, even though our Congress is Israeli occupied territory. I mean, it’s just outrageous. I do not regard any of this as anti Semitic. It’s all based on politics. I’m talking about politics driven by a certain ideology which happened to be one that not all Jews share.

Namely an ideology of Jewish superiority over the other races. That they are God’s chosen people, that they are entitled to dominion over the entirety of earth. Not just the parts that they happen to occupy at present, but all of it. And you have to get deep into passages of Isaiah and the Bible, for example, and other sources to understand fully the implications here and why they have no respect for the other races.

Manakam Bagan was very explicit about this, as have been other Israeli PMS. By declaring that the Jews are as superior to the other races as all of humanity is to the animals in the field. That’s how they feel about it. You got to understand this. I highly recommend Geraldi’s article you can find on my blog@jameshfetzer. org. Meanwhile, turning to Hawai, edward Hendry has published a wonderful piece by Forensic Aborist.

This is a guy, an expert on trees, and he does forensic analysis of what’s going on. His name Robert Brahm. Robert Brahme, Henry writes, is a forensic arborist with more than 38 years of experience. He opines it with some kind of he takes us through evidence indicating the La Haina immolation was not a natural fire. He opines it was some kind of directed energy weapon using microwaves. Most notably points out that the Lahaina trees appear stress, probably dead or dying, but that their branches and leaves did not burn.

He points out that the trees have had the moisture sucked out of them, much like a microwave oven does to a piece of bread. He makes note of the fact that the windows and the cars are all melted. That would be impossible for a wildfire which burns at 1447 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s under ideal condition. Frankly, most wildfires, ordinary grass fires don’t even get over 400 degrees. So what’s talking about there is the potential of a heavily forest area reaching, under certain circumstances, such a high temperature, but it.

Most certainly did not happen in Maui. It would take a temperature of at least 2500 degrees Fahrenheit to melt glass. So even if you took that extreme temperature, you’re talking about 1000 degrees higher than that extreme temperature, which is already 1000 degrees higher than what we had with ordinary grass fires. Many of the cars, moreover, were nowhere near any source of fuel that could have burned at that temperature.

Even gasoline doesn’t burn that hot. A hydrocarbon fire in the atmosphere burns at a max temperature of 1517 degrees Fahrenheit. Closer to that most intense in a forest fire of around 1447, but far below, again nearly 1000 degrees what it would take to melt glass. Brahme has personally investigated more than 100 alleged wildfires. He’ll find from his on the screen observation. About 35 of those he’s investigated were caused by, get this directed energy weapons with a primary electromagnetic energy being in the microwave frequency.

He offers that opinion to the nature of the damage where metals are destroyed and wooden plastics are not burned unless they are in close proximity. Close proximity to a dense metal. All this very powerful stuff. John Kaminsky, by the way, quite another brilliant guy. Talks about the slaughter day matinee. What occurred here? Check this out. Get your popcorn ready and settle in. For the last days of your life, which would you prefer? The blue laser or the poison jab? You’ll have to take them at their word.

You can’t just chalk it up to political hyperbole or boastful bragging. When they say they’re going to reduce the world’s population, they mean it. And by now you know their diabolical project is well underway. What kind of masochistic madness would propel the most powerful men in the world to renounce civilization in the name of health or devise a medicine that the more you took, the more likely it was going to kill you? Read this and weep.

The results of this study, shown graphically here, demonstrate the more doses of the original vaccine you took, the more likely you were to catch COVID In other words, the original vaccine is not merely ineffective against Omnicron, it is actually antieffective. It is therefore not a vaccine against a present strain of COVID It is an antivaccine. It damages your immune system in a dose dependent manner. The more shots you take, the more damage you will have done to your immune system.

The writer first saw this from PHE Public Health England Vaccine surveillance report and published his findings to the PHE themselves and on website The Expose on 10 October 2021. The science has now been established by the Cleveland Clinic. Genetic vaccines damage your immune system and make you not less likely, but more likely to be infected with COVID Not only that, but they have horrendous side effects on the cardiovascular, neurological and reproductive systems as well.

They are nothing short of mandatory progressive euthanasia. And all your trusted leaders, your venerated anchormen, your pious preachers and pedophile teachers say, get the jab. It’s the surest way to protect the ones you love. That was before the lady from Pfizer told the Dutch senator the clot shot was never tested for its ability to jump to others in a breath, a touch or a kiss, meaning it does nothing to inhibit transmission.

The shots that were supposed to protect others from us does nothing to the kind. It not only doesn’t protect them because it does nothing to inhibit transmission. It doesn’t protect us, but it actually weakens our immune systems. Blue roofs are suddenly all over the news. Not the blue tarps seen on the roofs of Florida houses after the latest hurricane. These blue roofs are on certain telltale houses in Maui, the ones that weren’t reduced to white ash after the recent Hawaiian Holocaust.

Funny how those houses with blue roofs seem to be owned by billionaires oprah Zac Bezos, who all immediately offered to buy the charred remains of houses that did not have blue roofs. The ones in which the cinder corpses of children who were told to stay home from school that day were among the supposed 2400 kids still missing. But the Hawaiian Holocaust, the proper definition of the word death of many by fire was merely a bellwether symbol of what had been happening all over the world, up and down the lush ravines of Canada, all over Africa and South America.

The end is in sight, and it’s all on fire. The end of humanity, I mean. He ends. And there’s more again. Find it on my blog@jameshfetcher. org. People on Kelowna on pristine McDougall Creek watch as their neighbors across the lake burn to a crisp. Firemen wouldn’t help them. They light back hours when the wind is blowing the wrong way. We saw that in Lahena. During the exercise that turned Maui into a 50 minutes city for billionaires.

The homeless man walked assably and wondered why the cops wouldn’t let the people in cars escape the flames. They just sat there, waiting for the judgment of the illuminati. But these people burned to death. We have better plans for their land, said the Jews who run Hawaii. This is the plan for the rest of us. That’s why they burned up all those food processing plants. This is your preview of coming attractions.

Get your popcorn ready and settle in for the last days of your life. Which would you prefer, the blue laser or the poison jab? Oh, I wish I could tell you he doesn’t have it right, but those of us who have taken a good close look are convinced that actually, he does. He has it exactly right. Meanwhile, we have all kinds of reports about why the criminal cases brought against Donald Trump are going to collapse.

It has to do with a whole host of issues. Get this an attorney by the name of Leon Hart explained there’s no law in the books making it illegal for a president to try and overturn election results. So Smith, Jack Smith, the special counsel where the guys appointed prosecuting Trump, need to cook up a novel legal theory to charge Trump. As for his broader effort to overturn the election itself, no federal law specifically bars politicians from attempting to do that, Leonard continued.

He has charged Trump with criminal fraud and violating conspiracy laws that were not written to prevent overturning an election result. That’s where the Supreme Court comes into play. This past May, the Court issued a unanimous decision in the case of Kiminelli versus United States, where the justices struck down a fraud conviction on the ground that prosecutors stretched the meaning of wire fraud statutes to include activity not covered by the basic text.

Justices were not happy with prosecutors thinking the text of statutes are elastic in nature and can mean whatever the government needs them to mean in order to win a conviction against a defendant. Now, this recent precedent could form the backbone of any decision by the Supreme Court to eventually throw out a conviction against Trump if Smith wins one in the Democrat city of Washington, D. C. Of course, his prospects are quite good, given the bias of the juries there.

Meanwhile, RFK Jr. Has surprised people by his reaction to the Trump mug shot. I think this speaks well of him. Democrat candidate Robert Kennedy, heir to the Kennedy dynasty, has proven he’s unafraid of breaking with his party and speaking the truth and choosing a different route, a different path than his fellow Democrats. Once again, he appeared on Fox for an interview with jussie Waters and explained that the mug shot worked out much better for Trump than those on his side of the aisle, meaning, the Democrats want to admit.

Have you seen the Trump mug shot, Waters ass? Yeah, I did see it. RFK jr. Replied. It was an interesting and probably very shrewd decision for him to put on that very defiant face. I think it’s very popular with his base. Trump mugshot backfired on Democrats after he slapped his own Munshaw in the tagline Never Surrender on T shirts, coffee mugs and other merchandise and turn the indictment into a fundraiser for his presidential campaign, which have been proceeding extremely well.

Meanwhile, I find it’s very OD a judge has rejected RFK Jr’s request for an order blocking Google from censoring him. A federal judge has rejected a quest from presidential Kennedy RFK Jr. For an order that would block Google from censoring him. Google and its subsidiary YouTube have removed multiple videos of Mr. Kennedy in recent months because they allegedly contain medical misinformation. In other words, he’s speaking out against the Jab, speaking out against the Fox, calling out Fauci as a fraud, and they’re not going to let that be shared with the public.

The removals violated First Amendment rights because they were spurred by government policy, Kennedy’s lawyer said in a motion for a temporary restraining order evidence from another case have shown government officials regularly collaborate with big tech companies like Google to censor users and that YouTube’s policy is information contradicting. US. Center for Disease and Prevention will be censored in others. They just take for granted anything the CDC, or more broadly, the government has to say is going to be true.

And therefore anyone contradicted is speaking the false and therefore distributing false information. Meanwhile, no less a figure than Dr. Deborah Burks, former White House COVID response coordinator, reported four years in talking about speculation of a forthcoming new lockdown mandate face mask four years in. We don’t need a mandate. We need to actually empower people with information they need for themselves and family, because every family is different. And by the way, outside is safe.

Playgrounds are safe. Many places have opted for masks. Morris Brown College in Atlanta imposed a two week restriction on gatherings mandated mask wearing among students due to reported positive cases, even though masks do no good and actually do a great deal of harm. Birx has expressed apprehension regarding the continued utilization of COVID vaccines, primarily developed based on earlier virus variants. She emphasized current knowledge can identify the specific demographics requiring immunization.

You know, what’s amazing to me is we work so hard to bring innovation. Americans, weird of innovation, science and data can create new vaccines. But those who have studied, I mean, it’s not difficult to discover that. The fact of the matter is you cannot create a vaccine for a COVID virus because the coronavirus, the underlying virus, mutates too fast. So by the time you actually had a vaccine for one variant, it would have already revolved into another.

Meanwhile, of course, we get absurdities from the government, including the secretary, making her most ridiculous claim yet. This one is so bad she gets a gaslight award. We’ll be right back. Anyway, now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured. Now I find a chain of mine and open up the door. Help me homeowners if your lender has gone out of business or sold your transaction to another lender or servicer, you may be the victim of a wrongful foreclosure resulting in the loss of your home.

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They think the American people don’t pay attention to what’s going on. Many believe Biden and the entire Admin have caused more problems, hurt more people across the country than a president in history. Find policies, they say. Modern history, I think probably history, though perhaps thinking about the Civil War, a lot of people died. Find policies that made America less safe, more expensive, less secure to outside danger. The border crisis is among the biggest problems created by actions taken by Biden.

He promised from the campaign trail to open the border, and he has delivered on that promise the point that anyone, including drug gangs and foreign enemies, can come and go as they please. An even bigger problem is when his mouthpiece looks the American people in the eyes and lies. This tactic to deceive everyone was on full display this week, where his press secretary, Kareem Jean Pierre, opened her mouth and claimed Biden was the best at what he does.

When asked about Biden’s immigration policies, she made a ridiculous claim that stunned everyone’s listening. A president has done more to secure the border and to deal with this issue of immigration than anyone else, she proudly said. He really has, but he really hasn’t. Anything buys a complete pool when it comes to immigration and border security. Literally millions of illegals have crossed a border in swarms during Biden’s presidency.

And I don’t think it’s really a question of being stupid. This is a deliberate policy. There are reports now some are awakening to the fact that we are being invaded. Here’s another piece, also from DJ News. After Biden admin touts new beer guidelines, ted Cruz drops a hammer in just three. Listen to this. I mean, you thought they weren’t micromanaging your life enough. If there’s anything America would be smart not to do, it’s to follow Canada’s League, the radically socialist nation so north of us, is self destructing as we speak.

Their Tyrannical PM is clouding Canadians’rights and freedoms as he expands his own power. Despite all this, Biden thinks Canada’s failures should be the rule for us. In fact, Joe Biden’s National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism director George Kubb should be boob claimed we should follow Canada’s lead on a truly idiotic rule. The alcohol czar suggested we should obey Canada’s bizarre limits, restricting beer to just two a week.

Two a week. Ted Cruz delivered a three word response to the report, saying Biden’s alcohol czar would recommend two beers a week. Kiss my look. Eric, this is nuts. Why does Biden have an alcohol Tsar in the first place? Right back and take your calls. I want somebody to love oh I get by help from my friends gonna try from my friend I get high with help from my brain tahibo Tea Club’s original pure Pouty Arco super tea helps build red corpuscles in the blood, which carry oxygen to our organs and cells.

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For the second hour live, we have callers standing by, peter in California. Join the conversation, Peter. Hi, Jim. I talked to you last week and I was talking about BlackRock and the control of the government that the organized Jews have basically. And I wanted to point something out here because you’re going to have a lot of callers, although I’ll say as long as you feel like there’s something to be had here.

I think for the first time in world history, we have an ostensibly elected government ostensibly elected government that has targeted the large majority of its population where the institutions of the government from department of justice to education system. To even the finance system and giving out loans that are race based or what have you. Almost every single institution you can think of, from CRT to admissions to college to last.

People hired, first people fired for employment policy. And that is we have a government that institutions are aligned against a the white population, no matter what their political affiliation, even liberal whites who are too stupid to see it. So they’re actively aligned against white people. Secondly, they’re actively aligned against conservatives, no matter what color, if you’re black, if you’re Asian, if you’re a conservative, they’re against you. So we’ve gone from 60% of all the whites plus now the conservatives who are non white as well as now we’re talking what, 67, 68%.

Then we have Christians they’re targeting and of course Catholics more than anybody, but they’re targeted as well. And so we have this unelected in a supposedly democratic society where all the institutions are arrayed against really two thirds, three quarters of the population. I don’t know this has ever happened before. Oh, Peter, you’re making a wonderful move. Well, when you have a know the Bolsheviks in Russia were a tiny fragment of the population and they not only overthrew and assassinated, murdered the Tsar and his family, but millions of ordinary Russians were put to death too.

I think you’re making nice points. I mean, the situation here is simply absurd in terms of the Constitution of the United States and what would be the family value? Traditional values of Americans which remain in place but are now being challenged in warp by the fact that George Soros and others and I think Obama by getting the electoral system into FirstNet where they could monitor and change votes, even at the precinct level, has been able to get a lot of these radical district attorneys into office and others that many may not have realized were going to promote such radical agendas, such as on school boards and the like.

So you have all this transgender and critical race theory and all this other nonsense. You’re absolutely right. Discrimination against whites is discrimination, for crying out loud. Any discrimination laws apply to negative attitudes or treatment of whites, just as it does negative attitudes and treatments of blacks. In fact, when Barack Obama was elected, I regard that as a vindication of all of the efforts of American history, especially since the Civil War, to bring about a reconciliation, because what racist society would elect a black man president not just once, but twice? And that turns out this guy is a miscreant and he’s done tremendous damage to the United States and been a major traitor.

I suspect future historians, if there are any, if there is a future history to be written of the United States, because I think we know coming close to the end, as John Kaminsky is suggesting, what do you want, the blue laser or the poison jab? I think we’re in dire, dire straits. And it’s all happened in less than three years, Peter. In less than three years. Look at the damage Biden and his minions have done to this country in this brief period of time.

Your thoughts? Well, yeah, I agree. I think that Obama laid major groundwork for this because the first thing he did was other than well, he formally arrayed out in the open arrayed the national security state, and brought them into the electoral elections. I mean, from the NSA and the DOJ and the FBI formulating dossiers and all that kind of thing, because all that Russia gate stuff, that was under him, really.

It started under him and even going back to the IRS when they were targeting the conservative groups like in 2010. So he formally arrayed all those the secret police basically, against all the political enemies. That’s his major legacy, in my opinion. But he’s out of power now. You make good points. And Clapper was actually confirming a whole lot of this. I mean, I was rather astonished to hear this guy, whom I have not in the past held in high esteem, revealing a whole lot of sordid truths about how Rod Rosenstein was masterminding a legal move against Donald Trump.

And they was aided and abetted by figures like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, michael Pence and all his revelations about manipulating judges, how hundreds of times they got into their computers and stashed child porn and the like so they could manipulate them. I mean, it is truly disgusting. And they were even so arrogant about it, they thought they deserved a place on the presidential vice presidential ticket. Rod Rosenstein thought he was an obvious candidate to be a vice presidential nominee along with Mike Pence.

I mean, give me a well, I would like if the audio had been better, you can find it on my Twitter at Jim Fetz or just do a search on James Clabber. It’s going to pop up. Yeah. Peter, you want to add another word or two? Yeah. I was going to say know all this from the national security, the secret police is what they really are now. But even the two impeachments were like jukus, frankly.

Look at the people carrying it out. All the people in Congress, all the know, they’re terrified. I think that they’re terrified right now that Biden is close to some sort of impeachment inquiry. And I think that’s why Zelensky is purging as part of Kolamoiski. And know all these guys are. Because if that comes up, then all the stuff with Sam Bankman Freed and the financing of the Democratic and some of the Republican Party as well through the Bitcoin stuff will come to the fore.

And I think they’re starting to rid themselves of that. But all that stuff, all that corruption came about with Obama and the coup in the Ukraine and so on and so forth. And let me make one more point about all the gay stuff and the LGBQ stuff and how this came about. In 2002, Obama was a freshman senator and Hillary Clinton, who was a freshman senator, and all these people in the Democratic Party came out publicly.

Bill Clinton, former president at the time, came out and said they were against gay marriage. But then you get Disney and the people who actually set the culture, who are all the Jewish owned entertainment industry that have like RuPaul Hour and all these things started coming up and normalizing it through the media, through the culture stuff. And by 2012 was the law of the land. I think the greater the influence of Barack and Michelle, who’s of course a man with breast implants.

I mean, this is a bizarre couple. I think they want to normalize people like them. I mean, I think that’s got a lot to do with this and they’re trying to do it at a young age. They’re trying to what normal Americans would regard as pervert little kids in elementary school. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. I think it has a whole lot to do with the fact that they are a very peculiar pair, when you get down to it.

If you follow their history, where Brock had this torrent affair with Ram Emanuel at the bathhouses of yeah, it appears Michelle was know jealous of Ram and had him sent back to Chicago where he would become the mayor, of course. And that she said, this has happened several times and I just the Safari Campbell thing in Martha’s Vineyard I think is going to prove to be far more significant than many who’d like to just sort of ignore it.

I mean, all the signs are there of a cover up of what I would take to be not intentional murder, but they got into some kind of sex romp like Paul Pelosi and his friend David in San Francisco, and one of them wound up dead. And then they had the problem. Yeah. Yeah. How do you cover it up as opposed to the body and all that? And I’ve inventoried a whole lot of aspects of this.

I don’t think it’s going to go away. Listen, Peter, I appreciate your call. You had a lot to say, and I’m glad you shared it with us. Tom, join the conversation. Yes, hello. Can you hear? Yeah, another really good call by very, very knowledgeable. Yeah. What I got to say is, have you been watching what’s going on lately with Israel? And have you seen what’s going on in Mexico? Tell us what you’re talking about, Tom.

Okay, first off, in Mexico, the American government’s basically calling the American consulate in one city in Mexico. You better be careful. You’re going to get kidnapped or shot, murdered or held for ransom. And this is going on because the cartels are going nuts over there in Mexico. And then also you have Benny nanjahu. They had a big riot over this weekend with a bunch of black Africans from Africa and Jahu.

This hypocrite I mean, what’s going on is hypocritical. I don’t know about him, but he’s basically saying, if you commit one more act of violence in this country of Israel, you’re going to be deported right back to Africa. Well, that should be happening right here. We should never allow any of these illegals to come here to understand like Biden. It’s called the illegal immigration. They’re illegal. That’s breaking federal law.

Biden should be held for dereliction of duty, should be arrested and taken over to Leavenworth. If one American got murdered, it’s one too many, and he’s guilty of murder. Joe Biden. Joe Biden committed murder. And he committed murder with a fentanyl. I couldn’t agree more, Tom. I mean, if we only adopted the same immigration policies as Mexico, we’d be ahead of the problem. We wouldn’t be dealing with what we have here.

But of course, there’s no interest in a sane and rational migration policy on the part of the Democrats. They’re bringing in an invading force, mexico. In order to migrate to Mexico, you have to be able to show, number one, you have something to contribute to the good of Mexico, like being a doctor, a dentist, a plumber, a carpenter. Number one, that you’re going to contribute to the good of Mexico, and number two, that you have the financial resources to support yourself, your family, whoever’s coming with you, so you do not become a burden on the state.

Neither of those is the case. They’re bringing in criminals, rapists, drug dealers, miscreants of all sorts who have no resources, and rolling out a red car, but all at taxpayer expense. It’s absurd. Tom, if there were a single issue. That would warrant impeachment of this guy. And there are dozens upon dozens. I would put the border failure to enforce immigration laws right at the top. Yes. That’s number one, Jim.

And by the way, this is not an immigration invasion, Jim. This is a conquest. This is a Communist conquest by the Democrat Party to wipe out white Northern European males and females. And if we don’t get on board and realize what this is all about, we’re going to be doomed. Okay? And I don’t want to hear no callers calling in today about Russia and Ukraine. I could care less about Russia and Ukraine.

Really? I don’t care about that. By the way, Putin already said he’ll bring his he’s going to bring tactical nuclear weapons up to the front lines of the battlefield. So now you probably have them in briefcase. Who knows what he’s going to do? Putin but we can’t worry about that right now. We got a bigger fish to fry right here in the United States and all these illegal immigrants coming in here from all over the world.

Chinese. And by the way, you know how many Chinese are in California? Just had a statistic on it. Guess how many Chinese are residing in the state of California. You have any idea? No. Millions. It’s 6. 2 million. And ask Peter to call back and give you the figure. It’s anywhere from 5. 8 to 6. 2 million. And they don’t know how many of them are in Chinese or in the state of California illegally.

Wow. How do you think the state of Georgia went blue for biden to win that election, to get those electoral votes? Last election, they brought 75,000 Chinese out of San Francisco into Atlanta. They didn’t have to do that. They’re controlling electronically the outcome of all these elections. They want to have a pretext to explain why the numbers turn out the way they do, but none of them make any sense.

I followed 2020 especially closely. All the polling before all the polling after it all showed Trump had an enormous win. Everything indicated he had an enormous win, except the numbers. And that’s because they were manipulating. And Barack Obama said, see, until we can get rid of the electronic voting machines and control the outcome of our elections as honest and fair, Tom, we don’t have a chance of correcting these problems unless there’s a violent overthrow of the government.

I’m not advocating that, but there are an awful lot of people who think we may be entering into a civil war. Some think we are already there, and it’s going to be a real bad situation. I do encourage everyone. If you are not armed these migrants eventually, and the gangs, as the lawlessness includes, they’re going to reach out into the suburbs. And if you cannot defend yourself, they’re going to take your home, your property, they’re going to kill you, your family.

I mean, already in New York, you got the mayor in New York going bananas because he has nowhere to put all these migrants. Well, he’s even suggested individuals take them into their home. Can you imagine taking a strange person into your home who might be a drug dealer or a rapist? I mean, my God, who would want to do that? But I think the idea is they’re going to occupy those homes that are presently owned by honest American taxpaying citizens that they’ve got them designated for these migrants.

Tom, Jim, by the way, Michael Rivera was always talking about what you’re talking about on his show. Michael was always talking about the number one thing that he was bothered about was the election interference and how we got to clean up the elections. We don’t have a country. So Michael was always right about that and always agreed that was probably that was the number one and number two issue is immigration in the election.

But immigration is above because we can always take will have to take back office. Tom, thank you for your call. Great call. Stand by. We’ll be right back. Here come old flat top. He comes goofing up slowly. He got juice, juice eyeball. He wants holy roller. He got hair down to his knee. Got to be one of the millions of people who feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over their heads whenever they’re using pharmaceutical drugs.

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Paul, give us your thoughts today. Well, I heard a lot there from Tom, as usual. But the main reason I wanted to call was early with Peter. I don’t think you need to look at any more than the first three to five minutes of what he said during his call. Just reinforces what I’ve consistently said here for years, that when you look at the facts that are laid out, okay, you can’t come to any other realization that there is no law, there is no constitution, and there really is no government.

Everybody’s heard the saying that might is right. Well, it’s not really true, but the object lesson is that might wins. Hang on 1 second. Sure, Paul. And of course, the phrase doesn’t mean it means if you have the power, then whatever you do is right because you have no alternative. There’s no way to contest it unless you have superior power. So, yes, of course, literally, it doesn’t sound right because Mike doesn’t literally make things right.

It’s that in effect, in practice, if there is lawlessness, that’s what it descends to. And I think you’re also right, and Peter and Tom, that we have lost the rule of law in the United States. Everything has been politicized. Nothing is according to Hoyle. It’s all just a massive oppression and control and force. And I think we’re all in agreement on this, Paul. I think you’re exactly right.

Right, well, to finish what I was saying, sorry, I had to clear my throat a little bit there, mike gives you the ability to declare that you’re right whether you are or not, and that’s what our enemies have taken upon themselves, okay? That’s why they’re always preaching against what it is we need. So in other words, they’re always telling us, oh, it’s racism that’s bad. Oh, discrimination is bad.

Oh, we got to have tolerance. Oh, white supremacy. These are all the things that they’re really oh, non violence. These are all the things that they fear because these are all the things that work. And you say it so many times, you said it on your own show for years about famous quote by John Kennedy. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. Reform. Yeah. Reform.

Yeah. Those who make peaceful reform impossible make violent revolution inevitable. Yes. Paul right. So nobody who is not deluding themselves thinks that elections mean anything or that there’s going to be sort of impeachment. It’s a joke. The other reason I wanted to call just real quick, I’m not going to trounce on the caller by name, although I know his name, but he’s called in at least twice. It could have been more than twice.

But he called into your show at least once, and he called in on Sunday night and he spins this tale about Trump and how Trump built some ice rink. And he built the ice rink, like on Time and on budget and blah, blah, blah. And that some female relative of his, or somebody that he knows, an acquaintance has been around him and thinks that he’s a good guy.

And it’s like good know, this is completely delusional. Trump is not going to be in charge even if he’s president. We all know this. Look what they did with him in the first term. Even if you believed in all his so called ideas and policies, they hamstrung him the entire time. And if he gets in again and I have my doubts about this, he’s not going to turn this around.

So please call her. And you know who you are. Spare us any more examples of how Trump built an ice rink. We’re not. Paul. Paul. Paul. Paul. Paul. He actually appears to be right on the facts. I’ve heard this story before, but the fact is he’s entitled to his opinion as much as you are to yours. Don’t get carried away and trash others because their opinion disagrees with yours.

No, it’s good radio. I’m entitled to take shots at other companies, and I will do it again. But you get what I’m saying? I always enjoy hearing from you, Paul, and I know what you’re talking about. Look clapper was revealing how dirty they were being underneath. And Rod Rosenstein, I mean I guess he was with was he DOJ or FBI? Do you remember Rosenstein? Anyway, apparently he had a brilliant legal mind and was involved know all kinds of scurrilous efforts to undermine Trump and defeat him, initially, I think, from winning the presidency, and then once he was in office, from carrying out his obligations under the Constitution.

But for Clapper to be coming out and reveal this to me is stunning. I mean, Clapper, I was regarded as part of the problem, and here he’s revealing sort of details of what’s actually been going on. I applaud him for that. I’m sure you do as well. Well, sure, but it just points to the fact that what I’ve always just observed, and again, I didn’t create this world, I just observe it.

And I’m not saying I’m in favor of it, but here’s the reality, okay? Those who are the meanest, who use force, who do the most ruthless things, they win. I mean, that’s what they’re telling us. So, at least initially, for us to get out of this mess that we’re in, we have to become that way if we’re just going to become docile. Talk about voting in elections, right? We are indeed mean.

Because, again, as I mentioned before, all this points to whatever you’re talking about with Rosenstein and these other people. It just points to the fact that Trump is not in power. He didn’t have power before. There’s a certain group that has power. We could call it the Deep State, whatever you want. The apparatus. The apparatus that puts Joe Biden up and says that he’s the President. The apparatus that gives us a fake Joe Biden, the apparatus that gives us a fake White House set and all the other things that you’ve covered very well.

This just tells us what the score is. And the score is this we’re not mean enough, we’re not intolerant enough, we’re not racist enough. And if we don’t start to think that way, we’re going to lose. And we already are losing. Anyway, thanks for taking my call. Yeah, Paul, thanks for calling. You’re always welcome. Rosenstein was former U. S. Attorney for the district of Maryland, part of the department of justice.

Therefore, all very troubling stuff. I’m hoping we don’t have to resort to a violent revolution, but as JFK observed, they’re making peaceful reform impossible. We’re about to hit the break, I think, and I’ll be glad welcome. The call lines are open if anyone ever wanted to make a call, but were they? Get on. Today is a great day. Call on in. Be glad to hear from you. Someone arriving just now as I speak.

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Now I find a chain of mine. I’ll open up the door. Help me if you can. I’m feeling down, and I do appreciate you being around. Help me get my feet back on the ground. Well, in the meanwhile, I’ve been joined by three more actually, four more callers. Let’s start with Chris in Virginia. Chris, your thoughts? How’s my audio, sir? Say again? How’s my audio, sir? Sound good.

Yeah. Now it is. Yeah. Good. Chris, I’d love your bumper music. I think my favorite is Eleanor Rickbeats, as my my mother’s name was Eleanor. I have great affection for that song, probably in part because my mother’s name was Eleanor. That’s interesting. And I’m a huge classical music fan, so I’ve always appreciated that song. But yeah. Representing Hanover County. It’s the home of Patrick Henry here in Virginia.

Yeah. And our county is probably one of the best counties in the United States. Anyway, while I was calling in about I like what you said. We got to figure out how to approach this problem with tyranny and how our strategy we don’t quite know what it is yet. We’re not quite unified. We’re not quite organized. Things seem to be happening somewhere, somehow. But I like your phrase that they’re making peaceful change impossible.

Yeah. Very good. It was originally JFK, probably authored by Ted Sorensen then, who was his speech writer and truly gifted. Those who make peaceful reform impossible make violent revolution inevitable. It’s a question of when we reach that point, because they sure as hell see the genius of the US constitutional system was periodic elections are you supposed to respect the outcome of those elections? And when you steal and sabotage, you do not allow the American people to correct.

When they think the course of the country is headed in the wrong direction, they’re keeping it the way they want it to go, and that is headed toward a disaster as inevitable as that Titanic in the iceberg. Well, I think, like the latest Fayetteville, North Carolina, they locked some guy the FBI got some guy in a parking lot. He was just gotten out of his car, and he’s a business owner, J Sixer.

And every time I see that, I’m chilled to the bone because my wife and I were there. We didn’t go inside, but we were there. We were close. And that there I’ll give you an interesting 2020. My wife and I were laying in bed and we saw where some guy in Fredericksburg, Virginia, who owned a business called Gore Meltz, which you may have heard of, he basically stood up to the health department and he stood up about the COVID restrictions and was very successful, was very popular.

He put a video on Facebook saying, I’m not taking any more crap. Basically we said, well, that’s where we’re eating lunch today. So we went up there that day. It was a Saturday and the bar was packed with people not wearing a mask. We loved it. And we met a couple there and we started talking to them. We bought them a drink. They bought us a drink. And then we said something to effective.

We sure wish we knew if there was a church around here where no one wore masks because everybody was cucks. The churches were the biggest cucks. They’re pathetic. They show thank you Jesus for showing us how pathetic they were and are. So they’re like, well, we go to this church where they don’t wear a mask and it’s an hour away from where we live. But we started going there and that was so wonderful, walking in that room with all those people and nobody wearing a and so where I was going with this is that the pastor of course I won’t name the church.

The pastor is an FBI agent. And a lot of the people that go there are FBI agents. And it always bothered me because of what’s going on with the J Six situation. I got to give the guy credit. He stood up. He can’t say but so much, but he stood up. And he does say there’s corruption in the government, and I’ve heard the latest is that he does talk about corruption.

He doesn’t name specific things, but he does not paper it over or sugarcoat it. And that’s good to know that there are. So that’s I guess my main point is that’s the front line the front line is the FBI locking J Six people up and the IRS going after people scariest. That’s the Justin Trudeau with the jack booted, the thug. They got to stop, man. That’s ridiculous. Even more than immigration, even more than impeaching biden.

That’s at the top, in my opinion. Chris, you made excellent points. I thank you. We’ve had other callers lining up, dave in New York. Dave joined the conversation. Thank you, Chris. Thank you, Dave. Yes. Hello, Dr. Spencer. Very interesting stuff. If I were to ask you about lottery winners, does that ring a bell? Is that evidence of, you know, the improbabilities mean? Obviously something isn’t right. This isn’t consistent.

I thought there was a concentration of them in Connecticut. Subway wasn’t yeah. Yeah, that’s one place. Among others. You’re absolutely right. Statistician would look at this. It’s rigged. Something is wrong. And that’s the more probable explanation. It’s clearly a payoff, I guess, but it’s very interesting. Tip over Tiffany tiffany Dover, who took the shot and 20 minutes later tipped over, and we don’t know if she was ever seen again.

Well, they had a death certificate in her maiden name, they found. But one day, somebody around Tennessee, around Chattanooga, was out in the suburbs or somewhere, and they saw this guy building a house. Well, it was her family. Her family was building this brand new house, and the guy threatened a guy to get out of there. I believe I heard this from a state senator. He told me so down there.

Former state mean well, they’ll pay off the families and they’ll sign nondisclosure agreements not to talk about the deaths that they want to cover up. So I think, Dave, you’re on to two really nice examples. I like them both. A final thought. I didn’t know if you were aware of that one with Tiffany Dover, though, and I could try to send you the information if you want. Sure.

You’re welcome, Dave. You’re absolutely welcome to do that. I’m glad you called in. We got Michael in California standing by. Michael, join the conversation. Michael, are you there? If we have no Michael Reese come on board. Give me your thoughts. All right. Good afternoon, Jim. I heard Paul’s dribble. Of course you did. It’s laughable. Jim, you’re talking to somebody here who’s a structural engineer who’s taken calculus one through three differential equations, particle physics, mechanics of materials.

I’ve designed suspension bridges internationally, and you’ve got a guy calling in who subscribes to the flat earth criticizing me. I mean, it’s kind of laughable, but there’s a lot of people out there. What’s sad is there’s a lot of people in the Truth community that are showing that they’re half baked. They don’t know which ends up but anyway, enough on that. Let me just say this. He’s making logical fallacies.

You know about this, Jim? Because this is one of your majors, right? Logic. Sure. Yeah, sure, sure. Okay, so he’s making a logical fallacy, and he’s made several of them with Trump. Like, for instance, he says well, the guy said that he built a park or an ice skating rink. No, what I’m saying is he took command of the rehabilitation of a multimillion dollar project to completely revamp Walman ice skating rink where no other contractor could in years, and went through many millions of dollars in the process.

And Donald Trump came in with his team of architects and engineers, and he didn’t go over budget by a dollar. He actually went within budget and finished before the scheduled time. I gave that as an example to show that President Trump, Jim, is probably the only president in our lifetime who has accomplished something like that? And I literally talk about his casinos and his know, the projects that he has down in New Jersey and internationally.

Amazing accomplishments. What other presidents? Jim, would you please give me a short list? Jim Fetzer of I agree with you. I think Trump’s background as a businessman in having undertaken various ventures, some more successful than others. I mean, he knows what it means to file a bankruptcy. Didn’t want to see the United States fail and go into bankruptcy. I mean, already with our staggering national debt. But the point is, Trump had the conceptual framework to manage a complex organization that’s massive and sprawling like the United States government.

Reese, I think you’re absolutely right. I would keep you longer, but I got several other callers, if it’s okay with you, though. Excellent. Excellent. I agree with all your points. Michael in California. You’re back. Michael, join the conversation. Yeah. Hi, Jim. How are you today? Good, thanks. Okay, here’s my accomplishments. Trump’s accomplishments. One, number one, he did not name a Jew to the Supreme Court. Number two, he did not name a Jew to head the Federal Reserve.

Number three, he did not mandate the vaccine. He said he would not mandate the vaccine. I know he pushed it. He would not have mandated it. Number four, energy independence. We were independent under Trump. Number five, he pulled out of the Paris climate Accord. Number six, he didn’t want any freaking transgenders in the military. And I could go on and on Trump. That’s good, Michael. I like all of that.

I like all of that. I think you’re spot on. Good point. Let’s support him for 2024. Okay. Yeah, I know he had to give into the Jews a little bit. He had to kill Soleimani. He had to move the embassy. He gave in. But he also pointed out the media is fake. Yeah. Yeah. I applaud him especially for that. Michael I like all of that. Thank you very much for the call.

Joe in Florida. Joe, join the conversation. Hey, Dr. Fitzger, thanks for taking my call. I don’t want to brag, but I did actually call in on your first day, and I remember telling you this is a perfect fit, you and RBN. Now obviously, everybody sees how true that was, so we’re glad to have you aboard. The thing that I want to mention oh, by the way, thank you very much for posting that Phil Gerald column on your website.

And I want to take just a little line of disagreement. I love Tom from Florida. He’s an RBN legend. He’s my friend down here. He’s a little bit south of me. But the point is, this is actually the time to pay attention. Ukraine and Russia, in my opinion. I think you’re on board with this, too, and the reason why I’ll just sum it up quickly. Look, with Trump, remember, the difference is that they don’t care okay? This is a Jewish war against Russia.

They don’t care who the president is. It could be Trump, it could be Biden. They have been dead set on this Jewish war against Russia for a long time, and they would let nothing stop them. And the point is that the proof is that in 2019, even a mere hint from Donald Trump on a phone call that he was going to temporarily hold up aid to Ukraine was enough to get them to try and impeach him.

I mean, I think by the end of his term, they were averaging like, three impeachments a week or something. Ridiculous. But what I want to say is that’s the proof that that’s their goal, right? They don’t care who the president is. I remember thinking at the time, well, when are they getting so riled up about this phone call? Which, by the way, was totally legitimate and completely acceptable in every way.

He’s the President of the United States. But now it makes sense, right? They were so freaked out that even the hint of stopping aid temporarily for this bloody war, which I think is a genocide of Ukrainian Christians, this zelensky airlifted all of the Jews most of the Jews out of Ukraine at the beginning of the war. And then he engaged in this conscription which has sent hundreds of thousands of mainly Christian Ukrainians to their death.

So, anyway, I love Tom, but I just wanted to make that point because I think it’s important more than ever to pay attention to this war. Thank you, doctor. Yeah. Joe, joe, thank you so much for calling. Excellent, simply excellent. James in North Carolina. I want to have your thoughts. We’re going to hit a break, but stay on the line. James. Okay, thanks. No, go ahead, go ahead.

I mean, start now, continue after the yeah, yeah, okay. I just want to point out some landmark on our long, hard road of Bidenomics happened to see on Newsmax Dateline today that just in the last, from July to August of this year in the workforce, native born workers fell by 1. 2 million, while foreign born workers increased by 668,000. That’s very interesting. Yes. And those numbers are going to drop more and more for native born and increase dramatically for foreign born.

Yeah, it’s an accelerating rate. I don’t know how many of those foreign born, probably a huge number of them are illegal. I would imagine the majority. Yes. They’re playing games that they claim about the labor market. They’re taking people from good paying jobs and talking about people hired into low service jobs. Working at a fast food restaurant, for example, is where they’re getting their numbers. The economy has just been transformed dramatically by the COVID the effect, the wiping out of the small businesses and the like.

It’s had a devastating effect on that’s. That’s that’s the word for it, devastating. Well, you can read the entire article on Newsmax today. So I thought I’d just bring that out. Thanks a lot. Thanks, James. That title again of the article. The title? Let me see it’s. Native born workforce. Drop by 1. 2 million. Thanks, James. Thanks very much. Dave, we’re about to run into the break, but I’m eager to have you on here, Dave.

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To read more about this amazing breakthrough and to order your terahertz frequency wand go to naturalearthmedicine. com. That’s the naturalearthmedicine. com. Dave from Massachusetts, the floor is yours. Yeah, thank you. Dr. Fetzer. Yeah, I’m calling from the city of, you know, John Quincy Adams and Abigail and John Adams and Abigail Adams and John Quincy. I’m just a hop skipping a jump from their sarcophagus at the First Parish Church, the Unitarian Church here in Quincy Center.

But listen, when I called you last week, dr. Fetzer, before Labor Day weekend, when the Arabian audience does a search for William Francis Deegan, marshall Deegan, you want to do the search with the Patriot Legend newspaper and then also the Marshall William Deegan. And then you might throw in Marshall William Deegan foot race or marathon. Dr. Fetzer, you can’t make this stuff up for years. Even after Randy Weaver was vindicated by the great services of Jerry Spence pro bono, even after the whole family was vindicated for years, they had this Marshall Deegan marathon foot race here in Quincy.

And Dr. Fetzer, I am pissed off. Because I’ll tell you why I’m really pissed off, and I take it up close and upfront and personal, okay? Because my father’s oldest brother, John, he died fighting the Nazis over in Europe and his remains never came home. Dr. Fetzer. And my father named his first born son after his oldest brother John, and I’ll say the name, too. John Stanton. Okay? John Stanton.

He named my oldest brother after his oldest brother, John Stanton, who never came home fighting the Nazis. But why? I’m pissed off. Dr. Fetzer. In this patriot ledger, they say marshal William Francis Deegan was sent out to northern Idaho to fight the neo Nazis. To fight the neo Nazis in northern Idaho. Well, randy Weaver served his country proudly as a Green Beret in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam. He was no Nazi.

He was no white supremacist. He was none of those evil things that this Great Satan this Great Satan, the accuser of the Brethren wanted to call him. And, Dr. Fetter, those bogwrights intervened just in time because they were flying over with a helicopter. They had a bladder full of diesel fuel and they were going to Lahaina. The wonderful Weaver family. They were going to drop the bladder of diesel fuel on the cabin and immolate the whole family.

And that great. I don’t care. I don’t put up with this badmouth. And Bo, I know he’s not perfect. None of us are. But if it wasn’t Bo Greitz. Like Hitler says, the strong man is mightiest alone. And Bo Greitz went up to the cabin and negotiated the release of Randy Weaver and saved the whole family. Bo Wrights was the savior of the Weaver family. You made wonderful points, my friend.

I’m so glad you called in. They’re trying to make us all out to be domestic terrorists. And he was a monk. Thank you for calling back tomorrow. Thank you, Jim. My pleasure. Talk to you tomorrow. You got it. Bye bye. .



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