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➡ The summary of this text is that various sources reported on the controversial state of the US-led war effort, stating that Russia had won the war, that false information about the war’s state was being disseminated by the CIA and Mi Six, and the Ukrainian army could likely mutiny if ordered to continue the offensive. In additional news, eyewitness accounts tell of attacks on Russian fleet headquarters, possibly coordinated by a US Navy aircraft. There are also reports of a German tank crew involved in an attack on the Russian army, potentially confirming the direct engagement of NATO with Russia. Coming to domestic matters, potential government shutdowns are discussed, with the Pentagon safeguarding the Ukraine operation from any possible impacts. The White House is also reportedly close to providing Ukraine with enhanced missile systems potentially escalating the conflict further.
➡ The text discusses controversial Holocaust narratives and the author invites readers to learn more about their research on their blog. The author also highlights the possibility of a conflict between Israel, backed by the Rothschild banking empire and Russia over Ukraine and Crimea. Based on reports, they suggest that widespread surveillance and social credit scoring are being used to monitor and control citizens, leading to unrest and potential threats to personal freedoms in countries like France.
➡ The new Justice Reform Bill introduced a clause that allows authorities to monitor citizens through their smart devices, mirroring China’s surveillance and social credit system. Additionally, global politicians are leaning towards potential restrictions on meat consumption, dairy and private car ownership to mitigate climate change, with Phoenix, Arizona being the first U.S. city to implement such measures.
➡ The text discusses a series of contested events: unverified claims about a missing F 35 jet possibly linked to illegal activities; allegations of media bias in Fox News favoring DeSantis over Trump; Tuberville’s firm resistance against a Pentagon’s abortion policy; suspicions that missing children from Maui after a fire, might be involved in human trafficking; and the CDC’s admittance that a high percentage of reported Covid deaths were due to other illnesses, with Covid as a secondary cause. It also implicates possible return of Covid restrictions amid rising cases and new variants.
➡ John, the founder of Blackout Coffee, started the company with the vision of offering fresh roasted high-quality coffee, as he was disappointed with the coffee available in the US. The company roast its beans within one to two days of being shipped, claiming fresher the roast, better the quality.
➡ Republic Broadcasting Network aims to provide its listeners with quality talk shows and has also built an online store offering various products for everyday use and emergencies. The new store supports the network and offers products at the best prices.
➡ Extendivite Heart Tonic provides a natural solution for those suffering from chest pain, blood pressure issues, irregular heartbeat, and cholesterol. Doctors may not prescribe it due to lack of training in natural medicines, but the supplement claims to have positive effects on health.
➡ A report alleges that the COVID-19 situation has been a massive scam due to quick virus mutations and the inefficacy of masks, suggesting they are actually counterproductive. The report accuses the World Economic Forum of playing a key role in the scam. However, the possibility of different factors orchestrating events is also suggested.
➡ The drink, Club’s Original Pure Pouty Arco Super Tea, reportedly builds red corpuscles in the blood to carry oxygen to organs and cells. It claims potential benefits for cancer patients since cancer dies in an oxygen-rich environment.
➡ A movie trailer of ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is discussed, depicting a deep-state conspiracy theory involving Trump, Obama, and Hillary Clinton. The election rigging, deep-state agenda, and depopulation agenda are alleged in the narrative. However, these claims are speculative.
➡ The speaker is an avid listener of talk radio and displeased with the policy at Republic Broadcasting to not allow him to comment. He uses the platform to express his strong views on various current issues, such as NATO’s potential conflict with Russia, COVID-19, America’s debt ceiling, and government expenditure. He also calls out fellow listeners and hosts for what he perceives as personal attacks, and further shares his conspiracy theories regarding the 9/11 attacks.
➡ The text involves an extensive radio discussion between numerous participants; the conversation ranges from conspiracy theories and the credibility of information provided by TV and other media sources, to debates about the effectiveness of face masks and social distancing in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The text also contains promotional content for Simply Clean Foods and Cattle Moraine Limited, and discusses the alternative theories related to the reclassification of flu cases as COVID-19 instances.
➡ The text features a conversation between several individuals discussing various topics, including the controversial statements previously made by CIA Director, Bill Casey, complications with mortgage legality and foreclosure lawsuits, the benefits of the superfood Shilajit, and skepticism towards the measures implemented to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.
➡ The speaker expresses skepticism towards mask use and COVID-19 vaccinations, claiming they negatively impact the immune system and allegedly caused global deaths. They also touch on topics such as government control, unchecked immigration, drone use for surveillance, and preferential treatments for illegal aliens.
➡ The text discusses a variety of topics including viewpoints on immigration, Jewish power, identity issues, politics, and race. It mentions incidents in New York City, a radio show, new products from a company called Easop, confederate merchandise from ‘Dixie Republic’, a song reference, call-ins regarding gun control and voting problems, and criticisms towards lockdown measures implemented due to Covid-19.


Handle the truth. But they can be without. I got a good reason for taking the easy way out now. It was a day trip up. One way ticket. Yes. It took me so long to find out. I found out you COVID. This is Jim Fetzer, your host on Authentic News, right here on RBN live this 25th day of September. Lots going on. Seymour Hirsch reports, based on an inside source.

It’s all lies. The war is over. Russia has won. If you’ve been following this show, that does not come as news. But here’s what we’re getting. Hirsch blamed a secret disinformation operation by CIA and Mi Six for misleading the public about the disastrous state of the US. Led war effort. The war is over. Russia has won. There’s no Ukrainian events of any war. But the White House and the American media have to keep the lie going.

A senior U. S. Intel officer told Hirsch the truth is if the Ukrainian army is ordered to continue the offensive, the army would mutiny. The soldiers aren’t willing to die anymore. But this doesn’t fit the bullshit that’s been authored by the Wyden Hide House. Nothing surprising there. Really truly coming clean. I think that Hirsch is doing a commendable job getting the truth out. Perhaps as a result of the panic, desperate efforts are taking place, including attacking the headquarters of the Russian fleet in Sevastopul with bruised missiles.

We have some fair amount of damage. Turns out we even have a video showing a missile actually hitting. While it’s clear that there’s a second that preceded it, the Ukrainians report that Admiral Viktor Skolov, commander of the Russian Blacks Evelyte, was killed. But this information was not confirmed. If so, it would be quite stunning. This is perhaps the most serious Ukrainian blow in recent months. The Russians intercepted five to six of the Storm Shadow or Scalp missiles.

But two found their target. Recently, the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force had observed the Air Force has two types of cruise missiles install Storm Shadows under the left wing and Scalp under the right. Both were great. No chance for the conqueror. Meaning the target. Meaning the victim. So, other reports I have suggest there was one party killed. But it was only a low level non commissioned officer, hardly the head of the fleet.

Now, something very disturbing and Russia has undoubtedly taken note. In fact, this was published by Pravda. Boeing P eight poseidon spotted circling above Romania when Ukraine struck Sebastopoul. NATO’s Boeing P Eight Poseidon was circling above the easternmost part of Romania at the time of the missile strike on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevasta pool. The distance from that point to the site is 313 km. It’s certainly possible that this plane could have been coordinating the attack.

The aircraft is equipped with a Raytheon APY Ten multipurpose long range reconnaissance radar. It’s believed the aircraft belongs to the US. Navy. On the afternoon of september 22 Ukraine launched the missile attack I’ve reported upon. At least according to this report six were injured. I would not be surprised if it had been coordinated from this aircraft and that is not going to endure the United States of Russia.

Not that we would expect such a thing to happen anyway. Even more stunning a German army tank crew caught operating a tank in Ukraine in attacking the Russian army. This is really astonishing flash traffic it appears World War three has officially begun. Saturday morning the Russian army engaged a German supplied labor tank operating near Zabrazaya russians hit the tank with an anti tank guided missile and blew it up.

The tank crew evacuated and were captured. The crew identified themselves as active duty German army troops. Thus the actual army of Germany now has been caught waging actual war against Russia inside official Russian territory zabrazaya the image above shows the actual tank involved the actual incident morning at 23 September this is remarkable. NATO is not supposed to be directly engaging with russia. And here you have germany, a german tank as prominent a member of NATO as you could have sending real tanks with real officers.

Details are emerging. It’s now confirmed a russian army renaissance team destroyed a german supplied labor tank of the ukrainian military. But man with a crew comprised of bunderschwer soldiers. The Bunderschwehr is the actual active duty army of Germany. Here is a member of the team that directly was involved when we curbed another offense even ATGM destroyed an anti tank guided missile the lab herd we moved out to the burned vehicle hoping to seize the tongue dan we saw the crew’s driver mechanic was severely injured, others were dead.

Once he awoke he started yelling knoxleben do not shoot in German. The mechanic repeatedly stated he was not a mercenary but serviceman and that he and the rest of the crew were members of the same unit of the German army adding that while receiving medical aid the German soldier named his brigade in its dislocation site. The tank’s driver died from wounds minutes after he was found despite evers to save him.

Now under the laws of war if he were a mercenary he could be shot on site because he’s a member, a uniform member of an army that would normally not be the case in particular if the nations were at war. The problem here of course is that Germany is not officially a participant in the war against Russia and Ukraine which would have a totally different character were that the case.

This is about as bad as it gets very serious. Meanwhile what’s going on? Well the Pentagon had taken measures that if there is a government shutdown and as we know there’s a hardcore group of republicans who don’t want government money to be issued out without any accountability, especially in relation to Ukraine and I side with him on this count. It looks very much as though what’s going on in Ukraine with this massive load of money is totally corrupt.

More momentarily, the Pentagon has exempted the Ukraine operation from a potential government shutdown. The decision means training on American. Tactics and equipment can move forward uninterrupted if lawmakers don’t reach a funding deal by the end of the month, allowing key training and other activities in subordinate Kia’s forces to move ahead uninterrupted. Washington is more resigned to the looming government shutdown every day as the September 30 deadline approaches.

That would be Saturday. Congressional leaders showed little progress this week in moving a stopgap funding bill to alert this scenario. The House was in chaos as a group. Of GOP hardliners tanked the vote that would have offered a path to fund the government. I gotta say, I think I’m on their side in this issue. Meanwhile, the White House, according to Antiwar. com, is close to providing Kiev. With cluster armed ATACMS.

This would know multiple launch rocket equipment. The White House is close to deciding. It will provide Ukraine with a cluster armed version of the Army’s tactical missile system, which has a range of nearly 200. Miles and can be fired from HIMARS launchers. According to the Washington Post, the HIMARS and Kiev Possession are currently firing munitions with a range of 50 miles. The US army with Atcms would mark a significant escalation in the proxy warren Cross one of Moscow’s red lines sending ATACMS was ruled out until recently over concerned the weapons could be used by Kiev for attacks in tight Crimea and the Russian mainland.

However, for months as Kiev has launched more attacks against Russian territory and previous US. Concerns of escalation have waned. There have been reports the White House is increasingly considering sending them to Ukraine. Earlier this month, during an appearance on ABC This Week, Secretary Blinken was asked whether he approved of Ukraine using U. S. Provided ATACMS to carry out strike deep inside Russian territory. In terms of their targeting decision it’s their decision, not our blinken stated.

But what that means is, of course, the US. Is tacitly allowing Ukraine to greatly expand the war. And frankly, when you have Anthony Blinken as one of these dual citizens, u. S. Israeli officials in the government, which is very bad, I’m afraid they’re eager to promote, I mean, Israel, not the United States. Eager to promote a war between the US. And Israel so that Israel can assert itself as the world’s leader may be hard to imagine that’s their state of mind, but I very much believe that to be exactly the case.

Meanwhile, we have had in the past declarations about the willingness of Israel to destroy all European capitals. Here’s, an Israeli professor from 2003 an Israeli professor and military historian hinted Israel could avenge the Holocaust by annihilating millions of Germans and other Europeans. Let me tell you how ridiculous this is. As Nick Khalerston brilliant book Breaking the Spell, confirms, there were no millions dying in the Holocaust and gas chambers.

We already knew there were no gas chambers. From the report of Fred Locker after inspecting the facilities during a trial in Canada Zundal for Holocaust denial, we’re doing the second trial of 1988. During the first and 1984, the prosecutors were unable to produce a single witness who could swear to have seen anyone put to death in a gas chamber. The leading expert on gas chambers was sent to Germany to inspect the facilities and Gabe back and reported there was nothing there that could possibly have served as a gas chamber.

The claim of 6 million or millions dying in the Holocaust is nonsense. If you want to learn more about it, go to my blog@jameshfetzer. org and check out The Holocaust narrative Politics Trump Science, which was originally introduced as published as the introduction in Nick Kohler’s brilliant book Breaking the Spell, where Nick had access to the British death books. The British had cracked the German code because the Germans were so meticulous and detailed.

They had all the records from all the camps which confirmed what the International Committee of the Red Cross had ascertained to it. That when they recalibrated the number in 1993, a total of 296,081. That’s right, 296,081 had died from all causes combined, none of whom had died from being put to death in a gas chamber using Cyclone B, where Zyclone B was used to kill body lice, which were spreading typhus and dysentery in the camps in order to maintain the health of the inmates.

For the obvious reason you can’t get work out of a corpse. These were labor camps you might want to check out. I posted it not only on my blog, but on my Twitter account, featuring a photograph I discovered in Nick’s book of the British soccer team at Auschwitz. What? You didn’t know there was a British soccer team at Auschwitz? Did you know that hundreds and hundreds of babies were born in these camps? Did you know Auschwitz at a hospital with OBGYN facilities? If these people are being put to death upon arrival, stripped of their clothing and rushed into gas chambers, how is that possible? The answer very simply it is not.

And yet you have this Israeli professor saying that they could avenge the Holocaust by annihiling millions of Germans and other Europeans. Was he believing his own propaganda? Speaking in an interview, Professor Martin Van Cleavel said israel had the capability of hitting most European capitals with European weapon. My understanding they brought them in in diplomatic pouches and they’re in their embassies. In these capitals, we possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome.

Most European capitals are targets of our air force. He observes the palestinians. He’s, a professor of military history at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, point out that collective deportation was Israel’s only meaningful strategy toward the Palestinian people. The Palestinians should all be deported the people who strive for this are waiting only for the right man in the right time. Two years ago, only seven or 8% of Israelis were of the opinion that this would be the best solution.

Two months ago, it was 33%, and now, according to a Gallup Bowl, 44%. This is why the war in Ukraine, by the way, is being waged so fiercely. Israel, the vast population of which are descendants of the Khazarians from the region that is modern day Ukraine, are not of the tribe of Judah. They’re not even Semites, which means that Israel is the greatest practitioner of anti Semitism in the world, because the Palestinians are bona fide Semites, but the Israelis are not.

They want all of Ukraine for Israel, and that includes a Crimea, it includes a Dunbas, it includes all the waterfront, all the ports on the Black Sea, and they’ll settle for nothing less. We thus have the clash between an irresistible force, the Zionist movement fronted by the Rothschild banking empire, and Russia, which will not surrender Crimea or the Dunbas, or the ports. And we’re increasingly sad to say, the involvement of German army units of an American Pasidon bringing about a missile attack on the headquarters of the Russian Navy in Zabazapul is moving us closer and closer to a nuclear war with Russia.

So I want you to understand, when you see that mushroom cloud arising over the horizon, if you’re not yourself living in a major city like New York, Chicago or Washington DC, you’ll know what’s going on. He got hair down to his knee. Got to be corporate media dominates the American opinion. Finding independent voices that counter this avalanche is becoming increasingly difficult. With the endless corruption running rampant throughout our government, independent voices are needed more than ever to battle the offensive against our freedoms and liberties.

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You will be provided an effective platform on both Internet and satellite broadcasting, and also gain the opportunity to both share your creativity with our producers and voice your message with thousands of patriots interested? Call 807 242719, extension three for details. I look at all the lovely people I look at all the lovely people helena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where I went ending has been listen a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a job by the door who is it for? All? Where do they all come from? All of them? What do they all feel? Well, here’s this story you don’t want to miss claire Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum himself of Rothschild, is sharing with governments to prepare for billions of prisoners based upon their social credit score.

Billions. It’s impossible to house that many. He’s really talking about extermination. Get this has been quietly granted backdoor access to billions of cell phones as part of a plot to compile blacklists of users who hold politically incorrect views and commit WrongSpeak. According to a World Economic Forum insider, these blacklists of so called deplorables will be used to assign social credit scores to people before the social credit scheme is officially rolled out in the next few years.

Klaus Schwab’s evil plan is playing out to perfection in France, where WEF puppet emmanuel Macron has granted the global elite permission to spy on every single French citizen by turning on the camera and microphones of their cell phones without a warrant or any kind of notification. Before we dive in, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and join the People’s Voice Locals community to support the channel and gain access to uncensored content.

The link is in the description box below. This video riots have rocked France for weeks now, with thousands of buildings destroyed, libraries and museums torched, and Christians publicly raped and murdered across the entire country. French police and the mainstream media can’t even keep track of which towns have been totally burned to the ground. The chaos in France is coming to America. If anybody thinks it’s not, they’re delusional.

How do we know the chaos is coming to America? Because it’s orchestrated by the elite. Klaus Schwab warned us to get ready for an angrier world and it has now become clear exactly why he wants to rule over a divided society. We will see definitively a lot of anger already now, but probably increase by the end of the year, because this crisis will be with us until we really have found remedy.

So we have to prepare for a more angry world. The riots have given Schwab’s puppet, President Macron, the excuse to quietly roll out the most invasive surveillance law ever enacted anywhere outside of George Orwell’s worst nightmares. France’s WF penetrated parliament has voted to approve the new clause in the Justice Reform Bill, allowing police to turn on the cameras and microphones in a host of smart devices belonging to citizens for up to six months for the crime of wrongthink.

This is the exact replica of the surveillance apparatus deployed in China to ensure social obedience and deference to the communist central government. This should come as no surprise, as Schwab has been praising the Chinese social credit score system for years and declaring that it’s a model for the west. A good score brings you benefits, while a low score gets you blacklisted. You can’t get a decent job, book tickets or a hotel room, and your children can’t even attend a good school.

Your life can be switched off at any time. A good school brings benefits, but people with low scores lose rights. The cinema names and shames people considered untrustworthy, plastering their details, even their addresses, across big screens. It’s a matter of principle. Those people have to be condemned. Those people aren’t honest, so they have to pay the price. It’s only right to pay your debts. You have to blacklist those that don’t.

The Supreme Court has created a blacklist for so called bad citizens. Those whose ratings have dropped to zero on it are companies, but also 23 million people to date. Among them is this journalist, Liu Hu. He got a little too close to uncovering corruption among high profile party members after being sued for defamation by the subject of a story he’d written. He was blacklisted. He only realized when he tried to buy a train ticket and was told he was banned from traveling.

That tells me I’m still on the blacklist. Punished because he’d been branded untrustworthy by the state. Once you’re blacklisted, you can no longer get a bank loan, start a business, buy an apartment, or even send your children to a private school. This future is just two years away for the citizens of WF penetrated France. After this quick break, we’ll explain exactly how we know this and what we can do to fight back.

But first, an important word from our sponsor. Well, it’s very, very tough to see Klaus Schwab, maybe the most repulsive figure in the face of Earth. We got more going on here. Get this you will eat the bugs and be happy. First major us. City impose a WF ban on meat and private car ownership this is astonishing. Globalist politicians around the world have agreed to ban members of the public from consuming meat and dairy and banning them from owning cars by 2030.

Listen to this phoenix, Arizona has become the first major US. City to impose a World Economic Forum total ban on meat, dairy and private car ownership to fight global warming. Many legal experts, however, warning the move is unconstitutional. The Democrat Mayor of Phoenix, Kate Gallego there’s a name for the history books says she wants to fast track the WAF’s radical agenda so the city can be fully compliant well ahead of the 2030 deadline.

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Now these days are gone and I’m not so self assured now I find a general mind and open up the doors. Help me if you can. I’m feeling down and I do appreciate you being around. Help me get my feet back. While the second smartest guy in the world has published VIP Elite Panic after New Epstein list exposes powerful pedophiles get this new York magazine hastanly compiled a list of VIP pedophiles known to have met with Epstein who do not appear in his infamous Little Black book.

Here’s some of the inclusions. Apollo Global management co founder, Leon black bard college President Leon Bodestein google co founder, Sergi Brint CIA Director William Burns professor Noam Chomsky former US. Virgin island. First Lady Cecile de Junk. Bill Gates. Wow. Whose size of Epstein have been known for years. FedEx Board Member joshua Cooper Ram former Diplomat Terrace red Lawson Goldman Sachs general Counsel kathleen Rumler edmund Day rothschild Group Chairman ariana Day Rothschild JB Morgan executive Jeff Stanley former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Sommers PayPal co founder Peter Thiel slainws.

com reports new York’s list also includes Witz, Andrew and former Israeli Prime Minister ehood Barack. Wow. Maybe they need a little help. Meanwhile, we have a report very disturbing about the use of money being sent to Ukraine for money laundering. We got the Marine Corps stealth fighter bomber being down. There are lots of questions about ah, yes, that’s indeed the case. Here what’s going on here with a fighter bomber being missing in action.

There’s one theory that the fighter bomber could have been on a bomb run to bring about a false flag attack. Why hasn’t the Marine Corps, the author writes, informed the public of the flight path? Even granting the extremely dubious allegation, the stealth jet was merely on a training mission. It’s an extremely expensive jet, costing well over 100 million per jet. Fellow reporter Tara Coop reports the cost of the gold plated jet it’s around 120 mil.

Since the Marine Corps pilot who ejected was being trained as to how to fly, why did his wingman, the pilot of the other jet who accompanied him in a separate fighter, immediately abandon the pilot in distress, as was a plane he was flying? Questions? Here an alternative theory about what was going on on Twitter or X. An unidentified F 35 cell fighter that landed in Havana left the territorial water to Cuba, presumably on a Chinese cargo ship.

Now, the explanation here would be that since our military is using chips that were made in China, they have back doors that would enable the Chinese to take control of the plane, remotely fly it anywhere it would like, in order to say reverse engineer. That may very well now be exactly what happened. They got the claim that they’re looking for the debris for the plane, but the site is about as debris worthy as what we had in Shanksville.

It’s not at all what we would expect to be the case. There’s no evidence, as in Shanksville, of any plane having crashed there. There are a lot of memes about what’s going on here. Even in including a photograph pilot, Hunter, at the control, he’s found the missing F 35 flying high. Hunter has just taken it for a little joyride on his way to sell it to the Chinese for a nice payoff for him and his dad.

They couldn’t find the person that dropped the cocaine in the White House. I doubt they will find the F 35, and that’s why they can’t find it. The FBI has it squirreled away in one of their warehouses. More disturbing thoughts have it that the F 35 may be stashed away for a subsequent false flag. Meanwhile, a Fox poll graphic obfuscate Trump’s lead on biden and DeSantis. In other words, Fox is really, in my opinion, disgracing itself.

There was a period I thought it really did represent an alternative that was dedicated to telling the truth, as opposed to the left wing media, the mainstream and MSNBC, which were anything but. Fox Business misled viewers on a poll that had former President Trump beating Biden, posting the graph’s numbers as a way to suggest that DeSantis was performing better than Trump against the incumbent. Trump led Biden by two points, 48 to 46 in the poll.

But the onschreen graphs listed Biden’s lower support first, next to Trump’s name, suggesting Trump was trailing the incumbent when he was actually. Leading. Also Fox, which is continually ridiculed by Trump for being pro DeSantis listed DeSantis versus Biden right below, showing Biden’s 47 support next to DeSantis name, ostensibly suggesting DeSantis was drawing a three point lead despite having only 44% abortion trailing Biden and doing worse than Trump.

That’s pretty bad, pretty shabby, pretty amateurish. Meanwhile, Shermer caves after tuberville remains steadfast in his protest of an abortion policy adopted by the Pentagon, senator Tommy Tuberville has held fast for his fight to rid the US. Military of its woke encumbrances its illegal abortion policy in particular. He’s done so in spite of months of attack by democrats and other belittlers who have characterized his principled refusal to approve military nominations en masse as a threat to national security.

The narrative preferred by his critics appears to have crumbled this week when Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer has long painted Tuberville as a villain and an obstacle to confirmations blinked, setting up votes on individual nominees. Air force general Charles Brown was consequently confirmed as Mark Milley’s replacement as chairman of the joint Chiefs with others, while Schumer and others have attempted to save face. Tilbury bill stressed Thursday this is a win today for the legislative branch of government.

If democrats want to complain, they should look in the mirror. Meanwhile, there are a number of stories on American greatness where Tucker seemed to be making an impact too, but which are worthy of pursuit. Meanwhile, on the fire bombing of Maui, let’s not forget the children. Where are they? The 2000 children who haven’t shown up in school in the weeks since the fire? Are their families keeping them close since the fire was so traumatizing, not just for the kids, but the whole families? Perhaps we’ll see this number dramatically decline as more children head back to school.

Or did many of them tragically perish in the fires? And is the actual death toll on Maui not in the low hundreds, but in the thousands? 2000 children unaccounted for ataluhanas community of over one over 12,000 is one 6th of the population. My guess is a death toll is in the thousands, including many of the missing children are likely burned to death excruciating to even contemplate an atrocity of gargantuan proportions.

One more coincidence. Remember how the movie contagion from 2011 almost perfectly mirrored the pandemic of 2020? Or how the movie white noise seemed to predict the East Palestinian catastrophic train derailment? We’ll take a look at the 2016 episode of the Symptoms. Monty Burns fleeing Circus you’ll see a town attacked by laser like beams that leave a deadly stream of fire in their wake, quickly incinerating an entire town.

And in the aftermath, among the rubble, there’s a closed blue patio umbrella standing tall, just as we’ve seen in Lahaina. Presumably due to the theory that the lasers target the red end of the light spectrum, not the blue. Well, it’s really a matter of the lasers being unable to destroy those blue objects. We’ve had reports about it before, but the fact is, I think it’s a more dire scenario taking place in Luhena in Maui.

I’m terribly distressed that the kids may have in fact been taken on buses to aircraft, that they were flown out of Maui into sex trafficking in a horrendous future. Remember, these people are land grabbers. They’re preoccupied with themselves. They want to make every nickel of money, extract every opportunity they can from their dastardly deeds. Children being sex trafficked and ultimately killed for adrenaline and having their organs harvested represent, by some estimates, a million dollars apiece.

Multiply a million dollars times 2000 and you get 2 billion. That those kids, those 2000 kids would be worth 2 billion if they were sex trafficked and ultimately organ harvested. Frankly, that’s my best guess as to what’s happened here. As horrific as it is to even describe, I’m sorry to say that’s my best estimate of what actually has happened to those children. Because these are sadistic, narcissistic, acquisitive people who are preoccupied with money and power and fame and control.

And this is an ultimate exhibition of all of the above. Meanwhile, if you had any doubts CDC Admits It Faked 99% of COVID Deaths to Scare the Public into Taking the Vaccine the CDC has just quietly admitted that over 99% of reported COVID deaths were faked to scare the public into taking the experimental Jab. Newly released data from the CDC reveals most recorded fatalities that were blanket blamed on COVID were caused by something else.

According to the CDC COVID dashboard, just 1. 7% of the 324 COVID deaths registered the first week ending August 19 had COVID as a primary cause of death. Disturbingly, the vast majority of those who were labeled as COVID deaths actually died of other causes, such as cancer or heart disease, many of which could have been caused by the Jab itself. Slainnews. com reports separate data from the agency shows that so far in August, the largest cause of death in the US has been cancer, followed by heart disease.

This latest admission from the CDC means that only a fraction of the claimed number of American lives are being lost directly to the virus each week. According to the CDC’s own data, 99% of the COVID deaths have been faked. And let me verify the date of publication here. This is August 31. August 31, 2023. This is a relatively current report that I certainly want to share because it’s of vast importance.

The primary underlying cause of death is a disease situation or event that initiated the chain of events directly resulting in death. As Earth notes, complications arising from the primary cause are usually considered secondary. When doctors register a death certificate, for example, COVID could be listed as a secondary cause when the virus puts too much stress on a person with a preexisting heart condition. In this case, the primary cause would be heart disease, COVID as a contributing cause.

Therefore, the number of healthy who die from COVID alone is incredibly small, as almost all of the recorded death were people with underlying conditions. This news comes as a corporate media continues to hype a recent rising COVID cases across the country. The recently detected variant five, E, G five, or Eris and BA 8. 26 or Perola have been found in several countries in the US. The media has been warning that these variants, highly mutated, are thought to be better at avoiding vaccines than natural immunity, causing more infections, which have reportedly doubled across the US.

Amid the emergence of these variants, where hospital admission among people with a virus have risen for the fifth week in a row. Fear mongering reports, however, fail to mention that COVID deaths are not rising. Nevertheless, the uptake is leading to calls for the return of mask mandates and other COVID restrictions. Social Distancing don’t be surprised if it comes your way. Hollywood movie studio Lionsgate reinforced mask mandates at its Santa Monica, California offices last week.

Just several days later, following a backlash, the studio lifted the mandate, claimed it got the situation under control. Similarly, Rutgers in New Jersey and Morris Brown College in Georgia announced face masks would be required for staff and students. Kaiser Permanetti in Santa Rosa, California Upstate Community Hospital in Syracuse also reinstated mask mandates for doctors, nurses, patients and visitors. In Kentucky, the Lee County School District canceled classes less than two weeks after opening because nearly one fifth of students were out with a triple demic illness, including COVID.

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In other words, the whole thing’s been a giant scam. Because by the time you get the vaccine in place, it’s already mutated into a different form that’s not vulnerable to the vaccine. We also know that face masks are useless. In fact, they’re counterproductive. Even Tony the Rat himself was involved in a study of the Spanish flu that revealed that most of the deaths were not from the flu, but from bacterial pneumonia infections that were promoted by wearing face masks.

Because you’re recycling what your body is trying to exhale and get out of your body waste products, you’re reducing the amount of oxygen flow to the brain, which where brain cells, neurons, unlike skin cells, do not regenerate. So you’re enhancing the reduction in your functional intelligence. Thereby, it’s all a massive fraud and a scheme. And here we have more about it coming from Edward Hendry. Quite a brilliant guy.

His newsletter report details how and why the COVID-19 Scam dynamic was kicked off in Italy. Below is investigated report by Michael Bryant. In his report, Bryant deconstructs the narrative that kicked off the alleged COVID pandemic. Bryant explains there was no pandemic, that the only pandemic was one of violent government and biomedical assault against the people. It reveals why Italy was targeted to commence the worldwide COVID hysteria. Brian explains any excess deaths in spring 2020 in northern Italy were an artifact of already existing health conditions in an aging population.

The obliteration of the existing healthcare infrastructure, massive industrial pollution, green chronic conditions, media generated hysteria, savage government lockdowns, administrative murder of the already fragile. Absolutely right. The whole thing was manufactured. And the WEF, the World Economic Forum, had a key role to play. Meanwhile, we have a production called The Greatest Show on Earth, a film by a fellow by name of Nick Alvier that suggests that Trump, or the white hats behind the scene are orchestrating events.

Here is the trailer. But I want you to understand, I think this falls in the category of opium. This is something we wish were the truth, but appears not to be. Believe me, if the white hats were in charge, they could not allow millions of illegals to enter the country. They could not allow the lawlessness by decriminalizing shoplifting. They could not allow the tormented children by teaching them anal and oral sex in the third grade.

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Feel my guitar taking. We welcome to the second hour of Authentic news on this 25th day of September, 2023 live. Of course, the phone lines are open. Let’s take a look at the trailer here for this greatest show on earth film. My Nick Alvier do this before bed to stop receding gums and decaying feet before it. Sorry about that. Here we go. Here we go. And of course, it’s going to be suggesting everything’s each day.

So satisfied? I’m on my way. You film sentient. Good Lion TV. Good lion films. An original good Lion TV. Original you want? Just remember that. Executive producers written by Nick Alvier, based on the work of Derek Johnson, directed by the greatest Show on earth, open for your calls. Trump coming down the escalator with melania. Great Day for America, 2008. Yes, we can. Former President Barack Obama, the great deceiver instilled so much hope in the public.

Are you ready to go yet? As time unraveled, more and more of his word became a lie and a setup for the deep state to roll out, a massive depopulation agenda was further established, one that would have carried on had Hillary won the 2016 election. The Georgia Guidestones had been set in stone for this freemason agenda, but over the last seven years, the agenda had been destroyed. Hillary was meant to win.

At least the deep state had rigged the election so she would. But they didn’t realize how much rigging they’d need to do. Because Trump became so popular, they lost. The corrupt DC establishment had lost touch with reality and figured because they had the media in their pocket, they truly thought they would win. Despite the lawsuit with Fox News, dominion has a proven track record of voter fraud. See Venezuela and how the people reacted when their election was rigged.

Or watch Pervywood Nine Vol Two, where I cover the 2020 election rigging in explicit detail. Well, there’s so much truth there already about rigging. The election, Obama, Hillary, the turnout in the rural areas where Trump was simply overwhelming. They didn’t anticipate it. They couldn’t cope with it. Even though the election was rigged for Hillary, trump won anyway, and she especially has never got over it. David in Massachusetts, join the conversation.

Hello, Director Fetcher. How are you? Director Fessy, could you imagine somebody that always spends their time watching television, but not being allowed to talk about television? Or somebody that spends their time seeing movies, going to the movies all the time, but not being allowed to talk about the movies? Like a sports fan? Maybe someone that goes to sports events like here in Boston, the Red Sox and the Bruins and the Celtics, but never being able to allow to talk about sports.

The reason I mentioned that is I don’t watch television. And I’ve stepped out of my boyhood into my manhood So I have no use for these spectator sports. I’m a participant in life, but this business, I spend my time listening to talk radio, Republic Broadcasting, and I usually listen to Alex Jones. And then we have local talk radio here in Boston. We have this Jeff Kuna character WRKO and Howie Carve, and then I’ll listen to Rick Wiles true news and everything.

But anyways, I don’t watch television. But this policy of Republic Broadcasting, it’s inconsistent. Supposedly, I spend my life listening to Republic broadcasts, and I know all the talk show hosts, I know all the callers, but I’m not allowed to comment. I’m not allowed to comment or anything. You’re allowed to comment. You’re commenting here. Yeah, but no, I’m saying I’m not allowed to comment. I can understand about being critical of the other talk show hosts, but this character, Miles the Reptile, I call him Miles the reptile, he’s allowed to call in.

And he’s been doing this dogging me for years. And he’s able to talk about John Statmiller, what John Statmiller thinks about me. John Statmiller was a talk show host. But Miles the reptile, he started in on me. I thought I was among friends for years. I go all the way back when Charles Giuliani was a devout Christian. I go back with Alan Stang and all the Robbie Noel for years supporting Republic Broadcasting and this sinister Miles the reptile, he started in on me.

I thought I was among friends, but I supported the Constitution party. I supported the Know and the Constitution Party, put off candidates like Pastor Chuck Baldwin and this mile started in on david, david. David, listen. Apart from your travails with the various hosts, what would be your thoughts about any of the stories of today, such as this German leopard tank showing up in Ukraine that could threaten an all out war between NATO and Russia? Or the discovery 99% of the COVID deaths were fake to try to induce hysteria, to take the Jab or any other current issue? Would you like to comment on any of those? I’d like to give people a reality.

The reason it’s called billions and billions and billions of dollars to Ukraine is because we’re stuck with the bill. Billion begins with the word bill. Bill. And these stupid suckers, these stupid American suckers, I call them suckers for the Great Satan, they’re stuck with the bill of these billions and billions of dollars. Remember sato B-I-L. And you’re stuck with the bill. And let me tell you something. This business about raising the debt ceiling, can you imagine? We’re giving billions and billions and billions to somebody that wants to rape and sodomize Mother Russia, that pervert zelensky, and we’re talking about giving them more billions, and then they’re talking about raising our debt ceiling.

Well, let me tell you something about that debt ceiling. It’s not a debt ceiling. It’s a bottomless pit. And it’s talked about in the Bible. The Bible talks about the end time bottomless pit, that this great Satan has begun its descent into the bottomless pit. They’re not raising anything. This great Satan isn’t raising the debt ceiling. This great Satan is lowering the death pit. And they’re throwing future generations into this death pit.

This nonsense raising the debt ceiling. The only thing they’re raising is they’re raising health. And as far as these COVID variants, I said a long time ago, I’m not concerned with these phony COVID variants. But what I am concerned about is those genuine deviants down in Washington, DC. I’m concerned with the deviants, okay? People like bugabutt. How about David? David, david, listen. Yeah. At the moment, you’re the only caller here.

Let me play you some clips from 2006 when I was on Fox News, and let’s get your take about them. May we do that? I did a show here with Scott Bennett, who has something called global great awakenings. And during the show, we played clips where I was going to be on hannity and combs, and I want you to listen to what happened and you give me your thoughts.

Stand by. Check out Mr. Petzer on hannity and Coles, featuring Ollie north, infamously of the Iran contra scandal, no less. Here’s how it went away onto the campuses of some major american universities. Joining us now, the co chairman of scholars for 911 truth, professor emeritus at the university of Minnesota at duluth, james Fetzer. Professor, thank you so much for being with us. First of all, is this a required course? Can you hear me? Yeah, go ahead.

Is it a required course? Well, you got your facts, foxed, I’m sorry to say. In fact, I created an organization of faculty and experts to study 911, not to teach in courses, but I must tell you what we have discovered. I just want to be clear because certainly qualify as material for an important course. I want to be clear here. You’re not teaching a course in this? No.

You’re confused, and I hope that fox usually does a better job on their research than this. All right. I created an organization of faculty and scholars to study 911. All right. I want to be clear on this. We discovered that practically everything the government has told us about it is false. I want to get into that in a moment. I just want to be clear. So as far as you know, there is no course on 911 conspiracy theories being taught at your university or anyplace else that you know of? That’s right, but it’s a great idea.

I would certainly support having such a course because there’s a lot of material to work with. All right. And what evidence do you have that the government was involved, that Cheney knew, that anybody in the channing command knew ahead of time that this was going to happen on 911. Can you give us any piece of evidence that would substantiate that argument? Absolutely. For example, Norman minetta testified to the 911 commission that he observed dick Cheney in an underground bunker when a young aide came up to him and repeatedly told him, sir, it’s 50 miles out.

Sir, it’s 30 miles. Sir, it’s 10 miles out, sir. Do the order still stand? Cheney turned around, jumped on him, nearly bit off his head, and said, of course the order still stand. Have you heard anything different? The order had to be to not shoot down the plane that was approaching the pentagon. After all, the order should have been to shoot it down. Shooting it down would be the obvious thing to do when you consider that you’re going to lose the passengers in the plane if you shoot it down, but if you don’t, you’re going to use the passengers in the plane.

And also, of course, all the personnel and property at the target. Let me ask you I want to go back to something in an exchange that you and Alan just had a moment ago. In fairness to our producers, when they talked to you earlier, you said that courses are being taught in which these conspiracy theories are advanced to the students. Am I correct? No, you’re not correct. What I said to him was in courses on critical thinking, sometimes issues related to, for example, tax cuts or global warming or reasons for going to war in Iraq might be discussed as examples.

But I know of no courses as such. They’re being taught that way. So let me ask, how big is this group of professors that you put together that this organization you formed that gives credence, if you will, to the theory you just advanced about 911? Well, there are over 300 members, Colonel North, including about 200 with advanced research skills, and about 85 that have affiliations, including physicists, mechanical engineers, pilots, aeronautical engineers.

We’ve discovered that the Twin towers were brought down by controlled demolition. We’ve discovered that the Osama bin Laden appears to have had nothing to do with it. Help me out here. Having been involved in a couple of controversial undertakings over my years in government service, how many people in the government were part of this conspiracy? Do you envision? Hundreds? Thousands? No, Ollie, I think it’s a small number.

You know about classified controlled operations where everything’s compartmentalized. Do you know, Ollie, that the FBI has confirmed that they have no hard evidence relating Osama bin Laden to the events of 911? Are you aware of that? Well, Osama bin Laden himself claims that I mean, they didn’t manufacture those tapes. This is the FBI, Ollie. This is the FBI has affirmed in the last couple of weeks they have no hard evidence tying Osama bin Laden to 911.

All of these people that died on 911, you’re articulating died as a consequence of what our government did. We’re trying to find out exactly what happened. Our government has a considerable reputation for telling things that are not true. Professor, we thank you very much for coming on tonight. Coming up, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin it’s so fascinating that following me was Bibi Netanyahu, because BB was a brain trust behind 911, which was brought to us complement by the CIA, the Neocons and the DoD, the overwhelming majority of whom were dual US.

Israeli citizens. Abbot zionists and mosa. Dave from Mass. Would you have any thoughts about my exchange there with Combs and then with Ollie North? First off, I’m very familiar with that chain. When he’s being told that the planes are getting closer and closer, he’s ordering them to stand down and all that. Have you heard anything different? I’m all familiar with that. You know, this business about poo poo and conspiracy theories, this is what I say, director Fetza, I’ll ask these nickwits, the poo poo conspiracy theories, I’ll say well, wait a minute here now.

I’ll say to them, do you believe in piracy? Do you believe in pirates and do you believe in piracy? And of course these morons will say, well, yeah, I believe in of course everybody knows there were pirates and everybody knows there was piracy on the high seas. I said, okay, well, the root of the word conspiracy is piracy. Now, do you believe in the word David? Listen, thanks for all those comments.

Ollie north wind up here on television for four years thereafter. I think he felt a bit humiliated. If I hadn’t asked them to bring in a TV before, I wouldn’t have known how they were going to pitch it because they had lured me onto the show saying they want to find out what scholars for 911 Truth had learned about 911. But of course it was really to target me, but they didn’t know enough to get it right and I was able to seize control of the show.

Thank you for the call, David. We have another David standing by. David from New York. David, join the conversation. Yeah. Hi, Jim. Well, very interesting. That whole thing about masks is kind of crazy. The way people wear these masks loose anyway so virus can get around there and I wouldn’t expect them to be it’s difficult to say how effective they might be. They should be effective in certain situations and they used to put them on sick people thinking that would prevent them from spreading.

And Jeff Rent has gone over this. There was a mass study that showed that these masks, I mean, Mike Rivera always said, hey, they won’t stop a small virus particle. Well, you’ve got whole cells. After this break, Helena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been listen a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door.

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com. Be glad to help you out. Be glad to answer your questions. That’s what we’re here for. No pressure, just good, hard common sense. The decision then becomes up to you. Become the sun. Here comes the sun. I say it’s all right, darling, it be david New York. I couldn’t agree more. Even the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, which is our nation preeminent professional organization for doctors, declared that masks are basically useless, that they don’t promote the health.

The reason they’re worn in surgery is so that spittle coming from the nurses and the doctors doesn’t infect the wound. I mean, it’s ridiculous. It’s just about the opposite of everything we’ve been told by Fauci Burks and the other miscreants at the CDC, the FDA and the NIH. Further, David, your well, you know, it’s a mystery whether they’re working for you or against you, those things. If there’s cellulose based or something, there could be hydrophilic groups on the surface which will grab things that are polar, like water.

And if you have a cell, the exterior of a cell is also polar. And if you have spittle droplets, they may fit through the pore hole, but all they need to do is touch a surface and then they stick kind of like glue. So it’s very complicated. I can’t tell you about that, what I would recommend, or what a reasonable conclusion would be on their effectiveness. But like you say, they cause other disease.

You know, be judicious. Think about what you’re doing. Yeah. Not only was minuses yeah. Dave. Not only was the pandemic fake and fabricated, but the mass are gathered. The social distancing was just made up by Burke. She just made up the number. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. The vax, of course, is unsafe and often fatal. Yeah. Further thoughts? Yeah, we know that for sure. And the six foot distance while it was in some kids homework assignment or something, they said they got it from there.

Listen, spittle droplets can go 22ft in a room. So what are you going to do? Get a bigger room. If you sneeze or cough, it can go 22ft. I like that. Something like that, yeah. And there’s studies done on this stuff, but basically regarding the whole thing being fake, I mean, there was a disease caused COVID-19. There’s much evidence for this. You need to talk to medical doctors about this mccloll and stuff.

They treated this stuff and they were using steroids. And I know a guy, he said, yeah, this old doctor called the new doctor and said, listen, I used to run your department. Give him this steroid and if that doesn’t work, give him this stronger one because he can’t breathe. All he’s got to do is open it up. So there was a reason why there was a very significant difference in this than the flu or anything else.

And there was an article that came out long back said, did the CDC reduce their death counts by 94%? And they didn’t with the table three of comorbidities. All they said there were lots of comorbidities into dead people. And then you have to go back and see what that means. But they had given out information on the flu on a comorbidity table and I bothered to look it up.

Nobody else did 80% comorbidities. So it was even worse with COVID And I would say, hey, okay, that’s euthanasia. Maybe it was done for euthanasia. Well, good stuff. Yeah. There’s only youth. John Rappel, part of Edward Henry have emphasized how the year before there were 38 million cases of the flu. The following year 2000, they took 37,000 998,000 cases of flu and reclassified them as COVID. That’s not necessarily true.

Chris Steiner has come out with all the information on this. They stopped testing for the flu. So we don’t even know. I mean, it’s all a big mess, Jim, and I’m not expert enough and researched at all. But there’s alternative explanations to some of these conclusions. And I think Rapaport’s novirus theory is absurd and he doesn’t know. I’m not advocating no virus theory, I’m just talking about reclass.

But I’m saying if he’s so wrong about that, maybe he didn’t. I don’t know if they did reclassify how much they did, and I’m sure they did, so they did. You can go to my blog at jameshfets or go to that 60 for the flu. They’re going to be zero flu incidences. I’ve got more information on that. I’ve got to look it up and I’ll send you an email.

Yeah, do it. Excellent. Glad you called. Excellent. Want to be on target here, try to get a feel for what’s real and it’s yeah, good. Good stuff, Dave. Thank you. Reese, also in New York. Reese, join the conversation. All right. I thought I would piggyback after Dave from Massachusetts phone call, and I do have something to say. I’m not going to criticize any host on a network, but there was a statement made, Jim, last week, and I think the truth is important.

I think it was Dave that made the statement. Remember the famous quote by CIA director Bill Casey? When our program of disinformation is complete, everything the American public will believe will be false. Correct. He put it the other way around. He put it the other way around. He said our program will be a success when everything the American people believe is false. Stand put. We’ll take you right after this break.

Now these days are gone and I’m not so self assured. Now I find a chamber mine. I don’t you are tuned in to the Republic broadcasting network. Visit our website by going to RepublicBroadcasting. org homeowners. Are you in foreclosure? Expecting to be served with a foreclosure lawsuit or suspect your lender has coerced you into an illegal mortgage transaction? A huge number of mortgages made in the last ten years have legal issues and are possibly defective.

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Nothing you can sing that can’t be done, nothing you can say that you can learn how to play the game. I mean, how can a Tavistock Institute be implicated in the Beatles messages? All you need is love. I just find that such a stretch now, Reese. I even have a research associate who was there when William Casey made that statement at the CIA. So we know he said it.

And isn’t it disgraceful that the CIA should be promoting falsehoods and disinformation? That propaganda is their stock in trade? Yes, Jim, and I want to say this, that Bill Casey learned it not from the Jesuits, but from a very different source. And I’m going to fill you and your listeners in on who that source was. I did a little further in depth research on Bill Casey because it intrigued me that a CIA director would make a statement like that, especially being a Catholic.

This is something completely antithetical to what a Catholic would do or say. Guess what I found out about Bill Casey. Well, his mother was named Blanche, I believe. Yeah, Blanche Levine. And her name, Levine, comes from guess where? Sub Saharan Africa. Where she and her parents lived in what is called the slave coast of Africa. They call it the status region of Africa because it was the center of slave trading.

Now, just think about this, Jim. Bill Casey’s mother was a slave from a slave trading family, from the biggest hotbed in South Africa, sub Saharan Africa, I should say, of slave trading. So I know where he’s from. Guess what property he purchased in Long Island. I visited his house. It was called Jack O’bean House. Bill Casey purchased Jack O’Ban house in, I believe, 1940s. So you see, Jim, he’s not a Jesuit.

He might have gone to Fordham University, like many people do, including Jews. It was from his mother’s side. He’s one of the usual suspects. And the reason they made him CIA director is they used him to penetrate the Vatican, and because they wanted to get their hooks into the Vatican. So they used a guy that was ostensibly Catholic, but his family tree was from the Sabbathean imposters. I’m sorry about that.

And by the way, I want to just mention from Dave, be careful with this guy, Richard Giuliani. I found him to be a purveyor of disinformation. I’ve come across him quite a bit in my own research. Or Charles. Charles Giuliani. Well, Casey’s great success Reese, as I’m sure you’re aware, was negotiated with the ayatollahs in Iran to hold on to the hostages until after the inauguration of Reagan, because he knew that if the hostages were released, it would regard it as success by Jimmy Carter, and he’d be likely to be reelected by acclamation.

So Casey was being rewarded for his skullduggery and what could well be regarded as a violation of national security by ensuring the hostages were held even longer than need to have been the case. A further final thought? Reese yes. Final thought was this, that Bill Casey may have actually redeemed himself. And I’m going to tell you how he was supposed to speak before the Iran cantra, the hearings for Iran Contra.

And I believe he may have been on the dark side, but he wasn’t completely beholden to the dark side. Because here’s what happened. Casey suffered a seizure the day before he was going to testify, and then three days later, he died in the hospital of an undiagnosed brain tumor. So they put Bill Casey out to pasture before he could testify about Iran Contra. So maybe he wasn’t all bad, like many know.

Yeah, this is like William Colby dying in a kayaking accident when he was an expert kayaker, because he was revealing too many truths. Reese thanks for the call. Good points. Very nice. Francis in North Carolina, please join the conversation. Francis hey, young man. First of all, have a great fun week to start with, given we have a full moon coming up. Aside from that, as far as the whole corona fiasco with the variance and the masking and the soldier engineering of six foot distance and all this garbage, at least I call it that rhetoric.

Sure. For one thing, you can tell who’s going to fall for it. Livestock and barrel. Currently, today, three years after the first initial fiasco was kicked up, because people every once in a while I’ll see someone wearing a mask or whatever. I’m thinking I just shake my head when I see them. I’m like, oh, my gosh, I can’t believe you’re actually falling for this trap. But anyway, you know full well that the stupid mask.

I don’t care what kind of a design it is or manufacturing speciality there is of a mask, supposedly for this little viral bug of bacteria and viruses that people breathe in every day for that matter is a total hoax and a fraud. Because at one point, from my own personal experience, based on the fact that my other half was in the hospital about the time that this whole fiasco kicked up him being diabetic, and so I had to wear a mask in the ICU CCU whenever I went to visit him.

Well, turns out whenever the cleaning maintenance personnel would come in to wipe down the counters and all that kind of stuff with whatever fluid they were using, I told him, I said, how long are you going to be doing that as far as the timing is concerned? I said, Because quite frankly, I can smell what you were doing through this mask that’s supposed to keep out who knows what.

And they said, you could smell it through the mask. I said, I think I just clarified that for you, verbally speaking. And so they were like, we’ll be out of here in just a few months. I said, well, it’s a little bit too late now because I can smell it. And so if I can smell cleaning solution through the air that’s been sprayed on the counter through a mask, I guess one of those medical grade masks or whatever, then some little viral bug.

It’s a complete joke. I have to agree that I’ve likened it to the aspect that someone come up with analogy of keeping a fly out with a chain link fence. Yeah, now, I heard that years ago, and this still applies. So not to mention the fact that one, it cuts off your oxygen flow to your brain as well as it cuts back on your immune system. If you still have one.

It does nothing to protect it. The only thing you can do to protect your immune system is to take care of it yourself and with your diet supplementation or who knows what if you still have one, because the vax destroys your immune system. That’s its key to success. Well, there you go. Especially when someone goes and takes the second or third booster. And when I first heard about people doing that, I thought, wait a minute, then what was the point of taking the first one if you have to have a second or third or fourth booster to follow it up with? That’s a complete idiocy.

And Francis, it was never tested for inhibiting transmission. We were all told this is to protect other people, and you’re being selfish if you don’t do it. But they never tested that it would protect other people. It doesn’t protect other people. The whole thing was a pile of garbage. I was going to say it’s a bunch of hypocritical BS that people were brainwashed with kill ourselves. They’re really getting us to kill ourselves by taking an injection that has no medical basis whatsoever.

Well, that’s a given. I mean, they want over half the population drop dead. Quite frankly, by my calculation, over a billion worldwide have died from the vax over a billion, Francis. And they still have to answer for that garbage, too. But that’s the reason why whenever I see people taking this up and they say, well, I’ve had this, I’ve had it, I’m like, oh, my gosh, even my dear beloved sister in law, whom I love dearly because she’s the only sister I’ve had in my life, and she went and had the shock jab done.

And I’m like you did what? And said, well, it don’t protect you from it. Just lessens the effects of the corona bug. I’m like, Excuse me, you realize how illogical that sounds? And this is someone who is a teacher in a school or whatever substitute was or otherwise. I was totally floored. So that pretty much shoots out the holiday visitation thought. You have a final thought? My final thought is having a green olive of my margarita.

That’s not even a rainbow. A true rainbow. Not this fake, fraudulent rainbow garbage. Thanks, Francis. Y’all have a great week. Take care. Play hard. Yeah. Good, too. Good, too. Thanks for the call. Bragan in Wisconsin. Bragan. Join the conversation, my friend. Hello. Inspect the festa. Good to hear your voice. And it’s an open ended question for another program on another day, but I was discussing it with someone near and dear to me a couple of nights ago, and when could one say that, quote unquote, the cabal started? Because as a Marine, you well know how the backdoor the closed door proceedings occurred with Major General Smiley, a butler, Marine Corps.

And that was not the start of it. But where it did all start, that remains a question to me. And I know you’ve written I’m pretty sure I have a bunch of your books, and it’s over 60 something, if not 70 something. Actually, 40. I have 40 books, 24 in traditional academic and over a dozen in conspiracy research. But, Brigand, the answer is, it’s an ambiguous question. If you’re talking about the role of the Talmudic Jews, that goes back thousands of mean.

It’s culminated in the Rothschild banking empire, which is perhaps the most powerful, vicious, malicious entity ever known on the face of Earth. If you talk about more centralized American threats, I think it would date to 1913 and the founding of the Fed, where it has been said that compound interest yeah, that compound interest is the greatest evil ever devised by the hand of man. And that’s, of course, where interest makes interest.

In fact, our national debt is by and large a function of interest owed to the Fed, which is a consortium of private banks for publishing the currency of the United States, which JFK thought was absurd because the Department of treasury could perfectly well print United States notes at no interest. So the idea of paying interest to a consortium of private banks for publishing the money of the United States is an absurdity.

And by the way, a friend suggested to me, what we need is a jubilee. We need to be emancipated from our debt. The Catholic Church instituted know a very long time ago, but it’s something that could do the United States a whole lot of good. Just emancipate, wipe all the debt free. Just clean. Get rid of this national absurdity of owning all these trillions to the Fed. I mean, it’s just as dumb as it gets.

Bragg. And I know you’re going to have a further thought. Go ahead. It’s worth an entire book. But you have your hands full, that’s for sure. I appreciate hearing your voice on the air, and I will eat some fresh walleye for you. Thanks, Reagan. Thanks a lot. Very nice call. Very nice sentiment. Tom in Florida. Always glad to hear from you, Tom. Speak up. Yeah. Good day, Jim.

Yeah, a lot of interesting calls today. Very good. Yeah. What’s, Francis in Carolina? Yeah, I say. Yeah, they’re trying to kill off half the population, but they’re just bringing all these illegals in so they’ll flush it back up. Toilets will be flushing again. So that’s why we got all these illegals pouring in here. But here’s what I really want to talk to you about, Jim. I want to talk to you about New York City with Curtis Liwa from the Guardian Angels.

What do you know about drones that are flying over New York City, arresting the people who are protesting, but the illegal aliens are running around like wild Indians. What do you know about crazy. Crazy. The people who should be arrested are those who are allowing these aliens into the country sorry. With Joe Biden and Barack Obama and George Soros. Those are the people who deserve to be arrested and tried and prosecuted the full extent of the law.

This is absurd. Absolutely. Well, his Alex Soros took off for the old man. The old man could barely walk. He looks like a frog. But they got the son taken over with Gavin Newsom. He’s going to be sponsoring him, but we got to go back. What’s going on with Curtis Liwa? He’s been arrested. He’s trying to point out these illegal aliens are getting better treatment as veterans. And he’s pointing out the drones are watching everything they do, and everywhere he goes, the drones are flying over his house and everything.

But they won’t even put the drones at the border with rocketry or something to keep these illegals from coming in here. This is invasion. It’s called what it you know, I got to say this, Jim. Listen to a lot of calls. You got to talk about COVID and this and that. And then we’re hearing about the shot and all that. Hey, Donald Trump never took a shot. I don’t even think Biden never took a shot.

I know Biden never took a shot. He’d really be dead. They took regeneron. They took a liquid drip model you take for four or 5 hours they never took and everybody was well aware that they had a thing called Regeneron. They took it in Indonesia, Mr. Carter, and all over the country of Indonesia. They never took Pfizer or Moderna. They took Cloxychloroquine or Regeneron. The fakery of all this is insane.

Of Fauci, that little Greek fauci, and the whole thing’s a yeah, that’s COVID. That, to me, is over with. They’ll probably try to bring it back. Yeah. But you know what? I think Putin eventually, in Ukraine, I think Putin I did several lengthy studies about COVID and the politics of COVID and how it played into the DNC agenda. I’m going to repost those on my Twitter so you don’t have to dig around at the 65 shows.

I’m going to repost those on my Twitter and I’m going to do it right away because we’re being subjected to an instant replay. So you want to see how they faked us out of our jocks before and not be played again. Tom, do you have a final thought? Tom? Yeah, well, Curtis LEEWA said all these illegal aliens in New York City got mopeds. They’re getting cars. They’re wrecking cars.

There’s wrecks all over New York City. Can you imagine? We’ll be right. The essence of Jewish power is the ability to prevent the discussion of Jewish power. Jewish power requires anybody in politics to understand it and know about it, but never talk about it. My awakening really sums up with the very best evidence, the facts and the truth about race, and the fact that race drives history. And the truth about the Jewish question.

The younger you get, the greater the percentage of people who identify as alphabets of LGBTQRS. This woman, she’s like, oh, yeah, I identify as a koala two years ago, and I’m like, what a koala? What? Maybe if it was quickie koala, that might be cool, but otherwise, how about an N word pass? Have you ever received an inward pass from any of your black friends? Biden invited a drag queen to come for the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act.

It’s respect for anal sex. Act. Let’s just call it like it is. The Patrick and Jeremy Show. Tuesday at nine Central and Wednesday at one Central. Hi. Tom Bolton. For ease off. I know so many of you are finding our easy four carcass drop and lift an essential tool for your meat processing operation. But today I want to spotlight four of our new products. First, our right height hog cradles with steel or aluminum frames.

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Two easop. LLC 417-932-6419. Find your inner rebel at Dixie Republic, the world’s largest Confederate store. Located in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. The anti white, antichrist antisothern world ends at the asphalt. Welcome to God’s country. Log on to Dixierepublic. com to view our Southern merchandise. From flags to T shirts to artwork at the store. Browse through our extensive collection of belt buckles and have a custom made leather belt handcrafted in our Johnny Rebbs gun and leather shop.

That’s Dixierepublic. com. Where you can meet all of your Southern needs. Support those that support the network. Support Dixierepublic@dixierepublic. com. Email proudsothern one, two, three at gmail dot com and let them know that RBN sent you. I look at all Helena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been lives in a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a job by the door who is it for? All of them where do they all come from? All of the people? Where do they all belong? Well, before I take our last caller today, let me speak out to Vinny in New Zealand.

Vinny, I would love to get you on the air. Just call earlier. I knew you dropped because you thought there was too little time. Call tomorrow, call early. I’d love to hear from you. David in California. David, join the well. Hi, Jim. Thanks for taking the call. Listen, about a week ago you mentioned when it was talking about the guns and Second Amendment and violence like that, I love what you said.

You said something like, if United States didn’t have four or five states and what were the states and where did you get that information from? I wonder if I can trace that down. You remember what I’m talking about? I’m not sure, but I’ll see if I can track it down. David, I mean, if you want to send me an email if I can find it. Yeah, you were saying something like, united States would be the fourth internationally.

I’ve got that right away. Oh, absolutely. 100%. That’s a matter of the fact that if you took out five Democrat states where the gun is so high detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago yeah. If you subtracted those, the United States would be 189 out of 194. We would be, like the fourth least gun violent nation in the world if you just subtracted the five Democrat cities where the gun violence is so great because they have gun free zones.

You’re right. Yeah. So where did you find that? I mean, I believe you, but did you find that somewhere on the Internet or I’m just curious. Sure. Every story I do, I have a link to it that is going up now on my BitChute channel. I don’t think right now it’s going up at RBN, too. Michael Rivera would publish links to all the stories he covered, and I’m doing the same.

I’m writing summaries of. Our shows that are being published at RBN. But I do not think right now the links to all those stories are going there. I look forward. If I find it, I’ll call it in. But one more thing. I heard in Kentucky. I was hearing this from Scott McKay about a week ago, that there was a case with the mask, with the whole COVID nonsense that it can really push back a lot of this stuff.

That they try to do lockdowns and force us to make wear masks that I forgot the details of it but was out of Kentucky that we really can do a major pushback when they try to do know another lockdown. They’re going to try it, I guarantee. Especially because they want to promote mail in balloting which even third world countries don’t accept because it’s so amenable to know. And up in this little town in Michigan they had a woman coming in with tens of thousands of phony voter registrations at a time.

I mean, it was just ridiculous, Dave. Ridiculous. Hey, thanks a lot for excellent. We’ll talk more about gun control, no doubt in the very near. I’m glad you were all here and thank you for calling back tomorrow. Thank you, Jim. Have a good evening. .

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