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➡Jim Fetzer discusses three main issues: the House Speaker’s foreign aid bill favoring other countries over America, the FBI’s alleged targeting of right-wing journalists, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The host criticizes the House Speaker for not prioritizing America’s needs and accuses the FBI of suppressing right-wing voices. Lastly, he talks about the worsening situation in Ukraine, with Russia gaining the upper hand despite international aid to Ukraine.
➡ The article discusses the ongoing conflict between Israel and Iran, with Israel frequently attacking Iran and Syria. Recently, Iran retaliated by attacking an Israeli air force base. The article also mentions the U.S. Navy needing more funds after operations against Iran and Yemen. Lastly, it talks about potential sanctions against an Israeli military unit for alleged human rights abuses against Palestinians.
➡ A Russian oil refinery was stopped due to flooding, and a UK munitions factory exploded, raising questions about possible warfare. Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives passed bills that included sending billions of dollars to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, causing public outrage. In other news, there are concerns about the use of pharmaceutical drugs and the benefits of hemp paste as a healthier alternative. Lastly, former President Trump’s trial has begun, with accusations of him using campaign money for legal bills, while similar actions by President Biden have been revealed.
➡ This text discusses various topics including accusations against Democrats, a journalism professor’s exploration of his Jewish roots, climate change protests, and the Biden administration’s impact on women’s rights. It also mentions an Idaho man’s alleged terror plans, student activism for Palestinian rights, and a senator’s controversial comments about Gaza protesters. Lastly, it includes a promotion for a coffee company and a southern merchandise store.
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➡ The speaker is expressing frustration about various issues, including perceived unfair treatment of Donald Trump, concerns about crime and law enforcement, and dissatisfaction with the government’s actions. They also discuss their disappointment with Trump’s actions regarding the border and funding, and express concern about the future of the country.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including the speaker’s dissatisfaction with the current state of America, their belief that the country is under threat, and their desire for military intervention. The speaker also mentions health and wellness, promoting a product called Shilajit for toxin removal. Additionally, the text includes an advertisement for an online constitutional course and a discussion about income tax avoidance. Lastly, the speaker engages in a conversation about perceived societal issues, including the portrayal of white men and the role of women in society.
➡ This text discusses various topics, including the importance of treating people with respect, the value of Social Security, potential legal issues with mortgages, the benefits of essential oils and a specific type of tea, and a debate about the constitutionality of the Reapportionment Act of 1929, which set the number of seats in the House of Representatives.
➡ The text discusses various topics including changes in the U.S. constitution, the shift towards digital currency, and personal experiences of domestic violence. It also includes a conversation about political disillusionment and the challenges of choosing who to vote for.
➡ TLB Talk is a platform created to unite people against big tech, big pharma, and Big Brother. It’s funded by donations and profits from merchandise sales. They also promote a product called xtandibite, which has helped people with heart conditions. Lastly, there’s a discussion about feeling betrayed by Trump’s foreign aid policies and a proposal to establish a platform at the Republican convention to change these policies.


This is Jim Fetzer, your host on authentic news right here in RBN Live this 22nd day of April, 2024, simulcasting on speak free radio. Three very troubling stories and I’m going to owe a big apology. I believe that Rick in Arizona for challenging him, suggesting he was needling Trump. He got it right. I begin with House Speaker Mike Johnson ignoring America’s best interests in favor of Israel, the truth seeker.

Very good. Site reports of following House Speaker Mike Johnson has just unveiled his long awaited foreign aid bill and it leaves a lot of people wondering just where his loyalties lie. As other countries are getting billions of dollars in aid and nothing is being earmarked for securing the nation’s borders, it’s not surprising Johnson is a traitor to America as the other bills he’s putting forward entail acts such as seizing russian assets, giving them to Ukraine, banning tick tock to keep criticism of Israel under wraps, and turning us businesses into spies for the National Security Agency.

Brilliant. Exactly right. The legislation unveiled by the House Appropriate Commission will provide more than 95 billion worth of security assistance to other nations. This includes more than 60 billion for addressing a conflict in Ukraine in helping regional partners manage the situation, more than 23 million of this amount would be spent replenishing american weapons facilities and stocks. But here is the kill ramoons. com Mike Whitney Trump sold out his base, disheveled 95 billion to Ukraine and Israel.

This breaks my heart. Marjorie Taylor Greene gets it right. America last, America last. That’s all this is America last every single day. The man who is most responsible for the 95 billion giveaway to Ukraine and Israel is the same guy who pretends to oppose America’s wasteful foreign wars. Donald TrUmp it was Trump who consulted with Speaker Mike Johnson about the contents of the ukrainian package, just as it was Trump who concocted the idea of issuing loans instead dispersing the standard handout.

It was also Trump who said, I stand with a speaker, Mike Johnson, after you added that Johnson is doing, quote, a very good job. A good job? Asked Whitney, so secretly collaborating with the Democrat leadership that Bush, through a bill that reauthorizes FISA to spy on the american people without a warrant, bans tick tock, fully funds Joe Biden DOJ that’s indicted Trump 91 times, giving Biden political gestapo a brand new FBI building bigger than the Pentagon while not providing a dime to protect the southern border from the swarms of people entering the country illegally is doing a good job.

Should we should all be asking ourselves is why has Trump decided to participate in this scam. He keeps saying that if he were president, he’d end the war in Ukraine in a day. If he’s sincere about that, why did he collaborate on a bill that will drag the world for another year or two? Here’s from a Twitter post by political analyst Michael Tracy. Mission accomplished. It is done.

Donald Trump and the House go be just completed one of the most epic swindles in political history, with Trump personally effectuating the largest ever dispersement of Ukraine funding through his emissary, mega Mike Johnson, as Trump lovingly calls him. 61 billion pass this afternoon is likely enough to underwrite a brutal, pointless trench warfare for at least another year or two. Is after the same old endless media screeching that Trump and mega Republicans were being brainwashed by Putin and would never fund Ukraine.

That fundamental hoax continues, only this time Trump was in on it. I am disgusted. I am appalled. It boggles the mind. It is betrayal. I am shocked. Equally depressing CIA officer Braggs about how the federal government targets right wing journalists and uses leftist news to control narratives a former FBI official during CIA just accidentally exposed exactly how the two federal agencies easily target Americans who go against the government’s prescribed narrative.

Gavin Oblivious, currently a contracting officer for CIA, was caught on a hidden camera bragging about how the federal government can easily put anyone behind bars, constitutional rights be damned. Oblantus admitted to an undercover journalist from sound investigations that the ever powerful FBI can and has set people up to saddle it with crimes they didn’t commit and then lock them up. We call it a nudge, O’Blana said, going up an interesting example to prove how powerful they are, the agent said.

This FBI can easily dispose of problematic right wing journalists like Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones by putting them in jail. He points out the FBI actually started doing this with Alex Jones by taking away his money, or, as he refers to it, chopping his legs off. Pointed out, the same FBI that hates right wing journalists also loves to use the fake left wing news outlets to advance their narrative.

The bureau, e claims, often uses embellished news outlets coupled with fake social media to really get people mad. Full sources admitting to the fact that the FBI targets right wing media while amplifying live metal by the left to worsen the divide in America. Are you surprised? Meanwhile, truth seeker once again mainstream media finally admits russian war of attrition is winning the conflict in Ukraine. And it gives a lot of posts.

Here’s one. Elon Musk. Easy to predict. In fact, I did predict it, comparing two political headlines why Ukraine is winning and it is changing versus more recent. Ukraine is heading for defeat. Is Paul Saran from the gateway pundit. There was never much doubt that in a military confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, those whom Donald Trump called a war machine, the Russians would prevail. Sure enough, once an unprecedented alliance of western powers sent billions in money in military aid, the calculations had to be remade.

But it soon became apparent that while this help would considerably delay the outcome, it would not fundamentally change it. While the mainstream belt, two full years lying, engaging in wishful thinking, disguises analysis, they now have to give into the reality of facts. As russian troops ramp up pressure on the outgunned and outmaneuvered ukrainian forces, Moscow is reportedly preparing to conquer more territory as soon as the muddy tundra field dry up to allow tanks, armored vehicles, and other heavy equipment to roll to key positions across the countryside.

You got it right. That’s what’s happening. Meanwhile, well report Russia to higher contract soldiers in bid to avoid unpopular draft. That actually is easy to misunderstand. Russia is supported in this war by the russian people. They believe in it. They believe in Vladimir Putin. They know that cause is just what they’re talking about here is technical happening right now. It’s unbelievable because it’s not comparable to anything that we’ve seen so far.

How do you see the conflict right now in Ukraine? Ukraines are in a state of collapse. I’ve been talking some time now about, you know, correlation of forces. I’ve talked about military math. What happens when one side consumes resources at a far greater rate than they can be replenished? The other side is accumulating resources far greater than they can be diminished. Then eventually, the side that accumulates the most resources will have a decisive advantage, and you will see collapse on the battlefield.

We’re seeing collapse across the battlefield right now. Ukrainians literally have nothing left. There’s no brigades left to throw in. There’s no air defense, there’s no artillery. The one thing they have is they’ve massively produced these FPV first person drones, and so they’re throwing those into the battlefield, saturating the area. And these are very dangerous, lethal weapons. And so they are causing the Russians some headaches from that. But other than that, they’ve got nothing left.

And Russia’s figuring out Russia’s blowing up drone production facilities. Russia’s learning how the drones communicate, and then they’re going to blow up the operators, and they’re going to nullify that and just keep rolling. There’s nothing Ukraine can do to stop this. This is why Ukraine is so desperate for NATO intervention. This is why Ukraine is attacking the Zaporizha nuclear power plant in an effort to get the international community to intervene on its behalf to forestall a regional and global nuclear catastrophe.

But there’s nothing the Ukrainians can do to reverse this. This is happening. The Russians don’t normally commit to a timeline. They’re very driven by objectives. They’ll let the objective define the timeline, not a calendar. But for the first time, you’re starting to hear russian political leaders, russian military leaders, people in the know, speak of, you know, a collapse by the end of this summer, early fall, that Ukraine will not, that this war will not continue out of 2024.

And for Russians to be saying this means that, you know, they’ve made a decision that that is going to be what they’re, they’re fighting for, looking forward to accomplishing. So I think we have to take that seriously. I think that this taking place is the final stage of the death of Ukraine. And the tragedy is they could have avoided this had they accepted the terms of the Istanbul communique.

They could stop this at any time. But Zelenskyy still talks about making Russia surrender. He talks about having a peace conference hosted in Switzerland, where apparently they’re going to compel the Russians into surrendering. Totally unrealistic things like that. Do you think how, and of course, now it’s going to be kept going by a massive infusion of cash brought to us by the speaker of the house. And, God, I never thought I’d say it, the traitorous Donald Trump.

I am disgusted. Meanwhile, a second round of retaliation between Israel and Iran has just begun. Again, the seeker, Phil Giraldi, given the line, in fact twisting, that have routinely been part and parcel of accounts of what is occurring in the Middle east the past several weeks have nevertheless been shocking in terms of how an abysmally low standard of truth can be reduced even further. Looking at developments objectively, one comes up with a series of facts.

First of all, Israel was not at war with either Syria or Iran during the first weeks of April. Iran had never attacked Israel prior to that point, and Syria last fought Israel in 1998, over 50 years ago. Israel, however, has regularly been assassinating iranian officials and scientists, and it has frequently been bombing Syria since 2017, increasing the race to weekly and sometimes even daily attacks over the past six months, paralleling the gauze of fighting.

A particularly devastating attack took place on March 29, when the israeli military launched missile strikes against a weapon story depot in Syria’s northern province. Of Aleppo, which killed at least 40 most syrian soldiers. The airstrikes produced a series of explosions. It also killed six lebanese Hezbollah fighters. Yes, and it debate goes on. Iran has struck the air base where Israel’s f 35s were located, the main Runway, storage facility and aircraft were damaged.

This is a follow on to what I’ve reported before. In fact, actually it’s from April 15. But the fact is it’s confirming the report I provided already. Nearly two months after practicing to hit an israeli air force base that hosts its F 35 Lightning, two fighters with ballistic missiles, Iran finally attacked the israeli air force base in its retaliatory strikes. Assessments of the attack vary. While some say it was completely unsuccessful since all projectiles were shot down.

Other point, never planned material or military damage with a view to prevent a wider war. But we know how most of the missile were shot down. The seven hypersonic headed for those airports were not. They got through. Meanwhile, we have RT reporting Iran’s assessment of that retaliation by Israel. Iran targeted with children’s toys, according to its foreign minister. That’s published in Rt. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Abradollahan has downplayed the significance of fighting drone attack on the country since it was minor in scale and involved primitive hardware.

The claims by some media that explosions above the iranian city of Isfahan, which hosts a major air base, were a retaliatory strike are not accurate, he said in an interview with NBC. What happened last night was not a strike, he insisted, adding it involved just two or three small unmanned aerial vehicles. More like toys that our children play with, not drones. UAV’s took off from inside Iran, blew a few hundred meters and then were struck by our air defenses.

Israel, which typical neither confirms or denies operational force. I’ll decline to comment on whether it was involved in the attack. It amounted to virtually nothing. Meanwhile, more confirmation of what I previously reported, except in this case. The US Navy requires a billion dollars replenished destroyer missile stocks after her defense ops against Iran and Yemen. Speaking before the Senate Appropriations Committee on April 16, Aviation Secretary Carlos del Toro state the service required close to a billion in additional spending to replace stocks of munitions expanded in operation against iranian forces since October.

It’s critical for Congress to pass a supplemental spending bill so we can actually get additional resources to be able to supplement those munitions. Right back. Standing six foot four, weighing in 245 pounds of crime fighting political science analyzing broad. Ladies and gentlemen, Doctor Patrick Slattery. So, Mike, get off this anti cicada agenda. I’m a born again traditional christian. And my favorite possessions are right here on my nightstand.

That would be the King James Bible and my 357 revolver. I’d rather be ruled by Chinaman Jews. Cool it with the anti semitic remarks, right? Just because you steal an election and turn republic doesn’t mean you terminate the people in the republic. Because we’re still here. I’m not taking the vaccine to you, Bill Gates. There was a way forward still on January 6, what needed to be done is to object to every single state.

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My friends, in a world of central bankers hell bent on devaluing our savings, you need to own private gold standard contact me, Jeffrey Benedict, Kettlemarine Limited by calling our phone number at 602-799-8214 that’s 602-799-8214 Elena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been lives in a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in her jar by the door who is it for? All the lonely people where do they all come from? All the lonely people more evidence of the israeli slaughter continuing on abate at war on Gaza.

13 children from the same family killed in airstrikes. Others about the general military situation optimal aircraft for iranian air mission. American B two stealth bombers deployed for major show of horse. We had images of them and even B 52s being loaded with what were supposed to be nukes. Turkey so stein of new US b one b bomber present highlights Ankara’s central role boost bolstering israeli security. Yeah, Turkey turns out to be on the wrong side.

That is disgusting. The question becomes how dangerous is Iran’s navy? It’s very dangerous in terms of its obligations and responsibilities, such as shutting down the Strait of Hormuz. Meanwhile, potential us on the IDF are being described by Netanyahu as absurd. The very idea secretary of State Lincoln is expected to make a decision soon regarding an ultra orthodox israeli military unit. PM Betnia who is rebunk reported you have planes a sanction an israeli military unit composed primarily of ultra orthodox Jews which is under investigation or alleged human rights abuses against Palestinians.

Surprise, surprise. Is there any israeli unit that isn’t commuting committing abuses against Palestinians? Secretary of State Blinken is expected to announce sanctions on the nets you the battalion over alleged violations committed bank in a post on Twitter Saturday yeah. Who condemned the idea of sanctioning the IDF? Eddie needs been in touch with us officials to work against a potential decision. Maybe he ought to reach out to his buddy Donald Trump.

Maybe Trump will make sure that the IDF isn’t sanctioned for slaughtering Palestinians. I think I’m going to vomit. Meanwhile, Israeli is on how deep do indoctrination and israeli army glorification go? Very, very deep, as Al Jazeera reports. Meanwhile, the US has agreed to withdraw troops from Niger among a region’s pivot to Russia. This is going to happen all over the world. Meanwhile, an external flooding and evacuation after a dam burst in oars Russia combined with UK zoning munitions factory explode just day after us army ammunition factory catches fire in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

I believe those are related. This dam burst in Russia. That looks to me like a CIA op. I’m not happy to report it because it means we’re getting deeper and deeper into what could turn out to be a nuclear conflict that’ll annihilate us all. What do we have? According to the facility press department, operators at Russia’s oil refinery were halted Sunday after Friday night dam breach and subsequent flooding in the orange area.

The refinery, which has a yearly capacity of 6 million tons of oil, is situated around a 111 miles 110, 1100 miles east of Moscow near Russia’s border with Kazakhstan. I bet that was a CIA op. And get this, the munitions factory, the only one in the UK, has exploded. The United Kingdom’s lone munition filling factory exploded Wednesday, just two days after a fire erupted at the Scranton army ammo plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

A pundit recently boarded. On April 15, the Scranton army ammunition plant, the US primary producer of 155 artillery shells, caught fire. Just two days later, on April 17, a section of the United Kingdom’s lone munition factory exploded after a single shell went off inside the factory. Well, maybe these are just accidental. Or maybe it means asymmetrical warfare is already taking place. Meanwhile, second smartest guy in the world reports breaking looters caught stealing trillions.

The wholly captured blackmail and bribed house passed a collection of unconstitutional bills yesterday. Get away. Why? 5 billion in money stolen via taxes to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. This makes me sick. Here’s wall silver tweeting. You know those taxes you pay that are taken out of each year pay taxes. Congress just gave a bunch of your money to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. 95 billion. And they will do it again and again and again.

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Consultations are free and we provide a free title search. To confirm if your mortgage has legal defects. Email tomcasting. org t o@republicbroadcasting. org Dot Holy roller he got hair down to his knee got to be a joker he do what he please. Well, multiple reports about the trial, the first trial with Trump, which began today. This is a storming Daniels. I would be far more sympathetic to him had he not betrayed us.

Here we have a tweet. This scam rush trial taking place in a 95% Democrat area. The planet coordinated witch hunt could have been brought eight years ago, but passed. Instead, they waited and brought it. Right in the middle of my presidential campaign against the worst and most incompetent president ever, crooked Joe Biden. It has been presided over by possibly the most conflicted judge in judicial history who must be removed when this hoax immediately.

I did nothing wrong. Well, I think in relation to Stormy Daniels, you may have done nothing wrong, Mister Trump, but in terms of the american people and your base, you have betrayed us. I’m outraged. Meanwhile, Trump urges his supporters a peacefully protest as opening arguments began. On the day opening arguments started in the so called hush money trial in New York, former president Trump called on would be demonstrators to go out and peacefully protest in a true social, not Twitter.

Before he left with the courthouse Monday morning, Trump wrote that he wonders why pro palestinian demonstrators are allowed to roam the city, scream, shout, sit, block traffic, enter buildings, not get permits, and basically do whatever they want, bro. Trump backers are rudely and systematically shut down and ushered off to faraway holding areas, especially denying them their constitutional rights. I find it troubling that he’s objecting to pro palestinian protesters.

It goes on. America loving protesters should be allowed to protest at the front steps of the courthouse all over the country, whose two tiered system of justice he support. He declares free speech has been chilled for USA supporters. That’s all true. But Mister Trump, you are the one who has betrayed us. Meanwhile, Michael Avenatti is ready to testify for Trump. This is a former attorney for Stormer Stormy Daniels.

Repeatedly in talks with Trump’s defense team, willing to testify on the former president to be head. A convicted lawyer talked to media sources from prison, where he’s serving a 19 year sentence for the attempted extortion of corporate giant Nike Abenardia state. He’s more than happy to testify for President Trump had recently came out to call the entire stormy Daniels hush money case a scam. Many in the conservative community surprise in disbelief at his apparent change.

We shall see. Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene. What a wonderful person she is. Such a huge failure. This is a Manhattan jury. It went 80 circus at the courthouse as Donald Trump’s hush money trial gets underway. This is a Manhattan jury. It went 87% for Biden, one of the jurors said, I don’t believe I can be fair and I’m biased. The deck is stacked against him. Two. Oh, Trump violated election laws.

Okay, what laws? I’ve said from the beginning, this case is an abomination. All you’re doing is showing that you’re scared. You can’t beat em. I mean, this is a Frankenstein case. They took a dead misdemeanor, they attached it to a dead alleged federal felony and zapped it back into life. So you know this guy Bragg? I gotta tell you, he is a make believe prosecutor, weaponizing the legal system for political gain.

Bragg isn’t just trying to enforce federal campaign finance laws, he’s making up his own federal campaign finance law. So you tell me how this is not a conflict of interest. This is an american president. This is the United States of America’s highest office, and we’re doing this. MTG tweeted that first they rigged the election, now rigged the trials. That’s a very nice summary overview, actually. Meanwhile, Biden slammed Trump over legal bills.

And then his own dirty secret comes out. Get this. The Biden campaign has slammed Trump over how he’s been paying his legal bills. Democrats have thrown lawsuits and criminal trials at him. Believe they’re doing this. Many believe they’re doing this to derail his 2024 campaign. Duh. Trump has whipped some campaign money on these legal challenges. Though this does not appear to be illegal, Biden is still trying to slander him over it.

Now Biden’s own dirty secret is spilling out. While he was attacking Trump, reusing campaign cash to pay lawyers and legal fees, the DNC was doing this to bail Biden out of his own problems. President Biden used campaign donation to help pay his legal bills last year during the special counsel probe into his handling of classified documents. Quite too familiar with the matter in axios review of campaign finance records.

That’s what the Democrats do. They accuse others of doing what they themselves do. Here’s one I didn’t take very seriously before, but now I’m sorry to say I do. Henry Macau Meatpacker Biden reveals Trump’s true character in 1987. Journalism professor Stephen Bloom, a typical liberal, wanted to explore his jewish roots by joining the jabad colony kosher Meatpacker in Postville, Iowa. He discovered that hatred of non Jews and assimilated Jews animates them.

They want nothing to do with their christian neighbors. They were there to make money, and the non Jews go. Whether Pottsville merchants or migrant workers were barely distinct from the cattle on their assembly line who are being slaughtered. Stephen Bloom has a love affair just as typical of many liberal american Jews. A journalism professor, writes Henry, he saw the opening of the kosher meatpacker by hasidic Jews in Postville, Iowa, in 1987 as an opportunity to study the jewish gentile dynamic and microcosm.

Initially, I had gone to Botsville to learn from the hasidim Orthodox Judas, served with them a sense of identity and belonging. Instead, what the Bloodsville has said ultimately was a glimpse of the dark side of my own faith, a look at jewish extremists whose behavior not only made the Pottsville locals wince, but made me wince too. Meanwhile, photos show Ilan Omar’s daughter has been arrested for refusing to leave an anti israeli encampment at Columbia.

Frankly, in my opinion, I commend her. I spent a year of graduate work at Columbia for my outside minor in philosophy, earning a PhD history in the philosophy of science. I was involved in student protests at the time against the radical group of the time, which was embarrassed by being caught throwing typewriters out of a student employment placement office when they thought it was a military placement office.

Here we have sds. The daughter of Elon Omar Esra Hersey appears to have been arrested at Columbia after she was suspended Barnard for refusing to leave an anti israeli encampment. According to photos posted to X. I had a girlfriend, a fiance. I went with her seven years from Barnard. She was a graduate student. I spent seven christmases in Boston with her at her family home. I think Elon Omar’s daughter is doing the right thing.

Meanwhile, the NPR CEO claims to erase bad information with good information. I took that as an occasion to write to Amy Goodman and to say, Amy, look, here’s news about Sandy hook that you might find fascinating because we’ve had major breakthroughs in what’s happening here. Am I going to hear from her? I’m not holding my breath. Meanwhile, brother Nathan, brother Nathaniel, and I’ve been encouraged to reach out to him as well, continues to make own waves.

I’m a fan of brother Nathaniel. Meanwhile, FBI reveals that Idaho man planned 21 terror attacks were allegiant to ISIS. This sounds like a fabrication to me. FBI informants apprehended a man from Idaho after he reportedly planned to carry out terrorist assault around 22 christian houses of worship in support of the Islamic State. Remember, we created the Islamic State. Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Barack Obama, over the opposition of Michael Flynn, created ISIS in 20, 2012 in order to bring terror to the nation of Syria and attempt to intimidate the democratically elected government of Bashir al Assad.

How disgusting is that? Despite his christian parents desire, Scott Alexander, Scott Mercurio converted to Is two years ago. The FBI revealed they were pursuing him the entire time. Right. Let’s praise the FBI for their heroism doing so much good. Meanwhile, a physical confrontation ensued after climate change protesters stormed the stage at a gala honoring senator Lisa Murkowski, who’s been a major disappointment. There was a physical confrontation when climate change protesters formed the gala honoring senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

She was giving a speech at the Bryce Harlow foundation awards ceremony Thursday in Washington, DC. Suddenly, about a dozen climate change activists stormed the stage. They were fought off by police. They’re seen on video tumbling off the stage. Murkowski is seen slowly walking away as the confrontation ensues. The protesters are part of a climate crisis alarm group called Climate Defiant which declares, we just sat down. A gala honoring us Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski is a murderer. She incinerates us to enrich our cronies. As Chevron top lobbyists gave her award, we stepped in and stopped the ceremony. Respect us or expect us. You know, these appear to be fanatics who actually think climate change is real when it’s an elaborate scam. Meanwhile, this is pretty disturbing. Tronic intevada reports us senator recommends ripping skin off Gaza protesters the 20 April Tom cotton, the bellicose us senator from Arkansas is not satisfied with pushing to employ the US military against Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters.

He’s now encouraging vigilante justice against Gaza genocide activists. On Monday, he proposed throwing protesters in american cities off bridges. He urged people stuck in traffic related to Gaza genocide protests to take violent action. I encourage people to get stuck behind the pro Hamas mob at blocking traffic. Take matters into your own hands to get them out of the way. Protesters from palestinian freedom are pro Hamas mobs to cotton, a man who advised against overtaxing but on tax day promotes bodily harm against those protesting the US tax money, fueling war crimes and genocide.

He is a disgusting, really repulsive. Meanwhile, students fight escalator oppression on us campuses. Again, electronic intifada across the US students are mobilizing in defense of palestinian rights. I had as they should be. I like that. Protests have organized a direct opposition to university administration’s relationship with israeli institutions and investments incorporations that aid in Abet Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Israeli law being groups have mounted escalating attacks on students who support palestinian liberation and have worked with university administrators to crack down on student activism and speech in New York City, Columbia suspended the campus chapter of students for justice in Palestine and of Jewish Voice for Peace in late 2023.

Earlier this month, the students organized an event focused on Palestine. The administration suspended for students issued then eviction orders from student housing with only 24 hours notice. This is disgusting. Damn you, Colombia. You ought to be supporting this. Meanwhile, and this is very, very blamed flouting congressional will the Biden administration rescinds women’s rights? This is from american greatness. For the first time in history, the women’s NCAA basketball final drew more television viewers than did the men’s, and not by a small margin, nearly 28% more.

Would that happen if the women’s teams had men on them? If the Biden administration has its way, we all out the enactment of title nine of the education amendments in 1972 marked a turning point in the lives of girls and women in schools and colleges throughout the United States. For the first time, this federal statute prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs that receive federal financial assistance, which can be as minor as school lunch programs or tuition assistant.

Thanks to this law, more than times as many women and girls now participate in athletic activities in kindergarten through twelve schools and in institutions of higher learning than they did 50 years ago. On April 19, 2024, the Biden admin finalized regulation it proposed in July 2022, likely to avoid backlash at the polls. My name is John. I’m the founder of Blackout Coffee, and I started blackout because I really love coffee.

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We’ll continue to take this product to order, call 187-92-8822 or visit extendivite. com. That’s xtendovite. com. Extend your life with extend over not just anybody you know I need someone when I was younger, so much younger than today if anybody’s helping anyway now but now these days are gone I’m not so self assured now I find a chain of mine I’ll open up the doors help me if you can I’m feeling down and I do appreciate you being round help me get my feet back on the ground well, how many times have I explained how they’re stretching the meaning of anti Semitism far beyond its original intent, which is discrimination against persons because they’re jewish, to disvalue them or their opinions because of their religion, to include any criticism of Israel whatsoever.

That’s where they’ve gone. Even if Israel is committing genocide, it’s anti semitic to point it out and complain about it about what they’re doing. Here with title nine is to expand the meaning of the word sex to include your actual biological sex or your sexual orientation or your gender identity, which means you got to allow men to compete in women’s and girls sports. Disgusting. Meanwhile, vaccinated people, according to the Epoch Times, show long COVID like symptoms with detectable spike proteins.

Spike proteins could remain in immune cells for more than 245 days following vaccination, according to a recent the story evaluated. The study evaluate 50 patients who had developed long COVID like symptoms after a COVID vax. None had been infected with a virus before. The authors extracted immune cells from 14 post vaccine patients and found 13 had spike proteins in their immune cells. Asymptomatic vaccinated people had no spike present.

Researchers from Inceltex, a research company producing and protocols that test for and treat long COVID in both Vax authored the paper. In other words, you take the shot. If you haven’t had COVID before spike proteins, you will have it after taking the shot. And here’s more information on the new world this is, this is there’s Alex nanobox that released toxins reese the 248 page patent technology that was administered to people in the COVID shots was filed in 2020.

The patent lists several embodiments or variations of this technology. And while we don’t know who got what embodiment, we know that several different batch numbers were deployed and some were far more deadlier than others. According to the Moderna patent, this technology contains self assembled nanoparticles and in certain variations these nanoparticles can be used for the release of compounds once they are in the human body. These lipid nanoparticles are encapsulated into a polymer hydrogel, a controlled release coating that includes polyvinyls.

This has been verified by Anna Mi Alchea and Clifford Carnicom’s research. In a 2013 TEDMED talk. Doctor Ido Bachelet says that these nanorobots have already been successfully developed in Israel and that they can be injected into the human body with a basic syringe image of what they look like. And they appear to be the same structures that the fifth column found in their research and claimed was powered by 5g, which was confirmed by doctor Bachelor.

My team developed nanorobots that carry antenna. These antenna are made from metal nanoparticles. Now the antenna enabled the nanobots to respond to externally applied electromagnetic fields. So these versions of nanobots can actually be activated with the press of a button on the joystick. In the following video, it is being discussed by developers. 2015 the nano well, right after the break, we’ll be right back and we’ll be taking your calls.

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This is welcome to the second hour of authentic news right here in our live this 22nd day of April, 2024. Many of you may be in shock, as am I, over this report about Trump having sold out his base to shovel another 95 billion to Ukraine and Israel. Frankly, I am disgusted. Tom from Florida is here. Tom, welcome. Your thoughts. Yeah, yeah. Good day, Jimmy. Yeah, Jim, my thought is this, um, you know, I’ve been attacked, but it’s okay.

You know, um, all. I guess, all I got to say, Jim, is, uh, you know that ease off, drop and lift nonsense that that criminal caller called in about me? That’s disgusting. Yeah, you know. You know, I mean, listen, let me use this occasion to say I want us to not be attacking other callers. I want us to stay on ideas and events. I do not want any personal attacks on Tom or Renee or anyone else.

Yeah, go ahead, Tom. I just was saying. I meant to say, but I got thrown off by this development with Trump channeling that 45 billion to Ukraine and Israel. I’m flabbergasted, Jim. I can’t get to that in a minute. But, you know, I gotta say this, Jim. Okay, yeah. I just gotta say I try to give more pertinent information to your show that I think any other caller.

I try to be a very pertinent type of guy to give you. Uh, nobody else gives. The person who is attacking me always is bashing white males. You know, she sounds like the kind of person she’d pick up a bus. That’s what I’m agree with. I agree with you. And I do not want any further personal attacks. I got an email from a listener reminding me that. That the quality of the show drops when we allow that.

And I’m not going to allow it anymore. I’m going to break in and interrupt. I understand. That’s fine, that’s fine. But Jim, listen, I see you gave me equation of a pig, drop and lift. Okay, that’s disgusting. Okay, Jim, you do deal with that. But I’m not on my end, on her end, because that was disgusting and disgraceful. What she’s done the RBN in your show. Now, I will go to this.

Jim, listen, I got an idea for you. I went to a great concert the other night. It was called Britt Floyd. Okay? I think you should play start some more Pink Floyd instead of the Beatles, because I think Roger Waters is more on your trend of thought, on my trend of thought than the Beatles. That’s very dear, but look, I’m a huge Beatle fan, and that’s me, okay? I’m not going to change them.

Yeah, okay, but Jim, I just want to say. Let me finish. There’s a great song that they played on their whole venue. It was called time by Pink Floyd. A great song, other songs, another brick in a wall. I mean, I tell you what, Britt Floyd was better than actually, I think the original Pink Floyd, the way it came down with the light show and everything was really.

So if you’ll see him, go see him. You will love it. You will love Britt Floyd. They’re fantastic. Tickets, only $45. You can’t beat the light show alone. But now here I had to get off my chest. But again, Jim, if I get attacked again, I’m going to defend myself. Okay? I’m not going to sit back, buddy, who I try to get pertinent information to your show. So the way you can now, I wouldn’t attack Donald Trump so much either.

Right now, Jim. That’s what they’re trying to do. I understand what, you know, he’s trying to get the minority vote to Jews. Maybe he’s doing it because he’s splitting the Palestinians and the Jews. You see what’s going on in these college campuses, Jim? They’re arresting them. I mean, it’s going off the chart. I know. It’s. We haven’t even seen. Tom, don’t you, Tom, remember, slow down just a little bit.

I’ve said to you before, you’re more effective. We actually hear every word. And when you get on a roll, we can’t. Now, do you agree with that? Do you agree with me that punishing these protesters is wrong? That we ought to be supporting them in the interests of freedom of speech and diversity of opinion, and because what Israel is doing is massively wrong. Genocide. Well, Jim, I gotta say this.

You know, it’s horrible what’s going on. But what about happened when we had antifa burning our cities down, burning a police station down in Minneapolis, done. Then they wouldn’t let Donald Trump. Those were all crimes taking place and they weren’t being enforced. The Democrats let them get away with murder. It’s just embarrassingly bad. I agree. Yeah, but did you hear what’s going on? Did you hear what’s going on in Houston? The police chief and Houston said they let mass murderers, and they’re not even, they’re not.

They’re given a pawn to get out of it. Look it up, Jim. They’re letting murderers out of prison in Houston to run the streets until I have a hearing. What is going on? Look at these deal. Legal aliens are killing people. Where’s all. We don’t have a government. What government? What government are we talking about here? We have a government. Look at what they’re doing to Trump with the trial in New York, this nonsense.

Why did they wait to this last minute to try Trump after eight years, nine years? That was a point of Trump self made. That was a point Trump himself made in his social media posts, which I read on the show. Well, Jim, let’s have to ask yourself this. If Donald Trump would have been president when there was cocaine found in the White House, you guarantee that FBI would have found out who brought that cocaine in there? That would have found out.

They know who brought that cocaine in, Tom. I think it was obvious it was. They know damn well. They’re just covering it up. I mean, we know that. Well, there’s, that’s what I saying. We have no government. Our government said compromise. It’s all criminality. It’s criminal. How would you give it? How are you defy, how are you defunct, Jim? How are we funding Israelis border wall around that country and we’re giving them an iron dome and we don’t even have an iron dome.

We don’t have no damn border, Jim. Right. This sucker for Katzenberg, all these schmucks that spent hundreds of millions of dollars last election to take Trump out and threaten. They kept him out of here. They stole the election from Donald Trump. Of course they did. I know they did. And then we got these callers in and you know what, Jim? You know what? I don’t attack anybody if I don’t.

I’m trying to defend myself. And I want to tell you, if I didn’t pack them to keep attacking back at them because I’m not allowed. Tom, Tom, I want you to attack ideas. I don’t want any more. I don’t want any personal attack, period. I don’t want any but ideas. Do me a favor. I just want to say this, Jim. Okay. You got a lot of fantastic callers who call your show, okay, we haven’t heard from Sebastian in Sweden.

We haven’t heard from Marco. He never called, I guess, Miles. And then you got that great. Alexander makes great calls. Alexander’s a great caller. And to be called out like he was, like, he’s a shrill. That’s disgusting. And they’re calling this guy names. Alexander and all these other great callers are called your show, Jim. But, you know, one day, you know, the ultimate thing is you got to keep your powder dry.

I understand that, Jim, but guess what? When we do have that, when something like a revolution in this country, I wonder how the sides are going to be. Big. Jim, like you were saying on your show the other day, a Jew person, a jewish person will never say they’re white. How many students never say they’re white, Jim. But they love white women. They want white women, beautiful, blond haired women.

Why didn’t, why did they ever say they’re, why don’t they do say they’re white, Jim? What are they, an attitude? What are, what are Jews? I think they. I think the whites are the Goyam. The Goyam, Tom. The whites are goyam. They’re part of the enemy. They want to get rid of all the Goyam. You know, I use them for the benefit. It’s disgusting, but there it is.

Well, we’re cows. Exactly. We’re the cow. We’re the cattle. They want to round us up and not put us in our pen. That’s exactly right. But I just. I just say, you know, Jim, and then I hear all these christians you day, oh, Christian, saying, who did you. The Jews aren’t those chosen people anymore. After what I watch on the, on Discovery channels and history channels, they’re not chosen ones.

Jesus turned those tables over, and that was the end of it. When Jesus. Tom, I want to get your opinion about Trump intervening to send the 95 billion in Ukraine and leave us hanging with no money for the border. I mean, that was the leverage the Republicans have, and Trump sold us out. What do you think of that? Well, I actually think it’s disgusting. However, Jim, it’s not just Trump.

Like, what? Biden? There’s puppeteers behind Trump. There’s big dollar donors. There’s big donors. And I can tell you this, Johnson, this guy, Mike Johnson’s the one that actually pushed this deal, okay? Trump. Trump is just trying to play politics. I understand what he’s doing politically, but you got to remember, Jim, what did Obama do? What did what’s Biden doing? What did Bill Clinton do? What did George Bush? I took Trump for his better, Tom.

I thought Trump was better than that. I didn’t think Trump was a double faced liar. I didn’t think Trump would put America last. I am disillusioned with Trump, Tom. I tell you, and coming from a guy who. I have been devoted to this man, I’ve spoken up and defended him again and again and again. I am no longer feeling this. I feel he betrayed me and the rest of the american people, Tom.

I’m sick of it. Well, Jim, you got to ask yourself this. Who’s the better one that’s going to be in November? I know that. I just thought we were in a better position than that. Give us a final thought, Tom. A final thought? Well, yeah, Jim, my final thought is, yeah, Trump is. Trump is not doing right on a lot of things he’s in. The first time he was president, he didn’t clean up the voter rolls.

He didn’t make it where you had to have. When they had control of both, all the power of levers of power, they dropped the ball. Look what’s going on right now. The Democrats are going to take over the house with this. Got team Jeffries. We think it’s bad now, Jim. Wait for team Jeffries becomes a speaker of the House. Okay, Jim, so we’re in a precarious situation. That’s what I tried to tell you earlier in your show.

Jim, one day. One day you’re gonna have to pull that cartridge box. It ain’t gonna be the ballot box that’s gonna stop all this. Tom, I got. I got a lot of. Tom, I got a lot of cartridges here. I want you to know. Ignoring the necessities of life. Okay, I’m ready to lock and load, buddy. I am ready. Tom, I got your back. I got your back.

I got your back, skim. I got your back. I’m with you there. I’m with you. Thanks. Okay. Thank you, Francis in North Carolina. Join us, girl. Hey, young man, you know you got a loaded buffet there, I have to admit. So go figure. Especially with tomorrow being a full moon, no telling what kind of fate is going to have the general public go figure. But as far as this thing about anti jewish or anti semitic, whatever terminology you want to throw out there in the public forum, you know, the way they’re going right now, just have.

For someone to have a bowel movement or urinate would be considered anti semitic. That’s rather gross. But go figure. This same time with the mentality I’m hearing about, who knows, Trump and all this other financial fiasco. You know, my sentiment about that, the fact that he allowed his attorney to scream in the back. So hey, if he has to learn a lo, a very hard lesson the hard way, I hit around the protest ProB prospect itself, what that was about, I got to go back and research it.

You know, this is just so wrong with so many levels, it’s not even silly. Yes, people have lost their life, they’ve been maimed, lost their home and everything. This is absurd. Yes, yes, as always, my thoughts and the folks that have been displaced and everything else and need to be returned back home, I look forward to hearing from other thoughts and everything, regardless of it’s a man or regardless of it’s a woman.

I like to look forward to hearing from the old, quite frankly, which reminds me, I think we have a, as far as the callers are concerned, I think we have a repressed gay person in the audience, and I’ll let you ponder that one. Have a great week. Okay, thank you, Francis. Bubba in Colorado, Boba, join the conversation US Pentagon first team Boscout rep what you’re hearing in the background is the PMO office at Fort Carson, Colorado, Semper spy.

They’re playing all these great american songs, because we’re not quitting until we roll in here with tanks and gunships and go get the scumbags that took over America, and they know it all through Republic broadcasting network, but they’re not polite to me anywhere. They say f word to the white race, that’s what’s going on in America, and you’re not helping unless you put their name out. You can rant and rave till hell freezes over, not going to fix anything, at least maybe that man, one of those mp’s will break in, they’ll say, can I help you, sir? Ma’am? And I’ll say, drop dead, take that uniform off and get the hell out of my country, you trader, because I talked to the national command center today and R Sec and I said we want troops here, I’ve been scheduling all sorts of stuff.

We sit in the bunker, we bring in the parts and we point at the targets, that’s our job. Bubba, scout, Rev, you hear that, semper? Fine, you hear it? And that’s the PMO office at Fort Carson, Colorado. This is an emergency line, sir, I said drop dead. This is a national emergency. And I just heard John B. Wells, he had someone on, he said this man in the White House, whoever he is.

I don’t know who he is, but he signed a law saying the United nations is now allowed to lock down America without even, without even concerning Congress. You have to have two thirds of Congress agree to treaties. No more. No more. They can lock you down anytime, anywhere and call off the election. So it’s not a problem who’s going to win. They just call it off. That’s all.

And Mister billionaire, he’s got plenty of money. He’s going to have to spend it all on lawyers because they’re going to be indicting him for years. Now you see, this is going to go on and on. And Mister Tom, man, he never mentioned Bubba, scout, Rev. He ought to. He ought to call everyone he knows and never shut up about it because we’re at the top of the government.

This is true. We’re at the top. That’s why I can tell everyone, go to hell. We’re under military jurisdiction and they can call 911 till hell freezes over. They’re not allowed to touch the front gate in front of this house. That’s trespassing and they’re not allowed to go near above us. There’s three of us. Three unknowns at Jerkwater USA figured out how to get to the top of the US government.

And not just any part, the part with the H bombs, those guys. But we don’t really need that because they have detrimental side effects. What we’re going to use will get rid of the problem. I’m sick of this driving down the road and I have to be escorted in the US government car and having these morons jump on the car with their spray bottles while they’re waiting to have homes built.

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Escape the IR’s. Let avoidincometax. com help you. We guarantee our five easy steps or your money back. Go to avoidincometax. com dot. Here comes a son. All right, let’s see. We have Dan in Washington. Dan, join the conversation. Hey, happy Monday. Yeah. Welcome to Trump Deranged syndrome. Well, go ahead. I don’t think I’m quite in that state. I’m just a little bit pissed off. I thought the guy was had our back and he doesn’t.

Yeah, I got that. Like probably year three of his terminal. I used to laugh at, you know, the girls with the pink hair that were crying when he got elected and all these stupid liberals and their Trump derangement syndrome yeah. Once you get it, it’s not. Not as funny. 5G was another example. I remember everybody, you had that little segment on the. When Trump was running, everyone thought, oh, we got to get Trump in there because they’re trying to put this 5G everywhere.

Then Trump gets it there, and he’s like, we’re going to put 5G everywhere. You know, we’re going to put billions into five g. And people had to just kind of ignore it, you know? Yeah. Anyway, yeah, I got triggered this morning because I saw the news article. I don’t usually watch mainstream news, but they had these five really kind of tough, white, bald guys, you know, at the university, and we represent Israel, and this is.

We’re going to stop these hippies from protesting at the campus. And, you know, it’s funny how they portray themselves as kind of tough, white, white guys from the east coast. And, you know, but I was thinking, where were these guys, you know, after Charlottesville, when they were tearing down all the. All the monuments, you know, wherever they. The past 20 years, defending white people at all? And the reality is they’re not.

They’re not gonna stick. They don’t allow white guys to stick up for themselves. But when Jews get attacked, it’s a whole different story. So it’s pretty. Yeah. Yes, I’m afraid you’ve got. You’ve got it exactly right, Dan. Sad to say. Continue. No, it’s just. It’s really discouraging to, you know, with when white guys are beginning to attack for white people. For the past 50 years, you know, we haven’t been allowed to stand up for ourselves.

And I, you know, I got to stick up for Tom a little bit here when. When we try and we have our own women saying we’re losers or there’s something wrong with you and you’re just jealous, you know, it’s not the Jews. It’s just you’re. You’re just a loser in life. That kind of crap, you know, I’m used to it. I’m from Washington state. You know, we had, you know, these women who were raised kind of with the tv show Murphy Brown and designing women.

You had that stupid one with Tony Danza. But they. They’ve done all they could to kind of turn, turned white women against white men, and it worked on a lot of women. So it’d be nice that the white women would actually be a little more, you know, look at the palestinian women as an example. Maybe you should be more like a palestinian woman, you know, instead of attacking your own man.

You know, actually stick up for your own people. Well, of course, we, we men had to earn the respect of, of women. I mean, we’re not entitled, but Willy nilly, right, we need to show them respect. That’s really the fundamental principle of morality, treating other persons with respect and never merely as means, which is what happened with murder, robbery, rape, and the like. You’re treating other people as means to advance your own interest and not with respect.

That’s the core immorality, is treating other people merely as means. So we’re getting into some important territory about the nature of right and wrong. Yeah, the more, the more I look at it, you know, if you, you know, when they had the women burn in the bras, it’s funny how in a way, the, like you’re saying the white women look up to white men. And I always go back to that world War two generation that had to go, you know, fight and help the communists destroy Europe, you know? So, Dan, give us a fight.

Give us a final thought. We’re gonna hit the break. Give us a final thought. Well, Social Security is a good thing. And when someone calls in too, and says, if you don’t work, you don’t eat, I kind of get offended by that because I want to retire someday, you know? So stand up against that one, too, because the people who listen to Republic are probably the people who benefit most from Social Security.

Thanks, Dan. Anyway, thanks for that call. You got it. You are tuned in to the Republic Broadcasting Network. Visit our website by going to republicbroadcasting. org dot homeowners, are you in foreclosure expecting to be served with a foreclosure lawsuit or suspect your lender has coerced you into an illegal mortgage transaction? A huge number of mortgages made in the last ten years have legal issues and are possibly defective state laws and the US Supreme Court have upheld that.

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The complete website is drinksupertea. com or call us at 818-965-9113 Monday through Saturday 09:00 a. m. To 05:00 p. m. California time. That’s 818-965-9113 drinksupertea. com. Nothing. You continuing with our call? Cynthia in California. Cynthia in California. Join the conversation. Cynthia afternoon, Professor Fetzer. I would not call in about Trump having reports out there that he converted to Judaism. So when I put that on a social media site, somebody came back with me with a clip that they purport was from a rally, a Trump rally, where he was talking about being upset about the disrespect paid to jews over the centuries and that he, and I swear, I’m hoping this was done.

He was, that he was saying that the death penalty needs to be applied to people who complain about jews and what, yeah, that’s that’s repulsive. I can’t. If he said that, that is repulsive. I tried to find that link, but on this social media site, gab stuff seems to get too hard to find. The next morning when I’m, and I was planning to send it to you to ask you if you could get it vetted, because if it is true, if it is true, we do not want that man anywhere near the office of the presidency.

Well, the problem we have is what we got there. The problem we have, Cynthia, is what we got there now is so God awful, doing so much damage to the country. Even a severely qualified or compromised drug would be better than Biden. I don’t have any doubt about that. Wait a minute, Doctor Katzler, people are assuming that because the parties have chosen their nominees that we’re stuck with that.

But guess what? We are not. Because under the Constitution, we, the people, actually had the right to choose the presidential electors, not the parties choosing those electors. The state legislatures unconstitutionally made deals beginning decades ago to do this. And we can take it away from them quickly if enough people understand that they have the right to have one presidential elector for every 30,000 persons. Every 30,000 persons. Well, we know we do.

The electors for each state are equal to the number of senators and representatives they have. And go back and look at your original constitution. There’s also one member of the House of Representatives for every 30,000 persons. In 1929, Congress unconstitutionally did a reapportionment act. Take a look at this. They’ve been pulling the wool over our eyes for decades. We know that. We’re just still trying to figure out the extent that they’ve been doing this.

Well, when they, Cynthia, I think what happens is when you have a census, they reallocate, you know, the number that are represented by each representative. I mean, they don’t have the option of increasing the number of representatives. They only have the option of increasing the population that they represent. You’re wrong. You’re wrong. You’re wrong. Take a look. Take a look at the original constitution. They never constitutionally changed it from one member of the house of representatives.

They didn’t change it constitutionally. Just because Congress makes law doesn’t mean it’s constitutional. And we don’t have to respect it. We just have to lean on our state senators, our state legislators to stop this nonsense. Well, it’s a nice, it’s a nice thought, Cynthia. I like it. You know, but whether it’s going to happen, you know, it was not likely to happen, correct? You know, but, I mean, I agree with your sentiment.

I gotta say, I’m actually lie. Which. Which is the lie? Which is the lie? The lie is that Congress does not have the right to change the number of people assigned to one member of Congress. They do not have the right to reassign that. They did that in 1929, and people didn’t understand what they were doing. They did not understand it. Just because you only have 400 seats in a building doesn’t mean you’re restricted to only 400 members.

Okay. Congressional reapportionment. Congressional apportionment, or reapportionment, is the process of dividing seats for the House among the 50 states following the dicentennial census. What is reapportionment every ten years in the House? Federal law requires there’s always a total of 430. Hang on. Federal law requires there’s always a total of 435 seats, with each seat representing one district. As states change population at different rates, the number of those 435 for each, each state can go up or down.

That is reapportionment. Redistricting happens after reapportionment, so each district has roughly the same number of people. I think it’s a pretty standard process, Cynthia. I think it’s a. What is your source document, Doctor Fester, what is your source document that you’re using right now? It’s going to be case law, you know, derived from the Constitution originally. No, it’s not arising. That is not accurate. They’re lying to you, Doctor Fetzer.

Even you’ve been caught in one of their traps. Their source document has been manufactured. It does not comport with the original constitution, which we have a right to demand adherence to. Here it is. Yeah. Reapportionment act of 1929, to which I believe you were referring, established a permanent method for abortioning. The constant 435 seats according to census, as preceded by the Abortionment act of 1911, which established a 435 seat size and followed nearly a decade of debate and gridlock after the 1920 census.

The 1929 act took effect after the 1932 election, meaning the house was never reapportioned as a result of the 1920 census, and representation in the lower chamber remained frozen for 20 years. That’s because, you know, they didn’t have a reapportionment after one of the censuses, which is only every 20 years. Cynthia, you raised an interesting question. Give us your final thought for today. Okay. A final thought is that the 17th amendment, where senators were.

Had previously been chosen by the legislatures of the state, was changed. Right. They changed it to a direct election by the people. But actually, the way that particular amendment was constructed, a state legislature can vote to reverse that decision. It’s a lot easier to track the votes of state legislators who have to make an open vote than to track popular elections where they control it with CISA. Okay.

Yep. Thanks. We can recall senators. We can recall senators tomorrow in some of the states. Very good. Very good. Thanks for the call. Thomas. Thomas in New Mexico. Join the conversation. Thomas. Yeah, I want to share some stuff. We don’t have a constitution. I don’t know if anybody remembers Clint Richardson, former host on former host on RBN back in 2014. Clint Richardson. I’m sure you remember him, right? Vaguely.

Remind me. I need to be more specific. Yeah, remind me. He. Clint Richardson. That’s the name. Corporation nation. Corporation nation. The name of his show. He was on Monday through Friday back in 2014 on Republic broadcasting Network. And I guess, I guess not people remember him, but him. And I know you do. You know Mike Gaddy, that’s on RBN. Yeah, I know Mike. Okay, well, both of them are correct.

We don’t have a constitution. I don’t know. I don’t know why people keep thinking we. The constitution takes away our freedom. Next. Next topic I want to share. The constitution takes away our freedom. They’re pushing us into global slavery because I’m going to be having Stephen Douglas Whitner on my radio podcast this Thursday, and I’m going to be talking to him because I haven’t heard nobody covering this, but there’s going to be no more cash soon.

Australia bank west is shutting down all banks. And Australia is moving into digital currency, CBDC. This year. We’re next USA. We have, after this month, we have ten more months. Ten to ten months, maybe another year. But they’re rolling it out for sure here in the United States. No more cash. Your cash will be useless. You won’t be able to use it. Banks are now refusing customers. Many banks are refusing customers to take out withdrawals because they’re moving into CBDC faster, much faster than many people think.

Then I want to share. I like to say that I’ve been woken up about Donald Trump since going back to 2017 when I seen a video that he’s not for the people. He’s a Zion. Donald Trump is a nazi, zionist puppet, Freemason puppet. I don’t have no respect for Donald Trump. I don’t feel sorry for him. He sold us out. He’s not for us. Final thing I want to share, if any folks out there that are listening to my voice think they’re having a rough time.

I have the untargeted doctor Fetzer. Can you hear me, Jim? Yeah, I’m targeted, targeted individual. On top of what I’m going through. I took a photo. I think I know I sent it to your email, doctor. Jim, I know I sent it to your email. A photo of my mother with a black eye, 87 years old. And, and my stepdad beat her up again. I’m 58 years old.

We’ve been, me and my stepbrothers witnessed. My stepdad is 87 years old, about the same age. They both have Alzheimer’s now. My mother is forgetting big time. I don’t know how long I’ll have my mother. And he beat her up again. Last March of this year, just this last month, I took a photo. But my mother lies. So if the police go over there, they won’t help my mother.

In the state of New Mexico, if a woman lies about domestic violence, they won’t help. They won’t help the person. They told me their hands are tied. Thomas, give us, give us, give us a final thought, my friend. My final thought. I’m very upset because back in the eighties, my stepdad threatened to kill my mother and my mother’s sister. Here on this property where I’m at, this is going back to the eighties.

And my mother is still with this man that beats her up. She married this guy even before she married. They got married and he beat her up before they got married. And she’s still married. I hope you’re able to admit, deal with these problems. Really, we, you have all of our sympathy and support, Tom. You do. Thank you. I’m going through a lot. I can tell. I can tell.

Good luck. Good luck with it, Thomas. Thanks for calling. Hint. Thank you. You welcome. Dwayne in Montana. Dwayne, join the conversation. Hey, Jim. I’d never, never called in, but this is one of my first times. But you’d always listen to a talk show or. I listened to a pastor, Chuck Baldwin. You ever heard of him? Yeah, sure. He was up in west, he’s in western Montana, but I listened to him on Sundays.

But he was talking about when our state representative, Rosendale. But he was, he was going to run as a senate, on the senate seat. And um, Daines told him that they were going to give him any money for his free, for his campaign. And so then he bailed on the senate. He was going to run, but then he bailed on that. And of course they started all trying to dredge up a bunch of stuff on him, too, on the side.

But I think he would have been a really good pick because he was, you know, he would have been running against he, who I don’t think is a very good pick. He would have been running against Tester. Well, he would have been running against Sheehy, who I, like I said, isn’t that a very good pick? And if he would have been, he would have. And then the end, run it against Tester, who I don’t think is very good either.

So. And in the end, he, he said he’s not going to run on the representative seat either because he was getting death threats, um, or against his family. So I’m just saying it’s, it’s, you know, I, I’m beginning to think what you’re saying is right about all this stuff. It’s hard to believe this stuff, but I think it’s true. You know, I am so disillusioned at this point, Dwayne, I can’t begin to say.

It’s almost on the same page you are. I just can’t believe it. But, you know. Yeah, but he said that that was coming out of the Republican Party. Those, those death threats were coming out of the republican party and they were directed at whom, who was getting the death threat against Rosendale? They were. And, but he said that, that they were. That’s why he, that’s he in the indian.

That’s why he said, I’m not going to run it, I’m getting out. But they were against his family. Dwayne, give us a final thought. Give us your final thought. Well, I don’t know. I probably won’t. I don’t even know. You know, it’s like, who do you vote for anymore? You know what I mean? I know. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? This one’s hard to believe. I just. Yeah. Who do you vote for? You know, and I know Chuck Baldwin’s on the up and up.

I know he is. So what he’s saying is true. That guy ran on the constitution party back in 2010, I think. Yeah, he’s a good guy. He really is. He has a great reputation. Dwayne, thanks. Got a great bio if you ever come up. Yeah, thanks for the call. Yep, you bet. You have a. Jim. Bye bye. Bye. Joe in Florida. Joe, join the conversation. Joe. Hey, Jim, thanks for taking my call.

Pardon the background noise. I’m a little in a noisy space. Hang on, Joe, we got him. Breaking. I’m bringing you in. You’re in standpoint. I never needed anybody’s help in any way now but now these days are gone I’m not so self assured now find a chain of mine I’ll open up the doors help me hi Tom Bolton for ease off. I know so many of you are finding our easy carcass drop and lift an essential tool for your meat processing operation.

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com. That’s xtend ovite. com elena. Rick picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been? Lives in a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door? Who is it for? All the lonely people where do they all come from? All the lonely people? Joe, continue with your thoughts. Yeah, thanks, Jim. Again, a little background noise. So just tell me if it gets not a problem.

We can’t hear. So, you know, I’m in the same boat with you about feeling betrayed, about this whole scandalous, outrageous funding of foreign aid here and that Trump really supported. But my idea is, you know, I like a solutions. Right? Yeah. So, so here’s the thing. Contrary to the way he actually appears, and one of the reasons we like him so much, Trump, I think, on certain areas, is much more malleable than he appears.

Right. And so the example I’m thinking was 2016. The federal Society got him to sign on to this idea that there were certain judges that they prepared and he could only appoint judges from then they were going to be the choosers of his conservative judges, which, which he agreed to. Okay, so my idea is this. We need a group of the battle. The battle is the platform at the convention, at the republican convention.

Okay? And people say, oh, who cares about platform? But I think it’s actually very real and a real obtainable goal. We need to committee people, somebody like Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Matt Gates, Congresswoman Green, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Congressman Tom Massey to focus in on establishing a platform specifically about foreign aid in at the convention that he will be locked into for the four years of his next term.

And it would be a true America first thing, not an Israel first foreign policy. And the first one would be not one cent of US american foreign aid goes until the US border is closed permanently for at least a two or three year moratorium. The second platform would be not one penny to the criminal jewish terrorists of Israel until the jewish terrorist war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu is arrested and put on trial.

And the third platform would be not one penny any more, ever permanent ban on any funding to Ukraine and any funding that’s already in the transom going to Ukraine immediately refrozen and redirected towards the Federation of russian republics. What do you think? I like it. I like it. Joe, you’re doing something to restore my faith. I mean, I’m just so upset by this. This has been a devastating day for me to confront the idea that Trump could have betrayed America and put us last, just as Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling him out.

I mean, Mike Johnson was bad enough, but to have, for Trump to have been the one who solidified the move to give all that money to Ukraine, all that money to Israel, when the war in Ukraine is lost, we have no national interest in being there. Israel is committing genocide. That’s more money for the slaughter of the palestinian people. Donald Trump is supposed to be better than that.

He is upright, moral man who puts America first. And I took him for his better. We have to hold his feet to the fire. We want a real american person agenda. Yeah. Yeah. Joe, I want you to call in again. I really like this. Call the people you love it, care about, because we do not know how much time we have left and support RBN. Thank you, Jim.

Thank you, Julie. Bye. .

See more of Jim Fetzer on their Public Channel and the MPN Jim Fetzer channel.



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