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➡ On the 12th of September, Jim Petzer shared his doubts about the official explanations for the 9/11 attacks on his show, ‘Authentic News’. He referenced a high school physics concept concerning the rate of freefall, positing that the Twin Towers should not have collapsed at the speed they did, suggesting controlled demolition rather than gravitational collapse. He also claims Major General John Stubblebine reported seeing a missile, not a plane, hit the Pentagon, casting more doubt on official accounts, while Larry Johnson, a perceived truth teller, disputes these assertions.
➡ The text discusses allegations and doubts around the September 11 attacks and subsequent health issues faced by first responders, critiques Larry Johnson’s theories, and mentions suspected irregularities in Michigan’s 2020 election. The author claims that nuclear weapons were involved in the 9/11 attacks, leading to abnormal health conditions among those present, further disputing theories proposed by Johnson. The text ends with an exclusive claim about fraudulent ballot registrations in Michigan during the 2020 election.
➡ The text discusses controversies concerning election fraud claims, the indictment against Donald Trump, Kamala Harris potentially replacing Joe Biden, allegations that the Biden administration violated the First Amendment, and New Mexico Governor Michelle Luan Grisham’s controversial gun ban. The situation continues to develop with various implications for the Democratic party and potential legal challenges.
➡ The New Mexico governor’s attempt to temporarily ban carrying firearms in public areas in Albuquerque has drawn a lawsuit from the National Association for Gun Rights. There is opposition to the ban from various official quarters, including the police and District Attorney, who argue it’s unconstitutional and not enforceable. On the other hand, the skyrocketing gun-related violence in Democratic-controlled cities necessitates intervention measures, while others argue that such bans infringe on citizens’ constitutional right to defend themselves.
➡ The text discusses a range of topics, starting with a cryptic anecdote, then transitioning into potential legal issues with mortgages, introducing a new social media platform called TLB Talk and Simply Clean Foods for clean food alternatives, and finally, moving into current political affairs potentially involving Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, and 2024 elections. It also mentions an online store called Dixie Republic for Southern needs, and ends on a note highlighting an ongoing dispute regarding gun control.
➡ The text discusses 9/11 conspiracy theories, asserting that the lack of airplane wreckage at crash sites and insider warnings suggest the event was premeditated. The caller also suggests Osama Bin Laden’s role was misinterpreted, and that the event was politically exploited by Barack Obama. Further theories propose involvement of Israeli individuals. The text highlights the prominence of dual US-Israeli citizens in mainstream media and suggests this could affect the reporting of such theories.
➡ The conversation involves a debate on the events surrounding 911, focusing on the inconsistency of crash sites, particularly the size of the crater in the Shanksville crash. One caller also shares his thoughts on the reaction between lithium and water sparking fires, as referenced in reports about fire extinguishers on plane crashes. The conversation concludes with a caller questioning the legitimacy of Osama Bin Laden’s death, noting no evidence of a body was shown to the public.
➡ This conversation discusses the participants’ skepticism of certain historical events, including the death of Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks, suspecting cover-ups. They believe these incidents were used to manipulate public perception and further the agendas of powerful entities. They also critique mainstream media coverage and pharmaceutical drugs, promoting alternative sources like hemp paste and terahertz frequency technology. After, a caller discusses his doubts about the official 9/11 narrative, promoting further investigation into conspiracy theories.
➡ The speaker discusses a variety of conspiracy theories and alternative interpretations surrounding the events of 9/11, suggesting that the official accounts are fabricated or false. Theories span from plane crash sites being fake, to the involvement of Jewish billionaires in media and finance, the role of Larry Silverstein in profiting from the attacks, and even a belief that Elvis might still be alive.
➡ The speaker discusses various topics including the advantages of the Tahibo Tea Club’s organic tea in promoting immune system health and delivering oxygen to organs and cells, the benefits of Extendibyte Heart Tonic for heart health, the novelty and affordability of 3D printed underground bunkers for emergency preparedness, and strong criticisms of immigration policies under President Biden. The speaker also recognizes callers’ contributions to the discussion and promises more insightful conversations in the future.


Got a good reason. Don’t take it easy. Got a good reason? Well, this is Jim Petzer, your host on Authentic News, right here on RBN Live. It’s 12th day of September, the day after the 22nd observance of 911. Architects and engineers have a nice piece on Twitter where they explain that was impossible for the buildings to collapse. Here you have a guy named David Chandler. Both sections are going to be demolished at the same rate, so by the time you’ve crushed up 15 stories below it, the top 15 stories are also going to be crushed.

And so there’s nothing left now to crush the rest of the building. Something of this kind is what we should have seen when the top section of the towers collapsed onto the lower one. The upper and lower sections should have mutually destroyed each other until all the energy is dissipated and the system comes to arrest. What could not have happened is this a little tiny chunk of the building can’t possibly fall and crush the entire structure below it.

This is such a simple, fundamental concept that architects and engineers were astonished in seeing it totally ignored by NIST. This is high school of physics, and our whole society is being led to believe that these fundamental laws of physics, hard science, don’t apply anymore. Assuming that the top section on the left contains enough potential energy to destroy the rest of the tower, and assuming we dropped both upper sections at the same time, which one would hit the ground first? It would be the second.

Of course, as it finds no obstacles in its path, the section on the right would quickly accelerate to freefall speed and maintain it all the way to the ground. The section on the left instead needs to use some of its energy to destroy the structure below so it could never achieve free fall speed. In the case of the twin towers, however, both upper sections fell with an acceleration close to free fall speed, as if their path had been practically free from obstacles.

It took each tower between ten and 12 seconds to collapse to the ground, while an absolute freefall time would have been 9. 2 seconds. In other words, both upper sections of the towers found enough energy to destroy 80,000 tons of healthy structure below while accelerating to near freefall speed. This is, as we have said, absolutely impossible by gravity alone. The law of momentum conservation won’t allow it. A building, they had more on that.

It was an excellent little piece demonstrating that the buildings had to have been destroyed, not by a classic controlled demolition. That happened in the case of Building Seven, where all the support column were blown at the same time and the building came straight down at nearly free fall speed, leaving a residue of five and a half floors, which is 12% of the original height of 47, which is what Experience with controlled demolitions has revealed.

Instead, I refer to the destruction of the Twin Towers as a demolition under control, because while it was destroyed in that very brief period of time, it was actually being converted into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust. And when it was over, there was nothing there. If you apply the 12% formula to 110 story buildings, it ought to have been 13 and a half floors. That remained.

The point they make, however, about the impossibility of the kind of collapse we’re told occurred is reinforced by John Skilling, a chief engineer who designed the tower’s, observation that they were built with a safety factor of 20, meaning they could actually carry 20 times the load they were going to be carrying when the building was complete. And by the way, the steel, which was six inches thick in the subbasement, was tapered off to five, four, and at the top.

By the time you got to the top, it was only a quarter inch. So what you’re talking about with those top floors is a tiny percentage of the mass of the building, overwhelming the lower. As Charles Boltwood, a retired high school math and physics teacher, calculated, for every unit at downward force, there were 199 units of operate. For those who want to know more, especially about a comparison between the alternative theories of how it was done, nanothermite versus dews versus mini nukes, go to my piece on C Span, richard Gage Leaves 911 Truth in a Time Warp.

You’ll get a wonderful overview where I’ve embedded multiple videos about the key issues of who, how and why it was done. Meanwhile, I find this quite outrageous. Jim, I can’t hear you. All of this. I saw a missile. Okay, let me back up. I was rather shocked that the Gateway bundet published a piece by Larry Johnson, who might have in the past regarded as a truth teller, DEA agent, come clean and published by the Gateway bundet, which I regard as a highly reliable source.

I cite it frequently only to discover, to my dismay, that Larry Johnson was attacking Major General John Stubblebine, U. S. Army, retired, who was formerly in charge of all U. S. Military signals, including photographic intelligence. Here are some of Stubblebein’s observations. I saw a missile hitting the Pentagon, not a plane. All his sensors were turned off that day, when apparently did not and showed this object hit the Pentagon.

It did not look like an airplane. And of course, yesterday, I actually believe I showed the video clip that Judicial Watch Tom Fitnet obtained from the Pentagon, where you could see a missile hit the Pentagon. And as I explained what they claimed to have been a plane. There is an unmanned aerial vehicle, a Global Hawk, firing a missile into the West Wing of the Pentagon, where Donald Rumsfeld had arranged to have the section that was investigating the missing 2.

3 trillion with all of their records in the West Wing which was otherwise basically bereft of personnel in property so they could be killed. In fact, when I watched the reviewed the list of casualties from the Pentagon, which I believe to be grossly inflated, 120. But there were 36 budget experts, accountants, financial analysts who had been in that west wing where they were taken out. Meanwhile, speaking of the Twin Towers, general Stubblebine observes at each floor successive pups and smoker seen squibs all the way down, both pups and smoker, due to controlled demolition.

A collapse of that twin towers were called by a controlled demolition. As I’ve explained, a better term turns out to be a demolition under control because it was not a matter of blowing out all the support columns or you would have had a pile of debris. There was no collapse here. Contrary to or in contrast to building seven. Now Larry Johnson writes he quotes from his sister, whom he refers to as an idiot.

My question to you is why were you used on national television to spread lies? I hope you will admit that 911 was an inside job. You still have time to repent, they said, for my idiot sister. Needless to say, I was provoked. My response to that means I have a lot more repenting to do. Anyway, I do have some solid knowledge about what took place 911 at the Pentagon.

The deceased, General Stubblebine, is fundamentally and factually wrong. The dude failed to understand what a concrete block wall does to a jet airliner traveling over 300 miles an hour. Let me just say someone’s wrong, fundamentally wrong, but it’s not Major General Stubblebine. In fact, pilots for 911 Truth have confirmed that the airplane shown in the videos of flight 175 approaching the south tower were traveling the plane was traveling too fast to have been a real 767.

It would have come apart in the air. So number one, he doesn’t understand that. Number two, he says, you don’t know what a concrete block wall does to a jet airliner traveling over 300 miles an hour. Well, was traveling considerably over 300 miles an hour per impossible. But it was impacted with a 500,000 ton steel and concrete, not brick concrete and brick, steel and concrete. It would have crumbled external to the building body seats, luggage falling to the ground, wings, tail.

The engines might have penetrated. That did not happen. Instead, the plane just effortlessly passed through into the building in the same number of frames it passes through air, which is physically absurd unless that messy building provided no more resistant to the trajectory of an aircraft in flight than air. He also appears to be completely oblivious to the nose out phenomenon where you have the nose of the plane, which is its most fragile part, is loaded with electronic pop out the other side of the building undamaged.

That’s when those of us who were watching at the time saw the station go fade to black. It was giving the game away. Johnson goes on to claim about how much he knew about it, how he was drawn a bowl onto TV, how he knows what happened at the Pentagon that he says here’s a key part I will be succinct and to the point. American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.

How do I know? My partners, both former D and I and I were at DEA headquarters the following week the following week for a meeting with the Director of Intelligent DEA headquarters at southeast of the Pentagon. The Pentagon west side is completely visible from the 7th floor. We spoke with three of the guys who are watching TV while looking backward toward the Pentagon and they saw the plane fly by them.

Now, a plane was floored toward the Pentagon. I explained this leon Panetta told the 911 commission but they didn’t understand they had a plane fly toward the Pentagon and then swerve over it at the last minute at the time the explosion took place. I have a friend from JFK Research who had a trucker budy who was in front of the Pentagon at the time and watched as a plane flew over the Pentagon.

But even more bothersome to me is that Larry Johnson is presenting a piece of fuselage that did in fact come from a Boeing 757 as evidence that it had all been real. Where I have explained in my videos that this was out of I was really shocked so I had the opportunity to post a comment. Here’s what I posted. Good God. Lloyd Johnson has exposed himself as a gullible SAP.

I founded Scholars for 911 Truth in December 2005 and brought together several hundred experts from around the world in common cause to expose what really happened on 911. Here is a summary overview of what we found where debate remains about precisely how the Twin Towers were destroyed but where they cannot possibly have collapsed. Taking Major General Albert Stubble by naming Bain was beneath contempt. I interviewed him to confirm disconfirm what we had put together about all four of the 911 crash sites each of which had been fabricated or faked, albeit in different ways.

He not only agreed with me but offered additional reasons I was right. Incidentally, that piece of fuselage was from a 757 which crashed near Cali Columbia in 1995 and was salvaged by an Israeli herb. Perhaps he didn’t notice a piece of vine entangled in the debris which had not grown in Virginia but in abundance in the jungle where the plane crashed. I’ve lost all faith in Larry Johnson here you can check it out for yourself.

Giving a link to my 911 special in Memoriam for Robert David Steele. Now, what I explained there is that an attorney, a retired attorney from Columbus, Ohio by the name of James Hansen tracked that piece of debris that crashed near Cali Columbia in 1995. The Israeli firm, the vine that was entangled and all that, and I explain it in my video. This is embarrassingly. Bad Larry Johnson turns out to be a shield.

Now, I posted that comment, and what did the gateway pundit do? It rejected it as spam. I thought, can this be a mistake? So I posted a comment again. Again, rejected as spam. I posted it a third time. Rejected as spam. I sought to write to Larry Johnson on a form, but somehow it didn’t take. So I sought again to write, to invite him to come on to my show.

I’m talking about the revolution radio show from noon to two eastern time Monday, Wednesday, Friday, where I’m doing interviews because I’d love to debate him about 911. Will he have the ball to confront me? I don’t count on it because he’s as wrong as wrong could be. Meanwhile, we have a post 911 1st responder death now nearly equal to the attack casualties. This is disturbing on multiple grounds.

Some of you may have remembered when Christy Whitman, who’s in the head of the department of health, whatever it was at the time, said, oh, the air was just fine to breathe. Christie. Whitman. This was unforgivable. The number of 911 1st responders who have died from ground zero related health complications is now nearly equal to the first responders who died during the attacks. Driving the news, the New York city fire department announced the addition of 43 names of first responders who died from 911 related ailments to its memorial.

The names added included firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs. By the numbers, in the 22 years since, 341 fire department members have died from rare cancers or diseases caused by the toxic dust at ground zero. The count is nearly equal to the 343 New York City firefighters who died on September 11. Let me tell you, it’s far vaster than this number, which is less than 700. The local citizens who were there in the community, there’s been a proliferation of medical maladies, including odd or unusual cancers, leukemia, multimylomia esophageal, pancreatic cancer mimicking the effects of the Chernobyl meltdown.

But chernobyl actually is, at the time, the largest nuclear power plant in the country, in Europe at the time, and it’s located in Ukraine. Ironically, the number now, the latest figures I saw is up to 70,000. The point I’m making is nanothermite could not have called these OD medical maladies. Directed energy weapons could not have caused these odd medical maladies. But the use of mini nukes could indeed have caused these rare cancers in this pattern, this epidemiological pattern that replicates what we had after chernobyl.

So we have there yet another proof that what happened on 911 included America newt on 911, which is a title of the book I have published on it. My second book on 911, the first in 2007 on the science and politics of 911, based on a conference I held in Madison at the Marriott Hotel, where I gave Judy Wood an unprecedented 3 hours to speak, entitled the 911 conspiracy subtitled the scamming of America to disambiguate.

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602-799-8214 here comes the sun here comes the sun I say it’s all right, darling it’s been a long window. If 911 was a monster hoax, we get more and more evidence, virtually on a daily basis, that the election of 2020 was another scam on the American people. Trove of messages shows at least 19 Michigan clerks received fake 2020 ballot registrations. A whistleblowers release of messages the Michigan city and county clerks used to communicate privately in the run up to the 2020 election.

The clerks were speaking to each other privately in a Facebook group via direct messaging. At least 19 suspected that GBI Strategies was operating as a massive statewide voter fraud ring. Only one of those clerks, Anne Maisha Muskegon, called the police to report her suspicions. The 10,000 fake ballot application turned in in Muskegon were not the only ones. It was happening all across the state of Michigan. Some of the clerks were on a first name basis with employees of GBI Strategies that were coming in to drop out these massive numbers of phony registrations.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nestle’s office says the only attempted fraud that happened in 2020 was in Muskegon, and it was caught. The system worked. It was the safest and most secure election in history. Bullshit. I’ve reported before, based upon my research, donald Trump in 2020 received in excess of 100 million votes, biden about 37. That tells you how safe and fair the election was when you look at the guy in the White House.

Meanwhile, Fanny Willis melts down after Jim Jordan hits her with a shocking demand. Democrat. Fulton county DA. Willis is under a microscope for a politically motivated decision to indict Donald Trump. Willis is lashing out in response, and she melted down after Jim Jordan hit her with a shocking demand. DA. Willis was the third Democrat prosecutor to bring charges against Trump over his action during the 2020 election. They overlap with a charge that President Biden filed against Trump in Washington, DC.

Suggesting a strategy coordination where two Democrat prosecutors filed charges in two separate jurisdictions in an act of redundancy to ensure a conviction. House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan announced an investigation into District Attorney Willis as he of her indictment was coordinated with other prosecutors’actions, specifically Department of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith, who, of course, was acting in essence as an agent of Joe Biden. In his announcement, Chairman Jordan questioned the timing of this prosecution.

He know that Willis, you launched a new campaign fundraising website that highlighted your investigation into President Trump. He also warned Willis the committee was conducting oversight and or questioned whether or not Jack Smith and Fannie Willis coordinated on witness testimony and legal strategy. I bet that has won her shaking in her boots. Meanwhile, RFK Jr. Calls the Democrat primary rigged. Surprise, surprise. Incumbent president tend to hold the cards in their party primary, but Biden’s leading challenger, RFK Jr.

Is calling out the DNC for rigging the process. It’s pretty clear the DNC does not want a primary, RFK Jr told Forbes. Newsroom. I don’t want to say they want a coronation, but that’s a fair way to put it, actually. Essentially, they’re fixing a process that makes it almost impossible to have democracy function. They’re effectively disenfranchising the Democrat voters from having any choice in who becomes president and who becomes a Democrat nominee.

They are rigged. He’s got that right. There really isn’t any room for doubt about it. Meanwhile, Democrat Party leader panicing over Kamala Harris one word response to replacing Joe Biden. She’s all for it. At 80 years old, Biden is already the oldest serving president in American history. Polls are showing three fourth of American believe he’s not capable of serving another four years. Despite his declining mental and physical ability.

He’s hoping to convince voters to keep him around until he’s 86. This will be a tough obstacle for Biden to overcome, especially since his condition is only getting worse. Democrat Party officials realize a president’s not mentally up to hold office. But BP. Harris places him in a tough position. She is the least popular vice president in history. Of polling. Only 32% hold a positive view of her. She’s known for her gaff, strange speaking style, annoying cackle.

But as VP, she’s next in line. Democrat officials would start a major war within the party if they were to replace Biden with someone other than Harris, such as Gavin Newsom. But Harris is tone deaf and believes she is the next Democrat in line. Wednesday, she appeared for an interview. Naturally, the question about Biden’s faculties. Joe Biden is going to be fine, she said. So that’s not going to come to fruition in a question.

Stepping in for Biden due to age. Well, let’s also understand that every vice president every vice president understand when they take the oath, they must be very clear about the responsibility they may have to take over the job by being president. I’m no different. When pressed on whether she feel prepared to step in should the need arise, harris answered with a resounding yes. But they continue to try and convince Americans that Joe Biden has the ability to understand issues and weave through complex problems in a way no one else can make.

Smart and important decision. Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. The Democrats are in the quandary because the one guy who really is quite clearly appropriate to assume the mantle of leadership of the Democratic Party is RFK Jr. And they want no part of him, it’s clear. And yet the American people want no part of Joe Biden or of Kamala Harris. And odly enough. It turns out Kevin Newsom has declared he’s not going to run in 2024.

That means the Democrats have their hands full. How are they going to let this play out? That is yet to be seen. But it ain’t going to be pretty, I’ll guarantee you. Meanwhile, we have a Court of Appeals with a finding that the Biden administration blatantly violated the First Amendment, and they have been constrained from doing it again. This is from the conservative treehouse. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals agrees Biden had been violated.

The First Amendment Easily Affirms Lower Court Order invades Biden’s DOJ to appeal to the Supreme Court written by Sundance this is one of those judicial court rulings that needs to be bookmarked because the panel outlines exactly what the Biden admin and government official did in their blatant violations of the First Amendment. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals outlines how the Biden admin totally violated the first by forcing coercing social media and other organizations to ban speech, block opinions, censor information they determined was contrary to their interest.

Anytime a progressive Democrat claims their leadership would not destroy this nation, simply put this appellate court ruling in front of their face and walk away. Here is part of the decision for their operations, the FBI monitored the platform’s moderation policies and asked for detailed assessment during the regular meetings. The platforms apparently changed their moderation policies in response to feid briefs. For example, some changed their terms of service to be able to tackle content that was tied to hacking operations.

But the FBI’s activities were not limited to purely foreign threats. In the buildup to the federal election, the FBI set up command posts that would flag concerning content and relay developments to the platforms in those operations. The officials also targeted domestically sourced disinformation like posts that stated incorrect poll hours or mail in voting procedures. Probably actually the opposite. They gave accurate information. Apparently, the FBI’s flagging operation across the board led to both being taken down 50% of the time.

The panel decision modified the injunction against federal officials to now read defendants. This is the federal officials and their employees and agents shall take no action, formal or informal, direct or indirect, to coerce or significantly encourage social media companies to remove, delete, suppress, or reduce, including through altering their algorithms. Posted. Social media content containing protected free speech that includes, but is not limited to, compelling the platforms to act, such as by intimating that some form of punishment will follow a failure to comply with any request or supervising, directing or otherwise meaningfully controlling the social media company’s decision making processes.

At the government’s request, the Fifth Circuit stayed the order for ten days to give the government time to petition for a rid of Sirciori from the US. Supreme Court. Almost like bait, the Fifth Circuit is seemingly hoping the insufferable and ideological lawfare operatives in the DOJ will take this decision higher. SCOTUS Wright Sundat will destroy the Biden admin on this constitutional issue. The evidence of what took place is overwhelming.

In support of the original court order against Biden and the subsequent affirmation from the Fifth Circuit, he’s got that right. Meanwhile, we have more about new Mexico. New Mexico Governor’s Gun Ban sparks furious backlash furious backlash new Mexico Governor Michelle Luan Grisham has found herself facing a barrage of criticism from various quarters, including unlikely sources on the left, for her decision to ban law abiding citizen from carrying guns in Albuquerque and the surrounding county for at least the next 30 days.

Governor Grisham, a Democrat, signed an executive order to claim gun violence, a public health emergency interstate. On the following day, Grisham unilaterally suspended open and concealed carry laws in the Albuquerque area, a move that was immediately met with accusations of unconstitutionality and overreach. Governor Grisham herself acknowledged the potential legal challenges her order might face, signaling her doubts about its legality. One unexpected critic of Grisham’s order was far left anti gun activist David Hogg of Parkland fame, who stated that he supports gun safety but emphasized there’s no such thing as a state public health emergency exception to the US.

Constitution. Even Representative Ted Liu, a Democrat from California, expressed his opposition to the executive order, assuring that it violated the US. Constitution and that no state can suspend the federal Constitution under the guise of a public health emergency. This is a very good and very appropriate response. There’s much more to it. Hundreds have gone down to the Capitol to protest what was going on there. They were openly carrying weapons in defiance of the governor’s ban.

Here’s more group sues after New Mexico governor suspend right to carry guns in Albuquerque in public her emergency order suspending the right to carry firearms in public in and around Albuquerque drew an immediate court challenge from a gun rights group Saturday as legal scholars and advocates said they had expected. The National Association for Gun Rights and Foster Haynes, a member who lives in Albuquerque, filed documents in U.

S. District Court suing Luan Grissom and seeking an immediate block on the implementation of her order. The challenge was expected, but even so, the governor’s action on Friday was an attempt to move the debate, said Jessica Levinson, a law professor at Loyola’s Mary Mount College of Law in Los Angeles. After Grissom announced she was temporarily suspending the right to carry firearms in her state’s largest city and surrounding Bernalillo County.

The governor, a Democrat, said the 30 year day suspension, enacted as an emergency public health measure, would apply in most public places, from city sidewalk to park. She said state police were responsible for enforcing what amounted to civil violation and carry a fine of up to $5,000. However bernalillo County DA. Sam Bragman, who served as a Democrat Party leader and was appointed by Luan Grisham, said Saturday he joined Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and Police Chief Harold Medina, saying they would not enforce the order.

I am an officer of the court, and I cannot and will not enforce something that is clearly unconstitutional, said Bregman, the top prosecutor in the Albuquerque area. This office will continue to focus on criminals of any age who use guns and the commission of a crime. Bernalill County Sheriff John Allen also said he was uneasy about how gun owners might respond. I’m wary of placing my deputies in position.

It could lead to civil liability conflicts as well as potential risks posed by prohibiting law abiding citizens from their constitutional right to self defense. And I’ve been emphasizing americans use guns to protect themselves from assailants millions of times every year, saving an estimated 200,000 lives of innocent, law abiding citizens. Compare that saving 200,000 with a 70 75,000 who die from gun violence every year, over half of which is from suicide.

So if you said, say, there might be 35,000 violent gun deaths which are concentrated in five Democratic controlled cities philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles among them, and you find that it’s the Democrat policies that are generating the conflict. Because if you subtract the five Democrat cities, the United States turns out to have a murder rate that is like on the order of 192 out of 105 nations of the world, it’s among the lowest.

Once you subtract the skyrocketing gun violence in the Democrat controlled cities, Meanwhile, we have even more coming here. This is new mexico. Sheriff tells tyrannical governor he will not comply with temporary new mexico gun ban. Very appropriate. This was indeed the same sheriff john allen. Governor luan Grishen says her duty to uphold her oath of the constitution is not absolute. Bohe tower tweeted the governor’s actions clearly tyrannical and unconstitutional.

She wanted to take away your right to protect your rights in order to protect the criminals with illegal guns. Palladino sheriff will not comply. Today, governor michelle luan grisham issued an emergency order. First and foremost, every lost life is a tragedy. However, as elected sheriff, I have reservation regarding this order. While I understand and appreciate the urgency, the temporary ban challenges the foundation of our constitution, which I swore and owe to uphold, I was elected to represent, safeguard all constituents, and ensure the balance between our rights and public safety is maintained.

That means we must critically evaluate any proposed solution to the deeply rooted issue of gun violence, ensuring we both protect our community and abode the values that define us as a nation. He will not comply. Meanwhile, it turns out it’s invariably fabricated statistics that support the gun grabbing agenda. Get this massive errors in FBI’s active shooting reports from 2014 to 2022 regarding cases where civilians stop attacks instead of 4.

6%, the correct number is at least 35. 7. In 2022, it is at least 41. 3. And if you exclude gun free zones, it averaged over 63. 5%. In other words, americans are succeeding in defending themselves because they have the right to use guns for their protection. Absolutely correct. Defensive gun use is never mentioned, cited, or acknowledged by those who want to undermine the second amendment. Meanwhile, we have more from the WEF related to the climate change scam.

Very embarrassing. There’s a whole series here coming from amgreatness. com american. Greatnessamgreatness. com. I believe tucker has a lot to do with this. Here are a couple of paragraphs. The WEF of the Climate Cult Colluding for a Worldwide Welfare State by Thaddeus McCarthy one should never underestimate the Left propensity for projecting its sins upon its victims, nor when the Left does manage to admit the destructive efforts of their regressive ideology to proclaim those disastrous consequences as fundamental transformational and liberation.

To avoid such a fraught understanding, one must remember the Left perverts a purported rationale of every entity captured in their long march through our institutions. It cites what year from the we have, what to do if one doesn’t necessarily want to share their pile to spread the wealth and only exacerbate rising expectation among the masses that can’t be met and when unmet, spur nothing good for rich elitists.

Suppose, in other words, you oppose the contradation of wealth in the hands of a few for the first time in human history. The goal is not to increase material prosperity, but to cap and curtail it by making diminished expectations of virtue. Remember, you’ll owe nothing and you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been. The WF hopes to coercively redistribute other people’s wealth to manage mass expectation, prevent governmental confiscation and preclude revolution.

In some, the WEF goal is not creation of prosperity, but the management of scarcity. In this way, they have found a willing partner in the apocalyptic climate cult, which is more than happy to scare and coerce people into latching onto their mutual radical socialist agenda. As I mentioned before, Joe Olsen and I have done a ten part series on climate change. You can find up my BitChute channel, Jim Fetzer.

Check it out. You won’t regret it. Meanwhile, 1600 climate scientists say Joe Biden’s weather emergency is a hoax. Experts in the energy industry have been warning for months that Biden is preparing to issue a climate emergency which would be a far worse disaster for humanity than all the hot days of August combined. Fortunately, a huge number of actual climate scientists are speaking out and they say that Biden’s big weather emergency is a total hoax.

There’s no such thing as global warming. Tell your kids. We’ve been lectured for the past few years about how we are always supposed to follow the science. So allow us to introduce you to the science. An organization called the Climate Intelligence Group issued a major declaration in August called the World Climate Declaration. A group of 1609 estumed climate scientists have signed the declaration. 321 were from the United States.

How many weather scientists does it take before you can declare a consensus there is no climate emergencies? As a declaration, climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in a prediction of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures. The group notes. Very logically matters.

Climate has changed constantly over time as part of natural processes we still do not fully understand. Sometimes it gets really warm for a while. Sometimes it gets very chilly. The so called Little Ice Age just wrapped up in 1850. The planet is still warming from that. Before the Little Ice Age and long before your hairspray or SUVs or cow farts existed on the scale which they do now, the Earth was quite a bit warmer.

Greenland is called Greenland for reason. The group notes planetary warming is happening far slower than any of the claims made by the hoaxers at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at the UN. As a matter of fact, every claim the global warming cultists have made about the weather since 1979 have not come true. These monsters are saying public policy across the Western world. The reason why there’s a reason why the Bible says you’re supposed to throw rocks at false prophets.

These are, for a certainty, false prophets. Here’s a very interesting piece asking whether Obama’s chef whether Obama’s chef could have been doing one of Obama’s daughters get this of engaging this is Judicial Watch, who obviously are politically powerful, and in this case, Barack Obama. So we had an interesting case. Well, I shouldn’t say it’s an interesting case. It became an interesting case because of the government’s refusal to provide basic information about it.

Now, you may have recalled about a month ago the chef for the Obama family died by drowning, according to the official conclusion, and out on the property of Obama or the lake or pond in front of his home, near his home up in his mansion up in Massachusetts. And so there were questions about whether they were home or know there’s always confusion in the beginning, but we thought, well, how is it you clear up mystery? How is it you answer questions? So when the last number of the president dies, here come old flat top.

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Simply clean food. Do it today. Helena Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been listen a dream waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door who is it for? All of them. Where do they all come from? All? Where do they all belong? I suspect Gavin Newsom’s declaration that he’s not going to run in 2024 is because he sees the cards are all stacked against him, suggesting that Kamala Harris is the natural successor.

I mean, that’s all but admitting that’s going to be a catastrophe for the Democrats. And of course, his state is California. Here’s one more reason why Gavin Newsom would be, in my opinion, extremely unpopular. But of course, if they can rig the election, and we know they can, using pursenet, for example, thanks to Barack Obama, they could put him in office anyway, but people would be very suspicious.

Here’s one of the reasons California courts can seize transgender kids from parents. The California state assembly approved a bill redefining health, safety and well being of children to include gender identity or gender expressions. Creek will enable the state to see children who have transitioned without the approval of their parents. Family courts use health and well being as a standard to make decisions as to which parent gets custody and divorce disputes, or in cases where parents have their children taken away by the state due to abuse or neglect.

That is our duty as parents to affirm our children, said state representative Lori Wilson, a Democrat from the San Francisco Bay area. Another state senator, Scott Weiner, a fellow San Francisco Democrat, co sponsored the bill. Republicans had criticized a proposal arguing that family court judges already have the discretion to make that determination. With only 18 seats in the 80 member chamber, however, there’s little they could do to stop it.

The story, by the way, I found published in RT Russia today, they are very aware of what’s going on in the United States. Meanwhile, the new lawsuit to keep Trump’s name off of the ballot emerges, linked directly to Biden. More factions of the tyranical Biden regime are now joining in the desperate effort to keep Trump’s name off the ballot in 2024. A watchdog group founded by an advisor to Biden’s, department of homeland security, is suing to keep Trump off the ballot using a 14th amendment and Trump’s supposed role in inciting a deadly riot.

On January 6, mere days after Democrat Adam Schiff laid out an argument for Trump’s disqualification on MSNBC. Citizen for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, filed a lawsuit under section three of the 14th Amendment. Crew, they call themselves, led by Noah Bookbinder, who was appointed to the DHS advisory council in March of 2024 by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who, by the way, like Merrick Garland and the Secretary of Defense, do not appear to have signed a note to the Constitution.

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This is RBN, the Republic Broadcasting Network. See the love, love that sleeping. Why my guitar can’t weeps at the fall and I see sweeping. Feel my guitar can we? Well, this is Jim Fetzer, your host on Authentic News, right here on RBN Live. Our second hour, beginning now on this 12th day of September, 2023. Before I take our first caller, I want to add one more story and elaborate on another.

Mega fans dropped huge trump or death banner at a Yankees game. We all know Nathan Hale decared give me liberty or give me death. I take this to be the equivalent. And I must say I have a friend in Albuquerque who has emphasized to me that all the officials of the state safe for the state police are speaking out in opposition for this tyrannical governor’s order about gun control.

I think it was designed, as Jonathan Turley, I believe, has observed, to be a brief duration to preclude there being a court ruling on it so it could stand as a precedent for the future for a longer duration than 30 days. But he ensured me not only are the local sheriffs and police officers and chiefs of police, but local residents have gone to the Capitol and the hundreds bearing brandishing weapons which they regard as their constitutional right to do and making it very clear they’re going to accept this line down.

He told me they are serious about this and he’s concerned that it may take almost nothing to set up a kinetic exchange, meaning actual gunfire exchanges between parties in some of these increasingly bitter disputes where the Democrats are abusing the law in a reckless, unconstitutional fashion. We have our first caller on the line, Bruce from Texas. Bruce, you’re Johnny on the spot. Go ahead. Speak, Bruce. Join the conversation.

There I am. I just heard the beep. Yeah, Jim. I guess if an airplane did hit the Pentagon, another one must have went into an abandoned mine shaft in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, because in either site was there signs of any airplane wreckage? Is that something? Oh, Bruce, you’re so right. I make that a point in my video and I address four crash sites. Some have claimed you couldn’t see the plane in Shanksville because it disappeared into an abandoned mineshaft, ludicrous on its face.

The problem where we had two reporters on the scene both explain that the eerie aspect of the crash site was there were no signs at any plane at crash air. And of course, the explanation is because it hadn’t. With regard to the disappearing into an abandoned mine shaft, we know what to do with miners who are trapped in mine shafts. We break out the bright lights and the heavy equipment and dig 24/7 in the hope by a miracle someone might have survived.

They did not do that even to recover the bodies there in that plane. 93 at 45 souls aboard by the way, the plane at 757 could have carried 289. This is one of the oddities. The planes were only partially full. You cannot stay in business and make profits if you’re running planes transcontinental flights that are only partially full. So that was an absurd theory. They didn’t do it even to recover the bodies, which, as you appropriately infer, Bruce, indicates, the whole thing was a sham.

More yeah, in first to second June 2001, exercise Amalgam Virgo was held and I’m going to read the synopsis here ran from June 1 to second, 2001. This military war game exercise included involvement in such agencies as FEMA, the FAA, and the FBI, and had a strong Osama bin Laden theme. And he is even depicted on the COVID of the exercise documents in the drill. Raytheon NQM 107 Streaker drone aircraft are used as weapons after terrorists acquire weapons such as cruise missiles and or drone aircraft and strike a variety of targets, including skyscrapers, over a period of several hours, using multiple coordinated and varied attacks on different targets along the east coast of the United States.

And so Condoleeze Arise came out and said, we had no idea that this was going to happen. Remember all kinds, bruce willie Brown was the head of the California Assembly who gave Kamala Harris her introduction to government when they had an affair. She made her way on her back. He appointed her to two prominent commissions for the state of California to launch her political career. Explained that he’d been contacted by Condoleeza Rice, who warned him not to fly on 911.

So I had a little old lady in Brooklyn call me up and say how her rabbi had told the members of their synagogue not to go into Lord Manhattan on 911. A lot of people knew because they had prior knowledge or were complicit even in the planning. I don’t believe that of Willie, I don’t believe that of the little old lady in Brooklyn, but I sure as hell believe it of Condoleeza Rise.

More yeah, the NIST director that was assigned hastily in October of 2001. Dr. Bennet, I sent you email, and I appreciate it if you can reply just to make sure I have the correct email. I have several of them. I don’t want to send them the one you’re not monitoring. I also sent a copy to the board address at RBN just to make sure somebody gets it. But this Dr.

Bennett, just think what a coincidence. His scientific field is material science and engineering, nuclear engineering. So they put a nuclear guy in charge of NIST. And in that email I sent you, there’s a video of a Dr. John Gross giving a lecture at the University of Texas. He is confronted by one of the attendees over to molten metal, and he tries to blow it all. I didn’t see any did know they use these tactics to try to squash a debate.

And in that video, there is actual videos of molten metal firefighter testimonies and there’s actually molten metal under WTC Six, the one that was blown up from the inside out. In that building there were vaults of gold that were videoed or taken or photographed by a FEMA photographer who had to flee to Argentina. He had been set up for the murder of his wife Sonnefeld, I believe is his name.

And I’m going to go ahead and go now and I asked it’s two minutes long, that video of the NIST lecture, if you play it, man, I think it’ll be over the top. And that’s all I got for today, unless you want to continue. No, Bruce, I’m glad you called. If I haven’t explained it before, osama bin Laden was our man in Afghanistan. He was instrumental in getting Stinger missiles into the hands of the Muhajadin, which they used to shoot down Soviet helicopters and planes.

He was an officer in the CIA. Colonel Tim Osman. He was visited by an official from the agency at a hospital in Dubai shortly before his death on 15 December 2001. From his medical maladies. It’s tough to get dialysis machines in and out of those caves in Afghanistan. He was born buried in an unmarked grave in accordance with Muslim tradition. And by the 26 December, both Fox News and CNN had caught up and were reporting that Osama bin Laden was dead.

Barack Obama, however, found it politically expedient to resurrect him in heaven, die again in a staged raid on a compound in Pakistan to present himself for a triumphal reelection as the man who got the most wanted man in the world. But it was all bullshit. It was all phony. Which is what I think you can expect from Barack Obama and his non wife, Michelle. Dan in Washington. Dan, join the conversation.

Yeah, thanks for taking the call. I think a wise man knows to admit what we do not know. And I was not there on 911. I don’t know if nanothermide exactly what happened, but I can tell it was a controlled demolition. But the people, we can get in debates about how it happened, but if you look at the dancing Israelis, they arrested what was it? Six israelis filming the event.

And they admitted later on they were there to film the event, but they know how it happened. And like you’re saying, there are people still alive today that know exactly what happened, but we just can’t get there. Know they won’t tell us? No, Dan, you’re mistaking what the mainstream won’t tell us because the mainstream is dominated by dual citizen Israelis. You got 100 executives from CNN that are dual US Israeli said 100 execs from NBC, dual US israeli said 100 execs from the New York Times, dual Israeli CNN, dual Israeli citizens.

If the members of Scholars for 911 Truth, an organization I put together in 2005, bringing together hundreds of acts, we can sort out what happened, and I guarantee you we have done that, then the federal government, with its vast resources, can do the same. But of course, this is a criminal investigating itself. That’s why they want to shut us down by calling us conspiracy theorists, because we’re investigating crimes that more often than not lead back to the government.

So of course, they want to silence us. Let me mention, by the way, do a search. I believe I had a link in yesterday’s show Notes, published with a video version of the show on my BitChute channel. Jim Petzer to Robert David Steele’s edited 911 Truth Memorandum for then President Donald Trump, where he and I aided and abetted him, brought together over two dozen experts to give short pieces about what happened on 911 for the benefit of Donald Trump.

And each of us was limited to three pages. You got dozens of articles that are relatively brief about key aspects of 911. You can download that for free. 911 Truth Memorandum for Potas, edited Robert David Steele, and I’ll put the link again in today’s show. Dan, we know what the hell happened. I’m telling you. And in fact, the plot was much larger. They were going to blow up the Holland Tunnel, they were going to take down the Brooklyn Bridge, they were going to destroy the Lincoln Tunnel, they were going to isolate Manhattan as an island.

The New York cops figured out what was going on and stopped most of this in its tracks. But you’re 100% correct about the dancing Israelis. Five Israelis who were observed in Liberty State Park high Fying and taking photos of themselves with a background of the Twin Towers, where they were arrested in a van by urban moving systems that had a mural on the side of a plane hitting the Twin Towers.

And they were held in custody for some 44 days before Michael Chertov, an assistant Attorney general who is also, surprise, surprise, a dual US. Israeli citizen, released them. And they returned to Israel, where three of them went on Israeli television and explained they had been there to document the destruction of the Twin Towers. So you got it right, Dan. They know. The government knows. Dick Cheney was the executive director on the ground here on 911, as Michael Rupert explained in his brilliant book Crossing the Rubicon that was based on publicly available sources.

Cheney was the guy. It’s disgusting. But he would not be the first vice president to betray the country. Further thoughts, Dan? No, I forgot if he’s still alive with his bionic know, he’s kind of like a Darth Vader character, this guy. He’s probably got more body parts from different little kids than Carter has pills. You got that one right, too. Dan, thank you for calling Chris in Virginia.

Chris. Dan? No, go ahead. You want to add a further thought? Yes, sir. Dan’s gone thinking about this. Can you hear me? Okay. Okay. Yeah, Chris, go ahead. Yes, sir. I had a thought. I tried to imagine wrecks, plane wrecks, big jet airline wrecks, and what the crash scenes look like, right. And seem to remember that there’s never really a super large crater. Right? Well, in this case in Shanksville, there’s only a hole about ten x 17.

Now, the Boeing 757 has a wingspan of 125ft. It has a tail that stands over 40ft above the ground. Colonel George Nelson, US air force, a crash expert explained to me he thought someone had taken a bulldozer out there, dug a trench, filled it with trash, and blown it up. I’m telling you, there’s no semblance to a bona fide crash site. And if you get a chance to watch my 911 special, I begin with Shanksville, and I compare what you had there at the scene with real crash sites.

We have massive debris, huge chunks of the plane, of fuselage, all burned out. There’s no question whatsoever, no plane crashed in Shanksville. So, Chris, you’re on the right track. Well, I actually was trying to make the point that how could a plane penetrate the outside of that buildings, the trade center buildings? They barely make a crater. Are you talking about a Pentagon now? Are you talking about Pentagon or the towers? It’s the trade center for the tower.

So basically, how could those planes bring those buildings down if they were that powerful? Then if a plane makes a direct impact into the earth during a crash, then it better burrow into an earth a half a mile is my point. Kinetic energy. Would you believe the first prominent figure to speak out about 911 the day following was Donald Trump? Yeah. Who explained that the same builders who had constructed the world trade center were working for him now that there was no way an airplane could bring down a twin tower, that something else must have been involved.

And he used the word bombs, meaning powerful sources of explosive, and he got it right. The guy knew what he was talking about. So when we sent him our 911 truth memorandum, I would expect he found it very compelling, reading just as you can if you download it yourself for free, it’s only about 110 pages, and it’s really excellent, as good as anything you’re going to find out there about 911, and I encourage everyone to download it.

More chris, more on the 911 thing, can I talk about EV fires just briefly? Sure. Electric vehicle fire real quick. All right, just to change, I had another thought. If you go and look at high school videos, or just college videos that explain the reaction between lithium and water, they will tell you in its textbook there aren’t six genders here. You cannot argue with chemistry. Basically, what they will say is when lithium reacts with water, it creates hydrogen and it also creates lithium hydroxide.

And it’s proven in the video, because they take. A test tube and put it over the rock as it’s floating around. Take a deep breath. Take a deep breath, Chris. And we’ll continue with you after this break. We’ll be right back. Something I say it’s all right it’s darling it’s beat up hi. Tom Bolton for ease off. I know so many of you are finding our easy four carcass drop and lift an essential tool for your meat processing operation.

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Continuing our conversation with Chris from Virginia. Go ahead, Chris. Yeah, sorry for the detour. Real quick. Basically, when lithium reacts with water, it creates hydrogen. And when the lithium, it gets hot, and it doesn’t have to get that hot to ignite the hydrogen. Right? So that’s the fire that you see from the water reaction with the lithium. So whenever my point is, the punchline is when you see these news reports and you see these professional firefighters, quote unquote, on the news saying it took us 22,000 gallons of water to put that fire out, you should say to yourself, you idiot, all you were doing is pouring gasoline on the fire.

Because the water reacts with the lithium to create right? So, anyway, I just wanted to point that out real quick. Chris, nice point. Thanks. Millions of gallons were poured on the World Trade Center, and yet the fires endured until mid December, suggesting it had to be a massive source of heat, which is, in my judgment, not explicable on the hypothesis, ADOES or even nanothermite, but required nuclear events.

Francis in North Carolina. Francis thank you, chris francis in North Carolina. Join the conversation. Hey, young man. I’m finding the commentary about how this chemical and that element and so forth is reaction or whatever the case might be. It’s like a chemistry lesson on air, for that matter, and I’m grateful for it. I do have a really off the wall question about one thing I find kind of ironic.

They made certain that with Osama bin Laden, or whatever his name was, since he was actually a tool or whatever for whatever applebee soup agency that was in place at the time with Dar Chaney. They decided that after he was supposedly dead, to go and dump a coffin into the ocean to symbolize the fact that he was dead. Considering the fact that they never showed his body, now, well, one thing as far as supposedly dumping a coffin in the ocean is actually a contradiction and an insult to whatever his faith was, because it would be considered blasphemy to start with.

I’ll leave that at that part. But the aspect that they never showed the American people a body where he was actually lost his life due to a military incursion or whatever, it’s like they got so many holes in this thing, it makes Swiss cheese blush. So with that I’ll have a green olive, not rainbow, with my margarita deer, not even a black one like a kamala. Well, Francis, those are all good comments.

It turns out that they photoshop to make it look as though they had a dead osama. I mean, I guarantee you 100% it was Photoshopped. They didn’t dump a coffin. They just dumped a body in the ocean. They claimed it was in accordance with Muslim tradition, which is categorically false. A coffin was dumped in the ocean. It was a broad ceremonial coffin in which JFK was transported from Parkland to Andrews Air Force Base and then to Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Lyndon Johnson had that coffin flown out to the middle of the Atlantic and dropped in the ocean out of fear that there might have been some residual evidence there that could have made a difference to a forensic investigation had there been a real one. That’s covering several points. Did you have additional you want to add? I’m just glad that people are covering this mess two decades later and keeping the memory of the fact that their whole lives have been screwed from the beginning of this whole planning of this so called New World Order.

Because don’t you find ironic they went from taking down two towers to put up one big one that looks like a huge BB? Netanyahu and Larry Silverstein were personal friends. They had conversations every Sunday. I have no doubt they mapped this all out between themselves. The Port Authority was dominated by Zionist Jews who transferred it to private hand just six weeks before the event would occur. Silverstein immediately fired the security firm that had been looking after the World Trade Center since it opened in 19 seven and hired an Israeli firm.

He renegotiated his insurance policy with an antiterrorist clause. And because there were two planes, he claimed two attacks. Double Indemnity pocketed four and a half billion on $114,000,000 investment. Ouch. Yeah. Have fun. Take care. That’s how the game is played. Thank you very much, Francis. Good call. Jim in Virginia. Jim in Virginia. Please join the conversation. Hello, Jim. I want to start off by saying RBN really struck gold by finding getting you to get on board.

That’s very nice, Jim. I appreciate that. 911 has always been a thorn to my side. I’ve watched a lot of videos. Jim, hold that thought. We’re hitting a break and pick up right after. Wow. You are tuned in to the Republic Broadcasting Network. Visit our website by going to RepublicBroadcasting. org. Are you one of the millions of people who feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over their heads whenever they’re using pharmaceutical drugs? For some, the short term relief can turn into an Opioid addiction nightmare.

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Terahertz technology is changing the course of what we were taught about how to maintain our health and well being. To learn more about this amazing breakthrough, go to naturalearthmedicine. com. That’s naturalearthmedicine. com it. Here come old flat top he comes goobling up slowly got juju eyeball he won holy roller he got hair down to his knee got to be a joker he just do what he please jim from Virginia.

Jim, continue with your thoughts, please, my friend. Okay, well, while I was on hold, the volume is pretty good, but I can barely hear you as soon as they put me into the live mode. So I hope you can hear me okay. I can hear you just fine, Jim. You’re very good. Okay, so as I said, 911 has always been a thorn in my side. I’ve watched a lot of videos, and there are videos where 747 have been brought in for repair after a goose hit it and put a big dent in it the size of a 55 gallon drum.

You ever seen those videos? Yes. Planes that massively damaged by small birds or larger birds like a goose. You’re absolutely correct. Okay, so the whole thing just doesn’t make sense when they’re telling us that that thing went through steel and everything. Now the thing is RBN is supposed to be about the truth and I’m going to tell you right now Jim, the last person that you took over for would never let anybody say anything about 911.

As far as the planes were always at the oh yeah, there were planes at Pentagon. I never saw any ABC when they first came out before they got all stupid as they are now. Actually had someone on the ground and the guy was walking around and picking up pieces. I don’t see anything here any bigger than pebbles on the ground. Okay, well you’re talking about McIntyre who is their absolute best through correspondent.

He was on the ground at the Pentagon and he was interviewed by the anchor who started talking about the plane and he said, well you know, you might think that but for my close up inspection there are no signs of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon. They’re only these small pieces. Jamie McIntyre was his name. You can still find his interview online. He was later forced to retract and he did it in the following way.

He said only a fool would deny that a plane had hit the Pentagon, meaning he’d been a fool to think that CNN wanted him to broadcast the truth. He would subsequently retire I think being tired of carrying the heavy water for liars, phonies and fakes at the network and in Washington DC. So you make a good point Jim. Well the thing is, listen, if we can never get to the bottom of this scam that they pulled on us, how are we going to get to the bottom on any of the other ones? Well, but we actually have jim, I’m telling you, the people I brought together with Scholars for 911 Truth, we were sorting this out right and left.

I published two books about it, one called 911 Conspiracy. And remember it’s a conspiracy whether it’s 19 Arab terrorists or the CIA colluding with a Mossad, it’s a conspiracy either way. So I subtitle the scamming of America to point them the right direction. I have another book at Moonrock Books entitled The America Nuked on 911. Compliments of the CIA, the Neocons and the Department of Defense. And the Mossad.

There’s an awful lot there. You can also download the 911 Truth memorandum edited by Robert David Steele. I put a link in yesterday’s notes, I’ll put another in today’s. That’s only about 110 pages when it’s got over two dozen contributors with short pieces about different aspects of 911. We know the truth Jim, it’s just that the mainstream media won’t report it. So just understand what the media is reporting is an illusion.

But there is a reality that we in the alternative press doing what they call conspiracy theory research, what is properly known as conspiracy research have sorted out what really happened. And I can guarantee you with we know about 95% of what took place on 911 just as we know about 95% of what happened to JFK. So the truth is out there. And that’s part of my job is bringing together groups of experts to sort out what really happened.

So anytime I talk about these issues I’m really not simply relating my opinion. What I’m relating is a distillation of the results of a collaborative research by many. I mean I brought together hundreds from all over the world when I founded Scholars for 911 Truth. Jim, a final thought. Yeah. If Cheney and all the rest of these never pay for this crime, I feel like we’re just going to fall into a bit.

We’re never going to get out of my ending statement and I’m going to reiterate this. Jim, RBN struck gold when they got you on jim, that’s so nice. I do appreciate I don’t mind hearing it again, thanks very much for the call jim, check out some of those sources. Go to my BitChute channel Jim Petzer and check out the 911 special in memoriam to Robert David Steele peter in California.

Peter, join the conversation. Yeah, hi Jim, we basically do know what happened and all those things even going back to Pearl Harbor. But what we never get of course is, and I doubt we ever will on that peter, I think that’s very astute and I think basically that’s what Jim had in mind too. Accountability. Very good. Yeah there’s a couple of other tie ins. I mean there’s the Odigo warnings do you know about the presence of Daniel Lewin, the tech billionaire Israeli Sayrett Mutt call captain who was on board one of the planes.

Where was he at the time? This is on 911? Yes, this is on 911. He was on one of the flights I believe that had and sitting actually in first class between the hijackers Peter. Bear in mind two of those planes weren’t even in the air. Flight eleven north tower wasn’t even in the air. Flight 77, Pentagon wasn’t even in the air. Those were faked in different ways.

Pilots tracked flight 93 and found it was over Champagne or Banda after it had officially crashed in Shanksville. They also tracked flight 175 and found it was over Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after it officially hit the south tower. All four of those crash site were fabricated or faked in different ways. General major General Albert Stubblebine was formerly in head of all US military signals intelligence. I did an interview with him and shared with him all the evidence we had all the evidence we had that all four of the crash sites were fake.

He not only agreed with me but added additional reasons why I was right. So don’t let yourself be taken in. Nobody died on any of those planes, not a single soul. Well, one thing that’s a definite here is that whatever the government tells me, I doubt yes. Remember Zen Shipping, which also left, paid a big premium to vacate the World Trade Center early? Yeah, they did. They knew what was coming and they got the hell out of Dodge.

Yes, of course. The Israeli art students who were shadowing these guys. Fort Lauderdale and also in Is. It is what it is. It’s all crap. Sama bin Laden death was. There are people who really believe that Elvis is still alive, that we didn’t land on the moon, that Hitler made it out to Argentina. And here, according to Obama and the Pentagon, we had a guy. He would have been ostensibly an intelligence bonanza.

3ft away and they double tapped him. Right? According to them. And then his body disappears. But they could have had people in to witness it. They could have had select news people or what have you. That’s because they didn’t have the real guy. And by the way, we did not go to the moon and Elvis might still be alive. I have a friend who believes that, dearly. And you mentioned a third.

I just say we actually know a lot about a lot of these things. A closing thought, Peter. Well, what definitely intertwines here is the absolute interconnection between the Jewish billionaires who run everything from our finances to BlackRock. It owns the largest stake in just about every publicly held company in the world to what we watch. I just had a friend talk to me really quickly, Jim, about the Pac Twelve being swallowed up by the Big Ten.

That’s crazy, right? I said to the guy, because the Pac Twelve is pretty good this year, they haven’t lost an interconference game. And I said, well, you put out a good product on the field, it shows that your TV Jews weren’t as good as our TV Jews. Yeah, it’s got to do with broadcasting. Making big bucks by having coverage on the East Coast when Maryland and Rutgers joined, and then the West Coast, too, by UCLA and SC.

Frankly, from a fan’s point of view, I think it’s absurd. It undermines loyalty. It makes the conferences virtually indistinguishable. So I’m with you, Peter. And it’s all about money. It’s all about money. I thought it was wonderful our Jews beat their anyway, thanks for a great call. We got Joe in Florida. Joe, join the conversation. Hey, Dr. Folks. Good to hear you. Thanks for taking my call. I think 911 stuff is fantastic.

I wanted to ask you a question, and this is like a legitimate question. It never dawned on me. I was watching that interview with Barry Jennings, the city employee who was assigned to go to the Emergency Operations Center, building Seven, and then what happened to him? And I remember when in that story, I don’t know why I never noticed it before, he specifically talks about basically the lobby and the first eight floors or ten floors of that building being blown up by an explosion just parenthetically to me.

It could be either nanothermite, I wouldn’t rule out nuclear, but anyway this big explosion right in seven then I don’t know if you remember with the towers remember the French filmmakers Jules and Gideon now debt. They had a video which was shown only once on TV where they showed the lobby of the World Trade Center. I think it was building one or building two, totally blown out, completely destructed.

Okay, and here’s my question. Maybe you know the answer or maybe I have to get it from a demolition expert. Do demolition experts who are like imploding controlled demolition buildings is it necessary to demolish the ground first, like ten floors of a building in order to prevent that building from scattering and make it actually fall into its own footprint? Because it seems to me that would be logical that you’d have to remove that ground floor and the first, let’s say ten floors first so as to make sure that the building above collapsed in the footprints.

I don’t know, does that make sense because that’s what from Barry Jennings and we saw it in the now death film. Joe, these are two completely different issues. When they fake the planes hitting the building, they set off explosives in the subbasement to drain the sprinkler systems of water so they wouldn’t put out the very modest fires that remain. That’s what A got there in the lobby. Now when you go to building seven, Barry Jennings was witnessing explosion.

They were weakening the building. That may have been the most robust building ever constructed in the history of the world. It was erected over two enormous electrical generators providing backup electricity for New York. It was designed to never collapse. Even in the twin towers they used hollowed out steel beams which are virtually as strong as solid. But in building seven they use solid steel beams and they tried to finesse building seven.

They wasn’t even included in the 911 commission report until they were called out on it and then they had to do a special report. They were going to claim it was all done because these very modest fires, which is frankly absurd, no steel structure high rise has ever collapsed from fire in the history of engineering. Not before 911, not after 911, and not during 911. Barry Jennings was there.

A living soul could testify from his eyewitness reports that their story was nonsense and so he rather conveniently died mysteriously just days before they released their report about building seven. Yeah, unbelievable. I wanted to say one thing real quick then that makes sense to me. What I was going to say was I think the other day maybe I heard on your show but I heard somebody talking about something, I had forgotten that.

So the twin towers were public government buildings until they were know George Pataki and his advisor Finkelstein was one of his advisors drew up this scheme to privatize these public buildings. They were run by the Port Authority. It seems to me that the perfidious disgusting. I’m going to avoid calling anything worse. Piece of garbage Jew Larry Silverstein. There’s a good argument that the entire attack was actually to help Larry Silverstein put up new buildings.

I mean, they sold it to him, they privatized it, he made billions out of it. And I think that could be part of the original plan. And how sick and outrageous is that? It’s obviously an Israeli Jewish operation. Yeah, well, that was part of the plan. The World Trade Center were loaded with asbestos. They couldn’t remove it, although they were under an order to do it without putting up steel.

Scaffolding would have run about a billion dollars per building. They couldn’t vacant down by controlled demolition because the asbestos but a terrorist attack was a convenient way to get rid of it. They already had the plans for the new World Trade Center one on the drawing board before it happened. Joe, you’re spot on. My. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. God bless, doctor. Thanks for the call. Tahibo tea club’s. Original pure pouty arco super.

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YouTube. Three D bunkers. Com and watch the video. The creators of is looking for a business partner that can help bring this technology to the world, and we need to protect our way of life without living in fear. Contact Brad At for more details or visit three D bunkers. Com you. Hey, we got another caller, tom in Florida. Tom, join the conversation. Yes, sir. Good day, Jim. I’ll make it real quick.

First off, finally, they’re bringing articles of impeachment against the city. At bumbling buffoonery. Biden and his criminal son Hunter might be going to jail next month. We’ll see what happens. But here’s the main reason I call on your show, jim, did you hear the news on Breitbart and newsmax today, sir, about immigration? Tell me what I’m telling you is they’re saying for every I want everybody in RBN to listen to me, Tom.

I talk about immigration all the time. Well, let me tell you something. I want to tell everybody in RBN that listens, out of 100,000 illegals that come here, every 100,000 that they bring in here, 80,000 of them, Jim, was this on Breitbart are men. So 20,000 women are coming in and 80,000 men. You do the math. And there’s 7 million illegals that came in in the last two years under this buffoonery.

7 million men. So you added up, Jim. There’s 20,000 women per 100,000. This is insanity. This is insane. And a lot of these guys are military age. They’re coming to bring an arm. They’re bringing armies over here to take out white America. Exactly what this is talking about. White Tom, I agree with you 100%. This is an invasion. Biden’s been derelict. He’s a traitor. This is treason. He deserved to get the boot with the moment.

He should be quartered. Biden should be quartered for what he’s done to this country. And again, I’m going to tell you again, anybody in RBN, there’s 20,000 women coming in for every 100,000 men. Do you understand what these numbers are adding up to? This is insanity. And white America is going to sit on its ass and we always have always going to hear these narrative about, oh, well, the white women are liberal and the white men are kind of conservative.

What the hell is that, Jim? Right? You’re going to allow your country to be annihilated. Your culture. What it is, Tom, is bullshit. You got it right. You got. It right, my friend. I think it’s a number one problem confronting the nation. More important than the Ukraine war. It’s up there with digital currency, which they want to implement to turn us into slaves. Tom, you got it right.

Don’t stop talking. Don’t stop talking about these illegal aliens. Get 1% business loans. 1% business loans, jim tom, I know they’re rolling out the red car, but they’re giving them money, they’re giving them housing, they’re giving them food, they’re giving them all kinds of benefits, all at the taxpayer expense. Should be kicked out of office today. Joe Biden. Should be kicked out office right there. They’re looking to do to you the Constitution article one, titles eight through twelve.

Tom, I agree with you. You got it right. And I know we got Reese standing by, but Reese, you got about 1 minute. 1 minute, Reese. Lay it on. Okay. Jim well, there’s not enough time for me to bring out the more in depth points I was going to bring out, but let me just give your listeners something to leave them with. Tom does a great job about politics and corruption.

I go into the occult aspect, secret society and New World Order. Here’s a couple of bullet points. I look forward to our next conversation, Reese, when you’ll be able to say more. Thanks, everyone for being here so very much, right here on RBN. Thank you. Jim. You got it, Julie. Talk to you tomorrow. I’ll put up the description later. .

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