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➡Jim Fetzer talks about how in recent European elections, far-right parties made significant gains, leading to a political shift to the right. This resulted in French President Macron dissolving parliament and calling for new elections. Meanwhile, tensions between the U.S. and Russia have escalated due to U.S. support for Ukraine in their conflict with Russia. Observers suggest these events could foreshadow similar political shifts and conflicts in the U.S.
➡ The Suomi region is experiencing a power outage, possibly due to an attack aimed at disrupting communication and aiding Russian soldiers’ advances. There are signs of a larger operation, potentially leading to the fall of Kharkov and further Russian movement. Meanwhile, the US criticizes Hungary for its reliance on Russian energy, while a US-backed Ukrainian publication accuses American individuals and organizations of being anti-Ukrainian. In other news, the chair of Israel’s national Unity party is leaving the government and calling for new elections.
➡ The speaker discusses various political topics, including their belief that Trump should return to power, allegations against the Biden family, and their views on the Green New Deal. They also speculate on potential VP candidates for Trump, suggesting Tim Scott, JD Vance, or Elise Stefanik. The speaker emphasizes the importance of investing in American regions like Appalachia instead of foreign countries, and ends by encouraging listeners to spend time with loved ones and support RBN.
➡ The National Unity Party’s exit doesn’t force elections as Netanyahu’s coalition still holds a majority. In a military operation, Israeli forces, with some US help, attacked a camp in Gaza, freeing four hostages but killing and wounding hundreds of unarmed people. This operation is seen as a violation of international law. The attack is believed to have been launched to block a ceasefire deal proposed by Hamas.
➡ Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs has been accused of using fake social media accounts to influence US lawmakers to fund Israel’s military. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, has been found guilty on all three gun charges in his trial. In other news, a former stripper claims her phone was hacked and data deleted after she became pregnant with Hunter Biden’s child. Lastly, a new poll suggests that 62% of Americans support a program to deport all illegal immigrants.
➡ The NAACP and other human rights organizations are urging President Biden to stop sending weapons to Israel due to the high number of Palestinian casualties. Essential oils, available at affordable prices from Susanna’s Secret, have various health benefits and can be used for cleaning and freshening homes. Wild Pastures offers high-quality, pasture-raised meats delivered straight to your door, supporting sustainable farming practices. Lastly, there are concerns about the U.S. economy, prison conditions, and misuse of COVID funds, while the College of Physicians and Surgeons condemns child gender transition.
➡ The speaker discusses their dissatisfaction with the court system, claiming it doesn’t follow the law and that attorneys fabricate cases. They also mention their personal experience with a court case and their belief that the judge hadn’t read the ruling of the Court of Appeals. The speaker then discusses various topics including the Federal Register, the bankruptcy system, and the actions of different countries. They also speculate about the future actions of President Biden in relation to his son’s trial.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including political debates, the state of California under Kevin Newsom, potential candidates for future elections, and societal issues such as transgender rights and immigration. It also touches on conspiracy theories, the state of the world, and the influence of powerful families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. The text ends with a promotion for a tea product and a discussion about the value of gold.
➡ The text discusses a variety of topics, including concerns about potential war with Russia, allegations of election fraud, and the controversial invitation of Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to the US Congress. It also touches on conspiracy
theories about hormone alteration through food and water, and the role of the US military in supporting Israel.
➡ The text discusses various political issues, including the presence of American troops in Israel, the criticism of Israeli actions by US politicians, and the potential for impeachment of the president. It also touches on the topic of the US
representative system, the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, and the potential for World War III. The text ends with a discussion on the Sandy Hook event and its role in the anti-gun movement.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracy theories and political opinions. It mentions a supposed fraud in Connecticut, the QAnon movement, climate change skepticism, and the Gulf War veterans’ plight. It also discusses the potential economic collapse, immigration issues, and the political future of Trump. The conversation ends with a claim about terrorists being caught at the border.


This is Jim Fetzer, your host, on authentic news right here at RBN Live this 11th day of June 2024. Simulcasting on speak free radio, the reactionists set in right wing tsunami France stunned after Macron announced a staff decision following crushing defeat in the European Parliament vote the war policies and the migrant policies are coming home to roost. Macron said France would hold new elections on June 30 and July 7, a high stakes maneuver that the Wall Street Journal said stunned the nation after projection based on early ballot counts came in for Sunday’s elections for the European Parliament.

A projection showed the national rally garnering around 31%, twice the support of Macron’s renew party. That, of course, is the party of Marie le Pen. Here’s more about what’s going on. Far right gains in the EU election deal stunning defeats from France’s Macron and Germany’s Schultz. This is from us News and World Report. Far right parties rattled the traditional powers of the European Union and made major gains in parliamentary elections Sunday, dealing an especially humiliating defeat to President Emmanuel Macron. Remember, he’s a guy who’s so eager to send french troops to Ukraine. On a night where the 27 member block pal probably shifted to the right, italian prime minister Giorgio Maloney more than doubled her seats in the EU parliament.

And even if the alternative for a Germany extreme right party was hounded by scandal involving candidates, it still rallied enough seat as we passed a slumbering Social Democrats have Chancellor Olaf Schultz, also a guy very keen to conduct a war in Ukraine against Russia. Meanwhile, former ambassador to Germany Eric Grinnell said the United States should heed what’s happening across Europe, telling Newsmax it’s a backlash against progressive and woke policies. Fed up European set progressive packing and parliamentary election for the past four days, replacing traditional power brokers with conservatives. French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved parliament, called her snap national elections in three weeks.

By the way, he could lose massively. I predict that he will. Grinnell joined Rob Schmidt tonight to say the results across western Europe. It could be a harbinger of things to come for the United States. Fed up Americans could drive President Joe Biden out of his White House in November in favor of Donald Trump and his policies. Don’t have any doubt about it. You really have to look at what’s happening in Europe and realize that progressive policies are under attack. People realize the woke left when they put together their governments and they put together their policies they can’t produce.

People are unhappy, their economies tank. You look from Germany to France to Belgium, everywhere there’s a republican conservative style sweep. I hope that’s going to happen in our country as well. But we’ve got some works to do. The Europeans have watched inflation take over. They’ve watched their economies go to the bottom. Suddenly now we got countries like France that are scaring Macron because the conservatives are marching toward a takeover and he’s just called for election. He’s that scared. It’s not going to play out well for Macron, for Schultz or others who’ve been pro war progressive and, you know, been supportive of the migrant invasion.

Meanwhile, responsible statecraft reports Congress let Ukraine hit more targets inside Russia with us weapons. I can’t begin to tell you how colossally stupid is this. Us policy toward the war in Ukraine is to escalate rather than work to calm tensions, if activity on Capitol Hill is any indication. In late May, Politico reported the Biden admin had quietly given Ukraine the authority to conduct limited strikes in Russia using us weapons. It was a stunning shift in administrative policy that underscored the dire battlefield conditions in Kiev and risked a serious escalation in the war. According to the admin’s own thinking.

In relation to the news, lawmakers have introduced two competing amendment to this year’s national defense Authorization act, one introduced by Representative Thomas Keene of New Jersey. Remember, wasn’t he the running mate of Hillary? States that it is the policy of the United States to live restrictions on Ukraine’s ability to strike legitimate targets inside Russia with US provided weapons. What exactly legitimate targets means is not specified in the legislative text. According to last week’s reporting, the White House it only greenlit strikes near the area of Kirchhoff. One of the co sponsors represented Jake Arschensloss of Massachusetts, recently told Semaphore he wanted the admin to give Ukraine even broader description.

They should authorize all weapons, all weapons to be used to strike any site within Russia that has military applications. That means energy infrastructure, troops, aging sites, industrial sites. Others who praised the decision lamented that the Biden admin had not arrived at that conclusion earlier in the war. Well, if you want to go out all out with Russia and have the United States decimated, that’s exactly what you ought to do. Guess what happened? Russia has now declared the United States an enemy for the first time amid strained relations over Ukraine. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Pascov, has called now the United States an enemy state.

This is rather shocking, and it’s coming from an indirect news source. It’s coming from the Hindustan Times. He claimed authorities provided no rationale oh, that’s about Scott Ritter. Russian President Vladimir Putin. Press secretary Pesco for Marx came after former american intel officer Scott Ritter claimed he was prevented from visiting St. Petersburg and his passport was confiscated by border officials. Responding to it, Peskov told reporters the latest manifestation of the rabid campaign to stop Americans from communicating with Russia would only be understandable if the move had any connection to its former intelligence status. We are now an enemy country for them, just as they are for us.

According to Arganisto, a reputable russian investigative website, neither Peskov nor Putin have ever referred to the United States or other unfriendly countries as Russia’s enemies. Well, we’ve earned that status now. And this idea of allowing us missiles to strike anywhere in Russia is not going to go down well in Moscow. Meanwhile, how much worse could it get? Ukraine now claims first ever fighter jet strike on russian territory. This in zero hitch. Ukraine is touting they’re proud that it’s launched a successful airstrike by fighter jet inside russian territory. Sky News is reporting a significant first of the conflict.

An unidentified ukrainian military source described to the UK outlet at an air launched missile strike was conducted inside Russia’s Belgorod region Sunday, hitting a russian command node. Sky News raised the likelihood that a western supplied missile was used in the attack, highlighting that it comes soon after western allies, including the US, green lighted Kiev’s use of NATO supplied munitions to attack inside of Russia. Stupendously stupid. Meanwhile, Colonel McGregor, has Russians opened a new northern front? Are they about to do something big or is this a feint? And in fact, what is going on with the whole war, both at the tactical, operational and strategic level? There’s a lot of confusion going on and seemingly contradictory signals really coming out of multiple sides.

And we have nobody better to try and untangle some of this than Colonel Doug McGregor, CEO of our country, our choice, former decorated combat vet and friend of the show. Doug, welcome back. Yeah, happy to be here, Dan. By the way, I like your black jacket. Well, thank you. I did that. It’s kind of a black day. Just kind of feels like an appropriate thing to wear. So, listen, I want to. I want to just jump right into this. I know your time’s a little bit limited today, and we wanted to jump right into this big stuff here.

So there has been some action over about the last 36 hours that make it appear that something, anyway, is going on in the northern part, in the area of Suomi, separate from the Kharkiv operation that has been going on since the 10 May here is actually military summary channel talking about what’s been going on over the last 12 hours. Things most important news are coming from Sumy direction today. The russian sources, more precisely the Telegram channel Kadyrov 95. This is, let’s say, official channel Telegram channel of the head of TsnYA. And in this video, we can see how the Russians were bombing and attacking the villages and settlements along the border.

And based on this video, we can make a conclusion that the Russians started something in this direction. In the end of the video, we have an episode with the russian soldier who raised the russian flag inside of the, let’s say, town hall of Ruzhovka. And also the Russians show this sign of the town hall. And based on this video, most of the mappers have adjusted their maps showing that Rujovka is under complete russian control. Now. So far, Doug, that’s just one village that’s right there on the border. So it’s unclear if this is a big penetration, but we’ve union actually suggests that there is something bigger going on in the region.

Whereas prior to this, Russia has started off basically de electrifying a large portion of the area in this section, which could either indicate something big is coming or it could also be a feint. And I wonder if you could talk about that on the backside of this video. There are reports that the Suomi region is entirely without electricity or power. This means that this could be a larger operation, as this is a result of multiple strikes along the time of this war. But also it is likely a direct attack, whether it is a hacking attack or similar, where they simply cut off everything for a small period of time, where they try to disrupt all communication within the region to allow these russian soldiers to make initial advances.

We’ll have more information once the situation has become clearer, and time will tell what has happened. So, first of all, Doug, I wonder if you can just tell us your best assessment of what this represents and what is actually happening in the northern part of Ukraine. I think you’re witnessing the sort of spring rainstorm before the flood. And this is really one of those shaping operations. It’s going to contribute to the fall of Kharkov and the movement further west and north by russian forces in the area. It’s very clear right now that there are several things baking in the oven.

One is what I just described. The other is coming south out of Belarus. A potential buildup there? Well, actually it is a buildup, and I think that they, at the right point in time, will sweep south and cut off Kiev. By that time, most of these russian troops should be further west. Now, what’s the point of all of this? First of all, if you know that you’re winning, and that is clearly the case with the Russians, what are you concerned about? You’re concerned about taking no unnecessary casualties. So the emphasis on keeping russian losses very low is probably greater now than at almost any point in this war.

Putin and his generals have been very, very concerned about the preservation of russian life, more so, I would argue, than any previous russian or soviet military establishment and living memory. And right now, I think that continues to bother him. At the same time, you’ve got to look at the maps, look at the road nets, look where the rail lines are, look at the rivers and streams, and then you’ll see that these shaping attacks make sense. So I think you’re going to see something much larger and much faster in the near future, because he does want to wrap this up.

The question is, as he wraps this up, what occurs in Kiev, especially when it becomes clear that the Russians are headed down towards it for the north, as also from the east, I suspect we’ll see Zelenskyy packing his bags and leaving. Now, it’s ironic because from the. I think that’s right. Zelensky packing his bags and leaving. Meanwhile, the US ambassador slams hungry for relying on russian energy, even while the US remains a huge buyer of russian uranium. Mind you, that’s going to end. Having declared the United States to be an enemy, it would be stupid for Russia to sell any uranium to an enemy.

It’s going to end. Taking his cue from minister of foreign affairs and Trade Peter Spargo’s recent visit to St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the us ambassador to Hungary, David Pressman, used the occasion to launch yet another attack on Hungary’s conservative government. Hungary’s foreign minister makes his 8th trip to Russia, said Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Hungary’s government sends it some party of peace, while continuing to stand with Putin’s party of war. Hungary’s addiction to russian energy is dangerous and unnecessary, wrote in a Facebook post. Minister Sorello is right. Energy diversification is not a matter of ideology, but one of physics.

The laws of physics in Hungary are no different than laws of physics in every single one of Hungary’s EU partners, all of whom have chosen to reduce dependence on Bhutan. But why should energy, why should Hungary do so? In fact, Hungary has been acting in a highly responsible fashion. Meanwhile, a us backed ukrainian publication has created a new energies list. Check out antiwar.com. the us government affiliated ukrainian web publication data journalism agency has just released a report attacking hundreds of prominent american individuals and organizations as enemies for not supporting sending more money and weapons to Ukraine.

The report, titled Rollercoaster from Trump as to communists, the forces in the US impending aid to Ukraine and how they do it intends to smear american politician, journalists and social media influencers as tools of Russia writing. Most other people in our study do not have direct proven ties to the russian government or propagandists. However, the arguments they use to urge authorities to distance themselves from Ukraine echo key messages of russian propaganda aimed at depriving Ukrainians of the ability to defend themselves with western weapons and funds. Notice the parallels with the attacks on the anti genocide movement here in the United States, which is supposed to be Hamas propaganda when it’s nothing of the kind.

Here’s someone who was actually placed on the list. Kayl Antonzin discusses the war in Ukraine and Israel’s war on Gaza, and he was placed on the list welcome back to conflicts of interest. This is episode 611 and today is June 10, 2024. I’m the host of the show, Kyle Anslown. We got a lot of news to talk about on today’s show and this, this is a little bit interesting because today I got to talk about myself a little bit because a State Department linked group put me on a list of anti Ukrainians. So we’ll be talking about that and more on today’s show.

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The chair of Israel’s national Unity party announced Sunday he was quitting the emergency government and war cabinet formed after October 7, called for Prime Minister Netanyahu to set a date for new elections. Net Yahoo is preventing Israel from achieving true victory in Gaza. I call on Netanyahu, set an agreed election day. Don’t let our people be torn apart. The national Unity Party’s exit does not force elections. Since Net Yahoo’s coalition still held 64 out of 120 seats in the Knesset, Katz called for others to join him, including defense minister Galant, who’s a member of Lukuyt party but recently called out to PM over his lack of a clear long term plan for Gaza.

Meanwhile, four hostages were freed. In the process, 274 Palestinians were slaughtered. If you have to kill 274 people to free four others being held hostages at a successful military operation. According to the israeli and us governments, it is Israel, apparently with some us help, attack the Nusrat camp in Gaza, freed four hostages seized by Hamas. In doing so, however, israeli forces killed and wounded hundreds of unarmed men, women and children. It was worse than that. Not only did we have us drone flights supporting the israeli operation that killed over 200 Palestinians, not only do we have testimony from the Nusra massacre, I heard all of my friends last breath, but get this, Red Crescent says the israeli troops came in and aid Trump to free the hostages.

This is a gross violation of international law. But then that’s all they’re doing in Israel today. JerusalEm, a Palestinian Red Crescent said Monday israeli troops use an aid truck to infiltrate central Gaza’s Nuserat camp, where they rescued four israeli hostages over the weekend. The Red Cross local palestinian branch said that it warned of the danger of the occupation for its use on Saturday of such a vehicle to infiltrate the camp. The occupation forces deceived people by disguising themselves under the COVID of aid that civilians desperately need amid their suffering from severe food insecurity, meaning they’re starving to death.

Doesn’t danger the safety of relief teams? Think about it. Such a precedent raises the possibility of humanitarian aid workers being perceived with suspicion in the future. Is it totally outrageous? And I guarantee this is a violation of international law. Meanwhile, the cradle reports that Israel precipitated this attack, this massacre, to block a ceasefire deal proposed by Hamas. Ismail Hannayette, the head of the Hamas movement political bureau bureau, says Israel launched its bloody massacre and captive rescue operation in the Nuseret camp Saturday to block a ceasefire deal. Speaking with Al Jazeera on 10 June about the US proposed ceasefire deal in prospect for ending the war, nei said Israel attacked the Nusirat camp, killing at least 274 Palestinians and retrieving four israeli captives to block any agreement that would end the war.

Israeli forces bomb various civilian areas of Gaza from the air to create chaos and pave the way for Saturday’s operation while executing Palestinians in cold blood in their homes where no israeli captives were present. Anya also accused the US of being part of the attack, saying that Biden white as is no less criminal than the israeli leadership. He’s got it right. Absolutely got it right. Meanwhile, there’s much more taking place here where I have to gain regain access. Stand by. Here come more of our stories for today. At least five others were killed in israeli attacks as Gaza hospitals appealed for had help.

They’re not going to get any. Jewish extremists clash with palestinian burn fields in the west, a West bank town. Israel wants a report deleted from YouTube that exposes the massacre taking place there. We’ll be right back. You are tuned in to the Republic broadcasting network. Visit our website by going to republicbroadcasting.org dot hi Tom Bolton for ease off. I know so many of you are finding our EZ four carcass drop and lift, an essential tool for your meat processing on operation. But today I want to spotlight four of our new products. First, our right height hog cradles with steel or aluminum frames.

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911 was a jointly conducted covert operation that involved multiple states, the Saudis, the Israelis, and what you could call the deep state in the United States with antisemitic remarks. Yeah, yeah, you’re jiggling juice, we used to say, the dancing Israelis. So even the Republicans now are compromising and they’re pushing issues that are destructive to the white race. They always say, like, are we just going to talk about this stuff on the radio? What are we going to do about it? Either we force the democracy to work by actually getting the ballot access, getting the candidates, getting in office, getting our message out there to the people, or we expose just how undemocratic it is.

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More on that in a second because we have a bombshell new report exposing how deep it actually goes in Washington, DC. But first, some context on foreign government interference. Remember, Hillary Clinton funded, helped create something called the Steele dossier. I remember said Russians were attacking our elections, that Trump was collaborating with Russians, that they’re the reason she lost the presidency to Donald Trump. She still to this day says that Russia was to blame for her losing the election in Trump or psyops, because they sent out a bunch of trolls that sent to you anti Hillary Clinton information that made you not want to vote for her.

That’s specifically what she said they did. Exactly. So they were all over social media and it was a psyop. And that’s why you decided to vote for Donald Trump, because of russian interventions in the election. And I got a question. Was it because they were posting the truth about her, actually? Well, in Nicole Pearlroth’s book, this is how they tell me the world ends. She talks about how they would take any kind of information. This is what she says that these russian trolls did, like, take true information and then twist it in some kind of unflattering way and then boost it.

So, but a lot of, if you actually know a lot about, specifically here at Hillary Clinton’s war mongering ways, you don’t need lies to not want to vote for her. But. So anyway, you remember, the mainstream media at the time followed suit, then running breathless headlines like this. Here was the New York Times, the plot to subvert an election, unraveling the Russia story so far. Here’s another one. Here’s how Russia will try to interfere in the 2018 election. So they’re continuing. It’s going to keep. It’s going to keep going, oh, in 2020 as well. So the mainstream media was selling you this cooked up story started by, of course, the Hillary Clinton campaign and even the FBI launched a massive Russia election interference investigation.

So the FBI was all over this. In fact, they were going out to social media companies, warning them about this. Right? They were fully involved in this. The FBI was special counsels for this. It was a big deal. Special taxpayer funded councils with some of the best highest paid lawyers in the country. So turns out it was all a lie cooked up by the Democrats. Foreign interference in our elections. Well, that will not stand, unless, of course, Israel does it, and then it’s perfectly fine. We, you know, we all know that it’s happening. We’ll just look the other way.

So the New York Times is out with a bombshell story today. I can’t believe the New York Times actually published this. Keep this up here on the screen, if you would, Philip, because we need to breathe this in for a moment. The New York Times. Israel secretly targets us lawmakers with influence campaign on Gaza war. Israel’s Ministry of diaspora affairs ordered the operation, which used fake social media accounts urging us lawmakers to fund Israel’s military, according to officials and documents about the effort. The only problem I have with this headline, if we could just keep it up, is the past tense of the word used.

Used, yeah. As if it’s not still happening. Come now, because I’m going to show you in a moment how it’s currently happening. So if you speak out against the genocide in Gaza, you’ll be targeted by Israel, of course. I wonder if the FBI will now launch an investigation. Should we get a special counsel? It would seem appropriate under the circumstances. A foreign government interference in our elections. Go on. Are you influencing members of Congress? Where is the FBI outrage? Is there a single congressman that would take that on, though? You know what I mean? Because they’re all Israel.

There are seven. I’ll show you one. I’ll show you one, at least who would be happy to take it on foreign interference in our election process. Don’t hold your breath, though, that there’s going to be some sort of investigation. It’s Israel, and Israel controls Washington, DC. Yes, don’t hold your breath. Meanwhile, the Democrats have been very worried about the Hunter Biden trial for gun possession crimes. Here’s a story of a day or two ago. There’s enough evidence, according to MSNBC legal analyst Barbara McQuaid, for a jury to rule hunter Biden guilty in his current trial. Monday marked this start in Delaware.

In September, western counsel David Weiss filed three federal firearm charges against Hunter, including making false statements and willfully owning a firearm while abusing drugs. According to McQuaid on the Jonathan K. Part show, the jury could fairly conclude that Biden is guilty based on the subsequent amount of evidence the prosecution is given, even if it were impossible to show Biden’s intent. So just circumstantial evidence is required as a modicum a little sliver of justice jury finds Hunter Biden guilty of all three gun charges a Delaware jury on Tuesday found Hunter Biden guilty on all three gun charges after only several hours of deliberation.

That, of course, was today. The historic verdict of the president’s son also reflects Hunter’s high status gamble to go to trial instead of accepting a revised plea deal proposed in the summer of 2023. There is typically a two to three month delay between conviction and sentencing. We don’t know what the sentencing guidelines will be if he’s convicted on all counts, but one legal expert said the likely would specify around a year in prison. Hunters gun trial judge Mary Ellen Nicaria recently delivered a one year sentence to a defendant in a similar gun case. Yes, for six months, but she gave him a year.

That would be very modest. He certainly deserves it, but I fully expect that his father is going to pardon him. Meanwhile, Hunter Stripler makes a disturbing claim. Here’s what happened days after she got pregnant. The Biden white has been working overtime to hide damaging Hunter Biden stories. The harder they try, the more the scandals keep spilling out. Perhaps the most alarming has been Hunter and his family treatment of his own daughter. Hunter fathered a girl with London Ludend Roberts, a former stripper with whom he had a brief affair. Joe had refused to acknowledge his granddaughter, and even Hunter tried to find fight providing support, but lost in court, Roberts made an alarming revelation that should worry every american.

What was going on the day she found out she was pregnant with Hutter’s child from the daily wire, ex stripper London, Roberts said during an interview last week, the night she learned she was pregnant with Hunter’s child, her cell phone crashed. Her icloud was hacked. A lot of the content she’d backed up was deleted. She said the phones had black, green, and Burmaly’s line fluttering on the screens as they crashed. Sam was a complete meltdown, and she had to replace her phones the next day. When asked what she thinks happened, she responded, that is still up in here.

That’s something I can’t, I can’t explain. I don’t know exactly what happened, but guess what? Just about everything related to Hunter was gone from her account. The data was backed up, but everything in the cloud was lost. The damage was so bad she had to purchase new phones. That’s the way it is. They have all kinds of high tech capabilities, something like this child’s play. Meanwhile, Merrick Garland is confirmed. He’s petrified a smoking gun is going to sink Biden’s prospects for real action. What would that be? Polls indicate more than 85% of Americans believe that Biden is too old to serve another term.

Since he took office, Biden’s exceedingly rare public appearances have highlighted his significant physical and cognitive decline. How about pooping on D Day? Special counsel Robert her’s investigation into Biden classified document scandal put the Democrat president’s age back in the headlines. The report concluded Biden had mishandled classified documents since his days in the Senate. But Hoar suggested that because of Biden’s advanced age and difficulty remembering basic information, no jury would actually convict him out of sympathy. Biden couldn’t remember what year he served as vice president, even what ears will love son Bo died from brain cancer. The written transcripts of hers interview with Biden were released, but the Department of Justice has refused to release the audio recordings to House Republicans.

The absence of a legitimate need for the audio recordings is supposed to lay bare your likely goal, according to them. But it appears, in fact the actual reason the Biden Justice Department admitted it had altered Biden’s transcripts. Planning it only removes supposed filler words like oomph. The transcript is not accurate and was changed in a way to help Biden judicial what President Tom Fitton said, there’s nothing ordinary about this. The transcript inaccurately transcript inaccuracy issues seem to help bind political campaign. In other words, his utter incompetence. His utter incompetence in even dealing with elementary question would have been manifest in the audios.

So they cleaned up the transcript in order to conceal it. Meanwhile, get this new national poll find 62% of Americans, including Democrats, support a national program to deport all illegal aliens. Favor 62% opposed 38. Earlier today, CB’s polling expert Anthony Salvanto broke the news to Margaret Brennan. On vacation, 62% of Americans want all illegal aliens rounded up and deported. Anthony Salvador, we tested in a general way, in principle, would you support a new government program that would deport all people living in the US illegally? And that finds majority favor? That finds six in ten. It’s strongest among folks who are mega.

It’s strongest among Trump supporters, but also from some Democrats as well. The news stunned the far left, CB’s host, Margaret Brannon. So unpack that a bit, because it’s 62% of american favorite importing all undocumented immigrants. So homeland security says Biden already has deported or repatriated more people in the past year than any year since 2010. And then depending on details, what’s being talked about on the campaign trial, some of what Trump talks about could be illegal. It doesn’t seem practical. And some said to round up children. And then we know that the courts have questioned whether local authorities would have the ability to do it and federal authorities don’t have the resources.

So exactly what people think they are supporting. That’s where Salvitano disrupted her words. Well, when you measure public sentiment on this or really just about any policy, you’re getting a sense of direction, you’re getting broad brushstrokes. But those kinds of details, well, that’s often up to the legislature and the courts. Later on, we’ve tested even the idea up. Should local law enforcement be involved in this? A lot of folks say yes. Again, the details. You’re not going to pick that up in an aggregate public opinion. Leftists hate it when the country catches up to their treachery.

I agree. Meanwhile, v Dare publishes a piece about World War two vets who are appalled. Here is a photograph. Here’s a soldier on D Day. And they add the thought, I hope my grandchildren become minorities in their own country. By the way, the overwhelming majority of the soldiers who have fought our wars, world War one and world War two, were white men. White men have fought the wars of battles for America. That’s precisely the category that the Democrats want to extinguish. They want to make whites a minority in America. Even Biden has declared it. Meanwhile, zero hedge illegals marching to New York City usher in the next phase of Biden’s color revolution.

Illegals block Times Square and call for abolishing ICe. They’re not happy with the executive order Biden signed yesterday that basically does nothing to stop illegal immigration. Here they are marching in Time Square. Hey, I’m with that 62%. It says get rid of them all. Meanwhile, we have a mapping of illegals distributed by state, and I’m telling you, it’s really heavy in California, in Texas, slightly lighter in Florida, Illinois, Washington. Then we get Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan. There are a whole hell of a lot of them here. Ten and a half million.

Ten and a half million. Drawing resources, disrupting our lives, not assimilating into our culture. Outrageous. Meanwhile, even the NAACP has joined a growing chorus demanding Biden halt arms shipments to Israel. Good for them. Citing Israel killing of more than 36,000 Palestinians in Gaza and its defiance of a world court order to stop attacking Rafa, the NAACP Wednesday joined the hundreds of human rights and civil society organizations urging the Biden admin to halt weapon transfers to Israel. The leading us civil rights group noted Israel’s defiance of the International Court of Justice. May 24 order to stop attacking the southern Gaza city of Raafa and the IDF.

May 26 bombing of a refugee encampment there that killed and wounded hundreds of Palestinians, including many women and children. A total death toll of Gazans has reached over 36,000, with another 81,000 injured. The NAAC we said nearly 500 Palestinians in the West bank, including 117 children, have also been killed. Have also been killed. Now I find a chamber did you know that essential oils have had a multitude of natural health and skin uses in history, but have been somewhat forgotten by a recent civilization? Susanna’s secret offers 100% pure natural oils at prices you can actually afford.

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Here comes the sun. Here comes the sun I say it’s all right. Well, here are seven horror stories where the titles will convey. So we got the genocide going on. The NAACP and a whole lot of other civil rights human rights organization are opposing. How does Congress respond? They invite net yahoo. To address Congress that per July 24. This is so disgusting, so repulsive. I’m furious. Meanwhile, Trump holds a massive rally in Las Vegas. AOC says Trump will round up his political enemies and throw her in jail if he wins. That’s so silly. But what is Biden doing with his political enemies? He’s going after Trump.

He’s got all these January 6 people have been incarcerated. He’s going after one lawsuit after another. AOC ought to look in a mirror, take a look at her own party. They’re the ones who are abusing the law, not Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Democrat Atlanta prosecutor jailed for stealing 15 million of COVID funds to buy a Rolls Royce and a ten karat diamond ring. I mean, this is like Fannie Willis. This is another black woman Democrat prosecutor in Georgia who’s just looting the public trough. Meanwhile, Peter Navarro shared a surprising fact about the way he’s treated in prison as a Trump supporter.

And he goes on to explain, everybody in prison loves Trump and they hate Biden. Why? Because Trump had proposed a new method of treating treating prisoners with respect that the Biden people had violated. He’s in Miami. He’s at a particularly tough prison. He brought up a number of inconveniences. How prescription drugs are hard to come by. Food is low in protein, high in sugar, certain to worsen any condition, from diabetes to hypertension to heart conditions and kidney issues. But he said the inmates love Trump and hate Biden. The good news is the vast majority of inmates love Donald Trump, were passing the 2018 1st Step act and hate Joe Biden for not implementing it.

Same with a correction officers. Trump and I respect the uniform. They know that while they also know Biden has been a disaster. So even in prison, they know the facts of the matter. Meanwhile, zero hedge reports the us economy is finally cracking. This is going to be a huge story as we make the run up to the election. A huge story. Friends of fringe finance Mark Spiegel of Stanfilip Capital released his most recent investor letter on May 31 with updates on macro and his fund positions. And it turns out we’re hurting. We’re hurting bad. As I say, there will be much, much more to come.

Meanwhile, the College of Physicians and Surgeons has issued its fiery statement condemning child gender transition. It’s about time. I’ll be right back and take your calls. I get high with a little help from my friends yes, I can buy a little help from my friends with a little help from my friends hey there. Are you gonna wait till the cows come home to get your new ease off drop and lift? What in the world is an ease off dropping lift? Our ease off is a new tool to increase production for your meat processing company that will get that whole hog or half of beef on or off your rail with our remote control.

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First up, John in Michigan. John, welcome back. Join the conversation. Well, another great first hour. I have to do that because it is really true that you should get the respect for all you put into it five days a week. That’s a lot of work. But I would like to just comment on something that keeps coming up on your show about the constant constitution that, constitution this and constitution that and the courts. If anybody does some research on the bankruptcy of 1933, we’re still in that state. Every congress has to reinstate the War Powers act. And you can find this short read@famguardian.org that’s guardians and guardian.org.

and just see that the republic’s not here and that this country is being run like a corporation. The courts are. We talked about maritime court. Yeah, go right ahead, John. Did I lose you? Hello. Go ahead, John. Keep going. Lay it out. Well, I just, Cynthia, I love her desire from California. I’m not criticizing her, but we aren’t in a constitutional state. We’re in an administrative state, and it’s run by the Rothschilds. And they were given complete the money system. They were given the permission to print as much as they wanted to. They told the government at that time, as much money as you need, we’ll just keep printing it.

John, listen, do you have find it objectionable if people point out that something’s going on in violation of the constitution? I mean, it seems to me that’s appropriate to do even if we’re not in a constitutional state, as you declare. Still, pointing out how we’re deviating from where we ought to be seem to me to be very appropriate. I do not find that objectionable. Your thoughts? No, I like to, I like to hear the input about what should be the constitution, the Bill of rights and in the common law courts. But that’s not what we’re dealing with.

You bring up the constitution in any of these courts and the judge would just tell you you have no place. Well, I’ll tell you, I’m having my own dealings with a court system. I was just in court this morning, for example, and I’ll just tell you, it seemed to me that courts are not following the law. They’re not paying attention to what higher courts are directing them to do. The attorneys are fabricating cases that bear no relationship to the truth. I was even citing two of the Supreme Court rules here in the state of Wisconsin about truthfulness and the needing to bring only arguments or cases in good faith that were being violated by the attorneys in this case against me.

We’ll see what happened. But it was obvious to me the court, the judge who is presiding, hadn’t even read the ruling of the Court of Appeals when it reversed because they were trying to take funds that don’t belong to me for a garnish for the mass sum I was saddled with over the phony case of about Sandy Hook to get my book. Or by the way, let me say, let me remind everyone, you can download the redacted version of the book for free. It’s available on my blog@jameshetzer.org. dot go. And when you get there, you can just scroll down through the stories.

I think in the second page you’ll find fake news. The truth versus Alex Jones. Go there. You can download a redacted version of nobody died at Sandy Hook. You can also download Sandy Hook Truth, a memorandum I collaborated on with Robert David Steele for then President Donald Trump. You between them, you’re going to understand what did and did not happen at Sandy Hook. John, go ahead. Give us a final thought. Well, I just would like to have this bankruptcy article read by most people because the Federal Reserve notes are unsigned checks written down, a closed account.

It just explains the whole system and why your court systems have to be exposed. And it’s through the Federal register that Ralph Winterout exposed to me over. John, throughout Republic, the Federal Register, all these agencies went rogue after the bankruptcy. And that’s when they established the Federal register. And then there’s the administrative, John, it’s available online, right? You have a URL for it and email an address where one can obtain it. Well, it’s, it’s, it’s at pam guardian.org. and the senator trafficant, he talks in 93 about it. But the Federal register, anybody can go there and find complaint.

But all of these agencies, they don’t use it and they don’t, they don’t have the jurisdiction. And that’s where we have to. So where all of these courts and every, every commission, every school, everything’s supposed to go through the federal register. And then administrative Procedure act of 1946 gives you the rules on how to do it. And this is all what Ralph Winterout was exposing. And of course, they took him out just like they took John out. But just go to the Federal register. I think years and years ago he interviewed me on his show. It was a good guy.

John, I like your preserving his memory and all your valiant efforts to keep things straight here. When we talk about the constitution and all that. John, most welcome. Your calls are most welcome. Coinage act of 1792. The Federal Reserve cannot print coins. They print paper. That’s what they use. The coinage act. They can’t do that. And Colonel Bo Grice said that we. All we have to do is stamp one coin that says we. John, we’re losing you, my friend. Yeah, I’m always glad when you called, John. Thanks for all that. Laura in Michigan. Laura. Join the conversation.

Laura. Mister Fetzer, I guess Putin is doing just what he said in his speech. He’s going to put ICBM’s in six countries. He’s already been seen near Cuba. He’s off the coast of Florida right now. He was over in Venezuela. I don’t think you’re just stopping in to say previous, which is yellow and russian. Yes. Making his deliveries. And now he found out that the new president of Mexico, she’s gonna allow who to put an ICBM in her country. Is she gonna do that, Laura? I’m thrilled to hear it. That’s fast. We were worried that she was countries, Laura.

We were worried because she’s jewish, that she was a zionist. But I’d say obviously not. I’m glad. Yeah, well, all these countries now are gonna have can a US can’t tell them what to do. They all are all armed. I love it. I love it. I love it. This is wonderful, Laura. Give me again. Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, what other countries? That’s all I know right now. Okay, well, you get back when you know more. I want to hear every word of this. There’s supposed to be six. So what? I mean, that’s right. I mean, when the US said they could use us missiles in Ukraine to fire deep into Russia, I knew it was a bad move.

I’m very. He’s mad now. He’s mad now. They do it. I just said it. What? F 18 is something deep in Russia right now. Belgrade or something. So you mean he’s not going to put up with this? No. We got morons. We do. We are led by morons. You got it exactly right, Laura. Love it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Get back with updates. Get back with updates. Frank in New York. Frank, join the conversation. Frank. Hey, Jim. Thanks for taking my call. You know, Jim, actually, I don’t see why he’s got to put those missiles in other countries.

I mean, the subs they’ve got are superior out there from what I heard. I don’t know for sure, you know, so, I mean, I guess maybe he’s going to do that to say, look, we can play this way. You want to play that way? You know what I mean? He has been restraining himself and I think, but mostly to keep. But Frank, Laura made it clear, it makes, it gives those countries muscle. It doesn’t allow the US to push him around any longer when they are armed that way. So what he’s doing is strengthening those countries.

I mean, it’s a very appropriate form of response to the US putting us missiles all over the place. Let’s put russian missiles all over the place and see how we’d like it. Don’t you agree? I agree totally. And she made a great point. And as you followed up with that, I’m just saying he didn’t have to do that. Okay. You know, I think he’s trying to say, hey, look, we can do this. You want to play hardball? We’re going to play hardball. And it’s not going to be nice, you know, but the reason I called him.

I’ll be quick, is because, you know, Hunter got convicted, okay? So I, you know, he’s going to get an appeal somewhere along the line. I don’t know how long they. But they might time it. Okay, you know, who says Biden came out today and he said, you know, I’m the president. He said, but I’m also a dad. And he said, and I love my son dearly, as does my wife and this and that. So he might be setting this up where he says, you know what, I’m going to, instead of being president, I’m going to pardon my son.

I’m going to pardon my son and then I’m not going to run for president again. And then you could go down in history, some people could say, look, he, you know what I mean? Instead of being selfish, he stood up, he took care of it, his son, you know what I mean? And he bailed out. And this may be a way, Jim, I’m just saying, for them to possibly move, move him out of the way. Yes, sir. Frank, I think. I think you’re spot on. I floated that idea months ago in the contemplation of Hunter’s trial that exactly that scenario would play out and it’s become more likely, Frank.

I think so, Jim, you know, we’re going to, you know, you know, the guy from the CIA, he said, what? The day after tomorrow, I believe, was supposed to be the date steps down. I think they’ll wait till. Yeah, the 13th, you know, but to me, it appears, you know, I hadn’t been aware that you had said that, Jim. But, you know, you are hitting you on the cutting edge on a lot of issues, and that’s for sure. There’s no reason you would have heard me say it. And you’re making a very appropriate observation, which I endorse 100%.

I think it’s a perfect way to drop him. David Axelrod was just on a show claiming no way that we’re. They’re going to replace Biden. But, you know, you say that today, and then the following day they replace him. They cannot go into the campaign with him on the ticket. It would be a catastrophe. And I tell you, Jim, one thing that kind of gave me an inkling to this was he said he wanted to be Trump, and they’re going to have debate what I think, June 24 or something. So they’re going to bail him. They’re going to knock him out of there before the 24th.

I mean, Trump will chew him up and spit him out if they get in a legitimate debate. I do agree. So they get out. I think it would have been Kevin Newsom, but he’s mucking up. You know, he’s a mediocrity. He’s turned California into a catastrophe. So are they going to say, yeah, let Gavin do for America what he’s done for California? He’s brutal. I was telling a friend of mine, my friend, he’s a very conservative guy, and he said, the guys are bullshit artists, though. He says, you know, I noticed streets in Frisco, and you can steal up to $950 in LA without getting arrested.

And he said, but the guy talks. He’s got the gift of gab. And he said, you know, he might do it. You know, like, it might be Michelle, you know, we’ll have to see. Big Mike might get the call. But I think, like you said earlier, Jim is going to be one or two of them. And, you know, I think that’s the way it’s going to go. Myself, Frank, I got a colleague who’s in St. Petersburg, former army intelligence officer Scott Bennett, and he told me there was a lot of interest in Michelle being a man and asked me to send him links.

So I sent him my deception galore from the false flags and conspiracy 2000 conference. You can find that on my blog. Look for deception galore and you’ll see a whole host of evidence. How we know that Michelle was a man, in fact, is a man today with breast implants and a huge shaving pill. Frank, how are the american people going to respond when they learn this about Big Mike? I don’t know. A lot of vote for Michael Robinson. They don’t care, Jim, you know what I mean? As long as it ain’t Trump. You know what I mean? Anybody but Trump.

Don’t give us Barabbas. They’ll be screaming, you know what I’m saying? You know, it’s kind of crazy out there. I can’t believe the country’s going the way it is with the open borders, the transgender stuff, and these people don’t back off. You think that transgender stuff would have went back in the closet? They come out more and more, you know, pride day. The NHL, I think 32 teams just agreed to, you know, put out some pride flags or something. I think they had a beef of last year where some of the players didn’t want to be wearing that stuff, you know what I mean? But I think they got them all in line now.

So they’re just going to keep pushing forward and forward, you know, it’s another way of population control indirectly. Well, directly, I guess, you know, you know, I mean, it’s this, this election Sunday in Europe was a repudiation of all this progressive stuff. And I mean, it includes this transgender nonsense. And if you notice, I mean, it’s a very last story. Well, next to last, American College of Pediatrician issues fiery statement condemning child gender transition. There was one more story after that I didn’t get to even mention. Wyoming teacher fired for refusing to call strand gender students by their preferred names.

How absurd is that? Frank? What are we doing, Jim? The whole world’s upside down, brother. It’s unbelievable. It truly is unbelievable the way we’re going, you know, and they just don’t back off and they push and push and push and, you know, like Owen Schwarter was reporting the other day, you know, men can get naked at these pride parades, walk down the street and shake their ding dongs and do whatever they want. You know what I mean? It’s, if somebody else got naked and walked down the street, the cops are going to get you, beat you up and throw you in jail, you know, but if it’s under the guise of a pride parade, oh, you know, we’ve got to, you know, worship that.

It’s. It’s really crazy. Where I used to work at a public agency and they get the american flags lying there now and right underneath they get the pride flag and, you know, those people have a problem, you know what I mean? But, you know, do we have to cater to everything? You know, it’s ludicrous. We give more to the immigrants than we get for people in our own country collecting Social Security. It’s crazy, Jim. The whole world is. And we have one day to honor our veterans, but a whole month for these weirdos? I’m telling you, Frank, I reach a point of disgust.

I’m a different strokes for different folks kind of guy. I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own home between consenting a dog, but all these other paraphernalia and teaching all this rubbish to our children, that is repulsive and disgusting and worse than teaching them, it’s, you know, cutting them up. You know what I mean? A lot of these doctors are getting rich on these operations, and I think most of them are from the synagogue of Satan, if I’m not mistaken, you know? So they just keep pushing that issue, Jim. You got it, Frank.

Good. All right. You have a great one. Keep up the woodwork. Thanks for taking the call. I always like hearing from you, Frank. Francis in North Carolina. Join the conversation, girl. Hi, young man. Several things. One, as far as the various, like the North American Union, there are two other ones that had not been touched upon earlier, other than being the North American Union, the European Union, which people are dispersed with as well as the Asian Union. So basically all the various families such as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and you name it, are playing chess with the world, as it were, and so forth.

So it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Now, this aspect of creating a department in order to get the illegals out, say, wouldn’t you want to fund this department and the US government to get these illegals out? You know, that is just simply nothing more than double speak saying, we want to make this department so we can get a lot of money raking in so we can use it as we want to and use it as. And use the illegals as an excuse in order to get people to abide by this and go for this, so they can make in more taxpayer dollars for this, let alone the Federal Reserve spitting out money to do it.

So, which is kind of an oxymoron for that matter, so that if people don’t see through that, I don’t know what is. And the fact that they’re using the people that are here illegally and being given. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you for calling, Francis. I always enjoy hearing from you. We’ll be right back. After this break, Tahibo Tea Club’s original, pure pouty arco super tea comes from the only tree in the world that fungus does not grow on. As a result, it naturally has antifungal, anti infections, antiviral, antibacterial, anti inflammation and anti parasite properties. So the tea is great for healthy people because it helps build the immune system and it can truly be miraculous for someone fighting a potentially life threatening disease due to an infection, diabetes or cancer.

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Another caller. I’m glad to hear from Joe in Florida. Make Israel Palestine again, my friend. Can Francis have a final thought? Oh, sure, go ahead, Francis. Give us a final thought. Give us a final thought, Francis. Hey, young man, my final thought for you, and I apologize for sharing this at the last second, but you know, when they think about this thing about changing the children’s sex and so forth, which is obnoxious for that matter, but you know something? They had been doing this since the nineties when they were dumping chemicals in the food and the water and so forth to feminize the bodies whenever people are going through the reproductive cycle and so forth.

So this whole thing has been plotted the past three decades or two and a half decades. So it’s no wonder they’re still trying to propagate it and basically chop the young people in two as far as their physical sex goes and the hormone crap. So, yeah, people need to think about what they did back in the nineties and never thought twice about it, what they ingested or drank or whatever that basically altered their hormones. So now they’re starting to scream about it. Yeah. Anyway, was that. Have a great week. Thank you, Francis. Joe in Florida. Joe, join the conversation.

Joe, are you there? Hello. Now I’m here. How are you, Jim? Could you hear you? I’m glad you’re here. Thank you. I keep mentioning your motto, make Israel Palestine again. Joe, that’s such a winner. That’s it. That’s it. About the european parliament election. Now, I find it very interesting. So what we’ve seen is in Germany and in France and. Right. Go ahead, go ahead. We lost you there, but go right ahead. Go ahead, go ahead. Okay. I’m saying the european parliament, okay, this election where everything’s moved rightward, what I’m getting concerned about is that these left wing totalitarian fascists, all these people like Olaf Schultz and Macron, and we know that they’re totalitarians, right.

Especially after the COVID behavior. And then this war, jewish war, this jewish war against you, against Russia, I’m thinking, I’m beginning to fear that they all see the handwriting on the wall and that they’re going to try and start this war against Russia. They’re speeding up. They are desperate to have active war against Russia. And I fear, including Biden, that these deranged people who in some cases stole the elections for instance, I think Macron stole his election and they know maybe the jig is up. So their only way of holding on to power is to start this war.

What do you think? Yeah, I think that’s highly probable. I agree. Yeah. The Lapid ballots were torn. It turns out in France if you have a torn ballot, it doesn’t count when they mailed them out. They mailed them out already torn. They were pre torn in the, but here we seem to have had a legitimate election. Lebanon is overwhelmingly favored by the French and rightly so. Well, I think you’re on. I think you’re, I think you’re spot on, Joe. They feel they can only cling to power if there’s a war, but most of us will be dead if it happens.

So I mean, they’re talking about a pirate victory and so therefore they’re, they’re desperately, and I wouldn’t put it past them to do a false flag and try and blame something on Russia. That’s the way they behave, you know? Right. The other thing I did want to say real quick was the other point is, you know, this happened on Thursday and somehow and all the drama, whatever, it kind of, to me, got not as much attention. So on Thursday, Mitch McConnell and Mike the Chaviskoi Johnson did officially announce that they have invited the satanic jewish mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to the US Congress.

And the date is July 24. So I’m thinking we need, as Americans forget what our party is. There should be a mass protest. People need to go to Washington. How dare these people invite this? Literally, his hands are literally dripping with blood. This jewish terrorist murder. Now it’s fascinating. I saw the report on Fox News Channel, which I lately come to call Fox Jews channel. Right? So they’re, they’re reporting this hostage rescue. Oh, are we? What? We love the Jews. Jewish israeli terrorists, because four hostages, hostages were free. Meanwhile, not a mention, not an even with a mention that 274 Palestinians were murdered in that so called operation.

And you are right because you highlighted this. You know, how about this idea, Jim? We had participation in this massacre, okay? Yeah. We allowed the Israelis to pretend that we were there, covered humanitarian aid trucks, and they jumped off of the trucks, I believe, and attacked and murdered people, the Jews. Okay, so this pier, this alleged humanitarian peer, which we know for. Hang on. Carrying you over. Hang on. I’m carrying you over. Stand by. Right. Sure. Will be back with Joe. I want the truth. You can’t handle the truth. You’re listening to Republic broadcasting network. Real news, real talk.

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Joe? Yeah. Can you hear me? Yes. Yeah, I was saying that with the land, that pier, okay. That the us military has put off of Israel from the beginning, that was designed as a military offensive weapon. Okay? We had that disgrace of a secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin, who is just a joke, was questioned by Matt Gates in front of Congress. And Matt Gates rightfully said, well, you know, are american troops on the ground supporting Israel? And this idiot often thought he could get away with his answer, saying, well, we don’t have any boots on the ground.

Meaning what? Meaning that they’re on this pier and they’re not actually on the territory of Israel, so therefore we don’t have any boots on the ground. I mean, what a disguise. Well, now, this video, by the way, this video of american troops coming off of that pier, coming onto the land under the guise of the humanitarian aid truck, and then the israeli troops coming in and massacring, as I said, 274 people. Why doesn’t somebody either, Democrat, Republican, the US Congress, start introducing, I think, because that’s an international war crime. That’s what we call a high crime and a misdemeanor by this president.

That’s certainly ground to impeach him. Yes. You know, the last thing I wanted to say was this whole thing about the fraud of this us representative system. Okay? When you have, like, for instance, I saw, by the way, Grand Rebbe Schumer. You know Chuck Schumer, Brooklyn. I call him the Grand Rebbe. Of the United States. This fraud a few months ago, he says, oh, he criticized Netanyahu. Right? Critical of Israel. Critical of Netanyahu. Right. Guess who also signed this letter to invite the war criminal genocidal maniac Netanyahu to speak to the US Congress? Chucky Schumer. Oh, yeah.

Oh, he really. So standing up for Palestinians. Schumer. And then you invite the literally blood dripping genocidal maniac to speak to the US Congress. I think your idea of protesting, of calling your representative or your senator and saying, to hell with that. The man’s a genocidal maniac. The man is a mass murderer. He has no business addressing Congress. And shame on you for inviting him. Is a good one. A good idea. Joe. I like. Exactly. I. Sorry, go ahead. Well, I was just going to say, I was going to clarify saying. Yeah, that’s it. It’s true.

We need, we absolutely need to make America great again. But for a safer world and a better world, we need to make Israel Palestine again. Yeah. Thanks, Jim. Yeah, thanks, John. Tom from Florida. Tom, I know your job. You may have been distracted. If you come back. Are you there? Who we got here? That toddler, Mojave? You’re not quite up yet. It’s Cynthia. Cynthia. I know it’s Cynthia. I’m speaking to Tom in Florida. I’m telling Tom, I know you dropped. I’m saying if you, if you come back in, I’ll plug in Cynthia in California. Go right ahead, Cynthia.

Well, I want to mention, I’m so happy that the previous, a previous caller called into question the issue of our constitution, because if you notice, the name of the site that I promote is reclaiming the republic. The owner had a long career in the Marine Corps. He’s a systems engineer. And he has systematically taken apart the ratification debate. He can show where the frauds have been happening. And when you have a legal process that’s based on fraud, it’s reversible. So what he has outlined is the process of how you go about reclaiming our republic. So I’ve got my chance to put that in there.

I want to go on to the issue that this was Operation Warp speed. Right. So when they were questioning Fauci and his boss about what happened, no one asked exactly who was actually in control, whether you have to go to maybe the Department of Homeland security, perhaps for that, but certainly somebody within the Department of Defense. Now, notice they were in charge of the distribution pattern. And the red states had far more deaths and injuries than the blue states. That’s a hands up to our military. If that’s a fact, you know, that’s very, very important. Just as I believe it, they’re sending a lot of these illegals into red states to try to affect the outcome in the electoral vote.

It’s all a disgrace, Cynthia. It’s a disgrace from beginning to end. So would you like me to give a final thought? Sure. So somebody said, oh, well, Trump is actually a Scotsman. So one of his first major speeches was to Congress when he said, our country has never been socialists and we’re never going to be. And there was all this applause. Well, look at Trump’s father’s history of using federal programs to build his fortune. And if Wikipedia is correct, he actually got called in front of Congress because some of his nefarious activities. So Trump’s fortune may have been based on socialist government projects that actually weren’t even constitutional.

Put that in the pipe and smoke it. Glad to have those further thoughts, Renee in North Carolina. Renee, join the conversation. Yes, I’m afraid we’re on the verge of World War III, as Freemason Albert pike predicted. And so I have three points to make that I need to point out. Cheryl from Florida pointed out twice that one of the targets that Putin was aiming for was the City of London. Now, the City of London is not the same as greater London. The City of London is that special square mile where they set the price of gold.

They have their own crest, flag and mayor. And there you can look at the crest and the flag. There is a dagger on it. So some say the dagger on that flag represents the dagger the mayor of the City of London used to kill the leader of the peasant revolt. Okay? So I think, like I say, if there’s anybody who knows what’s going on in this world, he was KGB first. He’s been, for decades, his entire adult life, studying all this. You know, for Putin to be targeting the city of London, I think he knows something.

Okay. That many of us think we know stuff. Don’t know .2. Okay. I don’t know if you’ve heard it yet. Lindsey Graham told the truth. Lindsey sleazeball Republican Lindsey Graham actually told the truth. Apparently, what they’re really after, there are $10 trillion worth of resources under the Ukraine. That’s what this is really about, as usual, okay? Because as too many people who are, their brain is still so caught up in the american myth fairy tale, okay? Smedley Butler told us war is a racket. Okay? So the thing is, the reason so many white men died in world war one and world war two.

In fact, I’d say pretty much every war, the legitimate war we had was our fight with those white people in Britain that we had to fight for our freedom. That was a legitimate war, okay, of defense. I get that. Right. Okay. But probably almost all wars since then have been deception and for profit. The thing is, I am the one that cares about the people and the men. I’m the one that cares. I don’t want them duped, lied to, and sent off into a meat grinder for robber barons and thieves for profit. I’m the one that cares.

Okay? So the thing is, I want. Why can’t people remember? War is a racket. And instead of being proud, you should be angry at the other, more powerful, like a drug use of staff that tricked and duped your family members to be go maimed and killed. Okay, yeah, yeah, I’m pissed. Okay? War is a racket, and we’re getting ready, it looks like, to maybe be in another one. And american empire. Your third point, renee. Well, that was it. I want that. The thing is, I listen. And I hate to have to be so blunt, but people are in denial.

People are in denial, and denial is just a polite way of saying why to myself, because I can’t handle the truth, because it’s so ugly. Okay. People are denial. We’re so programmed into believing that american myth, we. Look, look. Tattoo it on your wrist if you have to. People, war is a racket. They do us and lie us into this, where they send off our men, and then the women have to cry over them, bury them, raise their children alone. So it’s not like we don’t suffer our resentment. People say that. Okay, excellent. You knocked it out of the park.

You got it. You nailed it. Excellent. Thank you, Renee. Excellent. Thomas in Omaha. Thomas, join the conversation. Thomas. Well, professor, it’s a pleasure to talk to you, and I’ll give you a compliment. And then I have some questions for you. Sure. I’m a news addict, and I listen to a lot of shows, and I don’t quite agree with all or everybody, 100%, but I will say this. I’m more aligned with you, professor, than anyone that I listen to. I think that your opinion means so much to me. Excellent. I’m very pleased. I’m very pleased they hear that, Thomas.

Go right ahead. But here’s a question for you. What is this Sandy hook event so important? Why are they. You know, they’re doubling down on Sandy Hook, even though we all know it’s a. It’s a foamy thing. I have your book. No one died at Sandy Hook. Great book, but everyone should read it. But why are they doubling down on it? Why, professor? Well, they made it the centerpiece of the anti gun movement, and the whole state of Connecticut was involved from top to bottom. From the Newtown school board, from the town clerk, from everyone who participated, the volunteer fire department, the Connecticut State Police.

They worried the whole state of Connecticut could be liable, that it could essentially collapse if the fraud were exposed. It’s so enormous in its scope. Thomas. And remember, Eric Coulter, the federal government was in this from the beginning. What was initiated, according to my sources, which include two of the actual participants who are supposed to be among the dear departed but are very much alive, thank you. That Eric Holder came down in 2006 and offered Newtown 114 million blocks if they’d perform in this fakery to illustrate what could happen if we take guns away from the american people.

They worried if the whole thing is blowed, no one’s going to believe the government anymore, and they are not going to be able to pull the wool over our eyes as frequently as they have in the past. They’ve gone all in on Sandy Hook. Thomas. Okay, great answer. Some other time, when I call in, I’ll ask about Oklahoma City. But I want to switch my next question to you, professor, on who is behind QAnon and Q and all that sort of stuff. Well, that’s a really good question. You know, I I was curious about the whole Q movement from the beginning.

I believe it’s objective. It was a psyop intended to give hope to Trump supporters that they not take action, that if they would believe, you know, Trump was really in control, that everything is actually being managed, they wouldn’t react the way one would if you took service events at face value. So it really was, you might call it a crowd control. It was a public relations. It was a political management operation. I think it’s a fantasy. It’s hopium. It’s giving people reason to think things are okay when they’re desperately bad and out of whack. So that’s what was going on there.

That’s my take. Thomas. All right, my third and final question for you is, do you think the QAnon of the Q people are the ones behind the flat Earth society and all that sort of rubbish? I can’t answer that. There’s, you know, there are quite a few elaborate frauds going on out there. Flat Earth. Only one among them. I think the climate change business is far more threatening than flatter Earth, because climate change would have us actually change our way of life. Give up the internal combustion gasoline engine, which is really our greatest source of mobility.

It’s the backbone of our economy. It’s really a whole idea that CO2 affects global warming is proven false by 600 million years of Earth’s history. There’s no correlation between the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and the temperature of the earth. In fact, CO2 is indispensable in the production of air and water and also cools earth in three or four different dimensions. I did a series, a ten part series with a brilliant engineer by the name of Joe Olson you can find on my bitchute channel, Jim Fetzer. Look for the anti global warming series with Joe Olson and you’ll find just proof after proof after proof that substantiates what I’m saying here and now.

Thomas. Three really good questions, my friend. A final thought. You’re the babe brute of talk radio, Thomas. That’s very nice. I love it. I’m glad. I’m glad you called. Really good stuff. Tom in Utah. Tom, join us, my friend. Give us your thoughts. Hi, Jim. I’m still desperately looking for people, and I’m really grateful to you because you may at least made calls to get back with me, but it hasn’t worked out because we’re both busier than busy. Anyway, I’m still looking for anybody who cares about the Gulf War veterans who’ve been betrayed and abused by the system, you know, and my webpage that you can find going Tom in utah.com, aka flames of injustice.com.

yeah, I’m still looking desperately for a way to validate my defendants who are in waiting in there. You know, in the Gulf war, you know, they accused him of arson, but then they want to bootstrap him with stolen valor because while he was incarcerated, temporarily, all his records disappeared, including his Social Security disability. Yeah, his birth certificate, everything disappeared. And now they’re trying to. I have another contact. I’ll reach out to Tom to see if he knows. He knows a lot of vets who might contribute to your research on Gulf war syndrome. Okay, Tom. I’ll pursue it right after the show.

And if I have any luck, we have a. Yeah, yeah. We have a court date next Tuesday and I’m desperately looking for records develop. I’m on it, Tom. I’m on. Anyone else there, let the station know. Tom in utah.com. thank you, Tom. Thank you very much, my friend. You’re doing good work. Hijacker. Hijacker. Join the conversation. Hijacker. Yes, professor, that’s a very, very great show. Always must listen to it. Looks like the clock is going to hit me. So you mean to hold until we click over or. No, this is the anti jack or use it now.

We don’t. Tomorrow is another day. But, you know, the end of the show is here. You’re, you’re up. Go ahead for it. Right? Yeah. So just on off point, but I’m in Renee’s camp, you know. You know, I know it was basically the christian white, male american baby boomer elite. I’m talking about the. Mike Lindell’s, the people at the top, they had institutional power, you know, the guys between 60 and 80 years old, and they just took their kingdoms and they just took their businesses and they just didn’t organize us. So. But that’s not why I called.

What I called about is that, professor, you know, we’re getting ready to go into the bankruptcy, the hyperinflation, we’re going massive law and smiths. I think we are. I think we are hijacker. A lot of people are in denial, but I think that’s common. Yes. Yeah, we got this next four years coming up and we just know they got the, the reset. We’re flooded with the illegals. You know, once things get, once we go into a depression, the illegals that come from third world nations, they’re going to go to gangology. So massive criminality now, world War three.

And you’re down on, if you heard Lindsey Graham on Face the Nation, but he basically came out and said, look, Ukraine has got ten to $20 trillion of wealth underneath the ground, and we need to get that. We need to be their partners so that the Russians and the Chinese don’t get it. Yeah, yeah, you got. Yeah, you got to get that clip. It’s unbelievable. But anyways, this is my point. So it’s a winner take all, this Ukraine thing, they have to win it. They need that 20 trillion to offset all of the debt. But. Well, they’re not going to, they’re not going to win it.

All of our forces combined cannot defeat Russia. I mean, that’s just a fact. So hijackers hope they’re, they’re going to make the effort and a whole lot of us are going to die as a consequence, sad to say. Hi, Jack. I want to squeeze one, two more in. Give me a. Do you have a final thought? Well, no, I just want to talk. They’re going to bring back the strongman Trump, because only he can do that. But I wanted to get your take on the vp. That’s really what I wanted to ask you about. Do you think.

I still think it’s going to be Tulsi Gabbard. People think Tom Cotton’s a possibility. I think he’d be a bad choice. But that’s another call. Call back tomorrow. Hijacker. Let’s talk more about it. Call back tomorrow. I’m glad you called in today already. Tom in Florida. I’m glad you called back, Tom. Go ahead. Take advantage of the time that remains. Tom. Yeah, Jim, I just want to say Frank made a great call today. Frank really made a great call. And I hope Jim from New York calls in. Frank made a great call. But listen, let’s go back to Hunter.

Hunter’s been found on three streets charges. Guilty on all charges. Okay? Yes. This is not even counted. Attack the tax situation in California, which you’ll be found guilty on that. Okay. So I think Biden’s going to cut a deal. And I think button Biden’s going to cut a deal. I don’t know if he’s going to step down for running. I think he’s going to cut a deal to back off now because he’s going to realize once Trump gets back in there, it’s like a bull in a china shop, man. There’s into hijacker, let me tell you.

Hijacker. I think Trump is the only answer right now. That’s the only thing we got out there and we got to get Trump back in there because he’s already said he’s going to get rid of 16 million illegals in the country. Now, I’ll hold it. I’ll hold his act to the fire. Call that damn number every day until he does what he says he’s going to do. Now all these illegals afforded the hell out of here. I don’t give a damn where they come from. Matter of fact, I just caught nine terrorists. Jeff, breaking news. Nine terrorists have just been caught at the border trying to sneak into California.

Nine of them follow the news. So I just want to say there, we don’t have any terrorists right here. There’s literally hundreds of thousands of them in here. Okay? So we need Trump to get back in. Just for that one aspect of his going, coming in, I will say this, Jim. Hunter Biden. Joe Biden tried to Jill Biden, the stepmother hunter, knowing that he was sleeping with his brother’s wife. She goes to that courtroom, every day goes on. France comes back. What about the Green new deal? All these pigs scream about the Green new deal. What about all the fuel she’s using.

It’s all bullshit, Tom. The green new deals are far. Say know it, they don’t respect it. That’s for the little people. That’s just to deceive the masses. That’s just a method of manipulating public opinion. Exactly, Jim. And you know what? By 100, Joe Biden shit his pants and Normandy was that for the world. I talked about it. I talked about it. I used just those words. Yes, he did. I know. Unbelievable. I do think. I do think. I do think, I do think he’s going to bow out, he’s going to pardon Hunter and he’s going to withdraw from the race.

I think it’s going to happen. Well, okay. And as far as a VP candidate, I think Trump only got three chances, choices. He’s either got to pick Tim Scott to really lock up the black vote, which I think would be a great move, believe it or not. I like, I like JD Vance, who’s from Appalachia. We got to start pumping all these billions and billions of dollars into the appalachian area, like West Virginia and Ohio and all that. Not, not in third world countries. We need to start making these white Americans. Who’s your third candidate, Tom? Who’s your third choice? My third candidate? I hate to tell you, for a woman, I would have to probably go with a.

Probably like a. I like to see Sarah Huckabee, but that ain’t possible. She’s a governor. So I’ll have to go with maybe you have to pull at least the phonic on there. A woman. I have to say it, you might want to pull the woman vote. I think that. I think Tim Scott is not qualified to be president of the United States and he’s going to get the black vote anyway. He’s getting a black vote, the latino vote. There’s so much resentment of the border, open borders and all that stealing all the jobs. I don’t think it’ll be stefanic.

It might be Vance. Meanwhile, meanwhile, spend as much time as you can with your family, your friends and people you love and care about, because literally we do not know how much time we have left and support RBN. Thank you, Jim. You got it, Julie, talk to you tomorrow. Got it.

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