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➡ Former NFL star and controversial figure, OJ Simpson, has died at 76 from cancer. Known for his football career and high-profile murder trial, where he was acquitted but later found guilty in a civil trial, his life and death have sparked many discussions. The host of this show shares his personal experiences and theories about Simpson’s life, including his obsession with Nicole Brown Simpson, his alleged drug use, and the infamous trial. The host also discusses other topics like drone technology failures in Ukraine and Israel’s use of AI for military purposes.
➡ This text discusses the potential dangers of over-reliance on artificial intelligence (AI), arguing that it could lead to a loss of our ability to perform tasks without machines. It also suggests that while AI can be a useful tool, it should not replace human thought and understanding. The author shares his personal experiences with AI and cognitive science, and his belief that machines cannot truly think like humans. Lastly, the text mentions the importance of high-quality, sustainable meats and the deceptive marketing practices in the food industry.
➡ This conversation involves various people discussing different topics. One person shares a past interview with OJ Simpson, where he made a joke about his previous marriage. Another person talks about Donald Trump’s time in Scotland, suggesting he’s part of a secret society and discussing his upbringing and career. The conversation ends with a reminder to spend time with loved ones.
➡ This text talks about various global and national issues. It discusses the ongoing conflict between Israel and Iran, with the U.S. trying to prevent an attack. It also mentions the rise in crime in Germany due to an influx of foreigners, and the potential threat of bird flu. Lastly, it talks about U.S. politics, including criticism of President Biden and the Democratic party’s strategy against former President Trump.
➡ Donald Trump visited a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, Georgia, where he ordered food for customers, which some media outlets criticized as a ploy to win over voters. Meanwhile, Fox News has reportedly banned Trump supporters from appearing on air, causing tension between the network and Trump. In other news, Pope Francis has spoken out against gender theory, causing debate in the U.S. Lastly, the Biden administration has appointed Zach La Carr Johnson, a former Obama staffer, as the State Department’s chief of diversity, a move that has sparked controversy due to her views on American tradition.
➡ The text talks about various topics, including the belief that the U.S. government is run by fools, a website that offers advice on avoiding income tax, a product that helps with blood pressure and joint health, and a social media platform that values truth and privacy. It also discusses a complaint against a school district in California by Israeli lobby groups, censorship issues, and a Korean spacecraft orbiting the moon. Lastly, it mentions a product made from the whole hemp plant that is said to be healthier than CBD oil.
➡ The speaker discusses various topics, including their belief that OJ Simpson was guilty, the impact of media on society, and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine. They also express frustration with the current political climate and suggest that people should focus more on productive activities rather than being consumed by technology and media. They believe that the public should have more control over their own lives and should not blindly follow the government.
➡ This text talks about the importance of obeying moral rules, developing skills, and being self-reliant. It also discusses the need to control what children are exposed to, and the importance of supporting local businesses. The text also includes a conversation about a controversial figure, OJ Simpson, and political issues in the United States. Lastly, it mentions the benefits of a certain type of tea and the value of knowledge.
➡ The text discusses a radio show where the hosts encourage listeners to donate to their network, Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN). They also discuss various political topics, including the census, immigration, and the 2020 election. The hosts express their support for conservative viewpoints and criticize the Democratic party. They also discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and suggest that wealthy conservatives should buy a major network to promote their views.

This is Jim Fetzer, your host, on authentic news, right here on RBN Live. Live, this 11th day of April, 2024. We begin with the death of an american hero turned bloody killer, OJ Simpson, dead of cancer at age 76. We have multiple stories about him, including one here from the epoch Times family has announced his death. OJ Simpson, a former NFL star, was acquitted of murder in one of the highest profile criminal cases in us history, died at age 76.

His family said Thursday it ought to add that he was nevertheless convicted of a civil trial of the same effect bringing about the wrongful death of Nicole Brown Simpson and of Ron Goldman. The former Buffalo Bill running back died in Las Vegas on Wednesday. They said a the cause of death was cancer. Turned out to have been prostate cancer. I’ve had prostate cancer. I’ve been so diagnosed myself.

My uncle died of prostate cancer. OJ, of course, became famous as a college football player for Southern Cal. It was absolutely remarkable. When I was in the Marine corps, serving at the recluse depot in San Diego, I came up to Southern California, actually shopping for my first car, which would turn out to be an Austin Healy 3000 XL with Lambswool interior, custom made wheel wires, you know, wheel wire wheels.

I mean, it’s just a superb car. And I wound up on the field and at USC, and I don’t know really how I happened to be there. But when the team came out, this one fellow seeing me knew I must be there to see him. And he came over and he shook my hand and it was OJ Simpson now, I mean, decades later, as an assistant professor. Actually, I think it was actually the full professor at Duluth.

I had made me the only sabbatical I ever had, which is, you know, a year off to do research that’s funded by the university was squandered by watching the OJ Simpson trial. I watched it day and night. This is when Araldo Rivera was actually doing something halfway decent with his time by hosting these shows on friends subjects. And his stuff on OJ was just sensational. He’d have some of the best attorneys in the country talking about it from every point of view.

It was fascinating. I recorded all those shows. I had hundreds of OJ tapes, VCR tapes. In fact, my wife and my daughter, if I would threaten a tape over my OJ tapes if I misbehaved, it was funny. I explored this thing from beginning to end, I’m telling you. Here’s how it went down. OJ was absolutely obsessed with Nicole. She was beautiful. They had hit it off grade before they hit on bad times.

He was absolutely obsessed with her, jealous to the extreme. That night he went over there high on meth. And it has made me wonder whether OJ actually used meth when he was playing football. He went over there high on meth. He knew Nicole was setting up for a romantic evening because she would put candles all around in her bathroom area. She’d have all these candles going on. So he knew something was up when Ron Goldman showed up at the gate, ostensibly returning glasses Nicole had left behind at the restaurant, the mezzaluna.

And I believe that was their signal that they were having an affair. And the way Nicole would let him know, this is the right time, come on over. Return her glasses. She’d leave them behind. They had a furious fight. He put up a tremendous battle against OJ. He was equipped with a knife and sliced and diced. OJ would later tell Ron Goldman’s father that he had a very courageous son.

And of course, there would have been no reason in the world for him to have said that had he not been there. Nicole, hearing the commotion, came out and was on the steps watching when OJ finished off Goldman. And he realized he couldn’t let her witness. He hit her on the head with the back of his knife. He knocked her unconscious. And because of what she’d seen, he couldn’t let her live.

He slit her throat. He did it so viciously, it nearly decapitated Nicole. Now, there are theories floating out there. The best, the most interesting by far, is by an attorney who claimed to have done extensive research and that OJ was guilty, but not a murder, blaming the offend on his son Jason. I have a friend who called me this afternoon to tell me how, you know, he knew Jason had done it.

Well, Jason didn’t do it. Here’s the key. And this was done with such viciousness. Such viciousness, intensely personal. A woman who’d come up to an intersection, and this is halfway between Nicole and OJ’s estate. There was a kind of a minor conflict, a traffic jam. And she said how this white Bronco without the lights on came out in a rush, and the driver started yelling and screaming to get out of the way.

And it was OJ. Well, this was actually. This made her the key witness in the whole event. And Marcia Clark, who prosecuted, wouldn’t let her testify. Why? Because she had. She had sold her story to a tabloid, probably. I think it was a national enquirer for $5,000. Well, hell, that should not have intimidated Marshall. Let the defense try to attack her. I’m telling you, this is what happened.

Not only that, but OJ would later write a book about it. Now, the book was entitled if I did it, confessions of the killer. You can buy it on Amazon now. But they put the if in little teeny tiny. You couldn’t even see it. So the headline was, if I did it, he actually describes what I pieced together. I mean, there’s confirmation right there for the story I’ve just related.

And I am sure we’re going to have calls today about OJ and I’m open to everyone having their opinion, their take. So I just wanted to give you mine. And it’s highly ironic that I shook the hand of the man who murdered Ron Goldman and OJ Simpson. The civil trial, by the way, was conducted far better, more effectively by a brilliant attorney than Marcia Clark had, you know, just fumbled around.

By the way, the key event of the trial, of course, was putting on the gloves. Those were OJ’s gloves. They were skin tight fitting. So Johnny Cochran said, well, you know, your honor, we can’t contaminate. He’s got to put on latex gloves in order to. Before he can try them on. Well, if you put on latex gloves when you’re about to try on skin tight leather gloves, they’re not going to fit.

That’s where we heard the mantra, you know, if the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit. But it was all contrived. It was all contrived. Just as phony as this trials against AJ, you know, Alex Jones. And by the way, I just watched it and I’ll just tell you, I can prove the whole thing is a hoax just from evidence in the video. The truth versus OJ Simpson. I mean the truth, anything.

But, I mean, this is such a sham. This is so shabby. This is so disgusting. Well, we had an early sampler with OJ’s case. I await your calls. Meanwhile, us worried its drones fail to turn the tide in Ukraine. Well, pretty interesting. A truth seeker. Silicon Valley Skydio has sent hundreds of its most capable UAV’s to Ukraine to help fight the Russians. But the technology has not performed well.

Details. And this is from the Wall Street Journal. Skydio’s drones keep going off course and being lost due to russian electronic warfare system. The country has gone back to developing and building a new fleet. That’s pretty damn interesting. Thus we also get from zero hedge, us drones are expensive and error prone, so Ukraine turns to China. Drones from american startups are glitchy and expensive robbing Ukraine to turn to alternatives from China.

Most small drones from the US startups have failed to perform in combat. Dashing company hopes that a badge of being battle tested would bring the startup sale and attention. It’s also bad news for the Pentagon, which needs a reliable supply of thousands of small unmanned aircraft. So the Pentagon is distraught over this, too. Meanwhile, we have day 187 roundtable high tech genocide from the electronic intevata. Israel is using AI, artificial intelligence to compile kill lists that defined almost anyone in Gaza.

MOS operative to be targeted for death from the sky. Israel uses these AI system to justify its indiscriminate bombing, often destroying entire buildings on top of their inhabitants. Let me add, they seem to have an algorithm that says if you’re going to, you know, if it’s a lower ranking of mosques, then you can kill up to ten innocent civilians. If it’s a higher ranking, up to 100, that’s what’s going on here.

Now, if you have a lot of data, of course, to sort through, then AI, of course, is an excellent way to do it. We have more about it. Oohns. com another story, automated murder Israel’s AI in Gaza Zurich technological change, while it helps humanity meet the challenges nature imposes upon us, lead to a paradigm shift. It leaves us less capable, not more, of using our intellectual capacities. It diminishes our minds in the long run.

We strive to improve ourselves while risking a regression of the Stone Age. If our ever more complex, ever more fragile technological infrastructure collapses. Let me just say, that is a brilliant observation. Students today are barely capable of elementary arithmetical operation. Why? Because they just turned to their computers. If they don’t have an idea of whether a computer answer is roughly right or wrong, of course, they can be completely blamed by the answer, which might be wildly incorrect.

If they have a misplaced decimal, what have you, when they enter the finger, they. They may be incapable of recognizing the difference between right and wrong. And that’s because the idea of artificial intelligence is to have inanimate machines perform tasks that in the past required human minds. But if we can become excessively dependent upon them, we may lose our practical capacity to perform the tasks that we’ve assigned to the machine.

Now, some are more complex. You know, when you’re talking about sorting out millions of data points, the human mind may be incapable of doing that, depending on the nature of the data. If it’s merely visual, like pixels, you know, million pixels might fit together perfectly well to constitute an image. But there are many contexts in which AI would be an invaluable assistant. You got to recognize it should only be viewed as that.

And as some of you may know in other contexts, because this is one of my areas of specialization, I’ve done a huge amount on AI and cognitive science and computer science. I founded an international journal, minds and machines, which just took off like a rocket. Some said I had the best editorial board they’d ever seen for any magazine. And I had been very thoughtful about doing that, because the quality of a publication is highly dependent upon the quality of its editorial board.

Well, it’s an interesting situation, because while most of the articles I was publishing, and, of course, you got teams of referees, Ba Ba were supportive of the computational model of the mind, according to which human minds operate on the same principles as digital machines. My own research, however, led me to the opposite conclusion. To wit, that these machines were not thinking things, and they did not succeed, because human minds function on the basis of signs, things that stand for other things in some respect or other, like a photograph or a statue or a painting stands for that it represents in the photograph or the statue or the painting, or, based on cause and effect relationship, smoke inferring fire.

Heat, fire, red dots. And in elevated temperature, measles, sometimes requiring experts to interpret. And then symbolic. At the higher level, mere habitual association between words and things, like the word horse. H o r s e. Doesn’t look like a horse, doesn’t run any races, and sometimes win them. But by habit, we can associate. Unless you have different natural languages who have different words, they associate with similar things.

With the foundation of all this is concepts. Concepts which are constellations of properties in a certain arrangement. That’s one of the first words a child acquires, is ball. It’s round, squishy, you can throw it, chew it, blah, blah, has these various properties. So different languages have different names or labels for the same concepts. In any case, my work demonstrated, because these computers operate on the basis of strings of digits, zeros, ones, high and low voltage, that don’t stand for anything, for the machine they are not capable of being thinking things.

Plus human thought transitions go from one type of association of these various sorts to another. You know, looking out a window in my home in Duluth when we were residing there, which we did for 19 years, which is covered with fog. And that led me to think of a similar representation of nothing but fog on a postcard that said Seattle, which, of course, is a name habitually associated with Seattle, which is regally covered with fog.

And to think about my son Brett, who lives there, and how his senior thesis for Reed was a play where I, one of my brothers, who was the first to graduate from Santa Cruz with a major in English and psychology, couldn’t make heads or tails of it, where my wife’s sister thought was the most depressing thing she’d ever read. When he and his mother, we were then divorced, watched it was a hilarious comedy.

I mean, I knew he had a gift for this because he could tell how well it would play on the stage. The point is, I’m talking about association, thought transitions that human beings perform based upon their personal histories. It involved these semiotic associations. Things that look like other things or cause or effects of other things are habitually associated with other things, and more so, here I was editing an international journal, most of the articles of which were built within the paradigm of a computational model, where I was, along with John Searle of the University of California, Berkeley, the foremost critics, opponents.

Interesting stuff. In any case, these are tasks AI can perform well. The problem being you have a methodology, can put to use for the good or can be put to use for the bad. Thus, bodies buried in mass grave at El Sheva hospital. You go online and there’s just a mass of articles about it. The smell of death is everywhere. Bodies exhumed from mass graves at al Shiva.

Death and ruins that cause. It shattered el Shiva hospital first. Bodies exuberant from mass graves at El Shiva hospital after israeli siege. It’s all there. Meanwhile, we have Lloyd Austin claiming there’s no evidence of genocide in Gaza. This is so lunatic. You think South Africa never brought the charge? You think the international court adjusted, had never reviewed the case? You think this guy Ralph Waite had not decimated Israel over its violation of the law? Here’s Lloyd.

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He’s absolutely right about that. Here’s a rumble leak he had Mubarak just. I’d let you know that after I took down the paywall at the end of January at the behest of my subscribers and went up. Well, that’s where Kevin’s explained about his blog does. He’s got an interview with Tim Anderson on Press TV, where I used to make a regular appearance until my Sandy Hook event. Kevin is explaining how frustrating it is so many innocent women and children and elderly are being killed at the international community as the international community sits idly by.

And I think that’s right, idly by. Indeed. I think the frustration is growing and growing and growing. There might have been an attack today by Iran on Israel, but apparently they were following wise counsel and held back because the United States had been trying to bait them into an attack. Israel would like nothing more, hoping to draw the United States into an all out assault on Iran. Well, it hasn’t happened yet and I hope will not happen.

Meanwhile, we thought perhaps that phone call had actually taken place. But here you have anti war. com reporting. Biden walks back call for Israel to declare a ceasefire in Gaza he’s sticking to his position of linking a tepper, a ceasefire to a hostage. You’ll set it up to Hamas President Biden Wednesday walk back a call for Israel to declare a six to eight week ceasefire in Gaza, saying the truth must be tied to a hostage deal, and that was up to Hamas.

The comments came a day after an interview dared in which Biden appeared to say Israel should unilaterally declare a temporary ceasefire, which would have marked a major shift in policy. According to the Times of Israel, the White House had already walked back the call, saying he’s referring to a hostage. He’ll be negotiated. Well, Biden’s full of shit. We know that anyways. Not even the real Biden. But because of this equivocation, Trump is attacking him also.

Antiwar. com comma Biden has totally abandoned Israel. Those of us who have hoped that Trump would become more critical of Israel may find this disconcerting. Former President Trump said Wednesday that would be yesterday that President Biden is totally abandoned Israel and said any jewish Americans who vote for Democrats this November should have their heads examined. Trump has been critical of Israel for sharing images and videos of its destruction of Gaza, saying that’s why losing public and international support.

But Trump has also signaled he will strongly support a genocidal campaign against Palestinians in the Strip. This sounds very reminiscent of Henry Kissinger’s observation of facts don’t matter. All that matters are perceptions. Trump saying the slaughter is okay, but you’ve mishandled their perception. Bad, bad. I don’t like that at all. Meanwhile, Mossad suspected his US sanctioned Hamas financier found murder near Beirut. Does anyone have any doubt about what happened here? Anywhere.

com in 2019, the United States sanctioned a lebanese man, Muhammad, so rural in accusations that he funneled tens of millions from Iran’s Quidd’s forces to the Qassam brigades, the arm wing of Hamas. Yesterday he was found murdered in a villa in Beth Mary, near Beirut after having gone missing for nearly a week. Seymour was found shot more than five times in position of an undisclosed sum of money, which the killers did not take.

The immediate suspicion was he was assassinated by Israel’s Mossad. Yes, absolutely. Meanwhile, and this relates to what? I was momentarily reporting us things iranian retaliation against Israel is us and its allied believe iranian retaliation or the israeli bombing of Iran’s consulate in Syria’s imminent, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. Sources told Bloomberg that based on us and israeli intel, Iran or its allies in the region could launch a major missile and drone attack on military and government targets inside Israel in the coming days.

But as I’m saying, it appears wiser heads have prevailed. Get this now, because that’s what’s coming to the United States government vows increasing deportations as violent crime explodes in Germany. Think about it. You got about an untrained, uneducated foreigners who have no skills. What are they going to do? They’re going to perform crime. It’s exploding in Germany. I’ll be right back. You can’t handle the truth. You’re listening to republic broadcasting network.

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Violent crime has exploded to a 15 year high in Germany. New data shows 41% of crime suspects are foreigners. And that figure is not representative of reality because millions of migrants have already been naturalized. Overall, there’s been a massive 14. 5% increase in the number of non german suspects of violent crime. What else would you expect? I mean, Biden’s bringing him here by giving them all these freebies.

Well, what happens when the freebies run out? Or maybe the freebies are never going to run out they’re getting benefits overwhelmingly greater than we give to our veterans, our own homeless, our own people in need are poor. It’s a disgrace. Absolute abdication of responsibility, form of treason. They’re using our taxpayer money to bring migrants into the United States illegally, are going to destroy our economy. They’re going to wage war against us, and they’re commit unlimited crime.

Meanwhile, EU officials warn of the dangers of bird flu, lament a lack of immune defenses against it. This sounds like another scam damage. I wouldn’t be, you know, understand what’s going on here. We got Mike Adams. This is from natural news talking about it. He’s been doing a great job for years and years. Well, here’s a good one. Bad news for Biden. Independent voters have gone on to politically motivated indictments of Trump.

We talk about this all the time. The Democrat election strategy of hurling indictment at Donald Trump, not only failing to get him out of their way, it’s actually been backfiring massively, waking up the undecided moderate voters to the reality of the tyrannical Democrat party. Far left Democrat voters have been celebrating the corrupt indictment when it certainly seems they’re in the minority. Eight undecided voters at battleground state were recently asked how they felt about the legal attacks against President Trump, and they revealed that the timing of the indictments had convinced them that it’s all just politically motivated nonsense.

The voters from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, three of the most critical swing states, were questioned, a part of a new project designed to feel out how undecided voters are feeling heading into the November. Asked if the indictments would influence their vote, one named Sean said, I just think they’re a political force. If this was such a big deal, we have a policy in America, right to a speedy trial.

Why was this brought up in 2020 or 2021? Another voter named Omar, who backed Joe Biden in 2020, said, it pretty clear our DOJ has been weaponized against Trump and more. Meanwhile, get this, Trump orders milkshakes for his chick fil A customers. In a in a video, a black supporter declaring, we support you goes viral. Donald Trump visit Chick fil A in Atlanta, Georgia, Wednesday. Clean quite a store, not just in the restaurant, but across social media as well.

The result? Gov. Nominee was seen ordering 30 milkshakes and also some chicken for customers. I know this menu better than you do, he joked with employees. I probably know it better than anybody in here. Obviously he likes Chick fil a. The media had a typical knee jerk reaction trying to find a negative on a pretty cool story. New York Daily News denounced the visit as an attempt to woo local voters.

Left wing outlet axios also question, is this coming out of his wallet or his campaign funds? Here, we got a bit of a video here. Thank you. Thanks very much. They like each other, right? And the guys, the guys are political genius. I gotta tell you, I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone who knew how to use marketing television. You know, the media in general, except they’re all orchestrated against him.

I mean, it ought to be overwhelming landslide even across all the media if they weren’t corrupt and controlled by the Zionists, by Israel. Meanwhile, Fox News banned Trump supporters from the air for this ugly reason. Fox News and Donald Trump are still locked in a cold war despite being a GOP nominee. Now Trump learned a disturbing truth. Fox has banned Trump supporters for an ugly reason. Here we have hux.

Tara Palmieri reported in her the best in the Bryce newsletter. 2016 campaign manager and White House senior counselor Kelly Conway is rejoining the fold. She wrote one of the benefits of Trump bringing Conway back into the campaign is that Fox will booker as a surrogate on prime, chose Conway, still has Trump’s here, and serves as a rare high level surrogate on Fox. She also wrote Trump campaign struggled to book surrogates on cabin news as a network that blacklisted Trump supporters.

The truth is the Trump campaign could use more surrogates, many of whom were blacklisted from the news networks after the 2020 campaign. It wasn’t a shock to see CNN and MSNBC ban Trump supporters as those are liberal propaganda outlets courting Democrat viewers who want to help Democrats with election. But in general, this is an aversion by the mainstream player, the platform election deniers, an issue that played out most memorably last week with NBC’s whirlwind hiring and firing McDaniel, who is a former head of the RNC.

Let me just say yesterday, my wife has an addiction to MSNBC. And what I like about it is it tells me how the left is spinning the news. Well, Nicole Wallace, who in my opinion is maybe their biggest gun as a smooth propagandist, was interviewing John Bolton and she thought she’d get out of bolt. Just a massive support for Biden and degradation of Trump. But it didn’t happen.

Bolton was telling Nicole Wallace he thought neither Trump nor Biden were qualified fit for office. She was a Paul. He went on and on explaining how he’s going to be voting for a third party candidate. He was on 20 or 30 minutes. She was very embarrassed, very embarrassed. I mean, Bolton, I gotta give him credit for this. He was speaking his mind. He was being very candid. And while I think he’s a despicable guy, I mean, he’s a neocon.

Neocon. He’s all for wars and, you know, killing people and all this other bullshit. But here he was speaking candidly and Nicole didn’t like it was fascinating to watch the single most interesting interview I’ve ever seen on MSNBC. Meanwhile, after anti Israel protesters shut down the Senate cafeteria, this was a good thing. I meant to report this yesterday. You got a swift taste of justice. Now, this is from PJ newsletter, which I’ve in the past thought was okay, but in fact, they’re just coming out with anti pro Israel, anti palestinian propaganda.

Very disappointing, because I applaud this protest. Although Democrats and the media reviews the COVID a growing number of progressives and average Americans are turning on Israel. Not only, I’d say average Americans, these radical leftists have joined Israel hating Arabs to call for the destruction of the jewish nation. They have stayed progress protests in large cities, including Dearborn, Michigan. They’ve even accused Democrats like Joe Biden of helping Israel commit genocide.

Gee, I wonder why. I wonder why they would accuse Democrats like Joe Biden of helping Israel commit genocide. Maybe because he’s providing the bombs, the planes, the weapons to commit genocide. Could that be the reason? I mean, PJ newsletter? Give me a break. Meanwhile, and this is a serious piece here from DEFCON News, Def Con News, the Obama fundamental transformation of our american system of justice has created a variable shithole that has been taken beyond being arbitrary and capricious to having become malicious, pernicious, prejudicial, and predictably corrupt.

And listen, based on my own experience with the law in the circuit court, the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, and the United States Supreme Court, he’s got a right. By the time Douglas Mackey received a prison sentence for posting an anti hillary meme, the selectivity and unconstitutionality of our justice system had become frightening and pervasive. Mackey’s case raised question about free speech and over criminalization as well as a politicized criminal legal system.

The Bill of Rights was written to be broken by the judiciary. Right, wrong. Any and all infringement of the bill rights is unconstitutional. And at some point soon, Douglas McKay will be released and litigate and litigated for wrongful litigation, for wrongful imprisonment will follow. Let me say this is a serious piece. I encourage you all. Here’s something else, also on the right side. Don’t play God. Pope Francis takes a stand against gender theory long a defender of LGBTQ rides, the bishop of Rome has come out and denounced attempts to deny sexual differences between men and women.

Much like a seasoned politician, Pope Francis, seemingly anxious about disturbing his 1. 3 billion flock, seemed seems to be sitting on the fence when it comes to issues related to LGBTQ community in July 2013 is notorious. Who am I to judge? Statement was graciously received by the alternative lifestyle community. However, now Francis outspoken remarks on gender affirming surgery have provoked heated debate in the United States, where the liberals are staunch supporters of alternative lifestyles.

Regarding gender theory, whose scientific coherence is a subject of considerable debate among experts, a church recalls that human life, in all its dimension, both physical and spiritual, is a gift from God. This gift is to be accepted with gratitude and placed in the service of the good desiring of personal self determination, as gender theory prescribes. Apart from this fundamental truth, that human life is a gift amounts to a concession to the age old temptation to make oneself God.

Entering into competition with a true God of love revealed to us in the gospel. Good statement would have liked it to have come years ago. Meanwhile, Americans are shocked by a new official appointed by Biden. Here’s what she wants to do to the United States. This is a woman who served, of course, in the Obama administration. Recently, EInS Secretary of state announced the appointment of Zach La Carr Johnson, a progressive who previously worked for Barack Obama, to serve as state’s chief of diversity.

Here’s what she thinks of America, from Fox, the Biden admin to State Department. Diversity previously called America a failed historic model and demanded the destruction of tradition at every juncture on the altar of anti racism. Secretary of State blinken last week the appointment of Johnson as our chief diversity inclusion officer. Johnson embraces a feminist leadership style, but one that counters white centered feminism trends and narratives. In order to make any change, we’ve literally got to be about the work of dismantling that traditional structure at every juncture.

In other words, she’s one who favors taking down all the statues, destroying all traditions, even law enforcement. In the United States, meanwhile, turns out libraries all over America have turned into junkie drug and sex zones, and no one cares. Andrew Anglin onoons. com you might not know this, but libraries are an awesome place to get high and have sex with strangers in public. That’s the nature of the transformation into utopia.

Places that used to be used for education for children have become places for unique individuals to engage in joyful activities. How bad is that meanwhile, we have the Babylon be american transition to idiocracy running ahead of schedule us lawmakers and power brokers across the united states were proud to announce that America’s transition to be an idiocracy is currently running far ahead of schedule. The shift has been in progress for several decades but has made significant advancement in recent years.

With many members of Congress now fully on board and operate as the key members of the country’s idiotic government. We become morons much more quickly than anticipated, said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Though it initially seemed like an impossible feat or hard work, to turn the United States into a nation governed by total imbeciles is nearly complete. We’ve succeeded in wording out the country’s best and brightest and replace them with drooling dolls.

There’s now light at the end of the tunnel. The dream of a nation run entirely by idiots is within reach. Proponents of the transition to idiocracy cited recent statement made by Congress, Texas Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee, regarding the moon and sun as clear evidence the plan is ahead of schedule when she offered brief comment. What I said is correct. Once you realize that cars are made of cheese and rain is actually falling tears from crying birds, everything else makes sense.

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Well, here are five stories confirming the idiocracy we have become. If anyone has any doubt. FBI whistleblower reports FBI taught agents pro lifers are more dangerous than islamic terrorists. Here’s another Democrats block amendment to require informing people if they’re eating bugs. The Democrats don’t want you to know. Ann Coulter the New York Times celebrates a beautiful humanity on death row. She starts talking about some of the cases they’re lauding as wonderful people on death row.

Here’s another we’re going to lose a major war. US Navy deletes photo of ship commander firing a rifle with a backwards scope. The scope is mounted backwards. Here is another if you watch certain YouTube videos and the FBI demanded, your Google activity is going to be all over you. I mean this is all just disgusting. Idiocracy indeed. Meanwhile, teachers parents fight the israeli lobby smears against Berkeley schools.

This is from the electronic Int. Fada. Two major israeli lobby organization joined forces to file a federal complaint against the Berkeley Unified School District in California, alleging administrators have ignored severe and persistent targeting of jewish students over the last six months of Israel genocide in Gaza. Mind you, Berkeley has always been a high center for activism, and the kids are fed up with a genocide. So of course, the israeli lobbies interpret any criticism of Israel as anti semitism.

It’s absurd, but there it is. Meanwhile, are we winning? Interesting piece by Gregory Hood on how censorship has simply taken control. No more free speech making it, he suggests, the best and the worst of times. Last but not least, NASA has spotted an object feeding around the moon. It turns out we’re not looking at a UFO or an unidentified lunar object because it’s a perfectly human explanation for the operation.

It turns out the lunar reconnaissance orbiter’s image was photobombed by the Korean Aerospace Research Institute. Korea Pathfinder lunar orbiter, otherwise known as Dan Hurry, which is traveling in nearly parallel orbits. If Korea has an objective that’s traveling around the moon, perhaps they could send back some images showing. In fact, there are no relics whatsoever from the alleged moon landings of the past. I guarantee you they ain’t there.

I’ll be right back and take your calls. I just need someone to love to be anybody I want somebody to love oh, I can buy a little help from my friends. Are you one of the millions of people who feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over their heads whenever they’re using pharmaceutical drugs? For some, the short term relief can turn into an opioid addiction nightmare. Have you ever wondered why CBD oil is a billion dollar industry? It’s because it works better than opioids and is actually healthy for you.

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org. And visit and paste. You’re listening to Republic Broadcasting network because you can handle the truth. Look at you. See the love that’s sleeping at the fall. And I well, welcome to the second hour of authentic news right here on RBN Live this 11th day of April, 2024. I’m your host Jim Fetzer, taking your calls. First up today, Dan from Washington. Dan, join the conversation. Hey, thanks for taking the call about the OJ Simpson trial.

I was watching a tv show with the was Marsha Clark the defense or the actual prosecutor? But she was saying there should have been a mistrial because this judge, Alito, was so corrupt. Remember, he had all these trophies on his desk. People were sending him trophies, and he’d put it on the desk. He was trying to. He was being turned into a movie star, and he. And he liked it.

He led all this. So he was a very corrupt judge. And, you know, and anyway, when I was in the army, you know, I came from a pretty white area, but, you know, I was always open minded. But I was surprised how basically like 90% of the black people in the break room and who I was friends with, they. They basically thought that the LA police framed. They’re so racist that they framed OJ, you know, and then they made the trial about whether that cop ever said the n word or not.

But it was just weird to see how they all kind of fell for that stupid logic, you know? So it’s kind of a sign of things to come about America, you know? You know, you got the corrupt jewish lawyers, and then you got the corrupt asian person, you know, manipulating mobs of angry black people. You know, that’s kind of like the start of a lot of that. Let me.

Let me offer a couple of thoughts, Dan. I don’t think Alito was corrupt. I think he was starstruck. And what that meant was he simply wasn’t balanced and objective in his judgment. It wasn’t corruption in the ordinary sin. But I do think he turned out not to be the right judge for the case, but he became a celebrity himself. Second of all, if you’re going to defend a clear cut case like this, which ought to have been a slam dunk, but you’ve got a celebrity whom everyone adores.

I mean, no one ever thought of OJ as black. Everyone just liked OJ. I was at the home of a friend near in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on this when the story broke about the slow motion Bronco chase. And I was saying, OJ couldn’t have done it. You know, just based on my impression, OJ, he couldn’t have done it. And my wife says, sure he could have. You don’t know anything about the guy.

She turned out to be right, as she has in so many other cases. But in the third place, if you’re going to try to defend the guy, you got to have an alternative theory. And the. The right way to go would have been the claim that he had been framed. Yeah, he was not framed. The gloves did fit. They were just very clever the way they went about defending him.

And by the way, I want to amend my timeline. I think that when Ron came in, that Nicole already was aware he was there and came out to greet him. But OJ was there. And as soon as he saw Nicole, he knocked her out. Then he had his altercation with Ron, who put up a hell of a fight, but OJ sliced and diced him. And then realizing when there was blood all over the place, when Nicole awakened, she’d be a witness, you know, that she would be able to identify him, obviously.

And that’s when he cut her throat so severely, it nearly decapitated her. Give us a final thought, Dan. A final thought. Well, yeah, I mean, I remember watching that. I think it was naked gun. Naked gun series. He was. He just made one of those, too, I think. Yeah, good comedic actor. He was a good comedic, and he played a good role in Capricorn one. If anyone has never seen that.

Capricorn one is about a purported man mission to Mars. And Stan Sebille, just as they’re about to enter the space capsule, the spaceship to launch, they’re intercepted by the administrator, takes them off and explains they discovered a glitch in the program. They would have died on return. So instead they’re going to fake it, and they take them off to a location in the desert. And they do reporting from the desert, but they escape.

They manage to escape, and there are three of them who are trying to escape. James Brolin and the guy who played Da on law and order and OJ. They were the three astronauts. And it turns out that they use a single grainy feed to track the trip, just as they did for the moon landing. In other words, Capricorn one actually exposes how they faked us out of our jocks over the moon landing.

Dan, a final thought. Again, a final fire. Well, yeah, John, a different subject. The caller from New York that people call in and said he got banned, that you guys were talking about viruses from what? Now, from what I remember, you know, it wasn’t because he was. Had a different theory on viruses, it’s because he started calling in saying that basically republic needs to be kind of shut down because it’s giving out disinformation.

And then that means. Okay, okay, yeah, I get it. I get it. I’m doing what, I’m doing what I can to manage all of this. Dan, we don’t, we don’t need to go there. I like your questions about OJ, but I’m dealing with the other. Take my word for it. Thanks anyway. Thanks. Real quick. One quick point. Do you notice american media? I really once cable news came in and you had CNN.

After OJ, I just noticed the mainstream media acting more of like a sensational distraction rather than. Oh, I mean, because it drew such huge numbers, they decided maybe going a little more tabloid was good for business. That would surprise me, Dan. I think you’re probably right about that. Good point. Thanks for taking the call. Appreciate it. Thanks. Thanks for the call. Lauren in Ohio. Lauren, join the conversation.

Yeah, I’m just going to go off of what he’s going on. This whole thing, it’s an illusion. You know, tv and cell phones, it’s a drug. When Sean Parker said that they wanted 100% of your attention, that’s what they meant. They used the same algorithms that you use for gambling. The dopamine stimulation. You know, you get your hit. Get your hit. Check your phone. Check your phone. If you have a cell phone, you’re basically an Android.

And, I mean, I’m including myself and I love me some. Some RBN on a cell phone, so. But what I’m saying is people have lost control. It’s the same thing with the television. I find that the thing that I’m addicted to is tv. You know, I love some Star Trek, I love some, you know, Jason Bourne or some, you know what I mean, some romance movies. But it.

What it’s doing is consuming your time and building a world. And so when I look at divergent, and they’re talking about in the first one where the military sect, the people who are supposed to defend you, oops, they get their mind taken over. They shoot them in the neck with a drug when they graduate, and then they mind control them to be wiping out all of the peasants, all of the people.

And what do they do with this COVID shot? That’s what they did. That was an uplink. It was a platform so that they can link you when what’s his name, Musk keeps talking about his satellites in space, and they’re going to uplink you. Well, you don’t need to put a chip in anybody. Well, if you took a COVID shot, your body will build a link in your brain, the graphene oxide, it’s electromagnetic.

It turns you into a battery. If they use the battery patent, that’s Bill Gates patent. I mean, this stuff, you can look it up. And yes, there is a coronavirus. It’s a real virus. But the thing that they’re hitting you with is not that. It’s a modified rna. It’s genetically engineered and chimeric pathogens, weaponry built to destroy you. So keep amongst each other. We keep attacking each other while they’re running off with everything, bringing in the new population on vax, full of testosterone, full of sunshine, vitamin D, you know, and huffing drug resistant diseases that we have no, you know, resistance to while they took our immune systems out, those people that took the COVID shots, that attacks your p 53 tumor suppression cascade, that comes out of your thyroid, that attacks your ability to defend against infection.

And these, like I said, are weapons. They’re not a virus. They’re not a bacteria. They have no cell wall. It is programming. It tacks into the cell, takes over the organelles and makes copies of itself that then just goes into the next set of cells until it takes you over. Okay, so you’re looking at it. This is a bigger, deeper thing. But here’s my thing. I listen to people talking about the politics, Trump or Biden this or that, the whole thing.

Again, if you turn the television off and take away the cell phones, like, don’t use them except to use them like I use it, but I can access you, get to information and converse with the people, share information as we go back and forth. Iron sharpens iron. We all get smarter. But the deal is this thing where you are obeying this government, you’re giving them money to do these wars in Ukraine, to do these wars and kill all these Palestinians, Christians in Gaza, all the things that are happening are your fault because you’re giving the fruit of your labor your energy.

The thing that Sean Parker said he wanted. They want 100% of your attention. If they’ve got your attention, they’ve got your energy. If you’re playing video games, you’re not making plumbing work or growing corn or building a. Whatever. You know what I’m saying? There’s no production. So if there’s no production, there’s no product to then distribute, to support the life, the body. So those bodies now, well, Bill Gates says they’re going to give you bug meat.

Tyson says they’re going to get rid of all the chickens, bring in the foreigners, give them your money, and then make bug meat for you. I mean, so the problem is us. We need to have a vision. A man without vision is lost, is what the Bible says. We have to have a vision of those people. Anthony Fauci, Obama, Clinton, all of them. We have to have a vision of them in cages awaiting their trials.

We need to pull that constitution up. That’s what unites us. And I know the constitution’s not perfect. What I’m saying is it is a set of chains for them. If we’ll use it, and we choose not to use it. We choose to bicker amongst each other about. Well, I know people that don’t pay taxes and they went to jail. Are you not understanding that you are a creation that is a gift to you, that no man has a right to control or extort or extract the fruit of your labor, to his benefit, to his desires, without your free will contract? These are things that are in the document, the constitution.

We don’t even know what it says. Although we can’t read, we can’t write cursive. Why? Because the children are in school. Well, why are they there? So, again, my solution to this is, first, obey God, ten commandments. Even if you’re an atheist, we can agree, let’s not steal from each other, bear false witness against each other. You know, covet each other’s stuff. Let’s all just get in the game.

If you don’t have skill sets, let’s develop them. There’s Internet. You can learn anything. What do you love? What did you love when you were young? Start doing that real thing and producing again. It’s necessary. If a man doesn’t work, nor shall he eat. That’s the truth of the way it works. Now we can have our feelings, and we can oh, sigh and oh, we have to have all these programs and blah, blah, blah.

Honey, it’s all going away. If you haven’t figured it out yet. You already read an article about if we don’t keep expanding, then we start contracting, and there’s not enough debt being generated because the game, the jig is up. They’ve moved your manufacturing base to China, so we have to go back to work. Keep your money in your pocket. Stop taking taxes you don’t owe. Roger sales, he’s been doing some great shows with some of your hosts, blackbird nine, and, you know.

But you do not owe the fruit of your labor to another man and the cowardice and the ignorance that you’re using to stay in that space that you don’t have to deal. Well, you will have to deal with all these brown skins they’re emptying out of prisons and mental institutions into your country. And the judges, you just said another story about somebody defending their life, and they’re on trial.

Okay, well, you can keep going with it, but I would stop. So, Lauren, give us, give us, give us, give us, give us a final thought. You’ve been covering a lot of territory. Give us a final thought. Well, the beautiful thing about it is that all is handled with. Keep your money in your pocket, stop paying taxes you don’t owe. Keep your children in your home. Control their education and what they’re exposed to.

And that means turning off that television and taking away those cell phones. This is. They’re building a world. Your children think it’s real to the point where they’re getting vaginas. Your boys are girls, okay? So they’re making world for them. You don’t have to let that happen. And then boycott big business and set up your own small, your own networks. Find the farmers, you know, start buying directly from each other, trading with each other.

Go get the plumber next door you don’t need. You know, let’s build and do our. Thanks for all that, Lauren. You’ve given us a life plan here. Remarkable. Thanks so much. Hey, Tom in Florida. Tom, join a conversation? Yeah, can you hear me, Jim? Yeah, yeah, we love Lauren. What info? But hey, Jim. Yeah, the juice has been cut loose. The juice is loose. No more loose. And he didn’t go up in the news.

So. You remember I told you a couple days ago, Jim, about OJ? His was his, right? Does his life matter? I mean, remember we were talking about that the other day, Jim? Go ahead, Tom. Yeah, well, you know, it’s funny, I was talking about OJ two days ago and then this happened, you know, like I said. Uh, yeah, they said if the glove don’t fit, you gotta quit.

Um, I still say that OJ actually didn’t do that. What do you think? Did he, uh. I don’t think he want to stab Nicole. I believe there’s another guy. I think he was an accessory to the fact. I think he honestly, he was just trying to scare her. And the other guy that he’s with took it way overboard. Tells him very insane at that, that juncture. So I still say OJ was successful, he was guilty, but I don’t believe he was off Copalwide, actually cut her head off, almost.

I don’t know. Tom, listen, these were crimes of passion. OJ was the guy. He was so infatuated with Nicole, he was so angry with Ron Goldman. He was jealous. Yeah, she, she was a witness. He took no pleasure in decapitating or nearly. I mean, he did it, I’m sure, with great remorse, but no, I have found no reason to believe there was anyone else with him. I respect your right to your opinion, Tom, and you’ve been talking about it, but let’s set that aside for now.

Do you have other issues on your mind, of which I’m certain? Yeah, go ahead. Well, you know, you know, Jim, it’s like the old irish proverb goes, our lives are short, our destiny. Why on earth you need to learn that here? So what is right and what is wrong? Because soon enough, we’ll all be gone. So, you know, that’s what I’d want to throw that out there at OJ and everybody else’s.

All these demon rats that are criminals that we got in our congress. But, you know, you were talking earlier today, Jim, about these illegals and. But, you know, actually not illegal. You’re talking about the Democrat party, which should be illegal. That should be an illegal party because they’re all a bunch of marxist bolshevik communists in my book. And then they’re passing, they don’t want to convict Mayorkas, who’s a criminal.

Biden’s a criminal. They’re not going to, they’re probably in the Senate. They’re going to try to skate this off, but it ain’t going to work because every. I think the Senate, if they try this, I think the Senate will one day be 65 Republicans or maybe 70, because american population is going to go insane if they let this guy mayork escape and Biden, with this illegal incursion of our country, american citizens getting murdered, drug cartels getting multiple billions and billions of dollars.

It’s unbelievable. And I believe we’re not looking at the big picture. This guy, Manuel Obador is allowing this invasion. Jim, why? Why is this guy not sealing that southern mexican border off? And why don’t they stay in Mexico where they already speak espanol? Why they come into a country that I don’t even speak the language, all these other groups? Why? Because we’re giving them all this, Tom. Because we’re giving them all this free stuff? No, it’s more than that, Jim.

It’s more than the free stuff. They’re gonna try to breed with our women. We’re going to a break, Tom. Hang on. Hurry over. Wearing the face that she keeps in a job by the door. Who is it for? All the family. Tahibo tea Club’s original pure poudiarco super tea. Comes from the only tree in the world that fungus does not grow on. As a result, it naturally has antifungal, anti infection, antiviral, antibacterial, anti inflammation and anti parasite properties.

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The complete website is drinksupertea. com or call us at 818-965-9113 Monday through Saturday 09:00 a. m. To 05:00 p. m. California time. That’s 818-965-9113 drinksupertea. com. Folks, we’re living in a world the likes of which we’ve never perceived any clearer than we do now. The plan for global governance has been in the works for generations and would have likely been achieved by now, but for the fact that the globalists left open their achilles heel with all their tools.

Federal Reserve system, fiat currency, no Child Left behind, and then Common Core education introduced to our schools to dumb us down. Vaccines, pharmaceuticals to lobotomize us, GMO foods, insertion of compromised or bought and paid for, politicians, judges, mainstream media, propaganda, all pieced together like a puzzle designed to ultimately bring the world under submission. But with all their strategy, they forgot one knowledge. And knowledge is power. With knowledge, their bombardment is nullified.

Folks. With that, as brilliant and knowledgeable as you’ve become among the wisest audience of any radio audience in the world, and you are, I want you to take a moment to reflect and ask yourself, how much of that knowledge did I obtain from Republic broadcasting network? How high has my consciousness been raised since I’ve been a listener? How fast am I now able to discriminate truth from fake news? By being a republic broadcasting listener, how clear am I now able to see the world since I’ve been listening to RBN? Ask yourselves those questions, folks.

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Look at your budget and make a determination of what Republic broadcasting is worth to you and what you can afford on a monthly basis. Go to republicbroadcasting. org and pledge 2030 40 50 if possible, 100 a month or more if it’s affordable. Click the donate button and become a regular monthly donor. Assure both us and yourself that Republic broadcasting truth will continue to flow like that morning coffee.

The network thanks you. Nothing you can sing the country song, nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game. Let me just say a word about supporting RBN. I think, you know, for most of us, $100 a month is a bit much. But say, if you listen five days a week, do you think those shows are worth a buck, you know, a day? I would say, if you’re a regular listener, I think $20 a month would be totally reasonable.

And if a lot of people do it, we’re in great shape. So let me just encourage you to contemplate looking at it that way. Meanwhile, Tom, continue. Yeah, Jim, I have to agree. I’m going to give our donate some money to RBM, but I’m also going to buy another hundred dollars worth of liberty stickers on tomorrow or by Saturday, I’m going to order another hundred stickers. I can give them all out.

Anyway, my thought is this, Jim. You know that today they were talking these demon rats about the census, and all these democrats do not. They say that the illegal aliens should be counted on the census, and the Republicans are saying, hell no, they’re illegally here. What the hell does that tell you about these marxist communist Democrats, Jim? Of course they’re trying to use a census so that they get all these elections.

Tom, of course. Of course. We agree with you 100%. I mean, is it. Isn’t it obvious? Of course they’re losing the vote of everyone in America. Nobody gives a damn about him. Get those black supporters at the Chick fil A. We support Trump. We support. They do support Trump. The Latino support Trump. All the transgender, all the sex in. In schools, kindergarten, anal sex, masturbation, all this stuff, it’s repulsive.

These are traditional catholic believers. They are repudiating the Democrats. No one gives a damn about Democrat party anyway. It sold out America. Tom. We agree with you, Tim. I work. I used to work for Dade county transit, and every black friend I have, every one of them is a Republican. They’ll never vote Democrat in the state of Florida. Donald Trump’s winning by 14 points in the state to look it up.

He’s going to crush Biden in the state. That’s why he’s. Biden’s not even bringing no money down here. But let’s go back to the real truth of the matter here. This stinking, stinking. Shift, adam, shift, shifty shit. Shift this criminal. What he did with that Russia, Russia, Russia collusion. Spend $58 million to take Donald Trump out of power about Russia. This guy should be hung with a rope, with my orcas.

This Adam kosher ship. This guy is a criminal. A filthy, low, like, criminal. And this guy’s gonna be a senator of California, Mexico. They’re gonna vote for this idiot. Tom, Tom, Tom. It’s hard. It’s hard. It’s hard to listen to you when you’re screaming. Just dial it back a bit. Just a bit, okay? I’m all on your side and I welcome you every day you call and I think you have an important message.

But sometimes, I mean, I’ve had others say the same thing, you know, just. Just dial it down a tad, okay? That’s all. The. In the delivery, not the message. The message stays the same. Yeah, I get a little emotional at times because, you know, I. Sometimes I have little Cuban. A little emotional at times. Yes. Yeah, well, you know. You know, Jim, I just get upset because, like I was mentioning this guy, Adam Schiff.

This guy’s taking taxpayer dollars and trying to lie to everybody in the country that Donald Trump was with Russia, which was a proven hoax, the hoax of hoax. And then this guy is running for United States senator in Mexico, and you got these morons. And that state would. And I don’t believe the white people are voting for this. How many illegal aliens are actually in the state, Jim? We don’t even know the true matter.

We don’t even know what the true figure is. Stay green number. It must. You know, I look at this whole scenario with these demon rats getting away with this filthy murder. What they do with the COVID Nobody in Indonesia took the COVID shot, Jim. They’re all on clocksy cork one pills. I know a bunch of people lived in own Indonesia, Jakarta. And they told me nobody over there took the Pfizer Moderna.

That was all a hoax. Jim, how many. How many people in India took the damn COVID shot? I mean, come on, Tim, this whole thing has been a big stinking kosher. It has, it has, it has. Don’t. Don’t be surprised, Jimmy. This guy George Soros tries to buy RBn out. This guy Soros might be upset. Put agents in RBN. This guy’s buying up all the AM radio stations.

I know, it’s outrageous. Tom, you’re. You’re making a lot of really good points. Give me a final thought. Well, my final thought, Jim, is, you know, like, like Dan was mentioned earlier on your show about OJ in the sensationalized media, ABC, NBC, CB’s. I’ve been saying this for years on Michael Rivera show, the republican rich males of this country and females need to buy one of those major networks and turn it into a very conservative network.

Like NBC would have been a perfect example. Elon Musk Trump get about 20 billionaires and buy out one of those major networks on primetime tv network station and it will take, the other two will go down like, like a ton of bricks. Because once the american people see one of those major networks putting out the real truth of the matter, yeah, all those other networks would fall like, like a deck of cards.

They’ll fall up and that’s when they’re white males that are conservative need to buy up one of those major networks, Jim. Otherwise we’re going to be in the same old circle. Tom, I like it. Tom, I like it. When Tucker was at Fox, he was really doing a great job. He’s drawing a staggering audience greater than all the others combined. What a bloody shame. Thanks Tom for another great call.

Thank you. You are tuned in to the Republic Broadcasting Network. Visit our website by going to republicbroadcasting. org dot homeowners if your lender has gone out of business or sold your transaction to another lender or servicer, you may be the victim of a wrongful foreclosure resulting in the loss of your home. If you’ve already lost your home, are in foreclosure, or even in good stuff, you can challenge the mortgage transactions illegal issue and your property can be restored to you and your foreclosure can be stopped or reversed and the mortgage transaction declared unenforceable.

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Help. I need somebody not just anybody, you know, I need someone help when I was younger so much younger than today anybody’s help in any way now but now these days are gone I’m not so self assured I’ll find a chamber mine I’ll open up the doors help me if you can I’m feeling down and I do appreciate you being round. Help me get my feet Paul in New Jersey.

Join the conversation. Paul hello, Doctor Fetzer. Back in the early nineties, around thanksgiving, I remember watching NBC football and there was OJ Simpson doing his, you know, he was a bit of a commentator. Yeah, he died. And I remember he actually had like gloves on at the football game, you know, which is ironic. And I remember at the time saying to my brothers who were sitting next to me on the couch watching the game, I personally, I don’t like football.

They took over the tv set. And I remember saying, why are they allowing a known wife beater to have a job as a commentator on NBC? I thought it was really odd. Then he later goes on to, of course, commit the murders and, well, he wasn’t. But, but Paul, both people had no idea OJ was a wife eater. He was a real popular guy. I don’t think there’s ever been a more popular celebrity in America than OJ at the height of his fame.

Remember when he was doing those Hertz commercials and leaping over luggage? I mean, people loved the guy he was, and it was absolutely race neutral. Nobody gave a damn whether he was black or white. Everybody loved OJ. I bet he was the most celebrity in the country at the time. Go ahead. Yeah, not with me, though, because once I heard he was a wife beater, I’m like, oh, he’s completely with you.

You are one guy out of hundreds of millions, right? So very few knew or cared. I mean, you’re right about it being an issue, but I don’t think it mattered in terms of marketing and so forth, you know? Go ahead. Obviously it was overlooked. And actually, it tells you a little bit about sports culture, you know, and I have a problem with american sports culture. That’s a different call.

Yeah. I also wanted to allude to, though, that during the trial, I remember thinking, why was he hanging out with this Kato Kalin guy? Remember now, Kato Kalin was kind of a, I guess a handsome, boyish looking, you know, friend of OJ’s who would stay at his pool house. Remember that? And it dawned on me, I know what he’s there for. Kato Kalin was OJ’s drug errand boy.

In other words, OJ loved his drugs and went, you know, and Kalin would provide the drugs and also be the full guy. In other words, he would carry the drugs in case they ever get pulled over by the police. And so therefore, Kate, you know, Cato goes to jail, he takes the blame. If the cops ever raided OJ’s house, that’s before the murder, the drugs would be in the pool house with Cato, and that’s what his job was.

Yeah, yeah, I think I agree with that. You know, OJ was on great terms with the cops. They were at his home all the time. I mean, you know, giving free drinks and palling around, I mean, with this world famous celebrity. Give us another thought or two, Paul. Give us another thought or two. Well, I do think he was probably on meth or cocaine that night because he was on it.

He was on meth. Yeah. And one, and one last point I want to talk about. You know, OJ isn’t the only famous murderer who tried to escape justice and elude law enforcement when he was being arrested. The other one was John McAfee, because, you know John McAfee, he murdered a guy down in Belize, his neighbor named Gregory fall. You’re talking about the virus killer McAfee of McAfee antivirus, or are we? Definitely.

Yeah, go ahead. Yes. Yeah, he’s somebody. It was very interesting story about how he eluded the police, and he basically crossed, you know, like, traveled through the jungle and went illegally into the adjoining country and eventually was able to make it back to the United States. And the murderer, they never found or arrested the murderer of Gregory fall in police. Now, here’s the point I just wanted to make about John Macaparra, though.

It was obviously he was behaving like a murderer because he was the murderer, and he was another drugged up guy, a rich guy, a celebrity. And my big problem with this is why was he on Alex Jones show after it was obvious he was a murderer? And why don’t the conspiracy theories ever go to somebody they, like? They didn’t think for some reason, Alex Jones had him on as a guest.

And by the way, he was also on this network, on Michael Rivera’s show. And clearly, the guy was a murderer. So my point is, I can’t answer that question, Paul, but things that are clear to you aren’t necessarily clear to everyone else. I mean, that’s, it’s a ten. It’s just a fallacy to think that the way you view the world is the way other people view the world.

I can’t explain why it was on Alex Jones, but I doubt very much Alex thought of him as a murderer. I mean, what can I say? He was an interesting guy. In other regards. He wasn’t being featured because he’d killed somebody, right? No, they were just enamored with his politics, and so they were overlooking the possibility. They just didn’t know. Paul, you’re overly reasoning about how you think things should be done and underestimating how things are done.

I mean, my, my tank here in this case. You’re a real smart guy. I just, I just think you’re making a point that isn’t very impressive. My opinion. My point is, if you’re, if you’re dealing with somebody, you know, who’s, there’s, he escaped from the law and crossed over international borders, basically trying to elude the police. That’s pretty suspicious behavior for America. Let me get, let me give you an illustration.

You’re given news that’s totally new to me. Okay. I wouldn’t know this about McAfee, and if he were being featured on his show, he’d be an interesting guy because of his work in relation to, you know, malware bites and killing viruses on computer systems and that sort of stuff, for which he’s famous. So I think you’re just assuming background knowledge that most of the world simply doesn’t possess.

Well, it doesn’t take much. You know, the murderer, Gregory fall, predated, you know, like John McAfee being on Alex Jones’s show as a guest. And my point is, why would you have an obvious murderer suspect on your show? It’s like having OJ on you because they’re not having them on because they’re obvious murder suspects. Most people don’t view them that way. Paul, I don’t think this is a tough one at all.

I think you’re treating it as though it were a big deal when it’s obvious it’s a matter of common knowledge or not. This is not common knowledge. If I myself, who am very much a follower of the news, is unaware of it. I mean, it’s news to me, then I say the average guy who doesn’t follow the news the way I follow the news is going to be totally out in space to learn this.

I mean, Paul, I think you’re just making presumptions that don’t apply here. You know, it may be true he is a murderer suspect, but if nobody knows, they’re not going to view him as a murder suspect. Case closed. That’s it. No, I’m just trying to establish the crookedness of Alex Jones’s character and what a horrible character he is. Because Alex, that’s, that’s another call. That’s another show. We will get back to that, mind you, because I’ve now looked at this thing, the people versus truth versus Alex Jones and all.

There’s so much I have to say about it, but not for now. Paul, look, thanks for the call. If you have a final thought, go ahead. Yeah, I’m just like, I’m going to stick with my point. These were newsmen, both Alex Jones and Michael Rivero. They were in public. They’re public speakers. They knew everything going on in the news. They knew that John McAfee was a suspect and that nobody ever was found guilty for the murder of Gregory fall in police, and they had him on his show.

I just think that’s disgusting. Thank you, Paul. Thanks. Thanks. You made your point very clearly. David. Massachusetts. Dave, welcome back. Oh, good afternoon, James. Can you hear me okay? Yeah, very well. Yes, David, go ahead. Listen, did you have a chance to check out the pictures and the photographs in the April 1 edition of the Globe tabloid, the pictures of Donald Trump party and with Melania. Actually, one of the pictures almost looks like he’s being presented with, to Melania by Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein.

Did you, did you steal, did you, I’ve seen these or others like him before. Dave, go ahead. Go ahead. Well, okay. Well, I discern, James, that you’re not appreciating the full extent of the meaning of those pictures, the implications. You’re not, you don’t, and I’ll tell you what the full extent is if I don’t get sidetracked or cut off. Let me ask you now, because I don’t think you appreciate this.

Are you aware of the fact that Donald Trump has consistently denied that he ever met just Lane Maxwell? He, even to this day, he constantly denies that he ever met Ghislaine Maxwell. He’ll concede that he, that he may have met Jeff Epstein in passing, because what the heck, you know, they attend, they traveled in the same social circles and everything. So he may have been some, at some social event that Jeff was at, but he wasn’t friends with Jeff.

And so let me tell you something here. First of all, are you aware of that, that Donald Trump denies that, that he ever even met Kristine Maxwell? Oh, I’m not sure. Or not. I mean, I could do a search and, you know, Dave, go ahead. Why you think this is a big deal? Go ahead. Why it’s a big deal. See, I discerned that you weren’t familiar with Trump’s denials that he ever even met your slain.

Listen, just, I think, though, there’s so many ways people have tried to trash Trump. I’m just not impressed by that line that he, he had social interaction with Epstein and perhaps Matt Gaslane. I’m willing to concede. I don’t find that all that troubling because he was meeting all kinds of people. That didn’t mean he was into child sex, sex trafficking, prostitution, anything like that, which I find highly implausible.

That’s my view, Dave, but I’m open to more evidence. You’re bringing more evidence? Go ahead. Tell me more. Well, don’t put a bizarre spin like that on my call. I’m not, I’m not accusing them of being into kitty porn or anything else. Stick to what I’m saying. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t try to sidetrack the call with this kiddie porn pedophilia. Don’t sidetrack you at all. I’m just telling you where I stand.

Go ahead. Okay, listen, just. Lane Maxwell, she’s a past master at Spycraft. She’s the preeminent spy in the whole world. She’s greatly respected by MIT. That’s why she was able to suck the royal family into her sex ring. She’s greatly admired by the Mossad. That’s why she was able to suck and even Prime Minister Barack ehud Barack into her sex circles and the KGB. She has co ties and relationships with every intelligence agency in the world, and they greatly admire her.

She’s a genius, and she was trained by a genius. Her father, Robert Maxwell. One of the first things Trump’s going to do if he is elected is, of course, pardon Ghislaine. When the 7th district of New York indicted Ghislaine and finally arrested her, which, of course, we know that seven districts going after Trump now and after his fake estate. He says his real estate is fake estate. I call his real estate as fake estate.

He wants to talk about fake news. His real estate is fake estate. But when Ghislaine was indicted in the southern district of New York, when Trump found this out, and I heard these words, I heard him say this, Trump’s response, well, you know, he still denied that he ever met or anything, but he says, but I wish her the very, very best that life has to offer. Now, that’s a bizarre comment for Trump to make, but the reason he made that he traveled, he hung out with Ghislaine so much that he knew that Ghislaine was used to the very, very best that life had to offer.

Ghislaine was a spoiled brat. Robert spoiled her rotten, and she got everything above and beyond anything she wished or desired. And Trump knew that because he was so close to just lane. And that explains that bizarre remark that he made. He’s claiming he never met her. And then he said, but I wish him the very best that life has to offer. And believe me, if he gets elected, he’s going to pardon Ghislaine.

Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave. We’ll find out. If he gets elected and pardons her, I’ll be floored. I hope you’re wrong. I admit you might be right. Give me a final thought for today. All right, here’s on a different subject. Here’s a final thought. Maybe I’ll get some people thinking, you know, the great nation of ancient Persia that’s called modern day Iran, they’re very, very brilliant people. Now, it’s a, in my opinion, Professor Fetcher, I believe it’s a big mistake for us to just focus on Iran’s response, responding by attacking Israel.

My opinion is, and we have to wait to see what happens. But the Iranians intelligence and the mothers are very geniuses. They know that Israel is just the great global super Satan’s Middle east fortress in the Middle east. They know that the great global super Satan and the great global super Satan’s global empire is controls and finances. And the reason Israel exists is because it’s the great global super Satan’s Middle east fortress.

I’m anticipating, and I know I’m not speaking to the call in audience. I’m speaking to the people that I know. Listen, in the intelligence community, I speak right past this. When I was listening to Lauren, I would have hung up thinking it’s a rebroadcast or something. I’m speaking right past even you, Professor Fetcher. I’m aware of the fact that the intelligence agencies monitor this show. So I’m actually speaking maybe like, to our intelligence agencies right now.

But I anticipate, Professor Fetcher, they’re going to attack at the black heart of the great global super Satan. The Iranians aren’t super, but theyre not going to attack Iran because they know that this Iran, theyre not going to attack Israel because they know Israel wouldnt even be able to attack their embassy in Syria, blow up their generals and everything if it wasnt for this great global super Satan.

And theyre going to attack at the black heart of the great global super Satan. And they may even have President Vladimir Putin’s help after what the great global super Satan has been doing the mother Russia and terrorizing all those innocent people. Dave, thank you. Thank you for all that, Dave. I look forward to our next call. Yeah, thank, thank you, Dave, very much. Rick in Arizona. Rick, join the conversation.

Yeah. Doctor Fetzer, you know, what is Michael Jackson? What does Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson have in common? Tell us. I know it’s a rhetorical question. Give us a punchline. Okay. They’re both giants in the world. In the white world. At one time, they were both giants. Everybody loved them. Everybody couldn’t get enough of them. You know, okay, Simpson. OJ Simpson, in my mind, was destroyed the same way they destroyed Michael Jackson.

I see Michael Jackson. I see OJ Simpson. I don’t think he did it. I think he was framed. And they did this to destroy his popularity in the white world because at that time, Arsenio hall had brought Farrakhan onto his show and they uncorked the secret that the Jews were the slave trade before the civil war, and Michael Jackson had came out and trashed the Jews, and now they got to get rid of the popularity of fucking OJ Simpson.

Look it, these. These Hollywood couples break up all the time. I don’t see OJ Simpson throwing his life out the window to kill, uh, Ron and his wife, okay? I mean, he could have just shot him with a silence x x wise, whatever. This was done, in my mind, Doctor Fetzer, by somebody who works on a kill floor in a packing house with plenty of experience, because I saw.

I saw those pictures and they were beheaded. I know you’re mixing together two completely different issues. Arsenio had Farrakhan on, and then Arsenio was gone. That was totally political because he was stirring up the bot. The Michael Jackson and OJ cases. I, in my opinion, are completely separate and apart in OJ. Listen to me. OJ didn’t go over there with the intent to kill anybody. He did have a knife with him.

Always. I’m just. Look, I have spent. Rick, I’m gonna let you say your piece, but you don’t deny me saying my piece. I’m telling you how I went. I. Have you even read his book, for God’s sake? I did. He explains exactly how he did it. Rick, you might want to start there. You’re really losing. You’re pissing me off. I don’t mind you having a contrary opinion. I mind the way you’re mannering yourself.

That’s what ticking me off. Okay, put it this way, put it this way. They had to get rid of OJ’s popularity. They had to get rid of OJ’s popularity and they did. That’s just silly. But thank you, Rick, for sharing. Tom in Utah. Tom, join the conversation tomorrow. Wow. How do you follow this? I know, I know. By the way, you know, I was an advisor to the film or entertainment industry, also friend to the original defense attorney for OJ.

So I want to find out when I can talk to you. Get about 15 or 20 minutes of your cerebral treasure. Yes. So when’s the best time to give you. We could do it later. Later today. Later today. After the show? Give me about 15 minutes after the show. We’ll talk. I’ll give you a call. Okay, good, thank you. Yeah. You got anything you want to add here? That’s it.

I just wanted to tell you that I know the original prosecutor, original defense attorney. Good, good, good. Tom, we’ll talk. We’ll talk off the air. Brian and Shelley. Brian, join the conversation, please. Hello, yeah. Well, thank you, doctor Fetzer, for taking my call. And I just wanted to chime in on OJ Simpson by recounting an interview that I read about six or eight years ago. I think it might have been the national inquiry.

It was an interview with OG Simpson. Yeah, it was shortly prior to the time after he announced, OJ announced that he was going to remarry with his latest mean squeeze, whoever she was. And the interviewer, your interviewer asked him, he says, OJ, don’t you have any misgivings about remarrying after the tragic events of your last marriage? And OJ’s response to that was classic. He said, well, I just want to have another stab at it.

She looked a lot like Nicole, by the way. She looked a lot like Nicole. Yeah, that’s right. He wants to have another stab at it. Yeah. Love it. Brian, you got some other thoughts on that show, go ahead. No, I’ll leave the final thoughts on that matter to you, and thank you for taking my time. Yeah, thanks for the call, John in Michigan. John, we got only a couple of minutes, but go for it.

Well, as far as Trump goes, I remember when he came back from Scotland, he was in Scotland for a month before he came back and announced his presidency. And in Scotland, I understand from previous information that there are like over 200 secret societies in Scotland. And he came back and he said he was, he’s not worried about anything because he has the rednecks backing him. And he wasn’t talking about the southern rednecks or any other northern rednecks.

He was talking about these religious people that came over to the United States. They were from, I think, three different countries, and they wore red scarves around their neck. And so he, that’s what I remember hearing him say when he came back from Scotland. So he was over there, and he belongs to a secret society in Scotland. Many of the people do there. And that is one thing to bring out about him.

I just saw a documentary on him, too, how he got to, how he grew up. His father put him in military school, so he knows military protocol. He also was the captain of a spaceball team. He came and how he got into. His brother, who ended up dying of alcoholism, was supposed to take over the project. But he did one thing that was really detrimental to the company when he was eliminating people of different color from their projects.

And that’s when Trump got put into the place. And it’s a great documentary, but explains how he came about. He was awesome. He was involved with many Democrats and many Republicans. Just because you’re there doesn’t mean that you have to believe what they believe. Right? Thank you, John. Thank you. Very good. Very good. Very good. Spend as much time as you can with your family, your friends and people you love and care about, because we do not know how much time we have left.

And support RBM back tomorrow. .

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