President Trump Cooks Meatball Ron After His Pathetic Announcement To Run For President

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If you haven’t figured out DeSantis is a deep state puppet yet, you might want to WAKE UP and do some research. 


Is Ron DeSantis In A Secret Society? This Might Shock You


But yesterday, DeSantis announced his run for President on a Twitter Space with Elon Musk.


I don’t know if it went how they planned! 


It was quite pathetic and President Trump was quick to send Ron to the “Trump Quicksand” with his trolling posts on Truth Social. 


Have a look…

Here’s the link to President Trump’s post on Truth Social with this.





Trump Tolls Ron DeSantis With AI Twitter Space Call With Elon Musk, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the FBI, Hitler & The Devil 


Here’s the link to President Trump’s Truth Social post with this.



He even passed along a message from Kim Jung Un who’s trolling Ron! 😂




And let’s not forget that DeSantis is only the governor because of President Trump.


Here’s the link to President Trump’s Truth Social post with this video.


Notice how DeSantis hasn’t done anything about the electronic voting systems in Florida since the 2020 election?


And oh, there’s so much more. 


But enough is enough. 



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  • So many conspiracy theorists predicted in the last few years, that old Ronny would run against Trump. Ron Desantis reminds me of a time when a friend was walking a fence and fell on his groin. Not to say he has any balls because he doesn’t. He rides the coat tails of any politician that can prop him up, and he has been pretending to be on the side of the True Republicans; the true patriots until now.
    Watch this turn coat due as all of the others have done before him (pence, wright, garland, and other traitors); and show that is he is part of the leftist, extremist, idiots that support the biden dumbos trying to bring down America!
    Watch as the snakes discards his old skin (self) and begins to deal and deceive in the dark. Ron has been on the fence for too long, and now it is his turn to do the bidding of the devil. Alas he will also fall into the abyss.

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