No Refunds: The Truth Behind RNA-based COVID-19 Injections Revealed

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For the first time in human history, the gene regulatory program of healthy people has been manipulated on a massive scale, but contrary to what we’ve been told, RNA-based COVID-19 injections were manufactured with modified RNA (modRNA), not messenger RNA (mRNA).

This poses significant risks to our health, not only from COVID-19 injections and boosters but also potentially from all future RNA-based gene therapies.

Understanding the Difference between mRNA and modRNA

Natural mRNA occurs briefly in our cells, delivering instructions from our genes to produce proteins before breaking down.

However, to make mRNA more effective for medical use, scientists had to artificially modify it to increase its efficiency and lifespan, creating modRNA.

Unlike mRNA, modRNA can invade nearly every cell type and has been optimized for maximal translation and longevity.

The Journey of modRNA Research

The discovery of mRNA in 1961 led to the understanding of its role in protein production, which prompted scientists to experiment with using mRNA to help the body heal itself.

However, natural mRNA proved inefficient for treatment purposes, leading to the development of modRNA through artificial modifications.

Originally intended to reprogram and destroy cancer cells, modRNA’s usage expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Modified RNA 101: Challenges and Dangers

modRNA is created in a laboratory through the modification of one of the four compounds in RNA, making it more stable, less immunogenic, and more efficient.

However, it also contains viral gene sequences, enabling it to produce viral proteins like the spike protein once inside the cell.

Unlike natural infection, where the immune system neutralizes the virus, modRNA injections bypass this process, leading to continuous production of spike proteins in all cells, even beyond natural barriers like the blood-brain barrier.

Different Responses: Virus versus Vaccine

The body’s response to natural infection differs from that of the modRNA injection.

Natural virus RNA contains instructions for all parts needed to make a new virus, allowing the immune system to build various antibodies for cross-immunity against virus variants.

In contrast, the modRNA injection only contains spike protein instructions, providing no cross-immunity and leading to the production of increasing quantities of spike proteins.

Research on modRNA’s Safety Profile

Early preclinical studies showed promise, but the ability to induce an immune response in humans was less effective than expected.

Far less effective.

Injected modRNA has been linked to thrombosis, stroke, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, and blood clot formation.

Recently, previously confidential reports by BioNTech revealed thousands of fatalities and serious adverse events associated with COVID-19 injections.

Unethical and Dangerous Implications

Manipulating healthy people’s gene-based modRNA can hyperactivate the immune system, contrary to natural viral infection.

Forcing individuals to take these injections is both unethical and dangerous, raising concerns about potential risks associated with future RNA-based vaccines.

As the controversy surrounding modified RNA-based COVID-19 injections grows, experts and the public alike are calling for greater transparency, ethical considerations, and thorough research to guide the development and usage of RNA-based vaccines.

The implications of manipulating the gene regulatory program of healthy individuals on such a massive scale have raised serious concerns about the potential risks and long-term health effects of human beings worldwide.

The unethical and dangerous rush to develop and deploy these ‘vaccines’ without fully understanding their implications has put the public at risk.

The revelation that modRNA injections contain viral gene sequences, which can lead to the production of viral proteins in all cells, raises questions about the unintended consequences of such interventions.

The recent release of previously confidential reports by BioNTech to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), revealing thousands of fatalities and serious adverse events associated with COVID-19 injections, has further intensified the debate.

The data collected during a six-month period from December 2021 to June 2022, and cumulative data beginning December 2020, have caused concern among health experts and the general public.

In light of these revelations, researchers are urging for a comprehensive reassessment of the safety profile of modRNA-based vaccines.

Early preclinical studies may have generated optimism, but the real-world data highlights the potential risks and side effects associated with these interventions.

The focus has now shifted towards understanding the long-term effects and immune responses in human populations.

Inevitably, concerns are being raised about the effectiveness of modRNA vaccines compared to natural infection.

In the case of natural infection, the immune system builds various antibodies that can provide cross-immunity against virus variants.

However, the modRNA injection only contains spike protein instructions, offering no cross-immunity and leading to the continuous production of spike proteins in all cells.

The challenges associated with targeted delivery of modRNA, which cannot be directed to specific cells, have prompted concerns about its impact on perfectly healthy cells.

With virus proteins being generated in these cells, they subsequently become targets of the immune system, leading to potential damage to healthy tissues.

Given the complexity and obvious risks associated with modRNA-based vaccines, experts emphasize the need for rigorous research and transparency.

This includes open-access databases for reporting adverse effects and comprehensive investigations into the long-term safety profile of these vaccines.

What the Future Holds

As the scientific facts continue to come to light, regulators and policymakers must prioritize public health and safety over profits.

Balance between true scientific progress and ethical considerations is essential to ensure that future RNA-based vaccines are developed responsibly and thoroughly evaluated before widespread deployment, if they should be developed at all.

Factual, evidence-based decision-making and public engagement in discussions about medical interventions is paramount- especially in a democracy.

As our society continues to grapple with the challenges posed by looming pandemics, the lessons learned from this experience will shape the future of medical research, vaccine development, and public health policy.

Money should never be worth more than human life, and the medical industry’s greed has caused damage that will be plaguing us for decades to come.

I, for one, hope the people who knew what they were unleashing will be held responsible in this life.

If not, God will judge them in the next.

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