Multiple Human Trafficking Arrests Happening Around The World!

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I want to thank everyone for keeping their attention on ending human trafficking. 


It is a major issue for humanity to fix. 


Well, END HUMAN TRAFFICKING on Telegram shares a lot of articles and news about different human trafficking arrests and other stories related to it.


I think they have their channel settings set on private, because I can’t embed their posts, so I have screenshots below and the info they shared.


Here are a few posts they have shared recently…




18 arrested, including teens, in human trafficking sting during Biketoberfest, Volusia deputies say 


Rutland man arrested for multiple child sex assaults


Dennis Chabot, 68, was due to appear in Rutland criminal court Monday on a single felony charge of repeated aggravated sexual assault after having been extradited last week from Massachusetts, where prosecutors say he was arrested. 



Elementary Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Putting Girls Through Sick Game Called ‘The Cave’



James Eschert, 51, was arrested in January by police in Plymouth, Connecticut, and faces five charges of risk of injury along with two charges of fourth-degree sexual assault. School system officials all but ignored the complaints. At least four of them have now been arrested and charged with failure to report the allegations. 


Sharp County man accused of sexually assaulting teen girl for several years


Robert D. King, 41, of Cave City was charged with 10 counts of second-degree sexual assault and one count of refusing to submit to arrest, according to police. An investigator from the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division began investigating King on Mar. 30, after receiving a case file that included interviews with the victim and two other children. 






Central Middle School teacher arrested for child sexual abuse



Detectives say the juvenile victim disclosed that they had become involved in a relationship with 38-year-old Michael J. Conner, Jr. of Reading, beginning with communication between the two via social media accounts. 


Central Texas man accused of sexually assaulting two girls


Waco police arrested Miguel Reyes Monreal, 54, on continuous sexual abuse of a young child charges. 


Arrest report alleges Garland Elementary teacher sexually abused 2 students


GARLAND, Utah – Patrick Green, 59, who taught second grade at Garland Elementary School before he was placed on administrative leave in September and officially terminated from his position on Monday, is facing four counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child. According to a probable cause statement, Green sexually abused two female students this year and last year.






Former youth baseball coach in Arbutus convicted of sexual abuse of a minor, faces additional criminal cases


Melvin Tucker III, 34, of Dundalk, was charged in 2021 with allegedly sexually abusing at least one child as a coach for the Arbutus Recreation Council youth baseball program. Police said at the time they believed there could be additional victims and asked anyone with information to contact detectives. Online court records now show three separate criminal cases for Tucker, with different dates for when the criminal offenses allegedly occurred. Two allegations are from 2018 and one is from 2006, according to online court records. 





YEAR IN REVIEW: Department behind over 40 child predator arrests in less than 10 months gives rundown



NATCHEZ — CPSO’s Cyber Crime Unit has been able to make more than 40 arrests so far this year involving sexual crimes against juveniles. 


Elliott County man sentenced to 100 years for child exploitation


51-year-old Ronald Stinespring pleaded guilty to several charges of sexually-related conduct involving a minor. 


Suspected child sex predator has died in custody


Fresno, California: 42-year-old Nathan Larson was arrested in December 2020 when he was found at the Denver International Airport with a 12-year-old girl that he was transporting back to his home in Virginia. According to information recently released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California, Larson died in custody on September 18, 2022. 






Man convicted for involvement in sex trafficking operation sentenced to decades in prison



A Florida man convicted in a sex trafficking operation that ran between his home state and northeastern Pennsylvania will spend decades behind bars. 57-year-old John Golom was sentenced to more than 33 years in prison. 



Anchorage Man Sentenced To 45 Years For Child Pornography



Timothy Swensen, Jr., 30, sent sexually explicit text messages, including a series of images depicting his ongoing sexual abuse of a female toddler, to a vulnerable young adult whom he had previously sexually assaulted. 


In federal court, Bay Area man gets 30 years for sexual exploitation of kids



A 44-year-old Vallejo man was sentenced Monday in federal court in Sacramento to 30 years behind bars for child sex crimes and also will face proceedings next month in Solano County Superior Court for crimes against the victims, a U.S. Department of Justice official said. Tariq Arrhamann Majid was sentenced to prison for two counts of sexual exploitation of children, Phillip A. Talbert, the U.S. Attorney for the DOJ’s Eastern District of California, said in a press statement. 


I’m sure there is much more as well! 


Thank You For Staying Informed & Sharing This Information To Help Others WAKE UP To The Truth Of The Real Pandemic! 

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Multiple Human Trafficking Arrests
  • There is only one cure or rehabilitation for a sexual predator. It’s called death………anyone caught molesting a child needs to be killed! Sending a child predator to prison doesn’t fix the problem. Once a child predator always child predator!

  • So sad to read this. It’s great that these predators, are being caught and put away, not to hurt others again. I pray they the predators, get the help they need too. No one’s perfect, but to abuse these kids is terrible.♥️♥️🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

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