Monster Hurricane Idalia Barrels Toward Florida as Gasoline Crisis Looms

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Tropical Storm Idalia Threatens Florida as Major Hurricane, Raising Flooding and Contamination Concerns

Tropical Storm Idalia is quickly intensifying in the Gulf of Mexico and poses a major threat to Florida’s Gulf Coast, with forecasts predicting it could make landfall as a dangerous Category 3 hurricane on Wednesday.

The storm has already spurred emergency preparations and warnings across the state.

The National Hurricane Center said Idalia is expected to reach hurricane strength later today and continue strengthening before it slams ashore somewhere between the Tampa Bay area and the Big Bend region.

Hurricane watches extend along more than 300 miles of coastline.

“Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion,” said NHC forecaster Eric Blake, warning of “life-threatening storm surge and dangerous winds.”

With Idalia approaching major hurricane status, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor declared a state of emergency while Pasco County issued mandatory evacuation orders for residents in vulnerable areas.

The county is also opening shelters on Tuesday in preparation for the storm’s arrival.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency in over half of Florida’s counties.

He mobilized 1,100 National Guard members to assist with rescues, noting “these things can wobble” and uncertainty remains about Idalia’s exact landfall location.

The state’s emergency operations center has shifted to 24-hour activation.

While residents brace for Idalia’s potential devastation, drivers along Florida’s Gulf Coast were alarmed to learn they may have purchased contaminated gasoline over the weekend.

Officials warned that fuel bought after 10am on Saturday at stations supplied by Citgo from the Port of Tampa likely contains diesel fuel.

The Florida Department of Agriculture said the contamination could cause engine damage, leaving motorists stranded even as evacuation routes clog with traffic from coastal evacuations.

The agency is relying on Citgo to provide a list of impacted gas stations and said the company may update which locations received the bad fuel.

Idalia threatens to bring torrential rains and flash flooding to Florida’s Gulf Coast as well as southern Georgia.

With maximum winds around 65 mph currently, the storm is expected to reach sustained winds of at least 111 mph, making it a major Category 3 hurricane upon landfall.

Residents across the region are rushing to prepare for potentially deadly storm surge, catastrophic winds, power outages, and intense flooding.

Officials are advising those in evacuation zones to leave immediately and warning that the gas contamination complicates evacuation efforts.

They urge careful planning and vigilance as Idalia approaches Florida’s shores as an extremely dangerous hurricane.

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