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Looking at the current market data and commentary, let’s analyze the dynamics of the local market for physical monetary metals, particularly gold and silver, and compare this to the performance of paper money.

### Silver Dynamics

– **Industrial Demand:** With the forecast indicating a surge in global silver demand reaching 1.2 billion ounces by 2024, local silver supplies should be monitored closely. The demand is driven by industrial uses such as automobiles, solar panels, jewelry, and consumer electronics. As a local market analyst, it’s essential to watch for any shifts in industrial activity that could affect silver supply and demand dynamics.

– **Price Movements:** Silver’s trading at $22.4 per ounce and its potential to outperform gold could incentivize local dealers and investors to increase their silver inventories. If interest rates begin to ease, as anticipated, we could see a bullish trend in the silver market. Local premiums on silver coins and bullion may rise as speculative activity increases and as local investors look for hedges against potential inflationary pressures or economic downturns.

### Gold Dynamics

– **Central Bank Purchases:** The robust purchasing by central banks, particularly as China moves away from US dollars, suggests a bullish outlook for gold. With gold prices forecast to climb about 6% in the next 12 months to $2,175 a troy ounce, local investors may be inclined to add to their physical gold holdings.

– **Economic Indicators:** Despite the seasonal tailwinds in January not lifting gold as expected, due to global gold ETF outflows and reduced speculative positioning, the overall performance of gold remains strong. This resilience in gold prices might be affecting local interest in gold, leading to stable or rising premiums in physical gold assets, such as coins and bars, over paper money.

– **Market Expectations:** With 40% of Goldman Sachs survey participants believing gold could rise above $2,200 by year-end, and the performance of gold in China in 2023, there is an underlying sentiment of optimism which could be reflected in the local buying sentiment and premiums on physical gold.

### Foreclosure Market and Consumer Debt

– **Foreclosure Increase:** A significant uptick in foreclosures indicates economic distress, which traditionally leads investors to seek safe havens like gold and silver. Local pawn shops and coin stores may see an increase in individuals looking to sell gold and silver assets to cover financial shortfalls.

– **Consumer Debt Concerns:** The data showing an increase in credit card delinquencies may signal economic stress among consumers. This stress could lead to increased sales of gold and silver for liquidity purposes or, conversely, the acquisition of these metals as a hedge against financial instability.

### Inflationary Trends

– McDonald’s rising prices and the reported reduction in lower-income customer activity suggest inflationary pressures affect consumer behavior. This may drive an interest in assets like gold and silver, perceived as stores of value during inflationary times. Silver & gold hold their purchasing power as dollar purchasing power is eroded away by inflation and out of control debt.

### Overall Analysis of Monetary Metals vs. Paper Money

In light of central banks’ gold purchases, increased industrial demand for silver, and rising inflationary pressures, there is a strong local market indication that physical monetary metals are outperforming paper money as stores of value and investment assets. Local dealers and investors could see increased activity as a result, with potentially higher premiums on physical gold and silver products.

Simultaneously, rising foreclosure rates and consumer debt delinquencies point towards economic strains that could prompt some to liquidate metal holdings for cash. This could, at times, increase the supply of second-hand metals in the market, potentially creating brief buying opportunities at lower premiums.

### Final Thoughts

As an analyst, the strategy would be to closely monitor market conditions, interest rate trends, inflation indicators, and consumer sentiment to anticipate shifts in demand and supply for physical gold and silver. Providing timely insights on these trends to local investors can assist them in making informed decisions regarding the acquisition or disposition of these metals versus holding paper money.

* Note We are not giving advice, only our opinion, We are not a financial advisor. This article represents our thoughts about the economy only.


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