Market Crash, Bank Bust Coming

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Gerald Celente discusses the latest edition of the Trends Journal, warning about the ongoing economic decline and risk of global war. He criticizes the media’s obsession with Ukraine while ignoring crises in Africa. Celente says the economy is headed for a major crash, citing warnings from ratings agencies about banks and the coming implosion of commercial real estate debt. He forecasts a market decline by late September/October.

The transcript covers various Trends Journal articles warning of economic instability, technocracy, loss of rights, and Middle East conflict. Celente rails against politicians destroying society and says people must unite for peace. He promotes the publication as an invaluable resource for trends analysis and urges viewers to subscribe and donate to their platform.

Testimonials praise Celente’s accurate forecasts and the Trends Journal’s unique insights. Overall, Celente portrays a dire global situation that the mainstream media ignores, emphasizing the need for the truth and public action.

Video Transcript

Thank you hello everybody this is Gerald Celenti and it’s Tuesday, August 15 2023 and you do Trends Journal you do Trends Journal it’s Tuesday Trends Journal day and here’s your cover Ukraine war big deal was in Africa who cares they only got like 1.4 8 billion people almost 1.5 billion people in in Africa. Ukraine has yeah a little over 36 million but all we do is hear about Ukraine Ukraine people don’t know anything about what’s going on in Africa and how the United States and Europe are now getting more and more involved in what’s going on there because they want to steal more stuff got to steal more stuff or we’ll call it colonization.

You don’t have to be careful by the way uh they they blacklisted a dear friend of mine and uh I’m concerned about saying his last name but his first name Scott and they got rid of him all right you got it who’s speaking about peace about peace and this is a guy you know an ex-marine you know head of the U.N his weapons one of the top guys in the weapons inspectors of the U.N nuclear weapons spoke with him down at the humanity for peace rally a week ago Sunday and blacklisted.

Oh I got to be careful I can’t say Blacklist I sound racist journalistic moronic listed so I’m saying to myself I got to be careful here because they’re going to knock me out and we’re going to knock me out and that’s why we need all the support we can get from you I mean tell people to subscribe to this channel you know it doesn’t cost anything and we’re giving you information Trends forecasts and Trends analysis that you’re not getting anywhere else.

So just hit that subscribe subscribe buttons there and uh keep this thing going because I’m very concerned about it so going back to what’s going on in Africa you know what’s going on in Ethiopia the Tigres and on and on what’s a tea gray well that’s a t that you make that’s not with Gray tea I mean it’s about how stupid the people are what’s going on in Niger what’s going on in Mali you have no idea no idea Sudan but Ukraine’s all accounts.

So we’ll start with going on to the economy today the markets took a hit we’ve been warning about this for how long so the markets are down over 360 points today Financial stocks including JP Morgan Wells Fargo and Bank of America slid after Fitch warned it may be forced to downgrade a Critic rating of dozens of banks it comes as the latest challenges to the sector following Moody’s decision last week to downgrade the rating of 10 Banks while putting other institutions on the watch list isn’t that nice proper language isn’t that nice how they speak what are you [ __ ] kidding or what.

We’ve been saying this for how long the banking bust is coming with the commercial real estate bust we’ve been warning about this for how long the office building bust and now of course in your trans Journal you have a great article by the great Gregory manorino commercial real estate Time Bomb yep yep we’ve been saying this now for how long that’s we go to and he’s telling you what we’ve been saying this thing is totally out of control oh but Jamie dimon Jamie Diamond the guy that’s the head of JP Morgan Chase that’s been convicted of five felonies yeah that JP Morgan Chase.

Remember go back to when the Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic and they were all going down he said it’s over it’s over again all your facts are in the Trends Journal they’re quotes and hours this thing’s going down big it’s going down big so subscribe to the Trends Journal you know what it is it’s the grand total of two dollars and 86 cents a week a shitty cup of coffee yeah and we’re giving you and nobody in the world has given you nobody gives you in-depth geopolitical socioeconomic high-tech technocracy on and on Trends analysis and Trend forecast we cover the world.

And talking about the world and one of my great concerns is North Korea’s says nuclear war is imminent and I believe that we’ve been writing about that when all else fails they take you to war the global economy is failing and China China is on the way out man I was saying again Trend forecasters you call things the way they are not the way you want them to be or what you see and then it changes and you you got to change the forecast.

I had said the 21st century would be the Chinese century that’s before they launched the coven war on Chinese Lunar New Year the year of the rat in 2020.and what I’m saying no one is saying they launched it to stop the protests that were going on in Hong Kong in 2019. I used to be on Hong Kong TV and they used to tell me Mr slenty were not going to stop the Chinese could not stop them this is a city of 7.5 million people over a million people were taking to the streets in Hong Kong in protest they couldn’t stop them but they launched the coveted War remember they showed the pictures of people walking down the street and they’re building all of these quick facilities to take care of the people yep they destroyed the Chinese with their coveted war.

And all the Arrogant clowns that followed have destroyed the lives and livelihoods of billions of people across the planet and as I said when all else fails they take you to war and the United States economy is in crash mode what brought down the system back in 2000.and eight the Panic of 08 the domain name that I took out in 2007 yeah that one the banking system collapsed the Federal Reserve dumped in 29 trillion dollars between 2007 and 2010 to pump up the banksters that’s right this thing’s going down big it’s going down hard the commercial real estate sector you’re looking at some 20 trillion dollars in debt that has to be paid and these are floating loans they got to renew their debt and interest rates away up so they have to pay more as they have less tenants and less income coming in you’re going to see defaults and you’re going to see the banking system go down.

I maintain my forecast that late September into October that’s when you’re going to see the big decline and also in the summer Anything could happen because you got very light trading now it’s summertime and now we’re going into the last two weeks of August this is really vacation time people don’t have a clue of what’s going on you look at the mainstream media all they’re talking about is Trump Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump nothing else about the facts so going back to the facts in your Trends Journal our economic update we’re giving you the overview of what’s going on what’s next and what you might want to do and we give you two more give you the market overviews and now they’re talking about Investors are talking about recession coming and again the Fitch down grades not only of the new ones today but of the United States credit rating and then Moody’s downgrading the banks and you’re seeing the bank stocks falling.

Startups ain’t starting up anymore they’re withering what’s going to bring them back and what’s going on by the way if you look at the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal you know what they’re talking about the financial gang the adventure capitalists the hedge funds high enough commercial real estate near the bottom and you know what I say [ __ ] yep because they will also spending more money on Commercial and office building real estate in 2021 when we said this thing’s going down they’re a gambling gambling gambling away and don’t have a clue of the future.

What else do we have U.S inflation again U.S Bank laws almost 19 trillion dollars in bad loans already major source of commercial real estate loans dries up and then Trends on a global economic front again what’s going on around the world and wework of course doesn’t work anymore oh oh business travel remember we said it’s not going to come back it hasn’t it’s about 60 percent in Europe what it used to be 60 to 70 percent and that’s where they make the most amount of money in the airlines but it’s not only the airlines that are going down all the business Travelers that used to go to hotels and all the restaurants and on and on and on and on so this is all connected it’s globalnomic all things are connected as Chief Seattle said all things are connected like the blood which unites us all.

Ukraine war Trend update yep another 24 billion going to Ukraine that brings us up to about 150 billion yeah as Maui rots right no money for them that’s what Ron Paul was saying I agree with them 100 percent and the whole country is going down to [ __ ] we’re sending all this money overseas but of course I got to be careful say what I’m saying because I might get blacklisted and what else um it by dance for 3.3 billion for U.S writing infrastructure on the latest gamble over here and then we have special guest articles by Dr Joseph Mercola featured articles by uh Nisha and John Whitehead indoctrination intimidation intolerance what passes for Education today and an article that’s going to get a lot of people upset and we’re going to get blowback on it but I agree with everything he’s saying Phil giraldi former top CIA Guy this is the Phil geraldi that went into Bush’s office little Georgie bush with a pair of cajones small and a bath ball yeah that guy and said Mr President here’s the proof there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and Bush told him to leave the office and filled geraldi being the real man he is quit the CIA.

His article in there you got to read this one what’s happening in Syria yeah what’s happening in Syria and what are we doing there we’re controlling about over 20 percent of the country and we have all the oil is like I said you’d think we would have invaded Libya and Iraq if that major Expo was broccoli what the hell are we doing over there we’re invaded in foreign country so again subscribe to the Trends Journal we’re giving you everything that we can and the politicians are destroying everything that we can and that’s why we have this t-shirt a politicians who the [ __] are you to tell us what to do and you got the back of the shirt and they come in all sizes shapes anything that you want you could get it go to hit the shop thing and get it and wear it when I went to the rally in New York City a week ago Sunday was great to see people wearing those shirts.

And then of course technocracy we get the technocracy king Joe Duran no one’s come close to him this is his book he could get on Amazon be human this thing is going down big it’s going down fast and people are losing it big time and other articles by um uh Ben Davis high-tech science you got to read this one about um cheap proton flow batteries may be as good as lithium this is the Ben Davis that knows about this stuff and has been added for decades yeah and we’re giving you high-tech science we’re giving you technology technocracy we’re giving you Trends in geopolitics Trends in economics and of course another follow-up in the presidential reality show and a whole special section each week intrinsic AI and again that’s one of our top trends for 20 20.3 AI we own you yep so here you got it Trends and cryptos Trends I view America we’re number one in corruption yep Joe Rogan agrees with silente warns of government push to digital currency and again Trends in high-tech science on and on and on and on.

So look you know we’re gonna we’re very concerned that we’ll be censored next so it’s up to you and if we don’t unite for peace we’re going to die in war this thing is out of control again when all else fails they take you to war we’re writing about what’s going on in Israel as well and again you read Phil giraldi’s article and you see how bad this thing is getting and you read the Trends Journal and you see the Middle East meltdown what’s going on over there so this thing is very serious if the people don’t unite for peace we’re going to die in war so consider donating to occupy peace the future’s in your hands don’t drop it united we stand divided we die thanks for tuning in and don’t forget tomorrow 6 p.m Eastern Time selete and the judge judging Napolitano a man of men who knows the Constitution and the Bill of Rights like nobody else and he has a very disturbing article about our loss of freedom in the First Amendment we’ll be talking about a lot about that tomorrow thanks for tuning in and see you soon a trans journal the best investment you could make because it’s the best investment into your mind and you can change how you look at the world.

His work is actually a gold mine anybody interested in politics political Trends economic trans social trends cultural Trends you have to follow Gerald Celente the Trends Journal is one of the greatest sources of information and it’s uh and it really is you’re predicting these things well ahead of time I would encourage everyone to go grab the latest trends a journal subscriber for 20 years I just have to commend you what you guys have put together in their latest Trends Journal there’s nothing like this out there so everything that you predicted about the economy you’re absolutely right so I I have followed you all this time so please take a look at the Trends Journal you correctly forecast that the FED would hike rates quite aggressively correctly said that initially gold and silver would drop as the FED starts to raise rate to one and a half percent and above when we spoke last Bitcoin was around 49 thousand you said you expect to drop and if it drops below 30 35 then it could really drop.

Trends Journal which I would encourage people to go and check out it’s actually 200 Page document pure data-driven analysis Gerald Celente the top trends forecaster in the world Gerald you had an interesting call back in September of last year you said gold had bottomed which is exactly what happened and here we are and we’re above nineteen hundred dollars subscribe to the Trends Journal read history before it happened at


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