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➡ The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels talks about a man named Keep Going who works two jobs and maintains a positive outlook despite the challenges. He believes in working hard, saving money, and not wasting it on unnecessary things. He’s motivated by his goals and sees his situation as a stepping stone, not a setback. His positive mindset and strong work ethic are highlighted as key factors in his journey towards success.

➡ The text emphasizes the importance of hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance in achieving success. It suggests that success is not about immediate gratification, but about making informed decisions and investing time and effort for long-term benefits. The text also highlights that while knowledge and tools can be provided, work ethic and effort cannot be taught. It encourages embracing the process, not just the end goal, and continuously striving for improvement.


This one I actually was looking forward to. I haven’t actually watched the video yet but I definitely wanted to react to it because we see so much nonsense and I don’t really see y’all sending me stuff of people that got a different disposition or people that got a positive disposition and so I wanted to go through and review this because y’all actually sent this to me and it’s of a guy and his name is Keep Going. He only has 744 subscribers so we definitely want to support the content creators. His name is Keep Going.

Now, let’s review the video and see what’s happening. Clearly, I do not love working two jobs. You guys should already know that. You guys probably, if you work two jobs, you probably don’t love it, man. But look, you’re doing it, I’m doing it because you know what? We got to because the way things are, you have to really think about it, bro. There are probably like, not even probably, there are a million ways to get up out this race, you know what I’m saying? But this just happens to be my process right now. This just happens to be what I’m going through right now, bro. I’m out here, I’m at Amazon, bro. The worst thing you can do, especially right now when it’s super hot like this.

But look, the thing that like, you got to understand is, man, right today, like I’m not feeling this at all today, bro. It’s mad hot. I had to take my shirt off and put it on my head because I was getting burned up. But look, you have to remember why you’re doing this because like, bro, I could easily just quit this and just work my single job, but that is not cutting it, bro. It’s not, and there are so many things I can still do and will try to venture off into doing, but right now, this is just what I got to do. And if you tough it out for a bit, man, and you really think about your reasoning behind working two jobs, three, four, five, however many, or not going out to party and saving your money and all that, you have to remind yourself of what you’re doing it for because that will keep you going, bro.

Days like this are always going to be there, especially when you barely get any days off, man, but that’s part of the race. Why does he have such a positive disposition but everybody else that we always get has a negative perspective about life? I mean, he’s sharing the same sentiment as a lot of people as far as the conditions. He’s not doing any different job than anybody else, but he has a positive outlook on it, and he’s like, listen, man, I love this. I got my eye on the prize. I got a goal. I’m not going out, I’m not about to go and party. I know that everybody else gets days off or they always complain about working more than 40 hours, they want to talk about work-life balance. But yo, listen, it is hot, it is one of the most difficult days to do deliveries. I got two jobs, but I’m motivated because I have a goal that I want to accomplish, and it’s a way that I can work myself out of this situation.

It’s not that things are all bad; it’s that the opportunities are there, and I just have to take advantage of them. So you’re telling me that this guy, who y’all said is Hispanic, has a different perspective on life? He’s smiling, he’s excited. I can see his van is almost empty, so it looks like he did most of his deliveries. He’s hustling and not complaining about it, and he’s looking at it as an opportunity. This is the type of mentality that takes you far because it all starts up here and then translates into your actions.

You can see it in people’s body language and how they look at stuff. When I get to work, honestly, I start getting excited because I know that the results are going to come when I start working. When I start grinding, there’s nothing that I’m looking forward to more than getting in my studio. My studio is my sanctuary; it’s like my church because I know that I can just create unlimited stuff.

Man, look, if we weren’t required to sleep, if God didn’t make our bodies where we had to sleep to recover, people would be in trouble. If we only needed three hours of sleep instead of needing six to seven to eight hours to function regularly, people would be in trouble. I’m telling you, because while everybody else would still be trying to sleep eight hours, I would sleep the minimum that I needed to operate at the highest capacity, and I would grind and go and get that stuff.

I get so excited when it’s time to grind because I know that there’s a huge bag waiting for me on the other side of that hustle. He just has a completely different perspective on success, life, and opportunity. Like, man, listen, I’m down to work two jobs. Hey, again, his name is “Keep Going.” Shout out to you. Let’s keep going.

It’s part of it. There’s nothing you can do about it. But this will also help you realize, man, I’m working my ass off. Why am I going to spend it on some bullshit, you know what I’m saying? Because you do not want to be doing this into your life at 50, so do it now while you’re young and capable of doing it. But be smart with your money, bro.

There are so many different situations where some people need to do it out of necessity, others out of motivation, and others out of ambition. Whatever the reason is for you, remember why you’re doing it, bro. If it’s out of straight necessity and you’re still paycheck to paycheck off of two jobs, bro, then you are really on the grind, and you are really on the struggle. And you could easily just be like, man, I’m in a bad position. Guess what? You are, and all you can do is figure some stuff out, bro. It’s not going to come easy.

Most of us don’t even have an earning problem; we have a spending problem. It’s not going to be easy, man, but you just have to sit back and really evaluate everything and see what you can do. Working these two jobs, don’t be spending your money on some bullshit. Lock in, try to make your money work for you. There are so many different ways, so many different days, and so many different avenues.

I’m not here to tell you what you need to do exactly because I still don’t really know, but the thing I know is one job is not going to cut it, so I’m here on the second one, and I’m about to start a third.

He said, one job is not going to cut it. I think one job will cut it if you’re just looking to be a normal, regular, everyday person and you want to, you know, you’re not really looking forward to any great things. I like stuff, man. I like the fastest cars. I don’t like to be restricted when I go on Airbnb. If I go to a particular place or a certain city and I decide I want to stay in a hotel or Airbnb, I don’t look at the price.

I don’t want to look at the price. If I go and book a flight, I’m going to book the best. I’m going to go to A to B, two A to B. My daughter is going to be right there too, so maybe two A to B, two C, because I want to be the first one to get on the plane and get off the plane. When you go to the restaurant, it feels different when you don’t have to check the prices, when you just get whatever you want.

I don’t even remember how much I paid for this trip on everything. I have no clue how I paid for it, but it comes when you make the sacrifice early, you stay down long enough, you make the informed decision on how you’re going to invest your money, and then long-term, you benefit from it. It’s a really simple equation of what success looks like.

And I’m about to be on something like, and I just, you know what I’m saying, bro? And yes, I’m tired. Days like this suck. I really just want to walk out of this, you know what I’m saying? I don’t care, bro. But then I remember why I’m doing it, who I’m doing it for, and it gives me enough to get through the day.

It sounds like, oh my God, but no, it sucks. But guess what? You have to just do it regardless. Everybody, there are people out here working even more bullshit for even less. I’m not here to compare, like, oh, they have it bad, so why are you complaining? You don’t even have to really look at other people’s situations, but just look at your own.

Is this what you want to be? If it’s not, then you have to do what you have to do to get out of it. If it’s working two jobs right now, three, four, if it’s doing this and doing that, then that’s what you have to do. But look, there’s always a smarter way, and there are always better ways. Sometimes you just need capital, knowledge, experience, different things.

He’s 100% right. See, you can’t teach work ethic. That’s the thing that you can’t put into people. You can give them all the knowledge in the world, you can give them insight, and you can give them an understanding. You can give them all the tools, but they’re not going to do anything with it.

A lot of times, I tell people what I’m going to do before I even do it. Oh man, I’m working on this new show, or oh man, I’m about to start this. I’ll even throw out an idea just talking. I say, man, that would be sweet to continue to do this and that. Oh man, this is where the money is, blah blah blah, so on and so forth. You know what? It doesn’t even matter. I know you’re not going to do anything with it anyway.

You know, this is how I make money, and I show you all the receipts, and this is how we do our content creation, and this is how I built the house, and this is so I remove all the excuses. You don’t even have to read a book all you got to do is watch the video and then become a part of the chasers and level up and use the information in order to win see you could you could take a person like this .

I’ll take a person like this over talent any day not saying they’re not talented but I’ll take a person like this because I can teach you the you know what I’m saying all of the little things and the jewels and how to make the modifications and how to look at stuff and how to implement it and the knowledge the knowledge part is all that the thing that’s gonna wind up getting you over the hump but you can’t teach work ethic man you can’t teach effort so if right now that’s not the path like for me it isn’t dug it out like this for a while build up that capital build up whatever you need and then venture off into that next next lane.

Then just keep it going bro keep it going look sucks it’s hard but you gotta love it bro and clearly you don’t love it but honestly you love the the destination and not really the destination it’s the process your goals but your goals you love the thought of that because right now is a thought but the more and more you do your shit the more and more real it gets until eventually you’re not fucking whipping a fucking amazon-y fucking van truck bro you’re whipping the Porsche white you know what I’m saying and I just you know I could resonate with that shout out to the little homie.

I appreciate it and make sure y’all go and check out this channel again I always like to give love to the content creators it’s called keep going it’s all mindset and then it translates into your work ethic uh Brock I’m gonna read a couple of super chats uh and then I want to get to the last part of the show so we don’t go to the other side of the spectrum all right the complainers and I’m gonna revisit another content creator that I reviewed um y’all send me these update videos I think that it’s pretty funny uh what I see a lot of these people talking about because it just it shows that it’s a difference all right



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