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The economy as we know it is standing on a precipice, teetering on the edge of a chasm that spells disaster for the unprepared. This is not fear-mongering but a sober analysis of the current state of affairs.

The once mighty US dollar is under threat, and we could be witnessing the final chapters of an economic playbook that has been exploited to its limits. The signs are unsettling: a national debt that has spiraled out of control, a 10-year Bond Yield at 4.28%, signaling distress and a potential bond market collapse, and a Federal Reserve that seems one step behind the curve.

[Alert: ECB Cuts Interest Rates For First Time In two Years. Cutting interest rates during rising and some will say raging inflation is a significant indicator of an economy about collapse. The US will likely follow sounding an alarm for those wanting to save their own wealth from massively destructive inflation.  – SS]

At a time when the COVID-19 “pandemic” shook the very foundations of our economy, the US government and the Federal Reserve embarked on an unprecedented money-printing spree. This ballooned the money supply and pushed debt levels to heights never before seen. As the velocity of money quickens from its 2020 ratio of 1.128 to 1.33 and climbs, inflation follows suit, threatening to engulf our purchasing power.

Inflation is no longer a specter on the horizon; it’s gnawing at our wallets. And the traditional methods of safeguarding our wealth need to be revised. That is why, my fellow citizens, we must turn our gaze to the lustrous sheen of gold and silver – assets that have served as a bastion of stability for millennia.

Let us pay attention to the current market prices. Gold sits at $2372.5 per ounce, while silver commands $31.2705, proving their enduring value. Palladium and platinum are at $925.784 and $1006.64, respectively, though their industrial uses often redirect potential investment away from these assets. Bitcoin is also rising, priced at a staggering $70593.57, highlighting the search for decentralized digital alternatives

Why should we concern ourselves with these precious metals? The answer is multifaceted:

1. Hedge Against Inflation: Physical gold and silver retain their worth as the dollar devalues. Witness their upward trend indicates that savvy investors are converging on these tangible assets as a refuge.

2. Economic Uncertainty: Markets are rattled by geopolitical tensions, the lingering effects of the pandemic, and internal economic divisions. Gold and silver historically thrived during such instability.

3. Distrust in Fiat Systems: As faith in paper currency waivers, the intrinsic value of precious metals grows ever more appealing. Pre-1964 coins, devoid of modern-day monetary manipulations, harken back to a time of tangible worth.

4. Preparation for Crisis: Should the US Debt markets collapse, leading to a liquidity crisis, gold and silver could become the currencies of last resort. To preserve wealth, one must diversify into assets that can withstand the shockwaves.

The political landscape adds another layer of complexity. It’s evident that current economic policies are not fostering free-market outcomes but are rooted in central planning and manipulation. The markets no longer reflect the reality on Main Street but are propped up by artificial interventions that distort their true nature. The roar of the stock market often drowns out the cries of the working class, stifled by stagnating wages and rocketing costs of living.

I advocate for reintroducing sound money principles, urging a return to currencies backed by tangible assets, not the whims of policymakers. Returning to a system of honest money would instill confidence and encourage responsible fiscal discipline. Yet, it’s not merely about economics; it’s about survival.

Why Silver Now?

As a survivalist, my message is straightforward: prepare. Stockpile food, water, and essential supplies. Educate yourself on basic self-sufficiency skills. And, as part of your financial armory, accumulate gold and silver. The looming crash of the debt markets could be catastrophic, and cash reserves may not suffice when the dollar slides from its throne.

However, the path to precious metals is not without hurdles. Premiums on gold and silver bull-ions and coins are high due to stark demand, but this should not deter you. Consider it a testament to their worth.

Let’s remember the historical significance: countries that have abandoned the gold standard have suffered economic collapses. By contrast, those who maintained a link between currency and gold fared far better.

In conclusion, the gathering of storm clouds over our economy demands action. Invest in gold and silver – and do so now while there is still time. Consider each ounce of metal as a life raft, promising you buoyancy amidst the burgeoning waves of economic turmoil. Your future self will thank you for your foresight. The hour is late, and the need to act is pressing. The era of excess is over – it’s time to return to the eternal stability of gold and silver.

Remember, this is not about panic; it’s about prudence. If the history of empires has taught us anything, it’s that those who prepare are the ones who survive.

For those who do battle against the financial destroyers and win, remember: Central Banking is the tool used transfer wealth away from the people and toward the destroyers. This financial collapse was no accident.

Be not deceived – be prepared ~ Silver Savior (why is silver the most undervalued financial asset in the world) 

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* Note: We are not giving advice; we only give our opinion; we are not financial advisors. This article only represents our thoughts about the economy.




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