Largest Bank Collapse Since 2008. What Will Happen Next?

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Largest bank collapse since 2008 strikes fear on financial markets worldwide



Concerns about the health of the US banking system are on the rise as New York-based Signature Bank has been shut down by US regulators following Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse on Friday.


Looking for something more stable? Look into this.


It was reported that 30 banks halted trading earlier this morning…




Is this just a taste of what’s on the horizon?  


Time will tell! 


But here are some more headlines you can look more into…


Now TWENTY banks are hit by crisis that killed Silicon Valley Bank as billionaire economist Bill Ackman demands Biden ‘guarantee all deposits now’ or else America’s economy could melt down


First Republic Bank falls nearly 70%, trading halted after collapse of SVB, Signature


Multiple Banks Stock Trading Halted Due to Volatility


Regional Bank Stocks Getting Crushed Monday: Here Are 19 Stocks Down 10% Or More


When you see the patterns and know how these different organizations work, things like this are inevitable and it’s only a matter of time. 


Learn ways people have been protecting their finances.


And here comes the bailout talk already. Peter Schiff Federal Reserve Launches “QE Extra Lite” To Bail Out Banks


Thank You For Educating Yourself & Taking Charge of Your Financial Future!




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  • Carol, Americans need to remove themselves from the birth certificate system by getting a claim of life. This way they can’t take out loans in the peoples names cause your birth certificate is surety for their debt against you. Also gold, silver, platinum, palladium are great ways to have a small footprint in the system. Taking back our country starts with us stopping the fraudulent loans and debt at the source, our birth certs and using real money not ghosts of money like federal reserve notes and cbdc’s.

  • Where is the responsibility to follow bank procedures. No way should we as taxpayers pay off this debt. Stick to FDIC rules up to 250,000 thats it!!

  • Hello all Patriots around the globe from Aussie Patriot Love and Light to all humanity God bless 🙏

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