Juanito- 5 Months To Defeat Biden?

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Juanito- 5 Months To Defeat Biden?


➡ The text involves a conversation on Nino’s corner TV about the issues of censorship, the importance of free speech in political discussions, the benefits of taking a muscle-building supplement called Ageless Muscle, and the personal experiences with muscle building and the positive effects of supplements. The conversation ends with speculation about Trump’s future plans based on his public statements.
➡ The speaker discusses an optimistically prophetic prediction that in the coming five months—interpreted as a coded message from Trump—the tide of power will shift, emboldening the ‘true patriot Americans’ and resulting in action against purported corruption. This assertion emphasizes the “war” not yet lost and a covert communication amongst allies through censored conditions, likening the current social status to an occupied situation.
➡ The text discusses the importance of teamwork and resilience in overcoming challenges and achieving goals, using sports and games as metaphors. It emphasizes the value of staying focused, not giving up, and supporting teammates. The text also hints at a fight against an opposing force, stressing the need to keep enduring despite challenges, support each other, and not falling for misinformation or divisive tactics.
➡ The speakers highlight the importance of remaining resilient in continuous challenges, reminding that victories can still be achieved with perseverance and focus. They also hint at complex matters in Europe that they would like to discuss in the future, and share anecdotes of close encounters with danger while riding horses, emphasizing the need for caution and alertness.


All right, folks. Welcome to Nino’s Corner TV. I hope this makes YouTube. I don’t know, do you think it’s going to want to do or listen, I’ll try my best. I’m trying, Nino. I’m trying so hard. I mean, I’m trying to I just went on with Chad Prather and my internet was glitching really bad. So folks, if it’s glitching out, it’s my fault. Sorry. Well, Nino, the one thing I will say is this.

It’s so hard to have the more in depth conversations that sometimes we’d like to have because of the cancel crap that’s going on, totally in violation of the Constitution. And we have several court cases that have happened over the years that speak to this. And it’s atrocious. It’s why we have to fight on. We cannot allow this to happen in our country, not allowing us to have an honest conversation between people on matters that affect the whole country.

Political matters. Yeah. Can we just talk freely then and put this on Nino’s Corner TV? Because I don’t want to pull any punches here. Trump said something. I don’t know that we have that much. Let’s hold the let’s. Let’s try to get on YouTube. Let’s do a test. All right, then. Hold on. Let me see how close we can get to what do we got to say? How do we got to say it to be able to just pass mustard if this goes on YouTube? Let me throw this out there, folks.

If you see this on YouTube, then you need to get some ageless muscle. Folks, do you know that you begin to lose muscle as early, as early as 30 years old? Oh, crap. No way. Then at 40, research shockingly suggests that you begin to lose up to 10% of muscle every decade, then 15% at age 60. That’s why hundreds are taking action to reverse their muscle loss with this amazing new product.

And I take it this is the stuff I take. It combines okay, where do I got to get this? I need some of this stuff because I got to keep my brain exercise all those muscles in my brain, I can’t lose them. It combines premium ingredients that offer powerful support to build and preserve muscle mass and strength, promote muscular endurance, improve athletic performance, promote muscle hydration, help reduce soreness, and promote muscle and post exercise recovery.

Most importantly, you can save 41% from this month only if you go to Muscle Ageless Muscle with Nino. It’s down there in the link below, folks. And guess what? It’ll help you in the bedroom as well, folks. That’s important. No, seriously. You know, Cliff High and I were just discoursing the other day on something, and he mentioned I should get some tarine and creatine. But I will tell you this.

When I was recovering from something that had happened to me for like a decade, I just couldn’t get past a certain point in trying to regain my strength and I’d hit the wall. I mean, literally a week, two weeks in, I just couldn’t go any further because I wasn’t able to get the muscles working right. I was just completely wiped out. And some of the injuries were pretty bad.

I mean, I’d literally have to have help lifting my legs in the car and things like that. And I couldn’t even pick up a cup of coffee. At times in a Styrofoam cup, I’d get a little Styrofoam cup and it’d just be painful because one of the shoulder injuries is so bad. And I focused on a great guy who was a trainer for Elway, had another guy that had a supplement company, and he, no, we can help you with this.

And I honestly just didn’t believe that. I just didn’t think that was true because I really didn’t think it was a supplement injury. I felt it was an injury issue, that this was sort of permanent. And the doctors had told me, no, you’re just going to have to deal with this. And he says, no, you can do this, you can do this. Come on. And what was amazing was he had a and now this is almost 35 years ago, 30 years ago, see if I’m getting the dates right.

It was about 25 years ago. And so he gave me a list of things to take and I found with the creatine and the proteins like that, that I liked them personally in the blender. And I’d put just a couple of pieces of fruit in there with it and then some of the other things that they suggested. And I was really diligent. And it was literally about two weeks into this that I was like, wow, actually, I’m feeling the fatigue that you get from working out, but I’m not feeling the just absolutely wiped out, debilitating, I cannot move even to get out of bed type of thing that I had been experiencing.

I tried hard previously, but it wiped me out and about I kind of remember the zone. It was about a month or a month and a half in, and I realized I’m looking forward, even though I’m exhausted, to coming out and doing the next workout. Now I’d work lower body one day, upper body two days apart, and then the in between days, all the days I’d worked stomach and core and then also just did the it’s like the same thing with me.

When I throw, I stay in the gym. You have to stay in the gym. And I put on a little weight. Now that I’m in my 40s, I’m not training like I was in boxing. But you got to supplement. You got to take supplements to keep you viable, man, and to feel good, because if I didn’t take the supplements, I take, and I’d be in deep, deep water, man.

So for me, I have to keep my supplement regimen. Let’s talk. And the other thing is, hold on. I love the advertisers and the stuff that they have, and they’re supporting us here in the team, but this is actually something that I’m actually dealing with even here for the rest of the year a little bit, is to focus on body tone and like that. As much as I’ve been traveling over the last three plus years, just very intently, it’s a bit tough.

And then you do have to pay attention to the machine bit and the right stuff in the right combination. And then the exercise. I remember I was about five months in back there, late ninety s, and I started working out again with some of the team members that were based nearby. And I started making them look bad because I could go another 20% further than a lot of them went.

I’ll give them a break because they were out doing other training stuff, too, besides their exercise. But I got back to where I could leg press 450 and everything, thought about it, and I’d do several sets, 200 flights of stairs in one shot, and I’d sometimes do that twice a day. I got all the way back to where I was, back to my pre condition. But then beyond that, the one thing that made the difference for me was I had always had kind of a runner’s physique, and so I had a light upper body, and I focused on getting the upper body, not just strength, but mass.

And I had something that happened that probably would have broken me in half type of an injury. But because I had built that upper body mass that I’d never had as a kid, all the way into my late 30s, early 40s, when I had a particular thing that happened, that body mass and muscle probably saved me from having a broken back. And I mean, I had a bruise in the middle of my back the size of a basketball.

People just look at it. Oh my gosh. But I had that muscle that protected the frame. I thought at the time that it happened, all that work that I did literally probably saved my life. It wasn’t just for some personal get buff or something like that. It was part of being a winner. You have to train to win. You have to focus, nobody else around. I always worked out by myself and took my supplements once I was convinced that the supplementation had changed everything, which I’d never had.

That when I was younger. If I went back even to my late teens, early 20s, if I had had an understanding of the supplements, I think I’d have been radically I was already pretty good. I’d have been radically better. All you’re doing is giving your body what it needs, the materials it needs to rebuild soundly and rebuild the way it needs, build the way it needs. But all right, Juan, let’s jump into it.

Let’s talk about this? Trump in South Carolina says in five months. Okay? He says, in five months, we’re going to debate what’s he talking about. Five months? We’re going to make America great again. Or he said, no, we want to take back our country. What’s he talking in five months? Did he mess up there? What am I not seeing here? I think he’s too intelligent to slip up like that.

He’s not like Joe Biden. But when he says five months, I think people should really listen to that, because you’ve said before that China has gamed out. They only got 90 to 180 days with Biden. And now Trump is saying in five months, when we’re going to take our country back, we’re going to defend and take our country back. Is he messing up there? Is that a slip? Does he mean in a year from now, in November? What is he saying? Five months? What is this? Well, there’s a couple of things.

Remember Trump, he is one of the greatest trolls ever in the history of the world, okay? He just loves trolling, the bad guys. So what’s the meaning of five? Five is a number of grace to God’s people in Judaism, Christianity, and the Muslim faith. Five is a number of grace, but it’s also in the occult. Both sides try to own and steal the numbers, just like 17th number of victory.

It’s the 17th book of the Bible, Esther. It’s about the flip, the reversal. Everything was going one way. It flips and goes the other way. Five is in the occult and defense. You’re saying this is very purposeful on Trump’s part. You’re saying this is not a yeah. Even the specific use of five is kind of like a coded message. One of the things I’ve mentioned before on your show, but people in this audience specifically take a deep breath and understand we’re in an occupied situation here in the country.

The enemy’s inside the gates. We’re fighting from the inside out. And so, in a certain sense, you’re almost prisoners of war in your own country with what’s going on, this captured operation that we call America our home. And in Vietnam, the communication was highly restricted between the prisoners. And so they think of America today, you and I struggling to get messages out and other team members. And by the way, Nina, the team that we’re talking to, the American citizens, we’re talking to greatest teammates ever in the history of the world.

Would you really want to play with anybody else than these people that have decided to stand out, stay with it, the stick to itiveness and everything else. We’re finding out who the real, true patriot Americans are and who the summer soldiers are. It’s the greatest thing you could have ever imagined. It’s a gift from God to get to find who’s real and who’s not in the people around you.

My biggest concern, Juanita, is not it’s not if it’s when? And I put a lot of weight. If Trump says five months, I’m thinking they’ve gained something out here. To where? Five months? We should expect something to be happening, maybe an event. But the pushback that I see that’s going to happen is going to be all the illegal immigrants and the cartels. That’s where I see the problem arising.

Well, let me finish this one thought and I’ll go there. In Vietnam, the guys were restricted heavily in being able to communicate like we are in the media. Know you’re in an occupied situation. So the prisoners had a tap code, and that tap code was the alphabet, five across and five down. So a lot of people hear the five x five in communications, radio, signal, things like that.

Yeah, I hear you, I read you loud and clear, five x five. But the real meaning for this current audience that we have is five x five. We’re tapping out messages to each other. We’re having to do it through the walls, through the vents, through other stuff, with highly restricted communications being allowed. Okay? Five x five was more than just communications. It was a lifeline. And using the term five is a grace number.

By God’s grace alone, we’re going to get through this thing. We’re going to survive this moment in history and pull it together. And Trump is communicating in the open as best as we’re allowed. So know all the ships at sea, all the troops scattered across the islands, no, this is not a static situation. Fights on, wars on, and we’re not going to give up and let these monsters hold what they’ve stolen.

The bank robbers get away from the bank, they get around the corner in the getaway car. Do we stop because, oh, they’re off the bank property. We didn’t get there in time. Are you kidding me? We’re going to chase them down, stop them. We’re going to do a perp walk on all of them. Do a felony stop, do a perp walk on all of them. We’re going to take back what they stole.

That’s why, in fact, Jennifer is going to do something here in the next day or two with a new T shirt, the 2020. I don’t even think I can say the rest of it on this without exactly bans and YouTube. So that’s how restricted is. You can’t have even the simplest, most basic conversation. What a bunch of assholes. My thing is this, though, Juani, though, and I think the tide has already turned.

I think it’s already going in our favor. But when it really yeah, and when it really starts getting obvious. Okay, when that counterpunch lands, which you’ve talked about on my show many times, the counterpunch when this starts to get really obvious for them and they’re losing control. I expect first an event to take place, some kind of panic event to where they have to stop everything, and then some kind of chaos or mayhem to take place afterwards.

Should we be expecting that? Yeah, I mean, you’re in the greatest contest, literally in modern history, and it’s war by other means in many ways. Let’s hope it doesn’t break into some of the other ways. What should we be expecting? What should we be expecting in the next five months to a year? What should we be expecting take place? Juanito, what should we expect? Well, when the counterpunch happens and you’ll recognize that the other side knows it’s coming, too, by the way, do you think they’re preparing for it? That’s part of what’s going on.

In fact, let me just say this because it gets forgotten within the audience over time. And I want to remind everybody, a lot of people got really pissed when we would say, enjoy the show. I have the popcorn pages in my books. And so what’s the meaning there? Enjoy the show doesn’t mean in a generic sense, enjoy, say, some other event like that, some horror that might occur out across the world that’s not enjoying the show.

Enjoying the show is that these people are going to put on a huge show of trying to retain power, to pass the reins of power from the image of biden to others over the next weeks and months because they’re not able to make it to 2024. If it was actually going to happen on time, they wouldn’t win that with this administration. They can say anything they want. They can cook the books any way they want.

At some point, it would become so blatantly obvious, the fraud and the steal, that they’ve got to come up with another way of doing it. So this transition of power that’s coming, that’s a huge theater, a huge show, a huge spectacle, and they’ll try to sell it to America and the world. Are they at the drawing board right now? Scrambling to the drawing board right now, trying to figure out how they’re going to do this.

I mean, are they at the drawing board right now figuring, oh, man, are they trying to figure this out right now as we speak? Option list. You got plays that you might have practiced. There’s stuff that you might have come up with. And they’re on defense now, they’re not on offense. And so they’re looking for a couple of spectacular plays to get them back in the game because they know the tide has shifted, but there’s still time left in the game.

Look, if you’re Frazier and you’re in there with Ali and he rope a doped, you up to halfway through the fight, and George has got a great movie out right now. Oh, my gosh. If you haven’t seen the Foreman movie, that is worth going to watch. Just beautifully done. But when you’re getting into there and all of a sudden you realize this guy isn’t going down. And all of a sudden he’s coming back at you with lightning punches and you’re off your speed.

You might be off 2020 5% because you’ve already used up all of your snap. And then you’re relying on the power punch, but you can’t get it in there fast enough. Those later rounds start going to the other side. And here everybody thought you were winning, and now you’re burning out. Well, my theory on this is and ask me if I’m on target here, we have to do this before we completely lose the country because we are going down the fast track right now of completely losing the country.

I would imagine this has to happen sooner than later, correct? Well, yeah, because the public you can’t go to 2024 can’t do it and allow what has transpired thus far to be sealed a deal. So you’ve got an interim period here where it’s always been a numbers game. You’ve always had to have the population in math on your side. If you don’t have the numbers, you cannot win the game.

And so this is that period when we talk about the people in this audience and their stick to itiveness to be to this point in time and not lose perspective and keep the faith and things like that, they’re the ones that are the primer for everybody else. If as things turn and people around you start waking up, getting it, understanding, being pissed, seeing things happening to them all of a sudden, if you’re the one that’s despondent just as they’re coming alive, what use are you? You got to stick in the game.

I mean, you can be down by any number of punches, any number of points, but you fight right through to the end. That’s that team spirit. And then encouraging one another. That’s part of the thing about playing with the best players alive, that you won’t give in or give up on your teammates. Sweetie, thank you. You won’t give in or give up on your teammates. It’s not just about the spectators, it’s about your teammates and you fight through with them and don’t give up spirit.

That’s where we’re at, and we are know trump’s out there rallying the troops. We’re winning, man, all of their is that why it’s so exposed? It’s so important to put a gag order on him? That would be they want to stop the rallies, right? They want to stop him being able to communicate with the rest of the team and move them off the field and into the penalty box and everything else, because they’re doing lawfare on us endlessly.

And we just have to stay focused and stay in the game. And if we get down in the pitcher’s box a bit, if we have to reach down into some of the ones that we’ve played, our frontline guys, the guys down further the roster need and do something amazing. And I think that’s actually what’s happening. Nino, you see it when you’re out various events. I see people starting to shine that you wouldn’t have expected to be the woman, the guy, the person that was going to do it.

But when other people sometimes you’re only interested in the mainstream players. That’s the hockey team during the Reagan administration going to the Olympics. And the strategy was instead of just getting a couple of the best players in the world on the team and then they can’t play well together, they got guys that were very good, but would play a team mentality. They wouldn’t try to hog the puck and would work together as a team.

And they went out and beat the Russians and nobody thought it was possible. And they did it with what would otherwise be considered not the absolute AA listers they were A list guys, but they were guys that would play together. And that’s part of what we have to have as a team. Everything that’s being done against us. Nino I’m just talking in a generic sense. It’s the they versus us kind of a thing.

Everything that’s being done against us is intended to divide us, to make us fight each other. And what we have to remember is keep lead going down range. Don’t let them snooker you into taking on your own guys in the next foxhole over. Find reasons to work together. And if you can’t work together directly, at least you guys in your foxhole. We’re in our foxhole, but keep the lead going the right direction.

And this is a real war. It’s a real engagement because the whole world’s on the line here. But I think it’s very telling. I do think he speaks in code, and that’s what was so important about this YouTube video, is that we even have to speak in code on here. But I think that there you five, we’re speaking code. But you know what? We’re getting our messages between each other.

And by the way, in spite of all the guards, in spite of all the monitoring, if somebody goes down, we’re right there with them. We’re closing ranks. We’re not being broken up. And if somebody that’s supposed to be in there with us, McCain’s out on going to we’re going to continue on when this is all over. Nino we’ll know a lot more about who the real good guys were and who the real bad guys were.

And they can hide right now. They can do whatever right now. Let me get your insight on this. Did you see what is it? Kelsey, the football player with the taking the boogeyman, the boogeyman on the arm promoting it, he got eaten alive. Eaten alive. That shows me that people are awake. And I can’t even say it on here, but it shows me that people are awake. The comments below were just going after them like piranhas, man, like wolves.

People are done with this. People are sick of this. And I think that’s a good indicator of where we’re at. We’re sick of the celebrities. We’re sick of these tools. We’re sick of this. People are tired, they’re fed up. And I think we’re there. Juanito, you always talk about that 81%. I think we’re there. 80 plus. It’s a specific number, 80 plus. So I think we’re there. And part of the thing, Nino, is you can bounce on that number.

It’s a little bit of a zone. The news of any given day or any particular part of the country is one thing within certain sectors, whether you’re talking financial sector, a military thing, whatever, it does bounce around. But we’ve brought several of the zones in where they’re supposed to be. There’s a couple of them that are still kind of bouncing around, that are coming up because it’s about consensus, continuity.

It’s a team thing. And everybody’s in that zone where they’re ready to really just engage and stay engaged. And it doesn’t matter what bullshit message comes out hour to hour, day to day. You’ve already made your bones. You’ve already decided which way you’re going to go. And it doesn’t matter how somebody tries to move you with information or even false information. You’re all in. You’ve made that mental commitment.

You’re all in. It’s like in the ring or in certain events. One of the things that you would understand personally, I remember specific things. That when they happened, and and you got all the way through it very personal, but a victory that nobody could take away from you that no matter what else happened the rest of your life, you were able to do something, complete it. And there’s a certain type of inner satisfaction.

Other people can slap you on the back. It gets forgotten down the road, whatever. Doesn’t matter. It’s in your soul. And when you’ve had that kind of a victory, it’s usually something simpler when you’re younger, smaller. I think of one specific event when I was still in grade school and something happened and I used that memory, and that when nobody thought you could pull it off. And I got a win, got a victory, made something happen just right, something that simple.

But over time, I could remember other similar things. And when everything’s going the wrong way, you’re still in the fight, and you know that you can turn something around no matter how much it looks a certain way. You have kind of a hope based on a history that you don’t give in or give up. And there’s been plenty of times when you were hoping it didn’t maybe and it didn’t end up working out just right or something.

But you play to win because it could be dopamine, it could be something else, but you get it when you win. There was the climber that they did the movie Freestyle with, where he was climbing without ropes, if you will. And other people that I saw that movie with, they were just completely turned off, shocked. It was just horrible for them and honestly, I wouldn’t recommend that to anybody.

It’s kind of silly at some certain level, but I understood what he was saying in the documentary. It was very personal. The inner satisfaction of the accomplishment, the challenge to do that and to be the first one to climb O Capitan without ropes of any sort and to complete the thing. I actually got that and it wasn’t lost on me. I understood what driver, at any given moment on the planet, there might be a half a dozen guys, and that might even be a high number that can drive an F one on any of the courses in the world and drive the car to the maximum of its capability without exceeding it, to hold it inside there and to win.

You could have the world’s greatest car, but if you’re just not quite there as a driver, the other side of the coin is if you don’t have the best car as a driver, to know what its limits are, the guys that really can do that very thin and same thing boxing or any other sport. This moment, we’ve got an audience out there that they’re on the team with us, we’re playing to win.

And I remember all the other times we’ve won and we’re getting wins now. Every day there’s something new that we see going on in legislation or the courts. As much as people think we’re losing, there’s some amazing stuff happening that will not allow the same kind of craft or theft that’s been happening. Yeah, and he’s not over. I mean, there maybe he’s in the 9th or 10th round.

They still got a couple of things they’re going to try and pull out. You’re still in the fight. Look, if the fight starts to go with you a break, somehow you give him one opening because you make a bad move and even though he may be exhausted, he might get a clean one in there and you’re done. You have got to keep your head in the game all the way.

And that’s the same thing right now with us. Juanito, the internet’s really acting up on me. I’m going to end this right now. So we could just put this up on YouTube. I think we’ve said enough, don’t you? I do. I think I want to talk about next we get together the situation in central Europe on several fronts and I can’t even say more than that, but that could be the next big week or so that we have got to yeah, well, it’s coming to a head and it’s going to be very scary.

So let’s not drop our guard. There’s wild things that could throw us off our game a little bit. Don’t let it throw you off your game. We’re in this to win. Deep breaths. We talked to get it on YouTube. Come on, guy. We’ll talk more specifically, we get behind the all right, let’s do. Put this is probably still going to be edited, Juanito, but it’s going but I have to send it to my team of people.

But I’m going to put this on Nino’s corner TV and YouTube, so let me get can you really believe that, Nino? That’s horrible as we were. I cannot even believe that. Even then, you still got to edit it. I mean, what can do? I know, but one that’s why I’m still up here. Yeah, that’s right. I know it no, I’m not throwing any stones at you, bro. I know.

All right, juanito, by the way, you mentioned just so everybody knows, talk about being a survivor. You almost got completely smashed with the horse the other day. My gosh, we almost lost you, Nino. Yeah. I could have had to come over and do hairstyling for you and all the marks on your noggin and put a helmet on. You’d be doing shows with a helmet on you for the next year.

It was bad. We were going down a decline, a steep decline. I’m 265 pounds on this horse. I know this is hard for the horse. All right. These horses aren’t in the best shape either. So the minute we start going down this decline, he loses his footing on this thick sand. That’s a steep decline. And I almost went headfirst over this damn horse. And, man, God kept me on this damn horse, man.

It looked so bad. Not only would I been hurt, but I would have been embarrassed the rest of my life because I think they got it on video. Well, I was on a mule over in a certain country at one point in time, and we were going through the mountains. And after I got off the phone with you the other day, I was thinking about that. And most time they just use them for pack, but this particular time, because my knees were just a little bit weak, they threw me on one, and he stumbled, and I had just enough kind of threw myself off and down the hill a little bit, but I didn’t get crushed by that shoulder and leg.

And if that had happened there oh, my gosh. And there was somebody else that had happened to a couple of weeks earlier, and I don’t think they ever fully recovered. They pinned them together 15 different ways, and I dodged a bullet there. So I was thinking about how much mass there is there in that kind of situation. The animal is not thinking of you. No. Let me close this out right now, because this is glitching bad.

All right, bro. All right, bro. I’ll call you. All right, thanks. All right, bye. .



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