Is The Biden Regime About To Collapse? (Ep. 2096)

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Is The Biden Regime About To Collapse?


➡ The text recounts the presenter’s recent experiences with ignoring medical advice, discusses various topics such as UFO sightings and open borders immigration policies, highlights promotional messages for ExpressVPN and Omaha Steaks, and touches on political issues including liberal ideologies and the role of media. It conveys a sense of skepticism towards official narratives and stresses the importance of critical thinking.
➡ The text features a critique of media personalities fostering a misleading narrative regarding the state of border security in the United States. The author further asserts that disinformation and false narratives are primarily propagated by Liberal media, accusing them of damaging the country’s unity and hurts public discourse. Lastly, a bizarre incident where an actual former Nazi affiliate was invited to the Canadian parliament and received standing ovations is highlighted, further criticizing missteps and hypocrisy within the liberal faction.
➡ The speaker, critiquing Justin Trudeau’s handling of various political issues, suggests that liberals are quick to label others as Nazis but often ignore controversial historical and racial issues within their own ranks. The speaker advises conservatives to stand their ground and advocate for minorities and equality of opportunity.
➡ The text discusses political perspectives, highlighting instances of perceived conspiracy and misinformation among different political factions. The speaker criticizes the denial of specific events that he believes happened, including the involvement of a particular individual, Ray Epps, in the Capitol riot. He also accuses Democrats of falsely portraying Joe Biden as a civil rights champion.
➡ The text criticizes Joe Biden’s claims of being a part of the civil rights movement, stating that there is no factual evidence to support this. The text also alludes to a growing disillusionment among black voters, citing panels on cable news and alleging that Democrats are not actually serving their interests. The discussion concludes with a critique of the general political inclination towards censorship, expressing particular alarm at a poll suggesting significant Democrat support for government control of ‘hate speech’.
➡ The speaker criticizes Democrats for what they perceive as party-endorsed tyranny and supports a need for public disclosures of explicit educational materials. They advocate for personal responsibility in the protection and education of one’s children and for self-defense training to prepare for potential crime situations. Additionally, they question Joe Biden’s potential as a nominee, suggesting there might be an active effort to remove him from the race.
➡ The text involves a discussion on politics, debating skills, homelessness, race issues, and societal struggles. The speaker challenges Gavin Newsom’s debating skills and criticizes lack of precise answers to complex problems impacting Californian society. Followed by, there is an appreciation for the audience’s engagement across platforms and note about the change in the show’s timing.


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts. With your host, Dan Bongino. Yo. So I’m seriously, like, the worst patient ever. Dentists, doctors, I just am. Anything they tell you to do, I will probably do the opposite. I had hernia surgery. I had an umbilical hernia from Deadlifting, and they were like, don’t do any weights for six to eight weeks.

So, of course, three weeks later, I was lifting. Four weeks later, I’m not telling you to do this because you’ll hurt yourself. I’m just telling you I’m the worst patient ever because I just can’t listen to anyone for any reason. So I go to dentist yesterday. If you’re wondering why I got a fat lip and my dentist vinny who’s like the and because my front teeth, one of them was busted from boxing and the bond was all who cares? Was grinding down.

You don’t need to know that, but whatever. I’m fixing these deantes, and my mouth is numb going home. He goes, don’t eat. Don’t eat, because you’re going to wind up chewing on your lip and not even knowing it. So of course that’s what happened. You should have seen my lip last night. It’s still bad. Now. I walk up, I see Joe. I’m like, dude, you’re never going to believe what happened.

He’s like, don’t even tell me. He goes, Let me guess. You chewed on your lip last night? I said, yes, folks. It was so bad, I thought I needed stitches. What an idiot. I never listened to anyone. He told me, don’t eat until it wears off. I was like, yeah, whatever, bro. You don’t know. And he’s my friend. He’s a smart guy. All right, I got a lot to talk about today.

Something big is going to happen. How do I know? There’s a UFO story. Jim Acosta getting wrecked. And today’s show, keep this theme in your head. Things we know because we can see it with our own eyes on video that liberals pretend don’t exist. Big show. Omaha Steaks has all the fall cravings you need. Omaha Steaks. Go to Omaha Steaks. com. Use promo code bongino at Checkout for an extra $30 off your order.

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com slash Bongino right now. Find out how you can get three months free. That’s ExpressVPN. com slash bongino. ExpressVPN. com slash Bongino to learn more. All right, Joseph. Let’s go, daddy o. It’s no time. Yes, sir, it is. And I’m sorry if I sound a little funny. It’s really just because of this fat lip because I’m an idiot. Key is my head getting cut off. Do I have to lower this thing a little bit? You sure? I’m going to lower it just a little bit, so don’t look weird.

All right. Even though you said I was fine, I know. Last week I burned my face on the sauna on the grill, trying to drop my phone on the floor. I’m like a walking train wreck this week. I did a cool locals video this morning. You want to see what I do in my home gym? And you’ll see how hot it is downstairs in my basement? I’m sweating.

I mean, the sweat is dripping off my eyelids, my nose. We got to work out in the heat because do something that sucks every day in the morning. That way the rest of your day is easy. Okay. Something big is going to happen. How do we know, fellas? We know because of this story. And was it the Daily Mail? Is the US. Government preparing to announce aliens? This is the Senate’s proposed UFO controlled disclosure plan and how it would work.

Folks, listen. Are there aliens? Are there not aliens? Space aliens? I don’t know. I’m not going to spend a lot of time in this. At the beginning of the show, I’m just telling you. I saw this before I came on the air. I sent it to Guy and Jim. I go add it to the show. Because my guess is if they’re aliens or they’re not aliens, doesn’t matter.

For the purpose of what I’m getting to, it matters. Believe me, it matters huge if there’s extraterrestrial life. But follow me. If aliens exist and they’re scheduling a release coming up to announce to you that aliens exist, it’s to distract you from something they don’t want you to see. You follow everybody tracking in the chat. If aliens don’t exist and they’re going to tell you aliens exist, it’s to distract you from something they don’t want you to see.

Keith. Does that make sense? Either way, it don’t matter. There’s something coming they don’t want you to know about. That’s what’s up with the alien story? If you’ve had these alien biologics for 50 years or 60 years, what have you been waiting for, bro? What have you been holding on for? I know, Joe. You’re a big aliens guy. Like, what the hell have they been waiting for? Another Sigourney Weaver movie? Well, humankind can’t handle the truth.

This is like Jack Nicholson style. Let’s just see the evidence, if you’ve got it. All right, enough with that. But, folks, again, they’re doing this all on understand. You know, I titled it at least in my social media now, this is not a crisis at the border. This is now a hostile takeover. The country right now is being absolutely taken over. And I’m watching yesterday, I’m going through some film, and I’m thinking to some digital film online, I’m looking at some stuff, and I’m realizing, folks, we’re in a lot of trouble.

Even if you are the most diehard open borders guy on the right, because believe it or not, the right has a lot of open borders, people. No, it doesn’t. Yes, it does. Believe me, when I was running for office, they would want meetings with me all the time. They believe immigration is a net economic good, that people are capital, and people are capital. People can be capital. I don’t mean that in the strict economic sense.

I mean, people produce ideas. Ideas produce wealth. However, the downside to immigration when you don’t know who these people are, is along with some of these people comes the additional negative externalities. If they’re not vetted, drugs, sex trafficking, if you don’t know who these people are, that’s what the purists on immigration. Even on the right leave out the left just wants open borders because they want to destroy the country.

But I said to you in the beginning, there’s things you know that you see in front of your face that your dumb ass liberal friends, despite the fact that you could show them this video yourself, it doesn’t really matter. I want to start it off with this Jim Acosta. You haven’t heard from him for a while. Jim’s a human garbage person. The funniest thing I think I’ve seen online is when Jim did a book signing.

You remember this? Do you guys remember? That was it? Jim Acosti did a book signing, and nobody showed up. And he sat there by himself, like, signing books on a table. Do you remember? They were like it was so embarrassing. Acosta is like, I mean, you want to talk about we don’t even include him in our rankings because he’s become such an irrelevancy. And I’ve met Acosta before.

He, again, is genuinely a dumb guy. So I’m not sure he even knows how dumb he is. So here’s acosta yesterday. He has this Republican congressman on, and here he is again, like a good little regime apparat chick. This is the garbage people we got to deal with. The media going with the focus group. That’s the talking point on the left. That the border is closed despite the fact I can show you videos all week and I will, that we are now being invaded in what is a hostile takeover there’s no doubt about anymore.

Take a look at this. Just sounds like you’re throwing rhetoric around with no basis in fact. Have you been to the border? Of course I have. Have you seen what’s going on? The rapes? It’s open. I mean nobody can deny that border is and it’s a crisis where I’ll ask the question sir and the border is not open. That is something that is peddled as a talking point but it’s not true.

There are fences, there are walls. There are border patrol agents who work on the border. The five plus million that have gotten into this country illegally is not a figment of our imagination. Ask the border patrol agents. Ask anybody down there. They’re frustrated. I guess you have not been able to answer my question as to how you effectively do border enforcement if you’re shutting down the guess. But I guess we’re not going to get an answer to that question.

See the problem with Acosta is you have your smart media people who are smart but evil. They know exactly what they’re doing. They’re deliberately destroying the United States and have a sound tactical plan to do it. I want you to understand it’s not Acosta. This guy is legitimately a dipshit, folks. I ever had this pleasure of meeting a lot of these people. I used to do a lot of hits on MSNBC and CNN.

You can go back and CNN, go back and look through the library of stuff. It’s all over screwtube and elsewhere. You can see them yourself. Again, I’ve had the displeasure of meeting most of these people. Sonny Hostin, Anderson Cooper, I can tell you exactly what they’re like in person. This guy is legitimately stupid. And the thing about his stupidity is he’s not a stupid smart person. He’s just a stupid person.

Plain up stupid person. The thing about this guy is he’s a cocky one too. Do you hear him? I’ll ask the question sir. You know what? I would have know folks, to the Republicans who appear on these shows if this dipshit, coward little bag who doesn’t have a shred of human dignity and couldn’t even cut it on CNN, even after the Trump administration when they tried to make a star out of him.

If this guy disrespects you on the air, tell him to go F himself, flip him the double barrel and walk right off the set and humiliate him. Why would you take this from this guy? I saw a couple of things. They were like, oh this guy owned Acosta. I mean he did an okay job but why would you let this guy talk to you like that? This piece of garbage? This guy’s a coward.

He’s a chump. He’s a loser. It’s one of these kids who got, like, beat up in high school, know, takes out his rage on other people. I see these people all the time. It’s sad. I feel bad for him. He was probably a chump in high school, but he’d walk away, man. Why would you take that? But again, Acosta is perfectly comfortable on liberal CNN promoting what is obviously disinformation that the border is closed.

No sane, rational person thinks that things we know are false, that liberals keep bullshitting you and telling you are true. Here, this happened again yesterday. We now know after 30 million plus dollars of investigative work, multiple investigations, media investigations, that obviously the collusion hoax and the PP tape are fake. Again, if you’re a liberal who still believes there’s a PP tape and Donald Trump colluded with the Russians, you are a freaking moron.

Please, I’m serious. Seek professional help. You need it. You are really mentally unstable. You could probably get a DSM diagnosis for your stupidity. Okay, if you believe that and just get off my show, because you’re a moron if you believe that and really you’re contributing to a lowering of the median IQ of the Dam Bongino audience dramatically. The mode and the mean too. We’d rather you just go away.

Here’s me the other day on Gen psaki show on MSNBC. Again, CNN believes this the borders closed. MSNBC still believes that there was a collusion episode and a PP tape out there. Notice there’s no fight back whatsoever. And yet there’s this fascination with the right and disinformation the right, even though the disinformation is almost exclusively a component of the left. The vaccine stops, infection, masks work. The Wuhan virus was of natural origin.

Trump colluded with the Russians. There was a quid pro quo. Call Nikki Haley’s Drapes. Don’t laugh. This is real stuff. Disinformation is almost exclusively the domain of the liberal. And why is it allowed to persist and celebrate it? Because the media celebrates too. Celebrates it too. Watch the useful idiot peppermint patty here. Just go along to get along then. Yeah, there’s Russian collusion, even though they both know this is fake.

Take a look. Vladimir Putin has obviously your friend and mine. Yes, indeed, he has intervened in our election in the past. It’s not something as you experienced firsthand. It’s not something we talk about a lot. Do you fear that that is something that could be happening for 2024? And do you think we should be talking about it more? Well, I think we should be talking about it more because I don’t think, despite all of the deniers, there’s any doubt that he interfered in our election.

You see how they work together? Symbiotically. You see, there’s this symbiotic, like I always use the Eddie Brock venom reference. If you were a comic book fan in the symbiote creates this super powerful organism with this camera guy in the Spider Man comics. This is the media. None of this would be allowed to persist. You understand? Listen to me, folks. Let me give you a hypothetical world where the media did its real job.

I say a hypothetical world because it doesn’t exist. Guys, I want you to play the game along with me for a second because, Joe, I think you’d agree you’ve been in the media business actually a lot longer than have. Sure, Dan. If sounds so serious. Sounds so professorial. If agree or disagree? If in one of these interviews just one with a serious person, not some tomato can a serious person on the left, not on our side.

I mean, people they take seriously, right? Jen psaki. Chuck tod losers. But they take them seriously. If in one of these interviews, hillary Clinton said what she just said about how the Russians colluded and tried to steal the election. If one of these people just started laughing and said mrs. Clinton, I’m really sorry, but this has been debunked a hundred times. This is just really ridiculous at this point.

Can we just don’t it would stop, right? Yeah, because they’d be humiliated. It would stop immediately. But it’s allowed to persist because they work symbiotically to stuff disinformation in your face while claiming in the flipperoo, the dipsy doo flipperoo that the right is somehow responsible for disinformation. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen anything like it. What they get away with everything with them is a flipperoo.

Everything they accuse you of, you understand? They’re doing every single thing. I want you to watch this. This is one of the most dramatic examples you’re ever going to see. There is nothing liberals love more than to accuse everyone who doesn’t toe the liberal line of being a Nazi. Now, keep in mind, that doesn’t mean you have to be a conservative. That means anyone who is a non liberal they don’t give a shit if you are a non liberal, a non liberal and you aren’t helping them move the liberal football down the field to take away civil liberties, education rights, tax dollars, health care rights.

You will be labeled at some point a Nazi. Folks. Just bank on it. If you ever get a public profile and you don’t support these freaking socialists, you will be labeled a Nazi. So the weirdest thing happened. You’ve probably seen the story already, but I’m going to take this from a different angle. Remember, to the left, everyone’s a Nazi, but an actual Nazi. You’ve probably seen this, but the Canadian parliament invites up there to speak in front of them.

They invite an actual Nazi. There’s no disputing this a part of an actual Nazi unit. And he gets two standing ovations. An actual Nazi. I want you to watch this for yourself. It’s hard to believe this actually happened. Check this out. Zelensky’s speech received at least a dozen standing ovations. There was also one for this man, a 98 year old Ukrainian Canadian who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians during the Second World War.

Now, it’s hilarious that Politico refers to him as Nazi linked. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an actual Nazi. He’s Nazi linked because he’s a Nazi. That’s why he’s linked to the Nazi. You see, if it was a Conservative who had a clanhood on, they wouldn’t call him KKK linked. They would call him Ku Klux Klan member Joey Baghdadona. The guy was an actual Nazi. Now, you would think, right, that they would just come clean and say they screwed up and just leave it.

No, no. Liberals are thoroughly incapable of doing that. I want you to watch this human pile of garbage, Justin Trudeau and by the way, this is why I tell you, like to everybody saying how the United States is in terrible shape and we are. I always tell you we got to save this place because there’s nowhere else to go. Where else are you going to go? Here’s Justin Trudeau, the dreadful prime minister of Canada.

A guy who makes Joe Biden look good. Here he is. And I want you to see in the end again how he does exactly what Hillary Clinton does, is never called out by the press, goes to the go to line whenever they’re in trouble. It had to be the Russians. Take a look. Obviously, it’s extremely upsetting that this happened. The speaker has acknowledged his mistake and has apologized.

But this is something that is deeply embarrassing to the Parliament of Canada and by extension, to all Canadians, I think, particularly of Jewish MPs and all members of the Jewish community across the country who are celebrating commemorating Yom Kippur today. I think it’s going to be really important that all of us push back against Russian propaganda, Russian disinformation, and continue our steadfast and unequivocal support for Ukraine, as we did last week with announcing further measures to stand with Ukraine in Russia’s illegal war against it.

This guy’s amazed you believe this crap. Again, things as Conservatives, you know, and you can see that Liberals are insisting aren’t happening. You can go and look right now how Liberals will call anyone they disagree with a Nazi. Just put dan Bongino mark Levin sean Hannity glenn Beck ben Shapiro. Ben Shapiro happens to be Jewish. It doesn’t matter. Just put in not. We’ve been called not every single one of us Nazis.

Yet when Liberal goons go out and celebrate a Nazi again, instead of just being like, I can’t believe this, they’ve got to go and blame the same Russian disinformation Hillary used. Why does what they say why is it allowed to persist? He says he loves this segment. Me, too. It’s allowed to persist. This visual magic trick of you’re Nazis. But the nazi isn’t a nazi. Russian collusion was real and the borders closed.

It’s allowed to persist because media people don’t stop these people. I’m going to ask the same question, Joe. If a media person right there would have said way, wait, cut this shit. Are you kidding me, sir? You guys invited an actual Nazi right around Jewish holidays and you’re actually blaming the Russians for this, for your bullshit? He would be done. He’d be finished. But because the media has no ball, you see balls.

There’s a genetic balls because they have no balls. No guts. And their actual agit propagandists like acosta, they just let it go and the guy gets a mean. Can you guys imagine if Donald Trump invited a Nazi to the state of the just? It’s not even worth talking about because there’d be public executions. There’d be like actual tar and feathers. Tar and feathers. There’d be a riot at the white House, would be burned down tomorrow.

I’m going to take a quick break, but on the other side of the break, I want to show you, taking this from a different angle, how exactly what I told you is true is true. How the actual Nazi gets a pass because it’s a liberal. But a liberal goes on. MSNBC is never called out and again drops a hint and a nod that republicans and others are the Nazis.

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You feel that? I think the AC is now working. I’m going to have to call the air conditioning guy. We’re done. Yeah, I know. It never only happens, like he’s laughing because it only happens, like, every week. It’s the most ridiculous thing. It’s like they got to suck the water out of this thing because there’s a little bob in there. And it’s crazy, right? It happens, like, all the time.

This eight house turns into a sweat box in, like, two minutes. The good news is, I’m used to it because I sit in the sauna all day and I don’t necessarily mind. Paul actually likes the heat. Here’s what I mean, everyone’s a Nazi to the left except the actual freaking Nazis, right? This is the craziest thing. Here’s a piece of video from MSNBC. This guy Steve Schmidt. I mean, seriously, this guy’s a bigger grifter than Nicole Wallace, which is really hard to do.

Here he is. And I want you to watch the implication here and now. The left has no problem with this whatsoever. Check this out. The people who are trying to tear down democracy in the country keep telling the rest of the country what it is they plan to do to such a degree that they have announced their plans six months into 2025 to have taken apart the whole of the federal government.

Now, since FDR’s time in office, the legislative metric in the United States has been 100 days, not six months. This is a racist code whistle to every white supremacist in the country, because it’s how long it took Adolf Hitler to take Weimar Germany to a complete and total dictatorship. That included, by the way, the military swearing an oath of allegiance not to the nation, but to the furor.

And the military was the institution amongst many in Germany that were the last holdouts to this. But once he was in power, they were the first to submit. And what Donald Trump is signaling to the officer corps of the American military, you get in line behind me, the leader. Not the idea, not the Constitution, or I’m coming for you, too. This is an epically, dangerous moment. That’s eight.

Eight. How freaking crazy these people are. You see how nuts they are? There is nobody advocating for the rights of minorities in America right now more than the conservative movement for equality and equality of opportunity out there. They’re nobody. The left wants Asian students to get screwed over in college, black kids to get screwed over without school choice. They run big cities into the ground. Crime rates are through the roof, and yet they find magical white supremacy around every corner.

They find the white supremacy. Joe’s like, Dude, this is such I give up on the eight. The fuck are we doing? What’s the point, really? I know what’s the fucking point, man? I’m, like, losing my shit over the last few days. What’s the point of this shit? Why are we even wasting our time? This is it, really. We should all move to Florida and be like, we’re just going to ignore you guys? We’re going to go to Florida and Texas? Florida and Texas.

And we’ll connect and we’ll just do our own thing because we can’t take you morons anymore. Black Americans, Asian Americans, Jewish Americans. Come on. Down like you’re living the land of the free. Get away from these assholes. This is like again, it just not to you just fuck these people. Pardon me. I’m sorry, guys. As you can tell over the last my bullshit meter is, like, totally pegged right now.

Sometimes you just got to just dude, I just can’t take it. There’s an actual Nazi in Canada. An actual Nazi celebrated by the liberals up in Canada who thought the truckers were Nazis in Canada. That’s no big deal. No one’s asked to resign. Nothing happens at all. And yet Steve Schmidt’s on like, you guys are definitely you guys are like, wasn’t he the blackface dude folks in the chat? Wasn’t trudeau the blackface guy.

Or was that oh, it was him, too. And then the Democrat governor of no, no, no, that was the clan robes. Have we decided yet? Is he clan robes or blackface? The Virginia guy, do you remember? No one really knows. Right? Ralph Northam. But Trudeau was the blackface guy. Cultural appropriation guy, if that’s even a thing. What do we even know? I mean, what’s the point, really? Sorry.

About what, bro? Man, I’m just we live in a country full of full of assholes. We do. They’re just assholes everywhere. You got conservatives, libertarians, even some sane Democrats and some independents, probably 60% of them good folks. And then you got like 30, 40%, just absolute asshole. I mean, there’s a conspiracy around every corner. The borders closed. Trump’s a Russian. Everybody who’s not one of them is a white supremacist or a Nazi.

What? The economy’s doing great. Inflation’s coming down. Whatever, man. Here’s another. This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about, too. How? Keep in mind I just always want you to remember you’re the smart, smart people you are. And you’re dealing with about 30, 40% of the population that are just morons. They’re just so stupid. Put the AP article up about EPS first. You remember Ray Epps? On January 6, the guy who is literally on tape talking about going into the Capitol apparently is suing people.

Suing people for what? Showing videos of you. What do you got? I don’t understand how in disguise, being humiliated. They’re videos of you. Here’s the AP. Ray Epps, trump supporter targeted by a conspiracy theory, pleads guilty to Capitol riot charge in the most hilarious headline I’ve ever seen. What’s the conspiracy theory? That this guy got almost nothing in jail despite being on tape talking about what you call the insurrection.

It’s on tape. You dipshits. It’s on tape. You got the original, right? I know I told you to bring it. Here’s. The original Epps video of Ray Epps on tape saying exactly what he said. This whole conspiracy theory, because it’s not a theory. This happened. Take a look. I’m going to put it out there. I’m probably going to go to jail tomorrow. We need to go into the Capitol, into the.

Capitol peacefully. Fed. Fed. So this is the craziest tape because you have a bunch of Trump supporters not interested at all in anything other than a peaceful protest saying, fed, fed. Fed. How do I know that happened, guys? Because I just watched it on the damn videotape. Nobody disputes the authenticity of it. And you wonder why us? A lot of Trump supporters, Republicans, even non Trump supporters, you wonder why we question this, right? Like, hey, you had a bunch of people there who knew that was probably a bad idea.

We’re calling this guy a Fed. It happened anyway. And yet he was right there saying exactly what he said on tape. What the hell is he going to sue you for? His own words? Why am I bringing this up today? Because, again, Democrats believe this stuff. They believe that this is a big conspiracy theory, that there was a guy out there telling people to go into the Capitol who got very little punishment despite them claiming it’s an insurrection.

That’s all facts. I’m bringing this up because this happened yesterday. You ever see this EPS video, Ray? EPSO? I never saw this. This was making its way around social media. And I want you to watch this very closely because I’m telling you, man, there were people there that night who understood that this guy could have been a real problem. What he was doing there, I have no idea.

I don’t know. Ray Epps. Never met the guy in my life. I’m not a federal investigator anymore, so I don’t have access to his file. But don’t think for a second there weren’t people around there who really suspected this guy may have been up to something. No good. I’ve never seen this video before. It was making its way around yesterday. Take a look at this. This boomer is annoying me.

Both sides, cowboys, everybody. They just won’t. No, he’s definitely a plant. 100%. Any sort of interaction we have. This fucking guy comes in, he’s like and has some fucking thing to say. We’re the only reasonable people on either side. Again, folks, conspiracy theory or sane, sound, good? Patriotic Americans like you wondering why this guy was telling people to go in the Capitol when a number of people around him suspected he was up to something.

What’s the theory? It may have been a conspiracy, but what you saw is not theoretical. That happened. I’d never seen that EPS video before. Very strange. You okay there? Oh, yeah. Blackout coffee. I need some sniffs. Thank you. He forgot the bag. Why? What time is it, folks? Tell me what time it is in the chat. You’re damn freaking right. It’s blackout coffee sniff time. Not only has it got sniffs left, still smells damn good.

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I need to know, because lately we’re, like, going just balls to the wall with this thing. We’re, like, throwing caution to the wind, and we’re doing the show I want to do. And the show I want to do is going to just this is how it’s going to roll, man. I’m just pissed off lately, man. And I know you feel the same way, and I’m done with, like you like yes.

I love you, too. Look at you, all in the chat. Yes. Wow. Gee. Can we get a spot poll on that? Is there any no’s at all? We have 74,000 people. Holy shit. Yes, we do. All right, moving on. Enough self pray. That’s crazy. 74. We’re only half hour into the show, folks. It happened again. Things you know to be fake that liberals believe are real. One of the things liberals believe are real, which is hilarious, Israel, is joe Biden was some big civil rights warrior.

Joe, folks, listen, on a very serious note, I know this joe’s kind of, like, off the wall today a little bit, right? But stolen valor in the civil rights fight? I don’t know about how you feel about it, but I feel like it’s one of the worst things you can do. It’s up there for me, like right behind stolen valor in the military because the civil rights fight in this country was real.

And I know you yeah, Joe, I know you feel strong. So do I. The civil rights movement started with the Republican Party. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. I don’t blame every modern Democrat for slavery or Jim Crow, because that’s just stupid. However, it is a historical fact that the Democrats were the party of Jim Crow. And slavery again, doesn’t mean they’re responsible. Now, a Democrat, those people died off some of them.

Not all of them, but some of them, a lot of them. However, the Republican Party was the party of freedom and liberty. That’s our thing. That is our thing. And, folks, if you were someone getting a fire hose to the face or having some dog tear your arm up because you were fighting for a human being’s, right, to be treated like a dignified human being, then let me tell you something.

You deserve a very special place in our history, and I don’t give a damn what your current politics are. We’ll argue about that another time. If you’re out there stealing people’s valor who did that and pretending you were one of them, you’re a scumbag. You are a total piece of garbage. And yet again, liberals believe Joe Biden was some super special civil rights activist. This has been debunked 75 different ways from Sunday.

Joe Biden had absolutely nothing to do with the civil rights movement at all. In Delaware. Nobody knows him. Nobody remembers him. The Washington Post has debunked this. It is absolutely not true. It doesn’t matter to rotting Oatmeal brains. He keeps saying it because the liberals believe it. Because they’re dopey. Here, listen. He did it again the other day. I started off as a kid in the civil rights movement in Wilmington, Delaware, when I was in high school.

And the community, we won by a staggering 31 or 3200 votes when I ran the first time for the Senate at 29 years old. And Nixon won by 64% of the vote. In my state, I won because virtually 90% of the African American community, we have a large community, voted for me. I owe you. I owe you. Why would I left that part in the end? Because well, I don’t understand in the black community why you would vote for this guy.

Again, I’m not telling you Republicans are the solution to all your problems either. I just don’t understand why you would support this guy. There are black Americans alive today forced to eat at segregated lunch counters, drink from segregated water fountains in one of the most hate filled moments in our history, dejure segregation. There’s nothing more disgusting than treating people like a second class human being. There are people who fought for that and died for that.

There are people who were tortured for that. There are people who gave up everything for that fight. This guy was not one of them. And yet he keeps lying about it while calling people boy. I thought we’re not allowed to do that. I thought that was like, a thing. Like, you’re not supposed to call black men boy, which sounds pretty offensive to me. Joe racisty. Yeah, sound a little bit, but Joe Biden does it, and it’s A okay.

Why? Because Democrats don’t give a shit. They’ll support their guy no matter what, because they believe things that aren’t real, that Joe Biden was some big civil rights warrior. He’s lying to your face. The good news is a lot of people are getting you raising your hand for something. 99 points. That’s great. To our Chat Bot pollster. That’s pretty awesome. That’s our highest number yet, so thank you.

Black voters are not falling for it anymore. They’re not. This guy is hemorrhaging black support because he’s full of shit all the time. These panels are terrific. If you ever get a chance to see these, I can’t encourage you in strong enough terms to do it. Watch any cable news channel on the right OAN newsmax, Fox. When they have these black voter panels or black citizens who have had this mass awakening against Joe Biden, they are classic.

Because here’s the thing. You want my theory on this? Anybody in the chat want it? You want my theory on this? Here’s the thing. I was never a Lib, okay? But my family was. Not my dad, but my mom’s family, they were FDR Democrats. My grandmother, I love her. She’s the greatest woman ever, God rest her soul. Eileen an absolute hero, but she loved FDR. She just did.

If you grew up in that World War II generation, you were Irish in New York, you pretty much right. Joe, you pretty much loved mean, it was like it was almost obligatory. It’s the only fight I ever got in with my grandmother. And I felt horrible about it because she was my grandmother, but I was like, I can’t Grandma. I can’t go along with this. Like this guy was no good.

This Keynesian economics crap. Who cares? But long story short, what was I even telling the story about that I don’t even know where was I going with that? Black voter. Yeah, black voters, they’re waking up in mass right now. Oh, I get it. Because once I had this awakening, even me as kind of a non Republican, but an independent, maybe libertarian leaning independent when I was in college, when I had this awakening about what the Democrats were really doing to give us all the middle finger, you become the most vocal activist conservative ever.

Hence me and you today. I mean, you’re not going to find a more conservative dude than me. It’s because you feel like you’ve been screwed. So watching these panels of black voters awakening en masse who were Biden supporters to the fact that not only are the Democrats not their friend, but have been like effing them over for years is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. Here, watch this.

This is good. I just feel like this is just like another example know how Biden truly feels about the black community. This isn’t the first time he referred to black men as a boy. It’s most likely not going to be the last one. And it kind of goes back to the whole, if you don’t vote for me, you’re black, you’re not black. Excuse me? He has this slave master mentality.

I feel like he doesn’t really care what he master mentality. This is happening now all the time on cable news. This stuff is damaging. Listen, it’s damaging bit by bit. Let’s not be dramatic, okay? But as these start to go viral, it’s not just that it appeared on Fox because some of you may say, well, Dan, how many people were watching that? A million? Seven? I mean, I’m pretty familiar with the Fox view.

Maybe a million seven, maybe two, max. It doesn’t matter, folks. You know who’s seeing it here? 76,000. A million more will see it later when they watch our show later. A million more will hear about it on Apple and Spotify and our audio podcast. Other people and producers watch my show will put it on their show. This could be seen by 20, 30 million people. There is this mass awakening happening right now.

And this is my theory. You’re never going to build a more powerful conservative movement than a converted liberal. And believe me, it happens. It happens all the time. And there’s a fertile crop of people out there on the liberal side that are just ready to see the truth and understand who the warriors for Liberty are. They’re out there young kids, minority voters. We got to go out and get them and we’ve got to show them what these people really are.

And the next shoe to drop is not just that Democrats are racist and they celebrate Nazis, which I’m telling you is true and are fake, stolen valor civil rights, guys. In the case of Biden, there’s also going to be a big awakening with the kids and the tyranny going on. And I mean the actual tyranny, folks. Democrats hate civil liberties. Civil liberties for black voters, Asian voters, Hispanic voters, white voters.

They hate it. The numbers do not lie. This is probably the most I would argue. You guys let me know what you think. This is probably the most troubling poll we’ve seen yet to date. You saw it. You’ve seen the show elements. This is freaking bananas. Is this in a newsletter? Today? Bongino. com newsletter. Read this whole article. It is absolutely worth your time. Is censorship a partisan issue? Real clear opinion research.

They did a poll, folks. Three fourths of Democrats believe government has a responsibility to limit hateful social media. While Republicans are split 50% believing that their government has a responsibility to restrict hateful posts. Independents are once again in the middle one. What the hell are 50% of Republicans believing the government has any role in hate speech? Ladies and gentlemen, hate speech has nothing to do with hate. When it comes to the government.

What does it have everything to do with? Censoring political ideas you don’t like? Hate speech is the euphemism vehicle they use because no one likes hate speech. However, three fourths of Democrats absolutely buy it. Here it gets worse. Democrats are significantly more likely than Republicans to favor stifling, the free speech, and political extremists again, meaning anyone they disagree with. Also, Republicans don’t vary by the group. About half of GOP voters favor sense.

Only about half favor censorship. Whether asked about the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis or the Communist Party. I have no idea. Folks, this is all starting to set in, these ideas. People are waking up. People are waking up, though they are starting to realize right now that the Democrats own the tyranny thing, the Republican side of it. We got to clean up that mess because I can’t believe 50% of them actually are going along with this.

I’ll bet if you ask the question a little different but that’s not an excuse. I’m not apologizing for them, but they are absolutely by the numbers. The Democrats are the party of tyranny. It’s inexcusable now, dude. It’s horrifying. I mean, it’s horrifying. They are also the party of sexualizing your kids. Wait till I’m going to start showing these videos now. Once or twice a week, here’s another parent at a school board trying to read from a book they want in front of your kids another disgusting piece of sexual material.

Matter of fact, Gavin Newsom, I don’t know if you know this. They just put forth a law in California where if you pull the pornography out of schools, if you pull it out of schools, you can be fine. This is the sick people you’re dealing with on the left. Listen to this hero reading what they’re trying to put in your kids’school. Check this out. Red Hood, which is a book in airport and BC high school, has not been before the board or any committee yet has detailed graphic sex scenes between minors and is in our public schools right now.

Let me give you an example of this. Do y’all want freedom for our kids to read this in high school? His pubic tear surrounding his erection is and you stroke it with your fingers mr. Syrus. Mr. Syrus, I’m going to have to stop and ask that you don’t read aloud. Please let me bleep it out for and guide it toward your interest of your bleep. Mr. Syres. Bleep scary.

There’s other Mr. Syrus I would have to ask. Is that book not good enough? What about A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah Mass? I wanted him. Wanted every glorious inch of him in me. Reese shuddered, and I watched his bleep twitch. When I stopped caring, he nudged bleep into my interest and paused. I want everyone, if you can and you live in a liberal district, I need you all to do that, too.

I need that read into the record. There’s usually someone there stenographer or someone taking notes on this and reading it into the record. Ladies and gentlemen, I need you all to do that. I need it on the record now and in perpetuity what these liberals did. So in the future they can’t go and rewrite history. Will they be able to wipe out these government records? I guess they could, but the likelihood is low.

You need to read this into the record everywhere. Everyone needs to do this. They need to be embarrassed, and they need to be humiliated. And I want you to remember, ladies and gentlemen, that you have the responsibility for your kids. This is not a joke. This is a freaking existential fight for your kids. Your kids and their future. This will be your kids sexualized, racist little kids who teach, who judge everyone by skin color and are out there engaging in insane sexual behavior because some pervert lunatic wanted to talk to them about sex when they were seven or eight years old.

These people are nuts. You have a responsibility for your kids. You ever hear Sean Ryan? He’s got a cool podcast. He had a guest on. Nick Frietes a good guy, and he brought up this exact point that you have a responsibility for your own family. I’m not lecturing anyone in the chat. You all are badasses. This is the Bongino Army here with us. I get it. You’re all with me in this fight.

But there are people out there around you who aren’t who don’t get it. They don’t get it at all. They think it’s all going to go away if I leave it alone. I just got to play nice. I’ll do what I need to do. I’ll put a mask on my kid, let him talk to my kid about sex. You are your kid’s champion. You are his warrior. You are your kid’s soldier.

If you don’t stop it, no one will. This is pretty inspirational. I want you to listen to this. If you are waiting around for a politician to preserve your liberties, protect your family, or to protect you, you’re a failure. I don’t know how else to put it. Men are especially under attack right now. Those men that believe in traditional standards of what they’re supposed to do as men husbands, as fathers, as protectors, as providers, they’re all being told that these are toxic attributes.

When you look at things like a capacity and a capability for violence, those are not toxic in and of themselves. They’re morally neutral. And I will tell you this. If the good guys don’t know how to use those things, they’re going to be ruled by the bad guys. Folks, you are responsible for the protection of your own family. I’ve got a video and some videos I’m going to play tomorrow.

Is it bad enough yet? Videos? You in the Chat, know where I’m going with this. If you’ve been you’re a p one, you know what I’m talking about. Is It Bad Enough Yet videos where we play videos once, twice, three times a week of the exploding crime situation. You see the one in Chicago today? Guy gets his ass kicked in an alleyway by two animals in the middle of the freaking day.

Nothing. He’s screaming and yelling. Folks, I can’t listen to me, please. All right, everybody, vibing, we locked in right now. You got to work out. You got to take care of your body. You better learn how to train with your firearm, and you better damn well learn how to fight. You don’t have to be a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt. I don’t care. Go take a boxing class.

Go take a ground fighting class. Folks, I’m going to tell you something I learned in 20 years of mixed martial arts and boxing. Probably more when you factor in a whole bunch of other martial arts crap. Right? That’s not crappy. Just you get the point. I need to tell you everything I did. I don’t want to waste your time. You take a Brazilian jiu jitsu class or a Moi Thai or a boxing class, you will learn how to fight and win, or at least stay alive.

99% of interactions in the street in probably a year of training. You’ll spend the rest of your life training to learn how to fight. That one guy who’s like a crazy good fighter in the street. Just listen to what I said, because everybody knows, oh, I don’t have the time to get into Brazilian jujitsu, folks, go once a month. Once you learn what it’s like to fight on the ground, you will get a survival instinct.

These people, it is going to get worse. I’m not trying to scare you. I’m not trying to put the fear of God into you. I’m just telling you the truth. I don’t want to get mugged, but I don’t walk around in fear of it. I don’t. I spent my life learning how to defend myself. If I go out, I’m going out the tough way. I’m taking one of these sons of bitches with me.

And you got to think the same way. You got to train your body and your mind because no one’s coming to save you. I’m dead serious. Go get yourself a kettlebell. Get yourself enrolled in a class. It’s not expensive. You can find a place reasonably cheap. Learn how to defend yourself and your family, because that day is coming and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

All right, I don’t want to leave today without doing this segment, folks. I’m increasingly convinced Joe Biden is not going to be the nominee. It is clear now, I think that poll they put out that poll, the one we discussed yesterday, you remember in the chat, the poll showing Trump up by nine. I’m increasingly convinced and hat tip to producer Jim for bringing this up yesterday in the show, they may have launched that poll to get Joe Biden out of the race because they know he can’t win.

I don’t believe the poll. I don’t think Trump’s up by nine. I think he may be up on Biden, but he’s not up by nine. That’s absurd. I think they’re trying to either get you to not vote thinking, oh, Trump’s got this, or they’re trying to get Biden out of the race, or both. I don’t trust that poll one bit. I think they want him out of the race.

I want you to listen to newsom who was categorical that he is absolutely not running yet. He gave an interview the other day where he’s like, shady about it now, which says to me, someone’s in his ear, I want you to listen to this. Listen to the way he won’t answer the question. Here, check this out. Is part of this that voters are so fed up with what they see on the streets of their cities that as a politician, you’ve got to clean up those streets? Well, that’s generally case, but that’s not the inspiration for Carecorp.

But is there a political factor in this for you as an electoral strategy? I’m termed out. That’s not the issue. The politics here is compassion. The politics is purpose. You may be termed out here, but does cleaning up the streets of California factor into a potential presidential run? I’m never going to over promise that in the short run, I mean, we are struggling in this state. You’re not answering my question.

No. Housing and homelessness people suggest that cleaning up California streets could be part of a larger political strategy for you. Yeah, I think that’s table stakes. I think that’s just the foundational responsibility of anyone that gets into my position. That’s the day job. It’s not about some grand ambition. Absolutely not. Is that a yes or a no? That was a never ending response to your question, folks. Come on.

Really? You’re telling me this guy just couldn’t answer the question? No, he absolutely right now is thinking about running. If you believe otherwise. I’m really sorry. You’re getting smoked up now. He’s agreed to a debate with Ron DeSantis. When is it? November 30 or something? Yeah. This is going to happen on Fox, on Hannity’s show. This is going to be a good thing. I want to see what goes down here in this debate.

But I’m hearing from a lot of people out there, oh, man, DeSantis going to get smoked. Newsom’s such a great debater. Is he? Because Adam Carolla, who will tell you he’s not even a politician. You ever see this clip? I played it on my show once. Adam Carolla annihilated Gavin newsom in a debate, and Corolla will tell you he ain’t even a politician. Newsom’s not a skilled debater.

He’s a moron. This is one of the greatest clips you will ever see. If you haven’t seen this, get ready. Check this out. Half of African Americans in the state of California, roughly half of Latino families have no access to a checking account or an ATM. Things we take for granted, they don’t have a checking. What’s wrong with them? Well, because they don’t have the resources to sock those things away.

Why do we have them? A lot of different reasons, but roughly half those families don’t. Why do Armenians have them? But where they end up is check cashing place. But I want to know why those groups why those two groups don’t have access. Just happens to be that we could talk about flawed. No, they’re hardly flawed. But they’re struggling. Genetics are making their word. Hardly, not absolutely. Okay.

Do Asians have this problem? I mean, a lot of communities have a lot of whites have these problems. That’s not just black and Hispanic. No. Why did you bring up black and Hispanic? Because the magnitude is ominous. But why so many of them? It just happens to be just the way God planned it. Not at all. Well, what happened to that? There are a lot of issues and that the communities are struggling.

Why are they struggling? A lot of different reasons. Lack of opportunity. Blacks have been here longer than we’ve been here. Well, we can surmise what about Asians? They were put in internment camps. Yeah, we in fact, it all initiated at San Francisco. Chinese Exclusion Act came out, so they progressed. Are they the check camp? A lot of. Asians certainly do. So why don’t you conclude them? The only reason why is the magnitude there’s so many more.

The magnitude and percentage. But there’s no way to figure out how that happened. Africa, we could talk about, you know, what I’m dealing with. I don’t want to have a sociological sure. Why would you? No, here’s why would you want to do that? Because the person from the Times wouldn’t write good things about you if you did. No, no, that’s not the case. Because I want to get to that.

No, you want to deal with reality. I want to deal with reality. All right, so I’ll take a hard pass. Fellas on the Gavin Newsom is an amazing debater. He’s not. Adam Corolla is a really smart guy, but Adam will tell you he’s not a politician and absolutely destroyed him. That Corolla podcast clip is one of the best things you’re ever going to see. Newsom’s a tool. He’s a moron.

And the minute you get him on basic questions like, well, why are people leaving California? Oh, keep it up, Gavin. Keep talking about all you just said, all these great things. So if they’re so great, why does everyone not realize they’re great? It’s the moneyball theory. If he’s a good hitter, why didn’t he hit good? California’s so great. Why isn’t it so great? You see how when you keep it top line, they can never answer the question? Genius.

Genius clip. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. Thanks, everyone who picked up my book. Again. Gift of failure. Really appreciate it. Join us every day here at eleven if we change the time. When we change it, we’ll let you know. Don’t worry, we got a lot of time. We’ll give you long enough time in advance. Rumble. com Bongino. Follow us on Apple and Spotify as well.

We’d really appreciate that. Keeps us on the charts. Join us every day for the chat. I was in early today about 1015, talking to a few couple of the Mcgroins were in there, so it’s good to chat with you all, and I really appreciate everyone who says subscribe to my locals account. I do some kind of lifestyle stuff on there, so I really appreciate it. I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

You just heard the Dan Bongino Show. .



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