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➡ Gregory Mannarino discusses the current financial situation, highlighting the record highs of the S&P 500 and the role of the Federal Reserve in buying debt. He suggests that the market’s rise is due to massive debt purchases and currency devaluation, not a miracle. He warns that the public is being deceived by politics and media distractions, and emphasizes the importance of understanding the true state of the global economy. He also predicts that cash will come out of cryptocurrencies and commodities, which he views as currently undervalued.

➡ The text discusses the current economic situation, highlighting opportunities in the tech and energy sectors, especially with big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Nvidia. It explains that these sectors are likely to benefit from the Federal Reserve’s actions, such as buying debt and suppressing rates. The text also warns about the devaluation of currencies by central banks, which can lead to more investment in the stock market. Lastly, it emphasizes the importance of unity and understanding the economic situation to make informed decisions.


Okay everybody, here we go. It’s me Gregory Mannarino, Monday, June 24th, 2024. We have a lot to cover this morning, people. I want to put a perspective on what’s happening. A whole bunch of stuff. Let’s start off with this. I want to cover… I’m laughing. I’m laughing. I shouldn’t be laughing, but I’m gonna laugh anyway. So this is a best election year, selection year, since 1976. What the rally needs to continue. I’m gonna show you what’s happening in case you don’t know. You and I, and I’ve been beating this to death for a long time now.

This is the MMRI Manarino Market Risk Indicator. Again, free to you, free to anyone who wants to use it. There is a link in the description of this video right here. This is the key as to why. We haven’t seen a run like this with regard to the S&P 500. We’ve had record high, record high, record high. We haven’t seen anything like this since the financial meltdown, financial crisis, you know, for which we’re in right now. There’s nothing that has come close to this. But anyway, this is opportunity for my lions out here, my friends out here.

Look, a lot of people, some people, watch this channel, and they don’t, they see it, but they don’t perceive what they’re seeing. They hear things, but they don’t listen. And that is probably a common theme, unfortunately. People have become unable to see. They have become unable to hear. They’ve been made blind. They’ve been made deaf. They are completely disconnected from what’s happening. Not you. If you follow this blog, like I say, some of you have been with me for over a decade, and I am very happy and proud to say that.

Anyway, so the mechanism here, look, they want you to make, they want it to seem like to you like this is some kind of a miracle that this is occurring. Why? We’re seeing the market run up like this, and it’s not. It’s massive debt purchases. Here’s, let me put another perspective on this for you. What do we know is happening? Central banks around the world started with the Swiss National Bank. Then we got the ECB, European Central Bank, the Canadian National Bank, starting to cut rates in. It’s going to happen.

More central banks are going to follow the lead here. Now, the Federal Reserve, let’s think about what I’m about to say for a second here. The Federal Reserve was like, no, no, no. We’re not going to start cutting rates yet because we’re in the fight of our lives. We’re trying to fight inflation. Let me ask you. Who’s buying all the debt here? Who’s buying all this? This is the Federal Reserve. So they could say all they want to. Bond yields are dropping because some mysterious entity out here is buying all the debt.

This mechanism here, again, the MMRI has two components, two key components, three maybe, but two key components. One is it looks at the benchmark here, the 10 year yield. This is the one everyone follows. It also uses the dollar index. The dollar, in this case, all central bank issued currencies are units of debt. It uses a little neat little equation divided by the golden ratio. Those of you might want to look this up. It comes up with a number which I have color coded for all of you to make it very, very simple to understand.

But the more debt here that is purchased by the Federal Reserve in this case, or anybody, it’s the Fed who’s buying it all because this is not the average guy or the average girl buying all this. The more that occurs, the lower this is going to go. The faster that the currency is being devalued, well, obviously, the lowest is going to go as well. So this mechanism is what’s driving this market here. We’ve covered this repeatedly and this is where opportunity lies and you’re going to see other things too.

We covered this, but let me just sketch this out for you real quick. If we realize that this mechanism of risk dropping massive debt purchases, again, the Fed’s not cutting rates, but they sure as hell are buying a lot of debt and that is keeping rates suppressed. So this is a backdoor way of cutting rates, although they’re not seeing it. Meanwhile, you got the Fed and other central banks inflating the currency, the amount of currency all over the world, which is currency negative, purchasing power negative, obviously, massively inflationary at the same time you all know that, but you’re not allowed to know any of this stuff, you understand? They want you to pay attention to the propaganda from the mainstream media, the deception, the distractions, the look here that don’t look over there, the politics.

Let me cover that real quick. I read a poll yesterday, over 3,000 of you participated. Here’s my question. In your opinion, which term is more descriptively correct, politics or politics tricks? 96% of you said politics were being lied to, were being tricked, were being deceived yet again here. Okay, it’s part of the mechanism. None of this is real. Nothing is what it appears to be. Once you wake up to that, your whole life is going to change. And then you’ll start to realize what’s really happening to you and you can start to take action until that time.

So you fall for these politics tricks, the lies, every other word out of their mouths, I don’t care who they are, it’s a lie. It’s a deception, a distraction here. It’s just another mechanism here to keep you not understanding what’s happening, just like kind of this. Again, the run up in the S&P 500, we haven’t seen the current one since the financial crisis, which were in the worst financial crisis we’ve ever seen right now, a global debt hyper bubble beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, currency devaluation, interest rates suppression.

But all that means is this, the longer this goes on, okay, you and I, whatever you’re saying, the faster the economy craters, the higher the market’s going to go. And that is a global phenomenon here, okay? The global economy contracting at its fastest pace ever. Meanwhile, debts and deficits continue to balloon out of control, although it is being engineered. This is who’s responsible for inflating the global debt. Is it me? Is it you? Is it whatever freak they decide to put behind the resolution desk? It’s the central banks working with whatever freak they put behind the resolution desk.

Why do you think the last three presidents, including this thing sitting behind the resolution desk here, have done more to empower the federal reserve than every single president before them combined? You can’t make that stuff up, people, but that’s where we are. But then, okay, but it’s not my fault. It’s that person’s fault. No, it’s his politics, okay? They’re all playing the same gaming. You know who’s done the losing end of it? You are. Why do you think the current environment is the way it is right now? Because everything is just so perfect.

Our last president was so great. The one before him was so great. The current one is magnificently perfect as well. Now, it’s these things colluding with the central banks. Again, the central bank today, the federal reserve, is the most powerful organization on the planet because of the last three presidents more than anyone before them. So, break out of your bubble that you’ve been put into and wake the freak up and maybe you’ll understand what’s going on. But anyway, going back to what’s going on. This is a direct result of massive debt purchases and currency devaluation, which is going to continue until the selection.

After the presidential selection, you and I will sit back and reevaluate. And this mechanism is causing greater distortions to occur in the market, like we said. Where’s the cash coming from? If we realize that some mysterious entity out here, the federal reserve, is buying all the debt and obviously continuing to devalue the currency as they inflate the entire monetary base here. Again, just since February of this year, like a 1.5 trillion dollars every three months, the debt is going up over a trillion dollars. You think this is really just a comedy of everything that got us here and why this is going on and the feds in the fight of their lives, central banks continue to inflate.

No, because that’s their goal. The goal of the very central bank is the same, to inflate because that’s their one and only power. The more they can inflate, the more they’re called on to inflate to fund whatever they want to fund, whatever project is thrown in front of the world. Expanding war is a big one right now. In fact, I was writing some stuff down. Where did I write that here? Oh yeah. We’ll talk about this in just a second and we’ll go back to what I was just about to tell you.

But this mechanism I don’t see stopping. So that means cash has to come out of places. It’s going to come out of cryptocurrency in my view. It’s going to keep pressure on commodities right now, which means they’re on sale by every single dip that comes along with regard to gold, silver, platinum, palladium, commodities overall, and yes, cryptocurrencies. When they fall, you buy. Stock market too. This mechanism is not going to stop as the economy free falls faster. Until that time, we buy, buy, buy, buy, we get longer, the stock market longer, meaning we’re buying more of this stock market.

But we got to be kind of selective here. There’s a couple of opportunities I’ve been telling you all about. Tech. The tech sector, big tech especially, Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia, stuff like that here. Again, they are going to benefit greatly from the Fed, buying all the debt, suppressed rates here. So there’s an opportunity in big tech in my opinion, also in energy. Let’s talk about energy real quick. So Warren Buffett and billionaires are jumping on the energy bandwagon. You and I have been, I’ve been telling all of you, I don’t know how long.

Energy, energy, energy. Why? There’s a few things going on here. First of all, war. War plays right into why. The biggest, maybe isn’t even that. It’s the currency devaluation. Energy is priced in dollars. Okay. Crude oil. Do you think for a second, ponder what I’m about to tell you, that the devaluation of not just the dollar, but central bank issued notes overall. You think that’s going to stop. They’re all in a race to the bottom. You all know that. I’ve been telling you this for 10 years. Central banks want to see who can kill the purchasing power of their currency faster.

Again, as they kill the purchasing power of the currency, they have to issue more currency to make up the difference here. And that makes a central bank stronger. So when you hear a candidate or a politician talk about, we need a weaker currency. Okay. What they’re trying to tell you is we’re going to destroy you, the team that they’re actually working for. Not the one you think they’re working for. You understand? Wake up. Anyway. So currency devaluation, suppress rates, war. This is why the super rich are buying energy.

Big energy companies and energy itself as well. So this is sound familiar to you. It should, because we’ve been covering this for a very, very long time. Let me see what else we got here. We’re keeping our eye on this. Again, link in description of this video. This is not going to stop. That means commodities, cryptocurrencies are going to fall under pressure here. No doubt about it. As again, this mechanism of suppress rates opens up a doorway for cash to make its way into the stock market as we have covered since time immemorial.

Okay. And that’s why. That’s what’s going on here. That’s why stocks are having their best election. What they mean to say is selection year since 76. And this has been the longest winning streak for the S&P 500 since the financial crisis. Imagine you know what people are like. Does this surprise you? If you’re a follower of this blog, you’re laughing. You’re laughing. Okay. Because you’ve been, we, you, and I, have been so far ahead of the curve on all this. It’s just frankly unfreekin’ believable.

Look, you’re going to hear a lot of talk from the mainstream media about the market, about, obviously look, there’s no connection to reality here. Yes. By every metric that you want to look at, it is distorted. It is overvalued. It is everything. But that doesn’t mean there’s not opportunity here. Why? Because of this mechanism, people. Currency devaluation. Suppressed rates. Sound familiar? It should sound familiar to you. Because that’s what we’re hearing more and more of here. It’s unbelievable. We, we got a lot of, we got, we got, we got a lot of trouble.

But that also means we got a lot of opportunity people. And, and that’s what this is all about. Again, for those of you who don’t hear and don’t see, wake up. Okay. This is about opportunity because we can’t stop this. We can’t stop what’s happening. Okay. With regard to currency devaluation. With regard to suppressed rates and distortions occurring here across the spectrum of asset classes. The fact that the global economy is, is, is in, is in free fall. And the faster that happens, the higher the market’s going to go.

The fact that war, death, pain, suffering, all of this is coming together at the same time. Is that, does that strike you as strange now? It’s exactly what we’ve been talking about. And this is going to get worse and expand forward. But that’s why we come together. They’re trying to divide us. We unite. We come together. You understand? We have to look out for each other. I’ve been telling you this for 10 freaking years. If we allow them to continue to divide us by any mechanism that they can come up with, we lose.

You understand that? This is how the population of the world has been losing since the beginning of time. How the few have psyched the many since the beginning of time by the deception, the distractions, the divide and conquer. They do not want us to come together. Okay, we come together. They lock us up in our houses and they force us to wear a mask so we can’t even see each other’s faces. Did you see what’s going on here? Are you starting to get hit to the situation here? Or you just don’t get it yet.

If you don’t get it yet, I urge you to start getting up to speed because you’re going to suffer the most moving forward. But again, we know where the opportunities are. At least from a financial standpoint, we’ve got this covered. And then from a personal standpoint, again, uniting come together, loving each other, caring about each other. What’s what’s wrong? Do we really have to hate each other? Do you have to hate these people because of whatever reason? Because they’re telling you to because that box that’s in your house.

Let me show you real quick. Again, American Legion, look at the cover of this. Okay, yeah, look at the cover of this. Look at these zombified people. Look at this guy right here pointing at the box that’s telling him what to think, what to believe, who to love, and who to hate. You understand? It’s a pretty sick thing, people. Don’t fall for this. Okay, turn it off. All this is is a way to destroy us all. That thing in your house should be removed. Imagine if you didn’t have it, how much better off you would be.

All right, people, look, we’re going to get going here. This guy who loves you a lot from the ball, I like that. I hope you ponder the things that we spoke about in this video. I think it’s been very important. If you agree, please share the video, get it out there, give it a thumbs up. I want to hear from you please. What we covered here, does it make sense to you what I’m saying or not at all? Is Greg on target or Greg is way off base? I read the comments.

I promise. I want to know what’s on your mind. With that said, I’m going to let you all go. I will see you later, 4.05 PM Eastern for my live stream. I hope to see you there. Have some questions ready for me so we can cover them in real time. Alright, that’s what that’s all about, honestly. Alright, but until we meet again, until we see you later, please take care of yourselves and take care of each other. [tr:trw].

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