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➡David Nino Rodriguez discusses the increasing trend of celebrities wearing revealing clothing, arguing that it’s a deliberate attempt to normalize nudity and degrade societal norms. They express concern about the impact on children and the general public, questioning when society will say ‘enough is enough’. They also discuss the influence of this trend on everyday people, with instances of inappropriate attire at family events and public places. They conclude by questioning the boundaries of decency and the potential consequences of this trend.
➡ The speaker is expressing concern about the increasing trend of revealing clothing in fashion, suggesting it’s being pushed by celebrities and designers. They believe this trend is negatively impacting relationships and family values, and fear it could lead to more explicit clothing styles in the future. They also suggest this trend might be a deliberate attempt to undermine Christian values.
➡ The text discusses the alleged exploitation of celebrities, particularly Justin Bieber, in the entertainment industry. It suggests that Bieber, as a child star, was passed around among industry figures, potentially for abusive purposes. The text also criticizes the industry’s manipulation of parents and the societal double standards regarding abuse of young males. Finally, it hints at Bieber possibly revealing more about his experiences in the future.


What’s up, folks? Welcome to Nino’s Corner tv. I’m with Rose, Angel Perez. Thank you for joining me again, ros. Angel, man, this is a big one today because is nudity the new trend? Is being naked gonna be the thing? I mean, I mean, it seems to me like all the celebrities are going sheer. I guess that’s a word the term you use now, sheer. And what I’m here to say, folks, is this is all engineered. This is all, this is all in your face. Because what they’re doing is conditioning the public to accept the degeneration of society.

And they’re doing it in increments to, and they’re starting with celebrities because that, that’s what they’re used for. Celebrities are just pawns. They’re just tools to push this agenda of perversion. And that’s what I’m going to say here. And so we first, I just first saw this with Kanye and his girlfriend that was walking barefoot. I’m like, ah, I’m onto this. I know where they’re going with this now. You send me all these articles and pictures of Halle Berry posing naked over her balcony. People wearing see through stuff. You can see their nipples. Come on, man.

People have kids. You go to public places. People bring their families. People don’t want to see this garbage. That’s my argument with, how are you, Rose? Angel? I’m well. Hello, Nino. Hello. The Nino community is good to be back. This has been a trend that I have been secretly just having tantrums about. And a lot of times I get pushback from someone who’s a part of the industry and also has friends that are in the fashion business, and they’re always like, but this is, you know, the latest thing. But, you know, when you kind of start seeing that kind of fashion pour into the everyday, like, it’s a house party and one of the guests is in a sheer outfit almost half naked.

It’s a little bit like, what do you do with it? It’s a cultural clash, right? And they’re always trying to push the envelope. That’s just the fashion industry. That’s just, that’s just celebrities in general. That’s what they use celebrities for. But when you’re wearing see through stuff, the only time I saw I thought this was acceptable was when I was at the Playboy mansion and the women there were in body paint. But that’s, you know, there’s a time and place for things. You know, that’s a Playboy mansion, right? But this, I mean, in public, I mean, look I’m not going to argue that I don’t find this attractive.

Of course I do. I’m a man. She’s a beautiful woman. I mean, who wouldn’t? But, I mean, how far are we going to go with this? I mean, that’s, you know, I mean, what about children? What about when men. I’ll never forget, I went to an ACL festival, right? And in Austin, Texas, it’s, it’s a, it’s a music festival. And I remember this guy who was trans was walking around in just a robe, naked with a sock on his private, or like a, like a, some kind of. And I remember I was thinking to myself, why aren’t people, why isn’t this guy getting kicked out? Why isn’t he, why is this allowed? Why aren’t the security guards saying anything? It’s because he was tramps.

And then, and they were scared to approach him. So he was able to walk around the park, but naked with just a sock around his junk. I don’t know. I mean, I’m seeing this stuff now creep up and every, and, and there, it’s just, to me, another way to chip down morality, chip down our ethics and pervert society more and more. Yeah, it’s kind of weird. Like, you know, I understand celebrities needing to look glamorous and, you know, sex sells. Like, I’m not saying that where I’m not putting a moral stamp on it. I’m just saying, you look at statistics, sex sells, and it’s, you know, it’s, it’s not a surprise to see a celebrity being sexy, but, but where do we draw the line? Like, I remember when I was, you know, in the music industry, and I started seeing, like, celebrities, like Beyonce being more and more and more revealing when they started out, like, sexy, but in a way that looked glamorous and elegant.

Not to say that Beyonce does to Beyonce toes the line in that one really well, but there are some celebrities that have taken that to so many notches. When you think about little Kim and, you know, showing up at award show years ago and she had a nipple out, when you think about the MTV moments from Janet Jackson with Justin Timberlake, was that really an accident? Who knows? But we keep seeing more and more the Super bowl with JLo at the age of 50, spinning around in her beautiful physique. But it’s a football game. It’s directed to family, and she is in a pole, half naked, doing pole dancing.

Is this appropriate? When are we. The mass is gonna say enough. Like, there’s adult entertainment and then there’s us hanging out and being in real time with the kids. And I just think that this is getting a little bit madness. Yeah, it’s going too far, because, I mean, you’ll be. Let’s just think about this. Who’s going to emulate these people? It’s going to be all the youth. It’s going to be the 15 year olds, the 20 something year olds. And you’ll be out with your family eating dinner. And the next thing you know, there’s a half naked lady sitting next across to you that may be attractive or not.

And you’re just going to be like, what the hell is this? What am I looking at? And your kids are going to be looking at that, going, mom, dad, uh, it’s like, look, she’s naked. Her her nipples are out or her ass is showing. I mean, that’s. Come on, man. When do us. When do we, as society say, enough is enough? When is it indecent exposure? Whatever happened to indecent exposure? Can they dress around like that around your family? I mean, that’s indecent exposure. You get arrested for that, you know? But, okay, all of this sort of, if I’m not mistaken, page down.

There might be examples of celebrities and dresses in here. So you can kind of see what I’m talking about. I mean, come on. Nothing to the imagination. She’s a beautiful woman. I’m not gonna say I don’t like it. It doesn’t turn me on. Of course it is. I’m a straight man. But except for that one. But skinning. All right, so then we keep going. But see, okay, to me, this. This is probably the most tasteful one out of it. Because she’s at least covering her nipples, right? I mean, with flowers. And my thing is, is like, when did she.

It’s one thing to wear sheer dresses and now you in underwear. It’s another thing to now be wearing sheer. And now you’re naked, right? So at least it looks like you have some kind of bathing suit under it or something. But this is like, now they’re really pushing the envelope. But you know what, Nino? Even that it’s pushing it a little bit too much. Because you are woman wearing a sheer dress, and you’re showing up to a family party. There are modern women that will defend that. But, you know, one of the reasons I feel inspired to have these conversations with you, Nino, is because, hey, I’m not defending how you want to dress.

You know, that’s not my prerogative. But we are still here on this earth, mixing it up with everybody else and trying to figure this out together. And when you show up to a family party, like, where with nothing to the imagination, you may be drawing attention that you may not want for yourself. Or maybe they do want it. I don’t know. But, you know, they want it. It’s uncomfortable for people in the room. I’ll tell you, Nino, I’ve been in spaces because this is not just celebrity. In the quote unquote new age movement, we see a lot of women, or like, like women who do yoga.

They. I remember, you know, being in yoga classes and seeing women in front of me. Beautiful, beautiful women. But they’re wearing these tight yoga pants that are almost see through, and they’re doing the downward facing dog, and they’re doing it in a position where I’m like, are you trying to turn on the rest of us in this, what yoga class is this? Naked yoga. Even though I haven’t been describing that one. But my thing is that where it is exactly. Oh, no, they do have naked yoga, but I wasn’t even talking about naked yoga. I’m just sort of talking about trendy yoga of the modern women, woman who is, you know, out there moving, looking very beautiful, maybe focused on her physique and her looks.

But. But are you aware of how that is impacting the environment when you have a woman in a house party saying, you know, I just feel like I want to take my clothes off right now. I have witnessed this in real time. I’ve witnessed men saying in the room, no, you will not take your clothes off because we have younger people in here. And quite frankly, I don’t want to see you naked. But this is part of women’s liberation. And, hey, to each his own is so you know where I’m going with this? Like, who’s going to be next to do this? I mean, it’s acceptable for women right now.

Then it’s going to be mental. And then that’s where I’m gonna be, like, come on, man. Cuz I mean, there’s, to me, nothing more vulgar than. Than that. I mean, so here we are with all. See, they get. Some of them are tasteful like that. Well, she’s. I think she’s. That’s kind of, well, Kardashian. I think that’s. To me, that doesn’t look too bad, what she’s wearing there. No, that doesn’t look bad at all. But here’s. But it’s when the nipples are exposed. But here’s the thing. That’s the Met gala. But now this fashion, like, I’ll give you a real time example.

A few months ago, well, last year, my sister and I were in Phoenix, and we went shopping, and I didn’t like any of the dresses because all of them were very sheer. What am I looking for? Slip? Or am I just going to be burying my top and bottom and showing off that I just say that I think that there’s a correlation. We have a relationship epidemic happening, and we just sort of maybe have to examine how each of us are projecting ourselves out there. And is it working for you? So, see, this is interesting. Halle Berry got nothing on top, does she? And.

No. And the bochinche on here is that this was an accidental post. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Nothing’s accidental. Wow. Yeah. And then for Mother’s Day, Nino, that was Mother’s Day. Yeah, of course. See, I think this is all, you know, strategized, engineered, planned out. They leak it through, they push it through with the celebrities, and then they get it out. And then the next thing that they know, that people will are very impressionable, especially the youth. They’ll start doing it, and that’s how trend takes off. The next thing you know, you got naked people walking around everywhere.

I mean, this is insanity. I mean, this is, this is, like, really taking off. Look at this. Here’s a video of, um, that you sent me of Rosalia steps out. Look at that. Nothing. I mean, complete. Just, just look at that. And this, this lady here, she’s just starstruck. Taking a picture with this, what I call a clown. Unbelievable. Look at this, man. Here’s something I wonder, right? Is this something she wanted to do? Or. Who’s suggesting this? This is what I mean about depravity. We’re pushing a culture of depravity. I mean, when we see, like, the artist Sam Smith, and when he started, when he was emanating these almost angelic sounds, and his songs were just invoking this romance and, and beauty and this longings and inspirations.

And all of a sudden, you see what he’s become and, and how he is exhibiting himself on stage with a thong and. And showing his. What are we doing? And then people. Oh, no, that, see, that’s where I’m coming in to say they know exactly what they’re doing. They know exactly what they’re doing. And, you know, they get called by their fashion designer, whoever, handler, and they’re saying, okay, sweetheart, this is what we got to do next. This is what’s in. This is what you got to do. You’re gonna get paid this much or that much, you know, and this is so hot right now, you know, like Zoolander.

I mean, this is what’s going on. This is what’s happening. Look at this. Rihanna. It’s not just young women. It’s. It’s one thing to see a beautiful young woman, right? And it’s just another thing to see someone who’s an older woman or of elder age. Grandma, look. I mean, again, to each his own. But I don’t really want to see any woman like that in a family gathering or, you know, how many people are complaining that women are picking up their kids in school, but a lot of people are going to say, oh, that’s just a tie.

That’s just fashion. Get over it. That’s not a big deal. No, there’s people that implement this. That’ll be. They’ll build. They’ll go out to a brunch where you have your family, and you’ll see people who see through sheer. They call it sheer. And then if someone says, hey, man, what are you doing? Well, this is so sheer. This is the style now. You know, this is like. This is where it’s headed. And I am here to say that they know very much what they’re doing. They’re chipping away. Chipping away. Lowering the bar. Lowering the bar. And.

And I’m telling you what’s coming next. It’s gonna be. It’s gonna be people that aren’t so sexy. Men. And, you know, are they gonna be walking around with their junk out? I mean, I’m serious. Just. Just the shaft covered up. I mean, this is where it’s at. This is where they take this stuff. And then what? You see them out of the mall? I mean, this is gonna get crazy. Well, we do see some of that in New York. Already more of the women. Right? I’ll see. I’ve. I told you I saw a woman. A beautiful woman just gave birth.

She was wearing a sheer dress with. I don’t know if it was brown panties underneath or bikini, but she was pushing a newborn baby on a Sunday morning when everybody’s walking to church. I mean, it’s one of those church. She wasn’t going to church, but everybody at that time in the morning on Sunday, they’re going to church. Right? So when that’s. I also believe this is. This is a direct hit at christians. This is all part of the pike three World War thing where, you know, it’s. It’s. They’re manufacturing this this diversity, this division, and they’re pushing it and they’re.

And they’re instigating it. They’re putting out agitators. Agitators. And this would be the celebrities who are wearing this stuff. Agitators that start movements, agitators that are like gasoline on fire. All they’re doing, what they’re trying to do is corrupt and take out Christianity. And then obviously, I have to say, that’s my opinion, but I see it plain as day. It’s really sad. You know, a lot of times I’ve had, and my sister, too, we’ve had men ask us, or young people looking for their girlfriend to be like, hey, you know, can you ask the ladies when you talk to them to, you know, stop being such a boss bitch or modern queen or stop being so about this? And I’m like, I’m sorry.

Like, unfortunately, we are our own worst when it comes to delivering messages to each other, myself included. I think this is why my sister and I are our best teachers and mirrors of each other, because it does take a great vulnerability to examine how you’re moving about in the world. And I just want to say, full disclosure, I had a lot of modern woman tendencies growing up in your city that I realized were not helping me in building relationships with people, men or women, because there’s just something a bit narcissistic about that. See, this is all cool.

When you’re in their twenties and then you keep this going, it doesn’t end. You just stay on this, on this path, right, and doing what you want, independence, women’s right, liberation. Then you get into your thirties, and then you’re in your forties and you’re alone. You don’t have kids. A lot of women aren’t having kids anymore, and neither are men. So they’re just, they’re both just sitting there going, well, I can have a one night hookup. I just go on Tinder, I go on this app, or I go on that app and. But there’s no substance.

It’s just their life has a void in it. And at the end, in the end, it only hurts them. It only hurts them, right? Because we’re not building familial. No, it’s not about families anymore. We’re not building families, and we’re not really building strong relationships. It’s scary. I see, that’s where I see this going. And they’ve been hard at work at this for decades, folks. Decades. It all starts off, you know, women’s rights, you know, this, that. Take the dad out of the family, break the family unit, and then, and then you’re left to where we’re at right now.

And it’s only going to get worse if they keep having their way. And that’s why I do shows like this, to bring awareness to everybody and say, don’t fall for it. Look, what they’re doing. Seems cool. Seems like it’s the netch. It’s the next obvious evolution of fashion. No, it ain’t. No, it’s not. Oh, it’s not. I know what they’re doing. I know what they’re doing. I come on to them. Let’s switch gears for a second and talk about some Bieber. Not Bieber, folks. Bieber. Justin Bieber. Well, we were on the topic. I kind of. So let’s talk about Justin Bieber for a second.

Look, I said, you know, I want to talk more about this guy. I mean, he’s, I feel like he was a mega, so he still is a megastar, but I feel like he was actually secretly. Now, this is my opinion. This is allegedly, I don’t know this for sure, but from what I’ve heard, the whispers throughout the industry, from what I’ve seen in tapes, and seems to me like he was, like, trafficked, okay? Like, I just think he was passed around amongst everybody in the industry. There seems to be a really dark, a big darkness around Justin.

Um, he started out so fresh eyed. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, when he started hanging out, and then he gets. He was a given to Diddy, and Diddy. Diddy had guardianship over him, and then he belonged to this guy and belonged to that guy. I know. Even Mayweather was with him for a few days before camp. I mean, what is that? What? Let’s really think about that for a second. What is he. It’s like he’s getting passed around amongst all the. The rappers and hip hop artists. Why? Why is that even a thing? How is that even happening? It’s almost.

I swear that’s what it seems like to me. Doesn’t it? To you? Yeah. Why is that a thing? I mean, there’s clips out there of him, of older women pinching his butt or just sort of almost salivating over him. And then there’s that weird photo shoot with him and Kim Kardashian that took place years ago. And again, you see these beautiful, bright eyed, angelic, kind of vibing celebrities who all of a sudden you see a darkness, a sadness, a tortured soul look in their eyes. And if it’s just one or two people, but you keep seeing this name, the celebrity, and you kind of see the same clues in many of them, you know? Macaulay Culkin.

Um. What is it? Aaron Carter, didn’t he just pass? You see these celebrities, that something really dark happens to them. I’m going to play this video right now just so people can hear. Zachary Dustin Bieber was singing this song. He was actually exposing everything that he had to go through as a child in order to become the star that he is today. Which is exactly why, when he recently, did you see him right there with p. Diddy, he looks so happy, like he was in it. Like maybe he was looking up to p. Diddy. Like, wow, I’m with my hero, a guy, a mentor, and who knows what Diddy did to that boy.

Who knows? We don’t know. I’m not saying anything, but look at Bieber now. He linked up with Diddy. He was no longer trusted. It was hard for me being that young and being in the industry and not knowing where to turn and everyone, you know, telling me they love me and, you know, just turn their back on you in a second. I was innocent and I was young and I trusted everybody. And with being young and innocent in this industry, it’s not necessarily the best thing because people take advantage of vulnerability. You know, I feel really sad.

I actually do feel really sorry for this kid because he didn’t know any better. I mean, I guess you should blame his parents, right? You know, the music industry is very conniving, and they’re. When you look into the details of why maybe a parent would be so trusting in letting a young boy go and travel is the way. It’s the manipulation in the industry, the way they gaslight even parents. Of course, ultimately, if you’re a parent, you make the best decisions you can for your children. And a lot of parents look back and they regret that they got gaslit by people who didn’t have great intentions for their children.

So sad. No one gave shit. They criticized the things I did as an idiot. Oh, what if you had it all with nobody to call maybe that you know me. No one ever knew that when Justin Bieber was singing this song, he was actually everything that he. Wow. Well, I think there’s a lot Justin Bieber story, and we’re about to find out a lot more of it. I think. I think he’s going to come clean soon. I don’t know how soon, but I think with the p. Diddy scandal happening, I think with everything happening in Hollywood, I think this is the year of exposing, like Kat Williams said, I expect Justin Bieber to come out with some really hellacious, terrifying, horrific news.

And, and I’m going to be the first to say a lot of, you know, a lot of this stuff with the me too stuff and all that, you know, Harvey Weinstein look, I kind of blame the adults because they’re adults. You go into a room with this guy, you know what he’s about. You know, you want that part in the movie. I I see that different. Justin Bieber, he was a child. That’s a good point. You know, when the me too movement came out, one of the things that I was asking myself as a woman is, when are we going to talk about the younger people in the industry that have been taking advantage of? Because, you know, I understand that a lot of women have experienced abuse, but it was really the main focal point.

And then, of course, some women abused that spotlight and hijacked the main issue and the trauma and the exposure away from the people that were really trying to expose it. And, you know, there are a lot of victims here. Unfortunately, we don’t really get hold of space to male victims, whether children and adults. And we see a society where, I mean, how many articles are we going to just keep seeing in the mainstream of a woman teacher hooking up with a young teenager? The thing is that it’s almost in, in culture and also in cultures that I have been around, it’s.

It’s sort of like, yeah, you earned your stripes. You’re a man now. Yeah, yeah. So I remember, I remember, um, I’m. Boy, I don’t even know if I should say this right now, but, yeah, I actually hooked up with a high school teacher, and, and I remember all my friends, like, no way. I can’t believe that. Yeah, that happened to me. So I’m not gonna. Not gonna say who, huh? Naughty, naughty. Yeah. But I will say the culture has changed in a bit. You know, we’re looking at the world with a better, with a, with a wider lens.

And we’re starting to realize that maybe as a collective, we have overlooked certain trends that aren’t healthy. And this, the young adult and adult relationship that has been sort of relaxed around certain age groups, including in the music industry, but also in our familial, day to day. I think that we’re seeing a re examination of that. And maybe it’s because as a society, there seems to be less information or. I don’t know, the young people seem to be a little bit different these days. You know, there is a double standard. Because I remember when that happened to me.

I told my boxing coaches, and they were like, atta boy, good for you. You know, patting me on the ass like I was a man. If I was a girl and that happened with, like, a male teacher, they’d be out there with pitchforks. So, you know, there is a double standard, but rightfully so. I mean, look, I’m not saying what happened to me was right. It wasn’t. But, um. Wow. Wow. You know, we got to really, really take a step back and look at all things here, folks, because society is definitely. It’s on its way down the drain, if it’s not already going down the drain.

And. And that’s why I do shows like this. Rose angel, thank you for joining me. Um, thank you. Another episode done, folks. Nudity, being naked is. A trend is coming, and then you’re going to start seeing like, I saw the ace of. Yeah, I. I’m telling you what I saw at the. I can’t. I could. I would never imagine I was going to walk in and see some guy in just a. A thin bale type robe with a sock on his junk, and then that’d be acceptable. And nobody told him anything. I don’t know, man. This is just getting.

This is just getting out of the culture of political correctness. You’re not supposed to be disrespectful in those ways. God forbid your patriot, though. Yeah, exactly. All right, folks, leave a comment. Leave a comment down below. Let me know your thoughts and opinion. Do you see this going in that direction also, Ros angel, where can people find him? Okay, I post every day on Instagram, gaffacito break 10.0, and join our substack. Gaffacito break. Thank you. All right, Rose angel, thank you for being here. Bye.

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