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➡ Chris Marcus from Arcadia Economics shares that Fortuna Silver, now known as Fortuna Mining, has seen a significant increase in gold revenue since their deal with Rock School in 2001. In the first quarter of 2024, they produced nearly 90,000 ounces of gold, making up almost 80% of their total production. The company recently held a meeting where they discussed appointing auditors, electing directors, and officially changing their name.


Well, hello there, my friends! Chris Marcus here with you for Arcadia Economics and a quick update because we did have a bit of news, not from Fortuna Silver, but from what is now Fortuna Mining. Because, as you’ve probably heard about, as we’ve talked in many of the conversations with Jorge Ganosa of Fortuna and some of the updates we’ve done that obviously after their deal with Rock School back in 2001, their percentage of revenue has been growing increasingly in favor of gold. Here you can see in the first quarter of 2024 almost 90,000 ounces produced of equivalent production of 112,500 ounces.

So that’s just about tick under 80 percent and now they will be known as Fortuna Mining. So they did have the results at their annual special meeting of shareholders where they looked at the appointment of auditors, the election of the management’s nominees as directors, and the change of the name. Certainly it seems quite like a fitting time for this all around, obviously in terms of the metal that they’re producing. Also just feels somewhat appropriate having a rebranding, especially at this time where it feels like things are changing in the gold and silver markets as well.

Really a new environment that we’ve experienced this year and has really been great just to see Fortuna have the Seguela Mine up and running for just hit the year anniversary and certainly the timing has really worked out well on that. So either case, just wanted to let you know about the news and again I would encourage you to go check out this site and has a lot of great ways to get more information about Fortuna, especially their investor presentation right on the front there. So you can find them now at

Hope you’ve had a great week out there. Appreciate you being here and we will see you again next week. [tr:trw].

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