Explosive Testimony in Hunter Biden Investigation Reveals China Ties

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In the realm of law, a fundamental lesson often taught to students is never to ask a question without knowing the answer.

This wisdom was starkly evident during a recent hearing that featured two whistleblowers revealing information on political interference in the investigation involving Hunter Biden.

However, instead of delving into the substance of the allegations, most Democrats opted to veer off-topic, discussing systemic racism, a “two-tiered system of justice,” and, inevitably, Donald Trump.

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), known for his bold approach, may have inadvertently exposed one of the most detrimental moments for the Democrats.

He attempted to prompt the witnesses to deny any evidence of President Biden’s direct involvement in his son’s alleged felonies.

The turning point came when Goldman brought up a shocking WhatsApp message sent by Hunter to a Chinese official with foreign intelligence ties.

In a matter of minutes, the junior New York congressman seemingly dismantled the defense for President Biden.

The message from Hunter revealed his intentions to resolve a commitment, with mention of his father being present during the conversation.

The implications of this message are significant, as it appears to contradict the President’s previous denial of any knowledge or involvement in his son’s affairs.

Goldman questioned veteran IRS investigator Gary Shapley about his suggestion that Joe Biden discussed foreign dealings with his son.

Shapley was eager to explain, but Goldman abruptly cut him off, claiming he lacked time for such explanations.

Undeterred, Goldman continued to press on, asserting that the references to Joe sitting next to his son did not necessarily imply a discussion of business matters.

He further raised a lunch involving Joe Biden and Chinese executives from the CEFC, highlighting Hunter’s communication with his father regarding potential business ventures with the Chinese.

These revelations are yet another issue for Joe Biden, who has repeatedly maintained that he never discussed his son’s business dealings and remained unaware of them.

Evidence has been mounting to the contrary, with repeated references to the President as the “Big Guy” in emails, suggesting a stake in a deal with the Chinese, among other benefits.

There are even indications that Hunter Biden paid portions of his father’s expenses and taxes, and that people were directed to avoid directly mentioning Joe Biden in certain transactions.

Testimony from Hunter’s business associate Tony Bobulinski indicates that he met with Joe Biden and discussed these deals with him, further implicating the President.

It was also disclosed that Joe Biden met with at least 14 of Hunter’s business associates from various countries during his time as Vice President.

Additionally, audiotapes surfaced with President Biden discussing coverage of these dealings and another audiotape featuring his uncle Jim Biden discussing Hunter’s financial troubles and offering a “safe harbor.”

The culmination of evidence during the hearing revealed Joe Biden’s attendance at a lunch with Chinese businessmen specifically aimed at negotiating new business deals.

Even though his son’s expertise in such ventures was lacking, Hunter appeared to contemplate forming a corporation with the Chinese.

Regrettably, the time allotted for Goldman’s questioning ran out, depriving the hearing of a potential open-and-shut case for the appointment of a special counsel.

The Biden family’s issues do not end there, as IRS special agent Joseph Ziegler testified before the House Oversight Committee, revealing how Hunter Biden’s overseas influence peddling operations have allegedly enriched the First Family and their business associates with over $17 million from foreign nationals.

These funds were received through multimillion-dollar payments made to Biden family-linked corporations between 2014 and 2019, involving entities in Ukraine, Romania, and China. Half of this substantial sum reportedly went to Hunter Biden.

Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) questioned Ziegler about the documentation of foreign sources as part of a normal international tax investigation to ascertain where the money originated.

The allegations of influence-peddling schemes aimed at enriching the Bidens persisted as Comer unveiled plans to obtain bank records that could potentially reveal the acceptance of up to $30 million from foreign entities by the Biden family.

Identifying nine members of the Biden clan, including Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden, Hallie Biden, Melissa Cohen Biden, and Kathleen Buhle, Comer’s claims imply a broader network of foreign income recipients within the Biden family.

As the investigation continues to unfold, the implications of these revelations could have far-reaching consequences, raising questions about potential conflicts of interest and the veracity of prior statements made by the President.

The complex financial transactions and evidence uncovered paint a picture of entanglement, prompting further scrutiny and calls for transparency.

With so much at stake, the need for accountability and truth has never been more crucial.

Hopefully we will see justice where justice is due.

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  • I’m just not understanding how come these traitors and reprobates of iniquity are not already in jail? Amazing to me.

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